I Say Okay -- Day 28

“This is Anil.” “…” “Hello?” “…” “Who is this?” “This is Amrita.” “Erica?” “Amrita.” He is talking to me.

He says when I called a few minutes ago, he couldn’t hear my voice. I tell him I didn’t say anything that time. He asks how we’re doing. I say we’re fine. He says he isn’t married; he prefers solitude. He says he thinks of us often. He asks if he could take me for a meal when I come to Indy this summer. He says maybe I’d like to see the house. Apparently nothing has changed, except for “maybe a new piece of sofa.” I say I don’t remember the house. He says once the power went out in winter and the three of us huddled together in one room and made a fire in the fireplace. That was when we slept on air mattresses on the floor. I say I still don’t remember. He says maybe I will when I see it. I say that sounds nice. He asks if he could talk to me again sometime. I say okay.

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