A Woman’s Guide to Herbs

A Complete Guide to Herbs for Female Wellness and Health Complaints

By: Curtis Duncan

He is an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and has successfully used this to cure people of many ailments including depression. His mission is to empower people to be "Healthy As Ever" and have the kind of body that they desire. He knows that armed with the right information and tools people can make better choices for their health and longevity. .e. Curtis Duncan is a holistic health and weight loss teacher and researcher and an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner.Author Bio: Dr. herbal medicine. essential oils. His areas of expertise include Vitamin D and the miracles of sunlight exposure. he understands the important role that one’s thinking. natural remedies. detoxification. He is truly passionate and committed to helping people to improve their quality of life. insomnia. It is the most powerful healing technique on the planet and Curtis has been a master practitioner for several years now. He has a deep understanding of the politics and business of obesity and "disease". nutrition. and chronic pain. He has learned and studied under the world’s foremost authorities on health and wellness. EFT is a simple acupressure technique which miraculously cures any disease or ailment. rebounding and other healthy low impact exercises. emotions and beliefs play in being healthy or sick. His approach is achieving perfect health and weight loss success through blending the physical (diet and lifestyle) with the mental/emotional (i. sungazing. As a Law of Attraction teacher. His philosophy is your health is your birthright and responsibility. the fraudulent Medical Monopoly found in America and the hidden dangers of the common toxins we are exposed on a consistent basis. being emotionally well and overcoming negative beliefs and limitations). He has spent the past 8 years independently researching and studying health and wellness and understanding why people get sick.

He does one on one health and EFT consultations and speaking engagements. cooking. GA. Duncan has a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing and a Masters in Business Administration. He is originally from Philadelphia. He has worked with clients throughout the globe and people have gotten phenomenal results applying the tools or information that he has. playing basketball.html (Personalized Weight Loss Coaching Program .blogspot. spending time with friends.com/2009/05/holistic-healthcoaching.He has the necessary information and tools so people can people live life more abundantly. eating good food. He is one of the most knowledgeable health experts in the world and the information he has shared has helped thousands. PA and currently resides in Atlanta.com/2009/05/holistic-healthcoaching. reading. and researching.html (Health education session) http://curtisduncan. He enjoys traveling and exploring new places. watersports and being around water.blogspot. learning. Dr.blogspot.com/ More Links for my Related Services: http://curtisduncan. You can visit his website for more information on his products and services at http://curtisduncan.

nutrients. I have been an herbalist now for the past 4 years. I truly believe that herbs are nature’s gift to us! This book is designed to give you a complete guide on what herbs to take for a variety of health complaints and illnesses. Use this guide whenever a health issue comes up or if you just want to keep more healthy products to promote and maintain your wellness.Introduction: Herbs are truly for the healing of nations as mentioned in Revelations 22:2 and provide a plethora of organic minerals. vitamins. Remember. and I am always amazed about the benefits of herbs and how effective they are in resolving and remedying a variety of health issues. or in capsule form. Every ancient civilization has used them for health and healing from certain ailments. antioxidants. and medicinal properties. Herbs have been used as a part of medicine throughout the world for thousands of years. it is recommended that the tea bags or tea holder (cloth. herbs are making a resurgence due to their proven efficacy and the soaring costs of traditional pharmaceutical poisons (drugs). If taken as a tea. Herbs can be taken for healing and for optimal health and well-being. etc) be made with unbleached fiber . The herbs mentioned in this guide have been used for thousands of years to keep women healthy and heal from many pathologies. Here are general guidelines for consuming herbs: You can consume all of the following herbs as a tea. herbal extract. While not as popular in many Western societies. herbs are food and they also have medicinal properties so you can take and consume as many herbs as you want.

