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2 May 2012

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MAY 2012

NO. 10

Hook And LAdder enduro resurrection


With an incredible alignment of forces weather, logistics, volunteerism, and adrenaline the off-road family fun event scores big for the WODFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06

rAising Money And AwAreness to BeAt cHiLdHood cAncer LAFrA VoLunteer AppreciAtion

A unified command of both LAFD and LAPD pulls off an amazing St Baldricks Day at Fire Station 89 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Fire Station 114 was the site of this years luncheon to honor the hard work and commitment of your Relief Associations dedicated cadre of volunteers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37


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Presidents Message ................................................................................05 Battalion News ..........................................................................................11 Fire Boat 4 Celebrating 50 years of service ...........................................................22 Retired Guys ...........................................................................................23 The 2012 Grass Valley Reunion All active and retired are invited ............................................................24 Turning Trash to Treasure Is there an estate sale in your future? ...................................................25 The Powerful Pushup 10 Variations take your workout to the next level ...................................26 Department In Action BlueLine train vs. auto ...........................................................................28 Structure fire in Tujunga ........................................................................30 BadgeFight Charity Match LAFD steps into the cage against Santa Ana police ..............................33 Memorials .................................................................................................36 Station Fridge ...........................................................................................38 Mailbox .....................................................................................................39 Retirement Dinner Announcements ...........................................................40 McDaniel Scramble ...................................................................................41 Financial Advisors Everything you wanted to know and need to ask ................................43 A Proposal That Leads To Much More... ....................................................44 Search and Rescue Part 17 - Techniques ............................................................................46 Dollars & Sense ..........................................................................................47 LAFD-HS History L. Miller - Taking a Look Back to 1961 ...................................................49 Minutes of the Board of Trustees ..............................................................53 Classifieds ................................................................................................57 Tailboard ...................................................................................................61


On the cover: Structure Fire - Tujunga photo submitted by David Doc DeMulle, The Foothills Paper
May 2012 3

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4 May 2012

By John Jacobsen

ts a perfect time of year to start doing some new things. The weather is getting nicer and being outside after a long winter is wonderful! I say this like Ive been hibernating somewhere in the Arctic Circle, but you get the gest. Sometimes the slight seasonal changes we have in California are enough to kick start some new activities. All of us, like most people, have a lot going on in our lives. Often that means that you are paying attention to everybody and everything besides yourself. If that is the case, this is for you. Each of us have people in our lives that depend on us. It is important to remember that taking care of yourself and being as healthy as you can means that you can get more done, and feel better doing it. You have heard it before, but it doesnt hurt to get a reminder that can keep you on the top of your game. Try eating better, get some sort of physical activity in everyday and do something enjoyable to melt the stress away. I know this sounds like a government sponsored health ad, but the truth is these few simple things are the drivers of our well-being. In the not so recent past, several local hospitals declared that they would no longer be a part of the Anthem Blue Cross PPO network. This was of a great concern for a large portion of our members that rely on these hospitals for all of their familys needs. The hospital group (HCA) and Anthem Blue Cross could not come to terms on several contractual issues. Some of you asked the Relief Association to fix this problem - as if we had an ability to do so! But we did come up with a very temporary patch - to extend the period of time (90 days) before the PPO level benefit was discontinued, which would hopefully allow some planning for alternatives. The Board made this decision with only your best interest in mind. No other healthcare plan that was affected by this would dream of doing such a thing for their members. I would hope that this is recognized by all as just one of the many reasons you belong to the LAFRA Medical Plan. The hospitals and facilities that are recognized as a PPO are only such because of the agreement or contract that they have with Anthem Blue Cross. We pay Anthem a fee for our ability to access this gigantic network of doctors and facilities, and also to receive the tremendous discounts on the fees charged. Simply put, if Anthem doesnt have a contract in place, than we dont have the ability to access these hospitals at the negotiated rates. I know every one of you has read some of the particulars surrounding healthcare and the continuation of its rising cost. Take a look at one of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and really look at what was charged and what was paid. It is staggering. This is the key component as to why we are still able to deliver the level of benefits you deserve at the lowest cost possible. You may ask, Arent there other PPO networks out there that we could contract with? Yes, but on average they dont come any-

where close to the depth of discount or the number of participating doctors/facilities as Anthem provides. We consistently evaluate what else is out there with some of the key questions being: What would be the financial impact to our Medical Plan? What would be the disruption to the members? How does this fit our needs for our diverse geographical footprint? None of these have a perfect set of answers, but I hope your trust in the Board to consistently provide the best we can would ease some of your concern. Just when you thought the healthcare narrative was over, I need to bring another subject to light. Many of you have read in the paper about Medco, our Prescription Benefit Manager, and Express Scripts working on a deal to combine and/or merge. Well, the two have reached an agreement and now Express Scripts (with Medco) is the largest PBM in the country - and by their words, the world.

Some of you asked the Relief Association to fix this problem - as if we had an ability to do so!
::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: :::::

::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: ::::: :::::

What does this mean to us? At this point in time absolutely nothing will change for our plan. Our contract that spells out where our people can go for retail pharmacy prescriptions will not change. Your mail order prescriptions will operate exactly the same as they have been. The website will remain labeled as Medco. Some of you might have seen the rift between Express Scripts and Walgreens, where someone with an Express Scripts drug plan could not utilize Walgreens to get their medicine. This has no bearing on our Plan and you may continue to use any of the pharmacies you have been using. We have been told that within a year or so we will start to see the Medco branding removed and replaced with Express Scripts. We will ensure that anything changing in this arena will be communicated to you as early as possible. I wanted to relay a special thank you to Bruce Galien, Craig White and all of you who worked your tails off putting together another great family weekend. The Hook and Ladder Enduro was another great success and brought a very healthy contribution to our Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund. I hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. Great job guys! Hope for Firefighters is June 7th and we hope to see you there. Respectfully,

John E. Jacobsen (323) 259-5200

May 2012 5

By Bruce Galien, laFD retireD

e dodged the bullet again. Rain was predicted on the weekend of the Hook and Ladder Enduro, March 23 25, but it was a little warmer this year. But just like last year, the rain held off until Sunday evening. For those that stayed until Monday it made for some epic riding! But enough of that - for all of the 632 participants, Thank You. You all gave generously and we grossed almost $24,000! After expenses, all of you collectively were able to donate $17,000 to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemans Fund. This was the third year of the Hook and Ladder Enduro resurrection and the best to date in our opinion. One of the reasons was the organizational skills of Craig White and his ICS 205 C.R.A P. (Craigs Rescue Action Plan) which set in motion the logistics for the event. When the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief looked at our C.R.A.P. they were thoroughly moved and we could do no wrong. To make this CRAP work we needed help and we got it. Volunteers came from everywhere offering to be part of this event and we put over forty of them to work. My wife Debbie was the Incident Commander (just like at home) and also took charge of the ladies selling T-shirts, raffle tickets (4500 sold!) and cashiers. Roy Prince was in charge of registration, and Pam Pascolla and Cheri Turner sold $4,700 worth of items at the Silent Auction. Doak Smith, being Firefighter of the Year, thought his CRAP didnt stink so we had him tow out the Andy Gump trailer. (He also ran the Start Line). At the Finish Line we had a couple of FOCs, Rich Moody and Jim Nicholson and their motley crew. John Tohill used his erection skills to make the Start and Finish line structures go up, and when we were done, he made them go down. The Teter family did great job cleaning their namesake Teters Trailer site prior to the event. John Nowell, Greg Stone, Judy Teter and all their helpers served over 500

6 May 2012

We would like to thank our kind sponsors:

dirt dogs, chips and sodas. Mike Reitmayer and his sweep riders kept the riders safe, and we couldnt have done it without Mike and Stan comHorst providing the com Grossmunications. Brad Gross man and Randy Opperman takworked overtime marking the course then tak ing it down. Every supervisor knows he has to surround himself with good people and we did. volEven though we did not name every single vol unteer we couldnt have done it without your help. So thank you all again. At the awards ceremony we gave out twenty trophies for first through third place in each of the six classes, and one each for the oldest and youngest rider. Mike Kiedrowski, four time AMA Motocross National Champion and MX Hall of Fame inductee, graciously gave of his time to hand out the trophies to our winners. See the results in the sidebar. We had a successful weekend with many active and retired firefighter families, from many jurisdictions, coming together to firecontinue the tradition of camaraderie and fire men helping firemen. Hope to see you next year.

Andy Gump Arrow Fence and Lumber Barnyard Sign & Decals Bruce Galien Brian Hishinuma Craig White Cycle Gear Cycle Rider-Lancaster Dano Legure, DVS Dunlop Tires DVS / Matix EVS Factory Effex Farmer John Fickewirth & Associates FXI / Anatomic Global Gaerne Boots Greg and Pam Pascola Greg and Susie Stone Hook and Ladder Winery Ironclad Gloves Jason Knight Fire Axe Inc. Judy Teter and Family J&D Motorsports John and Karen Nowell Kevin Windham LAFD Chief Officers Association LA Firemans Relief Association LA Firemans Credit Union LEATT Matrix Maxima Oils Mechanics Wear Mike Jacalone Mike Kiedrowski N-Style Pit Pro MX PJH BRANDS - PJ 1 Oils Podium Distribution Travis Lamm Renthal Brad Cameron Rocky Mountain ATV/MC N-Style Rivalry Clothing Scotts Performance Southern Motorsports Team Kawasaki Ryan Villopoto The Outdoor Recreation Group - TORG Travis Baker United Firefighters Local 112 VAN LEEUWEN Distributing Val Surf

May 2012 7


CLASS ONE A BLIND TIME: 1:05:00 1. ROBBY STOVER - 48X 1:05:03 2. GREG NEWLAND 31X 1:05:27 3. CORY SCHNEIDER 43X 1:03:51 CLASS ONE B BLIND TIME: 1:15:00 1. KEITH BANDY #238 1:15:00 2. JOHN ROE - #256 1:15:11 3. MARK WILLIAMS - #210 1:14:35 CLASS ONE C BLIND TIME: 1:30:00 1. B.&A. LINDBAUGH - #426 1:29:12 2. KELCY MORROW - #443 1:32:55 3. RYAN PARRISH - #445 1:32:57 DADS AND KIDS BLIND TIME: 1:00:00 1. KARSON BROUGH - #504 1:00:00 2. KEITH BROUGH - #503 59:58 3. EMILY NEWMAN - #512 1:00:06 POWDER PUFF BLIND TME: 55:00 1. KAY HOPKINS - #620 55:01 2. SHELLY GROSSMAN - #634 55:10 3. REITMAYER GIRLS - #636 55:18 PICNIC CLASS BLIND TIME: 1:59:00 1. BARNES FAMILY - #721 1:59:00 2. DUNLAP FAMILY - #713 1:59:20 3. COLLINS FAMILY - #703 1:59:40 VINTAGE CLASS AGE OF THE RIDER + AGE OF THE BIKE LYLE TAYLOR 27X - AGE 71 on a 1965 TRIUMPH DESERT SLED = 118 YEARS PROBATIONARY CLASS YOUNGEST RIDER AWARD GEORGIA HORWEDEL - #753 AGE 5 on a 50cc quad

8 May 2012

What Station Will Be This Years Champion?

HjelteSportsCenter 16200BurbankBoulevard EncinoCA91436

BalboaSportsComplex 1701BurbankBoulevard EncinoCA91316

$30 per player includes t-shirt & lunch

Only 32 teams can play, rst come, rst served!

Teams at
Team registration Deadline is April 25, 2012 *Check website for game schedule starting May 11, 2012

Bill Bringas (805) 660-7473 Steve Romas (818) 800-0486

Order Sweatshirts TODAY!!

(Front and back are the same for both styles)
Front Back

May 2012 9

10 May 2012

The views expressed by the Battalion News writers do NOT necessarily reflect those of the Firemens Relief Association

companies From Battalion one hanDleD a Fire that Broke out march 23, 2012, at 800 n. Bunker hill ave. in the chinatown area. photo By Juan Guerra, epn

it was either very colD in the Battalion one oFFice or chieF GiBson Just DiDnt
want to leave FinGer prints when he was ForceD to choke out his

e.i.t. aGain!

