Solomon Lee Van Meter, Jr.

Cadet Squadron
Newsletter March/April 2009 February Promotions
Congratulations to the following cadets who received promotions on Thursday, February 12th: C/AB Zack Hanna to C/Amn C/AB Victor Palos to C/Amn C/AB CJ Smigel to C/Amn C/Amn Zack Comley to C/A1C C/A1C Blake Smithson to C/SrA C/A1C Megan Boyle to C/SrA Congratulations to the following senior members who also received promotions: Flight Officer Kayla Burke to Technical Flight Officer Civil Air Patrol 1Lt Debbie Burke, squadron commander, was presented with rank of Captain by Maj. Joe Brickman of the GLRKY-221 Squadron. National Headquarters has a new website address:

Meeting Information: We meet at the National Guard Armory located at 4201 Parker’s Mill Rd near Bluegrass Airport in Lexington. Meeting begins at 6:00.

Contact Information: Squadron Commander: Capt. Debbie Burke Cell# 859-619-5855

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April Promotions
Congratulations to the following cadets who received promotions on Thursday, April 9th: C/A1C Mark Comley to C/SrA C/SrA Blake Smithson to C/SSgt C/SrA Megan Boyle to C/SSgt C/SMSgt Brandon Burke to C/CMSgt Congratulations to the following new members of the Solomon Lee Van Meter, Jr. Cadet Squadron: Cadets: Joshua Hale Seth Padgett Jordon Taminga Senior Members: Caleb Corkins Julie Sullivan Sherry Gardner Senior Member Julie Sullivan was also promoted to 2LT due to her past accomplishments as a Civil Air Patrol cadet.


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CORE VALUES Integrity Volunteer Service Excellence Respect

American Sentinel University website link:

Operation Iceberg 2009
Clark Co Airport/Tunnel Mill Boy Scout Reservation

Operation Iceberg  
TFO Jessica Caplan   Indiana Wing PAO  

February6, 7, and 8th River‐ City Cadet Squadron shared  their county with 59 other  cadets and Senior Members  for Operation Iceberg  (Lovingly renamed to Opera‐ tion Swamp Stomp ’09). This  weekend long exercise  helped 3 people get qualified  in MSA, 2 in MRO, 1 GTL, 2  for GTM1, 4 for GTM2, and 5  for GTM3. Iceberg was also  able to get several people  much closer to getting  signed off on LSC, CUL,  GTM1, GTM2, GTM3, GTL, 

MIO, and MRO. Maj. Brian  Schmuck and several hard  working cadets, including  one dedicated C/Col from  New York,   managed to keep the ground  pounders organized and un‐ der control. Maj. Matthew  Creed out in Clark County  was keeping the Aircrew in  check, and also managing to  sign off several Mission   Scanners and Observers,  qualifying one Air Branch  Director and a Mission Pilot.  Both Maj. Creed and Maj.  Schmuck did an amazing job  organizing their sides of Op‐ eration Iceberg. Thank you 

for the awesome job this  year!!!   We thank Indiana Wing for  this excerpt from their       February 2009 newsletter.    Our squadron proudly  sent C/SrA Mark  Comley  C/SMSgt Brandon Burke,   and 2Lt Stormy Caliguiri to  represent the Solomon Lee  Van Meter, Jr. Cadet  Squadron during this       exercise.   

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Campbell 073, Lexington 222, Boone 050 Joint Field Training Exercise Cynthiana, KY

Cynthiana, KY—Saturday, March 21st, members from 3 squadrons converged on the 157 acre Burke property, aka The Funny Farm, to further their search and rescue skills. Senior members and cadets alike were on hand to represent squadrons, Campbell 073, Boone 050 and well as our own Lexington 222. The group also practiced ground to air signaling as Maj. Joe Brickman and Capt. Phil Meador from Lexington 221 flew overhead in a red, white & blue CAP plane. As the day progressed, the group was broken into two teams as they participated in simulated missing person searches as well as

simulated ELT searches. Both groups did very well while practicing communication as well as ground team skills. Many cadets and senior were able to accomplish the skills, tasks & practice required to acquire GT and UDF ratings. As the temperatures dipped down into the 30’s, SAREx participants settled into their tents for the night. Sunday, March 22nd dawned to chilly temps but rapidly warmed up as the group was able to participate in a simulated ramp search at the nearby Cynthiana Airport. After watching signals bounce off metal hangars, the group was able to rapidly

