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Web Page Advisory Staff

Pictured below are support personnel for Monroe CAP Web Page and Webmaster Billy Powell.

commented, My primary use of the new web page is as a public relations tool, information tool, and recruiting tool. I am a hand-shake, eye-to-eye guy, but the direction of the world is web pages and sites like Facebook. You have to go where the potential recruits are, so here we go. This move into a web site for the squadron is considered as the ultimate information and recruiting tool for the dollars. Joe Jacobs public affairs officer is excited and impressed.

Commanders Report # 1 Priority Promoting Safety-Training Hours for Squadron Plane

After several in-depth discussions in recent meetings addressing the shortage of flight hours, some steps have been taken to help resolve the issue. Meetings have taken place or will take place with the following groups and individuals: Butch Beckham, Ouachita Parish Director for Homeland Security. After two very productive meetings, he feels he can secure some Homeland Security training funding that will utilize our aerial participation. (2) Ouachita Parish Fire Department. We are currently attempting to secure a meeting to display our power point presentation that demonstrates our capacity to assist in determining the location and the affected area of a local fire. We hope to have some word on their interest before the fall forest fire season. (3) Louisiana Wildlife Association. We have made contact and expect to have a meeting with them next week to determine if they have aerial patrol needs. (4) Richland Parish Sheriffs Office. Ralph Abraham is coordinating with law enforcement officials and has flown several mission flights in the past and estimates several future missions of 2-3 hours each starting as soon as his schedule allows. Our aircraft is out of maintenance, and we hope to take part in some of the Gulf missions. Finally, but not least, our Squadron has recently established a website which will assist in scheduling training and mission operations.

Pictured L to R: Capt. Elvis Stout, Sm. Shaun Kelly, 1st Lt. Richard Jilot, Sm. Billy Powell, 1st Lt. Michael Tryon, Maj. Marvin Ward

Claire L. Chennault Announces New Web Master

DOT Com or Dot Org is the issue being debated at Claire L. Chennault squadrons meetings. Webmaster Billy Powell is trying to explain to the simple, non-electronic members, advantages of certain domain names and cost verse changeability options. The websites public side is nearing completion, and a host site and host name have been The unit web page has unlimited domain, unlimited disk space and band width; all important tools according to Web Master Billy Powell. Commander Elvis Stout commented, Billy has gone forward and done a tremendous job with the limited resources at hand. We budged 10 dollars a month, and he is under budget. This is the Civil Air Patrol member blueprint. Billy volunteered for a mission, was given a limited amount of resources, and accomplished the mission in a professional manner. The Monroe web page will even feature an option allowing a squadron CAP mission pilot to pre-offer available times when he can fly and train. This will provide convenient training times for members. We sign up to fly at these mutually available times by scheduling on the web page New member Earl Welch commented, We felt this would also accomplish our priority of putting hours on our squadrons plane. The initial training of our new members and continued training for our existing members by this webposted flex time training has great potential. When asked what the biggest challenge of the project had been, John Benton remarked, The commander said he wanted to be featured on every page. Its hard to get that many different good pictures of any one person, especially Commander Stout. New Member, Safety Officer James Breaux, plans to post safety information and current safety presentations for squadron member use. Public affairs officer Joe Jacobs

Link to LAWG calendar: Civil Air Patrol has a new website!!!
Monroe CAP new website!!!

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