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2008 | Kona . HI.HI | A. John Michael { —Self i am a { Son A New ¤:xyz|eStory Self| AJ|1.20.1990 |12:00:01AM Urantia Jesusionian Wiamia .HI.HI ZealoT Mind Story Teller Soul —Revel ð:i am the New John Baptist Spirit Self| MasterMan ¤:uvw|iWriter . Mastery|Man Hawaii Preparatory Academy| ’92-2007 | 2007| MS 6Sigma Q EXpert 2008 17 —Will — Being Self| Body Easter|EMan iMaster|eMan me The Ancient Life & The Saint of Peace Theater 6T:7 Consciousness It|Self yJohn "...the kingdom of God is at Hand" 4NeweMasteriMan 4NeweEaster|: iMan | 1 Yr. Ph.D.’08| Dissertation 2012| U of Chicago PropheT Fundamental Elements of Human Practice eXtra! John | Prophet Lives! 21 uWater Dragon Press 1.20.2009 Live! AM:12:00:01 eXtra! EveryDay EveryWhere EveryMan vJohn Michael Art eXtra! John Prophet Declares: eXtra! JesusSon ALive + XDie [Here] for/as OurSoul xJohn Michael Read “King Dumb has Come!” Read HisXDeath | aMis-Take | Not Fate! iT! iT! OurFather DidNot Send XDie Son Sacrifice Sin AvaTar wWild Blue Studios 1st:Repent xClear Water Records 35 Are You 2nd:Renounce JesusSon|ian HisFather DidNot Send Him for|to|be: CrucifiX




wMichael K. BlackStone George 5th:Renew 4th:Revolt 6th:Rebel Dick He DidNot iLive [or] XDie to|for|be FreePASS ProTagonist TImpeach U.S. King; George Yes3|0 KingDumb.Com 0|3No TImpeach his Despot; Dick 49 Dear Mr. President|“1st: you were Wrong ” See the Evidence! Facts .Evidence & Testimony Hear the Testimony! Are You TA Despot? Please “Then: you were Wrong you were 1st Right...” TMad? oYo þTime to Decide oNo TEvil? Answer the Questions! Help uMichael InnarAwaii TheRuleBook “Their Thumb [Soon|Will|Be] ‘On-the-Button” TDumb Are They? Me! st TMad? TEvil? ArtisT “Now: Mr. President you know Rules...” Creative Founder & 1 World Revolutionary 51 NO3Chances vMail: 303.800.7103 Ì New American Revolution 808.987.71063 Please
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TA Tyrant?



JesusSon DidNot XDie as Sacrifice for Sin


vAdam Archimedes “Next: you Will Dispute No3Rule: Wrong .” TTyrant? First American Revolutionary: TDespot? AuThor: Wrongs TTT:Score 68 A|: ù 4thFieldSe|eds Impeach Articles:™ TTChances $:Resign Last American Revolutionary: A|: Œ f ExAct Sys| Stem of Ú: jA Free EnterPrize Ý:Impeach kUnited World Peacemakers Corps lA World Trust A|: S3 {|{ TreeSeed| 3 Tree|Life 1.111.112 EnterPrize Partners 111.111 UW PeaceMakers Troops 1111 World Trustees All Righs mkp A|: New Era of Light P Kona |. 11.07 $8 Billion $6 Billion $4 Billion ÓReserved HI.HI
3 rd

Rule Œ1st Private Constitution

2nd American Declaration

Ž3rd World Revolt 4 Field Map