Periods / Week* Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 6C0072 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 6C0007 6C0006 6C0010 6CL003 6CL005 Subject Code 6C0012 6C0002 6C0003 6C0004 Subject Title L Environmental Engineering Engineering Mathematics – I Applied Physics Applied Chemistry ( 2006) Engineering Chemistry (2007) Programming in C Engineering Graphics – I Engineering Mechanics Programming in ‘C ’ – Lab Mechanical Workshop Lab 3 4 4 4 4 3 3 4 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 P/D 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 100 100 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min. Ext. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

* L = Lecture, T = Tutorial/Seminar, P/D = Practical/Project






Sl. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Subject Code 6C0001 6C0008 6C0031 6C0094 6C0016 6C0018 6C0020 6C0074 6C0027 6CL001 6CL002 Periods / Week* Subject Title L English Basic Civil Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering & Programming in C++(2006) Programming in C++ (2007) Engineering Mathematics – II Engineering Physics Industrial Chemistry (2006) Chemistry of fuels and materials (2007) Engineering Graphics – II Physics Lab Chemistry Lab 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 P/D 2 2 3 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Internal Marks External Marks Total Marks Min. Ext. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 3

10. 6CL009 Programming in C++ Lab * L = Lecture, T = Tutorial/Seminar, P/D = Practical/Project






Sl. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 * Subject Code 6C0032 615301 6C0040 6C0066 6C0041 6C0022 6C0095 6C0067 615350 615351 615352 615353 Subject Title Engineering Mathematics-III Kinematics of Machines Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Material Science and Metallurgy Electrical Technology (2006) Electrical Engineering (2007) Machine Drawing Foundry and Welding Lab Metallurgy Lab Electrical Lab Material Testing Lab Periods / Week* L 4 4 4 3 3 4 4 2 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P/D 4 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 50 50 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min. Ext. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 2 2 2 2

L= Lecture, T = Tutorial/Seminar, P = Practical/Project



– MECHANICAL ENGINEERING-BATCH 2006 SEMESTER IV Sl.E. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Subject Code 6C0054 6C0081 615401 615402 615403 615404 615405 615450 615451 615452 615453 Subject Title Engineering Mathematics.MECH .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 * L= Lecture.IV Mechanics of solids. P = Practical/Project BE .I Dynamics of Machinery Applied Thermal Engineering Manufacturing Technology –I Measurements and Control Computer Aided Design Fluid Mechanics Lab Fluid Machinery Lab CAD Lab-I Machine Shop Practice Periods / Week* L 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P/D 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 50 50 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min. No. Ext. T = Tutorial/Seminar.SYLLABUS: 2006 iv .

SYLLABUS: 2006 v . – MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BATCH-2006 SEMESTER V Sl. No. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 * L= Lecture.E. P = Practical/Project BE . T = Tutorial/Seminar.MECH . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Subject Code 6C0079 615501 6C0082 615502 6C0078 615503 615504 615550 615551 615552 615553 Subject Title Applied Numerical Methods Electronics and Microprocessors Mechanics of Solids – II Manufacturing Technology – II Design of Machine Elements Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion Engineering Metrology Workshop (Special Machines) Metrology Lab Electronics Lab Microprocessor Lab Periods / Week* L 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P/D 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 50 50 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B. Ext.

– MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BATCH-2006 SEMESTER VI Sl. Ext.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B. P = Practical/Project BE . T = Tutorial/Seminar. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Subject Code 6C0075 615601 615602 615603 615604 615E01 615E02 615650 615651 615652 615653 Subject Title Operations Research Heat and Mass Transfer Design of Transmission Systems Turbo machines Power Plant Engineering Elective-I Elective-II Instrumentation and Dynamics Lab Process Control Lab Prod.SYLLABUS: 2006 vi . No. And Cost Estimation Lab Thermal Engineering Lab Periods / Week* L T P/D 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 50 50 100 50 50 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min.E.MECH . Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 * L= Lecture.

No.E. Marks 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 50 50 Pass Marks 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 Exam Duration (Hrs) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 * L= Lecture. P = Practical/Project BE . Ext. – MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BATCH-2006 SEMESTER VII Sl.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B.MECH . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Subject Code 6C0076 6C0077 615701 615702 615703 615E03 615E04 615750 615751 615752 615753 Subject Title Computer Integrated Manufacturing Principles of Management Automobile Engineering Total Quality Management Fluid Power Systems Elective-III Elective-IV CAD Lab-II CAM Lab IC Engines Lab Heat Transfer Lab Periods / Week* L 4 4 4 4 3 4 4 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P/D 3 3 Internal Marks 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 External Marks 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 50 50 50 50 Total Marks 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Min.SYLLABUS: 2006 vii . T = Tutorial/Seminar.


Mech&Prod . Mech & Prod. Mech&Prod. Chem & Aero Common to Mech.Mech&Prod. Bio Med Common to Mech. Civil. ETCE. Civil.Bio Info&Bio Med Commonto Mech. Bio Info. Chem & Civil Common to Mech. Chem Branches 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 14 II Semester 1 2 3 6C0094 4 5 6C0016 6C0018 6C0020 6 6C0074 7 6C0027 6CL001 8 6CL002 9 6CL009 Chemistry Lab Programming in “C ++” Laboratory Chemistry of fuels and materials Engineering Graphics-II Physics Lab 6C0001 6C0008 6C0031 English Basic Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Basic Electrical Engg and Programming in C++ Programming in C++ Engineering Mathematics-II Engineering Physics Industrial Chemistry Common to all Branches Common to Mech. Chem. Civil.Bio Tech. Aero & Chem Common to Mech. Mech&Prod. Chem) Common to all Branches Common to all Branches Common to all Branches (For 2006 batch only) Common to all Branches (From 2007 batch onwards) Common to Mech. Mech&Prod. ECE.Aero Common to Mech.Bio Info.Civil. E&IEEE. Mech&Prod . ECE. Aero. Aero.Bio Tech. Aero. E&C.Aero. Chem & Aero (For 2006 batch only) Commonto Mech. ETCE. Civil. Mech & Prod. Aero Common to Mech. Aero. Mech&Prod. Aero (From 2007 batch onwards) Common to all Branches Common to Mech. Bio Med Common to Mech. – MECHANICAL ENGINEERING-BATCH 2006 LIST OF SUBJECTS I Semester 1 2 3 4 6C0072 5 6 7 8 9 6C0007 6C0006 6C0010 6CL003 6CL005 Engineering Chemistry Programming in C Engineering Graphics-I Engineering Mechanics Programming in `C’ Lab Mechanical Workshop Lab 6C0012 6C0002 6C0003 6C0004 Environmental Engineering Engineering Mathematics-I Applied Physics Applied Chemistry Common to Mech. ETCE.Mech& Prod. Aero. E&C.IT.BioTech. E&I. EEE.E. Civil. ETCE. CSE&IT Common to Mech.Mech& Prod.Chem Commonto Mech. EEE. E&I. Aero. E&C.Chem.Aero. Mech&Prod.Mech& Prod. Mech&Prod. Chem & Aero (From 2007 batch onwards) Common to Mech.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B. Mech&Prod.Aero 15 16 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 26 26 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 1 . Mech& Prod.



III Semester 6C0032 615301 6C0040 6C0066 6C0041 6C0022 6C0095 6C0067 615350 615351 615352 615353 Engineering Mathematics-III Kinematics of Machines Engineering Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Material Science and Metallurgy Electrical Technology Electrical Engineering Machine Drawing Foundry and Welding Lab Metallurgy Lab Electrical Lab Material Testing Lab Common to all branches except Bio – Info & EEE) Common to MECH and AERO Common to MECH, PROD and AERO Common to MECH and PROD Common to MECH, PROD, ECE, ETCE& EIE Common to MECH, PROD and AERO (From 2007 onwards) Common to MECH, PROD and AERO 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 35 36 36

IV Semester 6C0054 6C0081 615401 615402 615403 615404 615405 615450 615451 615452 615453 Engineering Mathematics- IV Mechanics of solids- I Dynamics of Machinery Applied Thermal Engineering Manufacturing Technology –I Measurements and Control Computer Aided Design Fluid Mechanics Lab Fluid Machinery Lab CAD Lab-I Machine Shop Practice Common to all branches except all Bio Groups & EEE Common to III Sem CIVIL 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 44 45 45





V Semester 6C0079 615501 6C0082 615502 6C0078 615503 615504 615550 615551 615552 615553 Applied Numerical Methods Electronics and Microprocessors Mechanics of Solids - II Manufacturing Technology - II Design of Machine Elements Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion Engineering Metrology Workshop (Special Machines) Metrology Lab Electronics Lab Microprocessor Lab Common to MECH & PROD Common to ECE, E&CE, ETC, CIVIL,MECH, PROD,CHEM, EEE, E&I, and AERO branches 46 47 Common to IV sem CIVIL 48 49 50 51 52 53 53 54 54

VI Semester 6C0075 Operations Research 615601 615602 615603 615604 615E 615E 615650 615651 615652 615653 Heat and Mass Transfer Design of Transmission Systems Turbo machines Power Plant Engineering Elective-I Elective-II Instrumentation and Dynamics Lab Process Control Lab Prod. and Cost Estimation Lab Thermal Engineering Lab

Common to MECH & PROD

55 56 57 58 59 60 60 61 61





VII Semester Computer Integrated 6C0076 Manufacturing 6C0077 Principles of Management 615701 615702 615703 615E 615E 615750 615751 615752 615753 Automobile Engineering Total Quality Management Fluid Power Systems Elective-III Elective-IV CAD Lab-II CAM Lab IC Engines Lab Heat Transfer Lab

Common to MECH & PROD Common to MECH and AERO Common to MECH & PRODElective subject

62 63 64 65 66 67 67 68 68

VIII Semester 25 15801 Project Work and Viva Voce

ME E01 ME E02 ME E03 ME E04 ME E05 ME E06 ME E07 ME E08 ME E09 ME E10 ME E11 ME E12 ME E13 Production Tooling Design Advanced Internal Combustion Engineering Product Design Cryogenic Engineering Robotics Refrigeration and air conditioning Combustion Engineering Composite Materials Technology Cogeneration & waste Heat Recovery Systems Industrial Safety and Pollution Control Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation. Bio Energy Conversion Technologies Non Traditional Machining Techniques 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81



Special casting processes Experimental stress analysis Design for manufacture Computational fluid flow and heat transfer 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 ELECTIVES COMMON WITH MECH & PROD PR E01 PR E02 PR E03 PR E04 PR E05 PR E06 PR E07 PR E08 PR E09 PR E10 Rapid Prototyping Industrial Robotics & Expert System Finite Element Analysis Mechatronics In Manufacturing System Power Metallurgy System Modeling Industrial Handling & Storage Systems Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Environmental Engineering & Pollution Control Supply Chain Management 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 5 .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E14 ME E15 ME E16 ME E17 ME E18 ME E19 ME E20 ME E21 ME E22 ME E23 Design of Heat Transfer Equipment Vibration and Noise Control Industrial Tribology Solid Waste management Wind and Solar Energy Energy Engineering and Management.

case studies. drought. Noise pollution. Introduction to Environmental Engineering.J.Value of biodiversity: consumptive use. Environmental Science – working with the earth – G. ozone layer depletion. National and local levels. Rain water harvesting. man induced landslides. University Press.Anubha Kaushik and C. CHEM) II Sem (Common to CSE. rivers. Thermal Pollution. case studies. ethical-aesthetic and option values-Biodiversity at global. EEE.Y. Chennai 4. Tyler Miller. oceans. Women and child welfare-Role of information Technology in environment and human health.S. Desert ecosystem.Publications. Climate change. Marine pollution. Soil pollution.III ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Definition . effects and control measures of: Air pollution. effects of modern agriculture.Urban problems related to energy Ä Water conservation. case studies.Hyderabad MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 6 . UNIT . New Delhi REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. poaching of wildlife. Case studies. species and ecosystem diversity.II ECOSYSTEMS Concept of an ecosystem-structure and function of an ecosystem-Producers-consumers and decomposersEnergy flow in the ecosystem-Ecological succession-Food chains. definition. Aquatic ecosystems (ponds. ECE. ETCE. scope and importance-Renewable and nonrenewable resources . earthquake. PHI 3. characteristic features. 10th edition Jack Carrey Publishers. Environmental ethics: Issues and possible solutions . cyclone and landslides. fertilizer-pesticide problems. Air (Prevention and control pollution) Act. insects. acid rain. Biogeographical classification of India. 8th edition. Consumerism and waste products. case studies. hill slopes. types. renewable and non renewable energy sources. Food resources: World food problems. nuclear accidents and holocaust.Natural resources and associated problems. watershed management . environmental effects of extracting and using mineral resources. Introduction. Environmental science. Land resources: Land as a resource. Equitable use of resources for sustainable lifestyles. UNIT . IT. mining. Grassland ecosystem.Abbas Mohaideen -Air walk Publications . water pollution. UNIT . Threads to biodiversity: habitat loss. streams.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0012 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING I Sem (Common to MECH. UNIT . social. lakes. CIVIL. Visit to a local polluted site-Urban / Rural/ Industrial/ Agricultural-Study of common plants. Forest resources: Use and overexploitation. Pollution case studies. India as a mega diversity nation-Hot-spots of biodiversity. salinity. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. global warming. Wasteland reclamation. AERO. man wild life conflicts. Environmental science and Engineering. productive use.Chennai 5. river. variation among nations-Population explosion-Family welfare programme. estuaries) BIODIVERSITY AND ITS CONSERVATION Introduction-Definition: genetic.I NATURAL RESOURCES The Multi disciplinary nature of environmental studies. Public awareness.toward sustainable future – Richard T Wright & B. Endangered and endemic species of Indiaconservation of biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity. TEXT BOOKS: 1. Mineral resources: Use and exploitation. Visit to a local area to document environmental assets-river /forest/ grassland /hill/ mountain. Environment and human health. birds-Study of simple ecosystems-pond.causes.Anajaneyulu. soil erosion and desertification. Water (Prevention and control of pollution ) Act-Wild life protection act-Forest conservation Act-Issues involved in enforcement legislation. Human rights-Value education-HIV/AIDS. Role of an individual in prevention of pollution. Text book of Environmental Studies –M Earch Bharucha. dams-benefits and problems. floods. etc. effects and control measures of urban and industrial wastes. Case studies. structure and function of the following ecosystem. land degradation. used of alternate energy sources. Forest ecosystem.P. Water resources: Use and over-utilization of surface and ground water. PROD.B. changes caused by agriculture and overgrazing.Kaushik –New Age International Publishers. water logging. Energy resources: Growing energy needs. 2. Environmental Engineering-Dr. Environment Protection Act. food webs and ecological pyramids. its problems and concerns.V HUMAN POPULATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT Population growth. Timber extraction. Nuclear hazards .Solid waste management: Causes. Case studies. dams and their effects on forest and tribal people. Nebel. EIE E&C) UNIT . Disaster management : floods.IV SOCIAL ISSUES AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION From Unsustainable to Sustainable development .Resettlement and rehabilitation of people. deforestation. conflicts over waters.

Engineering Mathematics by M. Binomial. S. Tata-McGraw Hill publications.A Text Book on Engineering Mathematics by T. 3.Chand and Company. UNIT V ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients-Linear equations of Second order with constant and variable coefficients-Homogeneous equations of Euler type-Method of variation of parameters.L.Eigen values and eigen vectors of a real matrix-Characteristic equation-Eigen values and eigen vectors of a real matrix-Characteristic equationProperties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors-Cayley-Hamilton theorem(without proof)Similarity transformation (concept only)-Orthogonal matrices-Orthogonal transformation of a symmetric matrix to diagonal form-Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation.. exponential and logarithmic series (without proof) Problems on summation. Chennai Reference Books: 1. UNIT IV FUNCTIONS OF SEVERAL VARIABLES Functions of two variables-Partial derivatives-Total differential-Taylor's expansion-Maxima and minima-Constrained maxima and minima-Lagranges's Multiplier method-JacobiansDifferentiation under integral sign.K. 2. approximations and coefficients. National Publications. Chennai. VENKATRAMAN. A Text Book on Engineering Mathematics by S.GANESH and M. UNIT III GEOMETRICAL APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS Curvature-Cartesian and polar co-ordinates-Centre and radius of curvature-Circle of Curvature-Involutes and evolutes-Envelopes-Properties of envelopes and evolutes-Evolute as envelope of normals. P. KANDASWAMY and Co.VEERARAJAN. Engineering Mathematics by Dr.SURESH S. UNIT II ALGEBRA Review of partial fractions. Text Books: 1. Chennai.I (Common to All Branches) UNIT I MATRICES Eigen value problem.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0002 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS . publications.G. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 7 .

Sound absorption. decibel scale. Davisson and Germer experiment. Heat and Thermodynamics . pitch. Optics and Spectroscopy – Khanna and Gulati 10.Mathur.Cantilever . optical centre. f-ratio and depth of focus.G. Optics .UNIT – III ACOUSTICS Musical sound and noise.Weber-Fechner law characteristics of loudness.Co-efficient of thermal conductivity .conduction.expression for depression cantilever loaded at free end.Basic definitions.series and parallel .Lee's disc method. principal focus.UNIT – II OPTICS Convex lens .Brijlal and Subramanyam 4. 13. Optics and Spectroscopy – Murugesan 11. Heat and Thermodynamics .D. Conduction . quality .P. 7. 8.relation between intensity and loudness. Achromatism of lenses .Coma .Physical significance of the wave function . Engineering Physics . experimental verification of matter waves . cantilever supported at its ends loaded in the middle determination of Young's modulus of the given cantilever by statical method when the beam is loaded at the center.S. Thomson. Properties of matter .reverberation time standard reverberation time . characteristics of musical sound . Reference Books: 1.Principal axis.determination of K for good conductors Forbe's method.problems.bending moment of a beam . Properties of matter 5.condition for achromatism when two lenses are in contact and when they are separated by a distance. Properties of matter .M.Mathur. Fundamentals of Acoustics . Fundamentals of general properties of matter .Astigmatism .problems. Chennai. Modern Physics . De Broglie's equation . focal length and power of the lens.minimization techniques problems. 3.Rajam. Factors affecting the acoustics of building and their remedy. 2.Kinsler and Frey. sound intensity level and sound pressure level.Gulati MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 8 .D.Longitudinal and Lateral chromatic aberration. Lens Aberrations .Brijlal and Subramanyam.UNIT – IV PROPERTIES OF MATTER Bending of beams .Chromatic aberrations .UNIT – V MATTER WAVES Matter waves . Photographic camera.Sabines formula to determine reverberation time.spherical aberration .Gaur and Gupta.J. Monochromatic aberration . convection and radiation . Formation of ice on ponds . sound absorption co-efficient and its measurement .application to one dimensional box.Distortion . determination of K for bad conductors .time dependent and time independent equations . factors on which intensity and loudness depend.Schrodinger wave equation .Compound media . when the beam is loaded uniformly . Applied Physics .AirWalk Publications.Reverberation . relation between pitch and frequency.Sundareswari.Curvature .B.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0003 APPLIED PHYSICS (Common to All Branches) UNIT – I THERMAL PHYSICS Modes of heat transfer . Helen and Karthiyayini . 12. 9. 6.Brijlal and Subramanyam.Definition.S.




(Common to All Branches) TECHNOLOGY OF WATER

Hardness-Units of hardness-Estimation of hardness by EDTA method-problems in hardness-Boiler feed water-Scales and sludges-Boiler corrosion-Softening methods - Lime soda process -Zeolite process -Demineralisation of water - Reverse osmosisElectrodialysis - Treatment of domestic water supply. UNIT – II POLYMER SCIENCE

Functionality and significance - homo and hetero chain polymers -Types of polymerisation - Addition - Condensation - Copolymerisation - Plastics - Thermoplastics - Thermosetting plastics - Compounding of Plastics - Fabrication of plastics - Compression moulding Extrusion moulding - Injection moulding - Transfer moulding-Preparation, properties and uses of PE, PVC and Bakelite UNIT – III ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY Air pollution-Green house effect-Acid rains-Ozone depletion-Air pollution control(in brief) Water pollution-BOD-COD-their determination-Sewage treatment-Biochemical effects of CO-Oxides of sulphur, Pb,Hg and CN. UNIT – IV CHEMISTRY OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS

Cement-Raw materials-Manufacture-Setting and hardening of cement - Special cements Refractories - Classification - Properties - Refractoriness - Thermal palling - Porosity -Thermal conductivity UNIT – V EXPLOSIVES, ROCKET FUELS AND POWDER METALLURGY Explosives - Requirements - Classification - Rocket propellants - Requirements – Classification. Powder metallurgy- Definition Advantages Limitations - Applications Powder manufacture - Atomisation - Reduction -Electrolytic method-Powder metallurgy process - Compacting-Sintering Reference Books: 1. Engineering Chemistry by P.C.Jain and Monika Jain, Dhanpat Rai Publishing company. 2. Chemistry in Engineering and Technology, Vol II, J C Kuriakose and Rajaram, Tata Mc Graw Hill. 3. Engineering Chemistry, A Sheik Mideen, Shruthi Publications. 4. Environmental Chemistry, A K De, New Age International (P) Ltd.







COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES (STUDENTS ADMITTED FROM 2007 – 2008 BATCH ONWARDS) Unit – I Technology of water (12 periods) Introduction – Hardness of water – Types of hardness – Equivalents of hardness in terms of calcium carbonate – Units of hardness – parts per million – milligrams per litre – Problems based on calcium carbonate equivalents – Water softening – Zeolite process – Demineralization process – Comparison of Zeolite process and demineralization process – Desalination – Reverse osmosis – Electro dialysis – Treatment of water for domestic supply – Requirements of drinking water – Sedimentation and Coagulation – Filtration – Slow sand filter – Disinfection – Chlorination – Break point chlorination – UV treatment and Ozonation. Unit – II Electrochemistry (12 periods) Introduction – Representation of electrochemical cell – Origin of electrode potential – Reference electrodes – Standard hydrogen electrode – Saturated calomel electrode – Determination of single electrode potential – Electrochemical series and its significance – Electromotive force (emf) of a cell – Determination of emf of a cell by potentiometric method – Applications of emf series – Determination of solubility of sparingly soluble salts – Potentiometric titrations- Ferrous/ Ferric system – Concentration cells – Emf expression for electrolyte concentration cell. Unit – III Corrosion science and industrial metal finishing (12 periods) Introduction – Mechanism of chemical oxidation corrosion – Pilling-Bedworth rule – Mechanism of electrochemical corrosion – Galvanic corrosion – Differential aeration corrosion – Difference between chemical and electrochemical corrosion – Corrosion control – Selection and design of materials – Cathodic protection – Sacrificial anodic method – Impressed current method – Inhibitors – Cathodic, anodic and vapour phase inhibitors – Pretreatment of metal surfaces before coating – Electroplating – Principle and process of electroplating of copper – Electroless plating – Principle and process of electroless plating of nickel. Unit – IV Explosives and rocket propellants (12 periods) Introduction – Requirements of explosives – Oxygen balance – Classification of explosives – Low explosives – Gun powder – Smokeless powder – Primary explosives – Lead azide – Mercury fulminate – High explosives – Ammonium nitrate – Trinitro toluene – RDX – Dynamites – Plastic explosives - Requirements of rocket propellants – Specific impulse – Effective exhaust velocity – Thrust – Specific propellant consumption – Classification of propellants – Liquid propellants –– Liquid oxidizers – LOX – Liquid fluorine – H2O2 – HNO3 – N2O4 – Liquid fuels – Hydrocarbon fuels – Liquid hydrogen – N2H4 – Mono- and Di-methyl hydrazine – Solid propellants – Oxidisers – Ammonium perchlorate – Inorganic nitrates – RDX – Fuels – Powdered aluminium – Boron – AlH3 – BeH2 – Polymer binders. Unit – V Chemical toxicology and food additives (12 periods) Introduction – Chronic and acute effects – Median lethal dose-50 – Biochemical effects – Carbon monoxide – Sulphur dioxide – Lead – Mercury – The need of food additives – Incidental and Intentional additives – Classification – Preservatives – Anti-oxidants – Sequestrants – Acidulants – Surface active substances – Stabilisers and thickeners – Natural supplements – Colourants – Non-nutritive sweeteners – Flavours – Risk analysis of some specific food additives – Diethyl pyrocarbonate – Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) – Phosphoric acid – Saccharin – Monosodium glutamate. REFERENCES 1. Engineering chemistry, Jain & Jain, 15th Ed, Dhanpat Rai Publ. Co. (2006) 2. Chemistry in Engineering and Technology, Vol. 1&2, J.C. Kuriacose and Rajaram, Tata Mc Graw Hill. 3. A text book of Engineering chemistry, S.S. Dara, S.Chand Co. (2006) 4. Rocket propulsion elements, George P.Sutton, John Wiley & Sons, (1986) 5. Environmental chemistry, A.K. De, New age International Ltd. (2006) 6. Fundemental concepts of Environmental chemistry, G.S. Sodhi, Narosa Publ. Co. (2002) 7. Engineering chemistry, M.M. Uppal, 6th Ed, Khanna Publ.(2002) 8. Engineering chemistry, O.P Aggrawal, 3rd Ed, Khanna Publ.(2003)







I Sem: Common to ECE, ETCE, IT, CHEM, MECH, MECH & PROD, AERO II Sem: Common to BIO TECH, BIO – INFO, BIO MED, E & I, E&C, EEE UNIT - I Program development cycle - Structured programming - Top down, Bottom up approach Flow charts - History of `C' - Structure of a C program - Character Set - `C' Tokens : Keywords - Identifiers - Constants - Variables - Data Types - Expressions - Operators. UNIT - II Data Input and Output: Single character input and output - Scanf ( ) function - printf( ) function - gets( ) and puts( ) function. Control Structures: Selective Control - Loop Control Break and continue Statement. UNIT - III Arrays: Definition - Accessing an array element - Single dimensional arrays - Multi dimensional arrays. Strings : Handlings of character strings - String Manipulations. Functions: Definition - Execution of a function - Category of a function - Recursion Passing arguments to a function - Storage classes. UNIT - IV Pointers: Definition - pointers and functions - Passing pointers as function arguments Passing array as arguments to function - Pointers and Arrays - Array of pointers. Structures & Unions: Definition a structure - Array of structures - Passing Structures to a function - Pointers and structures - Union. UNIT – V Files: File management in `C' - Defining and Opening a file - Closing a File -I/O operations on file - Random access to file - Command line arguments. Reference Books: 1. B.S.Gottfried, Programming with `C' - Schaum's Outline Series, Tata McGarw Hill Edition 1997. 2. E.Balagurusamy, Programming in ANSI `C' - Tata McGraw Hill 2nd Edition 1997. 3. Computer Programming-Mrs.Sabitha and Mrs.Jayanthi-Air Walk Publications, Chennai-4



S.Parallel to one or both planes -perpendicular to a plane Inclined to one plane. parallel to the other .Different types of pencils.I Introduction .V Sections of Solids: .E.Sections of prisms. Parabola and hyper bola .Cycloids.K.Axis inclined to both planes. cones and spheres. UNIT .Drawing Instruments and Materials . R. Engineering Drawing .V.Third angle projection Ä Reference line . K.True shape of section . Projection of planes . CIVIL.Four Quadrants . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 12 . UNIT .V. Pandian.First angle projection .Inclined to both planes -Traces of the lines. Devaraj.Section planes .Planes of projection .Projection of points.parallel to one plane .Ramachandran. 4. Engineering Drawing .perpendicular to both planes.Folding Types of Lines . pyramids.III Projection of straight lines .L. Dimensioning .Principles of Dimensioning Lettering. Axis parallel to both planes . Epicycloids and Hypocycloids. 3.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0006 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS-1 (Common to MECH. Engineering Drawing . MECH & PROD.Guptha.D.Axis parallel to one plane and inclined to the other .Layout of Drawing Sheet . Reference books: 1. 2.IV Projection of Solids .Bhutt. UNIT .N. Engineering Drawing .II Involutes .Axis perpendicular to a plane. Geometrical Construction .Conic Sections . Orthographic projections . UNIT .Ramanamurty. CHEMICAL & AERO) UNIT .Ellipse.Normal and tangent to conic section.Narayana and Kannaiah.

equilibrium of a particle in space . UNIT-V ELEMENTS OF RIGID BODY DYNAMICS Translation and rotation of rigid bodies-Velocity and acceleration . Engineering Mechanics . 4.Mass moment of Inertia .II PROPERTIES OF SURFACES AND SOLIDS Determination of Areas and Volumes .Impulse and Momentum Impact of elastic bodies.Screw .Vol I &II by Beer & Johnson.forces in space .Laws of Coulomb friction .Work energy equation.second and product moments of plane area .Relative motion . 2.Belt friction. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 13 .Single equivalent force. 3.Parallel axis theorems and perpendicular axis theorems Polar moment of Inertia .Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in two dimensions .First moment of Area and the centroid . 5. UNIT . UNIT – III FRICTION Frictional Force .requirements of stable equilibrium .equivalent systems of forces .Laws of Mechanics .Work Energy Equation of particles . Reference Books: 1.Principle axes of inertia .General plane motion Moment of momentum equations.Rolling resistance . Prentice Hall of India pvt ltd 1993. Velocity and acceleration their relationship . “Engineering Mechanics . Aero) II Sem: Civil UNIT .Types of supports and their reactions .Vectors .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0010 ENGINEERING MECHANICS I Sem:(Common to Mech.Newton's Law .S.Vectorial representation of forces and moments .Rotation of rigid body .Equilibrium of Rigid bodies in three dimensions. Ramachandran. McLean “Engineering Mechanics” 3/e Schaum Series 1995.relation to area moments of Inertia.equilibrium of a particle . UNIT .Statics and Dynamics” 3rd edition.principle of transmissibility .IV DYNAMICS OF PARTICLES Displacement. Coplanar forces resolution and composition of forces .Simple contact friction .Principal moments of Inertia of plane areas .Units and Dimensions . Vector Mechanics for engineers .Vector operations. Free body diagram .I STATICS OF PARTICLES & EQUILIBRIUM OF RIGID BODIES Introduction . Mech & Prod.Curvilinear motion . Irving H Shames. Timoshanko and Young “Engineering Mechanics”4/3 Tata McGrawhill 1995.Wedge Ladder .

Finding GCD of two numbers. Aero. 6CL005 MECHANICAL WORKSHOP LAB (Common to Mech. CSE & IT. Square. E&I. 10. Structures. FITTING: Use of fitting tools-practice in marketing. Finding Sum of series. 4. fitting to size and drilling-making of simple mating and profiles such as V. 9. Dove-tail. String manipulation. chip board. Half-round joints. novapan. To perform matrix multiplication. 11. 13. CARPENTRY : Handling of carpentry tools Ä practice in marking. To check Perfect number. 8. 6. EEE. laminated sheet(demonstration only). dove-tail and mortise and tenon joints. Pointer operations. Use of modern materials such as plywood. To check whether a prime or not. B. To find greatest of 3 numbers. To check Armstrong number. AERO) 1. MECH. Files. Chem Branches) A. 5. sawing planning and chiseling to size. 12. Generating Fibonacci Series. E&C. Making simple joints such as half-lap. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 14 . 2. Civil. 7. PROD. Mech & Prod. 3.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6CL003 PROGRAMMING in `C' LAB (Common to ECE. To perform matrix addition. ETCE.

Hewings.industrial accident (introduction.2006 5. Scanning. Tasks: Describing an object.correcting a passage and checking for errors in spelling. To help learners acquire the ability to listen effectively and respond competently in English in real life situations. Cambridge1992. Abbreviations and Acronyms 6. Tenses and Concord 9. Effective Technical communication – M. READING 1. 7. Infinitives and Gerunds 5.Cambridge University Press. Advanced English Grammer – M. Cambridge1999. SPEAKING 1. 4. investigation conducted. industry visited.Close and open ended topics related to science and technology. 2. OBJECTIVES To provide practice for learners in organized academic and professional writing. 4. Technical English .TaTa McGraw Hill.S. 2006 4.Classroom discussion on debatable topics. Argumentative writing . Essential English Grammer – Murphy R .A. Paragraph writing: Process description and Product description. inference and predictions. Tasks: comprehending a passage and answering questions of various kinds relating to information.Discussing industrial visits and giving oral instructions for performing tasks. 2005 8. Editing .Inferential interpretative and redictive comprehension. English for Engineers – RIE – Foundation Books Pvt. 3. Cambridge1996.describing a process (text to chart and vice versa). Cambridge University Press. critical observation) . Structure of a Report Tasks: reporting on an industrial visit (purpose of the visit. recommendations and remedial measures).Lock. Expressions relating to instructions and recommendations 4. detailed description of the accident. Letter Writing . A course in Grammer and Composition – Geetha Nagara . To help learners acquire oral fluency. Connectives and Discourse Markers 2. 2006 3. 6. Functional English Grammer – G.Types of Reports. LANGUAGE FOCUS 1. Comprehension.Lakshmi Narayanan – Scitech Publications 2007 edition. Indicators of Purpose and functions 3. Report writing . Oral Presentations . & Manivannan N. Ltd. Word meaning . WRITING 1. Discussion .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0001 ENGLISH AIM: To promote learners to use the target language and sharpen their communicative skills through participated learning. Ltd. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 15 . Role Play .Framing Questions and responding to queries 2. 2.Skimming. punctuation and grammar. Tasks: identifying main ideas and supporting details. instrument or machine .Rizvi. 2.Antonyms and Synonyms Reference Books: 1.Foundation Books Pvt.job application and letter seeking permission for industrial visit or in plant training. To help learners acquire interpretative reference and study skills through different reading strategies. 5.Filling gaps with appropriate words objective type questions. 3.Stating a choice and justifying it. preparatory measures.completing notes in the given format. Conditionals 7. Note making . Conversation. device. Impersonal Passive 8.Shri Jai publications. New Delhi. Excellence through communication – Nagini P.Cambridge University Press. Word Formation using Prefixes and Suffixes 10.

angle.Septic tank and Oxidation pond.S.water treatment ..V. Basic Civil Engineering I-Sem: Common to ECE. Basic Civil Engineering .quality and quantity . mosaic. cement concrete. Masonry . Reference books: 1. Tata Mc Grew Hill Publication Co.flat . & BASIC MECHANICAL ENGG. AERO AND CHEM UNIT I Construction materials .Helen Santhi.Shanmugam . Centre of gravity and Moment of Inertia for rectangle. 2. Air Walk Publications . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 16 . UNIT III Water supply . Foundations Functions .Waste water treatment .sources .functions. cement. Roof .stone and brick masonry and construction details. Basic Civil Engg . concrete & steel. M. marble and granite flooring. Flooring .Various components and their functions. Chennai. E&I.Stone.Physical and mechanical properties . strain.R. types. I section Channel section.Natarajan 4. brick.A: BASIC CIVIL ENGG. Basic Civil Engineering – K. classification and suitability. Text book on Basic Civil Engineering – Ramesh Babu 3. EEE .stress.roof coverings. Buildings . Valuation – plinth area method – depreciation rate method.surface and ground water . Surveying -Classification and principles –chain surveying . E&C II-Sem: Common to MECH.compass surveying – computation of areas – Trapezoidal and Simpsons rule. modulus of elasticity.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0008 Part . ETCE.C.G & Palanichamy M.C. MECH&PROD.Sewage Collection – disposal . UNIT II General properties of materials . roof . T section.

Dr. BOILERS Classification . METAL MACHINING: Types of lathes .brazing and soldering. Reference books: 1. Layout of steam. Kumbakonam. .fundamentals of arc drawing and extrusion. nuclear and hydro power plants.single jet carburetor . Basic Mechanical engineering . Text Book: 1. UNIT III: METAL FORMING PROCESS: Principles of forging. UNIT II: INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES: Working principle of petrol and diesel engines . rolling. wind. METAL JOINING PROCESS: Principles of welding .operations performed . gas welding and gas cutting .ignition.Palani Kumar.operations. diesel.B: Basic Mechanical Engineering UNIT I: NEW SOURCES OF ENERGY Study of different types of alternative sources .fuel pump and injector.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Part . tidal and geo-thermal. cooling and lubrication systems .Two stroke and four stroke cycles functions of main components . AirWalk Publications. Chennai-4.K.Venugopal.K. wave.Main components and their functions of center lathe . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 17 . Basic Mechanical engineering .principles of modern high pressure steam generators for power generation. Anuradha Publications.drilling machines . gas turbine.

CIRCUITS Sinusoidal functions – RMS and Average Value – Power and energy in AC circuits – Phasor representation – sinusoidal excitation applied to purely resistive. Types of wiring – stair case wiring – Fluorecent type circuit – Simple domestic wiring layout – Earthing – Types of earthing.C. Definition of MMF. Ammeter – Induction type energy meter. MECH & PROD. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING) UNIT I: DC CIRCUITS AND MAGNETIC CIRCUITS Ohm’s law – Resistors in series and parallel combination – Kirchoff’s lawsMesh and Nodal Analysis – Star Delta Transformation – Simple problems. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 18 .Leakage Factor – reluctance in series and Parallel – Elelctromagnetic induction – Fleming’s rule – Lenz’s law – Faraday’s law – Statistically and Dynamically induced EMF – Self and Mutual inducatance( Qualitative treatment only) UNIT II: A. inductive and capacitive circuits – RL.. UNIT III: MEASURING INSTRUMENTS AND WIRING Torques acting on Indicating instruments – Construction and principle of moving coil and moving iron instruments – Voltmeter. RC and RLC series and parallel circuits – Simple problems.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0031 PART – A BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & PROGRAMMING IN C++ ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (Common to MECH. Flux and reluctance .

AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING) UNIT I: C++ PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE The main function. UNIT – II FUNCTION. UNIT – III OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Principles of object oriented programming – Abstraction – Encapsulation – Modularity – Hierarchy – Specifying a class – Defining member function – constructors – copy constructors – Destructors – Arrays of objects – Object as function arguments – friend functions – single inheritance multi level inheritance – this pointer – Pointers to derived classes. FUNCTION OVERLOADING Function prototyping – call by reference – call by value – Function overloading – operator overloading – Introduction to files classes for file stream operations – opening and closing a file – basics of exception handling – Throwing and catching mechanism.Tokens – Keywords – Identifiers and constants – Basic Data types – User defined Data types – Reference variable – Scope resolution operator .. MECH & PROD.Manipulators – Special assignment expressions control structures.beginning with C++ . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 19 .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PART .B PROGRAMMING IN C ++ (Common to MECH.

class. parameterized constructors. data hiding. copy constructors. hybrid inheritance. friend classes and friend functions. UNIT – V Exception handling and files: Files and streams. elements of object oriented programming. inline functions. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 20 . Bjarne Stroustrup. opening and closing of files. virtual functions. binary file. error handling during file manipulation. UNIT – II Classes and Objects: Working with classes . sequential access to a file. exception handling. fundamentals of OOP . Balaguruswamy. UNIT – IV Inheritance: Base class and derived class relationship. file pointers and manipulation. file modes.classes and objects . inheritance and member accessibility.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0094 PROGRAMMING IN C++ (Common to MECH. “Mastering C++”. overload able operators. list of exceptions. “Object Oriented Programming with C++”. constructors in derived class. new. virtual base classes. benefits of OOP. binary operator overloading. encapsulation. arithmetic operators. 1997. derived class declaration. 3rd Edition. accessing member functions within class. operator keyword. structure of C++ program. exception handling constructs. catching exceptions. “The C++ programming language”. class objects. random access to a file. T. accessing class members. constructors. forms of inheritance. K. function templates. handling exceptions. 2004. 2. “this” pointer. polymorphism.R. and Raj kumar. IT from 2007 onwards) UNIT – I Introduction to fundamental Concepts : Object oriented fundamentals. multiple inheritance. Venu Gopal. limitations of increment/ decrement operators. class templates. E. Tata McGraw Hill. exception handling model. defining member functions. 1998. 2nd Edition . constructor overloading. Addison Wesley. multi level inheritance. empty classes. and abstraction and its importance. destructors in derived class. unary operator overloading. Ravishankar.CSE. delete operators. Tata McGraw Hill. Reference Books: 1. 1. class member accessibility.class specification. UNIT – III Overloading: Function overloading. object. Structured verses Object oriented development. operator overloading.

Gauss divergence theorem and Stokes's theorem .S. 2. PUBLICATIONS Chennai. sinmx.Dr P. cosnx. UNIT . Surface and Volume Integrals.Equation to a straight line Shortest distance between two skew lines .I TRIGONOMETRY Review of Complex numbers and DeMoivre's Theorem. Grewal. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 21 .G.Irrotational and Solenoidal fields.V INTEGRAL CALCULUS Properties of definite integrals .Line. UNIT – III BETA AND GAMMA FUNCTIONS Definitions of Beta and Gamma integrals . Kandaswamy and co. Engineering Mathematics .cosnx.Evaluation of definite integrals in terms of Beta and Gamma function .Related definite integrals . Seperation into real and Imaginary parts of comples function.K. M.Change of order of integration .Reduction formulaes for eax.Simple applications involving rectangles and cuboids.S. UNIT . Chand and company.L.Relation between them .Gradient divergence and curl .Orthogonal spheres. xn.The equations of a plane .Simple applications.II THREE DIMENSIONAL ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY Direction cosines and ratios .SURESH S.Coplanar lines .Tech.Tangent line . Double integrals . xn.Triple integrals. Venkatraman. sinnθ and cosnθ in terms of multiples of θ. B.cosax.IV VECTOR CALCULUS Differentiation of a vector function .. Engineering Mathematics . 3.xn. Vector Integration . S.directional Derivative Identities (without proof) . National Publications..Dr. Integral theorem (without proof).B. Engineering Mathematics . Reference Books : 1.E.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0016 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS-II (Common to all branches of B. sinnx. Green's theorem (in the plane).sinax. 4.GANESH AND M. Hyperbolic functions . Expansions of Sinnθ and Cosnθ Sin θ and cos θ in powers of θ.Sphere .) UNIT .Properties . A Text Book on Mathematics . UNIT .Inverse hyperbolic functions.Plane section of a sphere .

advantages. Khanna 5.Atomic radius.scan.Effect of a stressed model under a plane polariscope Isoclinic and Isochromatic fringes .Introduction . Miller Indices .B.Polarization .Liquification of gases . Materials Science – Raghavan 2. CIVIL.Ascan. blood pressure meter . UNIT – III ULTRASONICS Properties.Photoelastic bench.Porous Plug experiment . UNIT – II PHOTOELASTICITY Introduction .working.Magnetostriction and Piezo-electric method. Materials & Metallurgical Engineering – O.Separation between lattice planes . BIOINFO and BIOMED) UNIT – I LOW TEMPERATURE PHYSICS Joule Thomson effect . Gupta & H.units of X-rays-diagnostic technologies of X-rays -radiography-flouroscopy. production of ultrasonic waves .P. Gupta & H. Nuclear medicine . Roy MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 22 . COP of a refrigerator.Photoelastic method .gamma camera UNIT – V CRYSTAL STRUCTURE Crystal system . B-scan and M . BIOTECH.Cascade Process. Thermal Physics – A.Principle of refrigeration .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0018 ENGINEERING PHYSICS (Common to multiplier tube nuclear medicine imaging devices .blood flow meter.Production and detection of plane. Applications of ultrasonics . BCC.Roy 4.generator . Materials & Metallurgical Engineering – O.Bravais lattices . AERO.Stress Optic law . Adiabatic Demagnetisation .P. Thermal Physics – A.Simple Cubic. REFERENCES 1.Doppler effect . Photoelastic effect .units of radioactivity .problems. Theory of Photoelasticity . MECH & PROD. Engineering Physics – Uma Mukherjee 6. Khanna 3.B. Engineering Physics – Gupta & Gaur 7. circularly and elliptically polarized light. Coordination number and Atomic packing factor. requirements of a good refrigerant. HCP structures . FCC. UNIT – IV X-RAYS AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE Introduction .

Luminous.Anodising.C.III: ELECTROCHEMISTRY Conductance of electrolyte solutions-Kohlrausch's Law and its applications-Galvanic cellReversible-Irreversible cells-EMF and its measurement-Single electrode potential and its determination-Reference electrodes-SHE.IV: CORROSION AND PROTECTIVE COATINGS Corrosion-Chemical and Electrochemical corrosion .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0020 INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY (Common to MECH.Mechanism .Pretreatment of metal surfaces .Proximate and ultimate analysis Coke manufacture-Otto Hoffman's process-hydrogenation of coal-Liquid fuels-Petroleumrefining-cracking and polymerisation methods-Knocking in IC engines-Octane numbercetane number UNIT .Jain and Monika Jain. A Textbook of Engineering Chemistry Ä Uppal. Paints Ingredients and their functions .Classification-Additives for lubricating oil-Greases-Solid lubricantsGraphite and molybdenum disulphide-Properties-Viscosity and viscosity index-Flash and fire point. Khanna Publishers.Differential aeration corrosion-corrosion control-selection and designing of materials-Cathodic protectionInhibitors Protective coatings .I: SOLID AND LIQUID FUELS Solid fuels-gross and net calorific values-coal analysis . temperature indicating paints. 2. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 23 . Tata Mc Graw Hill. Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company. Engineering Chemistry by P. UNIT . 3. 4.V: PHASE RULE AND LUBRICANTS Phase rule-Definition of terms-Application of phase rule to water system-Thermal analysisapplication of phase rule to two component system(lead-silver system).AERO.Mechanism of drying of oils-special paints-Fire retardants. SCE-Nernst equation-Concentration cells UNIT .CHEMICAL & CIVIL) UNIT . A Sheik Mideen. Shruthi Publishers. J C Kuriakose and Rajaram. PROD.Electroplating . Vol I & II. UNIT .II: GASEOUS FUELS AND COMBUSTION Natural gas-LPG-water gas-Gobar gas-combustion-SIT-Explosive range-Flue gas analysis-Calculation of minimum theoretical quantity of air for complete combustion.Cloud and pour point-Oiliness-oxidation stability Reference Books: 1. Engineering chemistry. Chemistry in Engineering and Technology. Lubricants-Functions .

C.Petroleum – Refining of petroleum – Cracking of heavy oil – Fluidized bed Catalytic cracking – Knocking in Internal Combustion engines – Cetane number – Octane number .(2006) 7.Gaseous Fuels .K. Puri. MECH&PROD. 3rd Ed. (2004) 6. Co. (2006) 4. 41st Ed. Sharma & Pathania. A text book of Engineering chemistry.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0074 CHEMISTRY OF FUELS AND MATERIALS COMMON TO MECH.Lubrication mechanism .Iron carbon system.(2003) MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 24 . S. R. Tata Mc Graw Hill. Dhanpat Rai Publ.Water gas and Gobar gas – Manufacture – Properties – Uses . Engineering materials.Rajput. Chemistry in Engineering and Technology.S.Refractories – Classification – Requirements Properties – Refractoriness – Refractoriness under load (RUL) – Thermal conductivity – Porosity – Thermal spalling – Manufacture of common refractory bricks . CHEM. S.Semi solid lubricants – Greases – Types of greases . Unit – V Engineering materials (12 periods) Introduction – Cement – Manufacture of Portland cement – Setting & Hardening of cement– Special cement – White cement – High early strength cement – Low heat cement – Oil well cement – Water proof cement .Solid lubricants – Graphite and Molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) .Liquid Fuels . 15th Ed. J.Hydrodynamic lubrication – Boundary lubrication – Extreme pressure lubrication . BRANCHES (STUDENTS ADMITTED FROM 2007 – 2008 BATCH ONWARDS) Unit – I Fuels and combustion (12 periods) Introduction – Classification – Calorific values – GCV – NCV . Engineering chemistry.M. Unit – IV Alloys and composites (12 periods) Alloys – Definition – Properties and Purpose of making alloys – Effect of alloying elements– Ferrous alloys – stainless steel – Heat treatment –Annealing – Hardening – Tempering – Normalising – Non Ferrous alloys – Aluminium and Copper alloys Composites – Definition – Constituents – Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) – Fiber glass reinforced composites – Metal matrix composites (MMC) – Ceramic matrix composites (CMC) . 1& 2.Silica bricks – Magnesite bricks – Silicon Carbide. Engineering chemistry.Properties of lubricants – Viscosity Index (VI) – Flash and Fire point – Cloud and Pour point – Aniline point – Oiliness – Sligh oxidation test Classification of lubricants – Liquid lubricants – Compounding of oil . Engineering chemistry.Chand Co. 3.Reduced phase rule – Construction of simple eutectic phase diagram using Thermal analysis – Lead silver system . (2004) 5.Flue gas – Analysis using Orsat’s apparatus –Calculation of minimum quantity of air for combustion of fuels (simple problems) Unit – II Lubricants and adhesives (12 periods) Introduction . Vol. Uppal. S. Khanna Publ.P Aggrawal. AERO. REFERENCES 1. M. Principles of Physical Chemistry. Khanna Publ..Polymer matrix composites (PMC) – Cermets. Jain & Jain. 6th Ed. Co. Kuriacose and Rajaram.Chand & Co. Vishal Publ. CIVIL.Adhesives – Adhesive action – Development of bond strength – Physical and Chemical factors influencing adhesive action – Classification Unit – III Phase rule (12 periods) Introduction – Statement – Definition of terms involved with examples – Applications of phase rule to one component system – Water system . (2006) 2. Dara. O.