Be sure to check expiration dates of any flax or evening primrose supplements or oil It is best to consume flaxseed whole too. . or ingredients added that are not botanical or herbal-based. vegetable glycerine. Notes: Dong Quai is a very powerful and effective herb for female health complaints and for overall female well-being. If taken in capsule form. or “naturally grown”. Be sure to purchase cold-pressed evening primose and/or flax oil that has been cold pressed and is in a dark bottle from the refrigerated section of your grocer. If necessary. The evening primrose oil should be GMO-free too. You can also buy whole seeds and grind them up with a small electronic grinder before you eat them. it is recommended that you consume an herbal extract that is alcohol free and/or made with organic alcohol. Be sure not to use this herb if you have excessive menstrual bleeding. If taken as an herbal extract. Purchase smaller bottles as these oils tend to spoil quickly. The usage of standardized herbs is not recommended. It is also recommended that all herbal products consumed be “organic”. Store oils in a refrigerator. it is recommended to take an herbal capsule formula made with “veg-caps” and avoid all fillers. The evening primrose supplement should be bought in dark or non-clear bottles with capsules that ideally prevent oxidation too. cold-pressed evening primrose oil can be bought in vegetarian capsules. The usage of pharmaceutical poisons while taking herbs is not recommended since the DRUGS can affect the efficacy of the herbs. preservatives. “wildcrafted”.(hemp or cotton). or natural sunlight.

Great Resources for Herbal Remedies and Health: www.dherbs.com Intellectual Property: This book is the intellectual property of Curtis Duncan and may not be published.com www. distributed or duplicated without the expressed written consent of him. .mountainroseherbs.

Red Raspberry. Ground Flax or Flaxseed Oil and Rhodiola Rosea Note: These herbs contain natural substances that have been shown to prevent breast cancer. Herbs for Menstrual Cramping . Dandelion. Horsetail. Ground Flaxseed or Flax Oil. Maca. Dong Quai. Dong Quai. Black Cohosh.General Female Well-Being Herbs: Red Raspberry. Red Raspberry. Saw Palmetto. Black Cohosh. Burdock. Dong Quai. Blue Cohosh. tea or capsule. Yellow Dock. Black Cohosh. and Valerian (cramping). Licorice. Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex. Dandelion (irritability/water retention). Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex. Wild Yam. and Blue Cohosh Do not use Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh during pregnancy as they cause uterine contractions Note: The herbs above can be taken consistently for optimum benefit PMS herbs: Dong Quai. Menopause or Hormone Replacement Herbs: Dong Quai (Most Effective). Cramp Bark (cramping). and Wild Yam. John’s Wort (moodboosting). Wild Yam. Red Clover. Fennel. Black Cohosh. St. Motherwort. Red Clover. Sage. Chamomile (mood boosting/relaxation). Motherwort. consistently. Your best bet is to consume Red Raspberry and Dong Quai. Hops. Female Health Herbs: Red Raspberry. Maca. Red Clover. Licorice. Motherwort. Nettles.

Valerian (Cramping). and Red Raspberry Herbs for Excessive Menstrual Bleeding: . the herbs herbs bugleweed. Cramp Bark (Cramping).blogspot. Herbs for Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) Dong Quai (Most Effective). and irish moss are the most effective for addressing hypothyroidism. nettles. Siberian Ginseng. Take 5000 IUS per day of Vitamin D3 every day for optimal health. Ginseng. Hyperthyroidism is often caused by a Vitamin D deficiency too and therefore daily supplementation with 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 is beneficial. Motherwort. and Licorice Note: Hyperthyroidism often causes amenorrhea. In this case. White Willow Bark (Pain Relief). bladderwrack. Meadowsweet (Pain Relief). Cat’s Claw (Pain/Inflammation). Black Haw (Cramping). and Evening Primose Oil (Cramping/Inflammation) Note: Hypothyroidism often causes painful menstruation. and Ginger Herbs for Menstrual Pain or Dysmenorrhea Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (Most Effective). Wild Yam (Cramping). You can get more information on life saving. False Unicorn Root. lemon balm. Black Cohosh. Ground Flaxseed or Flaxseed Oil.Dong Quai. Licorice. Cramp Bark. Red Raspberry. and motherwort are effective remedies. Turmeric (Pain/Inflammation). Evening Primose Oil. Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (Highly Effective). Black Haw. Maca.html Herbs for Irregular Cycle or Cycle Normalization Dong Quai (Most Effective). Ground Flaxseed or Flax Oil (Cramping/Inflammation). The herbs horsestail. Dong Quai (Highly Effective). In that case. Black Cohosh (Cramping). Blue Cohosh.com/2009/11/how-to-get-vitamin-d. Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (Highly Effective). the herbs kelp. and oatstraw are also effective for hypothyroidism too. Kava Kava (Cramping). disease preventing Vitamin D by ordering this special report here: http://curtisduncan.

