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Art & Work of Michael Peterschmidt

1972 - 1992 - 2002

1stArtWork . 3rdAxix . 7thCube . 10thWorkbook . 17thNotebook

Michael Murphy Ken Wilber John White

Michael, Ken & John:
Please find enclosed, in its parts and as a whole, an attempt in integration: A Working Fiction. The attempt utilizes Art, Entertainment and Play as tools in Education towards integration. The whole has four individual parts, or in this case, four Fictions: Capital, TransAxix, Narcissus & Zygote. I am an untrained Artist, an uneducated Philosopher, a mad Scientist and a nondisciplined Practitioner. I could not have attempted to structure, let alone write, some kind of Academic Treatise. I could however, use techniques of inquiry, insight and creativity, apply them to my vision of “what was possible” and then give the results over to fiction. It seems to have worked. I was able to work free of academic doubt and to honestly pursue my Original Idea. Besides, fiction is fun. That is not to say, when I “extract” the non-fiction from the fiction, its not fun [the non-fiction], its just that the non-fiction alone, would never have reached full expression. The same could be said for fiction, it alone, would not reach full expression either. In fact, the work could not be called whole without both fiction and non-fiction. 1) An art with fiction and its abilities for creativity and 2) a work with non-fiction and its abilities for actualization. This whole work as ArtWork. Technically, this 1stArtWork, in its parts and as a whole, will be strictly concerned with one and all of four specific problems that are the very fabric of our world NonFictions: Money, Ego, Body & Relationship with their waves of effects on the person and his/her personality. Strategically, it was my determination that of these four problems, all nearly untenable, Money would be the most difficult to sustain contemplation. There are few alternatives in American culture and mostly negative inspiration in our daily experience. It was a perfect problem. That is how & why my lead protagonist, John Michael, comes to invent A Free Enterprise. It is the Flagship Model of this 1stArtWork and a key fiction in A Working Fiction. It is an exact system. A closed system of exactly 12,333,374 individual partners that contribute money, time, work & their consideration of a complex system. The System includes a MultiDirectional Capital Democracy, a Theory of Capital Complexity which envisions competition, cooperation, community, communion and a Vision of Capital Stasis. Proposition: Create this alternative system for money and you will attract the egobody Personality for an evaluation [of] or [for] Integration. An integration that both includes and transcends. An integration of the Body, the Mind, the Soul and the Spirit [in] & [as] a Person: A Free Personality. To generalize about the present work. Again, this is my 1stArtWork, but also my last Cube: the 7th, and it will also be my 3rdAxix. With these, I hope to have, completed the two-dimensional/representational portion of the work. Still, the work is yet another Workbook and still another Notebook. As it is also, these work & notebooks, there are many inconsistencies from page to page. I have co-mingled pervious generations and have chosen not always to update. I have all the notes &

generations I need to help with details. It is obvious from this presentation that I am a visual communicator and arrange disparate information in unique ways. Please understand my reluctance to “write it out”. When I have a Multi-Dimensional Virtual Environment, I will be able to spell the language very simply, now it is very difficult. I hope you find some of the same fun in reading, as I do in writing. Trust you can live with some unanswered questions or a missing piece here or there. The fact is, I would not have all the answers even if you were to ask. I’d have to research & consider. In conclusion, it is obvious that I write seeking feedback & critique. I also have a very specific agenda. Capital: A Free Enterprise is a Working Fiction, and as such, I’d like to see if it will startup. As The System calls for: I would begin recruiting the 40 Board Members who will each invest $250,000 for a total of $10 Million that includes a 3 year $6 Million Startup Fund. And all I’ve ever wanted to do, is Picture the Sky. ©2002 MKP