4. UNIT IV Perspective projections .Station point Picture plane . 2. Devaraj MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 25 .N. UNIT II Development of lateral surfaces Development of cubes. R.Guptha. UNIT III Isometric projection Isometric axes isometric scales isometric projection of planes .Narayana and Kannaiah. K.D.Ramachandran. Engineering Drawing .L.V. cylinders. CHEM & CIVIL) UNIT I Conversion of pictorial views to orthographic views. pyramids and cones.Bhutt.S. 3.V.Residential and Office buildings Reference Books : 1. prisms. pyramids. AERO.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0027 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS. Engineering Drawing .II (Common to MECH. prisms. Engineering Graphics-II . cone and cylinder.Visual ray method UNIT V Building Drawing. Engineering Drawing .Vanishing point method . cones and spheres .K. Intersection of surfaces Intersection of cylinder and cylinder. MECH&PROD.Pandian E.Ramanamurthy.

Write down the program which explains about Inline functions. 8. Permanent and Temporary hardness of water sample by EDTA method. 2.Determination of magnetic susceptibility of liquid. ETCE. 3. Write down the program which explains about Friend Functions. Quincke's method . Estimation of HCL by conductometric titration. MECH & PROD. 6CL002 CHEMISTRY LAB (Common to MECH. BIO-TECH. 6CL009 PROGRAMMING IN C++ LAB (Common to MECH. ETCE. 7. Write down the program which explains about Palindrome checking. Write down the program which explains about Single Inheritance. AERO.BIO-MEDI) 1. Determination of flash point and fire point of an oil. 2. E&I. Determination of percentage of Cu in an ore.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6CL001 PHYSICS LAB (Common to MECH. Write down the program which explains about File operations. 5. BIO-INFO. E&C. Write down the program which explains about Call by Reference. 6. BIO-MEDI) 1. Determination of molecular weight of polymer by viscosity average method. Laser grating . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 26 . Semiconductor diode . Write down the program which explains about Constructors with default arguments.Determination of refractive index of a prism. Determination of percentage of Ni in an alloy. EEE. 2. Air-wedge . 3. 7.Determination of width of the forbidden energy gap. 4. E&I. MECH & PROD.Determination of thickness of a thin wire. 9. 6. E&C. Write down the program which explains about Operator Overloading. 5. 4. Compound pendulum -Determination of acceleration due to gravity. 10. Write down the program which explains about Function Overloading. BIO-TECH. Determination of cloud point and pour point of a lubricating oil. 4. 7. Determination of Total. 5. CHEMICAL. Semiconductor diode . Write down the program which explains about Multi-level Inheritance. MECH & PROD. BIOINFO. CHEMICAL. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING) List of Experiments 1. EEE. Spectrometer .Determination of wavelength of laser light.Characteristic. 6. AERO. 3.

TEXT BOOK 1.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0032 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS – III (Common to all branches except Bio – Info & EEE) UNIT-I Laplace Transforms Transforms of simple functions .single mean .Initial and final value theorems UNIT – II Applications of Laplace transforms Applications of Laplace transforms for solving linear ordinary differential equations simultaneous differential equations .Integral Equations UNIT-III Complex variables Analytic functions . Engineering Mathematics by Dr. Veerarajan MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 27 . Engineering Mathematics by T. K. small samples .Independence of attributes.Chi square test .Fischer’s test .Cauchy’s residue theorem .difference of two means.Test of significance .contour integration around the circle and semicircular contours UNIT-V Theory of sampling and testing of Hypothesis Test of Hypothesis-Large Sample.Student’s “t” test single mean .standard types bilinear transformation UNIT-IV Complex integration Cauchy's integral theorem-integral formula -Taylor’s and Laurent's series (without proof) Residues . M.Transforms of derivatives and integrals .Single proportion -difference of proportions . exact sample .Periodic functions . Kandaswamy REFERENCE BOOKS 1.conformal mapping .difference of variances.Convolution theorem . Engineering Mathematics by Dr.Goodness of Fit .Properties of transforms .Cauchy-Reimann equations in Cartesian and polar form .difference of two means . of analytic functions . Venkataraman 2.Inverse transforms .properties of analytic function .

GHOSH.Chebyshev's spacing-two point synthesisslider crank mechanisms . 6.position synthesis .Theory of mechanisms and machines .4.S. S.Theory of machines and mechanism .nomenclature of gear tooth profile interference and undercutting .4 bar mechanism and slider crank mechanism .torque calculation UNIT-V Governors Governors . 4 ASHOK G AMBEDKAR – Mechanisms and Machine Theory – Jain Brothers 5.Planar.Theory of machines 7. UNIT-IV Theory of Gearing Classification of gears .Wiley Eastern Ltd 1992. chain inversions .Mechanism and machine theory .gyroscopic forces and couple – forces on bearing due to gyroscopic actiongyroscopic effects on movement of airplanes and ships.Freudenstein method .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615301 KINEMATICS OF MACHINES UNIT-I Introduction to Mechanisms Introduction .law of gearing .mechanical advantage -determination of velocities and acceleration in mechanisms-relative velocity method for mechanism having turning.Theory of machines .Mc Graw Hill Inc.Tata Mcgraw Hill . RATTAN. BALLANEY. TEXT BOOK 1.K.classification of mechanisms . R.Theory of machines.gravity controlled.Grashof’s law . 3. .governor characteristics . A and MALIK.. SHIGLEY.L .porter. 2. cycloid cam profiles for different followers .stability of two wheelers and automobiles.terms and definitions .inversions of epicyclic gear trains speed ratio .Khanna publishers REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.3 .analytical UNIT-III Cams and gyroscope Types of cams and followers-follower motions . wilson hartnell and pickering .E. and DUKKIPATTI R.slider crank inversions .P.hartnell.BANSAL.kinetic inversions .governor effort. SHM. AM .S.minimum number of teeth-contact ratio-comparison of cycloidal and involute tooth – epicyclic gear trains .KHURMI.under cutting in cams-pressure angle – gyroscope.V .Affiliated east west press (P) Ltd.uniform acceleration & of mechanisms .Theory of machines MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 28 . spherical and spatial mechanisms . proell and spring controlled governor.mobility . sliding and rolling pair UNIT-II Synthesis of Mechanisms Classification of kinetics synthesis problems . R.S . J. RAO J. hartung. 1988.

Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics .concept of Continuum .equation of state ..compressibility .Carnot. Brayton cycles . 3. Thermodynamics .Claussius Clapeyron equations -Joule Thompson co efficient . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 29 .combustion equations . ELBS NAG P.temperature . reheat.K. 1.Addison Wesley 1999.Vapour power cycles -Rankine .property diagram . .Carnot theorem .compressibility charts .applications to closed and open system . HOLMAN J.heat value of fuels .available energy . 5.theoretical and excess air . Engineering Thermodynamics .K.Tata Mc Graw Hill REFERENCE BOOKS : SPALDING & COLE.thermodynamic properties equilibrium-process-cycle .enthalpy . Diesel. regeneration cycles .principles of increase in entropy .heat pumps Clausius inequality .refrigeration .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0040 ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS (Common to III Sem MECH and AERO) UNIT-I Basic concepts and first law of thermodynamics Thermodynamics systems .Carnot cycle .enthalpy .steady and unsteady flow conditions UNIT-II Second law of thermodynamics Statements .exhaust gas analysis TEXT BOOK 1.reversibility .heat .calculation of properties Properties of ideal and real gases .binary vapour power cycles UNIT-V Thermodynamic relations and combustion of fuels Exact differentials . Thermodynamics .air-fuel ratio .Zeroth law of thermodynamics First law of thermodynamics .modified Rankine.causes of irreversibility .availability UNIT-III Working fluids Thermodynamic properties of pure substance .Dalton's law of partial pressure -internal energy .internal energy -specific heats .T-ds relations .Maxwell relation .specific heat and molecular weight of gas mixtures UNIT-IV Power cycles Gas power cycles . Otto.entropy . 4.Tata Mc Graw Hill VANWYLEN & SONNATAG..Wiley Eastern 4th Edition MICHAEL SADD. Engineering Thermodynamics .McGraw Hill 1995. 6. Dual. NAG P.Prentice Hall.Vander Waal's equation of state .gas laws .1977 ROGERS & MAYHEW Engineering Thermodynamics . Engineering Thermodynamics.P.reversed Carnot cycle heat engines .PVT surface of water and other substances .

Tata McGraw Hill.. Eurasia Publicaton. Flow measurement: Orifice meter. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 30 . New Delhi. Fluid Mechanics. Laminar and Turbulent Flow: Flow Relation between Shear Stress and Pressure Gradient. Model Studies.F. Standard Book House. Reciprocating Pumps: Operation – Slip – Indicator diagram – Separation – Air vessels. UNIT III: Flow through Orifices: Classification – Hydraulic co-efficient – Flow through rectangular orifice.. Pitot tube.J.. Gasiorek. 4. Bansal. Engineering Fluid Mechanics. ELBS. 3.A. K. UNIT V: Hydraulic Turbines: Classification of hydraulic turbines – Working proportions of Pelton wheel. Swaffield..compressibility. Mech & PROD and AERO) UNIT I: Fluid Properties: Density – Specific weight – Specific gravity – viscosity – surface tension – capillarity . Flow around Universed Bodies. 2.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0066 FLUID MECHANICS AND MACHINERY (Common to III Sem MECH. Flow between Parallel Plates. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machines R. Similarities of Flow. Govinda Rao N. UNIT IV: Centrifugal Pumps: Definitions – Operation – Velocity triangles – Performance curves – Cavitations – Multistaging.J. Fluid Flow Machines. Modi P. Manometers – Single tube and differential manometers – Buoyancy – Meta-centric height – determination of stability of floating bodies and submerged bodies. Francis and Kaplan turbines – velocity triangles – draft tube – Hydraulic turbine characteristics. TEXT BOOK: 1.N. Notches and Weirs. Douglas. momentum and energy equations. Non – Dimensional Numbers. 1984. UNIT II: Basic equations of motion: Types of fluid flow – Continuity...M.J. Fluid Statics: Hydrostatic Law – Pressure variation in static fluid – Hydrostatic force on a submerged plane surfaces – Location of hydrostatic force. Problems on Bernoulli’s Theorem.M. Laxmi Publications.. 1990.L. 1987. Dimensional Analysis: Buckingham’s Theorem. Venturimeter. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics. Kumar K. Loss of energy in pipes – Minor energy losses – Flow through pipes in series – Equivalent pipe. Seth S.S.

. Nonequilibrium cooling of above types of alloys Equilibrium solid state reactions. PrenticeHall. AVENER. precipitation hardening UNIT –IV POWDER METALLURGY Introduction.. Introduction to Physical Metallurgy. eutectic diagram showing partial solid solubility. determination of yield. Fatigue limit. S-N Curve. spheroidizing. Type of fracture. Griffth theory –fracture toughness. Mechanical Metallurgy. G. endurance limit. Material Science and Engineering. percentage elongation Impact strength Ductile –Brittle transition –fatigue and creep Stress cycle for fatigue testing. V. TEXT BOOK 1.. RAGHAVAN. NY REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. McGraw Hill. production of metal powder – mixing – blending – compacting – sintering – hot pressing – sizing – infiltration – Advantages and applications. McGraw Hill MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 31 . construction of phase diagram. UNIT –V MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND TESTING Tensile test – Stress – strain curve for mild steel & brittle material. TTT diagram. austempering – Hardenability and its determination – Surface hardening processes. secondary creep and tertiary creep. Simple calculation of amount of phases – effect of alloying elements on Fe-C.E. Isomorphous. Sedha. Properties and Uses – Composition and uses of important aluminium and copper alloys. ductile failure cup and cone.S.S. Creep Curve. Soldering and brazing alloys.. Cooling Curves of pure Fe. S. Phase diagrams: Solidification of metals. peritectic system. UNIT –II FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS ALLOYS Fe-Fe3C diagram. Fracture: Ideal fracture. Material Science. ultimate stresses. Miller indices – allotropy – solid solution – intermetallic compounds – Elastic and plastic deformation of metals – An elastic effects – Deformation by slip – Hot and Cold working.. Chand & Co. phase rules. UNIT –III HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL Non-equilibrium transformation of austenite – Annealing. Fatigue failure.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0041 MATERIAL SCIENCE AND METALLURGY (Common toIII Sem MECH and Mech & PROD ) UNIT –I BASIC PRINCIPLES Structure of metals and alloys –Space lattice and crystal systems –X ray diffraction. R. Heat treatment of non-ferrous alloys of aluminium –Age hardening. 2. crack propagation.H. Critical points in Fe – Fe3C equilibrium diagrams. Phase changes. Primary creep.. DIETER. martempering. Continuous cooling transformation diagram – Hardening and tempering. Alloy steel. S. KHURMI R. Normalizing. IS designation of steels – classification of cast iron. 3. brittle fracture. Plain carbon steels.

C.Regulation by synchronous impedance method . V curves and Inverted V curves . Introduction to Electrical Engineering – Mc Graw Hill. Short Circuit (problems) .E&CE in III sem) UNIT . S.E.K.II. BHATTACHARYA.Taylor .Starting.Phasor Diagram on No load and Load Equivalent Circuit (problems) .G and E.Torque / Slip characteristics – problems .I D.Starters – Speed control methods .L. B. 3.Vol. 1992.Torque equation .Speed control of various type of DC motors. Machines : Construction – principle of operation of DC generator and DC Motor – Types of DC Generators and motors – Performance characteristics of DC generator and DC Motors – Losses in DC machines (problems) – calculation of efficiency (problems) . Unnewehr.C.Paul. DC Machines – ELBS 1980.ETCE & EIE in II sem) (2006 BATCH) ( Common to CSE.O.The Performance and Design of Alternating Current Machines .Addison Wesley.Mech.Open Circuit.Starters Necessity and types .Principle of operation . 7th Edition .Introduction to single phase Induction motors..S.G.V Special Machines: (Qualitative treatment only) Tachogenerator – AC and DC servo motor – Linear Induction Motor – Brushless DC motor – Permanent magnet DC and synchronous motors – Synchros – stepper motor – variable reluctance and permanent magnet – applications...M. A Text of Electrical Technology . Hunting.R.EMF Equation – simple problems .A. 5. UNIT .Phasor diagram . UNIT .Regulation (problems) .Nasar & L.II Transformer : Constructional details and principle of operation of single and Three phase transformers .Synchronous impedance .EMF equation (problems) .problems -Synchronous Motor .Synchronous Condenser.ELBS 2. SAY.IV Synchronous Machines : Constructional features of Alternator .Commercial and All day efficiency – Auto transformer.Phasor diagram . UNIT . Electrical Machines MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 32 .Chand & Co. UNIT . Electrical Technology. HUGHES. TEXT BOOK 1. 4.Regulation .Equivalent circuit . S.M. International Students Edition 1998. SAY.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0022 ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY ( Common to ECE. 1998 REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.III Induction Motors (Asynchronous Motors) : Constructional details of three phase Squirrel cage and Slip ring induction motors Principle of operation .THERAJA. Mech& Prod.

‘Principles of Electrical Engineering and Electronics’. Mc Graw Hill.Starters – Necessity and types . C. UNIT IV Induction Motors (Asynchronous Motors) 12 Constructional details of Three Phase Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring Induction Motors – Principle of Operation – Equivalent Circuit – Phasor Diagram – Torque Equation – Torque/Slip Characteristics – Problems – Starters . Multicolour Edition. 3. working and applications. Flux and reluctance – Leakage Factor – reluctance in Series and Parallel – Electromagnetic induction – Fleming’s rule – Lenz’s law – Faraday’s law – Statically and Dynamically induced EMF – Self and Mutual inductance (Qualitative treatment only) UNIT II DC Machines 12 Construction -principle of operation of DC generator and DC Motor. ‘Electrical Machines’. Special Machines (Qualitative Treatment Only) AC and DC Servo motor – Permanent Magnet DC motors – Stepper Motor – construction. MECH & PROD and AERO) 2007 Batch onwards UNIT – 1 Electric and Magnetic Circuits 12 Electric Circuits : Ohm’s law – Resistors in series and parallel combination – Kirchoff’s laws – Mesh Analysis – Simple Problems. UNIT III Transformers 12 Constructional details and principle of operation of Single and Three Phase transformers – EMF Equation (Problems) – Phasor Diagram on No Load and Load – Equivalent circuit (Problems) – Open Circuit and Short Circuit tests – Regulation (Problems) – Commercial and All day Efficiency – Auto Transformer. 1998. V. Vol II-S chand &co. 2007.Losses in DC machine(problems). Theodore Wildi. 2.Unnewehr. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 33 . J. B L Theraja. Drives and Power Systems’.Metha. 5th Edition. Total No of periods: 60 TEXT BOOKS : 1. S. 2000. UNIT V Synchronous Machines and Special machines 12 Constructional Features of Alternator – Principle of Operation – EMF Equation. S.E.Calculation of Efficiency (problems). 4.Simple Problems – Regulation – Synchronous Impedance – Regulation by Synchronous Impedance method – Synchronous Motor – Starting. ‘Electrical Machines.R. Rohit Metha. Magnetic Circuits : Definition of MMF.Gupta. 1992.Nasar & L. Sinusoidal functions – RMS and Average Value – Power and energy in AC circuits Phasor representation -Three phase circuits – Star / Mesh connections. Millennium Edition.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0095 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (Common to III Sem MECH.Speed control of various types of DC Motors. ‘Electrical Technology’.K. Pearson Education. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.Paul.Speed control methods – Introduction to Single Phase Induction Motors.A. ‘Introduction to Electrical Engineering’.B. ISBN 81-7808-972-6. Hunting.Chand & Co.Types of DC generators and DC Motors – Performance Characteristics of DC generators and DC Motors.

Fits . swivel bearing. Machine vice. gears and common features . Text book 1. 9609. Preparation of assembly drawing for the following machines with part drawings given : screw jack.G.Symbols and method of indicating it on drawing. symbols and abbreviations : 5 Marks Part B: Dimensional Assembly Drawing from the given part drawings : 50 Marks. Surface finish . 8000. Reference books 1.Form and position tolerances . Sastry.Conventions for sectioning and dimensioning . 2.Gopalakrishnan. nuts. springs. N. tail stock of a lathe. Preparation of manufacturing drawing for the following machine components: Bolts. knuckle joint.Allowance -Tolerances .Symbols-Welding symbols and method of indication on the drawing. Maximum material principle . tool heads of a shaper.Types of fits . connecting rod. Charotar Publishing House. Note 2: All students will have to submit all the Drawing Sheets in a File periodically for continuous assessment.Bhatt.D. Anand.Abbreviations and symbols for use in technical drawings.Allocation of fits for various mating parts . Ramsbottom safety valve. Fits and Tolerance : 10 Marks Dimensional Manufacturing Drawing : 10 Marks Geometrical Tolerance/Surface finish : 5 Marks Conventions. cylinder relief valve.Types . P.datum and Datum features Symbols used to represent geometric tolerances. 10711. plummer block-snug and octagonal type. 10713. 10712. K. cross head for horizontal and vertical engine. 10968. Latest BIS codes:1165. 10714. Sidheswar N. Mech& Prod and Aero) BIS code of practice for Engineering Drawing . V. screws. 11663.Kanniah.Conventional representation of threaded parts. Subash Publishers. 10716. Tata McGraw Hill.S. Machine Drawing. Machine Drawing. 3.Representation on the drawing . Design Data book. Note1 : Question paper will have two parts (A & B) of 4 hours duration. 10717.Tolerance Data Sheet. Part A : Problems on Limits.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0067 MACHINE DRAWING (Common to III Sem Mech. 8043. and 11688. stop valve. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 34 .type of representation on drawing . 10715. key and key ways -different types of cotter joints.V.R. 4. Geometric tolerance . P. flange and universal coupling.S. Machine Drawing.

FOUNDRY 1. 5. 8.TEMPLATE CUTTING 3. quenched and tempered steel and stainless steel. Study of metallurgical microscope. 7. Preparation of green sand moulding for Flanges . macro and micro etching techniques for metallogroaphic examination. Specimen preparation. Study of microstructure present in different cast irons. 2. 4. Grain size measurement by comparison with ASTM charts. Study of microstructure in Al. 3. Comparison of microstructure and hardness values before and after heat treatment such as annealing. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 35 . 6. Brass and Bronze. 3. hardening and tempering.Permeability test.Jomny test. Micro structural study of a steel weldment.Grain fineness .Bush. Sand testing . Study of micro phases present in plain carbon and high carbon steels low alloy steel. Metal casting technique (Demonstration only) 615351 METALLURGY LAB 1.Glands . 9. Measurement of hardenability . 2. normalizing. GAS WELDING AND GAS CUTTING . ELECTRIC ARC WELDING EXERCISES a) Lap Joint b) Butt Joint c) Fillet Joint d) Tee Joint 2. different types and their operations.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615350 FOUNDRY AND WELDING LAB 1.

8. (b)Regulation & (c) Determination of equivalent circuit parameters 6. 4. test on single phase Transformer and prediction of (a) Efficiency. Shunt Generator O. Load test on Single phase transformer.C. 5. Load measurement using Load indicator.Verification of Maxwell theorem 4. Deflection Test . 2. 3. Series motor. 3.T. Comparison of hardness values of Steel. 8. 6. 9. Thin Wire and Twisted bars under tension. Compression Test on bricks. ELECTRICAL LAB Brake Load test on DC Shunt Motor. 10.C. & load characteristics of self excited D. O. (a) Stair case wiring (b) Fluorescent tube wiring (c) Main box wiring 615353 MATERIALS TESTING LAB 1. Brake Load Test on Three-phase Induction Motor. (Determination of regulation and efficiency of given single phase transformer with pure resistive load) 7. Concrete blocks. 2.C. 5. Exercises in domestic wiring. Fatigue Test on steel. Estimation of spring constant. (a) Armature control (b) Field control Brake Load Test on D. V curves and Inverted V curves of Synchronous Motor 11. Estimation of notch toughness of steel using a Charpy impact testing machine.C. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 36 . Evaluation of Engineering stress/ strain diagram on steel rod.C.C. Double shear test in U. Strain Measurement using Rosette Strain Gauge.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615352 1. 10. Copper and aluminium using Brinell and Rockwell hardness measuring machines. Under tension and compression. Pre-determine of Regulation of Three phase alternator by synchronous Impedance method. and S. Brake Load test on Single phase Induction Motor. 9. Load coils. Determination of performance characteristics Speed control of DC Shunt motor.M. 7.

complex form of fourier series .boundary and initial value problems .change of interval odd and even functions . Kandaswamy REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Engineering Mathematics by T. UNIT – V FOURIER TRANSFORM The infinite Fourier Transform . Venkataraman 2.Dirichlet’s conditions . particular and complete integrals .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0054 ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS .Half range series .IV (Common to all branches except all Bio Groups & EEE) UNIT – I FOURIER SERIES Euler’s formula .standard type of first order equations .Fourier series solution UNIT – IV TWO DIMENSIONAL HEAT EQUATION Two dimensional heat equation .Transverse vibration of finite elastic string with fixed ends .RMS value . Engineering Mathematics by Dr.Fourier series solution .steady and unsteady states .Lagrange's linear equation .boundary and initial value problems . K. homogeneous and equations UNIT III ONE DIMENSIONAL WAVE EQUATION AND HEAT EQN. Veerarajan MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 37 .Parseval's formula .Finite Fourier Transform .sine and cosine transforms .Convolution theorem Parseval's identity TEXT BOOK 1. One dimensional wave equation . P. M.convergence statement only .harmonic analysis.general.steady state heat flow in two dimensions .Laplace equation in Cartesian and polar (annulus including) Fourier series solution.Inversion theorem . Engineering Mathematics by Dr.One dimensional heat equation .second order and higher order equations with constant coefficients.sine and cosine transforms . UNIT – II PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Formations of equations by elimination of arbitrary constants and arbitrary function solutions by equation .properties .

