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Udhyam Sahasam dhairyam buddhih shakti parakramah Shedet yatra vartante tatra dev sahaykrit.

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Year 9 Issue 06 February 2012


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Editor Acharya Balkrishna Associate Editor Jaishankar Mishra Art Director Manish Samander
Published in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Telugu, Kannada and Nepali

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A17th foundation day of Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) and third of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) observed Yoga, Pranayam camp at Patanjali Herbal Food Park Why Government is patronizing black money holders: Baba Ramdev

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Publisher and printer Divya Yog Mandir (trust), Kripalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal, Haridwar-249408, Published by Rishi offset printers, Ved Mandir, Gita Ashram, Jwalapur Haridwar and printed at M.P. Printers, B-220, Phase II, Noida, G.B. Nagar, U.P. Editor, Acharya Balkrisna. RNI NO.:DELENG/2006/16626
Yog Sandesh is basically published in Hindi. Therefore some errors are possible while translating the contents from Hindi to other languages. It is not necessary for the editor to have coherence with the views expressed in the contents of the magazine. All disputes are to be settled in the court of law at Haridwar.

Boycott corrupt leaders and parties : Baba Ramdev

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Letter to the political parties on Black money,

Corruption and Change in the existing system

Corruption and Black money have become the burning issues in India. There is an opportunity to bring-in clean politics by changing system after the assembly elections in five states. In the interest of the nation and people, venerable Swamiji has asked the political parties of their opinion on Black-money, corruption and change in the system. We are publishing Swamiji's letter to the parties and their opinion. - Editor
had written a letter to the Prime minister before the winter session of the parliament on Black-money, Corruption and change in the system. But unfortunately central government has not taken any action so far in this respect. In the interest of the nation, we seek your opinion on these most serious issues.There is only one solution to all the problems like rising inflation, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and social disparity - bringing-in lakh and crore of rupees - the black money - back to the country, and by eradicating corruption and establishing uniform, unprejudiced justified system. We want to put across your opinion on these three issues to the people before the election in the five states. Because, having known your party's opinion on these most important issues, people would exercise their voting right. We are attaching herewith a letter to find out your party's opinion on these important issues. We believe you would fill it up and send it back. In the interest of the nation, we wait for your positive response. We would wait for your opinion for a week and if you do not respond by then, we would be forced to assume that your party is not serious about these issues and your opinions on them are negative. Expecting a positive response - your's Swami Ramdev. 1. In the interest of the nation, our party agrees to declare the black money, stashed away in foreign countries as a 'National Asset'. If the Central government brings-in any legislation on this, our party would support it. 2. The people affiliated with our party are ready to declare their asset themselves, their families' and of any institution they are associated with. They would declare their assets within specified days. 3. If the central government files an FIR against people with out any discrimination against their party affiliation for the purpose of finding out the black money and illegal assets, our party agrees with such a move. 4. Central government, so far has collected 36,000 responses, details of 9,900 foreign transactions and information on the foreign accounts of at least 3,000 people. Our party is in favour of making these names public and bringing back this money in the country by investigating and taking stringent legal action on these people. 5. The biggest sources of black money in the country are illegal mining, real estate, alcohol industry, black marketing and politics. There is some black money in other areas as well, but money in the above-mentioned areas is hurting the country most. Illegal mining is causing a huge loss of mining resources to the country. Similarly, money in addiction-related industry is causing a lot of stress in the country. Black marketing is causing the inflation to rise. And the abuse of money involved in politics is hazarding the country's security, freedom, democracy and development. We can not save this country with out demolishing the black economy. In order to destroy internal economy of black money, our party is in favour of a positive and qualitative change in the governance, economic policies and taxation. 6. Together with black money, main issues of corruption and systemic changes like National Commission on farmer's income, equal education system in all regional languages, equal medical system, electoral changes, national management policy and Swadeshi system and on other such issues, our party agrees. 7. The country should know full truth about the people responsible for the extortion of the country and corrupt people should be boycotted socially and politically. So that, honest people are valued and dishonest ones are brought out in the open. Politics should be cleaned and truth should be established in political system. Our party agrees with these ideals and principles and our legislators and parliamentarians would not let corruption thrive in their constituencies.


Swami Ramdev
February 2012&YOG SANDESH&03

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Patanjali Food and Herbal Park,

a strong wing of Swadeshi Andolan

(Indigenous movement)
The Patanjali Food and Herbal Park symbolizes the forward looking approach of Patanjali Yogpeeth under the able leadership of Swami Ramdevji Maharaj.
It is an step from Yoga-Kranti (Revolution by the means of yoga) to Krishi-Kranti (agrarian revolution) aimed at ameliorating the financial condition of farmers.

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political, economic In Indiasocial influence of and foreign companies is rising. Foreign companies are getting all the incentives, since the policies of liberalisation and globalization adopted in 1991. In India thousands of foreign companies are siphoning off money and country's assets. Every year 2,32,000 crore rupees have been taken out directly and another 7,50,000 crore rupees indirectly. This is the reason that Indian economy is facing cash crunch. To make up for this deficit, our government is borrowing from domestic and foreign markets.

ndia has incurred a debt of about 40,00,000 crore rupees from domestic and foreign sources. To pay interest on this, India has to shell out 3,50,000 crore rupees. And every Indian is under a debt of 33,000 rupees. For all these reasons, the last result is a huge deficit in financing the development of the country. India has entered into some international agreements with World Trade Organisation, IMF and World Bank. Under these agreements the country can not throw these companies out of the country. Due to the weak political will of the Indian government, extortion by foreign companies is still a big problem. So, throwing out foreign companies depends on the willingness and determination of Indians only. The way Indians had to throw out East India Company, likewise these companies have to be thrown out. The only way to banish these companies

and save the country from extortion is by boycotting and non-cooperation. India's great freedom fighters Balgangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bipin Chandra Pal, Mahatama Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Ram Prasad Bismil, Chandra Shekher Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose, Ashfaq Ullah and others threw out East India Company. The English empire, which ruled over 70 countries, was demolished forever by these freedom fighters. By adopting the same weapon of boycott, we can throw out these companies which are extorting money from India. Come! Let all Indians vow to boycott all the goods manufactured by foreign companies. This is the way to save India's money and economic assets. There are many commodities which we use daily which can be boycotted. Swadeshi substitutes of these products of foreign companies are easily available in the market. It is our national duty to use swadeshi products. Since India's independence, 11 five-year plans have been implemented. Under all these plans, emphasis had been laid on eradication of poverty and hunger, yet the situation did not improve. Every fiveyear plan costs the country about 100,000 crore rupees. To overcome the poverty and misery of rural families, efforts have to be made on several fronts. It is not possible at the level of government only. Despite 64 years of such efforts the result are all there for us to see. Under the 'Vision 2015' of ministry of industry, the mission is to make India the centre of food production in the world; to grow food processing industry three fold; processing level to be raised to 35 percent from 20 percent and to raise the India's contribution in trade to 3 percent from 1.5 percent. Since the awareness is growing among developed countries, market for organic foods, according to one estimate, is 5 billion dollars. Productivity of Indian soil is sufficient to supply such a big market. Besides this, in India only, there could be a market of 1 billion dollars of organic products. If we accept this challenge and start working
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Acharaya Balkrishna
Editor, Yog Sandesh

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&05

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accordingly, then this goal is not difficult to achieve. For this to achieve farmers have to be trained and have to be made aware. Productivity has to be raised and appropriate price has to be assured to them. The goal of Patanjali Food and Herbal Park is to ensure that agriculture is not expensive in the country; farmers are not forced to commit suicide and everybody's problems get resolved. In the name of green revolution, the country is being duped. The way diversity of our traditional agriculture is destroyed by promoting crops like fruits, wheat and rice; we have to bring back that tradition of that diversity and people have to be made aware of their consumption. So that farmers get appropriate value for money for crops produced in waterdeficient soil. And our citizens, by consuming healthy and nutritious food, would be healthy and free from diseases. We have to adopt 'Zero Budget Agriculture' to promote agricultural prosperity. Zero Budget Agriculture involves getting pure food by cutting cost and raising profitability of farmers. Patanjali Food & Herbal Park is promoting organic agriculture. So that the country
06&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

could prosper, becomes healthy and bring welfare to the people. Food is the essence of our lives. If we get nutritious food, we would never fall sick. Earlier, our forefathers used to have mixed grains in their food. In Patanjali Food Park, farmers will get full value of the crops produced from water-deficient soil and nonirrigated land. And hundreds of tones of herbs like Amla and Aloe-vera is being processed. With this processing, poor people in villages will get healthy. With this improvement in health and prosperity, there will be a revolution in the fields of agriculture. And this revolution will bring self-reliance, selfrespect and prosperity to the agriculture laborers estimated to count about 70 crore. Patanjali Food Park is a footstep of Venerable Swami Ramdevji in the direction of Agricultural revolution from Yoga revolution. This herbal park would grant farmers economic freedom and also play a vital role in making India self-reliant through Swadeshi movement. Patanjali Herbal Food Park would prove to be a milestone in the Swadeshi movement.

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or chakras in the body


Power centers
Agya Chakra

(Medually Plexus Visa-a-vis Nervous system)

Chakra is located just inside the center of the two eyebrows. Practicing Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom and Nadi-Shodhan Pranayama gives peace to our mind and soul which makes our autonomic and voluntary nervous system peaceful, healthy and balanced. The whole NARDI Tantra is connected to this Agya tantra. When Agyat Tantra is stimulated, the whole NARDI SANSTHATN becomes very strong and healthy. Ida, Pingla and Sushumna originate from Muladhar Chakra separately and end by merging together at this point. This is the reason why Agya Chakra-centre is also called Triveni. In the B-part of the given diagram, two small spherical points are shown. The upward going light on the forehead is the place of Sushumna. As said in Gyanasankalini Tantra-

Swami Ramdev

sins. If one involves himself in philanthropic works even after committing sins, even then he or she will have to suffer for the sins while at the same time will be rewarded for the works done for the welfare of others. Avashyameva Bhoktavayam kritam karm shubhashubham. If a person with purity of his heart and soul takes a holy dip either in Ganga or in Samgam and takes a pledge that he wont involve himself in ill-practices ever in life, only the he will be able to save himself from committing sins in future. But one cant get salvation for the sins which have already bee committed. This is the matter of fact about the Triveni which exists outside us. But if one takes the dips in the Triveni lying in the body which is located at Agya Chakra to concentrate on almighty by the means of yoga and Pranayama, he will naturally never think of committing any kind of crime or sin in the life. He will never be punished, as no sin will be committed by him. Therefore, if someone wants to get rid of sins, prevent ourselves from committing sins in the life, we should chant Omkar and practice yoga and Pranayama every day.

Sin is a form of crime which adversely affects others life. One has to be stand the punishmen t for his crime.

Ida Bhagrathi, Ganga Pingla Yamuna Nadi. Tayormadhayagta nadi sushumnakhya saraswati. Triveni-Sangamo yatra tirthrajah sa uchyate. Tatra snanam prakurvit sarvapapaih pramuchyate. Ida is like Ganga river, Pingla is like Yamuna and the third one- Sushumnawhich flows between the two has been compared with the Saraswati river. The place where the three merge together is called Tirthraj (the Sangam). Sangam is the place where people throng to take a holy dip to get salvation in their life. Actually this Triveni or Samgam lies within us. It is an erroneous believe that one can get salvation by taking dip in the Sangam which exists outside us. Had it been so, anybody guilty of killing a Brahmin, Guru and his or her brother would have got salvation by taking a dip in the Sangam outside us. Paap means crime aimed to harm others. This is the reason why gets punished for committing
February 2012&YOG SANDESH&07

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Family name

Juglans regia Linn.

Walnut, Walnut tree

Akshot, Akshod AkharotU Akharod, AkhodU


Gujarati Bengali

Akharot, Akrot, Aakot

Akharot, Akhrot


Gowj, Charmagna, Girdagam


08&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

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Properties and Features
plant sheds its leaves in autumn. Very elegant plant and is known for its fragrance. Two species are found in walnut. 1. Wild walnut which grows naturally upto 100 to 200 feet high. And in such trees the fruit shell is found thick. 2. Walnut that can be produced through agricultural farming. This tree would be seen 40 to 90 feet tall and its fruit is thin. This variety is known as 'kagaji akharot'in northern region of India. And this tree is used to make the handles of the guns. Outer Epilepsy
The juice of walnut kernel should be mixed with the juice of Nirgundi to cure epilepsy and the mixed fluid may be anointed on the eyes and it may be given as nasya, through the nose.

Acharya Balakrishna

Sedative of Vata, Increaser of Kapha and pitta, vigorous, digestive, lubricant, purging, destroyer of kapha, strong, vrishaya, nourisher. It has coloured gel, destructor of leprosy, resolvent, anti-inflammatory and pain killer. Except kernel and its oil all part of Walnut has condensed nature.

Eye Sight
Two kernels of walnut and three of myrobalan fruits should be burned. Take that ash and add 4 black pepper grains, grind together and anoint the eyes to improve the vision.

Drink the decoction of walnut leaves of 40 to 60 grams and wash the glands to heal goiter.


Reverse side of the new branches of Walnut plant is velvet smooth; bark of the trunk is grey in color. Cracks are seen in vertical direction. Pinnate arrangement of leaves. Dense, hairy central part, leaflets are 5 to 13, 3 to8 inches long, 2 to 4 inches wide, elliptical shape, rectangular and flower with simple edge, unisexual, green color, globular fruit, in the place of green color two yellow spots on peel, aromatic, pip 1 to 1 long, bilocular, brain-shaped, divided into two parts at rear side, considerable oil is found in kernel. Flowering in spring, fruit appears in autumn.

1] Teeth would be cleaned by chewing the bark of walnut. 2] Take Peel of walnut, burn it and then be powdered. Use it for the strength of the teeth.


Breast milk
To increase breast milk, take wheat ravva 1 gram and 10 grams of walnut, grind them together. Make puri by adding the cow ghee and have this medicine for one week. The result would be surprising.

We find 40 to 45 percent of stable oil in Walnuts. In addition to that we find juglonic acid and Resins etc in them. Oxalic acid is found in fruit.

1] Chewing of roasted walnut kernel is beneficiary. 2] Walnut should be burned along with peel and get powder from it. Mix 5 grams of honey in that powder. That diminishes the cough.

Medicinal Treatment: Brain Impairment

25 to 50 grams of walnut kernel should be taken daily. It makes the brain stronger.

Massage the oil of the walnut on wounds and injuries. Wounds should be cleansed with the decoction of walnut for the benefit.

If the condition is severe in cholera or if the body is squirmed in winter, massage with walnut oil.
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Semen Discharge
Make powder out of the pulp of the fruit. And mix an equal quantity of raw sugar and take the medicine with water for 10 days daily in the morning and evening to control semen discharge.

Grind 10 grams of fresh walnut kernel, prepare a fine paste and apply where the pain is felt. Heat a brick and sprinkle some water it and wrap it with a cloth and foment. Arthritis pain vanishes immediately. In arthritis cases blood would be purified with this medicine.

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20 to 40 grams of walnut oil should be taken with 250 grams of milk every morning. Faeces would become smoothened by this drink. And bowel function becomes normal and regular in everyday.

1] Take 10 -40 grams of walnut oil with 250 grams of cow urine, for the benefit in inflammation. 2] In vataja infections 10-20 gram kernel should be grounded in lentil. Make a fine paste and apply it on painful place.

Intestinal worm
1] The decoction of the bark of walnut 60 - 80 grams can ably destroy the intestinal worms. 2] Intestinal worms would die if 4060 grams of decoction is made out of the leaves of walnut is taken.

Strength for the old

10 grams of kernel with 10 grams of drumstick should be eaten daily to increase general strength.

Walnut is a powerful medicince. It is highly useful as a medicine. It can be able to cure small diseases.
Bark of walnut, kernel and leaves are useful in preventing the diseases.

1] If the piles are caused by vata, the air, apply the oil of walnut on them to reduce the swelling and pain. 2] Take the 2 to 3 grams of powder which is an extract of the bark of walnut after burning it, mix it with any vishthambhi medicine and have it every morning and evening to stop blood piles.

5-10 grams of Walnut paste should be rinsed in the mouth in the morning. In a few days the complaint would be eradicated.

10 grams of Walnut kernel should be ground in wax or sweet oil and apply it externally. Wounds: - If the wounds are cleaned with the quath of the bark of walnut, it is much beneficiary.

1] If the flow in menstruation obstructed, prepare quath out of the pulp of walnut fruit and take it upto 40-50 grams 3-4 times in the morning and evening along with 2 spoons honey. 2] Take 10-20 grams of fruit pulp and add to it 1 letre of water. Boil the essence upto 1/8 of its quantity. Have this medicine every day and night for regularity in menstrual flow.

1] The shell of walnut should be ground with water to a fine paste and heat it on fire. The paste should be applied on the swelling part. Then bandage should be tied up and give fomentation over the bandage. If this activity is done for 10-15 days, the wound would be opened. 2] Bark of walnut should be grounded in water, and then heat it and apply on a wound.