Greetings once again from the sinners and the saints of the Second Battalion. The first order of business is to congratulate A/O Matt Laurin and the lovely Dusty on their new tax deduction . . . Chloe. Heres hoping that she looks like her mother and sleeps like her father. Still on the subject of new additions to our beloved battalion, Battalion Chief Rudy Hill will now lead the brave on the B shift. And yes, we will start off liking you, youll have to do something to change that. Not much has happened this past month in our beloved battalion, which had me worried for a minute or two. But as luck would have it, the local news media became awash with stories about our upper, upper, UPPER management. For those of you enjoying retirement in an exotic locale, Im speaking of the

misstated response times initially reported in the March 10th edition of the L.A. Times. It turns out that there was a bit of inaccuracy in the data used to justify the reduction in both personnel and equipment in the last round of budget cuts. Well . . . all of the budget cuts actually. Several stories and interviews with the Fire Chief have followed in which the cause of the discrepancies have been explained. We can choose between a) misstatement of the facts, b) a flawed formula, c) problems with the computer model or d) all of the above. The story is getting so much coverage that even the Mayor is pretending to be interested in public safety. Fortunately the honesty and integrity of our leadership is not in question. This embarrassment is brought to us by the same people who hand delivered the official/unofficial Officers Code of Conduct While on Duty to the Medal of Valor recipient

who regularly defends the rights of those being brought before the Professional Standards Division. As a brief review the first line of the dubiously un-authored document states: As an officer of the LAFD, you are responsible for the enforcement of discipline and it is your duty to set especially good examples to measure up to the high standards of Department requirements. Apparently the higher up the food chain you go a lie becomes a misstatement of the facts, which allows those of high rank to measure up to high standards of Department requirements. Now, according to the Uniform Disciplinary Guidelines I can receive five days off without pay for putting a cartoon, any cartoon, on the refrigerator. So whats the penalty for presenting false and/or misleading information to elected officials making decisions that affect the health and well being of this Department and the citizens we serve? And how much

May 2012 11

of this is the Fire Chief just a being a good soldier and following orders? I cant help but ask at what point and at what price is ones honesty and integrity available on Ebay. Im sad to report it looks like that answer is found in the revolving door that is the Fire Chiefs office. Three chiefs in three years, serving at the pleasure of the Mayor just long enough to qualify for a pension at the new pay grade, saying and doing whatever it takes to make it to the magic one year mark. Such is the price of no Civil Service Protection. And you may have noticed that the media is painting all of us with the same brush, but that wont stop me from still doing my best or from knowing right from wrong. Im willing to bet cream that the vast majority of the rank and file feel the same way, and WE are the LAFD. the weakest link Send your version of the truth . . . or threats (I do love a good threat) to: FF pat turner shows textBook auto FireFiGhtinG technique.

capt. DouG collins anD the memBers From Fs 82 went up to the Fire 3 memorial in GriFFith park on march 23rD. they paiD triBute to their Fallen Brothers on the 14th anniversary oF the traGic crash. on march 26, 2012, 100 FireFiGhters BattleD a Fire in a one-story 75 x 100, at 7529 melrose avenue in Just aFter 2:30 am. the Blaze was extinGuisheD in 40 minutes.
commercial BuilDinG,

photo By shawn kaye

12 May 2012

A fond farewell to B/C Steve Ruda, who heads for a spot in the Fire Prevention Bureau. And a welcome to Engineer Steve Schrobsdorf who slides into 109s on the C. By the time this issue goes to print, the Heavy Equipment Operators may or may not also be making 109s their new home. Dont hold your breath for this move. Lotto fever spread across the nation as the Mega jackpot soared to over $600 million a short while ago. The guys at Fire Station 90 on the B caught the fever and decided to pool their funds and test the waters. Its a good thing the tenth man hasnt been cut from our bare bones task forces, otherwise 90s would have been a little short. You see, each guy put a dime in the pot and the big spenders bought just one ticket between them. Something about the winning odds being the same for each ticket right!

When one of the captain at 81s was awakened by a call on the business phone at 0530 hours on the second Sunday of last March, he thought it might be the news calling for info about the nights fire or maybe the just the cops again (seems like theyll never

understand about 24 hour shifts!). Turns out it was the TFC from 88s cheerfully calling on routine morning business. Did the old A/O mix up the spring back, fall forward thing or were the guys at 88s just messing with the front office clock again? conGratulations are in orDer For Brett anD ashley porter (Fs 88-c) on the
Birth ary oF their BaBy Born on

27. the happy anD

Janu8 21


healthy Girl weiGheD in at more than pounDs anD was inches lonG.

Send all your news and photos to: Battalion 10

victims in this heaD on-crash in companies extricateD anD/or treateD a total oF seven

inFants in car seats were uninJureD.

north hills on march 16, 2012. two

photo By Juan Guerra, epn

May 2012 13

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14 May 2012

memBers From Fire station 74 responDeD with GlenDale FD 29 on this t/a on honolulu ave on april 2, 2012 photo By Doc Demulle, the Foothills paper


march 8, 2012, in tuJunGa.

inJuries were reporteD From this attic Fire

photo By Doc Demulle, the Foothills paper

May 2012 15

on march 27, 2012, a semi-truck struck two autos on the westBounD 210 Fwy. companies From 24s, 74s, anD 98s hanDleD a total oF nine patients. photo By Doc Demulle, the Foothills paper

Greetings from the Battalion that never sleeps! (depending upon which formula you use to calculate sleep) A huge thank you goes out to all the people that went out and donated to St. Baldricks! Whether you donated hair, money, or both, its for a great cause, so again Thank You! Which brings me to the first story. Not wanting to be outdone on the fashion front, 33s was jealous of the turnout to St. Baldricks for guests to get new hair-dos, so they decided to up the ante by doing mani/ pedis. Apparently a FF normally assigned to 65s was working SOD on RA 833 - when he woke up to go on a run, he noticed something a little different than when he had gone to sleep. His toenails were now painted a beautiful red! And he wasnt the only one, a few others also had freshly adorned digits also. I guess if times continue to be tough, this ToeNail Zorro could C shift at the local salon. The moral of the story is if you dont want pretty toes during your stay at 33s, sleep with one eye open or with socks on. . . . Just what I heard.

Well weve all heard about response times and formulas on how the experts get them, but 65s has their own take on response times and hospital transports and the formulas they use. RA 65 and LF 64 are dispatched to a run in 65s first-in. RA 65 races to the emergency and upon arrival does a quick evaluation of the patient and deems that they will be able to handle this call without the extra manpower from the Assessment Light Force. After five to ten more minutes and as a bit more non-ALS criteria is met, this patients outlook is deemed even brighter. It is determined that they will no longer need paramedic transport, but will only need EMT transport. Now the real dilemma . . . So RA65 contacts Metro and requests an 800 series ambulance and is given RA 864 non-emergency. Five to ten minutes later (depending on which formula you use) RA 864 arrives on-scene and now we are 2025 minutes into this call and the patients care is transferred to RA 864 so that they can load up the patient and finally begin the transport. Now I realize that RA 65 is a paramedic unit and that the paramedic on-scene is the highest medical authority, but it seems like, with all this time spent on-scene, the patients best interest is to get to the MAR in the most expedient manner, and that by the time the 800 showed up, this patient couldve been en-route to the MAR and even possibly in a bed or in

the triage area. Im no expert, but just sayin ... Luckily, RA 65 gets a chance to redeem themselves for this next story (spoiler alert, they dont do it). RA 65 was dispatched to a run out of their district. While on their way, they started pulling up other local resources status, and noticed that the RA they were responding in place of just became available. Again the dilemma . . . were pretty close to on-scene, but IT IS their district and they did JUST become available . . . hmmmm what to do now? For all you studiers out there, heres your multiple choice: 1) Take the call as its in the patients best interest 2) send an MDC message with the INC# and the words Your District. . . . If you chose Answer 1, then you chose the correct answer for most responsible LAFD members who have a sense of pride and commitment to the people we serve. If you chose Answer 2, then you made the same bad choice RA 65 did. When confronted about the MDC Games (no, its not a sport in the FF Olympics yet, but more on that next issue) they responded with, Its understood battalion wide that you MDC someone if youre running a call in their district. I wonder when that became a battalion wide understanding? Ill have to ask some of the Battalion 13 stalwarts when that memo came out. Seems like the best way to stay out of trouble is to simply run the calls that show

16 May 2012

up on your MDC screen, whether theyre in somebody elses district or even in the county. Just sayin. Anyone who has been to new 64s knows that the department tried to go above and beyond with the new Fire Station. Bigger, Better, and Positioned for the Future. Something the next generation can move right into . . . apparently, they positioned for the wrong Next Generation though. Im curious which formula they used? They mustve thought it was 1927 when they went with the plans, because, with the simple addition of RA 264, they ran out of beds, lockers, and overall space for the newest members. Firefighters being firefighters, they were destined to make it work. Since there is a GIANT building outback used for meetings, training sessions, conferences, etc, the crews used a little common sense and make-it-work attitude and

turned the conference room downstairs into a makeshift dorm. Ive been told that it is not comfortable, it is loud, and since our Upper Management wouldnt approve installing a Rescue Phone down there a whole new issue arises. One member from each RA (64,264) has to sleep upstairs and one downstairs. Evidently, when a run comes in after bedtime, the upstairs member has to pick-up the phone, decipher whose run it is, race downstairs to wake up their partner, and head out to the RA and press en-route. . . all within 60 seconds! That was until recently, when the Department Brass took the common right out of sense and demanded that 64s turn that room back into a conference room. FS 64 is still awaiting the arrival of a conference table, chairs, and some AV equipment that never got delivered when the station opened over two years ago. Probably a smart way to spend our department $, in-

stead of restoring crews and apparatus. Maybe theyll get all that conference room equipment before they have the Official Grand Opening from when they opened two years ago . . . Just sayin. (End note: Conference Room is cleaned out and cleared up and now they have six personnel for three ambulances upstairs, split between the crews dorm and the separate rescue dorm. Updates as I receive them.) Well, thats all Ive got. Remember to stay safe and keep taking care of one another! . . . and remember, 2+2 makes sense, play nice, stay marginal, know your audience, get a cool nickname, and figure out which formula you use before the media gets a hold of it. Keep sending your stories to:!

In honor of Glenn Allen, the members of Fire Station 97, active and retired, Chief Benesch, Tom Abrams (Glenns brotherin-law) and Brandon McPhie constructed a swing set which was one of Glenns dreams for his grandson Nathaniel. The support crew consisted of Melanie Allen, Rebecca McPhie, Debbie Abrams (Glenns sister) and Robin

Mulvehill. They provided quality control during the construction and also served food and refreshments donated by Chief Benesch. The swing set was presented to Melanie Allen, Brandon and Rebecca McPhie and Nathaniel at his first birthday party which was held at Fire Station 97. The Allen family, along with the members of Fire Station 97 would like to

thank the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and the Childrens Burn Foundation for their generosity in sponsoring the purchase of this wonderful swing set. Nathaniel should get plenty of years enjoying playtime at Grandma Melanies house.

May 2012 17

The entire DeMott family would like to express their appreciation for the support the LAFD showed them during the difficult time since the tragic death of Dakota DeMott, son of Firefighter Mark DeMott. Special thanks to Chief Cummings for allowing Engine 97 to attend the services, to Danny Leon for guidance, spiritual support and liaison at the service, to Juan Albaron and the Relief Association for their support with the funeral, and last but not least, special thanks to the many LAFD members, especially members from Batt14, that showed an impressive presence of support at the funeral. The LAFD truly is an extended family which eases the pain of these times. task Force 89 extinGuisheD a Fire in a motorhome Just a Few Blocks From the station. photo By mike meaDows, epn

enGine 86 anD rescue 60 c-spine the victim oF a traFFic acciDent in north hollywooD. photo By mike meaDows, epn

18 May 2012

at 1425 hours on march 10, 2012, three inJureD (one trappeD in rear seat oF vehicle) were helpeD By passersBy until enGine 18 arriveD to make an assessment anD request an ra. photo By Doc Demulle, the Foothills paper

enGine anD rescue 104 workeD a t/a in the 20300 Block oF parthenia st on march 24, 2012. photo By Juan Guerra, epn

May 2012 19

liGht Force 105, alonG with enGines 72 anD 84 hanDleD a Fire in a sinGle Family DwellinG in FeBruary. photo By Juan Guerra, epn

20 May 2012

Hello again from the 18th hole. Well, lets get started. . . I guess one day 94s had a still alarm at the station and RA 34s comes over to assist the engine company with patient care. The patient got a little out of hand so the captain grabs the radio from one of the medics to call for a LAPD backup. Well to show their gratitude for taking another run in 94s district, the captain I decides to keep the radio from 34s . . . by accident Im sure. So 34s takes off to the hospital when the get a call asking, Where is your radio? Meanwhile, the firemen from 94s get on the MDC and inform the crew from 34s that they owe cream. So the guys from the 34s stop and buy cream, being the good guys they are. Something wrong here? You would think an officer would step in and say, wait a minute! But not this guy . . . he was the first one to get a scoop of cream. Cant make this up. Well, can you feel the change in the air and another realignment? The men and women at 68s arent happy campers. Captain Alexander was heard to say that he doesnt give a you-knowwhat about the B/C coming over to 68s . . . he cares about the six members that will be leaving and the reason for it. Response Time? FOR THE B/C? Please. What about the response time for the citizens in the mid-city area where 68s is located? It seems that when they give a captain a set of horns you would think they would be able to handle and deploy a first alarm assignment. Well, none the less, the B/C is on the way to 68s and six members from 68s are headed to 58s to ride the 800 two-thirds of the time. I think I just heard Capt Larsen scream Yip-pee! Oh, what about the change over at OCD . . . I mean Metro, and the dispatch changes with the engines going on more automatic alarms, bells, smoke detectors alone. What are the trucks going to do? Could this be the beginning of the end for the truckees? Engines have chainsaws now, I think they can attach a blower on the tailboard. Maybe we can get some of those aluminum ladders up by the hard suctions. But Ive seen the Holmatro that engines carry and I gotta say I have a can opener at home stronger than that thing. On a more positive note, I want to give a Thank you to 61s on the C for the great physical rescue drill they had over in 14s district last month. Well done! Great drill for the young and old. Everyone had a great time playing with all the tools and tearing up the cars. Thanks for the stories Be Safe

Create a Legacy

The Eternal Flame Society is a special group of re ghters, family, friends and supporters who have included a gift to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund in their Estate Plans. Theyre visionary and uncommonly dedicated. Their kindness has helped our re ghter families overcome unexpected challenges for more than a century. We invite you to join these dedicated individuals helping to secure the future of your re ghter family. With your help, the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Funds second century will be as extraordinary as its rst. Planned gift arrangements include: Bequest through a will Gift through a living trust or other non-charitable trust Gift of life insurance, real estate or other assets Beneficiary designation in retirement plans

Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at

For information call

(323) 259-5217 or email me at 21 May 2012

The LAFD Boat & Ski Club would like to invite our LAFD Families interested in making some long lasting memories to join us at this years event.

