this is the story to go with part one of my YouTube video which can be watched here http://www. Doctor Hume Part 1 of 5 It all began during the Great Time War the high council of Timelords declared that traveling between parallel worlds and dimensions was off limits but what they didn’t know was one day after they were long gone there last survivor would depend on a parallel world to save him and all of existence… Chapter One – Into The Unknown “So where do you wanna go now Rose” said the doctor to his companion as they stood next to the TARDIS control panel she looked at him and replied “oh I don’t know surprise me” he grinned flicked some switches “you want a surprise how about this” The TARDIS arrived at its destination, “where are we” Rose said excitedly The Doctor looked concerned and muttered “this isn’t right” Rose stood next to him and looked at the monitor screen It showed the City of London present day “oh great you surprise me by taking me home” she joked but The Doctor just stared at the screen “now Rose look out there what do you see” she looked puzzled but he looked so serious she knew something was wrong “I don’t see anything” “exactly” he exclaimed “how often is London abandoned in the middle of the day and look at the London Eye” the camera panned along to reveal the London Eye was missing and in its place a large radio transmitter. “Huh?” Rose said confused “this is our Earth right cos where not gonna see Zeppelins and Cybermen again are we” The Doctor zoomed in on the transmitter and saw something that shook him to his core he ran out the TARDIS and headed towards the radio tower Rose began to run after him she shouted wait what’s wrong Doctor, He spun around and began to run backwards he was to far ahead for Rose to hear him properly and he was speaking to quick but she heard one word that stopped her in her sprint… …DALEK Chapter Two EXTERMINATED Rose caught up with The Doctor he was standing staring at the huge tower he glanced at her and pointed at the top “Do you see those panels” she nodded as she still hadn’t caught her breath “Dalekcanium the same metal used on a Daleks shell” “Does that mean there are Daleks here” Rose said The Doctor thought for a moment “No if they were here they would be patrolling the street or at least guarding this tower” he had just finished saying this when a homeless woman ran out terrified shouting “Help he’s after me, hide me” but the familiar screech of a Dalek rang out in the empty high street “EX-TER-MIN-ATE” she fell to the ground dead The Doctor looked up and shouted “she was an innocent human, Dalek if you want someone to pick how about the Timelord that exterminated your race”

Rose looked up as well and said “and the human that killed the Dalek emperor the Dalek’s eye stalked zoomed in on The Doctor and said you are the enemy of the Daleks and started to roll towards them The Doctor took Roses hand and they ducked into an alleyway they managed to get to the TARDIS but the Dalek’s energy had not fully returned and when The Doctor opened the TARDIS door the Dalek shot a mild blast of energy at him he collapsed on the TARDIS control panel and passed out The panel began to glow as Rose cradled The Doctors head the door slammed shut and the light grew stronger and stronger until…. He opens his eyes everything is a blur all around him is a red puddle, he cannot move, his ears are ringing but hears footsteps rush toward were he lies a woman stands over him “Oh my God, Oh my God are you alright wait there don’t get up I’ll get some ice” she races away and returns with a towel and places it on his head then looks at him lovingly and says “Desmond you must be more careful in future “ Chapter 3 Who Is Desmond He sits up and his head begins to throb a flash of a large pepperpot enters his mind the word exterminate rings in his ears disortated he asks the woman "is this my flat" she looks at him and replies Mmm-hmm, although, if you want me to feel at home you might start calling it our flat. just as she finishes speaking he has a flash of a flying old time police box she then asks him "How many fingers am I holding up, he begins to come to his senses and smiles the woman begins to be concerned "Love, look at me. What's wrong?" he touches her face and has a flash of a young blonde woman and here the name Rose he suddenly realises who this woman is it is his girlfriend Penny Widmore he smiles again and kisses her and replies "absolutely nothing" and hugs her but he gets a very strange felling and has a very strong flash of a man trapped in a white room. Desmond goes into the bathroom to clean himself up, his head is throbbing like mad and he cannot remember anything about himself just bits and pices as he washes his face he looks in the mirror and for a split second sees somebody else, he wipes his eyes and says "Who am I". he stars to get dressed but cannot seem to put on his tie he begins to get frustrated and has a flash of the man he saw in the mirror, Penny sees him in distress she takes his tie and says "here let me do that" she does it for him but he is still staring at the mirror she stands behind him to see what he is looking at but Desmonds ears start to ring and as Penny says something he heres the name Rose he spins around and says ""what did you say!" but before she can answer a loud whooshing noise fills the room deep in his head this sound is familiar he runs towards it into the kitchen the noise getting louder and louder until he stands in front of the microwave the noises stop suddenly when Penny opens it and takes out a cup of reheated tea and hands it to him "here you go love" Desmond looks at her confused "are you alright" he snaps out of it and says "yeah I'm fine just a case of deja vu" she smiles and turns away but when her back is turns Desmond begins to look worried he decided he need some fresh air to clear his head so he grabs his coat

puts his tea on the table and calls to Penny "I'm just goin out be back in 10 minutes" he runs out the door holding his head as he leaves he thinks "What is happening to me" as another flash of the man enters his head