The contest began with boys of fifteen or sixteen… But the third created a big sensation even among

the elders…As soon as the two boys closed in… And the other boy was flat on his back… Everybody soon knew who the boy was. His name was Maduka, the son of Obierika. (6)

His mind went back to Ikemefuna and he shivered. If only he [Okonkwo] could find some work to do he would be able to forget… “…How can a man who has killed five men in battle fall to pieces because he has added a boy to their number?”… He sprang to his feet… and went to visit his friend, Obierika. (8) Obierika was sitting outside under the shade of an orange tree making thatches from leaves of the raffia-palm. He exchanged greetings with Okonkwo and led the way into his obi. (8) "Is it well?" Okonkwo asked . "Yes," replied Obierika. "My daughter's suitor is coming today and I hope we will clinch the matter of the bride-price. I want you to be there." (8) Just then Obierika's son, Maduka, came into the obi from outside… (8)

. Where are the young suckers that will grow when the old banana tree dies? …” (8) [About Nwoye] “You worry yourself for nothing.. "But if the Oracle said that my son should be killed I would neither dispute it nor be the one to do it." Obierika agreed.."I cannot understand why you refused to come with us to kill that boy.” (8) [Still Nwoye] .. .[Okonkwo about Nwoye] “… But I can tell you..." Obierika replied sharply. “The children are still very young." Obierika thought.." (8) "The Earth cannot punish me for obeying her messenger."Because I did not want to. that my children do not resemble me." (8) ." said Obierika."Do you know Ogbuefi Ndulue?" Ofoedu asked. (8) [Ikemefuna] ." Okonkwo said."Too much of his grandfather.Obierika offered him[Ofoedu] a lobe of the kola nut he had broken with Okonkwo.. (8) .." he asked Obierika.. (8) [Ikemefuna] . "I had something better to do.. "That is true. but he did not say it.. Obierika.

" (8) "He led Umuofia to war in those days.." Okonkwo and Obierika said together." Okonkwo agreed."Ogbuefi Ndulue of Ire village."Why?" asked Obierika and Okonkwo together .(8) ."That is not strange. (8) . He was the oldest man in Ire." said Obierika. (8) [Palm-tree tapping] .. (8) "It is so indeed. "He led Umuofia to war in those days. He could not do anything without telling her.." said Obierika. (8) [Referring to the ozo title]... (8) . "But the law of the land must be obeyed." "I don't know how we got that law."Who taps your tall trees for you?" asked Obierika..." said Obierika." said Obierika." said Obierika. (8) ." said Obierika.. [Referring to Ogbuefi Ndulue] . (8) [Referring to Ogbuefi Ndulue’s death]."Sometimes I wish I had not taken the ozo title."I was only speaking in jest.. "I remember when I was a young boy there was a song about them...."It was always said that Ndulue and Ozoemena had one mind.." said Obierika..

. Obierika's second wife followed with a pot of soup.... his sixteen-year-old son.. There were seven men in Obierika's hut when Okonkwo returned." said Obierika to his son.. (8) .. (8) .When they [suitor’s relatives] returned Ukegbu handed the bundle of sticks back to Obierika."Go and tell Akueke's mother that we have finished.. (8) [Bride-price] . (8) ." said Obierika. (8) ."I sometimes think he [Maduka] is too sharp. Maduka. "They are thirty?" he asked..."It was only this morning...."Ask Akueke's mother to send us some kola nuts.. (8) .. and Maduka brought in a pot of palm-wine. (8) .. On Obierika's side were his two elder brothers and Maduka.. Ukegbu counted them...Obierika then presented to him a small bundle of short broomsticks.."It will not be very long now before my in-laws come. Obierika nodded in agreement." . (8) ." Obierika said to his son. somewhat indulgently.." said Obierika.

. Obierika. Nwoye's mother and Okonkwo's youngest wife were ready to set out for Obierika's compound with all their children... (8) . "that Okonkwo and I were talking about Abame and Aninta. "It is like the story of white men who.. (12) .. "Have you?" asked Obierika.. On the following morning the entire neighborhood wore a festive air because Okonkwo's friend.. (12) She [Ezinma] saw the other ."And have you never seen them?" asked Machi.. (12) ... where titled men climb trees and pound foo-foo for their wives. (8) [White men] .. they say. women and children began to gather at Obierika's compound to help the bride's mother in. cooking for a whole village.." said Obierika. was celebrating his daughter's uri.said Obierika." said Obierika's eldest brother. are white like this piece of chalk. "That is very bad.... As soon as day broke.. (12) . (8) ...Ekwefi asked Nwoye's mother and Ojiugo to explain to Obierika's wife that she would be late." (8) .

(12) Three young men helped Obierika to slaughter the two goats with which the soup was made." .." said another man." said the young man who had been sent by Obierika to buy the giant goat.. (12) [Umuike’s market] "And so everybody comes.. They can steal your cloth from off your waist in that market. "honest men and thieves. (12) Obierika had sent one of his relatives all the way to Umuike to buy that goat It was the one he would present alive to his inlaws." said Obierika. (12) Obierika's compound was as busy as an anthill. (12) [Referring to Umuike’s large market population] . (12) "The market of Umuike is a wonderful place.." And so they all went to help Obierika's wife. (12) [Nwoye’s mother] "I will tell Obierika's wife that you are coming later.. "It is the result of a great medicine..children with their water-pots and remembered that they were going to fetch water for Obierika's wife.

