April 2012

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COROWA - 2012
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NSW Lancers Museum
International Heritage Day Event Sunday 29th April 2012
Bring your military vehicles

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General Meeting Opened at: 20.08 Apologies: Keith Adam, Max Mann, Geoff Giles, Fred Reeves, Kevin Burne, John Oldenmenger, Les Bell, Bill Sjoblom, Ken Whyte. Visitors: Brian Healey Minutes of Previous Meeting: No minutes were taken of prior meeting Correspondence In: Was passed around President’s report: No report as President absent. Vice President’s report: Position vacant. Treasurer’s report: Bank figures were $3,004.53 in the main (cheque account) and $6,332.40 in the deposit account. Accounts for payment: Reimburse David Goodman for the cost of post office rent of $93 paid to Australia Post; ratified payment to Ken Whyte for magazine costs for months of November, December and January/February totalling $1,279.01; ratified payment to Council of Motor Clubs of $240 for 20 tickets to Eastern Creek display day. Proposed accepted by Laurie Winney, seconded Gary Beers - members voted in favour. Public relations report: (1) Blacktown swap-meet on 1/7/2012 to be held at Fairfield Showground. If attending let Glen Cairncross know as the organisers insist on knowing numbers. If you want to trade, a site cost $20. (2) Easter Show display day is 16/4/2012 and 13 vehicles are attending. (3) North Head searchlight “light-up” and display day/night to be held on 26/5/2012. C.M.C. report: Affiliation vote was held on Land Rover Enthusiasts Club (LREC) which has 55 members and whose affiliation is supported by the Landrover Club. Proposed: Gary Beers, seconded: Alan Lark-members voted in favour. Gary advised the 39th General Motors Day will be held on 22/4/2012 at Penrith Panthers and that the National Heritage Motoring Day will be on 20/5/2012. Club Plate report: nil General Business: Tom Rolfe reported on his trip to Corowa via Tumut in the Chev; Phil Rider thanked club members for assisting with his daughter’s wedding, Paul Tiberti and Mick Jericevich drove the groomsmen in their jeeps, in uniform, Andy McFarland drove the wedding party in his heritage “Roller” down to the Rocks; Jan Thompson advised members of the death of Hugh Davis’s son, Hugh is a member of the SA club and the AMVCS extends it sympathy to Hugh and his family; Gary Beers reported on his trip to Corowa, the long way via the coast and up over Mount Hotham, and also the day trip to Finley and the visit to the old log cabin; Jan Thompson reported on Corowa and referred members to KVE news for a complete run down, the weather was relatively good with the only issue being the inability to use the airport for camping or activities due to flooding however the showground was an excellent alternative for the display and swap meet. Jan also reported that the river was low as the water was being held at the Hume Reservoir to prevent flooding at Mulwala downstream. It was noted that the Albion Park air show is on 6th May, 2012. Dennis Taylor advised that Ian Williams had picked up a “military” item on the way home from Corowa, if anyone has lost something of value let Ian know what it is and if correct it will be returned. Dennis also reported on a proposed activity at Newington Armoury that was being considered, possibly for October. Dennis is meeting Armoury representatives to explore options and will report back. Dennis also reminded all members that even if they don’t want to receive the magazine by email they should provide a contact email address so that important but short notice NEWS can be rapidly disseminated to members. Members can’t expect to be updated by phone as there to many members to phone. If a member doesn’t have their own email address they should use the address of their son, daughter, sister, brother etc and ask them to forward important email messages. Searchlight Light up- Alan Lark reported at length about the searchlight “light up” and display at North Head on 26 May, 2012. One of the lights, now restored to operation is 150 centimetres and should be spectacular when powered up. Overnight camping on the Saturday night is allowed, toilets are available, no showers, room is available for tents. To make the night worthwhile, to increase the spectacle, and encourage adoption as an annual event we need to get as many military vehicles along as possible. A BBQ will be provided so numbers must be known in advance for catering purposes. The site is near the old museum located towards the lookout end at North Head, not the old parade ground area. Members are asked to bring military vehicles as there is minimal parking available for civilian vehicles and NPWS charges parking fees outside the gate. If attending let club member Alan Lark know on 95224815 or 0428461621 so that catering can be planned. Meeting closed at 21.40 Page 2

