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hole-in-the-wall project and The 4O Partnership Program

What is hole in the wall project

Initiated as research project in Delhi slums in 1999 Was established as a Joint Venture between IFC (World bank Group) and NIIT Ltd. in 2001 Philosophy

Facilitate exciting learning through unconditional and public access to computers Enable creative and interactive self-learning in an informal setting Learning through experimentation and social networking 165 Stations in Asia (India and Cambodia ) and Africa (Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria and Rwanda) 327 more to be operational in India (Jaipur, Mizoram and Nagaland ) and Africa (Swaziland, Malawi and Madagascar)


States where HiWEL is present In INDIA

HiWEL Project in African Countries

Hole in the wall

Stakeholders, Partners & Supporters

Ministry of Education (SSA) Ministry of External Affairs Ministry of Tribal Affairs Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

ICICI National Geographic Channel ACC Ltd. Arcelor Mittal ltd. Abhijeet Foundation Jindal Stainless Ltd Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd: Tata Group

Ozg CSR Consultant, Ozg Consulting Private Limited

Foundation and NGOs

NIOS Azim Premji Foundation Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust The Association of Sikh Professionals

Commonwealth UNICEF Michael & Susan Dell Foundation SOS Childrens Village Children The Global NGO Registry

NCERT Delhi School of Social Work

Hole in the wall

Pedagogical Innovation

Innovative Minimally-Invasive-Education (MIE) pedagogy

Hole in the wall

Strengths & Recognitions

Hole in the wall


Low-Cost Modular Enclosure

Steel and ClearPolymer Panels

Enables the usage of mass-market Desktops with standard keyboards Note: Patent granted by GoI (Patent #217117)

PC is protected from damage/pilferage, by a steel & clear-polymer frame

Solution Offerings

Keyboard Protective Cover

Keyboard Mask

Protective Steel cover on keyboard to reduce dust accumulation

Mesh protects keyboard Irremovable key-tops

HiWEL Hardware..

Touch Button Mouse

A zero-maintenance, solidstate mouse (TOBU) Ensures dust-proof & tamper-proof operation Rugged enough to be used extensively in outdoor, multiuser environment Note: Patent Granted by GoI (Patent #217558)

Automated Power System (Auto.P.Sy)

Protects PC from mishandling & power fluctuations Enhances Battery life

Solution Offerings

Single Click On/off Switch

Facilitates opening/closing of Learning Station by Community Eliminates the need for PC literate caretaker Improves uptime significantly

Solution Offerings

Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

Windows Anti-hang Utility

Captures data on computer uptime and application usage Viewer helps administrator analyze the captured data

Protects the system from user error Increases fault tolerance of the OS and prevents from frequent hang-ups Note: Patent granted by GoI : (Patent #217595)

HOLE IN THE WALL Educational Content



4O Partnership Program

To make the project hole-in-the-wall more effective and accessible for every needy children by focusing on the role of all partners. Hiwel, Ozg Consulting and The Global NGO Registry has launched the 4'O partnership program, which will have 4 organizations working for this project. These 4 organizations will include HIWEL OZG A selected NGO [any non-profit org or institution successfully registered with The Global NGO Registry - www.india. ] at location of Fund Donors choice Fund Donor.

The 40 Partnership Program

Recurring Cost: Rs. 100,000/- plus taxes as applicable till the final launch of the project

PROJECTED COSTING of LS --Total cost for individual LS with 2 windows and without solar panels for a period of 3 years
Standard Computerand Peripherals Civil Work - Learning Station window Fitting and Fixture Software -RMS

Low power consuming Computers designed for use in rural locations with UPS & speakers

Price (Rs) 60000 15000 7000 6000 25000 5000 45000 7000

Construction ofastructure (as per design of HiWEL) with provision for electrical fittings, wiring, and tamper-proof window panels and keyboard covers. Remote Monitoring System for capture and analysis of uptime and usage data; anti-hang; System safe-desktop Multimedia content targeted to create awareness on health hygiene and environmental issues in rural areas Tamper-proof panels; tamper-proof keyboard covers; zero-maintenance touch mouse for outdoor operation Auto.P.Sy Auto.P.Sy for protection against UPS deep-discharge and computer failure due to irregular shut-down Site survey and selection; fitting and fixture of window panel; hardware and software implementation; community mobilization; base line analysis General Trouble shooting training and usage training to the stakeholders.

Software - Health/Hygiene Content Hardware - Proprietary panels

Hardware - Power management unit Management Costs

Training Costs

TOTAL, excluding 4 % VAT


PROJECTED COSTING of LS --Recurring Cost: Rs. 40,000/- plus taxes as applicable for a period of 1 year. Total recurring cost for 3 years is Rs 1,20,000.


32,850 1,20,000

Total PROJECTED COST and Fund Requested

Total Cost to run two window of Hiwel with electricity for 3 years in rural India is only 455150 INR. To be a part of the 4O partnership program, your organization or CSR dept, are requested to fund at least two learning stations in any part of India as per your choice.

For 4O Partnership Program under Hole-in-the-Wall Project 4 Ruchika Chawla Ozg Consulting (P) Limited