Laxmi Publications 4. Mechanics of Materials. Timoshenko and M. Analysis of Structures.Laxmi Publications 3. (10 periods) UNIT V STRAIN ENERGY AND ANALYSIS OF TRUSSES Strain energy due to axial force. Analysis Of Simple Trusses.equivalent bending moment & Equivalent torque. C. Strength of Materials S. (10 periods) UNIT II BENDING MOMENT & SHEAR FORCE Significance of Various Support Conditions and Types of Loading . Leaf Springs and Helical Springs. V.Bansal-Strength of Materials. Introduction of Mechanics of Solids.Stress-Strain Diagram for Mild Steel – Application to uniform and composite sections. Gere. suddenly applied load and impact load.C. Egor P.Method of Joints –Method of Sections.Ramamrutham.N Vazirani. Popov. PHI New Delhi MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 38 . (10 periods) TEXT BOOKS 1.Torsion of solids and hollow circular shafts – Combined Bending and Torsion. Simply Supported and Overhanging beams. Elastic constants – Relation between Elastic constantsPoisson’s ratio-Thermal Stresses. R. Distribution of shear stress due to bending – Application to Rectangular.. bending.Open and Close Coiled.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0081 MECHANICS OF SOLIDS – I ( Common to IV Sem MECH and III Sem CIVIL ) UNIT. P. R. (15 periods) UNIT IV TORSION OF SHAFTS AND SPRINGS Simple Torsion theory – Polar Second moment of area – Shear stress and shear strain in shafts – Section Modulus – Torsional Rigidity .Punmia .I SIMPLE STRESS & STRAIN AND ELASTIC CONSTANTS Direct Stress and Direct strain . Khanna Publication REFERENCES 1.Chand & Co 2.Concept of Shear Force and Bending Moment – Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram of Cantilever. I-Section & Circular sections. (15 periods) UNIT III BENDING & SHEAR STRESS DISTRIBUTION Simple bending theory – Neutral axis – Section Modulus – Second Moment of Area – Composite beams – Combined bending and direct stress (Eccentric Loading) – Middle Quarter and Middle Third Rule. B.K. Shear and torsion – Resilience – Gradually applied load. Tata McGraw Hill 2. Strength of Materials.

.S. 2. HAMILTON H.torsional vibration dampers.slider crank mechanism and 4 bar mechanism.Nemchand & Brothers 1989.T.K. J. 1992. lateral vibration of cantilevers.balancing of rotating masses .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615401 DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY UNIT I Force Analysis of Mechanisms Static. inertia and combined force analysis . 7. 1988.non. trifilar suspensions -free vibration with viscous damping of single degree freedom system and solution .self excited vibration with examples UNIT V Two and multi degree freedom systems System with two degrees of freedom .Wiley Eastern Ltd. balancing machine.Rayleigh method. 1987 5.balancing of several masses in different planes . UNIT IV Forced vibration of single degree freedom system Forced vibration of single degree freedom system with damping -reciprocating and rotating unbalance . Theory of Vibration with Applications . and MALIK A. Mechanisms and Dynamics of Machinery.applications in engines. 1995.G.Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd. MABIC and CHARLES F. RAO J.M. REINNOLTZ. simply supported beams . Theory of Machines. 2nd Edition . GHOSH A.harmonic periodic motion .balancing of inline engines .firing order . 2nd Edition . system with many degrees of freedom -Holzer’s analysis of free torsional vibrations with multi rotor systems . Mechanisms and Machines Theory.undamped free vibration .method of influence coefficients. punching presses UNIT II Balancing Static & Dynamic balancing . Mechanical Vibrations .E. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms. 1975.balancing of V & W engines UNIT III Free Vibration of Single Degree freedom systems Periodic motion .axial vibration of bars.three rotor System . SHIGLEY.. V. Chand and Co.S DUKKIPATTI. turning moment diagram and fly wheel .logarithmic decrement.vibration isolation and transmissibility ...linear and torsional solution .shaft with two rotors.natural frequency of single degree freedom system – bifilar. Dunkerley's method for lateral and torsional vibration problem. THOMSON W. Khurmi. 3. vehicle suspension ..Fourier analysis .S.vibration absorber .graphical and analytical method .Affiliated East West Press (P) Ltd.McGraw Hill Inc.2007 Reference books 1. R. unbalance due to reciprocating parts . GROVER. Dhanpatrai & Co. TEXT BOOK 1. 2002 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 39 .balancing of rotors. 4th Edition .John Wiley & Sons. Theory of Mechanism and Machines .P. continuous system . 6. torsional vibrations of shafts.geared system .SINGH – Mechanical Vibrations. 4.base excitation .

II IC Engines advanced topics and performance Supercharging. refrigeration cycles – COP.effect of subcooling and superheating . SI engines Fuel systems . Simple calculations involved in carburetors . Types of combustion chambers in SI engines. GSHF.Working and performance calculations..P. cooling and lubrication of IC engines.ideal and actual cycle. indicated.Adisson Wesley.psychrometric chart .Oxford & IBH Manohar prasad.Various compensation arrangements. Turbo charging of IC engines and their effects on various parameters. Mathur and Mehta.Ignition systems and combustion . 1995 Gill. Introduction to multipoint and microprocessors based fuel injection system. REFERENCE BOOKS : McConkey and Fastop. Stratified charge engines. UNIT . Refrig.Heat balance test and morse test on IC Engines. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 40 . ESHF components used in air conditioning.Conditioning Introduction to psychrometric .Fuel Pump – Combustion .Equilibrium and metastable flow. Thermal Engineering .Tata McGraw Hill. Fundamentals of IC Engines . Absorption. One . steam table and charts permitted) UNIT . and Air conditioning . Vapour. Standard testing procedure of IC engines.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615402 APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING (Refrigeration and air conditioning.V Air . RSHF. Bell-coleman cycle.Tata McGraw Hill Ganesan. Rating of fuels.dimensional steady flow of steam through a convergent divergent nozzle . 3. Summer and winter air – conditioning. 4. Heat carried away by exhaust gases. Measurement of power – Brake. 2.IV Refrigeration Reversed Carnot cycle. 1999. Smith and Zurya. International Combustion Engines . UNIT . rotary positive displacement compressors .New Age International(P) Ltd. SHF. Air consumption. V. Refrigeration and Air conditioning .Simple carburetor . Types of combustion chambers in CI Engines . Arora C.Construction .conditioning units.application and liquefication of gases. 5. UNIT .P-H and T-S diagrams calculation of COP . Cryogenic engineering – Introduction . 1998.I IC Engines Review of construction and working of two stroke and four stroke engines. Properties of refrigerants.psychrometric processes.components – working . Fuel consumption. Performance curves and effect of various parameters on the performance of the engines. Cooling load calculations. TEXT BOOK 1. aircraft refrigeration cycles.1995.Knocking – Factors and remedies. Heat pumps and heat transformers. Performance test .III Positive displacement compressors and steam nozzles Reciprocating compressors – Construction – working . UNIT . Applied Thermodynamics .Fuel Injection systems . Types of air ..Jain Brothers. 1.Detonation Factors and remedies.influence of Clearance volume multistaging. Vapour compression refrigeration cycle .

.II DRILLING. Process capabilities and limitations UNIT . mechanisms.Media Publishers 1986 Reference books 1. Lapping. Electron Beam Machining.S.M. Drilling. CNC Machines . Hydraulic drives in shaper and planer.Equipment. S. Gear finishing methods : Shaving.K. Attachments for various operations.I LATHES AND AUTOMATS Lathes: Introduction. UNIT .types of cutters . Nomenclature of single Point Cutting tool. Boring: Introduction. Drilling and Milling machines. mechanisms. Gear Shaper and Gear Hobber : Specification. Hobs and cutters for gear cutting.milling processes Indexing .A.. HASTLE HURST M.T Production Technology . UNIT . Machining centers DNC Machines. UNIT . CNC Machines: Turning. LINDBERG. Programming principles with simple programming exercises (Both manual part programming and Computer aided part programming) TEXT BOOK 1. Helical gear and Bevel gear. Workshop Technology Vol II . Types. PABLA B. Broaching: Types.types . Mechanism. Turning centers.-Manufacturing Technology . ROY A.Interpolation schemes. Thread. HAJRA CHOUDHARY. Automats : Introduction. Process and Material Manufacturers PHI.New Age International 5.simple. operations. H. specification. Single and multi spindle automats.cutter nomenclature . Types.I UNIT .J. W. and ADITHAN M. RAO P. Abrasive jet Machining: Machine variables . 3. tool design Electro chemical grinding. Shaper. Specification.comparison of machine parameter Electrical discharges Machining : Equipments . Electro Chemical Machining : Elements Types of electrolytes.IV NON TRADITIONAL MACHINES Non Traditional Machines: Classification . Capstan and Turret Lathes: Various mechanisms. Vol II .Material Removal Rate Effect of parameters on MRR.A. Bevel gear generator..1995.NC coordinate system . holding devices. Grinding. processes. Planer.Metal cutting and Machine tools TMH 2. Honing. Construction.Tata McGraw Hill 6.Arnold Publishers. Tooling arrangement for simple components.K. Accessories. Slotter: Specification. Design considerations of NC machine tools. BORING AND SHAPING Drilling. operations. compound and differential Milling of Cam. AND HAJRA CHOUDHARY A. Spur gear. Principle of gear generation. Elements of Manufacturing Technology. Manufacturing Technology.MRR calculations. Reaming and Tapping tools nomenclature. 4. Tool nomenclature.V NUMERICAL CONTROLLED MACHINES NC Machines: Components of NC Systems .ELBS. CHAPMAN. Classification. Specification. 1981 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 41 .III MILLING AND HOBBING MACHINES Milling : Specification .types .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615403 MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY .

1989.special methods .proportional integral and derivative control -simple problems UNIT-V Time and frequency response Time response of first order. span. KUMAR D. MARANGONI AND JOHN.vibration measurements . KASTSUHIO OGATA .closed loop .hydraulic and pneumatic transducers and applications . KUO Automatic control system . RANGAN C.hydraulic. 4.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615404 MEASUREMENTS AND CONTROL UNIT-I Introduction to measurements Generalised measurements system and its functional elements .concepts of stability .electrical transducers . frequency and acceleration UNIT-IV Control systems Open loop . Flow measurement . BECKWITH. 1989.PHI Private Ltd. pneumatic and thermal systems .nyquist criterion of stability . SHARMA G. Temperature measurement pressure thermometer .resistance thermometer . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 42 .Force measurement .mechanical systems and their electrical analogues . 1985.elastic transducers . Mechanical Measurements Addison Wesley Longman. AND MANI V.S.intermediate modifying devices . Ltd.Metropolitan book company P.servomechanism .displacement.terminating devices .thermal conductivity gauge . TEXT BOOK 1.basic detector transducer elements .pyrometers – thermistors ..mechanical members as primary detectors .transfer functions .elastic transducers -proving ring (mechanical and electrical) .Modern control engineering .New age International Publications 1999. resolution.polar plot . LIENNARD. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. 1996.bode plot . H.torque measurements . NAGRATH AND GOPAL: Control systems engineering .hot wire anemometer . ROY D. range. New Delhi .PHI Private Ltd.V.ionization gauge.Introduction to precision. 5.block diagram algebra -signal flow graphs .S.S. 2. Instrumentation Devices and systems .thermoelectric transducers variable inductance transducers -piezoelectric transducers .S. 3.Tata McGraw Hill publishing company.manometric flow meter .sonic flow meters. New Delhi. thresholderrors-definition.bridge circuits .torsional meter mechanical strain gauge UNIT-III Measuring instruments Pressure measurement-gravitational transducers . classification and calibration UNIT-II Transducers Basic detector transducer elements . velocity.thermocouple . BENJAMIN C. Mechanical Measurements and Control .load cells strain gauge .McLeod Gauges .Routh's criterion of stability .low pressure gauges .classification-secondary or rate meters . THOMAS G.determination of gain margin and phase margin-simple problems. second order systems .frequency of response . accuracy.

INTERACTIVE COMPUTER GRAPHICS Creation of Graphic Primitives . P.Data structure organization . DATA STRUCTURES Model storages and Data structure . UNIT 4. McGraw-Hill International Edition. E.A.Procedures .Curve generation techniques. 6. 1991...Concepts of data processing and information system.Clipping . Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co Ltd.Wire frame. 4. Wiley Eastern Ltd.Ramamurthi.creation of data files – Accessing data files . Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. “Computer Graphics and Design ".. " Engineering Design ". 1998.Computer Aided Engineering .Sequential and concurrent engineering . New Age International Ltd.CAM Theory and Practice ". New Delhi.Graphical input techniques .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615405 COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN UNIT 1.Information system.Computer Aided Design Design for Manufacturability – Computer Aided Manufacturing . Rogers and J. New York.Interfaces to drafting. 1998. 1994.Mathematical formulation for graphics .Boundary conditions .Global connectivity . UNIT 5.CSG and B-REP Techniques . " CAD . 1991. " Computer Aided Mechanical Design and Analysis ". P.P. UNIT 2.Assembly .Radhakrishnan and C.Dieter George. Network data structure . New Delhi.hidden line elimination .Element types .Solution techniques . " CAD / CAM ".. 2.Software development for design of mechanical components.Kothandaraman. McGrawHill Book Company. TEXT BOOK 1. 3. UNIT 3. vectors and equations .Product cycle .Element matrices.Features of Solid Modeling Packages . Surface and Solid models . 1991. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. Ltd. THE DESIGN PROCESS The design process Morphology of design .Subramanyan. Khanna Publishers. 7.Nodal approximation . 1994. Prentice Hall of India. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 43 . 1976.Adams. “CAD / CAM / CIM ". V.FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Introduction .Display transformation in 2-D and 3-D – Viewing transformation . Ibrahim Zeid.Interfaces to CAD – Introduction packages . SOLID MODELING Geometric Modeling .F.Integrated data processing . Design Analysis. 5. Sadhu Singh.Parametric and features . REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Relational data structure.Radhakrishnan and S.Role of computers .Benefits of CAD. New Delhi. “Mathematical Elements in Computer Graphics ". " CAD / CAM ". D. Groover and Zimmers. Data life cycle . Data storage and search methods.

FLUID MECHANICS LAB Determination of Friction Coefficient using Pipe Friction apparatus Determination of Co-efficient of discharge of Venturimeter Determination of Co-efficient of discharge of Orificemeter Determination of Co-efficient of discharge of Notches Determination of Metacentric Height of Ship model Determination of Co-efficient of discharge of Orifice and Mouth Piece Determination of Co-efficient of velocity of Pitot tube. 6. 7.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615450 1. 5. 4. 2. 3. 615451 1. 8. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 44 . 7. 4. 3. 6. 5. FLUID MACHINERY LAB Performance characteristics of Centrifugal Pump Performance characteristics of Reciprocating Pump Performance characteristics of Multistage Centrifugal Pump Performance characteristics of Gear Pump Performance characteristics of Jet Pump Performance characteristics of Deep well Turbine Pump Performance characteristics of Pelton Wheel Turbine Characteristics of Francis Turbine Performance characteristics of Kaplan Turbine. 9. 2.

615453 MACHINE SHOP PRACTICE WORKSHOP 1. Bill Of Materials. 2-D drawing: Orthographic Views. Lathe Operations: i. v.Welding. Isometric Views. Annotations. Single point tool grinding using bench grinder. Exercises on Drilling.Extrusion – revolve.Exercises . Step Turning & Knurling iii. Foot Step Bearing. Gib And Cotter Joint. Text.wire frameShade. Surface Finish. Multi start and Internal) vi.Generating Orthographic view from Isometric View. 2-D Sectional Views. 3D Drawing : Isometric Drawing s of simple blocks by using solid commands.Subtraction. Taper turning iv.Capabilities and Progress .View ports. Symbols .View commands – render. Threads. Assembly Drawing. Title Block. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 45 .Knuckle Joint. Grooving and Under cutting.Accessories .Specification 2.Modify commands.Dimensioning. Eccentric turning 3.types . Part Drawing.union. Thread cutting (Single. Boring. Detailed Drawing.Screw Jack.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615452 Auto CAD CAD LAB – I Introduction to computer aided drawing. Reaming and Tapping 4. Study of Lathe . Plain turning ii.

TEXT BOOK 1.Jordan method – Crout’s method – Gauss-Seidel Method – Relaxation method UNIT-IV Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations – Taylor’s Series – Modified Euler’s method –Runge Kutta Method of fourth order – Predictor-Corrector Method – Milne’s Method – Adam Bashforth Method. P. Kandaswamy MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 46 . EEE. MECH. K. Venkataraman – Dr. E&CE. UNIT-V Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations – Classification – Elliptic Equation – Poisson’s Equation – Leibmann’s iteration procedure – Parabolic Equation – Bender Schmidt scheme – Crank-Nicholson scheme – Hyperbolic Equations. CHEM. Numerical methods – Dr. UNIT-II Interpolation – Newton's Lagrange's method – Numerical Differentiation and Integration – Trapezoidal and Simpson’s Rule – Finite Difference Equation UNIT-III The Numerical solution of Algebraic and Transcendental equations – Regula Falsi Method – Newton Raphson Method – Graffe’s Root Square Method – Simultaneous linear algebraic equations . E&I. Numerical Methods Reference books 1. ETC.Gauss .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0079 APPLIED NUMERICAL METHODS (Common to ECE. M. PROD. AERO branches) UNIT-I Curve fitting – Method of Group Averages – Principle of Least Squares – Method of Moments – Finite Differences – Operators E & D – Relationship between the operators. CIVIL.

xor – half and full adders. divider. 1989 3 GOANKAR R. EPROM – multiplexers – demultiplexers – encoders – decoders UNIT – III Microprocessor Simple Block diagram with – CPU – I/O – program instructions – components of CPU – control unit – ALU – registers – importance of data. 2 MALINO A. Principles of Electronics . divide. differentiator.. nand. UNIT – IV Micro Processor Programming Basic concepts of microprocessor programming – machine code – hex code – fundamentals of assembly language . negative number – grey code – Boolean algebra – De Morgan’s laws – simple exercises of circuit simplification – logic gates – and.. 2nd edition.P. octal. Electricity. 1998. not. Electronics & Computer controls. subtract. address & control busses – architecture of 8085 – addressing modes – immediate – implicit. UNIT – V Electronics & microprocessor applications Microprocessor interfacing with – memory chips-CRT terminals – printers – keyboardsD/A & A/D converters – simple control applications – traffic light – stepper motor – temperature & humidity in refrigeration & air conditioning – auto motive applications – anti leek breaking – steering. Computer control of Manufacturing Systems. multiply. Microprocessor Architecture programming and Applications. Microprocessors and Interfacing.McGrawHill. or.S.Chand & Company1994.CC.S. Digital Ironies principles and Applications – tmh. 4 DOUGLAS V.TMH. Automotive. 5 BARRY HOLLEN BEAK. comparator – D/A & A/D converters.New Age International. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 47 . D and T – counters – synchronous and asynchronous – shift registers – memory IC’s – RAM. nor. 1983. 6 YORAM KORAN. JK. hexadecimal – binary arithmetic – add. TEXT BOOK Reference books 1 MEHTA V.instruction sets for 8085 – program format . subtract. transmission & suspension systems – control of tool movements in CNC machine tools – digital differential analyzer (DDA) – working principle – complete Dda integrator – role in CNC machine tools – Working principle. sort – sub routines.simple programs – add.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615501 ELECTRONICS AND MICROPROCESSOR UNIT – I Analog Electronics PN Junction Diode – Zener diode – characteristics – bipolar junction transistors – CB. count. Delmor.CE – FET – MOSFET – Characteristics – Operational Amplifier – Inverting and Non inverting – application as – integrator. HALL. ROM. flip flops – RS.K. UNIT – II Digital Electronics Basic concepts& applications of number systems – binary. multiplier.

Khanna Publications REFERENCES 1. Stresses due to Unsymmetrical bending – Shear centre for Channel & I – section. Popov. Laxmi Publications 2. B.Gere. S. Sadhu Singh. St. Khanna Publications 4.Cylindrical & spherical shell subjected to internal pressure – maximum shear stress – Volumetric strain – wire wound cylinders. Vazirani. Punmia. . (12 periods) UNIT – III THIN CYLINDERS AND SPHERES Introduction . Timoshenko and J. Mechanics of materials. Egor P. Strength of Materials. (10 periods) TEXT BOOKS 1.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0082 MECHANICS OF SOLIDS – II ( Common to V Sem MECH and IV Sem CIVIL) UNIT – I SLOPE & DEFLECTION OF BEAMS Double integration method – Macaulay’s method – Moment Area method – Conjugate beam method for Simply supported and Cantilever beams. Guest’s theory. combined bending and axial load – Euler’s formula for long struts – Limitations of Euler’s formula .M. Mechanics of Materials.Rankine’s theory. Tata Mc Graw Hill 3.N . Haigh’s theory and VonMises – Henky Theory – Comparison of failure theories. Kazimi.Lame’s equation – shrink fit – compound cylinders-Thick spherical shells (13 periods) UNIT – IV PRINCIPLE STRESSES & THEORIES OF FAILURE Principle Stresses and Maximum Shear Stress. THICK CYLINDERS AND SPHERES Introduction .C. Introduction of Mechanics of Solids. Perry’s & IS code formula. (15 periods) UNIT – II THEORY OF COLUMNS Axial load. V.. PHI New Delhi MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 48 .P. Tata McGraw Hill 2.Analytical Method-Mohr’s Circle Method Theories of Failure . Engineering Mechanics of Solids. (10 periods) UNIT – V UNSYMMETRICAL BENDING & SHEAR CENTRE Introduction – Product of inertia.Long columns under eccentric loading – Secant . Analysis of Structures-Vol –I.Rankine Gordon’s formula and its applications. Venant’s theory.

KALPAKJIAN.High energy forming . bending . Sheet metal working – blanking. rolling. LINDBERG. electro stag welding and electro gas welding.RAVI B – Rapid prototyping 4. 3. RAO P.Defects in casting and moulding . electro-hydraulic forming and electro-magnetic forming. friction welding. phosphating.Plastic moulding . KARUNAKARAN KP. grinding wheels and specifications.compound and combination dies . ultrasonic . performance characteristics of different processes .Stereo-lithography. Manufacturing technology. UNIT. anodizing. piercing.2nd of power sources.Gas welding.types of dies .II Metal joining processes Classification . Foundry. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 49 . UNIT – V Rapid Prototyping Overview of prototyping and tooling. wire drawing machines and processes. and HARA CHOUDERY . Forming Welding – TMH.explosive forming.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615502 MANUFACTURING holding devices. GTAW. PAW. TEXT BOOK 1. Special casting processes .II UNIT-I Metal forming process Mechanical working of metals .choice of processes for components like gear blanks. ROY A. galvanizing. investment. 1995.injection and blow moulding . Element of Manufacturing Technology. I – Media Publications REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. electro plating.location of runners risers and chillers. CHAPMAN W. VIJAY P BAPAT. brazing and soldering. tubes and structural members. Vol. 5.selective laser sintering. resistance welding . extrusion. Workshop Technology Volume I – Arnold and cold working processes . processes and applications . Manufacturing Engineering and technology – Addison Wesley.working principleadvantages and limitations. electrodes. GMAW. punching. honing and super finishing.SMAW SAW. metal spraying.K. trimming.applications advantages and limitations – fused deposition modeling.gating techniques .working principle. defects in welding .J. melting furnaces.pattern and core making moulding sands and selection for different processes – sand testing. thermit welding..forging. Process and Material Manufacture – PHI.N. selection of grinding wheel for specific applications – selection of cutting speed and work speed Fine finishing process: Lapping. moulding .A. HARA CHOUDERY S. special welding processes .testing and inspection UNIT – IV Surface finishing processes Surface finishing processes.K. 2. grinding processes – various types of grinders .laser electron beam welding.1998.non destructive testing of welded joints Unit-III Casting processes Sand casting .. die-casting -pressure and gravity types .