Take 50 grams of walnut kernel, 40 dry palm dates and the kernel of cotton seed and make fine powder out of these ingredients. And then add some ghee to the mix and take the medicine in 25 grams quantity in every morning and evening to control diabetes. But drinking milk is prohibited.
10&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

Opium poison
By eating up of 20 -30 grams of walnut kernel, poison from opium would be pacified.

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Nobody is born great and

nobody is of higher and lower stature by birth as well. In the Indian system, caste is not established on the basis of birth but by Karma. Karma makes a man great. A man could reach the top of success by continuous struggle, patience, hard work and surrendering oneself to his or her duties and responsibilities. Truth and Karma are truthfulness only. Success is unbroken flow of Karma.

Success is

unbroken flow of Karma

Management of Time
Every moment of life is precious. Time is never returned. So, work, which is not performed in time, can not be performed later. Understand the seriousness and value of time. Ask the importance of a year to a student who failed. Or ask the value of a day to a daily wager.

- Dr. Anita Yadav,

Astt. Professor (Psychology), Patanjali University, Haridwar

very person in life wants to succeed in life. Getting into a rat-race to succeed by getting angry and becoming emotionally unbalanced and at the cost his or her health is not appropriate. Success demands from people to be peaceful, to have a healthy body and balanced emotions. In order to succeed in life, a few things are essential

Formulae for Time Management

Decide after a lot of understanding and thought. And don't delay the implementation. n Make a list of important tasks. n Prioritize your tasks. n Don't do two things at a time. n Apply full efforts into it. n Set a deadline for each task.

Setting a goal:
Setting a goal is important to attain success. Every person has his or her own goal. The question arises that if living a life is completion of life then why to set a goal? Anger, pride, jealousy and other human traits are a hindrance to the development of an individual. One can not focus in one direction without setting a goal. So, setting the goal is essential. 1] Goal should be clear, peaceful and productive. 2] Set the goal based on your interests. 3] Do not change the goal frequently. 4] Your thoughts, efforts and behaviour should be compatible with the goal. 5] Patience, dedication and zeal are essential. 6] Pride, competition and impatience are detrimental to achieving the goal.

Success is important in life and so is self-assessment. Self-assessment is the mirror to objectively observe your merits and weaknesses. Selfassessment is the way out of any problem.

Self-discipline is the backbone of success. In order to succeed, discipline on sleeping and waking up on time, taking food, working, speaking and controlling your traits are essential. Without discipline, success would be elusive on personal, social, commercial and educational front. One, who follows these formulae in life, success would follow him. Successful men develop selfconfidence, self-satisfaction and selfrespect. So everybody will have to work continuously to succeed.

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'Shanti Saar'
commentary in the subsequent publicationa respectively. - Editor
Na Prahrushyetpriyam prapya nodwijetprapya chapriyam Sthira buddhi rasammudho brahmavid brahmani sthitaha. II 20 II [20] One who is not delighted by getting his desired thing and sorrow by the undesired one, who is stable in his decisions and who does not get entangled by fascinations and who is the self is brahmavetta. And that knower of the Brahman exists always in Brahman. Bahya sparseshwasaktatma vindatyatmani yatsukham Sa brahma yogaktatma sukhamakshayamasnute. II 21II [21] He, who does not have any interest in outward material even though his senses are interact with them, who does not give any importance to the materialistic world, only he gets soulful bliss within him. That purush (man) Brahman (ultimate) feels ecstacy and gets unabated pleasure.

Swami Ramdev

Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdev ji commented GEETA as 'GEETAMRIT' and we are publishing the

Ye hi samsparhaja bhoga duhkayonaya eva te Adyantavantaha kaunteya na teshu ramate budhaha. II 22 II [22] The pleasure that comes with an outward touch is perishable. So, all of them are the causes of sorrow. Hey kauteya (son of Kunti)! Scholars would not take interest in such mean enjoyments. Shaknotee haiva yah sadhum prakshareeravimokshanat Kamakrodhodhbhavam vegam sa yuktah sa sukhee naraha. II 23 II [23] One who can preserve the momentum of anger and lust in this world ably even before his body is left, is an apt person. And he can achieve the ultimate pleasure. Yontah sukhayantararamastathantarjyotireva yaha Sa yogi brahma nirvanam brahma bhutodhigacchati. II 24 II [24] In this way, only the person who has inword pleasure only gets peace and relaxation within him, irrespective of the pain or pleasure that influences from outside. And he gets enlightenment within him. He only would be the true karma yogi who has the knowledge of supreme Brahman. He only gets the brahma nirvana (ultimate salvation).

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Labhante brahma nirvanamushayaha ksheenakalmashaha Chinnadwaidha yatatmanah sarvabhuta hite rataha. II 25 II [25] Whose mind is non dual, who keeps himself beyond all this duality, one who experiences that everywhere Brahman is prevalent and who gets himself into obstinance, whose sins are burned to ashes and who dedicates his life for the welfare of other beings, he only gets ultimate Brahman or supreme salvation. Kama krodha viyuktanam yatinam yatachetasam Abhito brahama nirvanam vartate viditatmanam. II 26 II Sparshankootwa bahirbahyamschakshuschaivantare bhruvoh Pranapanow samow kootwa nasabhyantaracharinow. II 27 II [26-27]The saints, who have no anger or lust, and self-restraint and self-enlightened, easily can obtain that Brahman, the state of Nirvana. Yatendriya mano buddhirmunirmoksha parayanah Vigateccha bhaya krodho yah sada mukta eva sah. II 28 II [27-28]One who keeps himself aloof from the worldly things (the objects which are recognized by the senses), and sets his vision between the place of two eye brows and unite his prana with apana and breathe, he would stable his senses, mind and consciousness. Whose fear, desire and anger are vanished, who always

experiences the God Almighty and his divine form, is an eternal mukta (freed personality) person. Thus both of those slokas described the state which is apt for Sanyasa, the renounciation. Even if Karma yogi (who believes in doing to get solvation), can attain Moksha (Salvation) through this path. Because both the paths lead to the same goal. Bhoktaram yajna tapas am sarva loka maheshwaram Suhridam sarva bhutanam jnatwa mam santi mrucchati. II 29 II [29] One who knows me (Supreme Brahman) as Bhokta, the payee, of the offerings of sacrifice and penance, the absolute lord of the three worlds, bosom companion of all beings, he only gets peace. In this chapter it is emphasized that karma sanyasa (renounciation of performing acts) does not advocate to shun your duty. It always advises to do your duty with utmost sincerity, with a detached feeling towards the end result and with a sense of nondoership or of a sanyasi (one who does not seek any retribution). While analyzing this nuiance, sloka 27 is advocating the ways for the stebilisation of mind. Iti Srimadbhageeta supanishatsu brahma vidyayam Yoga sashtre Sri krishnarjuna samvade karma sanyasa yogo nama panchmodhyayah. II 5 II

Continued in the next issue

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&13

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Healthy mind
prerequisite for keeping the body healthy

such cant be treated, and we We have been listening about such diseases, whichare suffering from such have seen a number of patients who diseases of which, treatment is not possible. Doctors and scientists of various Today it is largely institutes are engaged in research to find the ways to cure such deadly diseases. But believed that the we are faced with a number of such diseases one after another which are incurable. cause of the diseases, which we are edical scientists are happy and peaceful life and also faced with today, Ashwani engaged in finding want to ensure a better future are actually treatment for for the future generations, they Kumar caused by incurable disease but they have will have to eradicate the external factors failed to cure many deadly internal cause of such diseases. microorganisms, diseases even after making all Now the question rises that contaminated possible efforts. The scientists what is the real cause of the food etc. But in have reached to the conclusion problem. Today it is largely reality, it can said that many dangerous believed that the cause of the to be a secondary microorganisms are being the diseases, which we are faced reason. These root-cause of such diseases. But with today, are actually caused factors can be the one thing which is by external factors responsible for ultimately overlooked by the microorganisms, contaminated enhancing food etc. But in reality, it can the severity of the scientists is that the scientists said to be a secondary reason. diseases, but their have failed to trace the actual reason for such diseases which These factors can be root causes lie has resulted into the problem responsible for enhancing the somewhere remaining the same. If todays severity of the diseases, but else.

human race wants to have a

14&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

their root causes lie somewhere

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Even in todays world, when all the doctors find themselves helpless in curing certain diseases, the patients prefer to visit a Vaidya or a Hakeem who succeed in treating the patients.

else. Actually, our perverted thoughts and ill-demeanour are in the root of the diseases. If we begin to care to bring purity in our behaviour and mentality, we can keep ourselves free from such deadly diseases. But todays so called modern people who largely rely on machinery rather than ethos, are prone to reject such ideas. Such people dont believe in such things which cant be proved scientifically. But no one can deny the fact that our saints in ancient times were very intelligent people and had a very strong memory power and they had a great knowledge of the whole anatomy of human body and functions of various organs. Even after such a great advancement of modern science, they have failed to attain that level of knowledge which our saints had. Even today, it has been seen that when all the doctors become helpless in curing a disease, the patients prefer to visit a Vaidya or Hakeem who eventually succeed in curing the patients. The reason behind such things is that, our Vaidyas and Hakeems work with purity of heart and soul when it comes for the treatment of a patient. Basically root causes of diseases lie in our mind and soul and if the purity is attained at this level, you will always be protected from diseases. We should pursue the path of truth. We should avoid the path of envy, hatred and greed. It has been experienced in the society that all those who have accumulated huge wealth by wrong means, are prone to be caught by dangerous and deadly diseases which are difficult to be treated. But those who maintain the purity of mind, good character and are having compassion for needy people are healthy and prosperous. Their good health and prosperity in life are

attributable to the purity of their mind and soul. Our great forefathers in ancient times had set some norms for a healthy and prosperous life. They had firm belief that by allowing envy, greed and hatred to dominate our mind, our life will be nothing but like a hell. Such elements pollute our mind and soul which eventually cause deadly diseases in us. On the other hand, when our heart and mind are full of purity and honesty, we are always protected form deadly diseases. In todays world, most of the people are suffering from diseases and it is only because of evils like impurity of our mind and spirit. But very few people who have pursued the path of compassion for others, purity of mind and soul are healthy. It is age old adage that healthy mind is prerequisite for healthy body. Allow purity to have a place in your mind and keep yourself away from impurity. Always keep away from anger, subversive elements and hatred to enjoy a healthy and peaceful.

Elements like lies envy and anger cause deformities in our heart and mind which cause a number of deadly diseases.

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&15

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Pranayam and Breathing System

Effect of the related diseases

is hallmarked on the basis of Science. Yes, Swami Ramdevji Maharaja proved it once again after the successful completion of seven seven-day camps and six residential camps, in which more than ten thousand patients have participated. Scientic tests are conducted on the patients before the commencement of the camp and after the completion of it. Results astonished both the scientists and patients, and yoga practitioners are rejuvenated with new exhortation.

Acharya Balakrishna

ranayama is the process in which whole breathing system participates actively. By practicing Pranayama, all the organs that are related to breathing system, would become functionary. Nose, mouth, Pharynx, Trachea, Bronchi, lung and thorax are the limbs which carry out the functions in breathing system. Breathing system that is controlled by Pranayama purifies all these limbs and they get enough oxygen and supply it through out the body which is necessary for all living beings. If these organs do not conduct their functions properly, that may cause many diseases. Allergic and Chronic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Bronchial Asthma, Tuberculosis like diseases attack breathing system. Normally a healthy person may breathe 15-18 times per minute. Each and every time a half letre of oxygen is received into the body and the same quantity of air is expelled out. More than that, one and a half letre of additional air is also thrown out in one time breathing. One letre of air remains in lung approximately, which can not be drawn out forcibly.

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All procedures of Pranayama purify the oxygen, enhance its quantity and percentage, which in turn purifies the blood
the oxygen which is received through breathing system, contains 79 percentage of nitrogen, approximately 20-21 percentage of Oxygen, approximately 0.04 percentage of corbon di oxide and the other gases and vapour in a very small quantity.

That means in this way, in a normal breathe, one and a half letre of air can be drawn into the body. And this quantity can be extended upto three and half letres also by doing pranayama. All procedures of Pranayama purify the oxygen and enhance its quantity and percentage, which in turn purifies the blood. The oxygen which is received through breathing system contains 79 percentage of nitrogen, approximately 20-21 percentage of Oxygen, approximately 0.04 percentage of corbon di oxide and the other gases and vapour in a very small quantity. The air which is thrown out after the completion of the oxygenisation contains 79 percentage

of nitrogen, approximately 16 percentage of Oxygen, approximately 4 percentage of corbon di oxide and the other gases and vapour in a very small quantity. Forasmuch Nitrogen gas is the same while breathing in and breathing out, we have to change the percentage in oxygen as it is 4 percentage while brething out. And this process is called significant change. This method of change is called Oxygenation. The procedure of Pranayama has no physical effort (muscular exercise)is needed. Still it enhances the Volume of Ventilation ten times. When we do physical labor, more oxygen is needed. But when we do Pranayama, the ratio of oxygen can be increased. That means the process of blood purification is also done many times. And each and every cell of our body gets its vitality in the presence of oxygen. After the completion of breathing cycle, we get energy (ATP) and thus the act helps in nourishment. Through the procedure of Pranayama, we can prevent the processes of Necrosis or Degeneration. Pranayama is an absolute antaxident. Through the process of Pranayama we are able to letting out the secretions of nasal cavity which create hindrance in the breathing system normally like common cold, caugh, Asthma etc. ailments. Pranayama is proved its scientic standards in the modern days, in residential Yoga camps. Ultra modern spirometry mechines record the results of pulmenory Function test (P.F.T.) of the participants both in the beginning and at the end of the camps. Each patient practiced in these camps vivid types of Pranayama every morning and evening for two hours. Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Bahya, Anuloma-Viloma, Bhramari, Udgeetha, Ujjayi etc. In this study many positive results were observed in Forced Vital Capacity (F.V.C), in first second Forced Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (M.V.V.) Peak Expiratory Flow Rate and Respiratory Rate.

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Brave sons of Mother India!

Wake up to your duties!

Swami Ramdev
we will continue to be tolerant? Why How longerwe show the outburst of anger? Spot the dont Gaddafi like traitors in our society who deserve complete social and political boycott. Herald the call for total change of the system it is your duty to your nation.
ntil the leaders like Gaddafi, Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak continued to rule over the countries like Libya, Tunisia and Egypt respectively, no one in the world knew about the loot of wealth allowed by these rulers in those countries. These rulers had built roads connecting all parts of their countries, hospitals and schools and educational institutes in the name of development. These leaders claim to be honest in the service to their people and their nation. But their real face surfaced before us after their demise from power. The GDP of Libya is Rs. 3.7 lakh crore whereas Colonel Gaddafis personal property happened to be Rs 10 lakh crores. He had accumulated a huge gold deposit of 1400 quintal. His wealth was in the form of bank deposits and other property investments in the several countries like
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USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and Italy. Gaddafi was such a wealthy ruler of a small and impoverished nation which has a population of just 65 lakhs. He was in power for over four decades. India, our nation is worlds fourth largest economy that means over 200 countries in the world are behind us in terms of wealth. Only US, China and Japan are ahead of us on this ground. Despite of such a rampant loot of our national resources by greedy leaders and officers, we have such a strong foundation of our economy. The price of land property amounts to over Rs 20 thousand lakh crores in India. No one can imagine the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by the parties and leaders who have been in power for over 55 years in this country. The truth will come to fore when these people will be thrown out of power. It is a bizarre situation that the people who have done no good for the people and who get every time elected to rule over the country only because of their association with a reputed political family. They are again shamelessly making appeals to the people to vote for them. They want the people to allow them to rule over the country to serve their personal interest rather than serving for the interest of the people and the nation. Will we continue to vote for them because they are responsible for huge corruption of wealth amounting to Rs 400 lakh crores. Do they deserve felicitation by being voted to power for not allowing the return of black money which has been stashed in the foreign banks by those Indians who have accumulated huge ill-gotten property. Are they to be awarded for not allowing a strong antgraft law for the appointment of an effective Lokpal institution. Do they deserve hounour for not letting the black money to be declared the national wealth? Do they deserve hounour for looting wealth of the nation by indulging in a string of scams starting from Bofors scam to Commonwealth scam and 2 G scam? In all public rallies organized by such leaders for vote, people should slap such questions to their politicians. It is your right and duty. Now we wont allow these traitors to cheat us any more. It is high time for us to boycott such elements socially and politically. We will also have to boycott the foreign products besides these corrupt elements to save our nation. We have to establish true democracy in place of the system of loot and corruption. It is strange that these politicians can get angry with us even after looting the wealth of the nation but we dont know when we will get angry with these corrupt politicians. We can get angry on ourselves to vent our frustration. We feel that everything associated with us like-our cast, religion, our fortune are the root cause of our agony. We unnecessarily feel that we are destined to live in deprivation. But in reality, we are suffering only due to poverty, hunger, illiteracy, inflation are the real

elements which are mainly responsible for our sufferings. Actually people in India are poor because corrupt elements in our society have accumulated a huge ill-gotten money amounting to over Rs. 400 lakh crores. If this had not happened, no one in the country would have suffered due to poverty. India is strong nation of 121 crore people but unfortunately our country has been brutally looted by a few corrupt people which has resulted into the suffering of the people. You, the people of India are descendents of lord Shiva, lord Ram and lord Krishan and the great saints of India. Whey are you keeping silent on seeing such a rampant corruption in the country. This is not the tradition of our brave forefathers. Our great forefathers had set a tradition to fight against injustice, tyrant devils. They fought for holy causes like truth and justice. INDRAM VARDHANTO-PTURAH KRINVANTO VISHVMARYAM. APGHNANTO ARAVANAH. MA VAH STEN ISHAT TATHA PARITRANAY SADHUNAM VINASHYA CHA DUSHKRITAM. DHARMA SANSTHAPANARTHAYA SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE. Lets come! Let us establish a system of governance based on truth and justice by eradicating political corruption. Let us herald the beginning of a great revolution. Once Swami Vivekananda had said, The fire of nationalism and patriotism, which is burning in my heart, will definitely ignite one day in the hearts of people of this country. Just contemplate for a some times that what is your primary duty for your mother land. If you listen the resonance of the same call which is reverberating in my heart, then lets come and make a pledge that in coming assembly elections, we will vote for those candidates
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The fire of nationalism and patriotism, which is burning in my heart, will definitely ignite one day in the hearts of people of this country.

