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iVillage Preschool English Syllabus for the Sprouts Class 2012/2013

Sprouts English Classroom. Agnes Suzdorf/Miss Kim. Id like to welcome you and your child to the iVillage Sprouts Classroom. My name is Agnes Suzdorf and I will be your childs English teacher. I will be working with a Korean co-teacher, Miss Kim and Im sure we will create a caring environment for your child here. Ill be seeing your child for one full school day from 9a.m. to 3.30p.m. My main role is to introduce your child to English, so that your child can become familiar with listening, speaking, reading, writing and the foreign culture in general. I understand how important it is for Koreans to acquire the knowledge of English at young age, and Ill do my best to assist your child in that process. the class is equally special and I will treat each student with the utmost

Areas of Focus
Sensorial! Math! Social Studies ! Science (and nature) Music and Art Language

iVillage Preschool


At iVillage Preschool we are using approved Montessori teaching materials (, which were introduced to you by the schools director. Check out this fantastic Montessori Madness video!

Examples of Activities:
1. Practical Life/Nature Developing daily living skills. simple experiments with familiar materials (sink/oat, magnetic/nonmagnetic) hands-on experiences of gardening, seeds and owers, calendar, seasons and telling time. 2. Sensorial. Developing and training the senses (taste, hearing, touch, smell, sight). taking a texture walk, making and blowing pinwheels, playing a listening game, recognizing various properties such as size, length, breadth, weight, texture, color, pitch, volume and shape. 3. Language. Learning to express and explore, which lead to development of reading and writing. introducing precise terminology for the materials and environment, engaging in dialogue, exercising listening skills, exercising verbal skills, visual perception, various phonetic word games. 4. Mathematics. Exploring concepts from the concrete to the abstract. the Golden Bead material, exploring numerals into the thousands, math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), performing the operation with physical materials. 5. Cultural Studies Stimulating kids interest, vocabulary and curiosity. puzzle maps, food, clothes and music.

music, rhythm & phonics

A. FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES Manipulative Corner Pre-writing / pre reading / pre math skills Imaginative and free play B. LARGE MOTOR ACTIVITIES Music and movement Games, Gym time C. MONTHLY THEMES Seasons Pet and farm animals Birds and Creepy Crawlies skill observation Fruits and Vegetables Transport skill observation Body Parts Creatures under Water Wild Animals Family and Me D. FORMAL WORK Numerical skills 0-10 with number value association Reading skills Recognition of A Z and

related vocabulary Pre- reading readiness, sight words Writing skills Pre-writing readiness Opposites in & out, fast & slow, up & down, loud & soft, stop & go, big & small, hard & soft, hot & cold, over & under, tall & short, wet & dry, happy & sad Colors Shapes E. SING ALONG / RHYMES F. STORY SESSIONS / CONVERSATION G. CREATIVITY Art & craft Cooking activities Science experiences H. PICTURE TALKS I. COMPUTERS Follow instructions Manipulate mouse Touch screen

Copy Rights Policy

We are working with Montessori materials, unless noted otherwise. To complete art & craft projects we will often reach for other resources, and to the best of our knowledge well comply with Creative Commons Licenses.