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VOL. 51 NO.

15 March 18, 2008

Who did you vote for the President? Why?
“Since I am “I voted for “I did not
one of the Mark Bais vote last
KAUSAP because I Friday
members, find him because I
I voted for responsible was afraid
Ledesma for I truly believe that he and I think he fits in the that our next president might be
can lead well the students of this position. That’s it.” involved in graft and corruption.”
- Frances Dawn Montoya, BEEN3A - James Desnacido CO2E
- Andrew Lagtapon, BN1
“I voted “I voted for
“I voted for for Joven Bais because
Bais because Ledesma. I feel that
I believe that First of all, I he is a good
he is a good believe in the leader.”
- Isabel de Leon
leader.” leadership of KAUSAP and how
- Ghia Pamela Potestad, BE2
they mold the students. I know
that he’s responsible enough of “I was not
“I voted for leading Lasallians.” able to vote
Ledesma - Althea Gay COHM2A last Friday
because I because we
believe in his “I never had our
leadership voted hospital exposure.”
- Kathryn Anne Talon BN2D
skills. I can confidently say that because I
he can manage our University have so many
Student Government well this research “Mark!
S.Y. 2008-2009.” papers to tackle and I don’t even Why?
- Juan Paolo Serame, BN4K Because he
care about the election.”
- Andrew Matulac BN1F deserves it.
“As Klasmeyt ko
KAUSAP “I voted for siya sang una mo…”
- Nadrev Jereza ENEC5
supporter, Mark Bais
I voted because I
for Joven think he has Voters’ turn out
Ledesma for I believe in the potential TOTAL POPULATION: 8963
KAUSAP in molding students for to rule the student government.” NUMBER OF VOTERS: 2958
- Kim Jarloc CO2
- Cristy A. Somo, BSMT3B
“I was not
“I voted for able to vote 33%
Bais Because last election LASALLIANS DECIDE 2008:
of his good because
platforms I was not 67% The Spectrum General Elections Special
and I feeling well. But I know that all
believe in his leadership towards of them are good leaders and Controversies storm General Elections * COMELEC admits mistake, says sorry
I won the election – Bais, Ledesma * University Student Government Official Results
Lasallian students.” really has potentials.” Lasallians Speak: Who did you vote for President? Why?
- Paolo Castandiello, CO2E - Jeanie Marie Pampliega, COHM2A

Controversies storm General Elections

COMELEC admits mistakes, says sorry
By Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso The issue started when
and Neslie Faith V. Sianson COMELEC officials corrected
their admitted error on the entry
The protest of the Sectoral Action of two data in the College of Arts
Group for Empowered Students and Sciences Election Return
(SAGES) in the “strongest terms (ER).
possible on attempts to alter, tamper, At first, the votes of Claire
and exchange the official and duly Bird and Joven Ledesma were
signed Election Returns” was just interchanged in the CAS ER,
among the many controversies giving Ledesma a total of 1,206
that stormed the 2008 University votes, Bird with 245 and Bais with
Student Government General 1,216.
Elections held last March 7. Before it was corrected,
Incumbent USG President both parties’ representatives
Amy Grace Gargar revealed affixed their signatures making
that SAGES Secretary General the CAS Election Return valid
Regelmarie Abelarde wrote a letter for canvassing, in which Bais
addressed to Dean of Student was ahead of Ledesma by 10
Affairs Roger Marapo last March votes.
11. KAUSAP representative Mary
The letter was a prelude to Joy Castor later noticed that CAS
SAGES’ plans on filing a protest ER did not coincide with their
“regarding the conduct of the own tally and discovered that the
[last] elections.” votes of Ledesma and Bird were
Student Activities Coordinator actually interchanged.
Lormi Rio’s alleged involvement Castor reported the matter
in the resolution of election to COMELEC and she received
matters was also mentioned in an immediate action. The
GREEN VOTE. The University Student Government Elections are stormed with controversies.
the letter. COMELEC Commissioners
“We also protest the contacted their Chairman Ma. it was an error committed by On the Conduct of Elections candidates. All of these were attributed by
involvement of SAC [Student Concepcion Mascuñana, who COMELEC due to lack of Rumors spread out about the “It was the fault of the COMELEC to lack of manpower.
Activities Coordinator] Ms. was at that time absent, about the manpower. alleged violations of COMELEC candidates themselves. They Mascuñana in an interview
Lormi Rio in [the said] election error. Mascuñana authorized them “It was an honest mistake on against the Omnibus Election know it was going to be the said that they admit their
mess. We would like to point to change the results for President the part of these students who Code. voting area, they still did mistakes and shortcomings and
out that the office of the SAC has in the CAS ER to “stick with the volunteered for COMELEC. One was COMELEC’s failure not remove their posters,” they apologize for the delayed
no jurisdiction over the student truth.” It was not malicious and their to start on time. Mascuñana said. results.
elections,” Abelarde said in the Both parties’ representatives only intention was to reflect the The Omnibus Election Code Students also complain about COMELEC however
letter asking Marapo to inhibit affix their signatures again to truth in the tally that is why they states the election should start the setting of the polling areas rejects any call for failure of
Rio from any involvement on the revalidate the ER. There were corrected the erroneous data that 9am. having seats with no tables, elections.
matter. no signatures near the corrected were earlier written in the ER,” Polling precincts opened at arranged closely together that “There was no failure of elec-
Rio denied allegations of figures. Marapo said. around 9:45am, says COMELEC almost “disregarded the value of tions,” Commissioner Kristoffer
involvement. The corrected ER will make The story goes on until SAGES due to lack of manpower. secrecy.” Niño Ballenas said.
“I don’t influence the decision Ledesma the winner of the filed a case before the Student Another alleged violation was Some students also The Commissioner added that
of the COMELEC. They have presidential race. Court stressing the lack of due the polling precinct of the College noted COMELEC’s lack of in the next election, they will try
minds of their own,” Rio said. Meanwhile, Dean of Student process. of Education being so near to knowledge about the election to automate the voting process to
The Root Affairs Roger Marapo said that campaign materials of some rules. avoid similar problems.