22 May 2012

number, but its close. And knowin Im not part of this elite 47% makes me feel even worse. If you know the How To on gettin counted in on this scheme, would you please send me an application to join this group. Youre right, Id probably fail the entrance requirements. COWBOY HUMOR A good friend of mine needed a few days off work, but knew his boss wouldnt allow him the time. He thought that maybe if he acted crazy then his boss would tell him to take a few days off. So he hung upside down on the ceilin and made funny noises. His female co-worker asked him what he was

just had my annual physical examination. Coincidently, I also had my 2011 fiscal examination of my annual income. I havent figured out which one is more painful, but Ill begin with my physical exam. It dont matter what time my appointment is, my doctor makes me sit in the exam room for at least an hour. Im not sure the reason, but thats just how it is. I think its that hurry up and wait thing. Anyway, after the usual pokin, squeezin and the removal of seven vials of my blood, I was released and told to go home and prepare for next years visit. A few weeks later I was informed that my four page laboratory report was ready. And because my wife and I go to the same doctor, I asked her to find out the results of my lab test after her most recent visit. Did you know you cant do that? Yeah, our doctor wouldnt give any verbal information to my wife about my results but reluctantly put the lab report in a sealed envelope, only to be opened by me. What? Its all about the dang HIPPA privacy laws and medical mumbo-jumbo protocols. I guess our doctor hasnt figured out that my wife knows everythin about me, includin how I look without any clothes on. I know thats a scary thought, but my wife is a strong woman with exceptionally poor eyesight! So, there I was a few days later, waitin to see my tax guy. I can only think of one thing worse and that was waitin to take my Captain IIs interview. I failed that interview and got that same sick feelin that I was about to get shot down again, this time by Uncle Sam. Well, my premonition was deadly accurate. I was definitely in the IRSs cross-hairs this year and proceeded to fly directly into the middle of some intense flak and anti-aircraft fire, but luckily only part of my tail and rudder got blown off! On top of that disastrous news, I found out that 47% of people in this country dont pay income taxes. I know that might not be an exact

doin. He told her that he was pretendin to be a light bulb in hopes that his boss would give him the days off he wanted. A few minutes later his boss came into the office and asked, What in the name of the good Lord are you doin? He told him that he was a light bulb. His boss immediately recognized he was stressed out and ordered him to go home and recuperate for a couple of days. He jumped down from the ceilin and walked out of the office. My friends female coworker followed directly behind him. The boss asked her, And where do you think youre goin? She said, Im goin home too. I cant work in the dark. KEEP SMILIN! AC

Bruce BarBer, retireD to Gasquet, ca (Just short oF the oreGon BorDer) lanDeD this estimateD 19-pounD steelheaD on the chetco river on FeBuary 10. aFter the photos, Bruce releaseD the trophy Back into the river. Paid Advertisement:

May 2012 23

proceeds from sales go to

Donate Items For

Support our annual fundraising events & help raise

money by donating items to sell at auction. 100% of the




24 May 2012

By reBecca martin
hen Engineer Walter Henry retired out of Fire Station 100 after 30 years with the LAFD, he had helped empty the contents of scores of burned out structures. But when his wifes brother passed and left them with a house full of undamaged but very old furniture and household goods, he was overwhelmed. The house was lived in by a 94 year old man, Walter recalls. All the stuff in the house must have been at least 50 years old. We were planning to throw the whole house full of furniture and junk in the trash, but we couldnt find anyone to do the job. What the Henrys didnt realize was that the junk they couldnt even give away was actually 60s and 70s vintage. Much to their surprise and delight, this era of vintage is in high demand and can often draw top dollar. Anyone who finds themselves in need of selling inherited personal property can certainly benefit from the services of a professional estate liquidator. Even those who need to liquidate their own household property can take advantage of a professionally run Estate Sale. An Estate Sale? Isnt that for the sale of precious antiques from a sprawling mansion somewhere in Beverly Hills? Well actually, the word estate refers to the whole of ones possessions, especially all the property left by one at death. So an Estate Sale is essentially an onsite, in-house sale of personal property. heavily to bring in the most traffic. Many liquidators have loyal followings of dealers, collectors and the general public. They are often familiar to buyers who have been attending the liquidators sales for many years, and trust that the goods will priced wisely and fairly. An owners box is filled as the Estate Sale professional prepares the property for the sale. In it are placed all sorts of things that the family may want to keep. We have found paperwork for bank accounts and assets that the family knew nothing about, and were able to recover substantial assets. We know the types of things families want to recover, and as we empty closets and drawers, we keep a keen eye for these family treasures. These include sentimental items such as photos, family keepsakes, jewelry, and valuables such as hidden paperwork and legal documents. One family had been searching for a two hundred year old bible with the familys genealogy and were thrilled when we located it in the attic in a box of what appeared to be rubbish. Another deceased owner left the paper trail of his certificates of deposit (that no one knew about) in the sugar jar. People put things in the darndest places. When the day of the sale finally arrives, you will find that an expert liquidator has taken care of absolutely everything. All items will have been adequately researched and correctly priced. The sale will have been advertised and marketed in all the right places. Signage, security and even refreshments will all be handled without any worries. It was effortless, remembers Walter Henry about his Estate Sale. Rebecca came in and I just gave her the key to the house. She cleaned out all the shelves, cleaned out the attic and even cleared out the garage. She sold everything from the Tupperware in the kitchen to the Lincoln Town Car in the garage. We were tickled pink that she was able to get us thousands of dollars for things that we were going to just throw away.
Rebecca Martin, an LAFD wife, of Fire Family Estate Sales can be reached at (818) 216-3637 or

But as the Henrys discovered, there can be a great deal of burden and stress dealing with a liquidation. Utilizing the services of an Estate Sale professional can be one way of streamlining the entire process. They will organize the house and set it up like a boutique. Everything will be cleaned, shined and displayed in an attractive light. Every item will have a price tag, and the sale will be advertised

May 2012 25

very time an airplane flew over the drill yard youd inevitably hear one of the captains shout give me twenty! It was always a relief to realize that you hadnt been caught rubber-necking again when youd see one of your fellow recruits drop down and pound out the required push-ups. You probably didnt appreciate it then, but a score of push-ups may be the easiest and most efficient way to work on your chest and core. (So give your old captain a call and thank him for being such a hard-ass)

26 May 2012

In the first month of SEAL training, hundreds of push-ups are done each day, five days a week. In the popular P90X program, the chest exercises are almost exclusively various forms of the push-up. And Mens Health publishes a new push-up workout almost every year. So if youre tired of the same old exercises, take it from the pros and try some of these push-up variations. You can drop and give twenty (or more) just about anytime and anywhere. Try Incline Push-ups if youre having trouble with the standard version. Rest your hands on a raised surfacelike a bench or stepinstead of the floor. The higher the surface, the less of your body weight you will have to lift. Lower your chest to the bench, keeping your knees and back straight. Push back out again. Placing your feet higher than your hands will make the exercise more challenging. For a Decline Push-up, position your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width and place your feet on a bench or elevation. Keeping straight, lower the upper body to the floor by bending your arms. To allow for full descent, pull the head back slightly without arching the back. Push your body back up until the arms are extended. You can do a Tricep Push-up by placing your hands close together directly under your shoulders when in the push-up position. You can also touch your index fingers and thumbs together to form a diamond. Keep your elbows tucked close to your sides as you lower your body. This adjustment shifts the work from your chest to your arms.

To task your core and grip strength, try the Barbell Push-up. Assume the normal push-up position - except that your hands are on a weighted barbell. Complete the reps while making sure the barbell doesnt roll away. Plyometric Push-ups will help you develop explosive upper-body strength. Lower your chest to the floor as in a standard pushup and then drive your body up explosively so your hands leave the ground. Upon landing, immediately begin your next repetition. Another plyometric variation is the Clap Push-up. If you want to develop your chest, shoulders, back, hips and triceps all at once, use the Dive Bomber Push-up. Bend over and place your hands on the floor while keeping your arms and legs straight. Keep your butt high and your head pointing down to the ground. Now youre going to make a swooping motion with your body. Push your head forward by bending your elbows. Keep your head low and continue moving your torso forward by arching your back and lowering your hips. Youll end up with your hips near your hands. Now make the same swooping motion in reverse until you reach the starting position. The goal of the Pike Push-up is to work your shoulders. Start by positioning as you would for a normal push-up. While keeping your legs straight, take a few steps forward, bringing your feet towards your hands. Now bend at the elbows to lower your upper body towards the floor. Lower until your head is almost touching the floor, then push back up to the start position. For Rotational Push-ups, assume the classic push-up position and lower yourself towards the floor. As you come up, rotate your body so your right arm lifts up and extends

over your head until you are in a side plank. Your arms and body should form a T. Rotate back to the center and then repeat, rotating to the left side. Side-to-Side Push-ups work one side of your body at a time. From the normal starting position, lower yourself to the ground as you lean toward your right side. Your right arm will be doing most of the work as you push back up. As you lower yourself again, lean towards the left, just focusing on that side. Sideto-Sides are a great way to prepare for OneArmed Push-ups. The One-Armed Push-up is a feat of great strength that begs for an ice cream bet. It calls for brute strength and a rock solid core. In the standard push-up position, spread your feet apart. With one hand behind your back, lower yourself slowly until your chest is almost touching the ground and then press up. Go until you cant do anymore and then switch to the other hand or alternate hands with every rep for the Rocky Push-up. There are dozens of videos available on the internet to help you better understand the different push-up variations presented here. Do a Google search or try some of these websites:

Darnell Tolbert, FS 69-C, demonstrating Decline Push-up.

May 2012 27


Photos by Rick McClure, LAFD Ret. & Mike Meadows, EPN

Seven fire companies, nine rescue ambulances, along with one USAR task force and the Heavy Rescue responded to a Metro Blueline train vs. auto at Flower and Venice in the downtown area. A 19 year old male was trapped in the drivers seat for approximately 1 hr. Six people were transported to area hospitals in stable condition.

28 May 2012

May 2012 29

Photos by David Doc DeMulle, The Foothills Paper

30 May 2012

On March 28, 2012 at 0800 hours, a garage fire caused by a portable heater brought in firefighters from 24s, 77s, and 89s. It took 27 firefighters 26 minutes to contain and extinguish the fire. There were no injuries.

May 2012 31

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32 May 2012

By michael caro, enGineer, Fs 107-B

FF Benjamin Sample, FS 34-A (155 lbs.) was first up and submitted his opponent by a rear naked choke. Next was FF David Rodriguez from FS 59-B (190 lbs) who won his match 22 points to his opponents 2 points. MFCs FF Joe Mendoza (215 lbs) was victorious in a tough match, outscoring his opponent 11 to 6. In the Heavy Weight division, FF Terry Tuzzolino of FS 85-B beat his opponent by a score of 14 to 0. The only loss for the LAFD was at 170 lbs - a FF manned up from Costa Mesa FD to fill a hole in our lineup but unfortunately wasnt victorious. BadgeFights would like to thank all the sponsors that made the event possible, including the LA Firemens Credit Union, Standard 1 Industries, Firemans Brew Beer, Liewen Law, and OneShot Fighting. If you would like to see the whole event, log on to ENetlive. tv , BadgeFights TV. Pictures can be seen at AMAM (American Martial Arts Movement) Magazine and For more information regarding upcoming Grappling/MMA Events or if you are interested in competing, check out, Like us on FB at 9 11 f i g h t c l u b . c o m , or you can contact Michael Caro, FS 107-B, BadgeFights G.M. at

n front of 2,300 screaming fans, the LAFD Grappling team battled in another BadgeFight Charity event. The March 2nd bout was broadcast from Montebello on Proving once again that they are the team to watch, the LAFD won four of their five matches. The rules of the BadgeFights are simple: 1. Raise money for charities for fallen/injured members 2. Shake your opponents hand before and after the match 3. Either beat your opponent by points or submit them by a choke or submission. The evenings production started with the entrance of a team of LAPD and San Bernardino City FD Professional Pipes and Drums. This was followed by the National Anthem performed by Ms. Alexis Hall, as the LAFD/LACoFD Honor Guard proudly displayed the colors. After preliminary the match ups of Bakersfield PD vs. Seattle Metro PD, CHP vs. Santa Ana All Stars and LAPD vs. LACoFD, the LAFD team stepped into the cage against a tough and ready Santa Ana Police team.

photos shawn kaye, epn

May 2012 33

By Danny wu, FF, Fs 89-c

photos By laura lichter,

nyone who has experienced childhood cancer in any capacity knows the importance of finding a cure for this deadly disease. With this in mind, it took more than pounding rain, howling winds, and at times parking shortages to stop the spirit of firefighters, police, and all who gathered at Fire Station 89 in the name of fighting childhood cancer at this years LAFD/ LAPD St. Baldricks Fundraiser.