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&19

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You dont have to vote for the candidate of the party which is responsible for the loot of the wealth of the nation. The power of your voting rights will curb the ill practices in our democracy.

who have clean image. We will elect those candidates as our representatives for the state assemblies who honest. We will have to ensure defeat of the leaders in this election who have brutally looted the wealth of our nation. Voting in favour of corrupt elements will be like treachery to our mother land. It is equally important for all the voters to cast their votes. Not doing so will be like insult of our freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for establishing democracy in the country. It is our appeal to all the social and religious organizations, students of the schools and colleges and all the youths who are suffering due to unemployment and poverty which has been caused due to the system of corruption. Let us come forward and join hands to begin a struggle to make our system clean and also to ensure justice to the people of this country.

1. Let us have a discussion over the issue of black money.

There is a global system of black money which amounts to about USD 63 trillion. The money is actually collected through wrong and illegal means like smuggling, tax evasion and corruption. Normally it is of two types. One is that which has been collected by the means of tax evasion like- evading the income tax, excise duty, evasion of duty on imported and exported goods. The money collected in the form of taxes is actually spent for the welfare of the people of the respective countries. Tax evasion is a bit less dangerous thing and good governance and reforms in the economic policies are required to curb this ill practice. But the another form of black money is more dangerous. Over 120 crore people of India pay Rs 12 lakh crore every year to the government in the form of various kinds of taxes which has to be spent on the development of the nation and welfare of the people. This money is pocketed by the middle men like corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and greedy traders. This is the real form of black money. Most of the people join politics to join this particular system of loot and corruption. When dishonest people are voted to power, they bungle the money which should have been spent on the development of the country.

God has enriched every nation with full of natural resources. The countries where the people are suffering due to poverty have been impoverished due to system of corruption and black money. The people in these countries suffer due to the loot of wealth by a few people sitting in power. Similar things have happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. GDP of Libya is about Rs 4 lakh crores but the wealth accumulated by Coloney Gaddafi is approximately abut Rs 10 lakh crores. Similar is the situation in India. The size of our economy is approximately around Rs 200 lakh crores and there are so many Gaddafi type of corrupt leaders in India. These politicians have created a system of corruption by joining hands with corrupt bureaucrats and all these people have jointly collected black money amounting to Rs 400 lakh crores. But this could be a tip of iceberg and realty of this system of black money will be known to us when such people will be ultimately thrown out of power, albeit through democratic means.

3. Is it really very difficult to recover the black money ether stashed in the country or abroad?
Economists across the world believe that those who have collected black money through illicit means happen to be very influential people and they have a very strong hold over system of governance. As long as they are in power it is almost impossible to recover the black money collected by them. They are able to take the assistance of worlds renowned lawyers and chartered accountants who offer them the ways and means to save the ill-gotten collected by these corrupt people. Moreover, there is a global system of stashing the black money with the banks in the foreign countries who are committed to protect it at any cost. There are some countries like US and Britain who are striving all efforts to get back the black money stashed by their people in the banks of there countries. But these governments have also allowed a system in these countries to stash the black money collected by the citizens of other countries. The black money collected by a few corrupt people in our country is actually invested in various fields like- Mutual Funds, real estates, Trust Companies. The rules made by our corrupt politicians are ineffective to unearth the huge some of money which has been collected by various ill means. The only way to unearth the reality of the system of black money is to throw out these corrupt leaders from power, albeit, the method has to be democratic. People of Libya deposed Gaddafi from power by violent means because there was no democracy in that country. In nutshell, we have to make a new regime of governance in which those people will lead the

20&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

2 The primary cause of poverty, unemployment and hunger across the world, including India, is basically caused by vicious regime of black money No country in the world is basically poor.

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government who dont have any black money, who are honest people and are ready to work with honesty. Such a new regime will have to ensure the recovery of black money which has been stashed by various methods. The new government will also have to reassure the people that the system of black money will be no more in existence. For example, US government successfully brought back their black money from Switzerland because no big political personality of US had stashed black money in the foreign banks. And the black money accumulated by the leaders of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt could be unearthed after the tyrant regimes in these countries were thrown out of power. Even US administration uncovered the Rs 1.5 lakh crore of black money accumulated by Libyan strongman Gaddafi only after he was thrown out of power. The true fact and figure of black money accumulated by our leaders will be uncovered only after these corrupt leaders will be thrown out of power.

IV. Election reforms V. National management policy VI. A true Indian system of governance

6. How the eradication of system of black money and corruption and the change in the system are going to benefit the country
Every good thing will be possible if the abovementioned three things are made possible. Our country will have that much of money which will enable us to provide quality education and best medical facilities to the ever citizen of India. No one will be unemployed, unlettered and poor in the country. All will be leading a standard quality of life. The value of our currency, Rupee, will be equal to that of Dollar and Pound. India will emerge as the world superpower. Today we are fourth largest economy in the world. US, China and Japan are ahead of us. But tomorrow India will leave back in the race of economic growth. We wont be dependent on GDP growth. We have to check the loot of our resources and wealth of the nation which is being done in the name of foreign investment.

4. What is the proper way to recover the black money?

I. Centre should immediately declare the black money stashed in the foreign banks as the wealth of the nation. II. All MPs, MLAs should declare their own property and the wealth of their relatives in the country and abroad. III. A general purpose FIR will have to be filed against all the top politicians, top bureaucrats and top entrepreneurs of India under prevention of corruption and prevention of money laundering act and then a detailed information will have to be sought from the foreign governments regarding the wealth of these people in those countries. IV Under the provisions of politically exposed persons, the government of India should seek information from foreign governments about the money collected by those politicians, officers and entrepreneurs of India who have been exposed for their involvement in the acts of corruption. V. The provision for beneficial ownership declaration has to be put in place immediately. VI. The black money collected by some people in India is being invested in various sectors of our economy like mining, real estate, drug trafficking and misuse of money power for political purposes. To curb such practices, a very strong and effective rule will have to be made with farsightedness.

7. Where lies the highest amount of black money? In which sector? What are its ill effects?
Most part of black money has been invested in the mining sector, real estate, drug trafficking, black marketing and vicious practices in the politics. These activities are spoiling our economy. Natural resources worth Rs lakhs of crores are being looted every year due to illegal mining. Similarly, the black money invested in drug trafficking is also destroying not only our economy but it is threatening the future of the nation. Role of black money for black marketing of the essential goods has encouraged skyrocketing prices. Power of black money in politics is posing serious threats to our political system and democracy. The safety of the country and well being of its people cant be ensured until the system of black money continues to exist.

8. What is your role?

You dont have to vote for the candidate of the party which is responsible for the loot of the wealth of the nation. The power of your voting rights will curb the ill practices in our democracy. When ever the organization is carrying out a movement over these issues, you have to ensure your participation. It is the biggest responsibility of the every citizen to join the movement to curb corruption and loot of the wealth of the nation.
February 2012&YOG SANDESH&21

5. The main issues meant to change the system

I. Setting up of National Farmers Income Commission. II. Equal education for all in Indian languages. III. Accessible and equal medical services for all.

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For Assembly polls to be held in five states soon. A write-up based on the views of Yoga Rishi and pride of the nation, honorable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj.

A clarion call b

Call for all the nationalistic citizens of the nation.

Dear and beloved countrymen, Brothers, sisters, father like elders, respectable mothers and youth friends. Only a few days are left for the Assembly polls and this time we have to hand over the future of the state, in the hands of spotless and eligible candidates.
biscuits, after paying taxes. The poorest of the poor people are also not spared and pay huge money as taxes. Election is the right time to demand suitable answer to it. To know views of our public representatives on national issues like black money, corruption and system change besides local issues, a public debate program is being arranged in which candidates from all the parties are invited. We are of the opinion that when Maharshi Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Maharshi Sandipani, Acharya Chanakya, Maharshi Dayanand, Swami Vivekanand, Shri Arvind, Mahatma Gandhi and in ancient era Lord Shiva, Lord Rama and yogeshwar Lord Krishna intervened politically and hence, the nation is safe today. Seeing pathetic and unlawful condition of the then rulers, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna intervene politically and said `Paritranaya Sadhuna Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam`. In same manner the political intervention of Swami Ramdevji and Shri Shri Ravishankar raising voice against corruption is not only relevant but necessary too. Just think, despite being a monk, I am also disposing of my duty for the nation besides `yoga dharma` with total purity, impartiality and honesty. Me and others are struggling day and night to save the nation, state and our pride despite some opinions that why Swamiji, a `sanyasi` is intervening at the time of election. But why they forget that to elect corruptionfree representative and to make people aware of it is the morale duty of every citizen. So please attend `jan-samwad` program to be held in your district and ask direct questions to the candidates. Ask, what they think to declare black money as national asset and bring back to the nation? What the candidates say to uproot corruption and to provide education in all regional Indian language besides English and to ensure free and equal education and equal medical facility to all? What are the candidate and his party's policy on giving actual cost of crop to the farmer than

lection is a national festival of democracy. In ancient era, a king was born from stomach i.e. dynasty rule but now leaders are elected by vote. The present freedom and right to vote is because of the martyrdom of over millions of freedom strugglers, who laid their life. Thus, not to go to polling booth and not exercising franchise is an insult to these martyrs. If we do not vote and elect eligible people, the very purpose of loktantra (democracy) gets defeated and it becomes `loottantra`. Over 400 lakh crore money is illegally siphoned out to foreign nations and we face corruption at every step. All candidates contesting election are the representative of the people before being the representative of any political outfit. Thus, we have constitutional and basic right to know, what they think on the subjects of national interest. The elected Governments in the nation collect around 12 lakh crore as tax on 32 heads in the name of development. Even a poor labor, artisan, farmer or a rickshaw-puller purchase soap, shampoo, toothpaste or
22&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

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minimum support price (MSP) and to scrap land acquisition law. What the candidates opine on poll reforms, loot of natural resources like iron, coal, gas, petrol, diamond and gold by multinationals and to establish `swadeshi` system in place? To ask such burning questions we invite you in `jan-samwad` program. If our country gets back, Rs 400 lakh crore concealed in foreign nations, corruption is uprooted and corrupt political system is replaced by correct political system means democracy would prevail in true meaning and no person of the nation would be unemployed, poor or illiterate. Inflation would come down and the nation would be in real terms, the biggest economic and spiritual power. But the dream would turn into reality only when we would vote for honest, nationalistic and eligible candidates. The people and the parties, responsible to loot Rs 400 lakh crore and bring down the glory of, once the most powerful nation, our beloved India shall not be spared now. Not a single of the culprit shall reach Vidhan Sabha. This is the right opportunity to strike. To vote in favor of tainted people is like treachery and cheating to the nation. Our country is our mother. The people, who have downgraded the prestige and reputation of our motherland, who have stabbed in the heart of our beloved motherland shall not be voted to power. Dear brother and sisters, the public agitations could only raise and highlight issues but can not bring change to the fortune of the nation. The real power to bring remarkable changes lies with the members of Assemblies and Parliament. Hence, no changes could be expected till right people are sent there. With the help of public agitations, we could bring partial change and but not complete change. If on polling day, we sit at our homes then the martyrdom and sacrifice of thousands of revolutionaries would go waste. It would be perfidy, betrayal and treachery with the nation. If you did not vote for better people in the available lot, then criminals could win for which, you would be equally responsible. On June 4, a massive dharna held at Ramlila ground to highlight the demands of bringing back black money stashed in foreign, uprooting corruption, equal rights for education and medical facilities to all, to provide actual production cost to farmers and to scrap land acquisition cost. In a mid-night swoop, Police cane-charged on innocent, unarmed protesters including women and children. It was a well-oiled conspiracy to kill me and other and other nationalistic people, children, women like sister Rajbala. It was one of the barbaric and cruel incidents in the history of democratic nations. Sister Rajbala, who was grievously injured in the lathicharge, ultimately breathed her last. All are witness as how a conspiracy was planned

to defame Acharya Balkrishna, who did relentless services to mankind and gave relief to millions of people and spread the fragrance of Ayurveda in the world. Entire Government machinery was released behind myself, honorable Anna Hazare, sister Kiran bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, who raised voice against corruption and black money. The Government, rather than bringing back, the black money unleashed all efforts to save corrupts and those who have deposited huge black money in foreign nations. The Government has signed weak treaties with 85 nations in connection with black money. Furthermore, the Government is claiming that the black money deposited in foreign banks is merely 40 lakh crore and not 400 lakh crore and of the specified amount, it is demanding Rs 24 lakh crore as tax. When me, Anna Hazareji, Shri Shri Ravishankarji and Subramaniyam Swamiji raised voice against corruption and demanded a strong lokpal bill, no effort was left to defame all these persons. Annaji was even arrested and lodged in jail along with muggers and hard-core criminals. His associates were troubled. And now when time to draft Lokpal bill has come, a weak bill has been formulated, the power of whose appointment and termination lies with the ruling party. The Government draft does not have CBI under the ambit of Lokpal and rights to impartial probe either. It was a hypocrisy crafted in Parliament, which could further promote corruption and a pal of gloom descends on the nation so that the Government could later claim that Lokpal does not wipes out corruption. The Governments wants to draft a bill, which promotes corruption. I raised voice against corruption and black money and demanded proper education and employment for youths. I also demanded for proper value to the farmers for their produces. Succumbing under massive public pressure, the central Government set-up four different committees and assured that in next 6 months, black money deposited in foreign nations would be declared as national asset and brought back to the nation. But all said and done was a glaring cheating and no serious efforts were made to bring back black money worth Rs 400 lakh crore. At last, I urge the countrymen that spare just two days for better selection of the people in the hands of whom we are giving the state for five years. Exercise your franchise and ask candidates in our `Jan-Samvad` program that why they should be favored. What the plans they have in their minds for the state and the nation. We do not want cash and liquor but we want the actual rights of the nation and the public and that we would take at all cost.

To vote tainted and corrupt persons is akin to cheat the nation. This country is our mother and persons, who have outraged the modesty of the motherland, who are responsible for the pathetic condition of the nation would not have our support. Such elements shall not be voted and sent to Assembly subsequently.

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&23

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A movement to awaken people to participate in voting Lets change

the system by casting vote

Election democracy. By electing theable and
is the greatest festival of our clean leaders, we will be able to curb the loot of the wealth of our nation. Lets come to cast our votes and encourage others to do so. Let us pledge to ensure 100 percent voting.
oting is our fundamental, constitutional and national duty. Voting for tainted candidates is noting but a form of treachery to the nation. Dont let any of those people to get a place in any state assembly who are responsible for the loot of Rs. 400 lakh crores of this country. Actually it is

Elections have been declared. Parties and the candidates are knocking at your doors to seek your support
know the value of your vote. Think before casting your vote. Take your decision after a lot of circumspection before casting your vote in favour of a particular candidate. Put up the questions before the candidates which are concerned to your rights. Awaken for your rights.

not our cast or religion which is responsible for the poverty of the nation and its people. It is corruption and the system of black money, which are responsible for our poverty and we are not able to emerge as a global superpower on the world map. Our corrupt politicians, officers and businessmen have stashed black money or ill-gotten money in the foreign banks. If this money is brought back in India, it will solve definitely solve our major problems like poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. In every election rally and public meetings during campaigns for assembly elections, we should put up following question to the parties and the candidates we are seeking votes: 1. Rs. 400 lakh crores have been stashed in the foreign banks as black money. Why dont you to strive to declare this money as national property? 2. Why dont you frame strong and effective laws to curb the acts of corruption? 3. Why do you allow the exploitation of labourers and farmers by calling them unskilled workers? 4. Why are you bent on allowing FDI in retail which is bound to spoil the interests of small traders in the country?