I won the election—Bais, Ledesma

Presidential candidates Mark Bais Ledesma meanwhile said every- (SG)” Ledesma said. did in the CAS Election Return.
and Joven Ledesma both claimed one should wait for the decision of The KAUSAP Presidential COMELEC Chairperson
they won the presidential election the COMELEC but asserted he Candidate added that no matter Ma. Concepcion Mascuñana
held last March 7. won the elections. what, he will fight for the votes is still waiting for the Tempo-
“I won the election and I based “I believe I won. But since the rendered to him by the majority of rary Restraining Order (TRO)
that claim primarily on the pro- final statement will be from the the students claiming it is also one imposed by the Student Court to
visions of the Omnibus Election COMELEC, then let’s wait for way of fighting for student rights. be lifted before they can proclaim
Code and considering the state- their decision. But personally I COMELEC said in an unoffi- Ledesma as the legitimate winner
ments of persons who know what believe I won and I know a lot of cial statement that Ledesma won of the presidential race.
is legal and who believe in the rule students believe in my potential the race by 67 votes ahead of Bais Mascuñana said they will side
of law,” Bais said. to run the Student Government considering the corrections they with the truth no matter what.
Ledesma Bais

The Spectrum hosts Presidential Debate

By Arthur Jason Javellana leadership seminars and trainings me to apply all my learning’s continued as some spectators
attended. from the various trainings and raised questions directed to the
Three presidential candidates Ledesma wants to apply his seminars that I have attended” three candidates.
faced off during a debate hosted learning’s in the university to Ledesma said. One question raised by
by The Spectrum last March 4 at be involved as well as to grow Bais on the other had STRIKE the audience is the issue on
Café De La Salle. maturely. which stands for Student Rights, transvestites.
Independent candidate Claire Bais meanwhile stressed his Trustful service, Rule of Law, Bais believed that if you give
Bird, KAUSAP’s Joven Ledesma being a Political Science major Information Dissemination, them respect they will pay you in
and SAGES’ Mark Bais showed who has served in the Senate. Keen observation, and kind.
up to draw their differences in Bais also is a member of the Experience. Bird said it is a matter of
terms of policies, opinions and Ayala Young Leaders Alliance or Bais believes in “First freedom of expression while for
manner. AYLA and co-founder of Batang among Equal” which states that Ledesma it is just a matter of
Discussions include platforms, Negros. someone is task to embody the respect.
advantage over the other He said his number one priority majority to formulate, carry University offices have praised
presidential candidates, activities is to protect student rights. out and express the will of the the efforts of The Spectrum in
that the candidates are looking Claire Bird is majoring in majority. holding the event.
forward to initiate, among BS Biology and has experienced The candidates were asked Editor-in-Chief Jepoi
others. her own share of student- on their advantage over the other Sistoso however claimed that
Other topics involve defending administration politics during her candidates. the audience members had the
student rights, reaction to stay. Bird said age and life tendency to debate more with
university travesties, promoting She believes information experience would make her the the candidates.
information dissemination, dissemination is her top better president. The purpose of the debate was
Clean As You Go Policy and priority. For Bais it is time management to have candidates debate against
administration policies they wish When asked on their respective over Ledesma, a Nursing major one another according to the
to change. platforms, Ledesma considers and age over Bird since the former Editor.
Ledesma mentioned some his experience as a BALAYAN can relate to constituents in his age He said the debate was good
of his achievements including volunteer and Nursing Senator group. enough for a first time.
his being a representative of the as a backgrounder to him. “My Ledesma’s edge is sense of The Spectrum has decided
University to various activities experience is an edge for me to understanding and knowledge to host the presidential debate
such as the National Symposium create changes and if given the in handling and disciplining for students to know their
of Young Lasallians (NSYL), opportunity to serve the USG, people. candidates three days before
being a Balayan Volunteer, and it would be a greater venue for The proceedings of the debate Election Day.

Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Philippines 6100 * Volume 51 Number 15
Rule of law must prevail - SAGES Stand by the truth - KAUSAP
On March 9, 2008, the Board of Election Inspectors changed the duly signed Election Return Last March 9, 2008, during the counting, one of our watchers learned that the Election Return from the
containing the votes for the College of Arts and Sciences based solely on the undue and unlawful CAS Precinct is erroneous—the votes of Ledesma and Bird were interchanged. This was brought to the
pressure, influence, and insistence of KAUSAP. This alteration was done in violation of duly attention of the COMELEC commissioners and they too attested that it was erroneous; they consulted
established rules and procedures as provided for by the Omnibus Election Code and without the the COMELEC chairman, who also attested that the tally was not correct and so requested one of them
notice to SAGES. The alteration, had it been granted, would gravely affect the results of the Election to correct the ER. They explained to us that having been awake for nearly 24 hours they very tired and
in favor of KAUSAP. sleepy while writing the tally in the ER and committed the error by mistake. Unfortunately, at that time,
Mr. Jojo Bayona, OSA Representative, noticed the alteration and informed the BEI that such our watchers signed the ER before the tally was erroneously put in. When the correction was being done,
change was contrary to the Omnibus Election Code, as that law provides that any student party could watchers from the other party claimed that altering the ER was against the Omnibus Election code.
contest an ER but only within 48 hours after the conduct of an election and only through a formal Joven Ledesma won the presidential election. That is the truth and even COMELEC attests to
written petition (Section 88). that. But if the erroneous CAS ER will not be corrected, then Joven Ledesma loses by around 10
the election returns is QUESTIONABLE ACT. The ACT of the BEI in following KAUSAP and We point out that there was fault on the part of the COMELEC and the watchers of both parties
changing the election return BEHIND OUR BACK is a GRAVE BETRAYAL of the students’ trust for signing the ER before the tally was reflected therein. We understand that some people contend
and MAKES A MOCKERY of our Election Law. that correcting the erroneous ER would be denying the candidates procedural due process. These are
THESE ACTS OF DISHONESTY AND DECEIT ARE HEINOUS AND CONDEMNABLE. just mere technicalities. A greater injustice would result if we were NOT to correct the ER, as this
IT SHOULD NEVER BE TOLERATED BY THE LA SALLIAN COMMUNITY AT LARGE. would lead to impeding the voice of the students and their right to suffrage. If we do NOT allow the
We, the members of SAGES, faithfully stand true to our ideals in promoting students rights and correction of this error, we would be putting into office the candidate who did not get the plurality
upholding the rule of law. In our service to the students and to the La Sallian community in defending votes. “Vox populi vox dei”, it means the voice of the people is the voice of God.
and seeking for truth and justice, we have been maligned, pressured, ridiculed, and harassed. Despite We have come across a blog on the internet and heard from friends about accusations that
these condemnations, we strive and persevere to defend the rights of the students to peaceful and KAUSAP cheated the elections, that we tampered votes, and that we paid the COMELEC. We have
honest elections. We stand firmly on righteousness and the rule of law. done no such things. We also have reports that there are faculty members who announce in their class
We have filed a petition in COMELEC for the immediate proclamation of Mr. Bais as the winner that Mark Bais won as president, when in fact no election results were yet announced regarding the
of the last presidential race based on the duly signed authentic untampered official election returns last presidential race. We feel that these are all tactics of some students and teachers to plant malice in
Friday, March 14, 2008. the minds of students. We feel that it is sad that some people would resort to dishonesty in order to
We challenge the Lasallian Community to ask itself: Should we allow the disregard of our laws? protect their political interests.
Should we allow ourselves to be led by a leader whose claim to victory is not through the voice of the We urge the Student Court, the COMELEC, and all the students to stand by the TRUTH! For
students but through fraud as engineered by a political party? Should we do nothing despite what we 25 years, we have consistently provided the students with servant leaders. Today we continue to
know? serve with a purpose and lead with a vision. We stand for an HONEST and responsive leadership, to
NO! WE CAN DO SOMETHING. protect the students’ rights, promote their voice, and preserve their power.
In Unity and Service,
- Sectoral Action Group for Empowered Students KAUSAP

