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God is Personality (page 28

Personality is not simply an attribute of God; it rather stands for the totality of the coordinated infinite nature and the unified divine will which is exhibited in eternity and universality of perfect expression. Personality, in the supreme sense, is the revelation of God to the universe of universes. (page 29) Never lose sight of the antipodal viewpoints of personality as it is conceived by God and man. Man views and comprehends personality, looking from the finite to the infinite; God looks from the infinite to the finite. Man possesses the lowest type of personality; God, the highest, even supreme, ultimate, and absolute. Therefore did the better concepts of the divine personality have patiently to await the appearance of improved ideas of human personality, especially the enhanced revelation of both human and divine personality in the Urantian bestowal life of Michael, the Creator Son. (page 30) Personality inherently reaches out to unify all constituent realities. The infinite personality of the First Source and Center, the Universal Father, unifies all seven constituent Absolutes of Infinity; and the personality of mortal man, being an exclusive and direct bestowal of the Universal Father, likewise possesses the potential of unifying the constituent factors of the mortal creatures.(page 640) Such unifying creativity of all creature personality is a birthmark of its high and exclusive source and is further evidential of its unbroken contact with this same source through the personality circuit, by means of which the personality of the creature maintains direct and sustaining contact with the Father of all personality on Paradise.
(page 640)

1. What does is mean to be “made in the image of God”?
2. How different / similar are the ideas of personality found in THE URANTIA BOOK and that expressed in our media and in the arts and sciences? 3. Webster defines personality as : “the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual... the totality of an individual’s behavioral and emotional characteristics. ” What is the single factor in personality that makes it unique? (THE URANTIA BOOK refuses to specifically define personality.) (Hint: page 9) 4. In Paper 112, Paragraph 4 in Part 5: Survival of the Human Self, what is the meaning of the phrase “transferring its seat of identity”? 5. What is the one supreme thing which a mortal personality may choose to do for God? 6. As an assessment measurement of self-awareness, how do you evaluate yourself in terms of the following criteria? Self-consciousness is in essence a communal consciousness: God and man, Father and son, Creator and creature. In human self-consciousness four universe reality realizations are latent and inherent: ♦ ♦ ♦ The quest for knowledge, the logic of science. The quest for moral values, the sense of duty. The quest for spiritual values, the religious experience. the concurrent realization of our fraternal relationship with fellow personalities.
(page 196)

♦ The quest for personality values, the ability to recognize the reality of God as a personality and