A. Only central government is able to bring back the wealth of the nation which is stashed in the foreign banks in the form of black money. Bet center is ignorant about its duty. People of this country want to know if the black money stashed in the foreign banks belong to the people who are in power in the center. B. Why the center is trying to shield those who have accumulated huge sum of ill-gotten money in the form of black money and crush those people who at the same time who are raising their voice against the system of black money. Just think! Will you vote for the parties and candidates who are responsible for this miserable condition of our people and country? To ensure the well being of yourself and the development of your assembly constituency and that of your nation, just strive to get the huge sum of black money declared as the wealth of the nation. You must come out of your home on polling day to cast your vote.

24&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

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Let us make the Indian which our martyrs wished to see

Ensure 100 participation in voting.
Some grisliest scenes which took place at ramlila ground on june 4 During anticorruption satyagrah

Atrocities: On the pattern of Jalianwala Bagh incident, brutal police crackdown took place on hungry and humble Satyagrahis comprising of elderly men and women, young girls and children who were protesting against corruption and black money. Will you vote for the people who allowed this grisliest action against innocent people.
February 2012&YOG SANDESH&25

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Dr Vijay Kumar Chhajed


Heart attack
blockage When the70 percent,in our artery increases up to and when the problem of angina of begins to trouble the patients The blockage takes place develops in the internal walls of the artery which is called intema. It begins to contract with increase in the blockage. Finally a day comes when the wall is broken. Accumulation of fats causes a hundred percent blockage. In the process of blood circulation, this kind of blockage causes heart attack.
hen there is a hundred percent blockage, the patient begins to perspire, feel severe pain and some of the muscles of his heart become inactive, which could cause permanent damage. Heart attack causes blockage in supply of blood and oxygen to heart leading to the death of the patient. The intensity of heart attack is directly concerned to the fact that how much part of heart is affected. If only 5 to 10 percent part of the heart is affected, then the intensity of attack is very low, but when 30 to 40 percent parts are affected then the intensity is very severe and if immediate aid is not provided to the victim, then the death is sure. Heart attack is caused due to fat-rich diet, excessive and sudden anger, and excess of grief or tension. Heart attack could be possible during angiography and Angioplasty when the balloon is inflated. Actually the inflated balloon blacks the coronary artery which carries blood to the heart leading to the destruction of internal surface. There is only way to prevent heart blockage- dont let the blockage to occur. If the blockage is checked, no heart attack will happen ever in life. Adhering to a proper life style will help prevent the heart attack. Focus on following things to prevent the possibility of heart attack 1. Cholesterol- 130 to 136. 2. Triglyceride- 60 t0 180

Know about

There is only way to prevent heart blockagedont let the blockage to occur.

If the blockage is checked, no heart attack will happen ever in life.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

HDL Cholesterol- 40 to 60 Blood sugar (in fast)- 70 to 100 Blood Sugar (PP)- Below 140 Blood pressure- 120/80 Optimum exercise Maintain weight in proportion to height 9. No smoking 10. Control tension 11. No oil/Ghee in diet 12. Take optimum amount of fruit and salad 13. Dont take milk and milk products in food 14. Avoid non-vegetarian food 15. No alcohol

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part of human body. It Hair is a very importantin protecting our body is highly helpful from external factors and also gives an attractive appearance to our personality. Healthy and shiny hair enhances the beauty of a woman. Shiny and healthy hair symbolizes ones good health.

Ayurvedic treatment for

hair problems
Dr. Renu Arora,
MD, Ayurveda

t is estimated that there are about one lakh hair-strand on our head. Hair can be divided into three categories. Cutical, the part of hair which appear atop our head. The other two parts of the hair are Medula and Cortex. Cutical, the externally appearing part is smooth and shining and it is also able to reflecting the sunlight. It protects its internal parts from sunlight, heat and pollution. and effects of the weather. The same protein called keratin forms our hair and nail, both. Hair fall is a normal phenomenon. It is no cause of concern if one loses 40 to 100 hair per day. But if the hair-fall is more than this, it means hair is unhealthy.

Methods to keep hair safe

According to the principles of Ayurveda, good food habit and regular walk keeps our hair black, dense and soft. Those who mostly take junk food, packaged food or stale food and avoid taking fresh and balanced diet are prone to hair problems. Tension is another major cause of hair fall. Following are the suggestions to keep your hair healthy and prevent its falling: Keep yourself happy Take regular meal Take fresh food Take protein rich food

Avoid use of shampoo every day. Its better to go for it once in a week Apply Tulsi water occasionally to your hair and wash it with clean water after some time Apply fenugreek water or its leaf-water occasionally to your hair. For shiny hair, apply vinegar or edible soda to your hair after shampoo Soak triphala in water in the night and use its water in the morning for washing your hair Eating Kapurkachari prevents hair fall If hair fall is excessive, add iron-rich diet in your food, it will be largely helpful in preventing the hair fall. Applying castor oil added with sulfur to hair is very helpful in preventing dandruff.

Hair fall is a normal phenomenon. It is no cause of concern if one loses 40 to 100 hair per day.

But if the hair-fall is more than this, it means hair is unhealthy.

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Sunita Poddar,
International Yoga Convener, Trustee, Patanjli Yogpeeth (UK) Trust.

he evolution of the ancient scripture which enlightened the whole world on the subject of Karma, was the result of unconditional friendship. Saying so is no exaggeration. Srimadbhagwadgeeta was evolved in the battleground of Mahabharata when the Arjun was in illusion with regard to his duties. Then his greatest friend lord Krishna enlightened him and helped him to get rid of his illusion. It was the assistance of an aide like lord Krishna which helped all the Pandavas including Arjuna to emerge victorious in Mahabharata war. This instance proves the worth of a true friendship. A true friend is always ready to help us in adverse circumstances. There are many kind of relationship in which we are attached with others and every relationship has its own importance. It normally happens that our behaviour is restrained in almost all the relationship. But in friendship, we freely speak our mind. Friendship happens to be the worlds unique and very special relationship. It is difficult to explain the importance and significance of friendship in words. The depth and breadth of

Life is dynamic. True friendship is the most integral part of life, which is very
necessary to live with happiness. Unconditional friendship means a relationship in which the people involved are no way concerned about their profit or loss. True friendship could be helpful in bailing you out of the troubles in life.

the feeling of joy in this relationship cant be expressed in words. This is the reason, why no definite definition of this relationship could be evolved so far. When there is a true friendship, then the status of the people involved in it is meaningless. Here I would like to cite the example of KrishnaSudama friendship. In childhood, when the both of them were studying, Sudama had eaten the Chana-Chabana (baked gram and rice), which was meant for Krishna. But after many years, when Sudama was reeling under

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extreme poverty, he visited to Krishnas place. When informed about Sudamas visit, Sri Krishna rushed to see his friend and hugged him. Krishna promised his reassured his friend that his hardship was over from now. Krishnas dedication for his friend is exemplary. Actually the true friendship has nothing to do with financial status. It is basically based on purity of heart and mind. Friendship enables us to enjoy the greatest feeling which makes us free from all kind of agony and distress. Friendship is a kind of book of which all the letters are precious. A true friend is helpful in bailing us out of our troubles and plays a seminal role in our progress in life. A true friendship based on purity of mind and purity of deeds is very useful for the entire humanity. The strong and exemplary bonding of relationship between Yoga guru Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji is worth mentioning in this context. The strong bonding between the two has greatly served the entire humanity by the means of yoga and Ayruveda. Unfortunately the government machinery has tried a lot to harass the two to separate them, but it is the strength of the relationship which foiled all such plots. Despite all odd circumstances, the two friends are standing together holding their hands tightly to serve the humanity. The relationship between Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji is an example of true friendship. A true friend is one who is always ready to stand by his partner in all difficulties and encourages him to keep moving ahead on the path of prosperity. Friend in need is the friend indeed is a famous adage. This relation is beyond all doubts. If any one of the two partners are skeptical about other, it is the beginning of the end of the relationship. Trust is most important factor, which makes the bonding in the relationship stronger. Truth, honesty, mutual understanding, strong trust, transparency and dedication are the primary conditions for developing a true friendship. Friendship provides us enough

space where we are able to speak without any kind of hesitation. True friendship never goes in vain. A true friend plays a vital role in our prosperity. True friendship bears the qualities of an expert of medicines, who is supposed to have all the solutions of a problem. This relationship also serves us like the most caring mother does for her child. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Raghunath Pandit were best friends. Both had written books. But for the happiness of his friend and to allow Raghunaths book to earn wider fame, Chaitanya Mahaprabu drowned the text of his own book in the water, though it was a best creation. A true friend is like a treasure that will continue to be useful for the whole life. But it is very difficult to find a true friend in todays world. But it is also a fact that good and bad people lived in every generation. When entering in a friendly relationship with anybody, one should be very cautious. Now the question is, how to get a true friend. The simplest answer is- the one is helpful in your need is your friend indeed. Such people are comparatively very few in the society. But once you find a true friend, just continue the relationship in every situation for whole life. When you have got true friends, you are brimming with self-confidence. High confidence level is very important for the success in life. True friends are like jewels, always take care of them.

once you find a true friend, just continue the relationship in every situation for whole life. When you have got true friends, you are brimming with selfconfidence. High confidence level is very important for the success in life.

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Education system,

challenges and remedies

key role. A dedicated character with the qualities of honesty, sacrifice may cast the students into an excellent group. Acharya should be knowledgeable, and well informed scholar.

Ashram system has `acharya` (principal) in the lead and

Dr Brahmadev
yankarmopasnabhidervat ardehne rate shanto danto dayalushcha gune krite` (Shukranitisar 1.40). Krunute Gurbhmante teham ratrisviya udere vibharti tanam jatam drashtimbhisamvanti deva (Atharvaved 11.5.3). Means, a teacher carries his disciple in his womb. God Veda has asked to carry student in womb means the acharya shall behave equally with all his disciples no matter he come from elite, influential family or a poor class as a mother does with an unborn baby in her womb. The expectant mother does not thought about the look of the unborn baby but showers equal affection and love towards it. Likewise, a teacher shall shower equal affection to his students and develop spiritually, mentally, bodily and physically so that he could achieve completeness and work effectively in the society. To follow the directives of Veda is not a difficult task and everyone would admit that nothing could be better than carving out a good human being out of a raw student. The central and state Governments shall come forward and take initiative.

Social organizations want welfare of the humanity and inspire poor children to study and lead a respectable life.

They want to uproot social evil of casteism and reservation system, which is a cancer to the society. But how?

Suggestions for Government and social organizations

It has been over six decades, when India
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became independent and it is most unfortunate that even after such a long time, we have nothing of our own. National language, constitution, education system, there is nothing which could be said as Indian. Everything has been borrowed. I think that they were better and if yes, we should not hesitate to admit it. We believe `vishdapi amritam grahnam` means if we get ambrosia from poison, we shall accept it. Vedas also suggest `Aa no bhadra kavto yantu Vishwatah` (Yajurwada 25.14). If it is not eligible and still we are carrying it could have two reasons. First, we do not have inkling of our capability and second, we are deliberately doing it. In my opinion, second option does not apply. And now if we don't have any knowledge of our self, it is our duty to learn more. India has glorious history and traditions. Scientific language like Sanskrit belongs to us, which has immense caliber to bring improvement in every sector but it has not been exploited. We have natural resources, perhaps best in the world but lying unexploited. There is no parallel to the `varna system` and `ashram system` to keep society well arranged. In brief we can say that there is clearly defined work for everyone in the system for the society. Follow `Kurvetraveh Karmani Jijiveshchtaha sama (Yajurveda 40.2). According to it work better than others to establish supremacy, which also means a healthy competition, as the

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`varna` system describes. There are equal opportunities for everyone and one who reaches the level according to his intelligence becomes his category or `varna`. Means effort and labor is primary in the system. One who does not work is dacoit and it is the responsibility of the king to bring him on right path after educating him or giving punishment. The education system aims at no one becoming dacoit or cheats and gets dues with efforts. The basics of such education lie in the `ashram` system. Celibate is a noun used for the adolescent child, joining gurukul where he is shaped into a good personality. The disciple shapes in the manner his guru does. Many youths turned terrorist with strong negative thoughts and likewise, youths could be grown with positive thoughts for the society. Teachers could do that and the only thing needed is better environment. And they could grow many `jehadis` not with destructive mindset but with constructive brain. It would give a new direction to the society. With same objective `ashrams` were set-up in ancient period. Chanakya cast Chandragupta in his ashram. Take example of `super 30`, an institution giving free education for IIT entrance to 30 poor students, who can not afford IIT coaching and for the third year in succession, batch of each 30 cleared IIT examination. (The Times of India, New Delhi, May 27, 2010). This is the best example of the commitment.

This shall happen in the field of education. The education should not be sold in exchange of money. And the same message has been conveyed by Super 30 to those, commercializing education. Now to make it a system, the Government shall come forward and execute a few of the suggestions for prosperous and organized society. First-of-all if the Government and other social organizations want welfare of the society, want to inspire poorest of the poor to educate and live respectable life, want to abolish reservation system and want to get rid of mental and physical pollution prevailing in the society, they shall immediately adopt ashram system. It is but natural that excellent creation is possible only with excellent craftsman. If you want to be among the best, you would have to look for the best guide. There should not be any place of reservation in the education system. All talent is being drained out in other fields and at primary level especially, nonserious teachers are put on duty. Furthermore, they are given election work, census and other Government duties. First, we would have to select dedicated and committed eligible teachers. In the field of education also, teachers should be selected as done in Army, Navy and Air Force. The participants clear many hurdles and only best of the talent is being churned out. Such selection process would ensure best available talent in the field of teaching and they could give best of their contribution in the creation of a good human being. These teachers shall be equipped with different qualities and have motherly affection, good character, duty bound with full commitment towards duty. They shall be relived of all other works of the society and the nation and asked to work round-the-clock for the betterment of the children. They shall be provided adequate facilities and the society have complete trust and faith in them. In ancient time, monks relieved of all family duties were given the responsibility of teaching. The education was free of cost. If now, the same system is being developed, children would get love, affection and experiences of old people besides education and on the other hand, old people would get supporting hands.

Education system shall be in national language Hindi

- Swami Ramdev

ogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has said that he would strive hard to ensure adequate respect to regional Indian languages like Gujarati, Tamil, Telutu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi and Bangala besides the national language Hindi. He said knowing foreign language is not bad but using other nation's language as the national language is shameful and insulting. In the world, none of the cultured nation is giving education in foreign languages. In our country, technical education, medical, management education and other specialized courses are not being run in Hindi or regional language but foreign language and hence many students are failing to realize their dreams of becoming doctor, scientist or a good manager. Thousands of children of laborer, peasants, poor class could not qualify even middle or metric examination despite being talented in all other subjects due to the mandatory English subject. Hence their dreams of becoming doctor, IAS or scientists shatter at primary level. It is time to provide children opportunity in their regional languages like Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi and Bengla.
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Sri Arvind

Illusion existence of universe is in the symbolical form of Brahma. But our mind originates the illusion of objects or accepts them and assumes these symbols as real objects. This ignorance is illusion; it's an illusion of mind and other faculties and to save us from all this, that supreme illusionist - father of illusion - is calling on us. This evaluation of illusion about the universe is Geeta and this illusion can be destroyed without renouncing karma or worldly creation. But, besides this, whole worldly creation is only, an illusion in the sense, that this is not the unchangeable, all existing and ultimate truth. Rather it is only a symbolical truth; in terms of universal consciousness, this is the evaluation of truth of the Brahma. Whatever we see around or whatever we are aware of about the external objects; they are all forms of consciousness. They are real selves which are born of a flow of consciousness in certain forms and have turned into thoughts. And then they have occupied a separate place which is

not different from itself. So, there is a certain practical truth but this is not the permanent transcendental truth; they are symbols, not the object in themselves, which is perceived. If we happen to observe it from different perspective, then consciousness of existence or Brahma has two states; universal consciousness and relative consciousness. For universal consciousness, existence is true in the sense that it is only an explicit form to express the inexplicable. By attaining universal consciousness, I could see the existence in the form of evident soul. Staying objectively into relative consciousness, I do not observe the existence in the form of evident soul. Rather I see it into a manifestation of an object which I liked to form for my selfconsciousness. Universe is only a nomenclature to manifest myself, which does not bind me; I can represent it and could have manifested myself some other way. It could have been expressed in other language by an entirely different word. Like I say 'tiger' in English I could have used Sanskrit language and would have used 'Shardul'. That doesn't make a difference to the tiger or for me; the difference would have been in the playing of words between my thoughts and symbols. That is the similarity with the Brahma and

I could see the existence in the form of evident soul. Staying objectively into relative consciousness, I do not observe the existence in the form of evident soul.

Rather I see it into a manifestation of an object which I liked to form for my selfconsciousness.

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Among the epics of Hindus, not a single one denies the existence of the universe. Nor is it the logical evidence of the existence of subtle and abstract truth of the universe, which is elusive to express in words. We should always keep in mind that all those words like illusion, dream, untruth and relative truth are only symbolic words and there should not be any attempt to draw a meaning, which is classical and extremely word specific.

