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Chennault Senior Squadron
4th Quarter 2011 NEWS “Resource of Choice”
Chennault Squadron Open House
The Chennault Squadron celebrated a year-end Open House with Miss Louisiana. The Open House included tours of the Squadron’s new headquarters and explanation of Civil Air Patrol’s duties and procedures. Family, friends, and guests were able to ask questions and discuss all aspects of the Civil Air Patrol with staff members. Such distinguished guests included Miss Louisiana Hope Anderson, Louisiana Wing Commander, Col Cecil A. “Art” Scarbrough, Louisiana Vice Wing Commander, Lt Col Patrick M. “Pat” Yglesias, Ouachita Parish Sheriff-elect Jay Russell, Director Palmer Jarrell of JPS Aviation, and Shrev. Senior Squadron Com. Lt Col Thomas W. “Doc” Barnard.
Miss Louisiana Hope Anderson speaks to members and guests

Commander’s Watch
By Capt Elvis C. Stout, CAP Squadron Commander

The following is an excerpt from The News-Star article on the Chennault Squadron that appeared in the Sunday Edition on 22 January 2012.

“As CAP commander, Stout leads a unit of 23 volunteer members who are citizens of the region — doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists, radio communication specialists, etc. Stout has a photograph of the brown, swollen waters of the Mississippi River taken at Vicksburg during the recent flood of 2011. The Chennault Squadron flew numerous missions over three states assisting emergency agencies. Touring the offices, one can't help recognizing the seriousness and professionalism Stout and his fellow volunteers maintain as members of CAP. Here is a large assembly room where regular business meetings are conducted: a safety report is key to every briefing. Here is the operations room where search and rescue missions are monitored. Then a communications room, with radios and computers. Everywhere are charts, sign-in sheets, schedules and manuals. A few of his fellow volunteers who have offered exemplary service over the years are Maj. Jon Haddad, Deputy-Commander; Maj. Ralph Abraham, Pilot and Medical Officer; Maj. John Benton, Professional Development Officer; and Lt. James Breaux, Safety Officer. But as soon as he names these four, Stout wishes he could include the names of all 23 members, saying he doesn't want to leave anyone out. ‘I'm proud of each and every one.’”

The Chennault Group recognized businesses and individuals for their support of the squadron. They include Ralph L. Abraham, M.D.A.P.M.C., Miss Louisiana Hope Anderson poses for Rockland Burks, Inc., with Louisiana Wing Staff, Chennault Senior Squadron, McCain Farms, Inc., and Shreveport Senior Squadron Elvis C. Stout, JPS Aviation, L.L.C., Chase Electronics, North Louisiana Orthodontics, Bayou Internet and Communications, Paradise Enterprises, and Twin City Glass, Inc.

HOBBS HOURS: 1 January 2011 to 31 January 2012
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Chennault AE Staff Educates Boy Scouts
By 1st Lt Shaun Joseph A. Kelly, CAP Aerospace Education Officer The Chennault Squadron’s Aerospace Education (AE) Staff presented Aerospace Education to the Boy Scouts of America. Hard work, determination and planning Maj Joey Kelly asking the scouts resulted in a successful three about the four forces of flight day event. Sixteen scouts completed 75% of the work required for their Aviation Merit Badges. The Chennault AE Staff was encouraged by the scouts’ questions and their genuine interest in aviation. Knowledge and expertise of 2d Lt Paula Webb, Maj Joey Kelly, and volunteer Gretchen Dean provided young minds with direction and knowledge.






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Upcoming Events: 04 Feb 12 13 Feb 12 25 Feb 12 25 – 26 Feb 12 12 Mar 12 23 – 25 Mar 12 24 Mar 12 25 Mar 12

Commander’s Call, WG Staff Meeting, CAC Meeting SQ Meeting, Monroe, LA, Time 1900 SQ Training, Monroe, LA, Time TBD Corporate Learning Course (CLC), Monroe, LA SQ Meeting, Monroe, LA, Time 1900 WG Conference, Pineville, LA SQ Training, Monroe, LA, Time TBD Commander’s Call, WG Staff Meeting

2d Lt Paula Webb instructs scouts on aeronautical charts, 1st Lt Shaun Kelly and Gretchen Dean assisting

Link to Civil Air Patrol National website: http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com Link to Louisiana Wing website: http://www.lawgcap.org Link to Gen. Claire L. Chennault Senior Squadron website: http://www.capmonroe.com CAP Gold Wing Sponsors
We would like to thank: Bayou Internet and Communications, Elvis Stout, JPS Aviation, L.L.C., Rockland Burks, Inc., McCain Farms, Inc., Chase Electronics, Ralph L. Abraham, M.D.A.P.M.C., North Louisiana Orthodontics, Paradise Enterprises, Inc., Southern Farm and Timber Corporation, and Twin City Glass, Inc.

Scout leaders provided enthusiastic response at course completion, and the Winter Camp ‘11 Aviation Class Chennault AE Staff were invited back for the 2012 Summer and Winter camps. Planning for 2012 camps includes teaching and completing the entire Aviation Merit Badge program and the Space Exploration Merit Badge program.

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