I am the legitimate President - Bais Automated Elections?

theSpectrum: Do you accept the our student-electorates. The will of the government policies. These were the
truth that they’re telling, that Ledesma students is not a matter for compromise issues I planned to address when I get Hi there mortals! I’m back… I’m sure you missed me sooo much. Where have I
got more votes than you? but a mandate that as student leaders elected. This election controversy has been? Secret! I won’t tell you unless you tell me the truth! What truth? Hahaha.
BAIS: The question presupposes that we should learn to accept, whatever our been the first test of my convictions and The truth about the election.
the other party’s presidential candidate prejudices.” my resolve to champion students’ rights Is it true that you guys there at CAS do not have desks or writing tables for
obtained more votes than me. This is theSpectrum: Are you hoping that and echo the students’ voice.” the voters? Eeeew. Are we poor na? And how about the alleged incompetency of
declaration of truth is self-serving and COMELEC will proclaim you the theSpectrum: What will you do on
should be ignored. As rational people, we winner? day 1?
should look to unbiased facts. What are BAIS: “That is indeed my hope and BAIS: “On my first day as your Sugar Says “Ay butangan pa ni
the legal and factual bases? the hope of our party. It is one that is President, I plan to hold a dialogue
Mine? I base my plurality votes bolstered by the statutory authority of our with our Bro. President, Ray Suplido gali thumb mark?” ang
on the original returns submitted, the
same returns prepared in the legitimate
Omnibus Election Code and emanating
from the principles of justice and fair play
and lay down the reforms I wish for my
administration in order to effectively
drama sang lola mo
and regular course of election process, our government should strive to perfect. serve our body-politic, with the aid of COMELEC volunteer.
done in public and accessible to those Should COMELEC look to our laws, the university on our side. It will be a
who wish to witness our democracy in the very laws they swore to safeguard, free discussion and exchange of ideas. It
the COMELEC people? Hmmm… I was making rampa in one of the voting
action. This return is a public document, they shall see that their course of action is always prudent to hear from those who
precincts and this girl was ngarag because she forgot what to do. “Ay butangan pa
authenticated and the veracity of which is clear and has been clear from the time have come before us and see what we can
ni gali thumb mark?” ang drama ng lola COMELEC volunteer.
attested to by the signature of KAUSAP, they have received that original and learn from their experiences.”
So the sad ending was the others who voted first failed to put their thumb
the Commission on Election and the authentic return and saw the unequivocal theSpectrum: Now, what are you
SAGES. This is my basis, the original, will of my constituents. Their course of fighting for?
Overall, the election was so chaka. Ok, so I voted, as in… So many things went
authentic and untampered election action has been paved for them by our BAIS: “As the Chief Executive of our
so wrong. The process started late. There was no place to sit (Did COMELEC
return, bearing the sovereign voice of my laws and they leave no room for political student government, I will ensure that
consider the floor as part of the seating?) and if I could find one, I sat so close to
student-electorates.” considerations.” this government is for the students. I shall
my seatmates that I could copy off their ballots like I would on examination day.
What is KAUSAP’s basis for truth? theSpectrum: If you are proclaimed see that their interests are reflected in our
Ano answer mo sa number one girl? Ay! Isli na… Sala answer mo.. It’s nice when
They base it upon the same election return, as the winner, are you ready on day 1? legislation and their will executed in our
we help each other noh?
only upon subsequent alteration done by BAIS: “Yes. I never go into battle programs. This will entail a lot of surveys
Anyway, I have to bid farewell to all of you until next school year as I am off to
one member of the COMELEC upon unprepared. My platform and agenda from our students in order that their
party and flaunt my beauty in Bora for the Summer. Want to come along? Sure, sure,
the order of KAUSAP, behind the closed has always been for the protection will is carried out in my administration.
just make sure you’re not chaka and you leave your ka-echosan at home.
doors of their private offices, uninviting and promotion of students’ rights I plan to start with a clean slate and to
Maricon! Swim ta ya girl. Next time automated na kuno ang election… so
to the inspection of the public. and movement of government action ensure that my policies are tailored to
dontcha worry.
Now, Do I accept the truth? Their pursuant to those rights. These were the their current needs and sustained in the
version, I do not accept, nor should issues I saw unreflected in our student policies of our future student leaders.”