Universe; similarly with the creation and its relations with its symbols, which has certain parameters. Some are related with the consciousness of the universe we perceive and some are related with individual consciousness. For example, inertia, mind and life-force are general symbols which have a permanent value for the God present in the consciousness of the universal consciousness. But for me or for an ant or for gods they all have a different individual value; they leave different impressions or like we say they manifest themselves in different ways. This value of purest form of any manifestation is represented in the elemental knowledge by the formulae that the universe is a creation of super illusion. This does not mean that existence of the universe is false. Or there is no evident form present. Among the epics of Hindus, not a single one denies the existence of the universe. Nor is it the logical evidence of the existence of subtle and abstract truth of the universe, which is elusive to express in words. We should always keep in mind that all those words like illusion, dream, untruth and relative truth are only symbolic words and there should not be any attempt to draw a meaning, which is classical and extremely word specific. These words are like the desperate strokes of a depressed painter who is unable to express his or her intended emotions. They are not truth themselves only the stones thrown on the truth. When we observe the universe with a completely different perspective which is observing it as a drama and not an illusion then we would be able to see that vividly. But many great philosophers could not understand this that like any other object, words have general value only and they represent a truth which is otherwise inexplicable. That is why they have drawn an extremely inflexible conclusion from the thoughts represented by these symbolical words. They have condemned the universe as only a painful and false dream and for them universe has become an even more distasteful and worthless. Because they had to be

forced to apply more of a transparent part of the brain to realize and accept the truth, from which any escape was impossible. The truth underlying their logic proved the philosophical principles great and made a powerful medium for the ascetic souls. The fallacy underlying their logical conclusion caused a huge harm to the humanity by the essence less and unproductive principles of not only the illusionist worldly life but also the existence of the universe. Under the last string of their principles, nature and super-nature, God and humans both are a fallacy of the consciousness; they are imaginary stories of worldly dreams and are unacceptable. The prosperity of humanity is a mythical imagination; attainment of godliness is only a false incentive and it is only an agent to merge with the worldly existence. The worshipper of God, desirous of completeness of humanity and those willing to take humanity from nature to super-nature find two big hurdles on their path. On the one hand is the inferior tendency to stick to their old attainments, which is reflective in the ordinary and despicable human traits. Second is the brilliant effort of going beyond their capacity, which is not only observed among escapist called Sanyasi (though so called sanyasi does not transgress his own right) but also among those depressed people who neither want to renounce the world and even if they happen to do so, they do not attain the respectable status of a sanyasi. Still these people are intellectually influenced by the high and dangerous principles and they are extremely influenced in their behaviour. For India a better day would only dawn when darkness would be dispelled and the consciousness of Indians, without discarding the myth of truth, would understand that it is only a partial explanation of the universe. For any of the two, God's kingdom or God's bliss, existence of universe is not essential, but neither for the same reason it's not a mythical thing as well; nor a life with out God is a worthless or illusive life.

The prosperity of humanity is a mythical imagination; attainment of godliness is only a false incentive and it is only an agent to merge with the worldly existence. The worshipper of God, desirous of completeness of humanity and those willing to take humanity from nature to super-nature find two big hurdles on their path.

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effective disease free. Different Asanas of Yoga is very popular inin keeping our body strong andby the people for good health. Theiryoga are widely the society which are practiced practice makes our muscles strong and also gives a toned shape to our body. When the higher levels of yoga are attained, the same Asanas, Mudras, Pranayama, etc play a major role in higher spiritual meditations. Regular practice of Yogasana has a very positive impact on various major systems of our body likeDigestive system, endocrines, respiratory system, function of heart and blood circulation.

Good health by

the means of yoga and asanas

Dr. SK Joshi
ur saints in the ancient times evolved various Asanas of Yoga by observing the various developments and incidences taking place in the nature. Various Asanas can be divided into five categories:

1. The Asanas evolved on the basis of body-postures of different animals and birds- Bhujangasana (Snakes posture), Shalabhasana (Hares posture), Ushtrasana (Camels posture), Sinhasana (Lions posture), Makarasana (Crocodiles posture), Matsyasana (Fish posture), Kurmasana (Tortoise posture), Mayurasana (Peacocks posture), Bakasana, Vrishchikasana (Scorpio posture) etc. 2. The Asanas evolved on the basis of the shape and size of various articles and matters- Halasana (Plough posture), Dhanurasana (Bow posture), Chakrasana (Wheel posture), Vajrasana, Naukasana (Ship posture). 3. posture of various body partsShirshasana (Downward erect body), Sarwangasana.

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By practicing it regularly, one can enhance the longevity of life. By having control over the inhalingexhaling process, one can get a stronger nervous system, blood-circulation system and respiratory system. Inhalingexhaling of the air is a regular process which keeps going on since the beginning of the human life and its death.

4. Asanas based on the names of ancient yoga-experts: Gorakshasana, Mahaveerasana, Matsyendrasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana, Dhruvasana etc. 5. It is known to all that our ancient saints used to observe the incidences and developments in the nature very closely. The quest of the human beings to know about the various activities with regard to the birds, animals, plants-trees, sky, sun, moon and stars enriched their knowledge. Human beings closely observed the various activities of birds, animals and evolved the various Asanas to keep their body fit and healthy. Asanas and Mudras are the most important parts of Ashtang yoga. They are used to make positive impact on various parts of the body. By practicing the various Asanas, mainly those postures are exercised which are observed by us in our surrounding. Mainly the structure of bones and muscles are involved in practicing yoganas. Various yogasanas are helpful in keeping various parts like bones, joints, muscles and nervous system healty. Pranayama are meant to increase the longevity of life. Prana is the term used in two ways- Pran-Vayu (the air, necessary for the survival of life.) and Pran-Shakti. The entry of PranaVayu inside the body and its use is called Prana-Shakti. This is the base of life. Age of an individual (the Combination of body, sense-organs, and sole) is based on the breathing process. In other words, age is also defined as the chain of life. An individual inhales about 15 times in a minute. It is estimated that in whole day and night, an individual breaths for 21600 times. This way the breathing process goes on non-stop for whole life. A person can survive without food and water for some time, but cant survive for more than a few seconds with out breathing. In precise terms, Pran means the energy which has been endowed by the almighty who is present everywhere

in the universe. Breathing provides energy for the execution of various functions of the various organs of our body. This Prana-vayu is available for every individual by the nature and almighty. Nobody needs to make extra efforts to get prana-vayu. The air normally inhaled by the every living being provides energy required for the various functions of the body. But special kind of breathing is required for special purposes like getting rid of ailment and keeping the body fit and fine. Indian saints evolved amazing methods for maintaining good health. Pranayama is considered as very important in Ashtangyoga which is directly concerned to Prana. By practicing it regularly, one can enhance the longevity of life. By having control over the inhaling-exhaling process, one can get a stronger nervous system, blood-circulation system and
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Continued from page 35

20th century is recognized as the era of tension and mental stress. Mental stress and materialistic life style at various levels namelypersonal, social and circumstantialhas caused the symptoms of distress and frustration in our lives.

respiratory system. Inhaling-exhaling of the air is a regular process which keeps going on since the beginning of the human life and its death. The frequency of breathing process is faster in the childhood. Nose, respiratory ducts and lungs are the main organs of the respiratory system. Muscles of chest are helpful in maintaining the speed of respiration. A person inhales air from outside environment. This air is a mixture of various gases namelyOxygen and Co2. Oxygen is absorbed in the blood when this air reaches to lungs. Rest of the gases are released outside when we exhales. To inhale greater quantity of pure air, proper practice of Pranayama could be very useful. Pranayama helps to regulate the proper functioning of heart. Pranayama makes our heart stronger. Strong heart and its proper functioning are very helpful in keeping our body active and fit. Every one in the world is desirous to maintain good health. Medical science provides us the ways to keep our body and mind healthy. 20th century is recognized as the era of tension and mental stress. Mental stress and materialistic life style at various levels namely- personal, social and circumstantial- has caused the symptoms of distress and frustration in our lives. The continuous impact of tension and frustration make a very adverse impact on every part of the body. Modern life science has registered amazing progress. Modern equipments used for the treatment of various diseases are able to trace the reasons behind every disease. Once known as deadly diseases like- Pox, plague, polio- are largely under control. But with the progress in treatment of diseases, mental stress in human life has greatly increased. Heart diseases caused by mental distress is largely dominant in the

developed countries of the western world. Mental depression and stress have caused other deformities in our body like- high blood pressure, diabetes, complications in digestive system, ulcer in the digestive system etc are on rise. Depression and distress has caused the social evils like greed, degradation in moral values and terrorism, which appears to be difficult to be sorted out. The countries like USA and other European countries which have made outstanding progress in the development of materialistic life style, are witnessing high number of death cases caused by heart diseases. With rise in such cases, people, doctors and scientists are highly conscious of fighting such problems. It is important to begin a mass awareness drive to fight such problems. Even modern medical science has agreed to the fact that besides of the organic reasons, some non-organic reasons are also responsible for heart diseases. The ways like yoga and meditation used to have control over mind are equally useful in protecting us from heart diseases. Yoga and meditation provide us mental peace and keep the various important organs of our body like- mind and heart- healthy and functional. Depression caused by mental stress make an adverse impact on the function of heart. There are two kind of nerves which are related to the function of heart- Sympathetic and Para-sympathetic. Sympathetic nerves have wider impact on the function of heart than that of Parasympathetic nerves. It increases tension which results in high blood pressure. Sudden increase in blood pressure is vary harmful. In todays world, it has caused a wider change in our life style and way of thinking. Present generation is coerced to reel under these adverse circumstances. Materialistic approach towards life has widened the gap between nature and human being. Tension and depression are primarily responsible

Once known as deadly diseases likePox, plague, polio- are largely under control. But with the progress in treatment of diseases, mental stress in human life has greatly increased. Heart diseases caused by mental distress is largely dominant in the developed countries of the western world.

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for heart diseases, mental deformities, diabetes, disturbances in the functioning of digestive system and nerve related diseases. Excess of work pressure, eating junk food, pollution and mental impulse have caused many deadly diseases likecancer, heart diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis and diabetes are largely on rise across the world. Impact of consumerism is highly responsible for tension and depression in human life. Water pollution, soil pollution and sound pollution are also largely responsible for the many deadly diseases. Modern medical science is unable to provide the solution to these problems. Modern medical scientists have admitted that in todays world, safety of human life cant be guaranteed without yoga and ayurveda. People across the world are curious to know about yoga and its role in the treatment of various diseases. The popularity of Ayurveda and yoga have widely spread across the world. Even though, there are certain confusions about them. Some sections of people believe that yoga is related to spiritualism only and it has nothing to do with our day-today life. In this context, it is very necessary to aware the people about importance of yoga and meditation in

our day-to-day life. Yoga means having proper control over various habits. Yoga is the term which is used in wider perspective but in the present time, it refers to Asanas, Pranayama, Kriya, Mudras, Meditation etc. Yoga is meant to keep us free from all kind of diseases. In the treatment of diseases, Asanas and Pranayama play a vital role. Regular practice of yogasana and pranayama is very important if one wants to be free from all kind of diseases. Ill-effects of allopathic medicines have made people disillusioned towards allopathic treatment. Many reputed medical institutes are showing keenness towards the traditional methods of treatment. Traditional methods of treatment have earned wide fame at various international forums. Yoga, Pranayama and Asanas have great impact on every minute activity of our body. Human body is made of tiny cells and group of these cells are called tissues. The group of these tissues make a system of an organ which are meant to discharge various activities of our body. Regular practice of yoga and proper diet keep our cells healthy. Our metabolic activities are properly regulated by regular practice of yoga.

People across the world are curious to know about yoga and its role in the treatment of various diseases. The popularity of Ayurveda and yoga have widely spread across the world.

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makes a person

a society, nation and Millions of people live inknown to entire society,place but only a selected few are nation and even international community due to their leadership quality. We all know warriors like Shivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap and propagators of nonviolence like Mahatma Gandhi and now Yogguru Swami Ramdevji Maharaj only due to their efficient leadership.
hese persons carved a niche in the society due to their leadership quality and showed a new way to the society. Leadership is the power within a human being, which places a person separately from a crowd, who leads the public, according to his aims and objective. Leadership could be a quality but it is a process too, in which the leader paves a way for the public following which, the society achieve its objectives. It depends on the nation, circumstances and the period. The leader presents a quality personality and life style, which when followed by the society, the objective could be accessed. In simple words, exemplary life with total impartiality and truthfulness are the basic qualities for an efficient leadership. But the million dollar question before the leader is how to present an example. For this, he had to develop many qualities in himself and the first is dedication. If the leader is not committed towards any aim or objective, how the group could inspire towards the objective. With commitment, good

Sunita Poddar,
International Yoga Convener, Trustee, Patanjli Yogpeeth (UK) Trust.

organizing capability, effective vocabularies, confidence in the decision are other qualities, which make a person different from others. Never expose indecisiveness but get prepared for every condition. Keep transparency in your conduct and work. If leader is hiding something and at a later stage, when it comes to light, the leader loses respect. Normally a leader is supposed to lead with simplicity and naturalness but on occasions, he has to go aggressive to focus the attention of the entire group towards the desired goal. Here aggressiveness does not mean violence or attack but communication to arouse the willpower inside the society. On occasions, we have seen that Yoga guru Swami Ramdevji on the dais looked angry. But the resentment is not towards public but to make people aware towards shedding rust in the system to revive it. The vision i.e. target of the leader shall be very clear so that he could follow a definite path to reach the aim. With clear vision, a leader gets involve in constructive activities

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Children's corner
Acharya Satyanand 'Naishthik'

Result of

making him as example and taking entire society with him. But on occasions, he has to analyze whether the campaign is moving in right direction or there is deviation. And here, need of total analyze arises. A complete time to time analysis is necessary for a leader as it would highlight the dark spots, needing immediate betterment. The leader would succeed only when he would convey his message in simple and effective manner. If message communication is not effective, even a multi-dimensional leader could not achieve success. Discipline is an important character in the success of a campaign. To infuse positivism, a leader should be a role-model with disciplines life. If a leader fails to bring discipline in the society, it would increase his problems day-by-day. Total transparency in the working of a leader is essential. The fundamental character of a leader is that he would take the morale responsibility of failure as he owes the credit of success. The leader shall deal serious issues himself as it would set right example. When a leader takes initiative in complex issues and complete it successfully, it sets a good example with message of positivism goes down the line. It would set an example for the followers. The leadership is an essential aspect in all walks of life. With good leadership in elders, a family lives happily. The principle applies in business as well. Good leadership takes family, business, society, community and the nation ahead.

wealthy person, once invited two scholars for meals at his home. Both arrived in time. The person accorded hearty welcome to them and offered comfortable seats. When one of them went to take a bath, `sethji` asked the other, `maharaj` your colleague appears to be a very learned person. The scholar replied `what you are talking sethji, he is dull like a bull. The person felt bad but did not utter anything. When the first scholar returned back, another went to take bath. Getting opportunity, he now praised another scholar before the first one. And he replied, `sethji` someone has told you wrong, he is just a donkey.` The wealthy person kept silent this time also. After sometime, meal was served to both the persons. They received covered food in a silver platter. When they uncovered, one found grass and another fodder in their plates. This angered them unending and shouted at the wealthy person `How dare you to insult us`. The host, with folded hands told politely I did what both of you had suggested. Both of you told one other donkey and bull and accordingly, I had to get the food. I thought that you both are learned and well-mannered persons and hence invited both of you but you told me the reality. Both the scholars were left ashamed.

Education - The result of jealousness is not good. If you

want to earn reputation you would have to take capable colleagues alongside. Jealousness disturbs mental peace with insult on occasions. Jealousness is a fire, which burns a person from inside.