Vitamin C rich foods (strawberries. Blackstrap Molasses. Burdock. Motherwort. Dong Quai. Pineapples or Pineapple Juice (unpasteurized or at least organic). Red Raspberry. Cold-pressed flax oil (follow at beginning of page for purchasing flax oil) or freshly ground flaxseed are also helpful for decreasing and preventing unwanted hair *See recommendations for purchasing evening primrose oil at beginning of the book Unwanted Hair (Facial or Otherwise) Saw palmetto. bladderwrack and irish moss are the most effective for addressing hypothyroidism. . pygeum. Horsetail. Maca (Highly Effective). vitex. Uterine Health herbs: Red Raspberry. Goldenseal. and Cinnamon (Use for Insulin resistance) Note: The herbs saw palmetto. Nettles. and Oatstraw. nettles. licorice. Lady’s Mantle. Turmeric. mangoes. Dong Quai. the herbs kelp. White Peony (Higly Effective) Licorice (Highly Effective). Yellow Dock. Garlic. False Unicorn Root. Dandelion. *Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil (Higly Effective). nettles. Licorice. Dong Quai. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (Higly Effective). Dandelion. Red Raspberry. oranges. and Ashoka. ground flaxseed and/or coldpressed flax oil Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Echinacea. Note: Hypothyroidism often causes heavy menstrual bleeding. In this case. Blue Cohosh. and oatstraw are also effective for hypothyroidism too. licorice. The herbs horsestail. Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex. etc) and Cascara Sagrada. Iron Rich Herbs: Alfalfa. and Dragon’s Blood Resin. nettles. Milk Thistle. Cayenne Pepper. Black Cohosh. Shepherd’s Purse. and pygeum are effective at decreasing or preventing unwanted hair that occurs as result of the condition.Cramp Bark. vitex.

Turmeric. Artichoke Leaf. Dong Quai (Pain). Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (Most Effective). Ashoka. Turmeric. Red Raspberry (Bleeding). and Bupleurum root Vaginal Health Herbs: Red Raspberry Leaf and White Oak Bark. Red Clover. Horsetail (Helps Keep Scar Tissue Flexible for Proper Healing). Licorice. White Willow Bark (Pain/Inflammation). Dandelion. Milk Thistle (Highly Effective).Endometriosis: Vitex (Most Effective). Turmeric (Pain/Inflammation). Yellow Dock. Dandelion. Maca (Highly Effective). Echinacea (Highly Effective). Shitake Mushroom. Shizandra. the “Now Foods” brand. Neem. Cold-Pressed Flax Oil or Freshly Ground Flaxseed (Cramping/Inflammation). and Reishi Mushroom. Wild Yam (Highly Effective). Burdock. Oregon Grape. Goldenseal. and Saint John’s Wort. and Shitake Mushroom Herbs for Curing/Shrinking Fibroids: Green Tea (Has Been Shown to Eliminate Fibroids. Cramp Bark (Cramps/Bleeding). Yellow Dock (Boosts Iron Levels). Red Raspberry. Tea Tree Oil (Add 2 drops of neem. Take 2-3 drops of the oil with water or juice three times a day. Pau D'Arco. Herbs for Improved Liver Functioning/Detoxification Milk Thistle. Garlic. Dandelion. Red Clover. internally for candida. Echinacea. Burdock. Herbs for Eliminating Yeast Infection: Oregano Essential Oil. Maca (Highly Effective). Neem Oil. Milk Thistle (Highly Effective). Black Walnut. Herbs for Eliminating Candida: Oregano Essential Oil (Most Effective). oregano or tea tree oil to a teaspoon of olive oil and apply to affected area 3 . Wild Yam (Highly Effective). Note: You can also take Oregano Oil. Black Haw (Cramps/Bleeding). drink 5-6 cups per day).