As a result they were declared as a National Disaster area. Rennie. Wheeling and dealing goes on between people throughout the week. agriculture machinery sales and services. The region is steeped in history. A reporter from the Border Morning Mail visited on Tuesday so a group of vehicles proceeded down to the lagoon for a photo shoot. printing of our Daily Despatches newspaper. Covering an area of 2. a Voting Form and an Entry Form for 2013. We had 3 trips organised and there are some people who go on all the trips and those who may pick one or two. It portrayed a family event with a photo of David King’s sons in his Studebaker and also Fred and Marilyn Reeves in front of Kevin Burne’s 6x6 Dodge. and a labour force of 5. Two of the many photos which were taken were used.97km2. Our event means a lot to the Corowa Shire so no matter what happened with the weather the Swim-In would still continue. Corowa Shire. Brian Healey and Richard Farrant put out a daily newspaper from Wednesday to Saturday with the assistance of Kendall Reid from the Corowa Shire. The event has been held at Wangaratta since 1981 but the club has been lured to the Murray River town by a support package from the Corowa Council. The response from participants to these newspapers was encouraging. Corowa Shire includes the towns of Corowa. We submitted our application and late in December we were told we had been successful. Corowa managed to get less rain than some of the surrounding areas. This was the first time we had done this type of thing and special thanks to Brian and Richard for taking on this role.768 workers. The Shire has a strong and diverse economy that supports a base of 650 enterprises. The Shire of Coreen included the township of Mulwala and the surrounding districts of Balldale. Moose. Hopefield. On Wednesday the local members organised a visit to the Corowa South Public School. and the villages of Balldale.407. The children had a great time looking at and being in the vehicles. The participant packs also included a metal badge. The KVE committee tried to inform people of the changes as we only had a few days up our sleeve. We encouraged people to pre-register even if they weren’t bringing a vehicle so they could be part of this. Corowa Shire folders and voucher books for the pre-registered participant packs. Rennie. NSW. use of the Cherrypicker for our Saturday photo shoot. Unfortunately there were people who were unable to attend due to floods and there were many people who had to use alternate roads to get to Corowa. Thanks to Doug Greville for a ride on his Kettenkrad. Many horns were tooted. playing a significant role in the 1901 Federation of Australia. Corowa Shire has a population of around 11. Australia Monday 12th to Sunday 18th March 2012 Page 3 . KVE was fortunate to receive a Corowa Shire Tourism Grant. and Savernake.After floods in areas around the Murray River and in many parts of NSW. a glossy KVE newsletter with important details on the event. KVE received notification a few days prior that camping. with the amalgamation of the NSW Municipality of Corowa and the Shire of Coreen. Just under 100 cars participated in the event. Coreen. formed under the Local Government Act. retail and trade businesses.000 people. the reporter from the 33rd Annual GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering at Corowa. Corowa Shire is home to a wide array of small to medium sized enterprises ranging from tourism and hospitality to manufacturing and agriculture. many freight transport companies and thriving tourism. There are people from all states and territories of Australia and this year we also had at least 4 people from New Zealand and one from the UK. On Sunday they had a Show and Shine at Bangerang Park. Our local member Neville Smith also contacted other businesses in the Corowa Shire. was gazetted on the 10th of June 1955. Lowesdale. We ended up having 22 theme vehicles and a total of 165 vehicles attend the event. BurajaLowesdale. The major industries include a piggery feedlot and abattoir. People travelling to the area had to be aware of road closures predominantly in the state of NSW. Savernake and Warragoon. the weather was superb and fortunately the only rain we had started on Thursday evening and continued on Friday and had stopped early Saturday morning. Upon arrival in Corowa on Saturday 10th March. the photo shoot and swap meet would not be able to proceed at the Corowa Airport. Howlong. Daysdale. Daysdale. Corowa Shire is a rural community centrally located between Sydney and Melbourne on the Murray River in New South Wales. 280 caps and cups for promotional use and 500 stickers. This included the use of the Site Office at Ball Park Caravan Park. people were concerned that the 33 rd Annual GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering would be cancelled. Buraja. Sometimes participants are happy just to hang around the caravan park and take the opportunity to get to know other enthusiasts. On the Saturday night they had a Cruise Night and Sanger St was closed off to traffic. Some great friendships have been established over the years and it is nice to see the camaraderie which goes on between people. and Mulwala. The Wangaratta Rod and Custom Club Bi-annual Rod Run was held over the Victorian Long weekend. Coreen. munitions factory. food processors. The Municipality of Corowa was gazetted on 19 June 1903 and the Shire of Coreen was gazetted on the 16th of May 1906. The Council had suggested Bindaree Caravan Park as an alternative for camping and they matched the price for camping. We were informed by the Corowa Shire that they were one of the many Local Government Areas across NSW and Victoria that had been significantly affected by recent heavy rainfall and flooding. One of the great things about this event is that people can choose what they do during the week. These were available from the Site Office and also were handed out to people staying in the caravan park.

I’ll bet that it was just the quietest smoothest outboard ever. but we had a large group.30. As a contingent of addicted collectors. and there wasn’t time to process the individual groups that the Principal. The outboard motor belt driven from a Villiers engine and using shearing gear parts to get the power down to water level (with home made propeller) is a real treasure. All was well once it cooled down a bit. The TS3 out of a Commer “Knocker” was something that really got our attention with its ‘instant’ starting. There is something for everyone there. however. The members there have been collecting their exhibits for many years. The Log Cabin is built like a brick outhouse. David Smith fired up a Centurion tank engine and then we made our way out to Lowesdale Public School and stopped so the 12 children who attend the school could also look and sit in the vehicles. a twin. We had been scheduled to be at Finley Public School at 10. etc. The Finley Log Cabin and Historical Museum is recommended to anyone who likes some hands on aspects to their visit. We were running some twenty minutes late. Leaving the school. He has a fascinating collection of items including military vehicles and military memorabilia plus items he has collected for many years. While not as slow as the ablution stop in Balldale the day before. The weather had been really good up until the rain started on Thursday evening. The final visit was to a property where there was a huge collection of tractors. On the veranda the members of the museum had provided tea and coffee and cakes as well for our benefit. One Jeep had a mechanical problem which was addressed in the street while the visit was happening. While directed the day before to come in via the front gate. for the school to look at. What they have achieved is really impressive. trucks and much ‘home made’ gear that shows a high degree of imagination. had planned. my suggestion was that everyone should return via Tocumwal. That evening we went to the Corowa Golf Club. up. Then. Dave and I stopped for fuel in Toc. Most of us don’t have a Blackstone air start monster. We found no broken down refugees along the way. we never the less lost some time off our table. The unknown veteran engine was another that created much interest. Todd Potter. a four cylinder and a real big one! They all got a run on the day. Finley is a small town. so have to assume that there were no failures. everyone landed on the main street to find food to take as their lunch. and would be very educational for younger visitors.Corowa Free Press met us at the school. etc). NOT. though the hand priming of fuel and lubricant beforehand would be a bit of a pain if you were starting one on a fire pump! The great blasts of black smoke were of course almost as good as a cold beer. so that if a vehicle went missing. We had 4 Jeeps in various configurations (windscreen down. a couple of Land Rovers. The trip then went through the Redland Hills where we were able to see the largest Piggery in the Southern Hemisphere. Many children came over to look and ask numerous questions during their recess time. where we found more military vehicles. who had gone to the school but didn’t see us around the back. There is also lots to see inside. and the committee would only be a small one as well. It was a bit of a surprise to realize that the main street is in fact the Newell Highway! Makes crossing the road a bit more precise than we had been used to. There was a school visit at the Finley Public School and the group were able to view a large collection of memorabilia at the Finley and District Museum and Log Cabin. There had been a second group who got away after we left. We wish them the best. down the Newell to the car park at the museum. The trip then went out to Balldale and after a short stop I went with David King in his Studebaker out to Neville Smith’s Owls Eye Military and Rural Museum. They got confused by our absence and smartly went on to the second destination to wait. there was a need to stop at the park in Berrigan for a break at the amenities block. As with any stop on a Corowa trip. Starts well. Like so many historical groups they are in need of younger people in their membership so that their society will be strong in the future. but so many ‘extra’ bits that are a sudden surprise here. and so would have been the last ones back. formed of a number of classes that were interested in our vehicles. there has been no information come to light as to its origins. Ian Williams organised a dinner at the Royal Hotel. There is a bit of everything normally seen in museums. The big shed in the yard is full to overflowing with machinery. While there was no set arrangements for the return trip to Corowa. so that the pupils could be brought out to see our vehicles before they went to their morning recess. I was stunned to see so few people in the club. The two person (Henry and his brother) tinnie with side paddle wheels and driven by pedalling bicycle parts in the bottom of the hull would have been an adventure back in the day. On Thursday the day was spent at Finley. Thanks to Cheryl Smith and David Williams for looking after us. roof on. before heading to the museum at the southern end of town. and our congratulations must go to them for their creation and our thanks to them for their efforts on the occasion of our visit. Mokes. so long as there was no current or wind. there was apparently lots to talk about and there was some difficulty in getting everyone back in vehicles on the road once more. with a large display area full of interesting local artifacts. Everyone was intrigued by the silent starting procedure. it wasn’t exactly obvious where that was. People were encouraged to bring their own lunch and Neville also had some sausages to throw on the BBQ. we were in heaven. but these guys have three. tractors. The lining of glued up newspapers brought back memories for many. and our vehicles were closely investigated by a large part of the school population. Good to see it here instead of confined to the scrap pile. there would be only one road to search. My horn got so hot that it started to lose its voice before they were finished with it. Despite much research. so we went around the block and came in the gate there to get to the playground. and have a marvellous range of items of interest. There were people associated with various vehicle forums and other participants Page 4 . and will be there forever. The trip organiser Harvey Black provided us with this report: With a convoy of mostly old blokes on rough roads and hard seats. No sooner had Henry touched the key than it was roaring away.