Bhandari V.Design of bolted joints including eccentric loading – Design of welded joints for pressure vessels and structures . 2003. Jaico Publishing Co. “Design of Machinery”.C.L. Orthwein W. Juvinall R. “Mechanical Design – An Integral Approach. leaf. and Marshek K. Spotts M. Tata McGraw-Hill Book Co. rigidity and critical speed – Design of keys and key ways . Bending and torsional stress equations – Impact and shock loading – calculation of principle stresses for various load combinations. 2.B. Ugural A. 2. 2003. John Wiley & Sons.F. Third Edition. disc and torsional springs under constant loads and varying loads – Concentric torsion springs .Design of rigid and flexible couplings – design of knuckle joint and cotter joints UNIT III DESIGN OF FASTNERS AND WELDED JOINTS Threaded fastners . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 50 . Norton R. 4. 2002. – Cubic mean load – Design of journal bearings – Mckees equation – Lubrication in journal bearings – calculation of bearing dimensions – Design of flywheels involving stresses in rim and arm. selection of materials based on mechanical properties – Direct.Belleville springs UNIT V DESIGN OF BEARINGS AND FLYWHEELS Design of bearings – sliding contact and rolling contact types.M. 2004. “Design of Machine Elements”. Goodman and Gerber relations UNIT II DESIGN OF SHAFTS AND COUPLINGS Design of solid and hollow shafts based on strength.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0078 UNIT I DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS (Common to V Sem MECH and MECH &PROD ) STEADY STRESSES AND VARIABLE STRESSES IN MACHINE MEMBERS Introduction to the design process . McGraw-Hill Book Co. 2004. 3. Note: (Use of P S G Design Data Book is permitted in the University examination) TEXT BOOKS 1. eccentric loading – Factor of safety . Shoup T.factor influencing machine design. REFERENCES 1. UNIT IV DESIGN OF SPRINGS Design of helical.theories of failure – stress concentration – design for variable loading – Soderberg.E “Design and Machine Elements” Pearson Education. “Fundamentals of Machine Component Design”. Tata McGraw-Hill Book Co. “Machine Component Design”.C.. 2004.

HILL. C. variation of flow properties.E. YAHYA S. area ratio as a function of Mach Number.John Wiley. critical states.diffuser. Prandtl Meyer equation. mach cone.John Wiley New York. turbine and exhaust systems. study of turbo jet engine components . velocity of sound. UNIT-II Flow through variable area ducts Isentropic flow through variable area duct.M. stagnation pressure and entropy across normal shock. normal shock in Fanno and Rayleigh flows.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615503 GAS DYNAMICS AND JET PROPULSION UNIT-I Compressible fluid flow – fundamentals Energy and momentum equations for compressible fluid flows. 1975. performance of turbo jet engines . Gas Turbines .Addision Wesley 3. T-S and h-s diagrams for nozzle and diffuser flows. SUTTON. propulsive and overall efficiencies. mach angle. Aircraft and Missile Propulsion.types of jet engines – energy flow through jet engines .Addison Wesley Ltd. R. thrust augmentations in turbo jet engines. Mach number. combustion chamber . effect of friction in flow through nozzles. Flow in constant area duct with heat transfer (Rayleigh flow). 6. variation of flow properties. flow in convergent and divergent nozzles with shock.. Principles of Jet Propulsion and Gas Turbines. types of waves. various regions of flow. New Delhi.Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. solid and liquid propellants. Rocket Propulsion Elements . Gas Turbine Theory .1999. variation of Mach Number with duct length. Rayleigh line and Rayleigh flow equations. Mass flow rate through nozzles and diffusers. UNIT-IV Normal Shock Governing equations.Fanno curves. Vol II ..D and PETERSON.J..ROGERS and SRAVANAMUTOO. GANESAN V. and Fanno Flow equations. critical mach number. static temperature. 1975. ram jet and pulse jet engines Rocket propulsion – Types of rocket engines ... G.C..New Age International (P) Ltd. effect of mach number on compressibility. variation of flow parameters like static pressure. ZUCROW N. UNIT-III Flow Through Constant Area Ducts Flow in constant area duct with friction ( Fanno Flow) . New York.effective of jet velocity specific impulse rocket engine performance.. impossibility of shock in sub-sonic flows. 2. New Delhi. maximum heat transfer. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. density.. Fundamental of Compressible flow . COHEN H. comparison of different propulsion systems. TEXT BOOK 1. reference velocities. compressor. John Wiley New York MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 51 . 5.J. UNIT-V Propulsion Aircraft propulsion . 4. ZUCROW N.thrust. thrust power. stagnation state. Mechanics & Thermodynamics of Propulsion .P. Flow with oblique shock (elementary treatment only).

Thomas. 3.Computer Aided Inspection . FORM MEASUREMENTS Measurement of Screw thread and gears . Butthinson & Co.Types . Khanna Publishers. Shotbolt and Sharp.Use of Lasers .Principles Application.Angle dekkor . 1993. O.Laser Interferometer Application in Linear and Angular measurements . R. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. Books on Workshop Technology and Manufacturing Processes. Limit gauges .Errors in Measurements Causes . ADVANCES IN METROLOGY Co-ordinate measuring machine . Rollers.K.Straightness.Bevel protractors .Surface finish measurement . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 52 . " Metrology for Engineers ". Slip gauges.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615504 ENGINEERING METROLOGY UNIT 1. Flatness and roundness measurements . " Engineering Metrology ".Cassel. UNIT 2.R.Auto collimator .Design and Applications .Applications in Metrology. " Engineering Metrology ". 2. London. LINEAR AND ANGULAR MEASUREMENTS Measurement of Engineering Components . LASER METROLOGY Precision instrument based on Laser .Testing of machine tools using Laser Interferometer.Reliability . UNIT 4.Applications.Principle . 1994.Jain.Applications of CMM CNC CMM applications .Radius measurement .Alignment telescope Sine bar .Machine Vision .Types. Gaylor.Types -Principle . 1984. UNIT 3. BASIC CONCEPTS OF MEASUREMENTS Need for measurement . TEXT BOOK: 1.Precision and Accuracy .Constructional features . UNIT 5..Comparators.

Hobbing : Making of spur and helical gear. Measurement of angles between centre lines of holes drilled radially on a shaft. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 53 . EDM. Measurement of flatness using optical flat interferometer. Checking straightness of a surface plate using autocollimator. dovetail cutting. Measurement of thread parameters using floating carriage micrometer. 9. 3. Planing : Exercise involving plane and inclined surfaces. Checking the dimension of a part using slip gauge. Taper and bore measurement using spheres. Use of precision measuring Instruments and calibration – Vernier caliper. Use of pneumatic. helical. Use of sine bar and sine centre to measure angles and tapers. 10. milling and drilling : (tool dynamometer) * Practices in Capstan and Turret lathes ( at least one exercise) * Unconventional machines : (demo) Any of the following – Ultrasonic. mechanical and optical comparators. 2. milling of polygon surface. Measurement of gear tooth thickness by gear tooth vernier. Fundamental dimension of a gear using contour projector. 6. Grinding : Exercise involving cylindrical grinding – Surface grinding – single point tool grinding in tool and cutter grinder. 7. bevel gear. 7. Testing squareness of a trisquare using slip gauges.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615550 WORKSHOP ( SPECIAL MACHINES ) 1. 5. 2. 615551 METROLOGY LAB 1. grooving – V grooving. 12. Dial gauge and depth gauges. Shaping Machines : Machine of plane and inclined surfaces. 11. 4. Boring : Simple exercise in boring machine. ECM. 8. Milling : Cutting of spur. Measurement of cutting forces in turning. Micrometer. Abrasive jet machining. Vernier height gauge. Slotting : Key way cutting (internal & external) 8.

Encoders and decoders. Interfacing of stepper motor. Multiplexers & demultiplexers. 11. 5. 12. Input/output characteristics of a transistor. 4. 615553 MICRO PROCESSOR LAB 1. subtraction and multiplication. 4.interfacing of 8255 PPI. 6. 2. Parameter measurement in PLC.addition. Swapping. 9. 9. 7. VI characteristics of PN junction diode and zener diode. Counters. Shift register. Half and full adder. Peripheral experiment . FET characteristics. 11. 6. 8. 8 and 16 bit processing . Traffic light control. Palindrome and reverse string.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615552 ELECTRONICS LAB 1. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 54 . A/D&D/A Converter. 7. 5. Block transfer. 2. To find a given number is positive or negative. Operational amplifier. ASCII to hexadecimal & hexadecimal to ASCII. 8. Interfacing of static LED display. Interfacing A/D and D/A. Study of flip-flop. Study of logic gates. 12. 10. 3. 10. 3.

Sharma 4. Group replacement of items that fail completely TEXT BOOK: 1.. 3 machines and M machines. Optimization Methods in O.Pandian & C. Vogel’s approximation method – Test for optimality-MODI method Assignment problems.D. Hamdy Taha. Program evaluation and resource leveling by network techniques. Operations Research. simplex method. Single channel models only. 3. and Mohan. Kanti Swarup.problems –Solution by graphical method.Individual. & Manmohan. Operations Research – S. Chand & Sons. 1995 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 55 . Operation Research – PHI.V. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. P.Murugesan 2. Mital K. C.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0075 OPERATIONS RESEARCH (Common to VI Sem MECH and MECH & PROD ) UNIT – I OR INTRODUCTION AND LINEAR PROGRAMMING Operations Research(OR)-Nature-Characteristics-Phases.Hungerian assignment models.R and System Analysis – New Age International Publishers. time – Cost trade off. S. UNIT – IV INVENTORY CONTROL Inventory Control – Various Types of inventory models – deterministic inventory models – Production model .Replacement policy. and big M methods . Least Cost method. Gupta. Replacement policy for items whose maintenance cost increases with time. Network Analysis – Basic concepts – Network construction and scheduling. Resource Management Techniques.-Role of OR in Decision makingOutline of OR Models Linear Programming – Formulation of L.Northwest corner method...Consideration of money value.P.Applications in production management UNIT-II TRANSPORTATION AND ASSIGNMENT MODEL Transportation problem – Initial feasible solution. 5th Edn. K.K. Purchase model– with and without shortage.Special types in assignment and transportation models UNIT – III RESOURCE SCHEDULING AND NETWORK ANALYSIS Problem of Sequencing – Problem with N jobs and 2 machines.EOQ – Buffer stock – Shortage quantity . Probabilistic inventory models – Quantity Discount and Price Breaks UNIT – V QUEUING THEORY AND REPLACEMENT MODELS Queuing theory – Poisson arrivals and exponential service times.

cylinder. black body emission . Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer . Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer . critical thickness of insulation. thermal contact resistance. compact heat exchangers. Heat exchangers . 1988.composite wall composite cylinder . infinite solids & multi dimensional systems Numerical solutions of 2 Dimensional steady & unsteady conduction. overall heat transfer co-efficients. REFERENCE BOOKS KOTHANDARAMAN C.effectiveness equation.P. 1998 SACHDEVA R. TEXT BOOK 1. fouling factor. emissive power. stefans law. Natural convection from vertical inclined & horizontal surfaces.McGraw Hill Book Company. types & applications. Heat pipes . Forced convection . laws of radiation. 2.lumped capacity system.principles & governing equations. radiation shape factor. Heat Transfer . Heat and Mass transfer – S. Heat Transfer .pool boiling & regimes flow boiling through horizontal & vertical pipes.New Age International (P) Ltd.C.K. HOLMAN J. Boiling . 3.Chand & Co 1.external flow over a plate. spherical co-ordinates – 1 Dimensional steady state conduction in solids across plane wall . 4. non dimensional number used in mass transfer atmospheric evaporation.composite sphere with convection boundaries. OZISIK N.annular spaces & non circular conducts.John Wiley MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 56 . mass transfer coefficient. 5.M. radiation shields gas radiation. equi molol diffusion. R. Condensation -film & drop wise .McGraw Hill Book Company.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615601 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER UNIT – I Conduction Fourier law of conduction. UNIT – III Convection Hydro dynamic & thermal boundary layers . sphere & non circular ducts internal flow through pipes .pin fins longitudinal fins Unsteady state conduction .. variable conductivity UNIT II Unsteady state Conduction Fins or extended surfaces .New Age Internationals (P) Ltd.derivation of the basic equations UNIT IV Radiation & heat exchangers Electromagnetic spectrum. conduction with generation.types derivation of LMTD & NTU..RAJPUT. UNIT – V Mass transfer & heat pipes Ficks law. 1989 INCROPA and DEWITE. Heat Transfer .P. general equation in Cartesian.Introduction. cylindrical. electrical analogy.

R. “Fundamentals of Machine Elements”.Gear materials – Module and Face width-power rating calculations based on strength and wear considerations . “Design of Machine Elements”.terminology. 1999. tooth forces and stresses.M. UNIT V DESIGN OF CLUTCHES AND BRAKES Design of plate clutches – axial clutches-cone clutches-internal expanding rim clutches internal and external shoe brakes. WORM GEARS Straight bevel gear: Tooth terminology.Selection of Transmission chains and Sprockets.V. Thermal capacity. Norton R. Worm Gear: Merits and demerits.Equivalent number of teeth-forces and stresses....J. “Fundamentals of Machine component Design”.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615602 DESIGN OF TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS UNIT I DESIGN OF TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS FOR FLEXIBLE ELEMENTS Selection of V belts and pulleys – selection of Flat belts and pulleys .. efficiency. R. 3. REFERENCES 1. Note: (Usage of P. 1985. V.M. C. Design of pulleys and sprockets.S. equivalent number of teeth. Jacobson B. – Design of multi speed gear box. kinematics layout -Design of sliding mesh gear box -Constant mesh gear box.Ray diagram. 2004. 2002. – John Wiley & Sons Third Edition. Tata McGraw-Hill. UNIT IV DESIGN OF GEAR BOXES Geometric progression . Hamrock B. “Design of Machinery”. UNIT II DESIGN OF SPUR GEARS AND PARALLEL AXIS HELICAL GEARS Gear Terminology-Speed ratios and number of teeth-Force analysis -Tooth stresses Dynamic effects . Prasad L. UNIT III DESIGN OF BEVEL.. McGraw-Hill Book co. II Edition...E and Mischke C. Bhandari. Maitra G. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 57 . McGraw-Hill International Editions. 1994. Shigley J. Schmid S. 2. “Hand book of Mechanical Design”. 2.Parallel axis Helical Gears – Pressure angle in the normal and transverse plane.. 1989.. Marshek K. Estimating the dimensions of pair of straight bevel gears. Juvinall R.Fatigue strength . Estimating the size of the helical gears. McGraw-Hill Book Co. materials-forces and stresses. “Mechanical Engineering Design”.. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd.Standard step ratio .B.L.Factor of safety . estimating the size of the worm gear pair. 4.G Design Data Book is permitted in the University examination) TEXT BOOKS 1..

steam flow through nozzle . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 58 .blade shape. 4.losses.effect of incidence .McMillan 1969.impulse turbine .M.analysis. STODDARD. performance. Wind turbines . characteristics. flow control.flow through rotor blades . Theory of Turbo Machines .types . UNIT – V Hydro . impeller design calculation.elements design & constructional features.Dynamic Power transmission: Theory of hydraulic coupling .types . flow regulations. losses & efficiencies – characteristics UNIT – III Steam Turbines Axial flow turbine .slip & its estimation. effect of wet steam in LP stages. volute casing. velocity & pressure compounding. Torque converter . TEXT BOOK 1.blade shape & number . simple design consideration . losses. 2000 3. Wind Turbine Engineering Design .profile . DAVID M.stall. GOPALAKRISHNAN G.multi staging. Turbines. impeller & guide blades .Van Nostrand. EGGLESTON and FOREST S.horizontal & vertical axis calculations. SHEPHERD D. 1987. Treatise on Turbomachines .design consideration – characteristics -construction details. blade mounting. internal losses.flow deviation . Compressors and Fans Reference Books 2. governing UNIT – IV Gas Turbine and compressors Simple & complex cycles .parson's reaction turbine.blading . application in vehicles & machinery.G.Jupiter Publications. compressor – axial flow compressor – blade leading coefficients – flow coefficients – specific work – static pressure rise in a stage – degree of reaction – work done factor – surging – stalling – performance characteristics: centrifugal compressors – stage work – stage pressure rise – enthalpy and entropy diagram – degree of reaction – slip factor.specific work – work and efficiencies in turbines – effect of reheat – infinitesimal stage efficiency – work and efficiency in compressors – preheat factor – polytropic efficiency – losses in turbo machines – internal and external losses – aero foil blade nomenclatures – variation of lift and drag coefficients with incidence . performance characteristics. efficiencies . speed regulation Reaction turbine .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615603 TURBO MACHINES UNIT – I Energy transfer Euler's equations for turbo machines . Axial flow fans . and PRITHIVIRAJ D. YAHYA S. UNIT – II Fans & Blowers Centrifugal fan & blowers .

TEXT BOOK 1. Review of Rankine cycle – reheat regeneration with open and closed types of feed water heaters and their representation in TS diagram. VOPAL and and types. fuel cells . Unit-III Gas turbine. Coal handling systems -crushers .construction details – single and multi shaft arrangements. ash handling system .McGraw Hill..capacity – availability and limitations. 1985.limitations. RAI G. economizers. boiler power. enrichment. wave energy systems. nuclear and hydel power plants Gas turbine plants . Power Plant Technology . JOEL WEISOMON and ROY ECKART.pulverized fuel. tidal power plants.PHI.D. UNIT-II Boiler calculations and power cycles Subcritical and supercritical boilers.various collecting devices . UNIT-IV Non conventional energy based power plant Non conventional energy .CO2 SOx. reheating regeneration and intercooling.feeders. air preheaters. fixed and operating costs. economics of load sharing and plant selection. pumped storage system.EL.fission . 5 4.types .capacity estimation – performance selection . Unit-V Economic and environmental aspects Load curves. comparison of economics of various power plants and co-generation.dust collectors id and id fans . equivalent evaporation. wind mills .Khanna Publishers Delhi. WAKIL M. Reference books 1. Feed pumps.tower characteristics.N. 2.types -calculation of vacuum efficiency. 3. Condensers . environmental hazards of various power plants. selection of turbines.classification. Power Plant Engineering .Dhanpat Rai & Sons988. combined cycle plants and their represention in TS diagram. performance evaluation.types . waste disposal and safety in nuclear plants. performance evaluation of turbines.boiler efficiencies.working . NAGPAL G. NOx and particulate emissions and their control.Khanna Publishers. Non conventional sources of Energy . pulverized bed combustion system.fusion reaction.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 22 15604 POWER PLANT ENGINEERING UNIT-I Steam power plant Various components. cooling towers .flue stack. Nuclear energy .PHI devices. Delhi. Solar energy plants . tilting and tangential firing system. photovoltaic cells and solar and closed cycles . super-heaters. Power Plant Engineering .various forms .R. re-heaters. Power Plant Engineering . nuclear reactor . land and water pollution. boiler calculations . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 59 . nuclear fuel. Hydel plants .types of firing systems . Modem Power Plant Engineering . DOMKUNDWAR.

4. Study of cutting forces using lathe. Force measurement . Study and control of flow process using : a) Single loop controller b) PC as a controller 8. Flow measurement .use of vibrometer. 8. 2. Study and control of temperature process using : a) Single loop controller b) PC as a controller 10. Gyroscopic torque measurement. Study and control of pressure process using: a) Single loop controller b) PC as a controller 9.Tachometer and stroboscope. Epicyclic gear train. radiation pyrometer. Determination of MI by suspension of compound pendulum method. Study of distributed control system (DCS) MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 60 .Orificemeter. Temperature measuring devices: Platinum resistance thermometer. Dynamic balancing of rotors.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615650 INSTRUMENTATION & DYNAMICS LAB 1. 7. Dynamics lab 1. Torque measurement Strain measurement Displacement of velocity and acceleration accelerometer. Control of a process using Dahlin's Algorithm 12. 5. Speed measurement . Vibration meter. 4. Control of a process using Deadbeat algontnm 11. Study of undamped free vibration of equivalent spring mass system. 9. 6. 9. 615651 1. Control of access using Kalman's Algorithm 13. 5.load cell. 3. 3. PROCESS CONTROL LAB Characteristics of I / P converter Characteristics of DPT Transmitter Characteristics of valve with positioner Characteristics of valve without positioner Study and control of a process using ON/OFF controller Study and control of level process using : a) Single Loop Controller b) PC as a Controller 7. Determination of critical speed of whirline shafts 6.drill tool dynamometer. Study of supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) 15. 6. Sequential contol of a process udin PLC 14. 4. 7. Instrumentation Lab Pressure measuring devices calibration . 2. rotameter. 2. Detemination of corioli’s component of acceleration. 3. 5. 10. thermocouple. proving ring. Study of undamped torsional vibrations of single rotor system 8. Determination of amplitude and frequency of forced vibration using vibration exciter and vibration meter.

datum feature and datum system. 4. Siddeshwar And Kannaiah. location and run-out. Minimum ten sub-assemblies to be done. Determination of viscosity of liquid using saybolt viscometer Determination of viscosity of liquid using redwood viscometer Study of boiler. 5. deviation. 6. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 61 . Datum. Mechanical Estimating and Costing. Test on wind tunnel Determination of flash and fire point using pensky martin apparatus. THERMAL ENGINEERING LAB Performance test on reciprocating air compressor Performance test on air blower Determination of C. 2. 615653 1. Preparation of process chart for a given component for Estimation of setting time and matching time. 3. PSG College of Technology. Geometric tolerance . Khanna Publications.O. 7.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615652 PRODUCTION & COST ESTIMATION LAB Drawing office practice according to current Indian and International standards. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Coimbatore. Design Data Book.P of vapour compression refrigeration system. maximum material principle and usessurface texture indication on drawing. Machine drawing.Estimation of material cost. and fits.Symbolic representation on drawings. 2. Preparation of production drawings of components as per current drawing office practice of sub-assembly/assembly. System of tolerance.Welds. 3. labour cost and overhead cost based on supplied data. 8.Orientation. TMH. Hariprasad.

SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0076 COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING ( Common to VII Sem MECH and MECH & PROD) UNIT-I: GEOMETRIC MODELING Evolution of CAD/CAM. AS/RS controls. Ellis Homood Ltd .Benefits. Special features and applications. geometric modeling –Geometric modeling technique-Curves and surfaces –Solid modelers.Ranky.Planning. Prentice Hall Of India (PHI). Group technology: Part families –Parts classification and coding. computer integrated design and manufacturing –McGraw Hill.Reverse engineering-Lean Manufacturing Concurrent Engineering practices in manufacturing. 3. Machinability data systemsComputer generated time standards.. Bedworth David D. CAD the design process-CAD hardware –CAD geometry-Computer graphics and part mode.1985.Application in material handling UNIT-V: RECENT TRENDS IN MANUFACTURING Reengineering. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 62 . 2. . UNIT-III: FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEM & GROUP TECHNOLOGY Definition of FMS.1991. UNIT-IV: COMPUTER AIDED MATERIAL HANDLING Automated guided vehicle systems-Guidance and routing. Paul G.Benefits of CAPP process planning examples.. applications work in process storage – Interfacing handling and storage with manufacturing. UNIT-II: COMPUTER AIDED PROCESS PLANNING The planning function –Retrieval type process planning systems. GROVER. Carousel storage systems-Configuration and control features. Engineering analysis and integrated CAD.UK 1980 .Machine cell design. MIKELL P.Production flow analysis. Automation. Automated storage/retrieval systems – Basic components of an AS/RS.Problems. Production Systems & CIM 2nd Edition. INC .1999 REFERENCE BOOKS 1. system management and applications.Generative process systems.-Robots. Computer Aided design and Manufacture. Choosing a solid modeler for CAD/CAM integration. Analysis methods-Application and Benefits.Computer control system.Agile manufacturing – TEXT BOOK: 1.Configuration.Material handling and storage system. Computer Integrated Manufacturing –PHI. interactive graphics two and three dimensional graphics.B. two and three dimension transformation.FMS work stations. traffic control and safety. Beasant C.

