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Press Kit created by Hujambo PR Network, LLC. 6254 Long Beach Blvd., Suite 230, Long Beach CA.


2007 Press Kit (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

Getting Straight Down To Business
The Art of Conversation is the most innovative nightlife series to ever hit Louisville, Kentucky. This upscale evening of entertainment combines art, music, and stimulating conversation in an elite social setting. direct data collection with incentives. We’ve mastered the art of marketing with lavish giveaways that are driven by online discount admissions and This event promotes critical thought and supports the enhancement of great communication skills in alternative settings. The Art of Conversation has taken the nightlife experience to another level by drawing in music, art, intellectuals and nightlife enthusiast from all over Louisville. A typical evening of the Art of Conversation includes live musical entertainment, rational critical discourse, compelling documentaries, gut-busting comedy and delectable Hors D’ourves in a warm intimate atmosphere. To Sponsor the Art of Conversation or any BeeHive event, the cost is $1000. This fee allows us to create a strategic promotional package for the sponsor that includes name inclusion and recognition on all promotional items as well as all radio and television advertisement. This fee also allows us to bring in nationally known artists to perform and/or host a BeeHive event drawing in even more patrons and creating an even larger buzz for your company as a sponsor. This fee also covers food and supplies. We offer several different sponsorship packages all of which can be customized to fit your needs. The pride of our sponsorship packages rest in out online promotional. Hujambo and the BeeHive promote in a online base of over 50,000 active readers or patrons from coast to coast. So, when you sponsor one of our events, we are confident that we will create a “buzz” for your company. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

About Hujambo Network
To whom it may concern:

What is Hujambo Network? First of all, Hujambo is a word in the Ki-Swahili language that means, “What’s up, how are you, and what is your status”? In marketing terms, Hujambo translates to keeping the public informed about ‘what’s up’ with the present state (status) of your brand, company, business, organization, etc., via niche promotional and laser targeted publicity campaigns. At Hujambo, we specialize in niche promotional campaigns that are customized to speak directly to your target market and keep them informed about the activities of your company, business, or organizations products and/or services. Our ‘Laser guided’ publicity campaigns are designed to strike your target market with pin point accuracy, thus saving valuable time and money wasted on large but poorly focused PR campaigns.

Other services Hujambo Network provides are: ● ● ● ● ● general marketing consultation event planning/consultation local, regional and national promotion campaigns internet and street promotions [with our ‘e-team’ and ‘street team’] public relations/publicity (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

However, with this press kit we are not selling Hujambo’s services, but instead proudly announce our first offering of what we call ‘Branded Event’ promotions. Journey with us into a ‘brave new world’, a truly unique place with you in mind; a place where your thirst for premium entertainment can be quenched; a place where your search for that ‘special treatment’ ends: a place we call ‘The BeeHive’. Hujambo Network would like to thank you in advance for considering ‘The BeeHive’ as your exclusive provider of Premium Upscale Entertainment. We look forward to doing business with you.


Hujambo PR Network (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

The Beehive Brand: “Everyone is VIP”

Our entire strategy in establishing the brand identity for ‘The Beehive’ is inspired directly by a concept that would eventually become the official Beehive mantra, ‘everyone is VIP’. With this mantra in mind, we developed a unique entertainment package that carefully combines an eclectic mix of entertainment choices like gut wrenching comedy, thought provoking poetry, and finger snapping, toe tapping, hand clapping music. A Beehive ticket offers you a trip in the exclusive world of VIP at a value unmatched in the event promotions industry. Tickets to our traditional Beehive range in cost according to each show. This VIP Package includes:

● ● ● ●

Rip Roaring Comedy Mind Stimulating Poetry Live Intimate Musical Performances Exclusive “After Party” Jam Session Take home “goodie” gift bags filled with complimentary gifts Many prizes and gifts

The Beehive is an upscale event attracting consumers who fit a demographic of a night life party goer. The Beehive is promoted as an upscale private ‘dinner club’ event with an air of exclusivity. In most major cities, $50.00 is a typical cost for

‘standing room’ only concerts even for mid tier artists. Events of similar price do not include valet, reserved seating, dinner or Hors D’ourves. They do not include at least (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

three forms of hi caliber entertainment. Every Beehive event many variation within one package! Hands down, this is the best entertainment value around!

“A Taste of the BeeHive’s Honey”
A Taste of the BeeHive’s Honey is a scaled down version of the “BeeHive”. It is all of the elegance and sophistication of the BeeHive for a fraction of the cost. These

events has most of the “BeeHive” benefits minus the dinner and valet parking. This allows us to keep the BeeHive integrity when venue logistics do not allow all amenities. An example would be a Venue that does not have its own parking garage for valet parking or kitchen accessibility for catering, which can sometimes be an issue in venue rental. The BeeHive believes everyone is VIP and this faction of our company maintains the BeeHive brand when other forces dictate otherwise.