Obierika's son. (12) . took a long broom and swept the ground in front of his father's obi. (12) Early in the afternoon the first two pots of palm-wine arrived from Obierika's in-laws. (12) "Do you think a thief can do that kind of thing single-handed?" asked Nwankwo." said Obierika. Obierika's relatives and friends began to arrive.. (12) When the women retired. "No." (12) Those women whom Obierika's wife had not asked to help her with the cooking returned to their homes and the rest went back. for his father's relatives to see. Maduka. in a body. to Obierika's compound. Maduka. (12) Obierika's relatives counted the pots [of palm-wine] as they came. (12) . And as if they had been waiting for that. "They use medicine.. Obierika presented kola nuts to his in-laws. (12) When the heat of the sun began to soften.. Obierika's son. led out the giant goat from the inner compound."Yes" said Obierika..

. (13) They set fire to his houses.[Okonkwo’s exile] .. (15) [Referring to the white man who . (13) They each made nine or ten trips carrying Okonkwo's yams to store in Obierika's barn. Obierika. "that Abame is no more?" (15) "Abame has been wiped out." said Obierika. His greatest friend. killed his animals and destroyed his barn." said the old man. came to visit him. (15) [Introducing Obierika to Uchendu] . demolished his red walls.. my great friend.." (15) "Yes.. (13) It was in the second year of Okonkwo's exile that his friend." asked Obierika. Obierika. (13) Obierika was a man who thought about things..." said Obierika. was among them.Obierika and half a dozen other friends came to help and to console him. (15) [Abame’s destruction] "Three moons ago. (15) Obierika again drank a little of his wine. turning to Obierika. (15) "Have you heard. "This is Obierika. I have already spoken to you about him..

" said Obierika." said Obierika's other companion. (15) [Referring to Abame killing the white man] "They have paid for their foolishness. (15) "You are a big man now.." said Obierika." (15) [Answering Nwoye] "We are all well. (15) "He [Nweke] has married Okadigbo's second daughter. (15) "Anyway." Obierika said to Nwoye. only they did not understand him." answered one of Obierika's companions. (15) "He said something." said Obierika. "Your friend Anene asked me to greet you. Obierika pointed at the two heavy bags. (15) "One of the men told me. "they killed him and tied up his iron horse." said Obierika. (15) When they had eaten. "that he repeated over and over again a word that resembled Mbaino.came to Abame] "He said nothing.." said Obierika." resumed Obierika. (15) "We had meant to set out from my house before cockcrow. (15) [When Okonkwo tried to express .

(19) Okonkwo's head was bowed in ..." said Obierika.. not knowing what else to say. among the missionaries in Umuofia. (16) What moved Obierika to visit Okonkwo was the sudden appearance of the latter's son.." said Obierika.. "Kill one of your sons for me. Obierika sent word that the two huts had been built. (16) And so Obierika went to Mbanta to see his friend. (15) When nearly two years later Obierika paid another visit to his friend in exile the circumstances were less happy. "What are you doing here?" Obierika had asked when after many difficulties the missionaries had allowed him to speak to the boy.gratitude] "I can tell you. (16) "How is your father?" Obierika asked. Nwoye. (16) As soon as he entered his last year in exile Okonkwo sent money to Obierika to build him two huts in his old compound.. (15) "Then kill yourself. (19) As the last heavy rains of the year began to fall.

(20) "Have you not heard how the white man wiped out Abame?" asked Obierika. (20) As soon as she [Ezinma] got home she went to Obierika to ask what the men of Umuofia were going to do about it. "No. (24) When Okonkwo and Obierika got to the meeting place there were already so many people that if one threw up a grain of sand it would not find its way to the earth again.sadness as Obierika told him these things. casting his eyes over the crowd. (24) "But how do you know he will speak against war?" Obierika . (24) Obierika's hut was close to the road and he saw every man who passed to the marketplace... (20) "It is already too late." said Obierika sadly. (23) Obierika was urging him to eat. (24) "Can you see him [Egonwanne] ?" he asked Obierika. But Obierika had not been home since morning." said Obierika. (24) Obierika was waiting in his obi when Okonkwo came along and called him.

.asked after a while.... (24) Obierika did not hear the rest of what he said because at that moment somebody touched his shoulder from behind. (24) "He [Okonkwo] is not here. (25) The men murmured among themselves. (25) There was a small bush behind Okonkwo's compound." said Obierika. (25) . It was to this bush that Obierika led the Commissioner and his men. (25) Obierika with five or six others led the way.." replied Obierika.. turned suddenly to the District Commissioner... He [The Commissioner ] had warned Obierika that if he and his men played any monkey tricks they would be shot. who had been gazing steadily at his friend's dangling body. (25) Obierika. (25) The Commissioner did not understand what Obierika meant.. and Obierika spoke again.. (25) "Perhaps your men can help us bring him down and bury him.

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