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Orb of Life Attunement Get in a relaxed place where you will not be distracted and say the following

words: I now accept my Orb of Life from Chris Comish. Say the words three times. The Orb of Life will instantly arrive, hovering above your crown chakra. Your Orb of Life will deliver life force energy to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Remember to drink water and rest following the attunement. Following your attunement, you may call on the Orb of Life to assist you. One example is to say, Orb of Life, please clear my chakras. Be creative, there are no limits to the abilities of the Orb. The energy is intelligent and will flow following your intention. Creating an Orb of Life to send to another person: Visualize you are surrounded by life force that is becoming stronger and stronger and brighter and brighter. Do this for five minutes. Say to the life force- Life force will be generated continuously and you will not fade until I am done with this creation. Imagine a soccer size ball of light hovering in front of you. Start filling the ball with life force by intending to do so. Visualize the ball getting brighter and brighter in blue color. Do this for 10 minutes until the ball is full with light and life force. Say to the ball- Life force will now be generated continuously and you will never fade or weaken. Say- I ask that this Orb of Life I have created be passed to (name of recipient) when they ask to receive it. The recipient says- I now accept my orb of life from (your name) and they will receive the orb of life you have prepared.