Management and Administration -Development of Management Thought-Contribution of Taylor and Fayol-Functions of Management -Types of Business Organization. Joseph L Massie -”Essentials of Management”. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Prentice Hall of India.1998. “Engineering Management”. ”Principles of Management”. Tata McGraw-Hill.Human Factors .Organization chart -Structure and Process .De-centralization and Delegation of Authority -Staffing .Creativity and Innovation .Problems and Management . TEXT BOOK: 1.Productivity . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 63 .Formal and informal organization .Steps involved in Planning – Objectives .Science of Art . Robbin Stephen A. Fraidoon Mazda.Direct and Preventive control .I HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT Definition of Management .II PLANNING Nature & Purpose .2004. and Daniel R Gilbert.Managerial Effectiveness.Barriers and Breakdown .International Management and Global theory of Management.Process of Communication . “ Management”.Line and Staff authority .Strategies. Decenzo David. :Personnel and Human Reasons Management”.The Budget as Control Technique .Hierarchy of needs .1999.Reporting .Harmonizing objectives – Leadership . Freeman R.Motivation theories .Motivational Techniques – Job Enrichment – Communication . 1996.2003.Information Technology in Controlling – Use of computers in handling the information .Types of Leadership Motivation .E. Sixth Edition . Addison Wesley.Prentice Hall of India. Pearson Educatiion.Electronic media in Communication.Effective Communication .Selection Process – Techniques – HRD .Control of Overall Performance . UNIT – III ORGANISING Nature and Purpose . UNIT .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 6C0077 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT (Common to VII Sem Mech & AERO) UNIT . Tripathy PC and Reddy PN.Benefits and Limitations .The Global Environment Globalization and Liberalization . Tata McGraw-Hill. 2. UNIT – V CONTROLLING System and process of Controlling-Requirements for effective control . JAF Stomer. Harold kooritz & Heinz Weihrich ”Essentials of Management”. 2000. Policies & Planning Premises –Forecasting Decision making.Departmentation by difference strategies . UNIT – IV DIRECTING Scope .Setting Objectives -Process of Managing by Objectives .(Pearson) Fourth Edition.

5. JOSEPH HEITNER. UNIT – V Engine Auxillary Systems : Carburettors. Automotive Mechanics – Affiliated East West Pvt. propeller shaft. alternative power plants – Electric – Hybrid vehicle – Fuel cells. Road performance under different speed and load conditions – Choice of engine for different applications.B.Cylinder arrangement. Fuel and Computerized Management. 2 – Standard Publications. UNIT – II Steering and Suspensions Systems : Principle of steering – Steering geometry and wheel alignment – Steering linkages – Power steering. Suspension systems – Need and types – Independent – Coil and leaf spring and air suspensions. starting motor. principles of modern electrical systems – Battery. TEXT BOOK KIRPAL SINGH. lighting and ligition (Battery and electronic types) – Automobile air conditioning. front and rear axle – Types – Stub axles.Engine trouble shooting. universal joint. UNIT – IV Brake Systems. I &Vol. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. alternator. Gear boxes – Manual and automatic – Epi-cyclic and hydromatic transmission. 1999. Ltd. torque tube drive. 2. GUPTA. torsion bar. power brake. differential – Need and types – Construction – Four wheel drive. New Delhi. Operation. engine – Types – Construction – Power and torque requirements . WILLIAM H. Automobile Engineering – Sathya prakashan. 1993. BENNET. Alternative Fuels and Power Plants : Brakes – Need – Types – Mechanical. turbo charging. Electronics and Computer Control. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 64 . R.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615701 AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING (Common to VII Sem MECH and PROD-Elective subject ) UNIT – I Vehicle Structure and Engines : Vehicle construction – Chassis and body – Integral and chassis mounted body – Specifications. redundancy in brake system. CROUSE. hotchkiss drive. hydraulic and pneumatic – Details of components. Automobile Engineering – Vol. shock absorbers. Engine. Automotive Mechanics – McGrew Hill. HOLLEMBEAK : Automotive Electricity. UNIT – III Transmission Systems : Clutches – Need – Types – Single and Multi-plate – Diaphragm clutch – Fluid coupling. Alternative fuels – Hydrogen – Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) – Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG). electronic fuel injection systems – Mono point and multi point types. 3. 4. Wheels and tyres – Construction – Type and specification – Type wear and causes. pollution and control – Indian emission standards. trouble shooting in brake system. dynamo.

Documentation. Performance Measure.Analysis Techniques for Quality Costs.S. Supplier Rating. Basic concepts of Total Quality Management. QFD Process. Employee Involvement – Motivation. Performance Measures – Basic Concepts. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 65 . Butterworth – Heinemann Ltd. Customer Complaints. 1989. “Total Quality Management. Supplier Partnership – Partnering. Total Quality Management. Strategy. PDSA Cycle. Zeiri. Leadership – Concepts. Teams. Implementation of Quality System.V. Strategic Planning. UNIT – II TQM PRINCIPLES Customer satisfaction – Customer Perception of Quality. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – Concept. UNIT – V QUALITY SYSTEMS Need for ISO 9000 and Other Quality Systems. Pearson Education Asia. Performance Appraisal..Evans & William M. Recognition and Reward. Feigenbaum. 1991. Quality costs . Relationship Development. Dimensions of Quality. Quality Council. Role of Senior Management.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2215702 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT UNIT. Total Quality Management – A system to implement. Kaizen. Quality Auditing. Continuous Process Improvement – Juran Trilogy. FMEA – Stages of FMEA.J. Process capability. 5S. The Management and Control of Quality.2006 REFERENCES: 1. Oakland. SouthWestern (5th Edition) 2002 2. 4. Statistical Fundamentals – Measures of central Tendency and Dispersion. 2004.Besterfiled et at. James R. Oxford. Dale H. McGraw-Hill. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) – House of Quality. Supplier Selection. Quality Statements. Service Quality. 5. Gana kiritharan. Principles of TQM. TEXT BOOK: 1. ISO 14000 – Concept. Normal Curve. sourcing. Empowerment. Deming Philosophy. Quality Planning. Benefits. Improvement Needs. “Total Quality Management for Engineers Wood Head Publishers. New seven Management tools. ISO 9000:2000 Quality System – Elements. Benchmarking Process. UNIT – IV TQM TOOLS Benchmarking – Reasons to Benchmark.A. Concept of six sigma. Requirements and Benefits.Lidsay. Barriers to TQM Implementation. 3. “Total Quality Management. Population and Sample. UBSPD. UNIT – III STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL (SPC) The seven tools of quality. Taguchi Quality Loss Function. 1991. Control Charts for variables and attributes. Benefits.I INTRODUCTION Definition of Quality. Historical Review. QS 9000. Customer Retention.

bleed off. Electrical control for FPCs. hoses and couplings. Fluid Power Theory and Applications .valves.pneumatic hydraulic circuits. direction control and flow control . piston pump. Types of Air compressors .lubricators . Design of circuits for specific applications .filters . electrical and limit switches.lift . Programmable logic control. Fluid power actuators. Anuradha Publications MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 66 . UNIT – V Pneumatic Systems Basic principles of pneumatic circuits .Prentice Hall.vehicle suspension systems.cushioning .hydraulic cranes and earth moving equipments. 5.regenerative .pneumatic actuators . linear and rotary .seals . 3. Fluid Power with applications .intensifier . 1980 Reference Books 1. 2.counter balance valve.flow requirement .servo valves and proportional control valves .cylinder mountings .valve actuation techniques – pressure. operation and characteristics of gear pump.Prentice Hall JAMES L JOHNSON.filters .hydraulic press automatic reciprocating system . vane pump.power pack design UNIT II Control system components and accessories Valves . Relief valve . Hydraulis and Pneumatics SHANTHAKUMAR S R. Fluid power system. TEXT BOOK 1. and ASHBY JOHN.J.selection criteria for specific applications .hydraulic press . pneumatic conditioners ..relative merits . UNIT IV Hydraulic circuit design Design of circuits and selection of components with specification for the following applications .non return valve for pressure control. Fluid power maintenance . ANTHONY ESPOSITO. Safety regulations as per BIS UNIT III Hydraulic Systems Fluid power symbols. PRINCHES M. selection of accumulators.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615703 FLUID POWER SYSTEMS UNIT I General Introduction Introduction to fluid power .metering out . hydraulic Circuits . variable displacement pump.Prentice Hall.merits and demerits over hydraulic systems.hydraulic or pneumatic systems for shapers .construction.control of pneumatic circuits . Introduction to Fluid power SRINIVASAN.air dryers. Introduction to pneumatic logic control .brake valve of fundamental principles of fluid power . 1980 SULLIVAN JAMES P. Temperature control in hydraulic circuits. 4.low cost automation.computation of force .regulators .mufflers . Power Hydraulics .

Threads. File Management .Parasolid. Surface Modeling. Ruled.Creating Assembly From Parts. Revolved.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615750 CAD LAB .IGES .Piston. Symbols . 2-D drawing: Orthographic Views. Isometric Views. Boolean Operation Assembly . Peck drilling.Dimensioning. Universal Joint.Pattern.Exercises . Sweep. Modify/Edit .Screw Jack. Note: Exposure to at least one popular 3D Modeling Software is essential. Step Turning. Automated drawing: Script. Circular interpolation(both CW & CCW). Grooving. Centroid . Title Block.Welding. ii) Part programming involving fixed or canned cycles : . Detailed Drawing. Line Motions. Bearing. Transformation. Pocket milling : Rectangular. Modify/Edit. 3D Drawing modeling : Part Modeling . Chamfering. Gears Model Analysis-Mass.PRT . Facing. Draft And Loft. Circular and Mirroring commands. Assembly Drawing. Taper Turning. CNC Lathe : i) Part programming for : .Turning. Bill Of Materials. ii) Part Programming using standard fixed cycles : .Tabulated. Tapping iii) Part programming using . lisp. Volume. 2-D Sectional Views.pattern. Gib And Cotter Joint. Radii Of Gyration. VRML.Knuckle Joint. Taper Turning. Facing.DXF . 615751 CAM LAB 1. Moment Of Inertias. Foot Step Bearing.Turning. And Edge Surfaces Advance Modeling 3D Helix.II CAD Lab: Introduction to computer aided drawing.SAT . Connecting Rod. Exercises.DWG . Boring. Conversion Of 3D Solid Modeling To 2D Drawing.Do loops. Circular Interpolation. Contour motions. 2. Cut. CNC Milling : i) Part programming for Point to point motions. Text.Drilling. macro. Knuckle Joint . Surface Finish. Sub Routines. Part Drawing. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 67 . Annotations. Thread Cutting. Couplings.Protrusion.

CO2.. Performance test on a four stroke diesel engine. Mechanical efficiency using negative horse power method. 3. HEAT TRANSFER LAB Thermal conductivity of insulating material. 7.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 615752 INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES LAB 1. 4. Stefan – Boltzman apparatus. NOX AND UBHC in petrol engines. (Loading devices. 6. Heat transfer by free and forced convection. Valve timing diagram of a four stroke engine. 5. Mechanical efficiency using retardation test. Study of effect of spark advance & load variation on CO. Port timing diagram of a two stroke engine. Performance on condensers and coolers. Performance characteristics of a multi-cylinder petrol engine Morse test. 3. Heat exchanger test parallel flow and counter flow. 8. Determination of econo0mic speed of an engine. electric (DC &AC) and eddy current) 615753 1. 11. 7. Emissivity measurement apparatus. Heat transfer from fins – natural and forced convection. 6. brake drum. Heat balance test on a multi-cylinder diesel engine. Heat transfer through composite walls. 2. Thermal conductivity by guarded hot plate method. hydraulic. Performance characteristics of a two stroke petrol engine. 9. 5. 10. Performance test on a multi cylinder diesel engine. 4. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 68 . 2. Performance characteristics of a four stroke single cylinder petrol engine. 9. 8.

Urethane dies .drills milling cutting and broaches .tool wear determination .lathe. assembly. broaching.measurement of cutting temperature UNIT .simple design. principles .drawing die design . Jig bushing . forming die design . angle plate turn over and pot jigs.chip control . Oxford and IBH Pub.H. 2.C. grinding. Tool Design. UNIT . clamping force analysis.principles . Central book agency. Metal Cutting principles-IBH.bend allowance .bending dies . bending pressure metal flow in drawing . Co. Principle of metal cutting. compound die. general consideration in jig design. Jigs and fixtures.composition . Shaw.metal forming – applications . types of jigs.types of fixtures -fixtures for machine tools .chip breakers cutting force measurement .I Theory of metal Cutting: Mechanics of Chip formation . inspection and welding fixtures .mechanical. 1982 4. Lecain add Goold.dynamometers and strain gauges . milling.theory of Merchant Lee and Schaffer – cutting force calculations . channel.principle of forging and extrusion dies . 3rd of single point and multipoint cutting tool .simple problems UNIT . Oxford MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 69 .simple problems. pneumatic and hydraulic actuation.IV Jigs and Fixtures: Locating and Clamping devices . Design of fixtures. Fundamentals of tool engineering design.influence of tool parameters on cutting forces .simple design of plate latch. Sen and Battacharya.Epoxy plastic tools construction methods of simple.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E01 PRODUCTION TOOLING DESIGN UNIT .III Die Design: Types – components of die .simple design UNIT V Alternative tooling materials : Plastics as tooling material .. TMH.tool life calculation . post. boring.. 1996 3.spring back.elements .effects of cutting fluid and types of cutting fluids . Grantt E L 5.selection . Donaldson. box. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. progressive.II Tool Design: Different tool materials .specific cutting energy shear angle .

shape of combustion chambers in SI and CI engines . Dhanpat Rai and Sons 6. 1988 2.V. crankshaft. UNIT V Applications: Diesel engine in different fields .P.theoretical and actual air / fuel ratio.combustion fuels principles of spark and compression ignition .R. A course in thermodynamics in heat engines C P Kothandaraman et al.Performance of 4 and 2 stroke engines .Functions of inlet and exhaust valves. Fuel oil reserves and saving methods-alternate fuel and bifuel operation in engines-free piston engines and wankel rotary engines.air movement in CI engines . connecting rod. lube oil pump.use of gaseous. industrial power plants and rail traction. Fundamentals of IC engines. cylinder liners. P. relative. TMH 1996 5. John Heywood. liquid and solid fuels . Mathur. McGraw Hill MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 70 .V. Internal Combustion engines. mechanical and thermal efficiency. Heldt. Smith and Zurich 3.ideal. Comparison of diesel. flywheel and main bearing .carburettor .effects and prevention in diesel and petrol engines.Automobile Agriculture. petrol engine for automobile. cylinder. cam shaft.L.charge stratification in SI engines.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E02 ADVANCED INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINEERING UNIT I Thermodynamics of Diesel Cycle . brake mean effective pressure and heat balance calculation and curves. Internal Combustion engines.. spark ignition system .inlet and exhaust manifold arrangements . load-speed characteristics of multicylinder engines UNIT IV Simple Component design of piston. Dhanpat Rai and Sons. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.composition of petrol and diesel fuels . Gill. Internal Combustion engines. piston rings. cylinder heads.R B and harma. McGraw Hill. torque. UNIT II Octane and Cetane number determination . High speed combustion engines. exhaust silencers. UNIT III Engine cooling and lubrication systems. Maleev. steam and gas turbines power plants.diesel fuel pump and injection system .M. 1994 4. Internal combustion engines.normal and abnormal combustion .carburetion . air filters. importance valve and port timing. Ganesan. Oxford and IBH 7. petrol fuel pump.

“Design methods” interscience 1970 4.Interpret raw data for Product development-Organize the needs into Hierarchy.Overview of the DFM methodology. Nibel B.E.W & Draper A. STVEN D EPPINGER” Product Design and development” 2.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E03 PRODUCT DESIGN UNIT I Introduction-New Product development.C.Manufacturing cost elements.Rapid Prototyping in Product Design REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Manufacturability in Product Design UNIT V Design for Manufacturing.Product Design specifications-Relation of materials selection to Design – Performance characteristics of Materials The materials selection process.Definition. KARL T.Technology development cycle.Product VarietyComponent standardization. Dieter G.Essential factors of Product design and development.Quality function deployment.Product development characteristics – Product development duration and cost of Product development – Different stages in Product Design – Process of Product development UNIT II Product development team structure. Engineering design McGraw Hill 1983 3. Jones J.Product Data management.P “ Product Design and Process engineering” McGraw Hill 1974 5. Harry Peck “ Design for Manufacturing” Sir Issac Pitman & sons Ltd1973 6. UNIT III Role of Customer in Product development-Gather raw data from Customers. ULRICH . UNIT IV Product Architecture.Product and Process cycles.Implications of Architecture.Reduction methods of component cost.methods.Modularization.Establish the relative importance of the customer needs .Product change. Gladman C.A “ Manual for manufacture Analysis of Engineering Design” MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 71 .

Cascade processes. Cryogenic Engineering. 1985. Mc Graw Hill. Inc. Insulation and Storage equipments for cryogenic fluids. gas purification. BARRON. Maxwell Dekker. Liquid level. Properties of Solids.Properties of cryogenic fluids-Oxygen. magnetic cooling.Mechanical. cold gas refrigerators.M.composition diagrams . Claude and cascaded systems.Joule Thomson Expansion. Helium. UNIT II Cryogenic refrigeration: Principle . FLYNN T.Principle of Rectification. UNIT V Cryogenic Instrumentation: Properties and characteristics of instrumentation. and Electrical-Super conductivity.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E04 CRYOGENIC ENGINEERING UNIT I Introduction: Cryogenic Engineering . Thermal. Expanders. Pressure. Cryogenic Engineering . Cryogenic Systems. 1997.air separation. Compressors. Density and temperature measurement in cryogenic range. 1985 2. Hydrogen. Linde-Hampson cycles. Neon Flourine. Argon. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 72 .gas separation . Ortho para hydrogen conversion. Flash Calculation Rectification column analysis . Nitrogen.Heat Exchangers.Van Nostrand Co. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. UNIT III Cryogenic requirements: Cryogenics. SCOOT. Mixture characteristics . RANDAL F. Stirling Cylce Cryocoders. Effect of various parameters in performance and system optimization. 3. Strain Displacement. flow. industrial storage and transfer of cryogenic fluids UNIT IV Gas Separation and purification : Ideal gas.

end effectors. 5. Engineering foundations of robotics. MIKELL P.characteristics and task point diagrams. spatial resolution-accuracy and repeatability of robots.machine visionintroduction. motion.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E05 ROBOTICS UNIT I Introduction to Robotics: RIA definition. Industrial robotics. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 73 . grippers. variables. 1999 2.lead and teach. frames.assembly. GROVER. Introduction to robotics.Cartesian-cylindrical-polar-jointed arm.kinematics and inverse kinematics.Harper and Row.Mc Millan .DELAY commands. task level languages. UNIT II Components of Robots: Linkages and joints of manipulators. 4. First and second generation languages. ARTHUR CRITCHLOW. wrist configuration.applications. 1987.rotations.motion interpolation WAIT-SIGNAL. MOHSEN SHAHINPOOR.rotation matrix.welding. A robotic engineering textbook. Introduction to robotics .Me Graw Hill 2nd edition. data objectsmotion commands. UNIT V Robot applications: Robot cell layouts. drive systems.roll-pitchyaw.transform equations. introduction to manipulators .end effecter and sensor commands.material handling. 1985.branching-capabilities and limitations. UNIT IV Robot programming: Methods of robot programming-online/offline. ISE. Robotics for engineers. work volume. explicit languages. lead and teach method robot program as a path in space.Me Graw Hill. sensors-sensor areas for robots-contact and non contact sensors.Justification-anatomyclassifation-applications.machining .changing descriptions from frame to frame. 1987 6. Mappings.constants. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. JOHN J CRIAG.degrees of freedom.Addison Wesley. feed back devices .history of robotics.hostile and remote environment.loading and unloading .structure .Addison Wesley. orientations. FRANCIS N. 1989 3. cell design and control robot cycle time analysis . configurations of and teachteach pendent. transformation of free vectors. UNIT III Introduction to Matrix formulations: Descriptions-positions. NAGY. YORAM KOREN. transformation arithmetic translations .

Condensing Units and Cooling Towers..Reciprocating Open & Hermetic type. Refrigerant Classification. R. " Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ".F. Air Distribution Patterns.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E06 REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING UNIT 1. Different Psychrometric process analysis.DX coil. PSYCHROMETRY: Moist air behaviour. Fan Characteristics in Duct Systems. Screw Compressors and Scroll Compressors -Construction and Operation characteristics. 3. John Wiley and Sons Inc. Global Warming Potential & Ozone Depleting Potential aspects. Designation. Evaporators . Wiley Eastern Ltd. AIR CONDITIONING: Summer and Winter Airconditioning. " Refrigeration & Air Conditioning " McGraw Hill Book Company. 1995. UNIT 3.Stocker and J. W. Thermodynamic analysis of the above. 2. Capillary Tube & Thermostatic Expansion Valves . Flooded type Chillers. CYCLING CONTROLS AND SYSTEM BALANCING: Pressure and Temperature controls. " Principles of Refrigeration ". MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 74 . UNIT 4.. UNIT 2.J. SYSTEM COMPONENTS: Refrigerant Compressors .Dossat.Expansion devices -Automatic Expansion Valves. REFRIGERATION CYCLES & REFRIGERANTS: Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle-Simple saturated vapour compression Refrigeration cycle. 1985. Equal Friction Method. Dynamic and Frictional Losses in Air Ducts. UNIT 5.Selection and balancing of system components . Psychrometric chart. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. 1989. Range and Differential settings .W. Alternate Refrigerants. Cooling Load Calculations. Manohar Prasad.Jones..Graphical method.

Equilibrium constant for gaseous mixtures. heating value of fuels. chain reactions.B. Adiabatic combustion temperature. John Wiley & Sons. Sharma and Chandramohan. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 75 . 5. UNIT 2. exhaust gas composition. criterion for chemical equilibrium. chemical availability UNIT 3. Theoretical air.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E07 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING UNIT 1. " Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals ". 1984. 3. COMBUSTION OF FUELS Combustion equations.. Collection theory. Premixed and Diffusion flames. J. 6. Flammability and Ignition. Orient Longman.K. Flame stabilization in open burners. ENGINE COMBUSTION Combustion in SI and CI engines. 1984. Normal combustion and Abnormal combustion. Third Edition. McGraw Hill Book Company. excess air.Kuo. " An Introduction to Combustion ". Evaluation of equilibrium composition. 2. Irwin Glassman. Samir Sarkar. Quenching. Tata McGraw Hill Book Co. K. Heywood.. Factors affecting burning velocity. 1988. 1984. activated complex theory. FLAMES Laminar and Turbulent flames. " Combustion ". Airfuel ratio from exhaust gas composition. Control of emissions REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. stages of combustion in SI and CI engines. " Fuels and Combustion ". Second law analysis of reacting systems. 1996. Academic Press. Emissions from premixed combustion. " Principles of Combustion ". Burning velocity and its determination. Mc Graw Hill Book Co. THERMODYNAMICS OF COMBUSTION Thermo-chemistry. Reaction order and molecularity complex reactions. Arrhenius rate equation. " Fuels and Combustion ". air fuel ratio. Stephen R. S. 1996.P. equivalence ratio. First law analysis of reacting systems. Emission from Non-premixed combustion. Turns. 4. KINETICS OF COMBUSTION Rates of reaction. Explosive and general oxidative characteristics of fuels UNIT 4. UNIT 5.

definition of composite materials . MATERIALS Fibers . New York. F.K. " Principles of Composite Material Mechanics ". MECHANICS AND PERFORMANCE Introduction to micro-mechanics-unidirectional lamina .fatigue properties .enviromental effects damage examples. " Stress Analysis of Fiber .interlaminar stresses static mechanical properties . UNIT 4. 1988. New York. UNIT 2. Monal Deklar Inc. UNIT 5. MANUFACTURING Fundamentals . Engineering and Sciences ".Materials .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E08 COMPOSITE MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY UNIT 1. 1980.Reinforced Composite Materials ". 3.Rawlings. INTRODUCTION Limitations of conventional materials .other manufacturing process. 2.bag moulding .L. Optimization of laminated composites.J.impact properties . UNIT 3. Tata McGraw Hill.joint design . . Tata McGraw Hill. 4. 5. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 76 . John Wiley and Sons. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. London. 1994. DESIGN Failure predictions .Mallicak. Chapman & hall. Ronald Gibson. " Fiber-reinforced composites ". Micael hyer.laminates ..D.Fibber reinforced plastics .types and characteristics .design considerations .applications.Broutman.D. " Composite Materials.compression moulding pultrusion-filament winding .Coupling agents. 1994. " Analysis and Performance of Fiber Composites ". Agarwal and L. failure modes.thermoset polymers . P. fillers and additives . B.Metal Matrix and Ceramic composites.Matthews & R.