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checkmated the medical science by the means of the strength of Yoga
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death anniversary of Savarkar

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The health of Savarkar was deteriorating. The doctors were giving

various advises to him. The President of India Dr Radhakrishnan had expressed concern on his falling health. He had sent his assistant to Bombay (now Mumbai) to take stock of the situation. The Bishop of National Indian Church Williams himself descended to Savarkar sadan to know about the well being of Savarkar. Special on Veer Savarkar
guessed it and told that if tea laced with medicine is given, he would stop taking tea also. I don't want to live anymore as what else I have to do in life? I have already completed my duties. Once emotional Savarkar told his personal physician Dr Sathe, give him medicine, which could lead him silent death. On February 3, 1966, after taking meal he died. Barely two days ago, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Dwarikapeeth expressed his willingness to meet Savarkar. Savarkar was sad that he himself could not go to Shankaracharya and he had to come to meet him (Savarkar). He directed Bal Savarkar to make all arrangements for the welcome to Jagatguru Shankaracharya. The condition of Savarkar deteriorated day-by-day. On February 24, the doctor in his health bulletin clearly said that the condition is serious. Next day, on February 25 similar condition continued and on February 26, he breathed his last. He had fever till end. Apparently death maintained distance from him since childhood but now, when he himself was inviting death, it was hesitant even when he was very weak. At the time of his death, son Vishwas, daughter Vidula and other members were sobbing close to him. At 10 am, his pulse dipped and doctors made efforts for artificial respiration. This revived him a while but later he lost his breath finally at 11.10 am on February 26, 1966. He was 83. The doctors said that he was a challenge to medical science. His dedication has failed medical science on many occasions. He was in his senses till death and all this was due to yoga power.
(Courtesy Yug Purush Veer Savarkar).
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Ashok Kaushik

n August 1965, the conspiracy of Pakistan to usurp Kashmir was exposed, thus giving India an opportunity to teach the neighbor a lesson. On September 6, 1965, the Defense minister Chavhan announced that Indian army is marching towards Lahore from three sides. When Savarkar was informed, happiness prevailed on his pale and withered face. But Indian leaders again proved to be incompetent and buckling under the pressure of Russia, India announced ceasefire. Peace talks began. Just before Tashkand pact, Savarkar on death bed told `hundreds of Hindu martyrs laid their lives to earn victory but these leaders have now wasted the opportunity. Now any hope from these leaders is useless. From the day, the condition of Savarkar deteriorated further. The then Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Taskand to sign peace accord, which was heavily inclined towards Pakistan. Soon after signing the deal, which he willingly did or forced to sign is still a mystery, he died on the night of January 11, 1966. It is widely believe that he died of cardiac arrest but the circumstances suggest that it was not a common or natural death. Savarkar was disappointed and hopeless and was unwilling to live more. He was committed to embrace death. His family was worried and hence, his son Vishwas Savarkar, nephew Vikram Savarkar and personal secretary Bal Savarkar tried to give medicines, with tea. But anyhow Savarkar

Even a little expectation from present day leaders is sheer waste of time


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Rani Chennamma,
of the freedom struggle
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struggle against the colonialism of British East India Company. It was an elaborated campaign with sufficient aggression. Many people laid their lives in the struggle. Various groups in the cross-section of the society rubbed shoulders to protest against the imperialism of the invaders. Farmers, armymen, middle class people and many domestic rulers united to oppose the suppression and atrocities being committed by East India Company. Thus, the history of first Independence struggle has been written in golden letters in the Indian history.

The first independence struggle was fought in 1857. It was the first collective


on the death anniversary of Chennama


Dr Sohan Sharma

e heroes of revolution include Azimullah, Bahadur Shah Jafar, Nana Saheb, Mangal Pande and Jhansi ki Rani Laxmibai, whose names have mentioned fondly in the history of Independence. It was, though the first organized struggle against the imperialism, but actually, it begun long back in 1773 with the revolt of monks. Many armed struggle took place thereafter but were forcibly suppressed. It is quite unfortunate that there is no important mention of the warriors and leaders in the history, who fought for the nation before 1857. Stories of their valor and heroism were forgotten conveniently with rare references from the historians. One such brazen and brave fighter for the independence was Rani Chennamma, the queen of a small province Kittur whose stories find mention in the folk songs in Kannada language. In Karnataka, there was a small dominion Kittur, in the south of Belgaon and north of Dharwad. Chennamma was the queen of this small estate. She was born in a small village Kakti in 1788, located 10 kms north of Belgaon in a reputed Desai family. Her father was Dhukappa Gaud and mother was Padmavati. Their daughter was very beautiful and hence she was named as Chennamma as in Kannada Chenna means beautiful. According to the tradition of the family, Chennamma was not sent to the school but a `Jangam` teacher was appointed to give education to her. `Jangam` teachers were the propagators of Lingayat religion and also teach children of the respectable and reputed nearby families. Chennamma, was taught Kannada, Marathi and Urdu besides lessons of history, politics and philosophy. Nationalism and self-respect were also part of curriculum. She learnt horse riding and art of war perfectly. The stories of immense beauty and personality propagated in entire Karnataka.

The second half of 18th century was a period of political instability in south India. British, French, Portuguese were trying to establish their supremacy. Whosoever was getting opportunity was conspiring to usurp Indian territories. Hyder Ali of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, Peshwas of Maharashtra, Adil Shah of Bijapur and Nizams of Hyderabad were trying to expand their territories. And the small princely states, to save themselves were befriending and aligning oneothers. In this period of political instability, in 1782, Mallasurge took charge of Kittur. Mallsurge was the forth in the descendents of Kittur royal family of Un Hiremall Shetty and Chikkamal Shetty who were, for their valor and braveness, given the title of Shamsher Jungbahadur from Adil Shah and were appointed as the chief administrator of Hubli with title `Sir Desai`. Kittur was under the command of Peshwas. In 1809 Mallasurge signed an agreement with Peshwas, according to which he would annually give Rs 1.75 lakh to Peshwas and rule Kittur independently. Mallasurge was a nationalist, selfrespecting and art-lover ruler. Under his leadership, Kittur was developing fast in the field of industries, agriculture and trade. Belhongal, Sampgaon, Deshnur and Kittur emerged as a main commercial hub in the region. The income of the state touched Rs 35,000. It established its own mint. The state was prosperous in dance, music and fine arts besides agriculture and industries. Many known and famous pundits of that era including scholars like Manipurad Neelkanthacharya and Shivling Shastri and poets like Varrudra and Amriteshwar were part of the administration. But the prosperity of Kittur was not taken kindly by British rulers and other large kingdoms around.

We won't hand over Kittur to British government

Rani Chennamma

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One such brazen and brave fighter for the independen ce was Rani Chennamm a, the queen of a small province Kittur whose stories find mention in the folk songs in Kannada language.

During hunting a lion, Mallasurge saw Chennamma and he fell in love with her. He proposed Chennamma's father Dhukappa Gauda for the marriage to which he readily agreed. It was matter of pride for him that his daughter would be the bride of Mallasurge. So, daughter of Desai family became queen of Kittur. Mallasurge had one wife from previous marriage too. The first wife Rudramma was the daughter of a prestigious family from Tallur, near Kittur. She was very decent woman with family inclination. She welcomed Chennamma like her sister. Both do not have any jealousy. Rani Rudramma looked after the homely affairs while Chennamma cooperate king in army management and welfare plans for the state. At the end of 17th century, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Mysore and Maharashtra witnessed much political storms. Adil Shah of Bijapur and Nizams of Hyderabad had lost glory and with the defeat and subsequent death of Tipu Sultan in 1799, the command of East India Company grew manifolds. The two ends of the political spectrum were East India Company and Maratha ruler Peshwa. Small princely states were trying to survive between two big forces. In the changed political equation some serious differences cropped-up between Peshwas of Pune and Kittur family following which Mallasurge was invited to Pune and captured fraudulently. Mallasurge was kept imprisoned in Madhelkar fort for three years. Afterwards, his health started deteriorating. Peshwas thought that if Mallasurge died in captivity, it would dent their reputation. Furthermore, other princely states could get annoyed. Hence, he was released. Ill Mallasurge reached Kittur, where he was accorded warm and tumultuous welcome. Public was very happy, seeing their king amidst them again. But Mallasurge could not gain health and unfortunately died after sometime. After his death the son of first wife Rudramma, Shivlinga was made the king. But he too died after sometime. To rule effectively, family adopted son of a distant relative Shivlingappa alias Sawai

Mallasurge on September 1, 1824. Formally, Shivlingappa was the king but Rani Chennamma was at the core, taking all the decisions. British administrators had their eye on Kittur and they took it as an opportunity. British administrators had set-up Dharwad as their headquarters. The Collector of Dharwad Saint John Thekre was, since long time eyeing Kittur as he had heard that huge treasurer is hidden in Kittur. He was looking for an appropriate opportunity to attack Kittur. When queen Chennamma adopted Shivlingappa, he got an opportunity. He conveyed that adoption is not valid and legal. Previously, there was no rule to take permission from the Collector for adoption. Lord Dalhousie introduced this rule much later in 1854. But Rani ignored it, which angered Thekre. He appointed Stephans and Illiot for talks but no Kittur official came for discussion. Thekre himself wanted to meet queen but she rejected the offer. Annoyed with the insult, he started preparation for war. Queen had anticipated the situation and hence, she was also making strategies along with her trusted lieutenants Sangoli Rayanna and Guru Singhappa. She made all preparations to safeguard the fort. In full military combat gear, she addressed her army and called on that in no

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circumstances, we would hand over our beloved Kittur to foreigners. We would fight till last breath for the self-respect of our motherland. With the energetic and strong message from the queen, Maratha soldiers raised voice of `Har Har Mahadev` and got ready with their swords. Soon afterwards, Kekre attacked from the main gate, with the help of a canon. A fierce battle ensued. A bullet fired by a lieutenant Sadhu Navvar Balappa hit straight to Thekre. Ram Habshi, a soldier chopped off the neck of Thekre and killed him. Later he announced the death of Thekre. The British force was bitterly defeated. Captain Black and Lieutenant Sibel were captured. The second-in-Command, after Thekre, Pierson sent urgent message to Company to send additional forces. Thus, the victory of Rani Chelamma on October 23, 1824 created a history as it sent a signal that British forces too are vulnerable. Public accorded historic welcome to queen Chennamma. But she knew very well that Company would sit silently and repulse back. She was alert and prepared plans for future combat. British too started preparation. A few battalions were diverted to Dharwad from Belgaon. Mounted forces from Madras were also sent. Sixth and tenth domestic battalions were also asked to reach Belgaon. Under the leadership of Lieutenant colonel Dikne, all preparations were made for attack on Kittur. The contingent was led by canon troupes and mounted force. The British force was at the last. The huge preparations to attack a small state, indicated that British were badly frightened of the valor of Rani Chennamma. Queen Chennamma was getting all the information of opposition camp through her secret agents. Her agents even arrested two spies Kannaur Veer Sangappa and Hukadli Malappa. She immediately ordered to crush them under the feet of elephants to give message that such activities would not be tolerated at any cost. On December 1 and 2 in 1824 fierce battle ensued and continued indecisively for hours. On December 3, canons were opened at the fort. The attack damaged western portion of the fort. British troupes started entering from the open

space. Queen's soldiers were fighting tooth to nail and Chennamma herself was swinging sword like flash and killing opponents. But after sometime, her trusted lieutenant Guru Siddappa felt that it is difficult to win and hence he reached to the rescue of the queen. He, with the help of other warriors made effort to take queen out from eastern gate of the fort but another British contingent attacked from this part. She came under sharp attack from both the sides. Still she fought bravely but ultimately captured. Her trusted soldiers including Guru Siddappa and 20 others were also caught. Rani Chennamma and wife of his stepson Shivlinga, Veerayya were imprisoned in the Belgaon fort. British force later, looted treasury and other valuables. Lieutenant Colonel Dikne was very happy as he had taken revenge of the death of Thekre. British company offered the queen to apologize and accept the supremacy of the British Government but she rejected the offer. Chennamma was kept in the fort of Belhongal in full security cover. Even the teacher of queen, Jangam was not allowed to meet her. But the queen decided that she would not touch meal until allowed to pray under the guidance of Jangam. She did not swallow even a single morsel for five successive days. Finally, British Government allowed her to meet Jangam Swami in the jail. But both were kept under strict vigil so that she does not plan to escape. During captivity, Rani was not worried for herself, she was peeved at the atrocities and injustice to the people. Queen spent five years in prison. In the meantime, British Government, many-a-times offered her to apologize and get released but she rejected. Her health started deteriorating during long imprisonment and she died on February 21, 1829. She was cremated near the fort. With her death a pall of gloom descended on Kittur and a chapter in the history got closed. In 1857, another queen revolted against the colonial rule and she was Rani Laxmi Bai. The first revolt in 1857 failed but it ignited a flame, which continued till the nation is liberated from the shackles of British rule.

Queen spent five years in captivity in Belhangal fort amidst immense pain and poor conditions but did not apologize to British Government. British offered to apologize just once but she did not accept the offer. Her condition deteriorated and finally, she died on February 21, 1829.

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Regulation of breath

increases longevity of life

has become an integral part Tension and depressionreeling under some kind of life. We are of insecurity and fear. True happiness of life means- joy, bliss and enthusiasm- are hardly to be experienced. Human life is great but sorrow, diseases, envy, disgust, anger and greed have turned it into a kind of hell.
earn to be respectful towards life. It means making the life free from the evils like ailments, sorrow, mourn, depression, tension and pressure. Keeping oneself healthy is in itself is actually being respectful towards life. Being respectful towards life means being respectful towards almighty as only he has endowed it to us. Making the life like a hell is like misusing the best gift endowed to us by the almighty. Whenever you feel troubled due to tension, pressure, depression and distress, just change the rhythm of respiration. It will definitely enhance the vitality of your mind and lungs which is highly useful in fighting the evils like sorrow pain. It prolongs your life. Yoga is an amazing method evolved by our ancient saints who lived in forests. Every living being has a definite account of breath. Every breath is precious. When a living being completes all the breathing endowed by almighty, the life is over. Long breath or spending the breathes allotted in your account with sagacity increases the durability of your life. Doing so will make your life healthy and durable. It will make your life colourful. Tortoise has the longest life on this planet. There are some species of tortoise in

Narendra Kumar Neeraj,

Yog-gram, Haridwar

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Mauritius and other islands which have a longevity of 250 years. It is attributable to the a slow breathing process. A tortoise takes 4-5 breaths in a minute which is the least frequency among all the living beings. Slow and long breath helps us to have control over our baseless desires. It has control over the activities of all the organs of our body. This is the reason why lord Shri Krishna has compared a Sthitpragya person with a tortoise in Srimadbhagwadgeeta. A tortoise confines itself into a cover which is very strong. By regulating our breathing process, we can make our body as stronger as the cover of a tortoise. Our body will become immune to the ill effects of all germs or virus. Snake is other such living creature which has long life. Its breath frequency is about 7-8 in a minute and its average life expectancy is 150-200 years. Elephant is third such animal after tortoise and snakes which has a long life expectancy than other living beings. Its average breath frequency is 10-12 a minute while life expectancy is 100-120 years. Human beings stand on fourth position which has an average breath frequency of 16-18 and its average life expectancy is between 75 to 80 years. Monkeys have a breath frequency of 30-31 and its life expectancy is 15-20 years. A hare has a breath frequency of 38-39 a minuet and its average life expectancy is 8-9 years. The data reveals that lesser is the frequency of breath per minute, higher is the life expectancy. According to the legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the contemporary saints lived for thousand years. Those saints had not only a long life but had also fit and healthy body. Even todays scientists have also admitted that having control over breath vitalizes the organs of the body. Even the metabolic function gets improved. Nervous system is directly related to mind, body, lungs and digestive system. There are certain simple ways to take

Long breath or spending the breathes allotted in your account with sagacity increases the durability of your life. Doing so will make your life healthy and durable. It will make your life colourful.

deep breath and also to maintain its rhythm which can be highly useful in making the life healthy and long. 1. Lay on your back. There has to be a distance of ten inch between the two feet. Keep a folded towel below your neck as per your convenience so that your neck and vertebral life be on the same horizon. Keep both of your hands in contact with the hips. Close your eyes slowly. Fill air inside your body and dont release it up to next 8-9 seconds. Then release the air slowly by counting up to nine. Repeat the process for 50-60 times. This could be done after three hours of having taken meal. It is very effective in making us free from the problems like tension, pressure and depression. If it is practiced for whole life, its effect is amazing. It will make your free from all kind of diseases. 2. Lie down on your back on a mat or bed sheet. Again maintain a 10-inch distance between the two feet and fold the feet from your knees. Keep a folded towel below your neck. Keep your palm touching your both the hips. Close your eyes slowly. Concentrate on your breath. Dont make any change in your breathing. Leave it as it is. Just focus on it. Just observe that if your are breathing through your nose or mouth or both.

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that all the energy of your body is moving inward and the whole body is relaxed. When the body is in fully relaxed form, observe the whole activities of your breath minutely. Always keep yourself cautious with regard to the breathing process. Dont be in stress. Just feel the slow motion of the air coming inside your body and going outside it. Feel that the released air is touching the triangular spot on the upper lip. Focus on the motion of the air which is going inward. Just feel that the air is causing expansion in the lungs. When it is released, the lungs is contracting. Just feel the entire movement of your breath. Practicing this method helps us to get rid of all kind of tension and depression.

According to the legends of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the contemporary saints lived for thousand years. Those saints had not only a long life but had also fit and healthy body.

4. Lay down again as mentioned above. Keep your palms touching the naval. Inflate the abdomen while inhaling and deflate it while exhaling. The duration of exhaling has to be double of the duration of inhaling. After repeating this process for ten times, just relax. 5. Lay down peacefully again as mentioned above. Keep your palms on your chest. Inflate the chest by breathing inward and be in relaxed condition while exhaling. As against the fourth process which is mentioned above, the duration of inhaling has to be double of the duration of exhaling. Just relax after repeating this process for ten times. Keep one hand on chest on another on the genital part and repeat it for ten times. Above mentioned methods are largely helpful in minimizing the possibilities of high blood-pressure, heart diseases, ulcer, hyper acidity, arthritis etc. in the present era of tension and work pressure, these methods are like very important for keep the mind and body free from diseases.