of the event. Australia's smallest commercially registered brewery and the oldest still operating in Victoria (having commenced brewing in 1902). The Renaissance Chocolates Coverture Room and Café has slotted in perfectly to the Rutherglen wine trail. The Buffalo Brewery was the fourth of the breweries built by this firm. Vehicles started lining up at Bangerang Park early on Saturday morning. In 1993 he opened the Melbourne Tank Museum. as well as local sparkling shiraz and tawny port. Thanks to Tony Elliott for organising this trip. He only thought he had been speaking for 30 minutes but it ended up being 90 minutes.5% alcohol  Buffalo Stout . mortars. All participants abided by the directions of when vehicle movement could occur and a number of us were able to go up in the cherrypicker and take photos. heavy dark larger 4. As the airport was unusable for Saturday’s event. Upon arrival at the Showgrounds John was disappointed to see that there were a number of cars parked where the vehicles had to go and after yelling out loudly was able to get the owners to move their vehicles. Neil and Robyn also look to their surrounding region to source the region’s best cream. The owner. 18 military vehicles drove from Corowa to Wangaratta and viewed the Pentarch facility on Friday morning where they recycle and refurbish common types of Australian Defence Force ammunition packaging. The rain continued on Friday and approx. filling wholesale orders. Approx. The response to the Sausage sizzle was great and I think they even ran out of food. motorcycles. negotiations were made to use the Corowa Showground and KVE would like to thank the Corowa Pastoral. John served in the Australian Army from the early 1960s until the late 1980s as a recovery expert. Keith Webb has captured the talk and will share some of it with us in his next DVD. We had approximately 60 people on the trip and it was enjoyed by both men and women. On Friday evening the Corowa Jump Shak provided a spit roast dinner and as usual it was delicious.This is a pilsner type. from World War One to Vietnam.An original German style.A dark unfiltered wheat beer 4. amphibious landing craft and vehicles. searchlights. On Sunday 23 rd April 2006 there was an auction of John’s lifelong collection of vehicles including tanks. full-strength beer with a typical hop bitterness 4. jeeps. anti-tank guns.5% alcohol  Buffalo Dark Ale . The beer from Melbourne was shaken by long train journeys and exposed to long periods of summer heat before being delivered to its destination. Neil Funston used to spend time travelling the globe as a food engineer. The swap meet was very successful and the Rotary club had everything in order. John Belfield.We use roasted malt to give this beer it’s dark ale characters 4. The 6x6 vehicles were asked to enter Bangerang Park via Reisling St. Many thanks to John for providing us with such an informative talk. buying chocolate-making equipment. He also shared other interests he has including motor racing. 50 people attended. A reporter and a photographer from the Wangaratta Chronicle met us at Pentarch and we organised for the 3 Queenslanders who role their motorcycles to Corowa to be involved in a photo shoot. John Oldenmenger had decided upon a formation for the photo shoot so lined the vehicles up in categories. John’s passion for collecting and restoring military vehicles began at the age of six when his mother gave him a toy tank. When he left the business. APC's. anti-aircraft guns howitzers. We then came back via the Boorhamen Brewery where we had a delicious lunch. It was awarded the 'Best Victorian Country Pub without Gaming' in 2001/2002. mobile field kitchen. It was good to see participants had taken notice of this request. mobile radar unit. armoured cars and personnel carriers.5% alcohol  Buffalo Ginger Ale . made from a traditional recipe 4. and demand for the handcrafted truffles and pralines soon saw Neil and his wife Robyn up until 3am in the morning.5% alcohol  Buffalo Lager . drawing on the region’s famed fortified in truffles laced with Campbell’s Muscat and Topaque. honey and Mt Buffalo hazelnuts for their range of 24 pralines. Both have been involved with a number of film jobs over the past few years.An old time favorite. It is famous for:  Buffalo Wheat Beer . and everyone else involved in helping us with the relocation. Page 5 . tank transporters. John Oldenmenger gave a drivers briefing at Ball Park Caravan Park in the afternoon and then provided another prior to our guest speaker. Fortunately his son Bill is very interested and can assist John with the restorations and encourages him to attend events. wrecker trucks. A ride in an army Bren gun carrier when he was nine cemented his passion for military vehicles and memorabilia. that kick-started a curiosity about cacao. Rick Cove’s White Scout Car also managed to get in paper. military collectables and ephemera.5% alcohol The Buffalo Brewery first began in 1902 by Messrs Bryant and Sheil Brothers. I stood near the gates to the Showground and got photos of each vehicle as they arrived. he began making chocolates at his home in Rutherglen. The venue was a great alternative and many positive comments were received from participants. The brewery then lay dormant for almost 50 years before continuing operation around 15 years ago. At the time the brewery was particularly popular as it was close to the booming metropolis of Wangaratta and provided freshly brewed beer which was different to that of the beer provided by other hotels in the area which relied on supplies from Melbourne. The last place we visited was Renaissance Chocolates. Neil and Robyn built a chocolate factory in 2010. an 80 year old military vehicle collector who owns the Melbourne Tank Museum. Fortunately the rain prior to the day didn’t deter people from attending. Inc. The brewery was positioned on this site due to the crystal clear water that the spring produces. Agricultural & Horticultural Society. Realising they were onto a good thing.

