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1st Revolutionary John 002

1st World Revolution

Last Revolutionary Michael 11.223.337

World Trust
1.111 Trustees $4 Billion

United World Peacemakers Corps
111.111 Peacemakers $6 Billion

1st Counselor
Inside Counsel

A Free Enterprise
11.111.113 Partners $8 Billion

General Partner

1st General

1st Trust
Inside Counsel
Founder General st 1 Counselor 39 Constitution Counselors Founder st 1 Counselor 39 Constitution Counselors

John Michael

1st Counsel
Founder 1st Counsel
1st Revolutionary 1st Counselor 1st General

1 Revolutionary
11.223.335 Revolutionaries $20 Billion
“the kingdom of God is at hand”

Constitution Counsel

Founding Counsel
1st Counsel 39 Constitution Voters

Ratification Table
Founder 40 Counselors General 005@ 006@ 007@ 008@ 009@ 010@ 011@ 012@ 013@

10 Chief Executives

1 Partners


1st Counsel 1st Partners 13th Vote

Startup Partners
Founder General st 1 Partners Outside Counsel

Outside Counsel

A 13 Vote

1st Counsel 1 Peacemaker 1st Trustee

A Enterprise
Founder . First Counselor . General Ten First Partners One Outside Vote 39 Inside Counselors 100 - 2nd Partners 1000 - 3rd Partners 10.000 - 4th Partners 100.000 - 5th Partners 1.000.000 - 6th Partners 10.000.000 - 7th Partners The Revolutionary

1st Revolutionary 1st Counselor 1st Peacemaker

Outside Counsel
Venture Capitalist Certified Public Accountant Attorney at Law

Rejoice... have Joy! Renounce... be Free! Repent... do Act! I Revolt... i'd Pray! God Man Planet

1st Counsel
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Sign Up: $9.99 360 Day Email Address Full Read Access Limited Write Access Vote Access

Last American Revolutionary
Web Master
Kona Hawaii, Hawaii

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World Trust
The Revolutionary
Execute Rotation Equation
Stasis & Rotation

John Michael
Son of Man

United World Peacemakers Corp
United World Peace Plan: Return the Dalai Lama Peacemaker's Military Protection Proposal Title: United World Peace Policy Addressed: American People People of the World Options: Get Message Print Message Ignore Message Kill Messenger Proposition: We the American People, as Our Military, in joint force with, we the American People, as Our Private Peacemakers Corps, should enter onto Unholy Ground, wherever agreed, and with the World, End One War, then another & another, and Make Peace until we End All War. Mission: Build the United World War Criminal Prison. Establish the United World Human Abuse Trail Court Compact. Negotiate the United World Criminal Law & Order Accord. Sign the United World Criminal Code & Extradition Treaty. Build the United World Peace & Prison Complex. Strategy: Mobilize Opinion. Mobilize Authority. Mobilize Military. Mobilize Peacemakers. Claim War Lands as “World Territory”. Land United World Military & United World Peacemakers. Return the Lama! Make Peace! End War! Now!

10 Year Plan
Capital Stasis
repent renounce rejoice revolt the kingdom of God is at hand
In God's Name: Our Father I Pray as my Soul, through my Divine Spirit and in the Name of Jesus; My Christ, in the Flame of Holy Spirit and as Being; Supreme. May... Your Will Be Done Your Kingdom Come Your Brotherhood and [I Pray] for Your Grace... Divine Guidance Divine Wisdom Be Mine, Be Ours. Om Ma Da Amen

All Cash Static ●Gold Standard Trust ●All Seats Must Assign Through 5th Partners ●Founder . General . Counselor 1st . 2Nd . 3Rd . 4Th . 5th ●111.113 Top Equity Partners

1 Year Plan

3 Year Plan
$9.99 x 11.223.335 The Enterprise $ The Corps $1.110.998.88 The Trust $111.088.89

Cash $112.222.126

Full Heart Time is Empty Consciousness is Time Being is Consciousness Soul is Being Mind is Soul Personality is Mind Spirit is Personality Form is Spirit Empty

5 Year Plan
$99.99 x 11.223.335 The Revolution $ Interest $56.111.063

Man of God

7 Year Plan

The Revolutionaries $1000.00's x Tens of 1000's The Revolution Tens/Hundreds of $Millions/$Billions Equity


The Trust
1111 $4B Start PEACE
Breath Circle Square Look Hold Push Float Feel See Breath 11.111.113 A Free Enterprise $8B

1st World Revolution

Peace Makers Corps
111.111 $6B End WAR

Problem Solution

Hear . See . Choose Talk Listen Forgive Accept

Access Key Media

John Michael
New Baptist “Revolt!; the Kingdom is at hand”

Spirit Meme Ennea Person Soul id ego Body - Self

Stand Dance Stage

Brand Cash Plan

3 Nails

Capital Status Desk

Jesus was not crucified for your sins. ● Jesus was not sent to 'die on a cross'. ● Jesus was not meant to die on a Cross!

Last Revolutionary
Man of Flesh
Fort Wayne Indiana

The Revolutionaries
1 Named 11.223.337 Numbered

John Michael

A Revolutionary
1st Last Ω Revolutionary Revolutionary


Man of God Web Master

The Revolution


13 Vote

Outside Counsel


World Revolution
11.111.114 Partners
John Michael
Son of Man

1st General
General Partner

1st Revolutionary
Man of God

1st Counselor
Inside Counsel

10: 1st Partners

1: Outside Vote

39: Inside Counselors

100: 2end Partners

1.000: 3rd Partners

10.000: 4th Partners
Founder buys 40 4th Partner Seats for 40 Counselors 39 Inside Counselors with 1st Email & Active 4th Partner Seat 1st Counselor with a Blind 4th Partner Seat 40 Counselors receive .4% of Founder's 5% Equity: .01% Each

100.000: 5th Partners

1.000.000: 6th Partners

10.000.000: 7th Partners

111.111 Peacemakers
1st Peacemaker Last Peacemaker

1.111 Trustees
1st Trustee Last Trustee


Last American Revolutionary
1st World Revolutionary Last American Revolutionary
World Wide War Peace World Wide Peace War

Express Declare
We Our Your I Declaration to Constitution to Amendments
4Years 2Months 28 Days . 11Years 2Months 13Days 7.4.1776 to 9.17.1787 to 12.15.1791 from 7.7.07 until on/before 10.5.11 then again, until on/before 12.18.22

1st Revolutionary . Founder . Last American Revolutionary 1 Counselor . 1st General . 39: Signatories . 1: Outside Vote . 10: 1st Partners 2nd Partners . 3rd Partners . 4th Partners . 5th Partners . 6th Partners . 7th Partners 8th Partners . 9th Partners . 10th Partners 56: New Independence Signatures

Our Revolutionaries

1st_ Revolutionary:
Soul Author 1 World Revolution: 7th Partners: 10 Million

2nd_ Revolutionary:
1st World Revolutionary 2nd World Revolution : 8thPartners: 100 Million

3rd_ Revolutionary:
Last American Revolutionary 3rd World Revolution: 9th Partners: 1 Billion 10th Partners: 10 Billion

1st Pay Period
111.116 Sign Ups @ 999 Email Works Straight Backwards Every Potential Partner Starts Here Must Acquire Revolutionary Status

4th_ Revolutionary: 1st_Sign Up: $999 5th_ Revolutionary 2nd_Sign Up: $999 111.113th_ Revolutionary 111.116th_ Sign Up: $999