Even todays scientists have also admitted that having control over breath vitalizes the nervous system and other organs of the body.
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Which parts like chest, neck, shoulder and abdomen are vibrating with breathing, just try to observe it. Just observe if there is any stress, pain sensation in any part of your body during breathing. Now slowly open your eyes. Keep the muscles of your face relaxed. Keeping the muscles of your eyes relaxed, inhale deep breath and then release it slowly. 3. Law down as mentioned above. Close your eyes slowly. Keep ever part of the body relaxed. Just feel
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Vaidik vinay
(vedic descipline)
Urum No Lokam Anuneshi Vidwan Swarit Rishwat. Indra sthavirasya bahu Upastheyam Sharana brihanta. Ri. 6. 47.8 ; Atharva 19.15.4 Rishih - Gargah. Devata - Indrah. Chandah -virattrishthup

jyeshtha -03

Acharya Abhayadev vidyalankar

Indra = hey Indra ! Twam vidwan= you are the omniscent, nam urum lokam Anuneshi=It takes us to that magnificient world, where; Anada jyotih=light, Abhayam=Without fear and, Swarit=only welfare, Hey Supreme Lord ! Te sthavirasya bahu= great diety ! yours; Bahu ritwa=destroyer of all obstacles; Brihanta Sharan=We are in the protection of your graceful hands; Upastheyam = let us be seated. Prayer Prayer - Hey Supreme lord! You are the knower of everything! You please bestow us knowledge and take us to your infinite world, which is abundantly expanded, opened. And there exists only bliss. And the ecstacy is such that it does not create any sorrow or grief as its reactionary course.

Hey Indra! You take us to that world, where the radiance reigns, where fair brighteness is prevalent like ocean, where the shadow of ignorance and gloominess has no place at all, in that world, where undivided fearless situation is customary, and in where only benevolence rains and where never can be expected reverse of it. Hey Indra, you are the resident of such blissful world. You can take us human beings and all the other beings to that world. Hey my lord! You extend your shoulders unto us. You take us into your protection. My great lord! Your shoulders can destroy all the sins and griefs. You are the annihilator of the all sorts of sorrows and miseries. You can obliterate all hindrances. If such protector takes us in his protection, then which kind of trouble, ignorance, and fear dare touch us any way? Hey! Indra! You benevolent form! Expand your arms, so that all of us come unto your ultimate shelter. Let us be seated in your lap, where there is no panic, no illusion, no horror and no death.
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Maharshi Dayanand

was the source of religious exploration, wisdom and truth

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the He was the It was a tough test inway life of Moolshankar. descend standing attheretop of a hillock and one was a good road to down but were other mountains too with high peaks. There was dense forest, thorny serpentine dusty roads and sharp stones. It was very easy to walk down from the smooth road but there was risk of life, the other way. The smooth route was coming to earth but whether the tough one was going to heaven, can't say.

Indravidhya Vachaspati
any people started walking on the tough route but get puzzled enroute. Many returned back mid-way, saying that it all is pretense. Following smooth path could ensure reaching down and going other way is like jumping in darkness. Though, people say that on the peaks lie heaven but none has seen it. Doubtful objective and clear route, what to select? Could there be more piquant situation? But Moolshankar, in such odd circumstances did not deter. He thought that on one hand, there is `rajmarg`, which is sure for death one day. Moreover, it goes downwards and hence not favorable. The other way, though uncertain could be a path to heaven. Hence, Moolshankar adopted a tough path with probability of reaching heaven than sure death. He well understood that attraction of marriage entices every youngster but it shuts other doors altogether. Hence at the age of 21 years, he fled from the home one evening. Moolshankar left the house at the age of 21 and after 15 years reached Mathura to meet Dandi Maharaj. He had broken all his relationship with the family. Just a few months later, he left the home his father caught him in Siddhapur fair. He was accompanied with many Constables. He bowed before the father and touched his feet. Father, along with Policemen took him back under strict vigil. But he was committed towards his aim. In the night, when Constables were fast asleep, he again gave a slip. He spent next whole day on a dense and big tree. After

searching, his depressed father returned back. And after this incident, he did not meet his family again. Moolshankar always wanted to defeat death. When he was told that way to get rid of death is yoga, he started looking for an excellent yogi. He visited many villages, towns and even remote forests. Being small in age, he was cheated by thugs and sadhus but slowly, he could differentiate between genuine and fake persons. The first work, Moolshankar did after running away from home is to get `diksha` from a monk in Samle village and changed name to Shuddhachetan Brahmachari. But brahmachari was not getting cooked food and he had to prepare it himself. Finally, he met Purnanand Saraswati on the bank of Narmada and urged him to give sanyas. First he was hesitant in view of the small age of Moolshankar but later he agreed and Shuddhachetan Swami became Dayanand Saraswati. After fleeing from home, he moved around Gujarat and stayed at various places on the bank of Narmada. He also went to Abu and in Samwat 1912 attended Haridwar kumbh. He met many saints for first time. From Haridwar, he went to Himalayas and ascended difficult peaks, entered deep caves in search of good gurus. In the exercise, he came across many honest and bogus monks alike. He started hating fake sanyasis but from true sanyasis, he learnt much. In Chanod Kalyani, he met Yogis and learnt various yoga exercises from him. In Ahmedabad, he got opportunity to learn yoga exercises from two sanyasis. While traveling towards Tihri from Haridwar, Swamiji got opportunity to see `tantra grantha` and after reading it, he started hating `tantras`. Many lectures given in its favor did not deter him from
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Moolshanka r rejected the convenient route to death but followed the path with a probability of reaching heaven. He knew that marriage is a strong bond, which closes all other doors.

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Dayanand traveled for over three years on the bank of Narmada. He heard that a knowledgeabl e mahatma dandi maharaj lives in Mathura and hence on November 14, 1860, he knocked the door of Swami Virjanandji in Mathura.

previous thought. Later, he traveled to Kedarghat, Rudraghat, Siddharam and saw poor state of temples and `maths`. While ascending the peak of Tungnath, he thought that he could see something different and better but here too, he saw old temple in depleted state. After visiting Gupta Kashi, he went to Okhimath. Okhimath is a famous math. Here too he searched for true and knowledgeable guru but found nothing except smoke of marijuana. Head of a math, located in the region suggested him to be his disciple so that he could hand over math administration to him at a later stage. Where could the guru get such impressive personality? But Swamiji was not impressed. He said that he do not intend money. Had he done it, he would have not left his home, which has even more money as compared to this math. He told clearly to the head that he is not making efforts for the objectives nor you have the knowledge, for which I left my place. Hence, you can not quench my thirst of knowledge. When he was asked what exactly is he looking for and making Herculean efforts, Swamiji replied truth, yoga and nirvana. He further added that he would serve the people till he achieves the goal, he has set for himself. True, the mahant had money, wealth and prosperity but not the path of yoga and nirvana. From Okhmath, via Joshimath he went to Badrinarayan. He had heard that many monks live there but he could not find any. Then he started searching in deep caves and steep peaks. It was snow all over, blocking the way but it did not deter Swamiji. During onward journey, he reached Alakhnanda river and to cross it, he stepped into it. Though, at some places, the water was shallow and kneedipped but at others it was very deep. The width was around 10 feet and water, chilled as ice. He was injured with pointed stones and ice pieces. He almost lost consciousness in water but somehow managed to cross the river. It was skinbiting cold with hunger and hence he could not muster courage to move further.

His injuries were bleeding but spending night at this place was to invite death. With the blessings of almighty, he got help from two local people. Though, they could not carry him but meeting human being at such isolated place gave him some courage. After resting for some time, he stood up for further journey. He spent some days in Vasudha teerth and later returned to Badrinarayan. He was disconsolate, not finding any yogi around Badrinarayan, who could give him some lessons, he moved to Gadhmukteshwar via Rampur, Dronasagar and Muradabad. He was moving on the bank of Narmada and he found a dead body flowing in the water. Dayanand had read much about various parts of the body in `hathyoga pradipika` and he found this as accurate opportunity to verify it. He jumped into the water and brought the body on the bank. He cut open it and found many mistakes in the book. He found no meaning in carrying such false books. And threw it into the water. Swamiji then headed for South and wondered on the bank of Ganga River. Once he met wild bear in a deep jungle but without fearing he moved towards him aggressively with a stick in his hand. The scared animal disappeared in the deep jungle. While looking for some place to stay, he found a hut. There were a few people but none was awaken. He had to spend the night on a tree. In the morning when people saw a sanyasi, they apologized and gave proper shelter and food. Dayanand visited for over three years on the bank of the river. Once he heard that in Mathura, Dandi Swami is a great and knowledgeable `mahatma`. On November 14, 1860 he knocked the door of Swami Virjanand in Mathura. Maharshi Dayanand traveled hills, mountains and plains for 15 years altogether. He suffered various problems and risk to life but did not leave the path to look for truth, yoga and salvation. The fire igniting in him did not douse with ice cold weather of Himalayas or steep flow of Gangas and Narmadas. And finally, he reached to Dandi Swami to douse fire, ignited in the heart since long time.

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Ramkrishna Paramhans

Patron of human values

a true patron of the human Ramkrishna Paramhans,born on February 18, 1836 values was in a small village Kamarpukur in Bengal province. He was fondly called Gadadhar in childhood. His attractive smile and childhood innocence mesmerized everybody, who met him.

on birth anniversary

Ramkrishna was a great yogi and excellent philosopher. Service to mankind was a divine work for him with ideology, unity in diversity. He taught the lesson of humanity to the society. He was the savior of human values.

amkrishna Paramhans was a great saint and philosopher. He laid emphasized on unity of all religions. Since childhood, he had confidence that he could see and meet the divine power and to achieve it, he spent a tough life with meditation and immense devotion. After his relentless efforts, he concluded that all the religions of the world are true and there is no difference in them. They are the different routes to reach the same almighty. Gadadhar's father died, when he was barely 7 years. In such adverse conditions, the family had no means to earn livelihood. Financial problems prevailed and even worsened. But this did not deter Gadadhar from the path he had taken. His elder brother Ramkumar Chattopadhyay was the director of a school in Calcutta (now Kolkota) and he took Gadadhar along with him. Gadadhar was polite and clean-hearted person. He was away from meanness and always indulged in his work. Despite all efforts, he could not concentrate on studies and hence his brother asked him to take care of a Kali temple, located in Dakshineshwar, near Calcutta. But Ramkrishna could not find any interest in this work too. Till then, his brother too died and unwillingly, Ramkrishna continued priesthood in Kali temple. But he became adorer of Maa Kali and with continued practice and blessings, he got enlightenment. Once, his most trusted

disciple Vivekanand asked, whether he has seen god? The great scholar Ramkrishna replied in affirmation and said `yes, as clear as I am seeing you, even sharper`. With his own experiences, he made others believe the existence of god. He emphasized on humanity to his disciples. Once one disciple of Ramkrishna, Nag Mahashaya heard two persons abusing Ramkrishna on the bank of Gangas. He was angry but he prayed almighty to kindle feelings of devoutness and admiration towards Ramkrishna in them. Due to his true devotion, both fell on the feet of Ramkrishna in evening and apologized for their behavior. Ramkrishna forgave them. During last days of his life Ramkrishna Paramhans was in a state of `Samadhi` and flaccid by mind. His disciples urged him to pay attention on health but he laughed away as he knew their ignorance. His disciples addressed him as Thakur. Once his beloved disciple Vivekanand wanted to go to Himalayas for meditation and came to Ramkrishna to seek permission. But he told -son, many people are yearning with hunger around us. Darkness of illiteracy is prevailing allaround. Would your soul accept that people crying here and you meditating in the Himalayas? Vivekananda then changed his plan and did service to mankind. Ramkrishna was a great `yogi` and excellent scholar. He said service to needy is service to god and his ideology was university in diversity. He had swelling in neck and the doctors diagnosed it as cancer and asked him not to speak much and do meditation, but he just smiled. Though, he asked Vivekananda to discontinue his treatment but he continued. Once Vivekananda asked him to say Maa Kali to make him healthy, he told `mother has all rights to the body and whatever she does, is in my interest`. Ramkrishna Paramhans taught lesson of humanity and was always savior of human values.
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great son of mother India
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build this nation and in liberation movement, scores of youths laid their lives and we did not know even the names of many of them. And we have also forgotten conveniently those, whose martyrdom is known. Their bravery is just a formal part of a few history books. The history of Indian independence struggle began with the revolution in 1857. Though, it failed but inspired Indian people to struggle and this inspiration educated them to make sustained efforts for liberation.

Special on Azad
fter All India Congress was founded, it struggled for the liberation in non-violent manner and the credit of independence is solely given to it, but the fact remains that revolutionaries too struggled with the British Empire parallel. For British Government, these nationalists had become serious challenge. Their objective was to drive foreign forces out of the country with violence and liberate the motherland. Facing serious problems, depriving all pleasures, they worked hard to liberate the motherland endangering their own life. The list of such martyrs has name of Chandrashekhar Azad in the first paragraph, who sacrificed his life for the sake of the nation. Entire life sketch of Chandrashekhar Azad is filled with the sentiments of love towards nation. The seed of freedom struggle was sown first, when he reached Banaras from Bhabhara. That period was turbulent in Indian politics. Jaliawala Bagh case, boycott of Simon Commission and other events happened same time, which ignited the fire of liberation in the heart of Azad. In 1921 demonstrators were staging dharna before the shops of foreign goods and the Police cane-charged mercilessly, beating innocent people.

Martyrdom day of Azad

Jaishankar Mishra Savyasanchi

Co Editor/Head of Department

Yog Sandesh,
Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar.

Chandrashekhar Azad could not tolerate it and hit the Police officer with a stone. Later, Azad worked full-time to liberate the nation. For the service to mankind, he left home, studies everything. He came in touch with some other revolutionaries. After the conclusion of 1921 noncooperation movement, he became member of Hindustan Republican Association. And this was the opportunity, when the seed of nationalism developed into a well-grown tree. Thereafter, he worked on a single motive, liberation of the motherland. Whatever he did, may be dacoity, violence of any other activity, everything was aimed at the freedom of the beloved nation. To achieve the target, he sacrificed all his pleasures and embraced sorrow and pain. He thought that other pleasures of the world are barriers in achieving his motive and he maintained a distance with it. He advised his colleagues too, to keep distance from worldly pleasures. He clearly told `love to the nation wants sacrifice and there is no space for love to anything else`. To dedicate everything for the sake of the nation was not only his philosophy but a practice. Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthi, once, gave him Rs 200 so that he could send money to his parents, who were in pathetic condition and nothing to eat. But he spent it
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My parents are old and even if they die it is no loss but if even a single youth of our group dies of hunger, it would be a great loss to the nation.

Chandrashe khar Azad

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on the team members. After sometime, when Vidharthi asked whether he sent the money to his parents, he replied my parents get something to eat may be after some gap but many of our youth team members have absolutely nothing to eat. My parents are old and their death would not harm the nation but even a single member's death due to hunger would be a great shame for us and a severe loss to the nation. This was his sentiment for martyrdom for the sake of the nation. What else could be bigger than such feelings? He was true to his words and he proved again embracing death and became synonymous to the love to the nation. In the pre-liberation movement, the role of revolutionaries is no less. As a matter of fact, the independence agitation began with the revolt in 1857 but the
56&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

historians did not evaluate their contribution properly. Chandreshekhar Azad is an unforgettable character in the liberation movement. For the independence of the nation, his love to the nation, unparallel courage, strong character would be inspiring to the people for ever. He was born in a very humble family but still his model of love to the nation is not only praiseworthy but worth praying. Azad is a symbol of love to nation. In preindependence era, big personalities had the tendency to maintain distance from selfpropagation. Azad too had not told anything in the group regarding his family. Once Bhagat Singh asked about his other relatives, he told the group is associated to me and not to family. I do not want that my biography is being written. The revolutionaries did their operations secretly and hence, it is impossible to get undisputed details of their operations.

