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Gen. Claire L. Chennault 1st Quarter 2011 NEWS
“Resource of Choice” Chennault Senior Squadron host SAREX Commander’s Watch
Make no mistake; Chennault is proud of its Annual Training and Flight Increase Our leadership has initiated an internal analysis of annual flight hours and identified several challenges our Squadron faces. We have a number of new members, together with a group of mission-qualified pilots and air crews. In early 2009, by a unanimous vote, the Squadron committed itself to (1) Professional Development training for new members, (2) ground training exercises, (3) maintaining our current pilots qualifications, and (4) the training of new pilots. Wing has recommended a flight requirement of approximately 220 hours yearly, per squadron for the CAP aircraft. Interviews and meetings with pilots and other members have confirmed our continued commitment to flying, as well as to all other CAP training. We have made the following observations from interviews: 1. All but one of our pilots owns an airplane and spends a large amount of time flying personal aircraft. These pilots know that it takes a significant number of annual hours to hone proficiency, but sometimes it’s easier to walk out the door, over to the hanger, get in the helicopter or airplane, and go. Our Squadron CFI flies a twin engine aircraft commercially for the local FBO and still tests and instructs. These members seem to be getting plenty of flight hours but not necessarily in the CAP airplane. 2. Chennault has no subsidized flight involving a support entity that uses our services on a regular basis. This places an additional monetary burden on the volunteer members. The price of flight has risen in the last ten years to the point it even challenges the aviation industry as a whole. We have some members that high gasoline costs have priced them out of desired flight and air crew training. The Squadron understands a new entity (that needs our resources and that would pay for fight time) would be a great benefit. Our Squadron’s goal has been for some time to find and engage such an entity, but with downsizing, tight money, short budgets, it could take some time to materialize. 3. Squadron Flight coordination and SAREX organization is a challenge we have experienced. We sometimes find at some in-house training events and SAREX exercises that the flights and opportunity for training do not always “flange up” with all available air crews. Situations sometimes result in present and available air crews and airplanes not being called to fly missions. 4. Time. Each of us has a limited amount of it to attend to our employment, family, and other interests. The fast-paced world competes and presents a challenge to the demands of CAP volunteer training and CAP business, but our Squadron knows the importance of our mission and desires to meet this challenge head-on. As Commander, I have the honor and privilege of declaring for all members that Chennault Squadron will always be on the lookout for ways in which we can improve ourselves as a proud part of the Civil Air Patrol.

(Featured in photo Maj. Victor Santana briefing cadets during SAREX 2011)

The Gen. Claire L. Chennault Senior Squadron hosted a training SAREX (Search And Rescue EXercise) on February 26, 2011. MAJ Keith Anderson and State Director, John “Z” Zaremba, were on hand for the training exercise that included 11 air sorties and Shreveport cadet ground teams. Photography and Recon training were the primary mission objectives. “We wanted to maintain an absolute safe atmosphere during these operations,” commented 2LT James Breaux, safety officer. LTC Charles Smith acted as Incident Commander, and Capt. John Benton filled the “gaps and questions” that appear during training and real life scenarios. MAJ Anderson’s busy day included a scanner course for Mrs. Gerald Dean and S/M Paula B Webb and others. Mrs. Webb so was impressed with her first CAP training flight that she is “shopping” for a plane now. John “Z” Zaremba seemed to be everywhere, observing and giving encouragement. His input at morning briefing, mission assignments, and mission debriefings was much appreciated. “We were not perfect,” said CPT Elvis Stout, Commander of The Gen. Claire L. Chennault Senior Squadron, “but our local squadron turned out at an 85% participation rate, and we had 5 Chennault mission pilots on hand. We were safe, the mission was successful, the food was great, and we plan to be a SAREX host squadron again soon.”

HOBBS: Hours January 2009 to March 2011
Flight hours
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Mrs. Gerald Dean and S/M Paula Webb at scanning class







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MAJ Keith Anderson and MAJ John Benton, Jr. reviewing cadet assignments

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LTC Charles Smith giving morning briefing

Public Affairs Officer - Joe Jacobs, Consulting Editor - Andi Pyle & Shaun J. A. Kelly

Director John “Z” Zaremba and cadets attentive

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