On Saturday, March 17st the LAFD and LAPD again joined together to produce another successful St. Baldricks fundraiser to find a cure for childhood cancer at Fire Station 89. Worldwide over 160,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every year and many of them lose their hair during treatment. Like this years participants, Along with my LAFD coorganizer Engineer Sean Kennedy and LAPD organizer Lieutenant Greg Doyle (again along with his cancer survivor son Will), we all shaved our heads to support kids with a simi-

lar baldness in exchange for pledges from family and friends. In the process of losing our hair along with other shaves, we are helping to find a cure for a disease that sadly takes the lives of more U.S. children than any other illness. This years event could have been drowned out by the relentless rain and strong winds, but human spirit and compassion prevailed against the elements to produce the most successful event to datewith more than $105,000 being raised thus far! Leading the charge for the LAFD were Division Chief Patrick Butler and Battalion Chief Dennis Waterswhile LAPD Deputy Chief Jorge Villegas also shaved his head and commended his police officers on their support. Councilman Dennis Zine and renowned City of Hope Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist Dr. Clarke Anderson pleaded with the audience to contribute funds into a hat that were passed around before they lopped their locks in the name of fighting childhood cancer. From the Twilight movie, Julia Jones shined as a celebrity barber even though she had never shaved a head before. Likewise, fellow actress Patrika Darbo from Days of Our Lives smiled as she christened her shavees with bald domes. This years event included the usual generosity of International House of Pancakes and Starbucks providing a delicious free breakfast. Face painter Chloe Akana, Los Angeles World Series

34 May 2012

Champion Jay Johnstone, and Magic Castle Magicians entertained the crowd while tunes were provided by 93.1 JACK FM and DJ Roger Monay. LAPD SWAT and K-9 units were on board to educate the public on their roles in the LAPD, while Brent Hill from the 9-11 Patch Project reminded us to remember all we lost back in 9-11. Fire Attire quenched the publics thirst for LAFD fire apparel, and next to him Kelly Khoury from KENK Shell satisfied everyones appetite with drinks and snacks. For those staying through lunch, gourmet food trucks An Nam and Macho Nacho created delicious meals while contributing a portion of their profit to St. Baldricksas did all the vendors. And throughout the day the Providence Blood Mobile collected over 40 pints of blood and 20 people registered with City of Hopes Be the Match Bone Marrow Registry! This years event also included a vastly expanded raffle/silent auction organized by Maggie Compton, with items being contributed by among others-Jay Leno (who again donated $5000!), the Los Angeles Kings, and USC Trojans. A small studio with firefighting items and a police motorcycle was created by Precious Pix photographer Laura Lichter, who not only donated proceeds from her studio pictures to St. Baldricks but also took amazing photos during the whole event. The highlight of this years event occurred near noon when a ceremony was held to first remember Candace Rodrigueza brave, insightful, loving and enthusiastic 15 year-old who passed away a week before the event after battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia for almost 2 years. After a tearful letter was read by Candaces cousin and Maggie Compton, the crowds somber mood turned to cheers as Max Magilnick was recognized as the participant raising the most money this yearwith over $21,000 raised in honor of his sister Emily who is currently being treated at UCLA with funds directly generated from St. Baldricks. Last but not least Maggie

Compton shined again as she used her creativity towards recognizing all the honored kids at the eventwith more than 30 kids being introduced to the crowd on stage and each being given a distinct red St. Baldricks t-shirt and gift bagincluding her enthusiastic son Ryan as he brought her LAPD husband Jason in tow! Thanks to all who participated and supported the annual LAFD/LAPD St. Baldricks Fundraiser. More than 200 heads were shaved and $105,000 raised thus far. You can still donate online at and help find a cure for childhood cancer! A special THANK YOU goes out to Ace Party Rents who sheltered us from the rain by generously donating a huge tent on the spot when informed of the last minute weather predicament. The human spirit is indeed alive and well . . . and the fight against childhood cancer moves forward!

May 2012 35

EDWARD J. DREHER, Firefighter II. Appointed May 02, 1950. Retired on a service pension August 01, 1977 from FS 29-B. Passed away March 14, 2012. EDWIN C. BURNHAM, Captain. Appointed October 23, 1957. Retired on a service pension July 04, 1979 from FS 80-A. Passed away March 20, 2012. WILLIAM R. WILLARD, Captain I. Appointed June 21, 1954. Retired on a service pension June 29, 1980 from FS 27-B. Passed away March 21, 2012. ALBERT U. LOEWE, Captain. Appointed February 03, 1958. Retired on a service pension January 01, 1980 from OCD A. Passed away March 29, 2012. PHILIP K. BOUKATHER, Apparatus Operator. Appointed September 01, 1962. Retired on a disability pension January 01, 1973 from ACCOUNTING SERVICES. Passed away March 31, 2012. PAUL L. MITTENDORF, Captain I. Appointed March 26, 1942. Retired on a service pension September 19, 1971 from FS 73-B. Passed away April 03, 2012.

BETTY WEBBER, surviving spouse of Deforest B. Webber passed away March 01, 2012. DIXIE GROVE, surviving spouse of Russell V. Grove passed away March 17, 2012. DORIS L. TAPERT, spouse of Edwin W. Tapert passed away March 25, 2012.


DOROTHY J. COLLORD, surviving spouse of Clifford L. Collord Jr passed away March 30, 2012. MARJORIE J. MALONE, surviving spouse of John D. Malone passed away March 30, 2012.

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36 May 2012

ike to play softball? Ever played in the Lane Kemper Classic? Make it out to the first ever Over-The-Line tournament at Santa Monica Beach last summer? But most importantly, did you know that LAFD Engineer Bill Bringas is the brainchild behind both of these events? Bill is a fixture at these and other LAFRA functions throughout the year, and that is why he was present at the Saturday, March 13th luncheon to receive the 2012 Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Volunteer of the Year honor. LAFRA Trustee and part-time Fire Captain Dave Peters (come on! he works at 114s!), along with his crew, was instrumental in implementing the IAP both prior to and on the day of the event. The Air Operations gang were the perfect hosts, welcoming the guests into their station, and then surprising everyone with a tour of the facility and apparatus. The cadre of LAFRA volunteers, both civilian and firefighters, were invited to dine with the Air Ops B crew, the guys from FS 90 and Battalion 10 Chief Steve Ruda. The delectable cuisine was prepared on site in the Air Ops kitchen by Chef Jason Sperber from A Culinary Mind. His gourmet handiwork included Chicken Milanese and a ravioli dish made from a blend of Italian cheeses which I cant even pronounce. You may have tasted Jasons creations at the LAFRA Open House or the LAFRA Golf Invitational banquet.

After the meal, Relief Association Vice President Juan Albarran thanked the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. He acknowledged that without their help, it would be impossible to put on many of the events which benefit the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund throughout the year. The volunteers who have gone above and beyond were recognized by the presentation of special plaques. The 2011 Volunteers of the Month were Donna Capelouto, Nayanika Barker, FF Joe Luna, FF David Gastelum, Inspector Martin Gutierrez, and LAFD employees Jennifer Corona and Lesley Cornejo. The 2012 Volunteers of the Month honored were Jessica Chavy, Jan Layton, retired FF Gerry Layton, Gary Montgomery, FF Keenan Porche, and FF Jim Stiglich. And in addition to Bill Bringas taking home a plaque as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year, our old friend Larry Hoerner was present to accept the honor of last years top volunteer. After the dust had settled and all the guests had disappeared, an exhausted Air Ops team discovered that Chef Sperber had left a special thank you present just for them. Piled high on the kitchen table was a huge mound of his best ever chocolate cookies. I wonder if there were any left when the A platoon came on the next morning?

May 2012 37

38 May 2012

Dear John, Please accept this donation in memory of Assistant Chief Tony Ennis who passed away in November of 2011. Tony was a great friend, mentor and courageous chief officer. He will be missed dearly by all who knew him. John and Piper Scherrei - Thousand Oaks, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LAFRA Officers and Board: Thank you so much for the flowers you sent for Bens memorial. The Eugene Fire department had men and a rig there and they played the bagpipes, so he had a fire department send off. Thank you also for the flag. It is a great keepsake. I appreciate all the help you have given me during the process. You are always ready to help. Thank you, Nancy Shepherd - Eugene, OR :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association, Please accept this donation in memory of Ben Shepherd. He was the best with a bucket of water!! Jack Ross, aka Wrinkles, LAFD retired Paso Robles, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association I am writing to thank you for your support and kindness during the first difficult days and months after my husband, Felix Phil Vincent Piere passed on. He was a proud member of the Los Angeles Fire Department for 30 years (2/9/48 2/1/78). Your assistance was a port in the storm during the turbulent time of readjustment to the fact that Felix was no longer here. I will always remember that I knew there was a place to rely on to receive consideration and guidance with the questions I had and to have timely answers delivered with kindness and empathy. Also, the encased flag that LAFRA presented to him for his service has a very special place of honor in our home. Please accept this check to the Widows and Orphans Fund in memory of my husband, Felix V. Piere. Sincerely, Susan Piere - Hemet, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund Enclosed is a check in memory of John Squire, one of the best officers that I had the opportunity to work for during my time on the LAFD. Not only was he a great supervisor but also someone you could go to for advice on personal and department related issues. Thank you, Robert L. Kilpatrick - Simi Valley, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: To whom it may concern; Please accept this donation in memory of two great firemen Tyre Wood and Benny Shepherd. They will be greatly missed! Thank you, John W. Potter - Monterey Park, CA

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LAFRA Please accept this gift in memory of these fine men that I had the opportunity to work with: Willard Willy Atkins, Gerald Foust, Howard Mason, George Allen, Russell Evans and John Squire. William Hassoldt - Rolling Hills, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: WODFF, Please accept this donation in the name of John E. Squire a man of great character that we are honored to say was our friend. Paul and Nancy Semerjian - Woodland Hills, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dear Colleagues, Please accept the following donation in memory of Russ Evans; neighbor, study partner and dear friend for almost sixty years. We worked closely together at emergencies and frequent projects. Our families enjoyed many activities together. He was a giving person always offering a helping hand. I shall miss him greatly. Regards, John Rooney - Voorheesville, NY :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LA Firemens Relief, Please deposit this check in the Widows and Orphans Relief Fund in memory of Carol E. Matthews, wife of retired firefighter Richard Matthews. Thank you, Sharon Lewis - Windsor, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LAFRA Please accept this donation to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund in the memory of Howard Mason. Thank you, Del and JoAnn Thompson - Harbor City, CA :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dear John: I read in the Grapevine of the passing of Judy Ferguson, wife of Jeff Ferguson. I have known both for a long time and I am saddened by her passing. Jeff and I worked together in Battalion 17, and I knew him prior to that by his involvement in the Firefighters Association. Please place this amount in the Widows and Orphans Fund. Sincerely, John Adams - Camarillo, CA

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

May 2012 39

Castaway 1250 East Harvard Road - Burbank, CA 91501 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken Marsala, Prime Rib or Portobello Mushroom $65, includes tax, tip & gift Call Natalie Goshi @ OCD (213) 485-6009 - RSVP by May 18, 2012


Altadena Town & Country Club 2290 Country Club Drive - Altadena, CA 91001 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken or Steak $50, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 99 - (818) 981-6379 - Spouses are cordially invited


Courtyard by Marriott 700 Huntington Drive - Monrovia, CA 91016 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Petite Filet & Chicken Marsala $45, includes dinner, tip & gift - ($50 at the door) Call Gloria or Andy - (213) 978-3560 - RSVP by April 18, 2012


Sportsmens Lodge 12833 Ventura Blvd - Studio City, CA 91604 Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM Menu: Chicken, Tri-Tip or Vegetable Lasagna $50, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 89 by May 15th - (818) 756-8689 Traditional Firemans Dinner


Sutters Mill 3885 Cochran - Simi Valley CA 93063 Social Hour: 2:00 PM Dinner: 4:00 PM Menu: Prime Rib & Appetizers $50, includes tax, tip & gift Call FS 73 - (818) 756-8673 - Spouses are cordially invited

WES SHUNDO, Captain I, FS 101-B SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2012

Elks Lodge #966 1748 Cumbre Drive - San Pedro CA 90732 Dinner: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Menu: TBD $40, includes tax, tip & gift RSVP to Rachel (310) 732-4593 by 07/23/12


Username: firemnsgrpvn
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Jerry Robles Inc.