PR benefits of The Beehive
Our goal at the Beehive is to literally create a PR Buzz machine (we call it PR squared). The PR benefits for all those involved with a Beehive production are: ● ● ● ● ● PR for all Artists and Bee-Hive brand Mo’Bites Promotion and brand identification Artist Promotion Venue Promotion PR for Hujambo Promotions

The Beehive is a public relations machine that based its agenda on research in our niche market. Our goal is to build our Beehive public relations network by serving our (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

target market with a ‘mature and sophisticated’ entertainment experiences. Many of the artists we book are often referred to in their particular industries as ‘best kept secrets’. The Beehive offers exposure for gifted entertainers who lack in publicity,

not talent. Every Beehive featured artists already has a following, a successful receiving and all they need is for “US” to create the Buzzzzz!

BeeHive Promotion Strategy
Hujambo has a unique role in the success of the BeeHive. It allows us to handle all of our marketing and promotional needs in house. Hujambo in conjunction with the BeeHive has created a Co-Op with other similar event brands, throughout the U.S. that allow each member to get the maximum promotion potential. Our extensive internet promtion team allows us to easily promote all BeeHive events globally and efficiently. If necessary, we can provide any marketing and promotional materials regarding our Beehive brand. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

Special media placement opportunities unique to BeeHive Events
A. Corporate Booth’s There are limited booths available at any BeeHive event. This is one of our more exclusive promotional offers; so don’t miss your opportunity to really impress your target market. You can sell not only selected products, you also can set up mailing lists, give away promotional items, etc. For our corporate sponsors, this is a part of our high end sponsorship packages-which bring our sponsors the maximum marketing and promotional benefits. This is an exclusive offer to all companies who sponsor 2 or more events. B. Special Promotional Raffle during the Show intermissions With this opportunity, we will give away specially prepared gifts just for this raffle. This raffle will be used to give away unique gifts donated by our sponsors. During this phase of our BeeHive event, we will have the attention of all our customers who all have the opportunity to win great gifts. We will also give mentions and recognition to the appropriate sponsor. C. Direct Data Collection One of the more important incentives to sponsoring a BeeHive Event is your ability to collect data from our patrons who will act as a “focus group”. Our top Sponsors will have the opportunity to collect information via questionnaires designed by you to conduct direct market research. We offer lucrative incentives to our patrons such as raffle entries, gifts, and drink specials in exchange for their participation in your research efforts. This is an exclusive offer to all companies who sponsor 2 or more events. D. Cross Promotion Campaigns The BeeHive Brand has created relationships with similar entertainment companies in many states. We have come together to create a mega crosspromotion campaign that allows all members of the “co-op” to cross-promote through partner event planners for maximum promoting. With this entertainment alliance, we increase our promotion power and we all benefit including you, the sponsor. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

BeeHive Sponsorship Packages

A. Bronze Package* -1 Event- $1,000 Package A Benefits Include: 1. Recognition during BeeHive events 2. 10 Complimentary VIP Tickets to the Event you sponsor or reserved tent space whichever is applicable 3. Logo inclusion as an official sponsor on all Event Promotion 4. Company promotion within the BeeHive Co-op. 5. Company inclusion in all radio and television media 6. Vending space with electricity 7. Banner Placement on the stage (you must provide your own banner) B. Silver Package* -2 Events- $1900 ($950 per/event) C. Gold Package* -3 Events - $2700 ($900 per/event) D. Platinum Package* -4 Events – $3400 ($850 per/event) E. Emerald Package* -5 Events - $4,000 ($800 per/event) Packages B-E Packages Includes: 1. Recognition during BeeHive events 2. 16 Complimentary VIP Tickets to all events you sponsor and/or reserved tent space whichever is applicable 3. Logo inclusion as an official sponsor on all Event Promotion 4. Company promotion within the Hujambo Co-op. 5. Company inclusion in all radio and television media 6. Data Collection Opportunity (ask for details) 7. Corporate Booth: Highly exclusive booth space strategically located inside BeeHive event (8’x10’) (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

8. Banner Placement on the stage (you must provide your own banner) 9. Email marketing list of all patrons that attend event you sponsor

F. Diamond Package* -2 or more events – $5,000 and up Diamond packages are specially designed packages for the sponsor who wants smooth sailing promotion with no competition. With this package choice, you have the option to become the sole sponsor of 4 BeeHive events, tailored to your needs, allowing you all access to all BeeHive benefits available exclusively to you and you only. Contact us for more detail. * Free Services Free Services can be valued using the pay scales above, substituting the cash value for goods/and or services. Free Service Sponsorships qualifies for all comparable package benefits. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

Sponsorship Agreement

Agreement made the ____ day of _____________, 2007

By and Between:

Hujambo Public Relations Network (hereafter referred to as “Promoter or Event”)
6254 Long Beach Blvd., Suite 230

Long Beach, CA 90805 And: Your Company ___________________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Sponsor”) Your Companies Adresss ___________________________ City, State Zip Code ___________________________

WHEREAS, Your Company desires to become the Sponsor of 1 or more exclusive Hujambo Events (hereafter referred to as “Event”), produced by Hujambo Public Relations Network, and your company. WHEREAS, Hujambo accepts YOUR COMPANY as Sponsor.

It is agreed:

1. 2. 3.