Wild Carrot Seed or Queen Anne Lace: Take 1 tsp of the ground seeds with water or juice within 12 hours of intercourse. Oregon Grape. Fennel. Natural Birth Control Herbs: Neem: This is a natural contraceptive herb. Repeat nightly garlic insertion process until yeast infection symptoms i. and Saint John’s Wort. itchiness is gone. Tea tree. Red Clover. Echinacea. Cover the tea cup or container with a saucer or lid for 15 minutes to an hour. To lower the dosage. The daily dosage is 1 tsp of ground seed or one cup of tea. Strain flower heads from mixture and drink one cup. You can cut a clove of garlic into half and insert the half into your vagina before you go to sleep. Queen Anne Lace is only necessary if you have unprotected sex or do not use the . You can grind the seeds with a small appliance grinder or a blender. Follow application instructions above. and Wild Yam. and oregano oil are also effective for the itching associated with a yeast infection. You might have garlic breath so just freshen breath with a natural non-fluoridated toothpaste. Breast Enlargement Herbs: Fenugreek. the “Now Foods” brand. You can also make a Fresh Flower Tea. Black Walnut. Herbs for Increased Lactation (For Nursing Mothers) Fenugreek Seed. Take 3 to 6 whole flower heads and pour 8oz of boiling water over them. use a whole uncut clove or a whole clove with a few slits in it and then insert into the vagina at night. Pueraria Mirifica. remove the clove in the morning and dispose of with tissue into trash. internally for a yeast infection. Take 2-3 drops with water or juice three times a day. Goldenseal. Saw Palmetto. Discontinue usage after 3 days. Pau D Arco. Take 6 capsules of neem leaf every day to gain contraceptive effect. Female Breast Health Herbs: Red Raspberry and Saw Palmetto.times a day). and Blessed Thistle. Note: You can also take Oregano Oil. neem.e. A clove cut in half is a high dose which might prove to be irritating to the vagina. Garlic (Aged or Fresh). Neem.

Continue taking large doses daily to maintain birth control effect. I would rely on the standard days method and use Queen Anne Lace when necessary. You can get more information on the highly effective standard’s day method here: http://www.htm http://www.html .epigee. Anti-implantation Herbs (Morning After): Wild Carrot Seed or Queen Anne Lace: Take 1 tsp of the ground seeds with water or juice within 12 hours of intercourse. Strain flower heads from mixture and drink one cup. The daily dosage is 1 tsp of ground seed or one cup of tea.wildpantry. The herb is more potent when it is occasionally used rather than daily usage. Wild Yam is not as effective and I do not recommend taking wild yam alone for contraceptive purposes. Take 3 to 6 whole flower heads and pour 8oz of boiling water over them. Take a 1 day break from the herb after your initial usage period if situation requires it and it is during your fertile time period. Wild Carrot Seed can be obtained here: http://www.com/herbs. You can grind the seeds with a small appliance grinder or a blender.html#W Follow the standard’s day method and let your usage of the herb be according to when you are fertile.org/guide/sdm. You can get more information on the highly effective standard’s day method here: http://www.epigee. Take a 1 day break from the herb after your initial usage period if situation requires it and it is during your fertile time period. Queen Anne Lace is only necessary if you have unprotected sex or do not use the withdrawal method (for men) from day 8 to day 19 of the standard day’s method which is a woman’s fertile period. Follow recommendation above for optimum benefit.org/guide/sdm. You can also make a Fresh Flower Tea. Cover the tea cup or container with a saucer or lid for 15 minutes to an hour.html Wild Carrot Seed is Less Effective if taken daily.male withdrawal method from day 8 to day 19 of the standard day’s method which is a woman’s fertile period. Discontinue usage after 3 days.com/natural_birth_control. Take 2 day breaks each time you take it in all other situations. Wild Yam Note: Large doses must be taken daily for about 7 weeks for contraceptive properties to take effect.pennysherbco.