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40 May 2012

JerryRoblesInc.indd 1

7/25/11 7:27:05 PM

Dear LAFRA and WODFF: Enclosed is a check for $1,150.00 for the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund. We raised the money at the first ever McDaniel Scramble golf tournament. It was my first time organizing an event like this. There were eleven players in all and we had great time! We played two courses in Las Vegas: Badlands and Rio Secco golf clubs. Rio Secco is a very nice course. In the end, my group of three won by one stroke. Las Vegas is a great place to get the guys together and Im hoping we will be doing this every year. Im sure it will become bigger each time. Thank you for the coolers, pens and DVD holders. Everyone was appreciative of your support. I hope that this check helps someone in need. Cory McDaniel Fire Station 52-B

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May 2012 41

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42 May 2012

By al hewitt, cFp
ing support programs, and preferred provider arrangements. Most commission based advisors will use only one fund family, limiting the selection of money managers, making diversification difficult to achieve. Competing product companies also pay the advisor a differing amount, especially for selling annuities and life insurance. If one product pays a commission of 10%, the advisor has no incentive to offer you a product with lower annual fees that only has a commission of 1%. Reality The products you will be sold have higher annual fees than many other types of products currently available in the marketplace. These fees and charges could range from 2% to 5% every year and will erode your portfolio. These include: 12b-1 fees, account fees, management fees, tax charges, turnover costs, mortality and expense charges, living benefit expenses, enhanced death benefits, submanager fees, and SAI charges (Statement of Additional Information). These fees are for trading expenses, custodial expenses, legal and accounting expenses, transfer agent, and other administrative expenses. These fees and expenses will have a significant impact on your long-term wealth. For example, if you have a $250,000 investment and receive an average annual rate of return (after expenses) of 8% for 20 years, an additional 2% of annual expense charges will cost you $319,406 over that time. Other fees and charges you could incur may be sales loads, contingent deferred sales charges, surrender charges, exchange fees, redemption fees, dealer spreads, and purchase fees. Conflict Many advisors and their employers receive multiple incentives which can be monetary or non-monetary for using certain investment and insurance companies. Some of the incentives are: payments for advertising, gifts, bonuses, soft money incentives, paid trips, vacations, seminars, food, etc. Commission based advisors are not required to disclose all conflicts of interest, and they do not want you to know they exist. These multiple conflicts make it difficult to determine if you are choosing an advisor that will be working for you or one that will be working for the interests of their employer and the various product companies that pay the advisors commissions.

y taking the time to read this report you will learn how the financial services industry does business ninety-nine percent of the time. You will find that it is in your best interest to become part of the other one percent. The financial services industry is famous for complicating the way you choose a financial advisor, and how they are compensated. With over fifty types of financial certifications, varying compensation models, and multiple regulatory agencies, the industry has created a mass confusion. Here are the two most common business models used by advisors in providing investment advisory and financial planning services:

The advisor is paid by, and works for, someone other than you such as: a credit union, broker dealer, brokerage firm, bank, or an insurance company. Many financial advisors will give away free financial advice and even a boiler plate (computerized financial plan); in turn, you may purchase recommended financial or insurance products from the advisor (mutual funds, annuities, insurance, etc). The advisor will receive a commission from the product company. Commission payouts range from 1% to over 10% depending on the type of products purchased. The goal of commission based advisors is to get hundreds if not thousands of customers to buy the product they are selling. The advisor must constantly solicit for new business to earn commissions limiting the advisors time to manage your financial plan.

commissions on Financial proDucts: how they work

Conflict Brokerage firms and broker dealers have many business practices that have built in conflicts of interest which may include: payto-play, directed trades, revenue sharing, inhouse products, make-a-market in securities, and underwriting new securities. These built in conflicts may limit the selection of investments available and your advisors ability to provide the most cost effective solution for you and your family. Conflict Commission and fee-based advisors are not held to a fiduciary standard. Fiduciary standards are only required for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs). Commission and fee-based advisors are held only to a suitability standard. Advisors that are held to the fiduciary standard must comply with the following: sign a Fiduciary Oath, display loyalty to you, not be compensated by anyone other than you, not be affiliated with any competing interests, fully disclose all conflicts of interest, do not receive referral fees from other service providers, and do not receive financial incentives for recommending specific financial or insurance products. It is estimated that over ninety-five percent of financial advisors are not held to the fiduciary standard. Conflict By using commission and fee-based advisors, you may be supporting other organizations and companies you do not even know about, such as: credit union organizations, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and various multi-level sales groups. Ask questions and perform proper due diligence on others who benefit by you doing business with the advisor and their employer. You may find that you will be supporting organizations and companies that are not part of your core values.
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commissions For proDucts: the intent

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May 2012 43

Wednesday, May 16th - Sunday, May 20th, 2012

The Scheduled Activities Include:
- Golf Tournament - Pot Luck Dinner - Social Hour & Catered Barbecue

riend, d! ell a F Frien T a Bring

- Check-In & Reacquaintance

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 Thursday, May 17th, 2012

- Golf Tournament at 9:00 am Coyote Run Golf Course, $50 per golfer - Ice Cream Social

Friday, May 18th, 2012

- Potluck Dinner at 4:00 pm - Social Hour hosted by Relief/Credit Union

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

- Catered Barbecue at 2:00 pm - $30 per person

LOTS of RV Spots Available!

Present at the event:

(44 full hook ups and 100 water & electrical only), two dump stations, shower and toilet facilities.

Juan Albarran, LAFRA Vice President (323) 259-5202 email:

44 May 2012

wedding day is traditionally a time for couples to celebrate a new stage in their life together. However, many people dont realize that your special day can also be a wonderful opportunity to help improve the lives of those in need. Hector Hernandez, a Captain at Fire Station 85 and his fiancee Anne Buchanan, VP of Human Resources for BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP, have chosen to do just that for their upcoming nuptials. In lieu of wedding gifts, theyve asked their family and friends to donate to the Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemens Fund in their name. Hector and I started planning our wedding as soon as we got engaged. When discussing wedding gifts we both felt strongly that a traditional registry wasnt for us, Anne Buchanan told us. We are extremely fortunate to have so much in our lives, and asking our family and friends to buy wedding gifts just felt wrong. I proposed the option of asking for donations to our favorite charity in lieu of gifts. When sharing this idea with friends I was directed to which is an online tool for creating a charitable wedding. The I Do Foundation is a non-profit that was founded in 2002 to help couples connect with charitable causes like the Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemens Fund for their wedding. As Anne puts it, Its important to remember that gifts of charity keep on giving and who

doesnt love to be a part of that? The I Do Foundation offers couples a number of different options for raising charitable contributions for their wedding, including setting up their own personal wedding website and partnering with a major retailer such as Macys or Target for their wedding registry, with a percentage of registry item sales going to the cause of their choice. This is a great choice for those who dont want to entirely forgo the traditional gift registry but still want to help support a charity. The couple has created a website that allows visitors to donate to the Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firemens Fund in honor of their nuptials. The donation page can be found at However, raising funds for charity isnt their only goal. We hope to raise money for the WODFF but more importantly our objective is to raise awareness about the option of creating a charitable website in lieu of accepting gifts. The website will be live until their wedding in July of 2012. Hector and Anne also prove that helping others with your wedding plans doesnt mean ignoring the romance in your relationship. Hector proposed during a horse carriage ride through Central Park this past September, said Anne. It was a special moment in time that well cherish forever.

May 2012 45

By John mittenDorF
photo By mike meaDows, epn provide a safety back-up for personnel in a hazardous environment. A backup team and/or a RIT team should also monitor the progress of the primary search team, should periodically check on their status, and is responsible for the following: Ensure they are not delegated to another responsibility and be ready for immediate entrance into the building. If they are delegated to another responsibility, they must be immediately replaced. If possible, have radio contact with the search team and periodically verify their status. The larger the area to be searched, the more important this consideration becomes. This can be easily accomplished (and with minimal use of a portable radio) if the backup/RIT team will radio the search team after 5, 10, 15, minutes (or other pre-arranged signal) has elapsed. As an example, at each 5-minute signal, the search team leader acknowledges receipt by double clicking the portable radio talk button, etc. If the initial search team is not able to verify their status, the backup team/RIT should be prepared to enter the building and assist the search team. Additionally, this method will assist a search team leader in determining the appropriate time left for the search in combination with the size of breathing apparatus being utilized (i.e., 30, 45, or 60-minute). Position a light (quartz, strobe, etc) at the bottom and side of the entrance opening to facilitate the identification of the opening (now the exit opening) from the interior of the structure (this proved to be instrumental in saving multiple firefighters at the Proud Bird fire at LAX). If necessary, a quartz light can also be mounted on the end of an aerial device and used to assist above-ground search operations by placing the light near windows or other openings to allow some degree of interior illumination. To summarize this perspective, if you need to suddenly get out of a building with little or no visibility, what is the first thing you look for? When contemplating the subject of placing search personnel inside a structure, a subject that is not often considered or pre-planned is the ability to immediately remove personnel if the need suddenly arises. Several methods that are in use are calling a Mayday, three blasts of a horn or horns on apparatus, and so on. Personnel that are committed to fireground operations should have a set policy that all personnel are intimately aware of that addresses the following concerns: A signal to immediately abandon a building. Should tools and equipment be left in place? An assembly point outside the structure that will allow a timely verification/accountability of appropriate personnel. Remember that as the number of interior personnel increases, so does the time to quickly remove them.
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ny search operation should be preceded with a basic knowledge of the structure (construction and layout), fire (location and extension), victims (approximate number, age, and location), resources (personnel and equipment), SOPs (training), and remembering that search operations can be low frequency, high risk events. All these issues mean that search operations can be a very dangerous events. Using the preceding factors as a basic starting point, lets review basic search techniques that should be appropriately considered during a search operation: A basic search team should consist of at least two personnel. However, the size of a search team can be increased as needed but should not generally exceed two to five personnel per team (depending on the size of a structure and type of search team). A span of control over four (not counting an officer) is usually counterproductive. The key is to use the appropriate number of personnel, depending on the type of search, size of area to be searched, and resources available. If it is necessary to use multiple search teams, a primary team would be designated #1 and a back-up team would be designated #2 (or other similar designations). If multiple entry points are used, search teams can be designated according to entry points (team 1, 2, 3, etc. Back up teams would then be designated 1a, 1b, 1c, etc). Each team leader should monitor a rescue channel if used. Other team members should keep their radio volume control turned down to avoid squelch and other unnecessary noises. Keep radio messages to a minimum. If portable radios are utilized, a search team should be placed on a separate radio channel if possible and should make a quick radio channel check before proceeding with a search operation. This channel should be locked to prevent the channel from being accidentally changed during an incident. If possible, a back-up team with appropriate safety equipment should be positioned near the entrance opening used by the initial search team, particularly on lengthy or large area searches. This team can be separate from a RIT. Remember, the sole responsibility of a RIT is to

46 May 2012

by Mike Mastro, President/CEO Los Angeles Firemens Credit Union Press the credit button when using your debit cards. At LAFCU, we always encourage members to press the credit button whenever using your Visa debit card. By doing so, youll be required to sign for your purchases and verify your identity with the merchant. Youll also be protected with Visas Zero Liability program where your liability is zero.* Your liability for unauthorized purchases made with your PIN is $50. Plus, when you press the credit button, youll also help generate additional income for the Credit Union. Be cautious about sharing your personal information on social websites. Lets face it, facebook, twitter, and other social sites are fun. We can chat, play games, but for the most part, we can connect with others. Through the magic of these social sites, we can keep in touch with family and friends, reconnect with classmates and longlost friends, and more. We are able to share information about ourselves, or learn more about others who have similar interests. While on the surface there are many positives to these social sites, think twice about sharing too much personal information, friending someone you dont know very well, or posting photos. Fraudsters use the information youve posted about yourself or the information thats posted about you to learn more about you. Birth dates, anniversaries, and other personal information give fraudsters more information to guess at your passwords. Fraudsters also copy photos from your pages for their own purposes. Should you ever become the victim of identity theft or fraud, or even suspect unauthorized activity on your LAFCU accounts, call us immediately. Representatives can be reached at (800) 231-1626. I also encourage you to also visit the Security Center of our website at www., for additional tips. Have a safe month! Mike Mastro
*With Visas Zero Liability policy, you will not be liable for unauthorized CREDIT option transactions. thorized PIN transactions (ATM or POS) will be the same as previously disclosed for ATM cards. Visas Zero Liability policy does not apply to PIN transactions not processed by Visa. Your liability for unau-

his past month, Visa and Mastercard alerted financial institutions about a breach at a payment processor. The Atlanta-based processor, Global Payments, Inc., was hacked, and credit card numbers were stolen from their systems. This breach affected banks, credit unions and other credit-card issuers. At the writing of this article, financial sources reported the breach as being massive and potentially affecting in excess of ten million MasterCard and Visa card holders. The breach was later downgraded and was reported that the breach was contained, affecting approximately 1.5 million cardholders. Its not the first time credit card data has been breached, nor will it be the last time. Hackers are continually looking for ways to defeat the security systems to access private information. So its important not to let your guard down. For this months article, Ill offer you tips on how to minimize your chances of being a victim of credit card fraud. Review your credit card statement regularly. When you receive your credit card statement, dont just pay it or stick it in the drawer. Scrutinize your charge activity. If you (or your spouse) do not recall making a charge listed on your bill, question it. Call your credit card company. Ask for details about the charge in question. If it turns out that the charge is fraudulent, your credit card company will be able to take immediate steps to cancel and re-issue a new card to you. For questions about your LAFCU Visa credit card and any card activity, please contact us at (800) 231-1626. Change your online passwords regularly. Dont be complacent with your online passwords. Many experts recommend changing your password every 3 months. And, while it may be tempting to use passwords for multiple websites, DONT. If a fraudster is able to figure out the password for one of your accounts, they could have access to others. Be sure to create passwords that contain numbers, letters, and symbols and are more than six characters. Protect your smart phone with a password. Perhaps the most overlooked and easiest way to protect the information stored on your cell phone or mobile device, is by enabling the password feature. If youre one of the many who may store a password on your phone or email, a hacker may be able to break into your accounts. Keep up your guard and password-protect your phone.

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A portion of fire-related jewelry profits donated to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund.