gutters. Hook up A trailer back under B trailer Beautiful drive out into the drive way and straighten it all up and HMMMMM this looks a bit long. etc. 4000 kms in his 1977 109 inch Land Rover. Cootamundra.50 per litre then add 10 cents per kilometre.Wash truck. So I obtained a price from a truck and trailer rental company and nearly died when I worked out the hire cost then the fuel at 2 kms per litre and around $1. So I am telling my boss about my problem so he just says straight out take my truck just put fuel in it. He was helpful. It is about now that I am beginning to think to myself why did I volunteer for this.00 each (not an option in my book). Next year it’s the ute On Saturday night we had our auction and presentation evening.3 metres from the ground thanks to officer plod from Gilgandra (I thought that when he pulled his tape out he was going to measure the length of the B double. WELL about 10. cars. We had Roy Monte as our auctioneer again this year. Peter Gough and I (Shane Hodby) heard that 2012 would be the year of the 6x6 so we both agreed that we would bring our 6x6 Studebakers down on a semi which I would beg borrow or steal as I am in the transport industry and I would drive as I have the licence EEEASY. While visiting the Army museum at Bandiana Michael Bishop and Emiel Huizer asked if I could bring their truck down. Cowra. but I now know that a front rego plate CANNOT be any higher than 1. 9. One of the great sights was to see Shane Hodby’s Mack loaded with 3 Studebakers. found an open area and all done. But at least I didn’t run that one over as it is a big sucker. water. “tomorrow is another day”. Off I go to the rental company and order a 10 pallet A section flat top and a 40 foot drop deck B trailer to be picked up on the 13th of March DONE!!!!! 12th March 2012 . inspect damage caused by some idiot a few days prior and onto Grenfell and Forbes we made it to Narrandera Sunday night then back to Boonah by 1 pm Monday. on our way by 7am. Culcairn.During the afternoon there were various vehicle activities around the town. looking at it on Sunday on the way back I think there will be some transplanting needed there OOPS. Gotta hang a left here. reload the trucks after the show no problem now I found a loading ramp next to the saleyards easy so unload the trailer tyres out of the Stude and onto the tyre racks except that my foot give way and CRUNCH onto the coaming rail with my eyebrow blood everywhere until Michael came to the rescue with band aids. no signs anywhere to say that road is closed between Forbes and West Wyalong (Must be too hard to put signs up 50 kms away). good road till we hit Canowindra. etc. Albury and there were 41 of them all now with the trademark 6 rubber trailer tyre black marks all over them… except for the one in Young. The Breakdown Award went to Kevin Burne from the Blue Mountains after he ran out of fuel in Sanger St. ETA Corowa 1pm…. Jennifer Bennie.. Many thanks to Beth and Merv Kennedy who organised the auction. With no dents.but as the saying goes. which we all did. happy and enthusiastic prior to and during the event. Hey hang on a minute who’s going to organise and drive this B double. Left at 6.5 metres don’t worry we won’t get caught so off I go to Boonah to load the 3 trucks. Saturday. The following awards were presented: Mal Mackay Memorial Award went to Neville Smith. Many participants had donated items and some of the local businesses had also contributed. Corowa. so I called the boys and told them it would work out at $1200.00 each down and back IF we could put a Jeep in the back of each truck. Oh I get it I am as I have the only Multi Combination licence between the 4 of us Ok if that’s how it has to be lets do it. Yep lets do it was the reply. That HAD a beautiful grass and rose centre piece to it. 13th March . back to Parkes and hang a right to Canowindra. scratches. so all the boys got in and we had the trucks unloaded in 1 hour and ready to enjoy the 33rd Swim-In.YOU BEAUTY. Boss says no problem its pulled a 25 metre B double before and fits in the length required by law . street signs.. He does a great job.000 people comeback with NO ITS CLOSED. Oh yeah its long over length by 2. Now that was toilet paper time but he didn’t) We all had a great time at the swim in and congratulations to all the organisers on a great job WELL DONE And would I do this all again Hmmm ………. check oils. I sat down and recounted the roundabouts from Parkes to Corowa via Canowindra.This is where the fun begins. Ok just remember this is March 2010 January 2012 . WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pull up at Parkes for Maccas. So we eventually made it to Corowa at 5pm.. arrive at Gilgandra. No problems so far . who lost her husband Jim while we were at Corowa in 2011 organised a presentation to those families where more than 2 generation attended this year’s event.. Neville recently joined KVE and when asked to do a particular part of the event reported back to the secretary within a few days to provide feedback after completing the task. OK just asked. 10hrs to do what would normally be a 4-5 hour drive. so lets do a "U" turn with this big sucker. Back thru Young. this is a certified B double route WRONG WRONG WRONG.30 pm. He would have travelled approx. No doubt there would have been a few dirty vehicles at the end of the week. So get on to the trusty UHF radio and ask the question if it is open. So trucks on and ready to go on Sunday morning. Page 6 . reported accidents or fines.45 via Rutherglen NOT Albury and up to Wagga Have you ever seen and over length B-double do a 360 degree lap around a roundabout well I took a right when I should have gone straight ahead. The Hard Luck award went to Andy McFarland who headed off from Sydney in his Chev Panel Van and the timing gear broke south of Goulburn and after many hours waiting for the NRMA they had to continue the journey in a rental car. OK just one problem here. There was a Voting form in all the participant packs and at midday the box was emptied. Shane has shared this report with me on his trip to and from Corowa: This story starts back in 2010 in Corowa at the Swim-In.. yep made that one.drive to pick up trailers. Narrow cross road. Up at 5am and after checking oil. Wagga. Hang on Pete here we go . no sounds crunching or sudden jolts. it is an 1987 Mack Superliner with a 48 inch sleeper so it makes it a fairly long truck. Can’t be any more.NO BLOODY WAY ……. Longest Distance driven in a military vehicle went to Gary Schluter from WA. There were some wonderful items actioned and thanks to person who donated the 3 Silent Soldier Figurines. Nobody wants to take up the option to put a Jeep in the back of the trucks so this is not looking good as it will end up costing us about $3000. Boys are waiting so 3 hours later Corowa 2012 here we come . Participants have a chance to nominate people for awards. fuel. so out with the tape measure. Young. 13th March. I thought long and hard about it for about 2 seconds and said why the hell not that’s easy we will just get a B double EEEASY.