2. UNIT III WASTE HEAT RECOVERY Introduction . www.Performance calculations. UNIT IV WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. Sengupta Subrata. De Nevers. Sizing of waste heat boilers .cogen.jenbacher. Websites: 1. Part load characteristics selection of Cogeneration Technologies – Financial considerations . Paper Mill etc. APPLICATIONS & TECHNOECONOMICS Design of waste heat recovery system – Heat exchanger – Theory and Design. Thermodynamics and Economics.sources of Waste Heat recovery . Waste Heat Utilization and Management. Hemisphere. 4.Heat and Power. http ://www. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 77 . Chapman & Hall Publishers.. Horlock JH. London. Cogeneration.energypubs.sicom.Butler. 5. Air Polllution Control Engineering.Heat engines and other Power Plants –Heat pump for waste heat recovery. 1983.1987. McGraw Hill Book Co. 3. New York. Noel. http ://www. www.Principles of Thermodynamics . Sugar Mill. Institute of Fuel. Washington.1995. Waste Heat 3.Advantages of Cogeneration Technology UNIT II APPLICATION & TECHNO ECONOMICS OF COGENERATION Cogeneration Application in various industries like Cement. 1963.Pollution. McGrawHill. organic fluid systems – analysis & Design UNIT V ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS Environmental considerations for cogeneration and waste heat recovery .Combined Cycles-Topping -Bottoming Organic Rankine Cycles .com 4. Charles H.Operation and Investments Costs of Cogeneration.Principles of Thermodynamics and Second Law . London. Oxford.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E09 COGENERATION AND WASTE HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEMS UNIT I COGENERATION Introduction . Cogeneration .. Lee SS EDS.

portable extinguishers.Accident reporting and investigation.Wiley Eastern . deluge and emulsifier . Industrial fire protection systems . Principles of explosion.definition .Objective . Jib cranes.Primary and secondary treatment methods.S.scrubber .GUPTA RS 6. clamps. UNIT III Fire and Explosion control: Fire chemistry. industrial hoists . escalators and lifts. study of pollution control in a thermal power plant.Maintenance . dynamics of fire behavior . Health and Pollution Laws and standards. laws on effluent treatment.O.Functions. chains.Foam system. UNIT IV Pollution and Its Control: Air Pollution .control of air pollution gravitational setting . slings.effluent quality .Orient Longman . automobile exhaust. statutory provision for guarding various workshop machine tools. Personal protective equipments. Safety in the use of hand and portable tools .T. Workman compensation Act and rules.electrostatic precipitation bag filters . Relevant Indian Acts and rules 4.CO2 system .sampling and analysis of waste water . National safety Council of Chicago.Selection Inspection . principles of accident causation . Derrick cranes. safety and productivity.Ropes.Importance . Hand book of FIR technology . Mobile cranes. safety education and training .DCP system. detonation and blast waves.E. advanced water treatment methods . material and eco system . Selection.Standard.ALEXANDROV .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E10 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY AND POLLUTION CONTROL UNIT I Accident Prevention: Basic philosophy of accident prevention.concentration sources effect on human. hooks. UNIT V Statuary laws on safety and pollution : Salient features of factories act and rules. Environmental Pollution Control Engineering .Safe usage. RONALD P BLAKE .Mir Publications MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 78 .Sprinkler hydrants. cranes.Organization . explosion methods.Fire spread Toxicity by combustion products. Industrial Safety. Safety. smoke / venting. explosion venting. standpipe. safety .Cost of accident .classification .Water pollution . Accident prevention manual for industrial operation 3. safety policy. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Types .cyclone separator . 5. UNIT II Safety Aspects in the use of Machines and in Material Handling: Machine guarding Principles and ergonomics of machine guarding. Material Handling Equipment .RAO C. maintenance and testing of material handling equipments .Prentice Hall of India 2.

Br. UNIT – V Other Methods of NDT Eddy current testing-Principles and procedures-Instruments used and interpretation of readings-Acoustic emission testing-Principles and procedures-Instruments used and interpretation of readings-Non-industrial and other applications of NDT. SILK M. Metals Handbook-Volume 11. 1998. BARRY HULL and VENON JOHN. KNUD BOVING. 4. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 79 . Non-Destructive Testing. Institute of NDT. Non-Destructive Testing. ASME 1976. 2. RERERENCE BOOKS: 1. NDT Ultrasonic Transducers. Non-Destructive Testing Handbook-Jaico Publications. 3. ELBS. UNIT – IV Ultrasonic Testing Production of sound waves-Use of Transducers-Types of wave motion-Types of probesTransmission and reflection techniques-Detection and interpretation of different typesDefects-Thickness measurement.G. UNIT – III Radiographic Testing Production of X-rays-Types of radiation-Interaction of X-rays with matter-Absorption of Xrays-Gamma rays-Sources of gamma rays-Radioactive decay-Artificial radio activity-Image formation-Sharpness and contrast and effects of various factors on them-Quality of filmUse of penetrometer and metal intensifying screens-Study and interpretation of radiographs-Safety precautions.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E11 NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING & EVALUATION UNIT – I Principles and Importance of NDT Basic concepts of NDT-Its principles and significance in boiler and pressure vessel manufacture-Types of structures and defects for analysis-Code requirements-Quality control and inspection procedures in industrial practice UNIT – II Basic Crack Detection Methods Dye penetrant testing-Materials and specifications-Developers-Testing Procedure-Process capability and accuracy-Magnetic particle testing-Principles-Types of equipment-MaterialsPrinciples-Testing procedure-Process capability and accuracy.. 1998.

L and Emert G.I : BIOMASS CHARACTERISTICS & PREPARATION: Biomass sources and classification. 5.partial Gasification of Bio-mass By circulating fluidized bed. Design and operation of fixed and fluidized bed Gasifiers. O. Venkata Ramana P and Srinivas S. Storage and handling of biomass. Cogeneration in biomass processing industries. Kinetics and mechanism.and Mahdi(SS).P. 3.C. Effect of particle size. Ann Arbor Since Publ. “Bio-Gas Tecnology”. ISBN –81-224-0947-4. Khandelwal. Energy plantations . 1985. Oxford & IBH publishing Co. Case studies: Combustion of rice husk. UNIT . Inc. Biomass processing for liquid fuel production. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. “Advances in Bio-gas Technology” I.Ltd . UNIT .R. 1989. 1970. Combustion of woody biomass-theory calculations and design of equipment. Klass D.V COMBUSTION OF BIOMASS AND COGENERATIONS SYSTEMS. Briquetting of loose biomass. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 80 . Use of bagasse for cogeneration. 4. Co.. Tata Energy Research Institute. UNIT . UNIT . Chemical composition and properties of biomass. 1986.M. “Biotechnology and Alternative Technologies for Utilisation of Biomass or Agricultural Wastes”. Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Michigan. 6. temperature. temperature and introducing. animal residues-sugar rich materials. steam and oxygen.II : BIOGAS TECHNOLOGY Feedstock for producing biogas. New Age International publishers (P) Ltd.C. K. Microbial and biochemical aspects and operating parameters for biogas production.Partial gasification of biomass by CFB. Drying. 2. Incineration for safe disposal of hazardous waste. “Biogas Systems: Principles and Applications”.N. Safety aspects. Dry and wet fermentation. Size reduction. “Biomass Energy Systems”. New Delhi. Digesters for rural application-High rate digesters for industrial waster water treatment.. 1996.III PYROLYSIS AND THERMO CHEMICAL CONVERSION Thermo chemical conversion of lignocelluloses biomass. 1996.Chawls . Preparation of biomass.M.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E12 BIO-ENERGY CONVERSION TECHNOLOGIES UNIT . Mital K.ISBN 81-85419-25-6.IV GASIFICATION OF BIOMASS Thermo chemical Principles: Effect of pressure.A. and products obtained. Aqueous wastes containing biodegradable organic matter.” Fuels from Biomass and Wastes”. Pyrolysis of biomasspyrolysis regime. Chakravarthy A.

UNIT – II Ultrasonic Machining Ultrasonic Machining-Process principle-Equipment-power supply-Transducer-Tool headers. USA. UNIT – III Electrochemical Machining Chemical Machining and Electrochemical Machining-Process principle-EquipmentElectrolytes-ECM tools-Process parameters.applications. capabilities and applications. marking. HMT. capabilities and applications-Electrochemical grinding and electrochemical discharge grinding. Ultrasonic welding.Equipment and applications-Ion beam machining. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 81 .Process principle-Equipment-power supply-Dielectric system-Electrodes-Servo system. frequency. abrasives-Process parameters. abrasive jet machining. Production Technology-Tata McGraw Hill. Laser Processing-Process principles-Equipment-Solid state lasers. 3. 1990 GARY BENEDICT. ASTME. Non-Traditional Manufacturing Processes-Marcel Dekker.applications.capabilities and applications. 2.water jet machining.principle -Equipmentcapabilities and applications.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E13 NON-TRADITIONAL MACHINING TECHNIQUES UNIT – I Introduction Principles of non-traditional machining techniques-Classification based on energy sourceTransfer media and Mechanism. Non-Traditional Machining Processes. 4. PANDEY and SHAH.Process principle-Equipment-power supply-Transducer-Coupling and clamping systems-Power clamping force. capabilities and applications. heat treating and cladding-Plasma arc machining. tools. 1971. Modern Machining Processes-Tata McGraw Hill.Electrical discharge wire cutting-Process principlesEquipment-Power supply-Positioning system-Servo drive system-Power supply-Dielectric system UNIT – V Other Machining Processes Electron beam Machining.principle -Equipment-Electron beam gun-Power supplyMachining systems. UNIT – IV Electrical Discharge Machining Electrical discharge machining. Welding time. abrasive flow machining-Equipment. cutting. 1987. welding.principle-Equipment-Process parameters. gas lasersApplications-Drilling. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.

performance analysis.Tata MC Graw Hill.Delaware method. wick . testing . 1997 3.pore size. Evaporators for refrigeration and air conditioning . condenser for refrigeration .structures . pressure drop and heat transfer calculations . std types UNIT V Cooling Towers : Cooling towers-types . Heat Exchangers . HOLGER MARTIN. Heat Exchangers .thermal analysis Shah.heat balance &heat transfer characteristic. London.baffles types and geometry. evaporative condensers .plate pack and frame . London. SADIK KAKAC & HONGTAN LIN.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E14 DESIGN OF HEAT TRANSFER EQUIPMENT UNIT I Double pipe heat exchangers and heat pipes: Heat pipes .Hemisphere publishing Corporation. UNIT III Compact Heat Exchangers and Gasketted plate Heat Exchangers: Compact heat exchangers . Heat Exchanger.performance characteristics .types . effect of packing .shell and tube sides . fans . air cooled and direct contact types.selection of material .basic relations .constructional features . Industrial Heat Exhchangers . Kandhakar and Ghngor & Wintertom correlations. selection of pumps. Design procedure .plate exchangers .constructional features. maintenance .D.air coolers .MC Graw Hill. Process Heat transfer . comparison with other type of heat exchangers .flow arrangement heat transfer and pressure drop calculation. 1997 4. spray design. Design . 1998 2. WALKER.Kern methods .Bell . ARTHUR P FRAAS. Gasketted . UNIT II Shell and tube Heat Exchangers: Basic components . 1992 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 82 .John Wiley & Sons.horizontal and vertical type design and operation consideration . environmental effect wind loads .tube bundles . typical installations . UNIT IV Condensers and Evaporators : Shell and tube condensers .geometry. 1997 5.effects of working fluid and operating temperature.CRC Press.operation characteristic .preliminary estimation of size. plate condensers . heat transfer and pressure drop calculation finned plate and . KERN . REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.applications basic relations .chillers .

Directivity.enclosures barriers. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. . duct noise. acoustics of walls.S & GUPTA K. ASHOK KUMAR MALIK. sound absorbing materials. mufflers.experimental comparison of various methods UNIT IV Vibration Monitoring: Experimental Methods in vibration analysis . vibration isolation. numerical methods .damped ..Economics and applications. TIMSOHENKO. analyzers. condition .H & WEAVER W.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E15 VIBRATION AND NOISE CONTROL UNIT I Single and two degrees of freedom vibration: Review of single degree of freedom systems .John Wesley & Sons.. 2. estimation of noise source. Roorkers(U.Dhanpat Rai & sons.levels and decibels . KEWAL . analytical development balancing .RUJARA.John Wiley. J.DARLOW. Vibration problems in engineering.Vibration absorbers Undamped and Damped.Nemchand studies. 1993. influence coefficient balancing.Eigen Value Problem . Mechanical Vibrations . YOUNG D. vibration monitoring and analysis .Linear and Torsional vibrations. Two degrees of freedom system systems . modal analysis. seismometer. Fourth Edition.. advantages and limitations of modal balancing. UNIT V Noise Control : Sound wave characteristics.analytical development balancing procedure .Springer Verlog.K.close coupled and far coupled systems . UNIT II Multi degree Freedom vibrations: Multi degree vibration systems .P) 1989.analytical development .Orthogonality of mode shapes. accelerometer. forced vibration modal analysis. Source of noise. measurement devices.rigid and flexible rotor balancing . MARK S.. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 83 .forced vibration . unified balancing approach . Theory & practice of Mechanical vibrations . 5. New York 1967. GROVER G.Vibration exiters. analyzers. 6. 4. S. Balancing of High Speed Machinery. RAO.application to balancing. Vibrations and noise for engineers. measurement devices. Principles of vibration control.Affiliated East West press. condition based maintenance of vibration .procedure advantages and limitations. Raleigh & Holzer methods UNIT III Balancing: Rotor Balancing methods ..Dunkerley. 3.

UNIT IV Hydrodynamic lubrication: Solution of Reynold’s Equation .Dynamic bearing and rotor systems .Mc Graw Hill Inc. Factor’s affecting viscosity.Variables of boundary friction .Phosphating of metal surface. corrosive wear.K.Sources of measurement of friction UNIT II Wear: Wear .Solid and liquid . Friction and wear of Engineering Materials .Force feed of oil flow with various types of grooves .Brief discussion. BHARATH BUSHSAN & B.Hydrostatic squeeze films.John Wiley and Sons. UNIT V Lubricants and Maintenance: Lubricants . 1986 6.sliding friction .Basic Principles .viscosity measurement.H.Hydrostatic lift. 4.Adhesive wear.Theory of molecular attraction . NCALC.brief discussion Elastohydrodynamic lubrication .Topography of Surfaces . NEWNCS. DUDLEY D. Tribology.Petroff’s equation .Present concept of friction .Edward Arnold.Design Problems .A. Principle of Hydrostatic lubrication . brittle fracture wear . Hand book of Tribology .Different type of compensation and their effect on bearing. Theory and practice of Lubrication for Engineers . Basic Lubrication Theory . 1987 5.. CAMARON A. GUPTA. parameters .Predictive maintenance .wear measurement UNIT III Viscosity and Flow: Fundamentals of viscosity and flow .Energy dissipation .Types .Boundary Friction Oiliness .Instrumentation REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.variables in dry friction . HUTCHINGS M. 1975 3.Application to tilt pad thrust bearing .Mechanisms . 1991 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 84 . London.friction torque .Reclamation of lubricants . simple problems .design of hydrodynamic journal bearings .Fretting corrosion and prevention .factors affecting wear .Testing .friction characteristics of metals and non metals rolling friction . Introduction of Tribology and bearings . 1984. Tribology Hand Book Butterworths. MAJUNDAR. FULLER.surface treatment . Teflon Coating .Multi-recess bearing .Types .Properties Additives .Signature analysis and Condition monitoring .contact between surfaces . fatigue wear. 1992 2.Wiley Eastern Ltd.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E16 INDUSTRIAL TRIBOLOGY (Approved hand book may be used in the Examination) UNIT I Dry Friction: Dry Friction . Wheeler Co.Hydrostatic step bearing .delamination .

Types. Parker. www. risk assessment.Furnace Type & Design. Sundaresan BB. 2.. high solids anaerobic digestion.wmrc.. Methods & Siting Consideration . Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries. Integrated Solid Waste managementEngg. other biological transformation processes. Anaerobic digestion. Gasification systems. Properties of Solid Waste . Narosa Publishing House. Prentice Hall. Gerald et. Chemical transformation processes.Hazardous Waste Control .al. Shah. Chemical and Biological Property . 1985 3. energy recovery systems. Underground Storage Tanks Construction. 1997 5. Environment control systems.volund. Hazardous Waste Management Technology. Basics of Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Technology. UNIT V ENERGY GENERATION FROM WASTE Thermal conversion Technologies – Pyrolysis systems. H. 1987 6. George Tchobanoglous.Municipal Solid Waste . Podvan Publishers.iswa..Measures of Mitigate Environmental Effects due to Incineration UNIT III WASTE DISPOSAL Land Fill Method of Solid Waste Disposal . INSDOC New Delhi. Combustion systems.uiuc. 4. Bhide AD. Principles and management issues – McGraw Hill.Impact on Environment .Land Fill 4. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. Biological & chemical conversion technologies – Aerobic 3.Physical. Movement and Control of Landfill Leachate & Gases – Environmental Monitoring System for Land Fill Gases. 2. Compositions. Waste Disposal in Engineered Landfills. http://www.Transfer Stations – Waste Minimization and Recycling of Municipal Waste UNIT II WASTE TREATMENT Size Reduction .Environmental Impacts .edu MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 85 .bical. Installation & Closure. low solids. London. Energy production from biological conversion products. Waste landfill Remediation UNIT IV HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT Definition & Identification of Hazardous Waste . Colin. Kanti L.Sources. & Roberts.Aerobic Composting .An Evaluation of Conversion Technologies.Disposal of Hazardous Waste. http://www. Medical/ Pharmaceutical Waste Incineration .Composition. S. 1993.Incineration .generation.Layout & Preliminary Design of Land Fills . Characteristics. Manoj Datta. Rich. Types. http://www.Sources and Nature of Hazardous Waste . Remediaiton. Energy from Waste . Elsevier Applied Science. Websites: 1. 1983.Minimization and Recycling -Assessment of Hazardous Waste Sites .Collection .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E17 SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT UNIT I SOLID WASTE Definitions .

PUTNAM. PALMER. UNIT IV Solar collectors Measurement of diffused . diffused radiation – emperical equations – computation of radiation on inclined surfaces – solar charts. forces on blades . solar collectors – flat plates and concentrating collectors. LE COURIERS D. Solar energy – Fundamentals and application – H. RAI. 2.EGGLESTON and S. nergy storage – applications. 1982.. site selection.D. UNIT V Solar Energy Storage and Application: Solar energy storage systems . generating systems . 4. Khanna publications. UNIT II Wind machines Types of wind machines . thermo electric conversion. 1999. performance. 4th Edn. STODDARD Van Noustrand . Van Noustrand.PRAKASH 3. Power from wind. C. Wind energy conversion system – classification : Advantages and Disadvantages.. variations basic earth sun angles. selective absorber constants .. UNIT III Solar energy Solar radiation and its measurement. solar time and equation of time. 5.1987. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 86 . Theory and design. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. industrial process heat . Permagon press.GARG and J. global and direct solar radiation. solar heating and cooling. analysis of aerodynamic forces acting on blade. Non conventional sources of energy . Wind data and energy estimation . solar pond. solar radiation at earth surface. Principles of wind energy conversion – nature and power in the wind . solar photovotaic. G. DAVID M.1984. desalination. comparison of collectors.P. Wind power plants. spectral distribution of extra terrestrial radiation.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E18 WIND AND SOLAR ENERGY UNIT I Wind energy Introduction : Scope of wind power potential in India. Wind turbine Engineering designing.

RAY D.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E19 ENERGY ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT UNIT I Energy and Environment Energy Resources World energy consumption. MURPHY W. energy conservation in thermal systems. energy surveying & auditing . non conventional energy source schemes. REDDY & ROBERT H. RAIKHY P.optimal target investment schedule .energy index cost . 1990 3. AMULYA K.1993 2. Energy for a sustainable world .cost appraisal and profitability .computerized energy management UNIT V Economics and Finance Costing and cost optimization techniques .energy management information systems .energy resource management . Energy Management . buildings. UNIT III Energy Technologies Energy consumptions in boilers and furnaces . energy prices and policies. PAUL W. global warming..R.O.waste heat recovery systems . engineering & process industries. JOSE GOLDEMBERRY. green house effect. THOMAS B JOHANSON. UNIT II Energy Conservation Energy conservation scheme. Energy Consumption in India .Permagon Press. scope for conservation. and PARAMINDER SINGH.heat exchangers UNIT IV Energy Management Principles of energy management . 1990 4.Wiley Eastern Ltd. storage systems .Instrumentation and measurement .Butter Worths.Mc Graw Hill book company. WILLIAMS.needs and cost benefits of energy resources. 1980 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 87 .Deep and Deep Publications. New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. Industrial Energy conservation . 1982 5.S. energy use patterns.cost cost .heat pumps and refrigerators. CALLAGHAN. London.A. Energy Management .

CENTRIFUGAL AND DIECASTING: Types of Cetrifugal processes . CONTINOUS CASTING CO2 SAND PROCESS AND FULL MOULD PROCESSES Reciprocating continous mould process .Use of steel. R. Higgins.Applications.Need for special casting process -applications. 2. 1992.Mercast and shaw process -Application. 1994. INTRODUCTION: Introduction to sand casting . brass material in continuous casting.Machines .Process parameters charateristics of shell mould castings . CO2 mould / core hardening process . aluminium. Other special process like squeeze casting and electro slag casting processes. " Foundry technology ". 3.Jain. 5. " Engineering Metallurgy ". resin and other materials . 4.A.II.APPLICATIONS.principles Full mould process . REFERENCE BOOKS : 1.Conventional mould and Core making . INVESTMENT CASTING: Process . 2. SHELL MOULDING: Process .Sand. P.Block mould and ceramic shell mould . Vol.Equipment Application.Pattern and mould materials .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E20 SPECIAL CASTING PROCESSES 1.Pattern .'D' Process .Direct chill process . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 88 .calculation of rotating speed of the mould ..L.

scaling model to phototype stresses – materials UNIT 5. Perry and Lissiener.separation methods .recording instruments . Durelli.materials and applications . REFERENCE BOOKS : 1..Stress equations of Equilibrium .its relations experimental determination . Kogakusha Ltd. UNIT 2.strain gauge circuits . int. McGraw Hill. 1972. STRAIN MEASUREMENT Strain .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E21 EXPERIMENTAL STRESS ANALYSIS UNIT 1.F.out of plane measurements experimental procedure. BRITTLE COATING TECHNIQUE Coating stresses and strains . STRESS Stress at a point .sensitivity . " Experimental mechanics ". PHOTOELASTICITY METHODS Temporary double refraction . Student Edition McGraw Hill. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 89 . 4.Riley. Dove Adams. 3. " Strain Gauge Primer ". Experimental Stress Analysis. 1965. W.Laws of stress transformation Principal stresses – Maximum Shear stress .properties of strain Gauge systems Electrical resistance strain gauges .effects of stressed model in a plane polariscope fringe multiplication .stress optic law . 2. UNIT 4. MOIRE METHODS Mechanism of formation of Moire fringe . 1992.isochromatic fringe patterns . UNIT 3.geometrical approach to Moire fringe analysis displacement field approach to Moire fringe analysis . Photomechanics Prentice Hall. 1992. James Dalley.Dimensional state of stress.isoclinic fringe pattern compensation techniques – calibration methods .analysis of strain gauge data.effect of thickness stress separation. McGraw Hill.