May 2012 47

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.
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Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / Volvo / Ford Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports For special pricing contact Terry MillerFleet Sales & Leasing 15505 Roscoe Blvd, North Hills CA 91343 818-797-3800 l 1.800.GO.GALPIN ----------------------------GOUDY HONDA Auto Leasing & Fleet Sales Since 1989 Fastest Growing Dealer in the Nation 1400 W Main St, Alhambra CA 91801 Eddie WangFleet & Lease Manager 626-300-4222 l 800-423-1114 ----------------------------HAMER TOYOTA, INC. Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara 11041 Sepulveda Blvd, Mission Hills CA Ask for Steve DensonFleet Manager 818-365-9621 Specializing in hassle-free car buying ----------------------------HONDA OF HOLLYWOOD Honda - Sales and Leasing Large Selection of Used Vehicles 6511 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood CA Ask for Dave Erickson 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187 48 May 2012

LAFD Historical Society

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD ChieF engineer & generAL MAnAger WiLLiAM L. MiLLer - TAking A Look BACk To 1961
ued progress in all these fields has been and is possible. Without adequate fire protection, our civilization would destroy itself, for each day it creates new hazards with new discoveries and new processes. In these 74 years our citys population has multiplied over 70 times. This virtual explosion in population has required hundreds of additional schools; hundreds of thousands more homes, tens of thousands new businesses, great factories, research facilities, hospitals and entertainment centers. It has demanded fantastic increases in fire protection. In short the challenge to the Fire Department has been unprecedented. Our current five-year expansion program exceeds all combined efforts in the Departments history. Citizens of Los Angeles have made possible the excellent fire fighting facilities of today. City officials, civic leaders, the press and the electorate have consistently supported efforts of the Fire Department to meet its challenges. They have never been willing to accept second-class protection for their lives and their property. The story of progress in fire protection parallels the citys growth. In the early Pueblo of Los Angeles, the fire engine was drawn by hand, until horses were provided. The gasoline engine, replacing the horse, marked a great new era in our civilization. From the protection of a few small adobe buildings in a rural village, we have rocketed into the age of space; into a world of nuclear power; into a complex of scientific developments--that can spell progress--when controlled, or disaster if not controlled. Today the fire fighting forces of our city stand in bold contrast to the humble beginning of the early pueblo. Three powerful fire boats--manned by firemen trained in shipboard and waterfront fire fighting--protect our citys 35 miles of ocean frontage, its acres of wharves, docks and piers, with additional millions of dollar value in ships and cargoes going to and from all parts of the world. But a few months ago a great fire at one of the piers threatened the very existence of our vital harbor. Only through excellent tactics, highly trained manpower and the best firefighting equipment was the holocaust held to the pier of origin. In recent years, multiple alarm fires have occurred in ocean liners, tankers and flammable liquid tank farms within our harbor. Each time the damage has been confined to the area or vessel of origin and the harbor has been saved from total destruction. Each success proved the value and economy of maintaining a first-class fire fighting force.

hen I joined the LAFD in 1959, William L. Miller was the Chief Engineer. As the city was growing, the Chief was expanding the department to maintain an adequate level of protection. The following is an excerpt from a speech Chief Miller gave in 1961 marking the 75th Anniversary of the LAFD. I think you will find his vision of the department interesting and remember that was 51 years ago. DIAMOND JUBILEE ADDRESS The following is the text of an address given by William L. Miller, Chief Engineer of the Los Angeles City Fire Department at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, marking the 75th anniversary of the City Fire Department, held on March 8, 1961 at the Biltmore Bowl Remembrances of events that transpired 75 years ago are important, for from such beginnings of a fire service for a little city than spanned some 30 square miles, there has grown the Los Angeles Fire Department of today (1961), protecting the lives and possessions of 2 1/2 million people; inhabiting a metropolis of some 459 square miles. Tonight we celebrate 75 years of progress of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Because of its protection our loved ones, our homes and our businesses are safer from the ravages of fire, explosion and panic. There are those present who have in a few short years seen this city grow from a sprawling country town to the nations largest city in area, rapidly approaching second in population and for decades the most colorful and progressive. We have seen its orchards and grain fields transformed into great industrial complexes and subdivisions; its swamp lands converted into airfields and harbor facilities, ranking among the busiest and best in the world. We have seen the development of great communications, transportation and industrial systems; a vast network of highways; a water and power supply from the high Sierras and the Colorado River; public utilities and public works without parallel. Each of these great developments has brought to our city its inherent hazards. Because of adequate fire protection, contin-

chieF miller tank 71 with

Dennis Day Fire service Day 1959, a Day miller instituteD in 1956.
at the wheel on

on the runninG BoarD oF sinGer/actor

May 2012 49

At our municipal airports--expertly trained crash crews man the most powerful and specialized aircraft crash fire fighting engines in existence; protecting the entry and exit of 6 1/2 million air passengers each year. In addition, conventional crews and fire engines protect aircraft, manufacturing and allied facilities of these leading air terminals of the world. Crash crews of the Los Angeles Fire Department have an enviable record in assisting safe landings of aircraft in trouble. Los Angeles is the only major city having specially organized forces of trained men and specialized equipment to combat brush fires. The City of Los Angeles has one of the largest trained forces of brush fire fighters in the United States. Historically, conflagrations in cities frequently come from uncontrolled brush fires entering the city proper. It is well known to most of you, that in spite of the fastest burning ground cover in the nation, and with hundreds of incipient fires in the city each year, none has ever reached conflagration proportions. None has ever penetrated beyond the fringe areas of mountain dwellings. Each year my office receives hundreds of letters of praise for the excellent work of our firemen in saving homes and lives during these fasting moving fires. Throughout this great city a hundred stations house 3,000 of the worlds finest firemen and what will soon be the most modern fleet of fire engines in existence anywhere. What kind of men are these firemen? First, they are selected only through competitive examination; with requirements so rigid that but a handful of each thousand applicants ever gains admittance. Our firemen are community leaders in churches, Red Cross, professional groups, PTA, Chambers of Commerce, service clubs, Scouting, Woodcraft and youth work throughout the city. Our ranks include many members with college degrees in the

Grapevine cover, march 1962. pilot BuD nelson prepares to take chieF enGineer william miller For a riDe in the new Bell helicopter.

fields of public administration, law and the sciences. Firemen are good neighbors, family men, home-loving citizens--doing their bit in every-day life to build a greater Los Angeles. In their profession they have no equal. Los Angeles is the largest major city to have a class one fire department. This distinction and excellence has been recognized for 14 years by the National Board of Fire Underwriters and the Pacific Fire Rating Bureau, which through repeated reductions in fire insurance rates, have saved Los Angeles property owners millions of dollars in premiums. Even more significant is the record of life safety. If the United States, as a whole, enjoyed the same degree of fire safety as do the citizens of Los Angeles, over 7,700 persons (including 1,200 children) who died in fires last year would be alive today. Likewise, over 75,000 maimed and injured in fires last year would have been spared. Many members of the Los Angeles Fire Department serve on local, State and National committees in the field for fire protection legislation. In the field of physical fitness, we have the most comprehensive program of any major fire department. In many types of athletics our members are in national championship class. Our most recent honors were won in the Winter Olympics at Snow Valley. Among you tonight are many of these highly trained, dedicated, professional firemen and their wives. They are a part of the force of over 3,000 who guard your lives and property every day and every night of the year. As the Chief of your Fire Department, I humbly accept the great privilege of commending them to you as members of this Class One Fire Department and as citizens of your communities--dedicated to the saving of lives and property. No commendation would be complete or just without mention of the wives of our firemen, who also have joined with us tonight in this celebration. As in all great professions, to them goes much of the honor for the accomplishments of their men. It is they--who know the anxiety, the heartaches and sacrifices that so often go unnoticed. It is they--who know the need for courage and faith when roaring flames engulf our mountains, or great structures, or when a fireman must go through literal hell to save a life from fire. At my invitation tonight, a firemans wife has come from her husbands bedside in Central Receiving Hospital. With 70 percent of his body severely burned when trapped in a fire, on the night of January 17, Fireman Tom Morse has since hovered between life and death. Medical science and the Central Receiving Hospital are doing everything possible to heal his injuries and to relieve his pain. His wife and three little daughters--and 3,000 firemen and their wives--are hoping, praying and waiting for the day that Tom and Daddy is

able to come home. [Note: Unfortunately Fireman Thomas O. Morse, Truck Co. 26B, died of his injuries on March 11, 1961 just days after Chief Millers speech] To the wives of firemen here--and to the wives of those on duty throughout the city tonight, and the nights to come--I extend the humble gratitude of your men. Also in our gathering tonight are many retired men from our Department, who have given the cream of their lives for the safety of our citizens. To you, retired men--I extend our thanks for establishing a sound foundation and a firm base from which we could progress. Without your fine examples and your dedication to duty, the Los Angeles Fire Department would not enjoy the fine reputation that it does. The challenges of the future are great. We have faith that our citizens will continue to support an adequate fire fighting force-which must grow--as the city grows. We accept the challenges of the age of electronics, nuclear power, space engines and automation. We stand firm in our resolution to insure that progress, with effective protection. Nor shall we, in the face of all that is material, ever forget that our dedication to the saving of human life is the first and foremost of our duties. To Your Honor, Mayor Poulson, Members of the City Council and Fire Commission--my thanks for your great assistance in our daily work. To my contemporaries in other City Departments gratitude for your confidence and continued support. To all--we pledge a progressive Fire Department, trained and qualified to meet the challenges in the years ahead. IN MEMORIAM WILLIAM L. MILLER From L.A. Times William L. Miller, retired Chief Engineer, Los Angeles City Fire Department, died June 4, 1989 in Lake Elsinore, CA. Immediate cremation. Los Angeles and its fire problems were dramatically different in 1956 from those that William L. Miller found when he moved to Los Angeles in 1928 from Iowa. Born January 31, 1906 in Morrison, Iowa, he arrived in the city shortly before the Wall Street stock market crash. His Cedar Rapids Business College training at first led him into administrative jobs, including district manager of circulation for the Los Angeles Examiner. Bill Miller joined the Los Angeles Fire Department during the depression, June 1, 1933 and was first assigned to Engine 63 in Venice. Career promotions followed in order. Captain- 1940 -Engine 40; Battalion Chief1948 -Battalion 9; Assistant Chief (Fire Marshall)-1954 -Fire Prevention Bureau; Chief Engineer & General Manager 1956-1965.

50 May 2012

Another position served by Bill Miller was as a Lieutenant Commander in charge of damage control while attached to the Admirals Staff in the South Atlantic Fleet in World War II duty. Miller also served as 1941-1942 president of the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association; a post no other firefighter who was to become Chief Engineer ever held. Post war Los Angeles experienced a virtual explosion of growth in population and industry - doubling in size. As Chief Engineer, Millers challenge was to rebuild the fire department to match this unprecedented escalation of development. He met his challenge successfully as is documented in the LAFD publication 10 Years of Progress. These accomplishments included: 1. Successfully retained LAFDs Class 1 rating despite L.A.s tremendous expansion and growth through rebuilding and restricting the department, financially made possible by passage of a$14.5 Million Bond Issue-Prop. A

2. Instituted first Fire Service Day in 1956 which expanded statewide in 1957. 3. Passed ordinance banning all open fires in Los Angeles, greatly reducing the fire losses and responses. 4. Rebuilt many outdated fire stations, added new Fireboats (according to LAFD specs). Established first Helicopter and Helitak Units, combined salvage and rescue operations. Advanced airport (LAX & VAN NUYS) fire protection to meet the jet age. Developed Rescue-Ambulance Service for patient transportation. 5. Established the three platoon system, greatly increasing promotional positions and salaries. 6. Conducted operation school burning tests published by NFPA in books I and II. 7. Started program for Operation High Rise, formulating fireground procedures for major high-rise fires.

8. Established first Fire Research Laboratory for a fire department. 9. Started and completed the stormy desegregation of the Fire Department during his tenure as Fire Chief. 10. With his work completed, William L. Miller retired on July 16, 1965. EVENTS & HAPPENINGS Pancake Breakfast

CALENDAR for May & June 2012

May 2012

all are inviteD to the annual laFD pancake BreakFast on saturDay, may 12th. this is one oF our FunDraiser events For the museum & memorial, so come out anD enJoy the FooD, FrienDs anD Family anD the museum.