Date of “Events” Location of “Events” YOUR COMPANY shall:

__________________________________ __________________________________

A. ______________ Sponsorship Package B. Invest $______.00 into the “Event” to be specified on an addendum. 4. YOUR COMPANY Shall Receive: A. Sponsor Billing, to read as follows: “The Hujambo Premium Upscale Entertainment presents (The Event Title) sponsored by YOUR COMPANY”

B. All entitlements in accordance with specified package selection (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

5. YOUR COMPANY and HUJAMBO agrees to cooperate and put forth an honest and sincere effort to make the “Event” a success. 6. It is expressly understood and agreed to by both parties hereto that this agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Absolutely no verbal agreement will be recognized. All addenda must be in writing and will constitute a part of this agreement.




PRINT NAME YOUR COMPANY REP. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

Sponsorship Proposal “The Art of Conversation”
Every Sunday- Petrus Restaurant & Nightclub, Louisville, KY Greetings from Hujambo Public Relations Network, We, the members of Hujambo PRN, are excited to announce Beehive Upscale Entertainment’s first of many upcoming nightlife series, “The Art of Conversation”. This event, hosted by Petrus Restaurant and Nightclub will bring music, spoken word, and art enthusiast from the Louisville area. Hujambo PRN is a company that works closely with many independent musicians, artists, poets, and filmmakers from all over the country. This event will benefit several organizations that promote and advocate youth outreach. A portion of the proceeds from each week’s event will be donated to such organizations. The Art of Conversation is expected to draw over 500 attendees from the Louisville area and abroad. This is not your typical open mic and club night, but an evening of thought provoking entertainment and conversation. Each event will feature 4 local and/or national acts. Each act will perform a set that will be followed by an open discussion from the audience. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions, give comments, and get to know the artists and his/her motivation. The goal is to open dialog about the social, political, and emotional aspects of each artists body of work. This will be an upscale evening of fine dining and entertainment. Upon the conclusion of performances, the dance floor will be open for dancing with DJ Aluwi7 on the 1s & 2s. 96.5’s Hurlin Robinson will host this weekly event and a celebrity guest host will assist him once per month. This indeed is an excellent opportunity for exposure and revenue for any business, product, or service trying to reach liberal music lovers and intellectuals with unlimited spending power. This event is also a key component for any record label who needs audience feedback for artist projects. This ongoing series of events hosted by Petrus Restaurant and Nightclub is located at 116. E. Main Street . This event will begin at 8:30pm and continue until 4am. All artists, music lovers, sponsors and vendors are encouraged to attend this Sunday night affair. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

Your Weekly Host – Herlon Robinson
Herlon Robinson has been a musical mainstay in Louisville for years, having fronted for several of the city's hottest bands. He continues to do live shows and is traveling between Louisville and Los Angeles to put in some serious work in the lab !! Herlon has made the transition from musician to air personality very successfully. He brings the passion for perfoming on stage to the radio and in live appearances as he puts it down on the weekends, making sure you're up on what's crackin' in the 'Ville !! Make sure you check him out on the weekends and keep it here to find out where you can catch him performing live !!

Your DJ -DJ Aluwi 7

DJ Aluwi 7 is one of Midwest’s’ best kept secrets. Born in Champaign, Illinois, DJ Aluwi 7 currently resides in Nashville, TN were his love for the music is now in high demand. DJ Aluwi 7 has been spinning for over12 years, on Gemini equipment from day one. He specialize in rare late sixties to early 80's funk-soul-jazz grooves, and samples. He also rock dub, hip-hop, and soulful house/deep house. In addition to spinning records, he also make beats and rhyme. DJ Aluwi 7 is currently spinning Friday and Sat nights at Muse hip-hop and rare grooves w/Jah Magnetic/Soul Infinite/G-Digg, Open Mic coming soon. (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

The Art of Conversation Invited Feature Artists

Bomani Armah, conscious hip hop artist Dennis Dortch, independent film maker Naima Jahmaal, writer and poet King Downing, musician and activist Ocell, conscious hip hop artist Viva Fidel, conscious Hip hop artist and organizer E the poet Emcee, poet and hip hop artist M1 of Dead Prez, political activist and hip hop artist Queendom Come, Hip Hop Artist Kevlen X, motivational speaker and hip hop artist Zamar Zimra, R&B soul Artist Jabani Bennet, Painter Cee Knowledge, Hip Hip artist Toy, voice over artists and soul artist Baayan Bakari, film maker Kumasi, Soul Artist Killa Priest, Hip Hop Artists Nia Sanaa, painter Sunni Patterson, soul artist Gabriella Ballard, song artist Lady Bey, Poet Collective Flow, Hip Hop Group FTP, Hip Hop Group Mike Flo, Activist and hip hop artist (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123

From the Event Planner

Thank you for taking time out to review our sponsorship proposal. I am sure you found it to be worthwhile and refreshing. If there are any needs that you have that were not covered in our benefits section, feel free to contact me with request that you may have. Hujambo Public Relations Network 6254 Long Beach Blvd., Suite 230, Long Beach CA. 90805 Afrykah WubSauda 502 614 8123 Emani Bey (562)207-8882 (502)614-8123