1983. "Engineering Design.A Systematic Approach" . 1974. Harry Peck.E. development of modular design. Bralla. Sports M. michigan. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. assembly with gasket. functional gauges. designer's tool kit. McGraw Hill Publications.F. designer's tool kit. Industrial Press Inc. geometric tolerance. Value Analysis. " Design for Economic Production ". UNIT 5. applying probability to tolerences. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 90 . use of welding symbols. 1987. 1967 5. Preparation of process drawings for different operations.Blackie & Son Ltd. paper layout gauging.2nd edition. design axioms. examples. UNIT 2. review of relationship between attainable tolerence grades and difference machining processes... James G. London. grouped datum systems -different types. manufacturing process rules. GEOMETRIC ANALYSIS Process capability. . Analysis of tapers. UNIT 4. Pitman Publications. surface finish. 4. geometric analysis and applications-design features to facilitate automated assembly. tolerance. New York Publications. Trucks H. redesigning cast members using weldments. Oliver R. minimum part assessment taquchi method.. control of axial play. robustness assessment. ease of fabrication. 6. failure mode effective analysis. deciding the number of groups. multi-use. MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY Selective assembly. Prentice Hall Inc. Wade. 3. " Tolerance Control in Design and Manufacturing ". "Designing for Manufacture ". Society of Manufacturing Engineers. screw threads. minimising core requirements.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E22 DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURE UNIT 1. worksheets and centrality analysis. design of parts to be multi-functional. Matousek. Operation sequence for typical shaft type of components. zero true position tolerance.. design for assembly and evaluation. FORM DESIGN OF CASTINGS AND WELDMENTS Redesign of castings based on parting line considerations. examples. projected tolerance zone. " Hand Book of Product Design for Manufacturing ". Computer Aided group Technology. Design for minimum number of parts. minimising part variations. floating and fixed fasteners. examples. Poka Yoka principles.1983. 1983. DFMN APPROACH AND PROCESS Methodologies and tools. " Dimensioning and Tolerance for Quantity Production ". feature tolerance. UNIT 3. 2.. TRUE POSITION THEORY Virtual size concept. Computer Aided group process rules.

T. 4. Muralidhar. 6.variational formulation-Method of weighted residuals -Control volume –Formulation..Gradient term and continuity equation . T..SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME E23 COMPUTATIONAL FLUID FLOW AND HEAT TRANSFER UNIT 1. Springer-Verlag. K and Sundarajan .incompressible flow -Simulation by FEM. P.S. REFERENCE BOOKS : 1. C. New Delhi.Staggered grid Momentum equations -Pressure and velocity corrections – Pressure. " Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer ". 1997. New Delhi. Springer-Verlag. 1987. TURBULENCE MODELS -ALGEBRAIC MODELS One equation Model . Bose.Taylor Series formulation . Ghoshdastidar. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 91 . 5. Fletcher.High and Low Reynolds number models Reynolds stress models ..Narosa Publishing House. 1995. UNIT 5. " Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics " 2" Specific Techniques Different Flow Categories.A.J.. C. " Computer Simulation of flow and heat transfer ". Muralidhar. CALCULATION OF FLOW FIELD Representation of the pressure. CONVECTION AND DIFFUSION Steady state one-dimensional conduction .A.Discretization equations for two dimensional convection and diffusion. UNIT 3. 3. 1998. 2. GOVERNING DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Conservation of chemical species -the energy equation . UNIT 2. " Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics "1" Fundamental and General Techniques. K and Biswas " Advanced Engineering Fluid Mechanics ".Prediction of fluid flow and heat Transfer using Standard codes. . Narosa publishing House. UNIT 4. Fletches. Narosa Publishing House.Correction equation.Turbulence -Kinetic -Energy Equations -The General Differential Equation -Nature of Coordinates-Independent variables-Choice of Coordinates-One way and Two-way Co-ordinates. Introduction to Finite Element method -Solution of Steady state heat conduction by FEM . HEAT CONDUCTION.K.Methods of Deriving the Discretization Equations .J. 1987..two and three dimensional conduction -Steady state one-dimensional convection and Diffusion . DISCRETIZATION METHODS Nature of numerical methods . Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd.Momentum equation -Time -Averaged equations for Turbulent flow ..Two equation models . 1996. " Numerical Fluid Dynamics ".

Prototype Tooling – Engineering Pilot .Waving principles. 4. 1995.Need for speed design to market operations UNIT II: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT 10H State of the technology . University of Warwick. R and Olling.Advantages and limitations Sterolithography – Working principle .Working principles .Case studies.Detail design . 1995.Applications. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Development .W.Part orientation and support STL format – Slicing . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 92 . 1995.Conceptual design .R " The Lithographic Handbook".Limitations UNIT III: CAD PROCESSES 8H Data requirements .Advantages and limitations Fused deposition modeling . UNIT IV: RAPID PROTOTYPING SYSTEMS 10H Selective laser sintering . Soenen. 1995. " Rapid Prototyping and Manufacture Fundamentals of Stereolithography ".Post processing.Solid modeling . Narosa Publishing house. Paul F.Data representation .Direct shell production casting . UK. applications . "Advanced CAD / CAM Systems ". Rapid News. UNIT – V: OTHER SYSTEMS 10H Laminated object modeling . Narosa Publishing house.Overview of existing technologies of proto typing and tooling .Applications. 2.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E01 UNIT – I: INTRODUCTION 7H RAPID PROTOTYPING Basic Concept . 3. Duvvent. Jacobs. advantages and limitations .

Fu. R. Artificial intelligence-Basics-Goals of artificial Intelligence-AI techniques-problems representation in AI-Problem reduction and solution techniques-Application of AI and KBES in robots REFERENCE BOOKS 1.McGraw Hill.Sensing..Groover.Motion interpolation. Deb.Nagel.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E02 INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS AND EXPERT SYSTEMS UNIT – I: INTRODUCTION AND ROBOTIC KINEMATICS 10H Definition need and scope of industrial robots-Robot anatomy-work volume-Precision movement-End effectors-sensors. K.1986 7. Robotics control..P.Motors-designing of end effectorsVacuum.Vision and intelligence".MIR Publishers Moscow.Roger.Nicholas G."Robotics Technology and Flexible Automation".Thomas."Industrial Robotics".Robotic vision system-Image Gripping-Image processing and analysis-Image segmentation-Pattern recognition-Training of vision system UNIT-IV: ROBOT CELL DESIGN AND APPLICATION 9H Robot work cell design and control-Safety in Robotics-Robot cell layouts-Multiple robots and machine interference-Robot cycle time analysis-Industrial applications of robots UNIT-V: ROBOT PROGRAMMING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND EXPERT SYSTEMS 9H Methods of robot programming-characteristics of task level languages lead through programming methods.Programming and Applications".Robot kinematics-Direct and inverse kinematics-Robot trajectories-Control of robot manipulators-Robot dynamics-Methods for orientation and location of objects.Prentice Hall of India Pvt.Int.electric drives. UNIT –II: ROBOT DRIVES AND CONTROL 9H Controlling the robot motion-Position and velocity sensing devices-Design of drive systems-Hydraulic and Pneumatic drives-Linear and rotary actuators and contol valvesElectro hydraulic servo valves.TMH.. Mikell.1987 2.. Richard.N. Technology.NewYork. Lee.1994 5.magnetic and air operated grippers UNIT-III: ROBOT SENSORS 9H Transducers and sensors-Sensors in robot-Tactile sensor-Proximity and range sensorsSensing joint forces. Timothy Jordonides etal.G.D.Mitchell Weis.Machine Negin "Robotics Engineering-An Intergrated Approach". 3.May 1991.McGraw Hill.Odrey" Industrial Robotics 6. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 93 .R.Klafter.SpringerVerlag.S.Chmielewski.S. Ltd.S."Expert Systems and Robotics". Kozyrey.1985. 1984 4.Yu..CGonzalez and C.A.

"Schaum's Outline of Finite Element Analysis". John Wiley.N. Use of software . Mc Graw Hill. quadrilateral. UNIT – IV: SOLUTION TO PLANE ELASTICITY PROBLEMS 9H Introduction to Theory of Elasticity .Iso-parametric Elements .Application to Solid mechanics. higher order elements – Poissons and Laplace Equations . Beam Elements .rectangular elements .special element formulation.J.Principle of virtual work .Ritz Method . "Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis" . John & Sons.Finite Element Modeling .h & p elements . 1989. 1994.1999.Weak Formulation . Segerlind L. George R Buchanan.Element Equations . 4.Elements Matrices and Vectors .Plane Stress .Free Vibration analysis . 1997.Natural frequencies of Longitudinal . REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Transverse and torsional vibration .P . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 94 .Linear and Quadratic Shape functions -Bar.Numerical Intergration . "Finite Elements in Engineering". "Finite Element Method in Engineering" . 2.Applications to Heat Transfer. UNIT – II: FEA OF 2D PROBLEMS 10H Basic Boundary Value Problems in 2 Dimentions . Heat transfer.Weighted Residual Methods . "Applied Finite Element Analysis" . International Edition. Chandrupatla & Belagundu . Fluid Mechanics.Basic Concepts of FEM ..Illustrative Examples. McGraw Hill Company.Formulation . 3. 1993.V.Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Formulation .. 5.1D -2D Triangular elements ..Introduction to transient field problems. Rao S. Reddy J.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E03 FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS UNIT – I: 1D FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS 10H Historical Background . Robert Davis et al.Variational Formulation of B. Wiley. 6. Prentice Hall of India Private Ltd.Triangular. "An Introduction to the Finite Element Method" . Non linear analysis.Equation of Motion . UNIT – III: ISO PARAMETRIC FORMULATION 8H Natural Co-ordinate System . 1984. UNIT – V: SPECIAL TOPICS 8H Dynamic Analysis .Lagrangian Interpolation Polynomials . Cook.Mass Matrices .S. Pergamon Press.Element matrices using energy approach.

"Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems"..Traditional design and Mechatronics Design UNIT – II:SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS 12H Introduction-Performance terminology-Displacement. and Sridhar..Mechatronics in Products . AnIntroduction to Mechatronics".S.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E04 MECHATRONICS IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS UNIT – I: INTRODUCTION 8H Introduction to Mechatronics . and Loader. D.Ligth sensors .Basic Structure-input/output processing-programming-Mnemonics Timers.Selection of sensors-Signal processing-Servo systems UNIT – III: MICROPROCESSORS IN MECHATRONICS 10H IntroductionArchitecture-Pin configuration-Instruction set-Programming of Microprocessors using 8085 instructions-Interfacing input and output devices-Interfacing D/A Converters and A/D Converters-Applications-Temperature control-Stepper motor control-Traffic light controller UNIT – IV: PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS 8H Introduction.. Prentice Hall. AJ.1999 2. Chapman and Hall.. Ramesh. Mechatronics.Kamm. Prentice Hall 2000. Wiley Eastern. Alciatore. Lawrence J.1993 3. Second Edition.R. D.Control Systems . "Understanding Electro-Mechanical Engineering.1998 4.Gaonkar. N. 8000 to 8085 " Introduction to Micrprocessors for Engineers and Scientists". Programming and Applications". Internal relays and counters-Data handling-Analog input/output-Selection of PLC.Histand and David G.C. 1995.Measurement Systems . 7H MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 95 . Ghosh.A. Michael B.Velocity and Motion-Fluid pressure-Temperature sensors . position and proximity . Bradley. Buru. 5.K. "Micrprocessors Architecture. UNIT – V: DESIGN AND MECHATRONICS Designing-Possible design solutions-Case studies of Mechatronics systems REFERENCE BOOKS 1.P. Dawspn.Systems . P. McGraw Hill International Editions.

and alloy powders. tungsten. lead. UNIT – IV: SINTERING 10H Principles of sintering ..A. 5.Mechanical methods Production and properties of iron. physical and chemical effect of gases and vapours . method of application of pressure .. UNIT – II: POWDER COMPACTION 10H Pressureless forming . molybdenum. Hausnor. 1970.Shrinkage .Prosity .Oxide and boride cutting tools . tantalum. aluminium.Forming with binders . Powder Metallugy .K. Principles of Powder Metallugy . applied pressure.Influence of particular size. 4.Presses .Component design consideration.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E05 POWDER METALLURGY 9H UNIT – I: POWDER PREPARATION: Manufacture .. Powder Metallurgy .Nature of sintered boundary liquid phase sintering .Sintering forces .Sintering furnaces and atmospheres.Powder rolling . UNIT – V: ENGINEERING COMPONENTS 8H Tool materials .Cyclic compacting . Friction and Anti-Friction Materials. cold pressure forming Pressing in metal dies . REFERENCE BOOKS 1. slip casting. 1996 2. volume.. beryllium.Hot Pressing.D.Cemented carbides .Dhanpat Rai. UNIT – III: TOOLING 8H Tooling principles . tin. Taukerman S.Friction and antifriction material applications.Effect of temperature. Sands H.Chemical methods . zirconium. Powder Metallurgy Practice and Applications George Newness Ltd. 1982 3.L and Shakespeare C. titanium. Copper..Loose sintering.Pergamon Press. London.R. Sinha A.Isostatic pressing explosive forming .Tool Construction . Jones W.Chemical and Physical . shape.Edward Arnold and Co.Vibratory compacting . slurry casting. niobium. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 96 .

New Jersy. John S.Language selection – Time flow mechanism – Flow diagram. MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 97 . Random number generation – Mid square method – Mid product method – Multiplicative congruential method – Addditive congruential method. Thomas J. Testing for randomness – Chi – Square method – Kolmogrov – Smirnov method – Runs test – Gap test. 1996. Simulation of an inventory system. Shanon.. Curve fitting – Fitting of known distributions –Uniform .PHI. 2. The Art and science – Prentice Hall Inc. Discrete Event System Simulation Prentice Hall of India. 6. 3. system simulation – Definition – The simulation process – Advantages. System Simulation with Digital Computers – PHI. Jerry Banks. 5.Types – Elements of a system – System description. Inc. Systems Simulation. New York. Forrest Paul. Simulation of an event occurrence using random number table. 4.Hierarchy . UNIT –IV: SIMPLE SIMULATION MODELS 10H Simulation of a discrete system. Geofery Gorden. GPSS. Schriber. Wyman . UNIT. 1979. Nelson. Simulation Using GPSS – John Willey &Sons . . Simulation of component failure using exponential and Weibull models. UNIT – II: GENERATION OF RANDOM NUMBERS 9H System behavior – simulation of random phenomena. modeling – Definition – Functions – Classification – Structure of simulation models – Modeling approaches. 1995. Simulation Modeling : A Guide in using Simscript New York – John Willey & Sons.V: SIMULATION LANGUAGES 9H Simulation languages – Introduction. Planning of simulation experiments – tactical planning – Run length determination Validation of simulation models – Analysis of simulation results. modeling in computer. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E06 SYSTEM MODELING AND SIMULATION UNIT – I: SYSTEM AND MODELING FUNDAMENTALS 9H System – Basic concepts . Robert E. Narasingh Deo.Carson And Bary L. System Simulation . concepts – Advantages – Case example. 1970.Monte-Carlo sampling. Simulation of single server and two servers queue. 1974. UNIT –III: DATA PREPARATION AND MODEL BUILDING 9H Data preparation – Correlation and regression analysis . 1973.Normal – Exponential – Poisson – Weibull – Emperical Distribution Building.. SIMSCRIPT – Basic concepts – Advantages – Case example..

Converyors and Related equipments . 6.Loading and shipping – Stores accounting and stock verification – Automated storage and retrieval systems.McGraw Hill. Operation and costing principles. Dougals Considine.Apron. 8. safety analysis and cost analysis. 7. rail sliding . 2.Storage systems and procedures – incoming material control – Stock location – Different types and arrangement of storage racks – Order picking .. UNIT – V: STORAGE SYSTEMS 10H Stores . MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 98 . and other material handling equipment at receiving yard – Principles of palletisation – Bulk materials handling. Sprirakovsky. 4. Roller conveyors – Portable conveyors and their uses – Hydraulic and Pneumatic Conveyors – Overhead conveyors .Monorails – safety requirements.Car and platform conveyors – Screw Conveyors . flight conveyors. Material Handling . REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Material Handling System Design – Ronald Press. UNIT – IV: CONVEYORS 10H Conveyors.Peace Publishers. 5.John wiley. Materials Handling Equipment. flow analysis.K. types and applications – Automated materials handling .Safety requirements. UNIT –II: INTERPLANT MATERIAL TRANSPORTING AND HANDLING EQUIPMENT 8H Interplant transporting facilities – Trucks. Standard Handbook of Industrial Automation. Aggarwal G. Rudenkov.Belt .SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E07 INDUSTRIAL HANDLING & STORAGE SYSTEMS UNIT – I: PRINCIPLES OF MATERIAL HANDLING 8H Importance and scope – Planning. hoists. UNIT – III: INTERPLANT MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT 9H Handling within stores – Within production area – Aisle design – Fork lift trucks. Immer.Jib carnes – OHT cranes . bucket and swing tray conveyors . Material Handling Equipment -Peace Publishers.planning and design . general theory and principles – several types of conveyors for bulk materials and unit loads . cranes. James Apple. James Apple. Alexandrov. Material Handling – PEACE Publishers.Types systems – Factors influencing their choice – Analysis of the handling systems – Motion analysis. Champamn & Hall 3. Plant Layout and Material Handling .

Game Playing Reasoning. Computational Aspects. Robot Sensor. Auditory And Other System. Behaviour And Biology. Towards Artificial Vision – Picture Processing – Identifying Real Objects. Vision Programmes.. Method And Concept. Iq And Ai. Assignment.. Factory Vision Systems. Learning System. AI in business. Artificial Intelligence. Types. Wendy b. Search. Vol 2. Modes Of Perception – Visual. Types Of Learning – Rote. Introduction To Prolog & Lisp. Creativity. Actural Aspect System – VP Expert. Personal Robots.. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 4. Knowledge Representation – Psychology. UNIT – V EXPERT SYSTEM: 9H Introduction. AI Languages. Memory Mechanisms Range Of Application. Logic And Programming. Robotics. Introduction to expert systems. Parameter.L. Factory Robots. UNIT – III KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING: 9H Introduction.. 1985 MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 99 . Aspects Of Intelligence – Learning. Production Rules. Ranch Hindlin. Biology Of Vision. Artificial Intelligence – Mcgraw Hill 2. Components For Thought. Future of Expert System – System Structusystem Structure. Problem Solving. science and Industry Applications. Simons G. The Gps System. Charniak E.Introducing Artificial Intelligence – NCC publications 3. UNIT – II COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: 9H The Mind – Information And Cybernetics. Jackson P. Ai Impact. Measuring Intelligence – Early Efforts.. And Mc Dermott D. Role Of Knowledge Engineer. Rich E. Problem Solving – Planning. Robots Tomorrow.. Inference Engines. – PH. Historical Background. UNIT – IV VISUAL PERCEPTION: 9H Introduction. Semantic Network. Cognitive Aspect Approach. Common Sense And Fuzzy Logic. Development of Simple Expert System. Knowledge Acquisition For Expert System. REFERENCE BOOKS 1.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E08 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND EXPERT SYSTEMS UNIT – I INTRODUCTION: 9H Intelligence – Definition. Uncertainties. Objection And Myths. 5. Application Of Ai. Memory Mechanism.

Noise measurement. on human health. Environmental Engineering .McGraw Hill 1988.. 3rd Ed. 1997. Sawyer. Biological effect of ionizing reduction. softening. Pollution control systems and their management.P.. Kozirowski. Boubce R. B. 4. 7..C.Fundamentals of Air Pollution. 2. Noise standards. Mecarty. Outdoor propagation of sounds and noise control. Clair N. disinfection. UNIT – IV: WATER POLLUTION TREATMENT 9H Objectives.New Age International Ltd. Gene F Parkin. General Kiley.Acedamic Press 1973. Environmental Engineering . C.R. 8. Primary and secondary treatment – mixing. 6. G. Sources of noise. Acid deposition. kucharske. VanNostrad Reinhold Co. Different types of pollutants. Noise criteria. Process of treatment.McGraw Hill. Radiation standards. Singapore. Prentice Hall & Bred Pvt Ltd. Davis & David A. Environmental Engineering a Design Approach . UNIT – II: LEGISLATIVE ASPECTS AND MANAGEMENT 8H Legislative and regulatory trends: air pollutants. sedimentation. UNIT – V: NOISE POLLUTION AND IONIC RADIATION 9H Definition of noise. Emission standards from industrial sources. 5. 1994.D. Malasiya. Pergamon Press 1972. 1998. radiation Exposure and Protection.Lowry W.S. Perry L. Different Types of pollution. Singapore MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 100 . on animals. Cornwell. meteorological effects. Mackenzie L. aeration. POLLUTANTS AND THEIR EFFECTS 10H Pollution. Criteria pollutant. None criteria pollutant. New Delhi. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Ross. Industrial Waste Disposal. water pollutants. Rao. New Delhi. 3. Green house gases.1999. Newyork 1972. coagulation.SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E09 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND POLLUTION CONTROL UNIT – I: POLLUTION. J. Layout of treatment plant. on materials.. Air pollutants. Chemistry for environmental Engineering – McGraw Hill International Editions. Stern A. filtration.W. UNIT – III: AIR POLLUTION TREATMENT 9H Sources of pollution. Arcadio P Sincero & Gregoria A Sincero. Environmental Pollution Control Engineering . methods of measurement of pollution. Air pollution metrology and atmospheric dispersion. Effects of pollution on the environment. Physical properties of sound. Air pollution and industry. Sources of pollution.

. Planning. IN SUPPLY CHAIN 9H Importance. Thomson south western 6. Gopalakrishnan. JIT and Quick Response logistics -Vendor Managed Inventory -Customer and Supplier Relationship concepts. Sundaresan Materials Management –An Integrated Approach. Introduction to Supply Chain Management.Importance of Supply chain. Lysons.Origin of Supply Chain Management(SCM) – Understanding the Supply Chain. UNIT – II PLANNING DEMAND AND SUPPLY 9H Role of Demand Forecasting –Characteristics of Forecasts-Components of Forecast and Forecasting Methods-Measures of forecast error-Aggregate planning. Sunil Chopra.Effect of lack of coordinationManagerial Levers to achieve Coordination-Building strategic partnership-Achieving Coordination in practice REFERENCE BOOKS 1.Drivers of Supply chain performance-Framework for structuring Driversinventory-transportation-facilities-Information. Martin Christopher. Pearson Education Asia 2. Pitman Publishing 5. Monczka. UNIT –IV: I.Supply chain strategies-Achieving strategic fit-Expanding strategic scope.Uses-IT as Supply Chain Enabler. Logistics and Supply chain Management. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.Factors affecting purchase function–Organizing the purchase function-Purchasing Procedures-Negotiation. and Operation.T. Trent & Handfield.. Rrobert..SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PR E10 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT UNIT – I: SCM BASICS AND STRATEGIC FRAME WORK 9H Introduction – Business Environment.Managing supply – Managing Demand-Implementing solutions UNIT – III: PURCHASING & SUPPLY CHAIN 9H Purchase System.P. Prentice Hall: 3.Logistics information Systems –Supply Chain information Technology in practice-Software packages like BANN etc. PHI MECH-SYLLABUS: 2006 101 . PHI 4. K.Supply Chain Drivers ... Peter Meindl. Supply Chain Management Strategy. Low Price Edition. Purchasing and Supply chain Management. E-Commerce – Role of E-business on Supply Chain. UNIT – V: CO-ORDINATION IN A SUPPLY CHAIN 9H Lack of supply chain coordination – Bullwhip effect.Basic concepts & Terminology. Hanfield.

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