New Hollywood Museum Display

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June 2012 Memorial Day


time this month to rememBer our military men anD women who DieD For our

all neeD to take the

country. our hollywooD museum prouDly Displays a By the laFD american leGion post in honor oF those laFD memBers who DieD DurinG worlD war i anD ii while servinG in the military. BeautiFul plaque DonateD

May 2012 51

52 May 2012

CALL TO ORDER President John Jacobsen called the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association to order at 10:35a.m. ROLL CALL MEMBERS PRESENT: John Jacobsen, President Juan Albarran, Vice President Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Trustee James Coburn Trustee Jeff Cawdrey Trustee Robert Steinbacher Trustee Gene Bednarchik Trustee Rick Godinez Trustee Doak Smith Trustee Chris Hart Trustee Craig White Trustee Michael Overholser Trustee Mark Akahoshi Trustee Steven Domanski Trustee Gary Matsubara Trustee David Peters Trustee Steve Tufts Trustee David Ortiz Trustee David Lowe Trustee Barry Hedberg Trustee Tim Larson David Ned Smith - Exec. Director Controller Todd Layfer MEMBERS ABSENT: Trustee Chris Stine (Excused) Trustee Frank Hernandez (Excused) Trustee Kurt Stabel (Excused) GUESTS: LeeKebler,L.A.RetiredFire&Police Dennis Mendenhall, Retired Garth Flint, Beacon Pointe Advisors INVOCATION & Flag Salute Andy Kuljis led the invocation. Chris Hart led the flag salute. RATIFICATION OF MINUTES John Jacobsen entertained a motion to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held January 4, 2012. Robert Steinbacher so moved. Tim Larson seconded the motion. There was no further discussion or objections. Motion carried to ratify and dispense with the reading of the minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting held January 4, 2012. In-Person Appeal John Jacobsen informed the Trustees that a suspended member of the Relief was present to address the Board on her request for reinstatement. The member appeared before the Board and stated her case. She informed the Board of her reasons for being unresponsive to the letters sent by the Relief Association as well as her current situation. She was told that she would be informed of the Boards decision after the meeting. After further discussion, it was stated that it was the Relief Committees decision to deny her request to be reinstated as a member of the Relief. Chris Hart motioned to approve her request to be reinstated as a member of the Relief Association. Michael Overholser seconded. On the question, there were objections. 10 voted opposed to the motion, 9 in favor. Motion failed. INVESTMENT COMMITTEE REPORT Robert Steinbacher stated that Garth Flint and Mike Breller of Beacon Pointe would address the Board with the 4th Quarter investments. He mentioned that by Friday, the committee will give Garth two names of new managers for consideration and indicated that they will make their decision after interviews scheduled on February 24th. Garth Flint reported that 2011 was a tough year for investments. He reviewed the current market situation in terms of the unemployment rate, housing market and the possibility of inflation. Mike Breller addressed the asset allocations and how the portfolio is diversified into the various asset classes. He stated that after review of performance from the sectors, he stated that Large Cap was up by 1%, Small Cap was down by 6% and International was down 12% for the year. He mentioned that St. James, Symons and The London Company were added at the end of the year as replacements for Knightsbridge and Seligman and should improve the performance. He reported that Stralem & Co. had performed fairly well and made up for some of the losses from the Knightsbridge portfolio relative to their index. He referred to the International component and stated that the Artisan Intl Value was down 6% for the year instead of down 12% and held up substantially as well as Europacific Growth which was in line with the market and its peer groups. He also reported that IVA Intl and Lazard Emerging Markets are in line with their peer groups and as well as the benchmark. PRESIDENTS REPORT 1) Jacobsen referred to the Pension Audit and stated that they have submitted the last documents to the auditor and are working on the rough draft. He mentioned that Dawna Gray and he will have a chance to review the final draft prior to it being submitted to the Pension Board. 2) Jacobsen mentioned that he attended the TriStar Open House event and mentioned that they are looking to resolve LAFRAs workers comp issues. He also mentioned SB457 had passed legislation which states that if a worker gets treated for a work related injury, files a work comp claim and if the Work Comp Board declares it so, the City must pay dollar for dollar back to the healthcare plan all costs that were incurred. He stated that this applies to Self-Funded medical plans. He indicated that this will be a positive for the LAFRA Medical Plan. 3) Jacobsen mentioned that the Buzzard Bait ride event raised approximately $13K for the WODFF. EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT 1) David Smith had reported that Raytheon has again committed to $25K for this years Golf Tournament. 2) Todd Layfer presented the 2012 Budget for the Boards approval. He reviewed projected and actual operating costs, benefits paid and contributions. Robert Steinbacher motioned to adopt the 2012 Budget as presented by Todd Layfer. Chris Hart seconded. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to adopt the 2012 Budget as presented. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE REPORT Robert Steinbacher presented the following motions. The committee recommends and I so move to pay the usual and customary bills in the amount of $856,178.87. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to pay the usual and customary bills in the amount of $856,178.87. The committee recommends and I so move to pay the professional fees in the amount of $20,425.71. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to pay the professional fees in the amount of $20,425.71.

May 2012 53

The committee recommends and I so move to sponsor up to $600 for a foursome of Golf for the Firefighters Quest Golf Tournament. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve up to $600 for a foursome of golf for the Firefighters Quest Golf Tournament. The committee recommends and I so move to donate up to $500 for the L.A. Heat Tournament. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to donate up to $500 for the L.A. Heat Tournament. The committee recommends and I so move to approve an additional $2K in seed money for the Hook & Ladder Enduro. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve an additional $2K in seed money for the Hook & Ladder Enduro. MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT David Peters presented following motions. the

The committee recommends and I so move to approve contracting with Lexmond Communications to produce and distribute open enrollment materials. Motion carried to approve contracting with Lexmond Communications to produce and distribute open enrollment materials. RELIEF COMMITTEE REPORT James Coburn presented following motion. the

$18,063.82 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. EMERGENCY ADVANCEMENTS James Coburn presented following motion. the

SECRETARYS REPORT Andy Kuljis reported that they need to review the inventory of cemetery plots and suggested that they appoint a committee to address the issue. He also indicated that they may need to purchase more plots in the near future. SETTING OF DATES 1. Hook & Ladder Enduro March 24th 2. Corbin Bowl May 6th 3. Lane Kemper Softball Tournament May 9th 4. Grass Valley May 16th 20th 5. Hope for Firefighters June 7th 6. Over the Line Tournament September 13th 7. LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament September 24th 8. IFEBP Annual Employee Benefits Conf. November 11th 14th 9. LAFRA Open House December 1st RETIREMENT DINNERS 1. Chris Kawai February 17th Brookside Golf Course (Matsubara/ Akahoshi) 2. Raymund Peralta February 27th The Odyssey (Godinez) 3. John Martinez March 1st San Antonio Winery (Larson) 4. Neal Jones, Paul Steffen, Tom Kephart March 4th Bridgeport Valencia (Domanski) 5. Louis Origel March 9th Kyoto Grand Hotel (Coburn/Larson) 6. Kenneth Cassidy March 11th Edendale (Albarran) 7. Fred Lopez April 29th Sportsmens Lodge (Godinez) ADJOURNMENT John Jacobsen entertained a motion to adjourn in memory of John Squire. Doak Smith so moved. Craig White seconded. There was no discussion and no objections. Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:40pm. John Jacobsen, President

The committee recommends and I so move to approve the emergency advancement applications for active and retired members. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to approve the emergency advancement applications for active and retired members. GRAPEVINE/WEBSITE COMMITTEE REPORT Chris Hart mentioned that they will have a meeting to discuss lowering costs to publish the Grapevine and possibly decreasing the amount of issues. He stated that they will also discuss advertisements on the website. David Ned mentioned that they are currently dealing with three different potential vendors on taking the website to the next level. He stated that once they meet with all three vendors, they will make a recommendation to the Administrative Committee. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT Doak Smith reported that all the updates are finalized on the website and Grapevine for the Scholarship Program. He indicated that he will provide a written report to the President on how the Scholarship application process is handled. He mentioned that the deadline to submit applications is April 13th. AUDIT COMMITTEE REPORT Doak Smith reported that the Audit committee met with the Harrington Group to discuss the annual audit. He indicated that they will conduct the audit beginning on February 13th and will have a closing meeting with management on March 2nd.

The committee recommends and I so move to pay: The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of $29,336.08 The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of $3,500, The Life & Accident Death Benefit in the amount of $12,000 The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of $22,500 There was objections. no discussion or

The committee recommends and I so move to accept the applications to the Medical Plan. There was no discussion and no objections. Motion carried to accept all applications to the Medical Plan. The committee recommends and I so move to increase the minimum RX copays from $8 to $10 for generic and $20 to $25 for brand name when generic is available, decrease the maximum RX copay for meds from $500 to $300 and increase the medical premium rates at 4% for active and 7% for retired. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to increase the RX copays from $8 to $10 for generic and $20 to $25 for brand name when generic is available, decrease the maximum RX copay for meds from $500 to $300 and increase the medical premium rates at 4% for actives and 7% for retired.

Motion carried to pay the above Relief benefits. James Coburn read the names of members who recently passed and asked for a moment of silence from the Board. MEMORIALS Vincent L. Chavez Stanley B. Green William R. Antisdel Douglas A. Morton Gerald R. Foust ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE James Coburn presented following motions. the

The committee recommends and I so move to accept the donations in the amount of $18,063.82 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund. There was no discussion or objections. Motion carried to accept the donations in the amount of

54 May 2012

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

January & February 2012

May 2012 55

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

January & February 2012

56 May 2012



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May 2012 57

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court, indoor pool, sauna, spa, boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-541-8311 or email BIG BEAR VINTAGE CABIN. 2 minute walk to village. 5 minute drive to both slopes. Lake view. 2 bed, 1 bath, sleeps 6. Contact: Owned by LAFD member. BULLHEAD/LAUGHLIN. Large new Custom 3 bedroom/2 bath home 4 minutes from the casinos and close to Katherines Landing. Quiet cul-de-sac. All amenities. Everything is new. 60 TV in living room. TVs in all bedrooms. Large formal dining room. BBQ and large patio overlooking the mountains. 35 ft X 3-1/2 car garage w/ gym equipment. Wireless internet w/ on site computer. $150 per night + $75 cleaning fee. No smoking or pets please. Scott at 805-208-1598 or CATALINA BEACH COTTAGE - 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block to beach, view, fully equipped housekeeping unit. Marci (818) 347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510-2721. DELUXE LAKESIDE TOWN HOME. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 fireplaces, washer, dryer, gas barbeque. Indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, locker room with shower. Tennis court, boat dock, cable TV, HBO. Fully furnished including linens. 3 miles from Snow Summit. Sleeps 6 max. (310) 541-8311 DESERT CONDO Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs), 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, fully furnished condo & WiFi Internet. Also 2 bedroom and den, 2 bath, TV and VCR, pools, spas, tennis courts, gated community. From $110 per night. No pets or smoking. Barbara (626) 798-2484. FORMER L.A. FIREFIGHTER and Family offering gorgeous Baja Mexico Property for rent. Coastside Gated Community with pool/ spa, surfing, and loads of fun. 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms. Fully Equipped Kitchen. Call Kathy at 510-468-5003 for more information. Go to: htm for pictures, availability calendar, and information on the area. GOLFERS-BOATERS-OTHERS! SAVE $$$ ON HOTEL RATES!! Luxury condo rental - Direct from Owner. One bedroom two bath luxury condo located in Mexican resort area of Nuevo Vallarta, just 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta Intl Airport. Unit is part of Grand Marina Villas, part of the Paradise Village Hotel complex, and includes use of 18 hole El Tigre Golf Course. Weekly or monthly rates. For info: Web site:

e-mails: or (310) 395-7804. HAVASU LANDING - Waterfront on Lake Havasu. 3 bedroom, 3 bath. Boat mooring out front. Fully furnished. Direct TV, WiFi, BBQ, Casino, new grocery/meat market. No pets/smoking (310) 418-1577. JUNE LAKE CABIN - Scenic 2br/2ba cozy, cabin with views. 5 minutes from Fishing and Skiing. Fully furnished. Wood Deck, Sleeps 8, wood burning stove, full kitchen, cable Tv/Dvd, stereo, phone. Detached garage/room for boat. Call for summer/winter rates. Cleaning fee applies. Jeff Easton 105-A, (805)-217-5602 KAPALUA, MAUI. Luxurious ocean view Kapalua Ridge 1 and 2 bedroom villas from $145/$250, 7th night FREE. Fully equipped with washer/dryer, Hi speed internet, Wi-Fi, cable TV, free resort shuttle, minutes from ocean. Features 3 white sand beaches including BEST BEACH in the world, Kapalua Bay Beach, 100 miles of hiking trails, 2 golf courses with great discounts, 10 tennis courts, zip lines, 2 spas, golf academy, horseback riding, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, kayaking, shops, restaurants. Contact Terry or Diane @ 800-326-MAUI (6284). www. asp or email LAKE ARROWHEAD Blue Jay cabin charming two-story with creek, large deck, two baths, complete kitchen, TV,VCR/DVD, fireplace, washer and dryer, walk to Blue Jay Village. Sleeps 6. $90/ night. NO PETS! Bruce or Sue Froude, (805) 498-8542. LAKE HAVASU BEACH FRONT. Located at HAVASU LANDING RESORT a gated community on the California side of Lake Havasu. Swim, Ski or fish from the front yard. Buoys in front of home for overnight boat(s) tie-ups. No need to launch boat each day. Walking distance to a CASINO, restaurants and grocery store. Adjacent to miles of off-road desert trails, great for ATVs, 4 wheelers and Motorcycles. Beautiful landscaping with a lawn from the home to the lake. Covered patio with furniture and a gas BBQ. Four bedrooms with beds for 10.Two full bathrooms. Check Craigslist for pic. $350. Per night 10% discount for a week. For Reservations call Bud @ 818 352-4422 LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY FOR RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft. Fully furnished with all amenitiesLaundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3 miles from

ARE YOU IN NEED OF A VACATION? We have $49-$79 Cruises a Monthly! $149 and up ALL INCLUSIVE! Join our Travel Club! Go to: or YouTube JoeTraveler and Cabo Dreamtrip (661) 993-9476 call/ text FF/PM Peter Mills 100-A 4 BEDROOMS, 4 BATHS, Game Room, 3000 sq. ft. upscale Big Bear Lake cabin. Pool table, foosball, darts, ping-pong, gas BBQ. Private road close to lake, Village. Walk to Snow Summit, great for summer. Accommodates 13. Until November: Midweek-$250; Weekends: $295. For summer specials or holiday/winter rates call (949) 683-3028. BEACH FRONT SUNSET BEACH OAHU, HAWAII - North Shore at Sunset Beach. Two separate homes 2+ den, 2ba, sleeps 8. $225 per day and 2br + 1ba, sleeps 6. $200 per day! Both share large tropical yard. View 7 surf breaks from backyards to pipeline. Contact Betty at (808) 372-7558 or Barker LAFD retired (805) 985-4001. BIG BEAR CABIN - All season, restful views from decks. Two story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake, two plus miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR. Full kitchen, completely furnished except linens. Pets ok. $95/$105 (two day minimum). $550/$600 a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer 1+(760) 723-1475. BIG BEAR CABIN. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 8. Near ski slopes & lake. Fireplace/wood, cable TV, DVD,VCR, full kitchen. Completely furnished. $85/$95 per night. Minimum 2 nights. Holidays extra. Weekly available. All Season. Sheri (909) 851-1094 cell or (760) 948-2844 home. BIG BEAR LAKES FINESTDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs, HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning fireplaces, laundry room, tennis