We added a couple of other awards this year and the first was awarded to Bob and Paula Kenny as they had spent the longest time on the road. We had a KVE General Meeting where we discussed issues over the week and started planning for the 34th Annual GPA Swim-In. Ball Park Caravan Park. and being rescued by the “little ducklings”. and some brass shells. air controller switch for an F5 wrecker.The Encouragement Award went to Peter Kunz Junior from Sydney. Two years ago I attended with my family and although not quite as interested in the vehicles as myself. halftracks. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to apply for a Council Tourism Grant which enabled us to provide preregistered participants with promotional items such as caps. a Matilda tank commander’s spotlight. emails. GPA Jeeps. As the Khaki Vehicle Enthusiasts Committee live in different states of Australia and we now have a Committee member who lives in the UK we have had to rely mainly on our contacts in town and this has usually been the Corowa Shire. There are a number of reasons why I attend Corowa. Since leaving South Australia they had already done 6500 since 18 th January. Every year I come home with a suitcase stuffed full of treasures that I would not have been able to find anywhere else. and one memorable experience was a voyage in a Gamma Goat. I am interested in all types of military vehicles. The main one is that. They relive the experience now and again as it was all caught on film by Keith Webb. meet fellow owners. We are interested in any sponsorship as this encourages people from many areas to attend. and Corowa gives me the chance to meet and speak with people with the same interests. The Jump Shak and the Corowa Tourist Information Centre. That evening a number of us attended a dinner at the Royal Hotel. This has included such things as FWD headlights. LP2. and even get the opportunity to drive and/or ride in vehicles that often I have only ever seen in photos. A Special Encouragement Award went to Cameron Reed from Victoria for his Ford F60S Blitz which he managed to get on the road just prior to the event. The first time I drove a Bren Gun Carrier and a Halftrack was at Corowa. a two pounder carrier transfer case. coffee mugs and stickers. get the opportunity to discuss the merits or otherwise of all sorts of vehicles. This year I was happy to purchase a pair of D^D marked tyre levers. We would like to thank the many businesses who provided vouchers and donated items for our auction evening. David King’s trip home was eventful with an impromptu 2 night stay in Wagga thanks to a load of dirty/ water logged fuel (and several other cascading issues as a result) At least he didn't need a tow. a Matilda tank project. who comes every year and he now has his license. Over the years I have ridden in things such as DUKWs. Future 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016 – themes: Year of Year of Year of Year of the the the the Trailed Equipment and Year of the Armoured Vehicle WW1 and Year of the Ford Emergency Vehicle and Year of General Motors Tank and Year of the Chrysler 2 (Dodge) Report by: Jan Thompson Page 7 . The first was in 2004-Year Of The Dodge and I haven’t missed one since. being based in Darwin. a small Matilda stowage bin. I am able to put faces to names and voices that I have corresponded with via letters. Another great part of the Corowa experience is the swap meet. I always learn new things. Here is a report from Jared Archibald on why he likes attending the Swim-In: The 2012-Year Of The 6x6 is the ninth Corowa that have attended. He drove a jeep and was very happy getting towed out of boggy situations and also helped a number of people with light globes. Stuart tanks. Fortunately we now have 3 KVE members who live in the Corowa area and they have been very helpful and enthusiastic. but armour (both wheeled and tracked) is my real passion. Two Pounder). and brand new timers for limpet mines. and a number of large and small softskin vehicles. and by phone over the year. Over a week many people would spend over $1000 in the town and surrounding areas. I have a number of different carriers (LP1. my wife and daughters will never forget running aground on a log in the Murray in a “duck”. The People’s Favourite Choice Award went to John and Bill Belfield from Victoria for the combination Kaiser and Kenworth. Once again we had approximately 1000 people associated with our event. See you all in 2013! The final day of the event was Sunday. there are very few other enthusiasts in my area.