KAUSAP’s Ledesma ready on day one,
expresses willingness to appoint Bais
Lasallians Decide 2008 VOL. 51 NO. 15 MARCH 18, 2008
By Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso
With Reports from Neslie Faith V.
readiness to accept responsibility
on day one of his presidency, if
ever proclaimed.
fight for his votes and win the
Presidential Seat.
He also said if Mark Bais,
I will start my presidency with “I have already prepared presidential candidate of SAGES,
a convention of the new set of myself to whatever outcome and permits to be under his cabinet then
Editor-in-Chief Manuel Jeffrey O. Sistoso
SG leaders to know one another I am expecting the worst thing he would be willing to include him.
Managing Editor Arjay D. Solitario
deeper so that it will be easy to to happen. With that, it gives me “I believe Mark has the
Reports Chief Neslie Faith V. Sianson
Layout Editor Timothy A. Escopete work for the next school year and the confidence to win. I know I potential in leading the SG and
Asst. Graphics Editor Jumpee P. Tipon the planning will soon follow. prepared well for the Elections if he’s willing to serve the SG,
This was the response of with the help of the Almighty positions will not matter but the
Newspaper Writers Photojournalists Presidential Candidate Joven God,” Ledesma added. desire to be a servant leader,”
Arthur Jason I. Javellana Hector Gregory A. Benedicto Ledesma when asked about his Ledesma commits himself to Ledesma concluded.
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Official Student Publication of the University of St. La Salle * USLS Coliseum Ground Floor, La Salle Ave., Bacolod City, Philippines 6100 * Volume 51 Number 15
MARCH 18, 2008
Lasallians Decide ‘08 THE SPECTRUM MARCH 18, 2008
Results for President
Unofficial as of March 14, 2008
University Student Government
General Elections 2008 Official Results
as of March 14, 2008 GOVERNOR: SECRETARY: 2nd YEAR BATCH REP:
Maravilla 369 Fernandez 271 Felix 92

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Paleromo 153 Buendia 109



Arcamo 236 Parohinog 163 2ND YEAR BATCH REP:
1000 Canong 139 Eudela 106 SENATORS:
Chua 447 TREASURER: Abelarde 157
Montelibano 370 Villanueva 212 3RD YEAR BATCH REP: Arellano 189
Vinson 447 Nabor 214 Garcia 69 Antolo 183
800 Morancil 179
Cervantes 485 Libo-on 217 OF NURSING Gallena 139
Frias 186 Vega 214 Planas 133
Cunanan 399 Delgado 81 Bilbao 296 Decinal 161
Villa 264 Nietes 59 Cannonizado 122 Guilaran 58
400 Jaro 308 Lipa 137

Fajardo 277 Aquino 43 Sales 193 VICE GOVERNOR:

Garcia 328 Enchero 29 Sarcauga 151 Dumaap 147

200 Servano 318 Indoma 119


Ramirez 203 Olila 85 GOVERNOR:

Rojo 361 Parreño 510 SECRETARY:
5th YEAR BATCH REP: Yap 203 Villeran 290
PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES Ledesma 79 Basal 242 Oquendo 100
First result without correction Second result with correction
Grano 154 Treasurer: 2ND YEAR BATCH REP:
SENATORS: Gorosin 286 Estrella 60
4TH YEAR BATCH REP: Jochico 316 Ventura 284 Montanio 43
BOBE SAPIAN DELA CRUZ SILAGPO Magbanua 148 Masa 318 Rosale 84
COLLEGE Masadia 154 Nicdao 289
4th YEAR BATCH REP: Cañon 89
1041 SENATORS: GOVERNOR: Say 104 Julagay 18
1501 1400 Alipin
Lagunday 389 Zamora 82
Padios 182 Miguel 292 Lanes 66 Source:
Villaceran 249 Serran 133 Pico 196 Commission on Elections