58 May 2012

launch ramp. Close to downtown shops & restaurants. View of the lake. Quiet street in good neighborhood. No pets. No smoking. Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) 510-6246 LAKE HAVASU CITY. New Custom 3 bedroom/2 bath home on lake side of Hwy 95 north side of town. Quiet street. All the amentities. 60 TV in living room. TVs in all bedrooms. Wireless internet with on site computer. BBQ on large patio. Swimming pool. Near marinas and restaurants. $150 per night. $85 cleaning fee. No smoking or pets please. Scott at 805-208-1598 or LAKE HAVASU HOME for rent. Built in 2004. 1800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Newly/fully furnished w/all amenities of home. Large garage 20x32 with tall doors. Large area for guest parking. Located less than a mile from lake on a quiet cul-de-sac! RV hookups. Ask for FF discount. Call Ryan Penrod (310) 804-1801 or Nicole (909) 263-8177. LAKE HAVASU HOME - Beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath home that sleeps 8. Lake view, RV access, boat parking, everything is new. Quiet street in great neighborhood, just minutes from London Bridge. Call John for pricing at (323) 449-4473. Snow-bird rates and firemen discount available. LAKE HAVASU Landing California. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, wifi, DirecTV, BBQ, full laundry, slip-in marina included, just steps away. 180 degree view of lake and your boat in slip. Huge covered patio. No pets. No smoking. Larry Mc Andress ret 112A (714) 963-9344 or (714) 393-1464. LAKE HAVASU VACATION HOMES for rent. Each fully furnished with all amenities of home. Every home has a lake view, pool, RV access, boat parking, ample guest parking and sleep up to 8 people. Check out our website @ or call (928) 855-5848 or (661) 212-3191. LAKE TAHOE GETAWAY 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with all of the amenities complete kitchen, washer/ dryer, TV/ VCR. Quiet neighborhood near the lake, casinos and ski slopes. $600.00 per week. Call Cal or Linda @ (805) 584-2718. LAKE POWELL HOUSEBOAT. 68 Sumerset. 2 staterooms, 2 cuddy cabins, 2 baths. Will sleep 10 to 12. 2 ref. fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, TV, DVD, Twin A/C. Party top, flybridge, V8 drives, 12 KW ge., 100 gal. aux. fuel tank with pump. Dan Coyle (805) 494-8854.

LA QUINTA - Gated community, fully furnished deluxe home, three bedrooms, three baths on the 10th fairway of the Dunes Golf Course in La Quinta Country Club. Two car garage, large patio with barbecue. No pets, no smoking. $200/night - 2 week minimum, plus refundable security deposit. Call (323) 254-3874 MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished, WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, tennis, walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth area. Winter $115, Summer $90, plus maid $126. Includes linens. No pets, no smoking. Call (310) 540-4648. MAMMOTH CONDO Fully furnished, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 6. Close to Canyon Lodge, pool, spa, recreation room, laundry facilities, condo has been beautifully remodeled, photos available, $200 a night winter - $125 a night summer + $150 cleaning fee. Call for holiday pricing. Joe Angiuli, South Division (626) 497-5083. MAMMOTH CONDO - Fully furnished, 1 bdrm, loft, 1 1/2 baths, sleeps 4. On shuttle route. All amenities: Sauna, Pool, laundry on premises. Fall/Winter prices. $100/ night. Spring/Summer $85/night. One time $70 cleaning fee. No smoking, no pets, contact: Julian Edwards (909) 573-3815 MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient underground garage parking, jacuzzis, gym (pool, tennis in summertime), shuttle right outside! Across from chair 15. Winter $110 per night, Summer $80 per night plus $65 cleaning fee per stay. All linens included. Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) 513-2000. MAMMOTH CONDO - MAMMOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA, fully furnished, linens, full kitchen, TV/ DVD, stereo, fireplace, pool , jacuzzi, sauna. 2 blocks from gondola village. 1 block to ski shuttle. Winter $315/night, Summer $200/night, plus cleaning. Includes city bed tax. No pets, no smoking, sleeps 8. Dory Jones (310) 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran (310) 619-5355. MAMMOTH CONDO - Mammoth Estates. 4br/3ba. Fully furnished. All amenities: Sauna, Jacuzzi, Pool & Recroom. Walking distance to Gondola & Village. On free shuttle route. Multiple night discounts. Price includes cleaning + linens. Sleeps 10. No smoking, no pets. Mike Jacalone (805) 529-2052. MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. Winter $125/night. Weekends and

Holidays $110 midweek. Summer $95/night. $495/week. No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818) 9927564, FS 80C. MAMMOTH CONDO - Clean 1 bedroom, 2 bath. Sleeps 6. Walk to Village and Gondola. Shuttle out front. Close to Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished, spa, ski locker, underground parking and wireless. Midweek special. No pets. No smoking. $120 winter, $90 summer. $65 cleaning fee, includes linens. Jeff or Tonya Clemens (805) 4998160. MAMMOTH CONDO Mammoth Estates newly remodeled 4BR/3BA, sleeps 11, fully furnished, 1 block from new gondola village. Jacuzzi, pool & sauna, recreation room. Call Glen Mackie @ (760) 930-0544 for firefighter pricing. For more information go to MAMMOTH CONDO - Sierra Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath. Fully furnished except linens. 2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD. Dishwasher, microwave, sauna, jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $140/night, Summer $90/night, Plus $80 cleaning fee and City Bed Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD Retired (805) 499-7752. MAMMOTH LAKES - One bedroom, extremely charming wildflower condo. Full amenities, close to shuttle. Antiques, art, satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4. Winter $110, Summer $85. Call (818) 371-6722 Email: MAMMOTH RENTAL BY OWNER - Studios 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom rentals, budget to luxury rates, fully furnished, stocked kitchens, bedding, towels, all locations, some pet friendly, complimetary WiFi. Mammoth Rental by Owner affiliated with Mammoth Lodging Association, high standard cleaning, maintenance, 24/7 emergency contact. Visit photos and descriptions. Contact us info@ or call (818) 883-2488 or (888) 472-5777. MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: Southwestern decor. Sleeps 4. King bed. Full Kitchen, TV, VCR, DVD. Garage parking. 5 min walk to Canyon Lodge. Winter $155/nite, $175 Fri, Sat, & Holidays; Summer $100/nite. 2 nite min. addl nites less. Jeff & Lisa Moir. LAFD Air Ops (661) 254-5788 MAMMOTH CONDO Wildflower, 1 bedroom sleeps 4, king bed and queen sofa bed. Fully furnished, fireplace, dishwasher, stereo, TV/

DVD, phone, spa, sauna, pool and tennis court. Linens and cleaning fee. On shuttle route. Winter rate $100/night, summer rate $70/night. Mike Greenup (805) 583-8239 or cell (805) 338-9955. MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non smoking complex. Joel Parker, LAFD retired. email: or (213) 399-6534. MAMMOTH. SKI IN - SKI OUT at lift 15, 2 bedroom including master suite, 2 bath condo. TV/DVD in living room. Good sound system. Gym, spa, fireplace, very roomy, underground parking, tennis courts, pools, and outside BBQ area. (310) 476-4784. Email: or visit website: MAUI BEACH FRONT CONDO ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from water. Studios and 1 bdrm. Luxury furnishings + full kitchen. All the amenities! Mauis best snorkeling/beach. All island activities & Kapalua within 4 minutes. 5-day minimum, from $135 per night (regularly $310 night). Call Sherrie or Bill for info/reservations (805) 530-0007 or (800) 889-8641 tollfree or email: or visit: MAUIS MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful furnished condo with kitchen and daily maid service. 15% discount off already lowest prices in the area. Don Sprenger (949) 548-5659 or (800) 336-2185. NICARAGUA SURF CONDO Enjoy UNREAL surf in a FRIENDLY SAFE COUNTRY. Golf a new course and hang out by the pool. Walking distance to beach. 3 bedroom 2 bath. See for yourself at: Contact Chris Hart (714) 742-3325 or email: OAHU, HAWAII NORTH SHORE at Sunset Beach. Two ocean front houses on large tropical yard. 2 bedroom and den, two baths and 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Each looking at the sunset break. Completely furnished. Contact Betty Suratt regarding Barker Houses (805) 985-4001 or (808) 372-7558. OXNARD CA - SILVER STRAND BEACH - Beach house vacation rental. 3 story, fully furnished 3br/2ba main house+1br/1ba guest house, sleeps 8-12. Linens included, wireless internet, cable tv/ dvd, washer/dryer, bbq, ping-pong,

May 2012 59

bikes, boogie boards, beach chairs, large decks, and views. 1 small block to beach. (805) 241-7221 PALM DESERT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Fully furnished. All new. Direct TV and WiFi all bedrooms. Private patio with BBQ. Private 60 unit complex with 2 pools, 2 jaccuzzis, 2 tennis courts. Near College of the Desert. One level. (310) 418-1577. PALM DESERT SINGLE-LEVEL. 2 master suites. Turnkey located in Ironwood a gated community near The Living Desert and just 2 miles from the El Paseo. 6 swimming pools/spas, mountain views, 4 patios, courtyard, fruit trees, 2-car garage, 2 nights Mon. stay. 25% off for LAFD. Bob (714) 504-1763. PGA WEST (LA QUINTA) TPC STADIUM GOLF COURSE CONDO. Luxurious 3+2 lake front condo on the 11th green of the world famous Stadium Course. Gated, community pool & spa, 4 TVs/cable/dvd, washer/dryer, BBQ, garage, no smoking or pets please. $150/night w/6 night min. + cleaning. Seasonal/extended stay discounts. Buzz - LAFD (949) 3227979 RANCHO MIRAGE 2-2, gated complex, double garage, tennis, pools, spa, bikes, cable tv/vcr, microwave, bbq, washer/dryer,

decorator furnished. Close to golf, restaurants, and shops. $90/night. Margo Idol (805) 498-1513 or Ruth (805) 498-4616. ROSARITO BEACH Cottage. Charming 2 br./2 ba beach cottage (not a condo) located in the Quinta Del Mar project approximately 25 miles south of San Diego. 24-hour security, lg. patio w/ocean view, bbq, fireplace, cable TV, microwave, 3 pools, jacuzzi, tennis, horses, 2 rest. (music and dancing), ride the waves, off-track betting, golf nearby. 2-day min, $95 day. Midweek/weekly rates available. Photos and info @ Lockhart (619) 429-4060. SAN CLEMENTE BEACH HOUSE - Two bedroom fully furnished private home. Sleeps 6 laundry, wireless internet, tv/dvd, movie channels. Enough off street parking for 4 SUVs, large enclosed backyard, 3 minute walk to pier. 5 minute walk to downtown, pet friendly. David Laub, LACOFD (949) 306-5532 or or SAN CLEMENTE BEACH. This stylish 1 bedroom/1bath rental is only 200 yards from the beach and a 10-minute walk to the pier or downtown. The unit is beautifully decorated and has all the comforts of home. Includes large plasma in living room and smaller TV in bedroom. See more info and pho-

tos @ Rates: Oct - Apr $150/night (2 night min.) weekly $850. May - Sept $200/ night (2 night min.) weekly $1150. Non refundable cleaning fee $100. Call Ron or Kathy (949) 831-7693 or email SKI-IN/OUT 2 bEDROOM, 2 bath across from Eagle express chairlift (CHAIR 15). Has TV in Living room and Bedroom, very spacious unit, fireplace, dining area, Gym, spa includes jacuzzi & sauna. Exterior of complex totally refurbished. Underground parking. (310) 476-4784. SKI THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH In Park City, Utah and avoid the 5 hour grueling drive to Mammoth. 2 bedroom/2 bath. Tri-level townhome. Located a short drive to three world-class ski resorts. (Deer Valley, PC Mountain Resort, The Canyons) $1100/week - $1600/ Holiday. Call Ron (310) 415-6788 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Romantic Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable TV, washer/dryer, microwave, woodburning stove. 7 minutes to casinos and Heavenly. Located in Tahoe Paradise. Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476-6288. VACATION RENTAL - So Lake Tahoe, 3 Bd 2 Ba home with all amenities. Close to Lake,

Casinos and Ski Slopes $650 wk or $130 nt $100 Cleaning. www. Call Cal or Linda @ 805 584-2718 or email

AMERICA TRAVELER RV RENTALS - We rent motor homes and travel trailers. Special discount for Fire and Police. Check out our sales department. (661) 273-7479. MOTOR HOMES FOR RENT: Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot Motor Homes, with Double Slide Outs, Fully Loaded, Free Housekeeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount Prices Starting at $150.00 to $180.00 per night. Serving family & friends of LAPD , LASD, IPD, OXPD, OX Fire, LA CO., LA City, Ski Clubs ask for our 25% off weekly rental rates. Visit us at com or call 661-714-7689 or 661297-2398. ALSO AVAILABLE BIG BEAR CABINS, 3 bedroom 2 bath with pool tables & spas. PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.

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For Ad Information contact: Eric Santiago at 323.259.5231 or

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circa 1975. Photos L to R: CaPt. RobeRt RamiRez, FF DaviD mCLean, FF Dennis WiLLahan, FF miChaeL hinnen, a/o oRaL hogan, FF RoDney FeLix
May 2012 61

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