1941–1946. which was based on the R71 engine. in which a BMW 286/1 side-car would be grafted onto a Zündapp KS 750 motorcycle. and after that point BMW and Zündapp would only produce the Zündapp-BMW machine. This made the R75 highly manoeuvrable and capable of negotiating most surfaces. In 1938 development of the R75 started in response to a request from the German Army. In the 1930s BMW were producing a number of popular and highly effective motorcycles. like FN and Norton. R67 and R68. However it was quickly found necessary to design an all new OHV 750 cc engine for the R75 unit. it remained in production until the Eisenach factory was so badly damaged by Allied bombing that production ceased in 1944. Since the target of 20. manufacturing 20. Power 26 hp (19 kW). A further 98 units were assembled by the Soviets in 1946 as reparations. Preproduction models of the R75 were powered by a 750 cc side valve engine. In August 1942 Zündapp and BMW.200 units. Weight 420 kg (930 lb) Page 8 . The third side-car wheel was driven with an axle connected to the rear wheel of the motorcycle. though after a period of evaluation it became clear that the Zündapp was the superior machine.000 each year. Specifications: BMW R75. A few other motorcycle manufactures.VEHICLE OF THE MONTH BMW R75 is a World War II-era motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW. with a view of eventually creating a Zündapp-BMW hybrid (designated the BW 43).200 BMW R75's was not reached. They also agreed that the manufacture of the R75 would cease once production reached 20. provided an optional drive to sidecars. This OHV engine later proved to be the basis for subsequent post-war twin BMW engines like the R51/3. The BMW R75 and its rival the Zündapp KS 750 were both widely used by the Wehrmacht in Russia and North Africa. agreed upon standardization of parts for both machines. Engine 745 cc flat-twin (OHV). These were fitted with a locking differential and selectable road and off-road gear ratios through which all four and reverse gears worked. on the urging of the Army.

Page 9 .

and several memorial marches. at which President Benigno Aquino and death march survivors can be expected. Depending on the source. The Sandakan Death Marches in Borneo. was among the first targets of Japanese invasion. By the time the war ended. according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The number of Bataan death marchers. also known as the Day of Valor. The Bataan Death March. Ravaged by hunger and disease. the Bataan Memorial Death March takes place each year at White Sands Missile Range. had suffered through a broken back and neck and more than a dozen diseases. The numbers for the dead is also difficult to pin down Pictures and story from Ken next month Page 10 . they were forced to march 55 miles to San Fernando and then were taken by railroad to Capas. he was told after he was liberated from the POW camp that he would be lucky to make it to 50. It will be held on 25 Mar in 2012. resulted in the deaths of more than 3600 Indonesian civilian slave laborers and 2400 Allied prisoners of war. New Mexico. the Philippines. The Bataan march was one of several forced marches under Japanese captors during the WWII Pacific campaign. In the United States. from Sandakan to Ranau. Bataan Day. Tens of thousands more died in the camps while the remainder were placed on so-called hell ships and sent to labor camps until they were liberated in 1945. the 105-year-old who died in August. At the time. died recently at 105. endured both the death march and three years in a POW camp.PHILIPPINES/ UNITED STATES 9th Apr 2012 Bataan Death March . Albert Brown.000 to 100. is a national day in the Philippines when large groups of its citizens re-walk parts of the death route and pay homage to the Bataan march victims.marked on 70th anniversary Ken was absent from the meeting this month as he was in the Philippines attending this event. is remembered as an atrocity of World War II. then 40. Only 54. Observances for the 70th anniversary will include a ceremony at the national Bataan shrine. the 63-mile march forced on some 90. The rest were murdered. a US commonwealth. The four-month battle with Japanese troops engulfed Bataan and Mount Samat after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941. died on the way or escaped to the jungle.2-mile route through high desert terrain to honor the Bataan marchers. from where they walked the final 8 miles to a prison camp. The death march started out from Mariveles on the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula on 9 Apr 1942 following the surrender to the Japanese of American and Philippine troops. was nearly blind.000. the figure ranges from some 75. Other US memorial events can be expected. The march was later judged by an Allied military commission to be a Japanese war crime. More than 3000 marchers from across the nation and from overseas tackle a 26. According to his AP obituary.000 American and Philippine war prisoners by their Japanese captors. Albert Brown. The oldest survivor. Most survivors are now in their 80s. Brown.000 reached the camp.

Willing to pay good money for correct parts. Ph: Des Cowie. Bren Gun motor and gearbox.For Sale Nothing ! Wanted - Wanted. This is one special day that 'we' proud Aussie's Pay our respects to the many heroes lost fighting for our freedom and OUR Country! So who cares if some ILLEGAL immigrant that's funded by OUR taxes gets offended because of tribute we rightfully pay to OUR ANZAC's! If you’re a proud Aussie too please send this on just to remind them who's country they’re in!! From three concerned AMVCS members Page 11 .. is this bull about 'toning down' ANZAC day because it may offend immigrants in Australia? What an absolute crock of s. 0431 335 318.t! This is Australia because our forefathers fought for us... What the F..