Ashwagandha. Tongkat Ali (Highly Effective). Oatstraw.dherbs. discontinue use after 3 days. Rhodiola Rosea. consume no more than 1 cup of tea per day. Ginseng (Siberian) and Gotu Kola. neem oil. Tribulis Terrestris (Highly Effective). discontinue use after 3 days Rue: Steep 1 tsp of dried herb over boiling water to make tea. When you first take neem oil or rue for 3 days in a 30 day period.dherbs. Muira Puama.com/store/ethereal-bliss-p-477. Follow recommendations above for optimum benefit. Stinging Nettle. Neem Leaf: Take 8 capsules per day for fourteen days Female Aphrodisiac Herbs: Kacip Fatimah (The most powerful in world): You can obtain a Kacip Fatimah here: http://www. or rue. Saw Palmetto. Queen Anne Lace can be used.html Maca (2nd Most Powerful in the World).com/store/kacip-fatimah-p-479.htm http://www. Outside a woman’s fertility period. Cayenne. I recommend only using Queen Anne Lace as a contraceptive if you are having unprotected or risky sex during your fertile time as described above.html#W Neem Oil: Internally take 3-5 drops daily of only organic cold-pressed neem oil after intercourse. Damiana. Wild Carrot Seed can be obtained here: http://www. Be sure to follow the Queen Anne Lace gap tips listed above. Take all of anti-implantation herbs except Queen Anne Lace no more than 56 days in a thirty day period.pennysherbco. Herbs for Boosting Testosterone (Testosterone is Largely Responsible for Female Sex Drive) Kacip Fatimah (Most Effective). Shilajit.com/herbs. Horny Goat Weed. Gingko Bilboa. Ginseng (Panax). Shatavari. Suma. During the 7 day gap when neem oil or rue cannot be taken. Cinnamon. you can use Queen Anne Lace.com/natural_birth_control.wildpantry. Oatstraw. Mucuna Pruriens . Yohimbe Bark.html It is also in this product available here: http://www.Wild Carrot Seed is Less Effective if taken daily. do not take them anymore until at least 7 days has passed.

Curcuma Comosa You can also apply a pure aloe vera gel or non-alcoholic witch hazel product internally into your vagina to achieve a tightening effect Vaginal Dryness Herbs: Ground Flax or Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (Best). place into vagina to cover cervix.5 inch diameter circle in the sponge or purchase a 1. cold-pressed hemp oil. Neem oil lasts about five hours and is 100 percent effective at killing sperm. Red Clover.Vaginal Tightening Herbs: Kacip Fatimah. Saw Palmetto. or an unrefined wheatgerm oil (purchase wheatgerm oil from the refrigerated section and store in a refrigerator) into the vagina. Once you have soaked the sponge in this solution. Pueraria Mirifica. and Red Raspberry. The withdrawal method is one way that can be achieved. You want to avoid exposing the vagina to sperm if you are interested in contraception.5 inch diameter sponge and soak the solution in the same lemon juice recipe above. Dong Quai. 1/4 cup lemon juice added to 3/4 cup purified water. Maca. Cold Pressed Evening Primrose Oil (see instructions for purchase at beginning of the book). You can apply a non-GMO organic vitamin E oil. Maca. Use this recipe. Note: Vitamin E oil is also a highly effective remedy for vaginal dryness. Add the sponge right before intercourse. Expeller pressed coconut oil can also be employed as a lubricant during sex. and Black Cohosh. False Unicorn Root. . Keep the sponge in the vagina for 30 minutes after intercourse or exposure to semen. Cut a 1. You can also add 7-10 drops of neem oil onto your fingers and insert your fingers into the vaginal canal and rub in throughout the vagina and up to the cervix. Add mixture to douche system and douche. Natural Spermicides: Neem Oil and Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (bottled juice is effective too) Add 5-10 drops of neem oil to each organic cotton ball (1-2 balls will be sufficient) and place in vagina 15 minutes before intercourse. False Unicorn Root. You can also purchase a sea sponge or another natural sponge. Note: Neem oil is the spermicide method I most recommend! Douche with lemon juice before and after sex for best results. Ginseng. Infertility or Fertility Boosting Herbs Chaste Tree Berry.

Labor Inducement Herbs: Blue and Black Cohosh (take as a combination) .