PROJECT TITLE: Review of Processes, Key players, Legal Policy and Regulatory Framework and Issues in Coal mining and Gas exploration activities.


Introduction:  Energy in the Global & Indian Economy  Natural Gas and Coal  Global and Indian scenario  Natural gas resources  Conventional reservoirs.  Unconventional reservoirs.  Shale gas  Coal Bed Methane  Gas Hydrate  An outlook of natural gas exploration and coal mining activities  Uses of coal and natural gas in different sectors. Different Processes of Natural Gas Exploration & Coal Mining  Natural gas activities: From wellhead to burner tip  Exploration  Extraction  Production  Transport  Storage  Distribution  Marketing  Coal Mining activities:        Site evaluation and exploration Construction and mining Transport Storage Distribution Marketing Decommissioning and reclamation.



Key Players: With main focus on Indian Key Players  Global analysis of major key players in natural gas.  Global analysis of major key players in coal mining.

PREPARED BY: Abhishek Tripathi, UPES Dehradun

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Legal policies Natural Gas Policies:  The Origins of Gas Allocation in India  The NELP Production Sharing Contract  The Revival of Gas Allocation under NELP  Reconciling the Conceptual Conflict within NELP: Policy Provisions  Gas Utilization Policy and Pipeline Infrastructure  Gas Utilization Policy: Summary of Observations Coal Mining Policies:  The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act. Issues:  Political issues  Utilization  Environmental issues  Health issues  Technological enhancements  Market impact on resources. UPES Dehradun Page 2 . 1957 •To regulate Exploration & Exploitation of Minerals. 1973 •To nationalisethe Coal Sector. 8.SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT: AF MERCADOS EMI With main focus on Indian Players along with their major producing fields & mines. 1957  New coal mining policies 2000 5. 1973  Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act. Conclusion Bibliography 7.  The Coal Bearing Areas (Acquisition & Development) Act. PREPARED BY: Abhishek Tripathi.  Mines & Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act. Regulatory Framework Regulatory framework for natural gas:  DGH  PNGRB Regulatory framework for coal mining policies:  The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act. 1986 •To conduct mining operation in an environmental friendly manner.  Environmental Protection Act. 4. 1957 •To facilitate acquisition of coal bearing land. 6.

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