it will explode all anti. while the sleeve is being pushed into place . When exploding. it looks like a bullet-shaped object) at one end. a nose sleeve is always pressed onto one forward end of one tube.e. tubes) . or by a non-electric blasting cap attached to a safety fuse or a time blasting fuse and fuse lighter. or around any tube in a multipletube assembly. A single loading assembly (or tube) may be used or any number of loading assemblies may be used as required . It will. Bangalore. grass. which makes extreme care necessary in any further mine clearing … The weapon consists of a group of 10 loading assemblies. but in a narrow footpath only ! It is therefore better to use it only in an emergency. M2 and M3 series . but also against anti-personnel mines and similar small obstacles. steel tubes filled with high-explosive which are either used singly. shingle. or by wrapping a minimum of 4 turns of detonating cord around the tube itself in the one-tube assembly.The tubes receive an olive drab coating while markings are yellow . its total weight is 176 lb . Torpedo. for ease in pushing the tube (or more tubes) thru obstacles (sand. 10 x connecting sleeves. In minefield breaching. which contains 10 x 5-foot steel loading assemblies or tubes. i. and detonating the cord with a delay-detonator or with an appropriately arranged blasting cap primed by a safety fuse and fuse lighter The M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo is packed in a single rectangular wooden box. and a single clip. The wooden box (final packing) has following dimensions: 64 1/8 x 13 3/8 x 7 1/8-in. also be used in bundles as substitute explosive charges in Demolition Snakes. Any number of these containers may be attached to each other endwise . The explosive contains approximately 9 lb Amatol 80/20 and TNT booster (a later postwar version i. as many of the anti-tank mines at the sides of the cleared path may be shocked into a sensitive state. The watertight sleeves are 5 feet in length and 2 1/8 inches in diameter. Detonation of a charge in a tube or all charges in a series of loading assemblies may be accomplished by a firing device with blasting cap screwed into the cap well of the tail end of a tube or the tail end of the last tube in a series . Detonation may also be achieved by an electric blasting cap with the leads connected to a source of electric current. and 1 x nose sleeve . besides being used for blasting various types of field obstructions.personnel mines and most of the anti-tank mines. The nose sleeve has a rounded point (indeed. then the rear end of the same tube is connected to the forward end of a second tube by a connecting sleeve. the Bangalore Torpedo clears a path 10 to 15 feet wide thru barbed wire . Page 12 . they are grooved and capped at each end . In assembling 2 or more tubes. Please note that the cap well at the end of the tube should be protected with tape or a wooden plug. The Bangalore Torpedo is generally used against barbed wire entanglements and various other relatively light obstructions. which holds the nose sleeve in place at the forward end of the tube . and so on until the required number of tubes are properly connected .WEAPON OF THE MONTH - M1A1 BANGALORE TORPEDO The Bangalore Torpedo is an explosive device consisting of any desired number of slim cylindrical explosive charges in metal containers (i. into which the ends of 2 tubes can fit and be held by the three spring clips . 4 inches of length at both ends of each sleeve contains TNT booster . Each end of sleeve loading assembly contains a threaded cap well to accommodate any issue firing device with a blasting cap crimped thereto . Weight of 1 section is approximately 13 pounds . and can be turned into booby traps . The connecting sleeve is a short cylindrical coupling device. M1A2 contains 9 lb composition B and composition A-3 booster) . or in series with nose sleeves (forward end) and connecting sleeves (for attachment end-to-end) . debris).e.e.


we will light up the Searchlights. but is specifically for military vehicle owners.Searchlight night at Manly 26th May 2012 North Head ( site of old Artillery museum) Searchlight display . The event will not be open to the public. The thought is that the military vehicle owners compete with the Harbour Trust volunteers to see who can start them first. say two Thursdays prior to the event to practise at the starting procedure. Those who wish to stay overnight should be aware that National Parks will close the gates on the road at 10pm and the Trust will lock the Fort gates later on. Alan Lark 0428 461 621 email. who are encouraged to come along. Warm clothes will be needed.BYO Lunch . Volunteers from the Harbour Trust have been invited to see what we are doing.Fort open for viewing Workshop planned to be opened for viewing During the afternoon we will have a BBQ set up on the display area and maybe hot soup to keep the cold out. Gardner generators and will need some assistance.com. As it gets dark enough.au Page 14 . mokingalong@optusnet. We will start the two 4cyl. For more details please contact. Anyone wishing to take up the challenge should come to Manly. One has not been officially lit since the end of WW2.


Setsuo’s body was severed with his upper torso landing intact on the deck. starting a gasoline fire at 5 inch (127 mm) Gun Mount No. The remains of the pilot's body were recovered on board the ship just aft of one of the 40 mm gun tubs.PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH . The picture below shows the moment his plane hit the railing. as follows": "Today's mission is something I have long awaited.S. Captain William M. When he was still alive. was the 19 year old Japanese Kamikaze pilot. A ceremony took place with his burial at sea. They have generously donated pictures of this pilot to a Japanese museum Page 16 . The plane continued on slicing the plane into 2 with the bomb dropping away into the sea. yet the battleship suffered only superficial damage. we manage to get along these days with our memories of our son." Setsuo Ishino’s kamikaze plane about to crash onboard the U. We would be honored to have the wartime death of our son recorded for future generations. The starboard wing of the plane was thrown far forward. They were never were notified of his fate until that day. and the fire was brought quickly under control. We went to Konoike Air Base in Ibaraki Prefecture to see him for the last time. The Captain decided that the young Japanese pilot had done his job. his willingness to die in combat and his warrior ethics. Not all of the crew agreed with that decision -the pilot was still their enemy and had tried to kill them -but the Captain's orders were respected and the following day the pilot was buried at sea with military honors. who crashed into the USS Missouri during WW2. It is lodged in one of her Quad 40mm Bofor barrels. his squadron commander suggested that we pay him a visit. 3. including his farewell poem. On 11 April 1945 Missouri opened fire on a low-flying kamikaze plane which penetrated the curtain of her shells and crashed on the starboard side just below her main deck level.S. The big dent. Missouri.Setsuo Ishino (石野節雄) Setsuo Ishino (石野節雄). Setsuo's Ishino's father had the following comment: "As the surviving members of Shiichi Ishino's family. they stated he just didn’t come back home from the war. made in the ships side by Setsuo. After the war Setsuo's family were traced. however little it known about him or his family. All that's left for me now is to crash straight on into some enemy aircraft carrier. Could have been much worse ! When his family were notified. We received a letter from him when he was stationed at Kanoya in Kagoshima Prefecture. The Machine gun from the Kamikaze aircraft that crashed aboard the US Battleship Missouri. Callahan held the service not to honor the achievements or values of the pilot but instead to pay tribute to his sense of honor. during the battle of Okinawa. to the best of his ability and with honor and that he deserved a military funeral.