Citizens Serving Communities: Above and Beyond

Joint Field Training Exercise continued

locate the “missing” ELT. As the perimeter was secured around the simulated target, the group was able to practice their skills of keeping the area secured as a reporter (played by Capt. Steve Burke) from the “Cynthiana Democrat” arrived on scene. The CAP members were able to participate in a real life “missing dog” search as the SAREx mascot, Cecile from Campbell 073 was missing when the team returned to base camp. Thankfully, the search ended well as Lt. Ryan Kenley and Capt Steve Burke found Cecile with her leash stuck to the fence line along the edge of the farm property. Their were no injuries to the dog and she was happy to be found. We offer our most sincere thanks to Capt. Steve Burke of Campbell 073 for conducting this SAREx and serving as Ground Branch Director.

The “suspect” who breached the perimeter of the simulated target at the Cynthiana Airport.

Cecile, the wandering dog from Campbell 073.

Saturday, April 11—KY-08 Breakfast & O-Rides —Wendell Ford Field Thurs, April 16—ES (BDU) Fri—Sun, April 17, 18 & 19—NCO Training—Western KY Thurs, April 23—PT (PT) Sat, April 25th Army Cadet Corp Celebrations & Parade—Millersburg, KY Thurs, April 30—Moral Leadership (Class B) Sat & Sun, May 9 & 10—Operation Phoenix Training with Lexington 058 Fri—Sun, May 15, 16 & 17—Graded Training Exercise @ Wing HQ Sat & Sun, June 6 & 7—Operation Phoenix Training with Lexington 058 June 19—27—KY Wing Encampment

Citizens Serving Communities: Above and Beyond

Kentucky Wings Welcomes a New Commander

KY Wing headquarters, Frankfort, KY— Saturday, March 7th, 2009, Kentucky Wing expressed their gratitude to outgoing Wing Commander, Col. Henry Haeberlin as they welcomed incoming Wing Commander, Major (now Col.) Bob Koob. Colors were posted by our very own cadets SrA Mark Comley and SrA Blake Smithson while Col. Paul Osborne of Lexington Senior Squadron 221 emceed the ceremony. The Great Lakes Region Commander presented several awards & plaques to Col. Heaberlin. He then officiated the actual command changeover by accepting the relinquished (handed off) command from Col. Heaberlin through receiving the KY Wing flag from him and then "handed over" the command to Maj. Koob which he accepted by receiving the KY Wing flag. Cadets from 222 where used in the giving the flag to Col Heaberlin to relinquish (Mark Comley) and then Blake Smithson received the flag from now "Col. Koob" after acceptance of his command and returned the flag to its post.

Citizens Serving Communities: Above and Beyond

Monthly Safety Briefing
All Pilots and Aircrew Members: Below is an excerpt of an email sent out by NCWG. It is a good reminder to all of us to make sure we are getting the most up to date information prior to a flight. Also, as crew members, just you can cancel a flight for safety concerns, you can also question your pilot to ensure he/she is aware of his surroundings that the TFR's have been checked.
"A notification by the NOC Tuesday informed us that there had been a violation of the Temporary Restricted Area (TFR) around Norfolk last weekend by a CAP aircraft. This information was initiated at 1st Air Force. This was a situation 1st Air Force was not happy with and let CAP know it. The aircraft involved was a North Carolina Wing aircraft. When there is a violation of a TFR, other restricted areas, or an ADIZ there is the possibility of interception by law enforcement or military aircraft. These aircraft are armed and there is the real possibility in any interception of extreme actions."

http:// ft_magazine/ special/0403_tfr.cfm

Civil Air Patrol is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation. Each squadron is responsible for raising its own funds. Donations are used for special events, assistance for lowincome cadets as well as various education and leadership programs. To make a taxdeductible donation, please contact Lt. Debbie Burke at 859 -619-5855 or email at

Who Is Civil Air Patrol?
The U.S. Civil Air Patrol was founded on Dec. 1, 1941, less than a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor brought the U.S. into World War II. CAP, the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, is a nonprofit organization with more than 55,000 members nationwide. CAP performs 95 percent of inland search and rescue missions, as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, and was credited by the AFRCC with saving 58 lives in 2006. Its volunteers also perform homeland security, disaster relief and counterdrug missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies. Members play a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to the more than 22,000 young people currently participating in the CAP Cadet Program. For more information go to

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