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Chandogya Upanishad
Tuhangira udgeethamupasamchakra Etum Evangirasam manyantenganam yadrasah 10 Angirasa chanted 'Omkara' considering prana that is seated in mouth as the symbol of UDGEETHA. He was benefited by it. Hence that Prana is called 'Angirasa', that means the fluid essence of all of the limbs. 10 TEna Tumha bruhaspatirudgeethamupasamchakra Etum Eva bruhaspatim Manyante vajni buhatee tasya Esha patih 11 In the same way Brihaspati chanted 'Omkara' considering prana that is seated in mouth as the symbol of UDGEETHA. He was benefited by it. Hence that Prana is called 'Brihaspati', as Vani (Speech) 'Brihati', that means great, and Prana is its 'Husband'. 11 TEna Tumha bruhaspatirudgeethamupasamchakra Evayasyam manyanta Asyadyadayate 12 Thus, Ayasya chanted 'Omkara' considering prana that is seated in mouth as the symbol of UDGEETHA. He was benefited by it. Hence that Prana is called 'Ayasya'. 'Asya' means 'mouth', 'Aya' which means 'go', because it goes out and comes into the mouth. 12 Tena TEna Tumha dAlbhyo vidamchakara sa ha naimisheeyaa Namudgaata babhuva sa ha smaibhyahkAmAnAgAyati 13 Likewise, 'Baka', the son of Dalbha chanted 'Omkara' considering prana that is seated in mouth as the symbol of UDGEETHA. By getting great strength through this chanting, he became UDGATHA for the people of Naimisha region. He used to sing for the people of naimisharanya to quench the thirst of hearing the pious chanting. 13 Agaata ha vai kAmAnAm bhavati ya Etadevam Vidwanaksharamudgeethamupasta ityadhyatmam 14 One who knows the secrecy of undiminished UDGEETHA, he would fulfill all the desires by chanting the pious Omkara loudly. Here that 'Spirtual' description is given in the adoration of Omkara, which has a profound secret in it in controlling the senses of body. 'Adhyatma' in Upanishads is that Supreme soul, which takes a form of a body, an entity. Here is the description of that supreme soul. 14

worship him. The rising Sun is just like the Singer, who sings the desires of the people. He expels the the physical darkness and also psychological fear. One who believes the 'Sun' as the symbol of Udgeetha, he would drives out the terror and darkness. 1 Samana u evayam chasow choshnodyamushnosowswara IteemamAchakshate swara iti pratyAswara ityamum. Tasmadwa Etimimamamum chodgeethamupaseetha . 2 'Prana' and 'Sun' - both are the same. This 'Prana', the life force is heat and it produces heat. That 'Sun' is also heat and he heats the whole world. This 'Prana' is called 'Swara'. That 'Sun' is called both 'Swara' and 'Pratyaswara'. 'Swara' means 'that which goes out', that means, the spirit is goes out when the life force is gone. And it never comes back in that body. 'Pratyaswar' means, 'that which comes back'. The 'Sun' is 'Swara' and he definitely goes out. But 'pratyaswar' is also there. And it comes back. If the sun sets, he rises also. Hence, same credence should be given to all these three powers, i.e., 'Prana', 'Sun' and 'Udgeetha' and adore them. 2 Atha khalu vyanamevodgeethamupaseeta. Yadwai pranithi sa PraNo yadapanini sopanah. Atha yah praNApAnayoh Sandhih Sa vyano yo vyanah sA vAk. TasmAdaprANannanapAnavyAchamabhivyAharati. 3 'vyana' should be considered as Udgeetha and worship Omkara. The breathe that goes inside, should be considered as 'Prana', and the breathe that goes out is 'Apana'. Apana unites 'Prana' and 'Apana'. The 'Prana' which suppresses breathe inside is called 'Vyana'. This 'Vyana' only is 'Speech'. So, when one does not inhale and does not exhale, then it takes the form of 'Speech'.3 Ya vAksa ruk. TasmAdaprAnannanapAnnoochamabhi vyahareti. Ya Ruk tatsAma. TasmAdaprANannanapAnansAma gAyati. Yatsam sa UdgeethastasmAdapraNannanapAnannudgAyati. 4. This speech is 'Ruk'. Therefore it is called 'Richa'. And it is chanted when neither 'prana' enters inside nor 'Apana' is pushed outside. Richa is the 'Saama' scripture. Hence when Saama veda is sung, prana neither goes inside nor Apana is expelled outside. 'Saama' is 'Udgeetha'. And while singing Saama, neither 'Prana' nor 'Apana' work. 4
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Prathama prapathak (Third Section)

Athadhidaivatam. Ya Evasow tapati tamudgeethamupaaseetodyanva Esha prajabhya udgAyati udyamstamo bhayampahantyapahanta ha vai Bhayasya tamaso bhavati ya Evam veda 1 And now in the view point of deities reveals the great secret of the worship of Omkara, which is begun with the description os 'Adhi daivata'. The body has a symbol for Udgeetha, that is 'Prana'. And the infinite universe has a symbol for Udgeetha, that is the 'Sun', who lights up. Hence worship him. Worship Prana, the life force is selfless, which enlivens the body. Worship the 'Sun', who glows the whole world by lighting up himself. Understand the physical form of Omkara and worship it. The rising Sun is the physical form of Omkara, hence

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Several Yoga camps in Uttar Pradesh

as a part of the various programmes under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman

Yoga camp: Hundred of Yoga seekers flock to yoga camp in Mirzapur by daring the dense fog.

Event: Yoga guru Swamiji Maharaj marks his presence at a function in Chinmayanand Bapus village in Mirzapur

Swamiji offers garlands at Chandrasekhar Azad statue at Shahid Smarak Sthal (Mirzapur)

Public meeting: Swamiji Maharaj at a public meeting in Rajapur (Chitrakoot)

Visit: Baba Ramdev visits the shrine of Pawan Mandakini in Chitrakoot

Yoga camp: Maharaj Shri at yoga camp in Chitrakoot

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Page 59

Several programs under the banner of

Bharat Swabhiman in Bidar (Karnataka)

Swamiji garlands Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar statue

Lamp lightening: Swamiji inaugurates Vasw Kalyan Jansabha

Public meeting: followers and devotees flock to attend Vasw Kalyan Jansabha

Swamiji and prominent saints sharing stage at Vasw Kalyan Jansabha

Road show: Swamiji marks his presence at a road show in Bidar (Karnataka)

Yoga camp: swamiji interacting with Sadhaks at a yoga camp in Bidar

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&59

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Page 60

Yoga camps and public meeting at

Gulbarga and Bengaluru in Karnataka

Lamp lightening: Swamiji lights lamp during public meetings at Gulbarga and Sedam

Thousands of people mark their presence at a public meeting in Sedam camp to express solidarity in support of Yoga and to protest against rampant corruption.

Yoga Oriented childhood:Swamiji organises special Yaga camps for children in Sedam

Yoga camp: People of different caste and religion and all group attended the yoga camp at Sedam

Workers meeting: After lighting lamps in Bengaluru, workers meeting begins

Welcome: Swamiji honours Justice Santosh Hegde during a meeting in Bengaluru

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Page 61

17th foundation anniversary of

Divya Yoga trust and third foundation anniversary of Bharat Swabhiman

Address:Swamiji and Acharyajis addressing at Patanjali Food and Herbal Park on the occasion of Divya Yog Mandir (Trust) and 3rd Bharat Swabhiman Yatra foundation day

Promoting traditional sports: Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishnaji joins opposite teams in a game of tug which was aimed at promoting traditional Indian sports

Youth (male and female) participate at Yuva camp

Pranayama:Yoga guru Babara Ramdev practicing Bhramri pranayam

Anulom-Vilom: Swamijis followers practicing Anulom-Vilom Pranayam under the guidance of Swamiji
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Acitivties of

Pujya Swamiji
as followed by the newspapers


Aaj Ka Anand

Boycott corrupt leaders and parties

- Baba Ramdev
Pune. Only 1% corrupt leaders rule 99 % people and hence boycott corrupt leaders and political parties demanded Yoga guru Swami Ramdev. Baba Ramdev was in Kharari of Pune, while addressing a press conference the other day. He also asked to ensure declaration of the assets of the directors of the firms with turn over, more than 20 crore, members of Parliament, members of Legislative Assemblies and class one officers besides withdrawing bigger currencies. 93 percent of the country's transaction is carried in big denomination notes. The country holds annual transaction of over 700 lakh crore and hence only transaction tax could collect desired revenue abolishing all other taxes. Baba Ramdev said that over one lakh laws in the nation are not followed. Lokpal could be impressive, if introduced properly. Now the people shall wake-up or the current politics would damage the nation much more. 99 percent people of Maharashtra understand Hindi and respect like national language, is a good sign. He said that the black money should be declared as national asset and start returning back to the nation in the current year. He said that just one percent corrupt people rule 99 percent right people, just one percent person prevail on the total economy and are powerful. He underlined that he would wake-up rest of the 99 percent people to secure and safe the present and the future of the nation.

Why Government is patronizing

black money holders

- Baba Ramdev
Akola. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said that the Government always patronize black money holders and does not declare it as national asset. Whosoever raises voice against black money is suppressed. The union ministers speak white lie on the issue. Courtesy Navbharat

62&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

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Dainik Bhaskar

Congress patronizing Nation asking numerous black money - questions

Baba Ramdev
Akola. Baba Ramdev has said that the faulty policies of the Government are responsible for the poverty, corruption and problem of black money in the nation. The black money is one-anda-half time more than the gross domestic product (GDP) and if the Government has courage to collect it, the problems of poverty, corruption and social inequality would end soon. But the ministers and members of Parliament of a political party are misleading on black money issue. Baba Ramdev, while discussing on variant burning issues said that in foreign banks, over 400 lakh crore black money is deposited while the GDP is close to Rs 200 lakh crore. Legally, black money is Government's property, which could be collected. But the intentions of the Government are not honest.

- Swamiji
Akola. Swami Ramdev has said that many people are repeatedly asking, why monks and religious people are intervening in politics. Basically, such people don't know the very basics of Indian history, culture and nothing could be done than expressing pity. They shall read the history and biography of Parshuram, Sandipani, Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Drauna, Kripacharya besides Kapil, Acharya Chanakya. The society is in utter confusion and perhaps at its worst and hence to save Indian society, religion and culture, if saffron clad or white clad people have taken the opportunity, what is wrong? He said that the society trusts on them.



Bharat Diary

Dainik Bhaskar

Declare black money as Positivism energizes national asset body

- Swami Ramdev
Pune . The Government shall declare black money as national property and lodge a First Information Report (FIR) against corrupt people to bring back black money. Baba Ramdev reiterated to withdraw bigger currency. He emphasized that the five major sources of black money include illegal mining, illegal infrastructure, drug mafia and education mafia.

- Swami Ramdev
Akola. A positive thought energizes body, which not only gives peace to the mind but also generates enthusiasm and energy in the life. Besides, prayer to almighty also enhances self-confidence and self-energy. Besides strong decision power, a person shall respect others to become a model character. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev was talking to students, parents and teachers here.
February 2012&YOG SANDESH&63

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Page 64

Awakening of youths could put India at the top

- Swami Ramdev
Special report on Youth camp at Patanjali Yogpeeth - II Haridwar. The series of camps in the new year 2012 began with youth camp, held between 3 to 7 January at Patanjali Yogpeeth- II. Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj, on the occasion said that the youths are the future of the nation. He said that if youths get awaken, none could stop India becoming the top leader of the world. Expressing importance of Yoga and Pranayam, Swamiji Maharaj told the participants, who had come from all the corners of the country, that Yoga is the core of our culture. Meditation is a complete process, which not only gives natural power but super-natural power too on occasions. He suggested reciting `Gayatri mantra` while breathing in and out during yoga. He said that at least 20 minutes a day shall be given to yoga and exercise. Expressing principle of unity in diversity, he said that somewhere `Om` is spelled and at other places `Aameen`, but meaning of both is the same. He said power has always caused conflict. Devine forces and demons, both wanted to be powerful but we shall be good person by virtue of our character and good thoughts. Kill demon prevailing inside you and broaden your views. Follow some system and rules in the life. For patients follow Yoga medical system, for common man, controlled life system and for devotee, meditation system. It does not mean if someone is poor, belonging to lower caste, with village background shall be neglected. The god has made everyone a human being with cloths of skin to all. But this does not mean that you relinquish cloths. And if the god has made you wealthier person, this does not mean that you stop working. A man shall always work with positive and right attitude and leave the result on the almighty. Only end of work is the time to take rest. This nature is like god but a human being is getting greedy. He forgets what he has in possession but desires for more. When his lust is not fulfilled, he gets dissatisfied. Swamiji told three `mantras` for the success in the life. He asked youths to have bigger perspective and said that living with small objectives and mean mentality is an insult to the life. He asked to work hard with full commitment and do not deviate. Give more time and achieve the goal. Swamiji said that youths shall kill demon of corruption within them. Self-building would lead to the nation building. This is the main objective of the agitation. First-of-all bring positive change in your behavior and nature. In Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, the rulers Gaddafi, Bain Ali and Hosni Mubarak were dethroned but till then, their crime and financial irregularities had not come before the
64&YOG SANDESH&February 2012

world. In the name of public welfare, they too had given free education and made broad tar roads. They always claimed self as true patriot and honest. But everybody was shocked, when the truth was exposed. The GDP of Libya is 3.7 lakh crore and the assets of Gaddafi was worth Rs 10 lakh crore sprawling from America, Britain, Canada and Australia besides other nations. He had 1400 quintal gold alone. It is the story of a single dictator, who ruled a small poor country of 65 lakh population for over 42 years. Swamiji said that there is strong need of an economic revolution. To end corruption, big denomination currency shall be withdrawn immediately. The black money of the nation deposited in foreign banks shall be brought back immediately. Bigger currency is more utilized in the country. Giving figures, he said that 1000 rupees notes are being used in 32 percent transactions, 500 notes in 47 % transactions, 100 rupees currency in 15 %, 50 rupees in 2 %, 20 rupees in 7 % and 5 rupees in barely 1 % transactions. Means, in 93 % transactions only big currency is used.


Dainik Bhaskar

Black money responsible for pathetic condition of the nation

- Baba Ramdev thundered
Baba Ramdev, making people aware towards constituting healthy and prosperous India and taken oath to make India poverty-free told that since 9 years of age, he considers Yoga as his religion. He said that he has not done anything with planning but it all is a god-oriented opportunity. With the same inspiration, he would build a healthy and strong nation. He said that in almost all the nations of the world yoga, pranayam, meditation are fast becoming popular, which is our cultural victory. While lamenting the attitude of the union Government, he said that some ministers in UPA government at the centre and members of Parliament are doing false propaganda. The Government is protecting persons, who are suspected to deposit black money and try to annihilate raising voice against black money. What type of democracy is this? He said that those, who took an oath in the name of the constitution, are obliterating it. The leaders in power at the centre are speaking lie. He said that the union Government suppressed agitation against corruption on June 4, 2011 but a fresh campaign would be launched against black money in 2012 non-violently. The Government can not put pressure on me, he said.

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Amar Ujala

Work dedicatedly for the service to nation

- Swami Ramdev
17th foundation day of Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) and third of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) observed Yoga benefited millions of people directly and indirectly - Acharya Balkrishna Haridwar. The 17th foundation day of Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) and 3rd establishment day of Bharat Swabhiman (Trust) was observed in Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, village Padartha with gusto and fervor. On the occasion Yogarishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj said that in the span of 17 years, Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) has touched new avenues in the field of medicines, service and social service. While addressing the employees, volunteers and life-long members Swamiji told that whatever achievements, the organization has made are all results of the hard labor, dedication and work put-in by you people. He said that every individual, working in the organization is his family member and each one, whether holding a small post or higher position is equal. In the foundation day ceremony, he said that we suffered many adverse circumstances in the span of 17 years but it did not deter us from the values and cause and even in future, we are committed to work firmly, come what may. He called upon to work physically, mentally and wealthily (tan, man and dhan) for the cause of the nation so that India could become the leader of the world. On the occasion, general secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth Acharya Balkrishna said that Yogrishi Swami Ramdev has dreamt of a strong and prosperous India, with no corruption and all cells of Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) and Patanjali Yogpeeth are working relentlessly for it. Acharya Balkrishnaji Maharaj said that Yoga Rishi Swami Ramdev had, 17 years earlier taken an oath to popularize Yoga in entire world and set-up Divya Yoga Mandir (Trust) with same purpose. Now millions of people, directly or indirectly are being benefited with yoga and asans being propagated by Swamiji. He said that due to sustained efforts, entire world would practice yoga and avail its benefits and India would become a leader again. On the occasion inter-unit tug-of-war, wrestling and singing competitions were arranged. The program concluded with cultural function.

This blood belongs to hard working farmers

- Baba Ramdev
Akola. Under the aegis of Kisan Panchayat in village Gorhvya, tehsil Varshitakli in Akola district local farmers donated over 210 units of blood in presence of Baba Ramdev. The blood was sent to Delhi. In this context, Kisan Panchayat wrote a letter to the Prime Minister appealing him to replace foreign oriented blood with that of the farmers' blood so that he could understand their problems and pains. He said that the Government is doing a rude joke with the farmers, giving them minimum support price in place of actual investment. He said that the ministers, in the cabinet, influenced by the foreign nations, shall understand the pain of Indian farmers. The farmers have done right in sending blood to Delhi.

Yoga, Pranayam camp at Patanjali Herbal Food Park

Haridwar. Most revered Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishna popularized Yoga and Ayurveda, the valued gift from `rishi-munis` at world level. Now even at small places, people are exercising yoga, keeping diseases at bay. A camp of pranayam and yoga was arranged for the officers and employees of Patanjali Herbal Food park at village Padartha. The role of Mr Rudra Bhadari of Patanjali University, Haridwar was crucial in the camp, which ran for three weeks. Rudra Bhadari taught yoga under the guidance of honorable Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and revered Acharya Balkrishna Maharaj dividing participants in different groups. He made them aware as which exercise is best suited in which disease and how it works. He also informed that yoga and pranayam increase efficiency of a human being. He said that this keeps human healthy and with increasing work efficiency, he helps the nation as well. It is worth underlining here that in corporate world also, acceptance of yoga is at fast pace. Courtesy

Amar Ujala

February 2012&YOG SANDESH&65

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