Cooking Time: 25 minutes.About this recipe: Difficulty: not rated. Number of servings: 2 servings This is a vegetarian recipe Ingredients:. When brown on one side. a little salt and pepper : dripping (you may want to use lard) : a pinch of mixed herbs Making and cooking it :1. Preparation Time: 15 minutes. Then add sufficient flour and water to form a batter 3. Serve with jam if you want it as a sweet dish or. 1/3 cup water .WW2 Cooking part 3 Potato Floddies . add a pinch of mixed herbs and a dash of pepper Setsuo Ishino (石野節雄) burial at sea Page 17 . Melt a little dripping and make very hot in a frying pan 5. Season with salt and pepper 4. 2oz (60g) flour .35g rounded up in this recipe to 30g)  2 potatoes .(1 oz = 28. turn and brown the other 6. if you prefer it as a savoury. Drop the mixture into it. Scrub 2 potatoes and grate with a coarse grater over a bowl 2.

. usually suggesting that they knock off for the day whilst remaining anonymous.Refers to a small peaked cap worn by some members of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps often closely resemble those worn by the German Afrika Corps. ice block : popsicle.civilian food taken to the field to liven up the issue rations.  Jack-up .he's an INT Jedi.he didn’t put in. lollypop Juliet  Jack – To be selfish or to go it alone. A piece of equipment which hosts all three cutlery items.Refers to somebody who is generally considered a protected species and useless in the greater scheme of things.  Knuck . or Stop being jack and give us a hand.  Kip . Page 18 .  KFS .  Jellybean-dispenser – F1 sub-machine gun. Fork.com. also JOOB . The term comes from digger jack.(potentially archaic) Jack – A sailor. for example Don't jack on your mates!.A short sleep or nap. Have a drink of juvie Kilo  Kepi .comes from the industrial background of the mass armies of the world wars) . and Spoon. Also used in US military slang.A new or inexperienced soldier.going on strike (akin to a mutiny but unable to identify ring leaders . Also used to denote fighting. Derived from the jelly-bean like appearance of low velocity bullets that may be observed leaving the barrel. Going Jack.Aussie Slang continues with If you have a humorous picture that you would like to share then send in to the editor at “jeepmad16@optusnet. As in "I'm all right Jack F. let me have one of your goffas".k you" or "don't be jack.Knife.Offensive term for army camouflage used by RAN or RAAF.  Koala Bear .  Jellybean-suit .Just Out Of Basic  Juvie juice . ie "going the knuck on that guy". short for 'knucklehead'. Jedi – An adjective or noun indicating respect for a colleague's military professionalism. Nick gave us a totally Jedi briefing on the Musorian ORBAT . thought to be because they are soft and sugarcoated. Usually accompanied by the phrase "Not to be exported or shot at" was used to refer to 1st Armoured Regt. from the term Jack Tar.an action where soldiers within a group call "Knock-off!" in a high-pitched voice like a cuckoo clock. I need your help to make this magazine interesting India Icy pole. for example.  KFF .Fruit flavoured cordial... A reference to the supernatural warrior caste depicted in a well-known film series.  Jack Rations .  Knock-off Bird .Khaki Fur Felt (Hat). More official term for the Slouch Hat.au” Come on.  Jube .A fighter pilot.

com. Military historians will bring to life the Lancers rich active service history with talks at 10am (Boer War).50. Parramatta. including weapons and equipment from lances and carbines through to heavy armour. at Commonwealth Heritage listed Lancer Barracks. mainland Australia’s oldest military barracks. AUSTRALIA’S OLDEST SURVIVING AND MOST DECORATED REGIMENT Take a walk through Australia’s military history. TIME: 9am to 4pm LOCATION: Lancer Barracks.au Page 19 . View items never previously on public display from the Museum’s State Heritage listed collection. 2 Smith St. ENTRY: Adults $7. Onsite parking available. Remember if you have Historic plates. family (2 adults & 2 children) $15 For further information.NSW LANCERS MUSEUM International Heritage Day Event Sunday 29th April 2012 Here is an opportunity for you to get your Military Vehicle out for a drive. such as a WW2 Matilda Infantry tank and a 50 ton Centurion Main Battle tank. noon (WW1 – Gallipoli. from the Boer War. you will have to contact the Club Plate Registrar FROM THE BOER WAR TO NEW GUINEA AND BORNEO WITH THE NSW LANCERS. SAUSAGE SIZZLE AND LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE. Sinai and Palestine) and 2pm (WW2 – New Guinea and Balikpapan). Adjacent to Parramatta railway station. Gallipoli and the Desert Mounted Corps through to the SW Pacific in WW2. contact Steve Dietmann on 0427 067305 or email luckytruckie@yahoo. children and concession $5.

Steam & Kero Field Day National Motoring Heritage Day Blacktown Parade .organisers insist on knowing numbers.. Rosehill Gardens Oil.must be registered) Then head on over to Manly Manly Spot light days Campbelltown Steam & Machinery Museum 9am form up. Glenn C . April No vehicle listing June Warren Brown Kevin Burn June Peter Hart Bruce McCann Ray Kickert May No vehicle listing Glenn Cairncross Page 20 . Annual Inspection now due for the following. a site cost $20.MANOEUVRES FOR 2012 Month April Date 21-22 22nd Iron fest Lithgow Event Notes Coordinator 39th Annual Gen Meeting .Mulgoa Road Ashfield RSL March At Penrith Panthers 5 Jeeps already registered contact Steven Dietmann on 0427 067305 $5 per vehicle . If you want to trade.30. Clarendon No Camping Burwood Park John O Individuals to apply From the dear “Honorable Doctor” Lawrie …. July 1st Blacktown swap-meet 7-8th August Sept October TBA 16th TBA Hawkesbury Model Show Eastern Creek Burwood Spring Festival Newington Armory Racecourse Road. Please make a booking with the “Doctor” on 02 4578 1531.000 crowd expected (no just turning up on the day .please contact Glenn C on 0408 803 587 for registration 26/27th Massive turn out ordered to be held at Fairfield Showground.need numbers Contact Glen C on 0408 803 587 John O 29th Lancers Museum special event May 6th 17-19th 19-20th 20th 26th Wings Over Illawarra Trucks on show. Parade 11am Vehicles needed .

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