<i><b>FADE BACK FROM COMMERCIAL</b></i> <i>My, my! Hasn’t this just been an eventful… event!

Time for the TV title match. Let’s have J.R. and Lawler say what would be much easier saying in narrative form.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> This match has had quite an historic buildup to it, hasn’t it, King? <b>Lawler:</b> Uh.. no? Fox and Dazza have only been mad at each other for the past two weeks. What are you talking about, J.R.? <B>J.R.:</B> Well, it’s seemed like it’s been a long time… It’s just been so.. so long…. <b>Lawler:</b> ….Uh……. <B>J.R.:</B> *Sigh* <b>Lawler:</b> ………….I really hope someone makes an entrance right about now – <i>Consider yourself lucky, Jerry! Here comes an entrance!</i>
<I>All of the lights in the [ENTER ARENA HERE] go off as a steady rhythm takes place. Just as the guitar riffs before the singing start, yellow pyro explodes all around the entrance to the ramp. When it fades, a man with a hood over his face is seen standing in the after-smoke</i> <B>Do you remember me You can't see the things That make me who I am You'll never understand</b> <I>The man throws back his hood and raises his arms up, setting off fireworks leading down the ramp.. He walks forwards onto the ramp, as slow as the Undertaker.</i> <B>Howard Finkel:</b> Making his way to the ring... weighing in at 230 pounds... from Southampton, England... DAAAAAZZZZZAAA!!! <B>And I gotta keep moving, you're living off my sweat Moving, the devil's on my back And these are the days that I dreamed about And you're always there to remind me</b> <i>Dazza walks down the ramp, slapping a few hands. When he reaches the end, he bends down slightly, preparing to run.</i> <B>You're my enemy All that we had has gone away There are times that fade away But you'll still be my enemy</B> <I>Dazza breaks off into a sprint, and runs into the ring. He jumps up onto the nearest turnbuckle and pulls off his jacket. He lobs in into the crowd, and maintains a steady balance on the top rope.</I> <B>The friend you had in me

You turned on so easily I'm sad to see you go At least now I know</B> <I>Dazza excecutes a perfect backflip off the top rope, landing on his feet, setting off smoke all around the ring. It rises so the ring is unviewable. When the smoke clears, Dazza performs a perfect moonwalk to his corner, waiting for his opponent as the music fades...</I> <B>And I see clearly now You tried to bleed me And I see clearly now You tried to feed on me</b>

<b>Lawler:</b> I hate this kid. Why doesn’t he just give up and realize that Red Fox owns him? <B>J.R.:</B> Because government mule. <b>Lawler:</b> …What? <B>J.R.:</B> Government… mule. <b>Lawler:</b> Cut it out. <B>J.R.:</B> GOVERNMENT! MMMMMULE! <b>Lawler:</b> ……. <i>Great heck, do I hate announcers. Red Fox enters, but I don’t know how. Hell, I don’t even know what her music is. Hell of hells, I don’t even know if she even has music. But she enters the ring, all the same, and…uh…. Here we go.</i> <b><i>Ding ding ding!</i></b> <i>The two circle around each other, each keeping their distance from the other. Their eyes are dead set on each other, as they’re in that ready-but-not-yet-ready-to-fight stance (I believe it’s called “wrestling stance?”). They circle around the ring’s perimeter (note that I said “perimeter,” and not “parameter,” like some of you illiterate scripters might think (not that I’m actually thinking about anyone in particular (holy cow! Parentheses within parentheses within parentheses (just like a complicated equation (on a calculator (of course!))))) -3x). Finally, they grow some balls (take that as you will …. +3y), and quickly approach each other in the center of the ring – and the grapple begins! Gosh, are these exciting.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> They lock horns! <b>Lawler:</b> How is that I lucked out and am being portrayed as the rational one in this match?

<B>J.R.:</B> b/c u touch urslf @ nite roofle <b>Lawler:</b> GAH. <B>J.R.:</B> Say, how is it that Miko was able to just spend almost half a page talking about how these two competitors of fierce competitive competition just circled each other and are now grappling? <b>Lawler:</b> Miko? The wrestler? What the hell are you talking about? <B>J.R.:</B> No no, not the wrestler. The guy. <b>Lawler:</b> You mean the wrestler is a female? <B>J.R.:</B> No… wait, what? <b>Lawler:</b> Huh? <B>J.R.:</B> What? <b>Lawler:</b> Huh? <B>J.R.:</B> What? <b>Lawler:</b> ………………. <B>J.R.:</B> Pass the barbecue sauce. <b>Lawler:</b> Pass the cyanide. <B>J.R.:</B> The grapple is finally over! Fox has Dazza in a headlock! <b>Lawler:</b> Yikes! And, as we all know, that’s a wrestling move. Those supposedly hurt. <B>J.R.:</B> Wouldn’t you know? You used to be a wrestler. <b>Lawler:</b> Are you calling me female? <B>J.R.:</B> …………….. <i>Indeed, Fox has Dazza in a headlock. It’s no big deal – I mean, it’s just a headlock… but conversely, it’s still a headlock! Those hurt!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> See what I mean?

<B>J.R.:</B> Right, but Miko knows that they hurt because he’s a wrestler! <b>Lawler:</b> I thought you said he was just a real guy. <B>J.R.:</B> …What the hell…? <i>Fox keeps applying pressure with the headlock. Holy hell, that actually is one heck of a headlock (you know what’s funny about that? If you take the “adlo” out of the word “headlock,” you get the word “heck” – and I called it one heck of a headlock! I’m so ****ing clever.). Dazza’s arms flail from side to side as time wears on. His face is turning bright purple! I mean, green! I mean, bright brown (what the hell is “bright brown,” anyway? That’s not a color. Try picturing it, I dare you.)! Eventually, Dazza’s lungs start giving way, and his fighting quickly eases off. His arms slow their movement, his legs start shaking, and…. BAM! Dazza falls to one knee! How in the hell can a headlock be this devastating? Remind me never to get into a fight with Red Fox. Dazza’s arms both fall limp. The ref picks up an arm…</i> <b>Ref: 1!</b> <i>…and it falls back down. He picks up the arm again…</i> <b>Ref: 2!</b> <i>….and it falls down again.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> This could be it! Finish him, Fox! <i>The ref picks up the arm one last time.</i> <b>Ref: …Thrrrrrrrrrre----</b> <i>The arm stays in the air! Dazza’s still in this thing!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Oh, thank the powers! <b>Lawler:</b> First of all, J.R., you’re not a pirate. Secondly, why the hell do you care if Dazza’s still in? <B>J.R.:</B> I don’t. I’m happy because I just felt my gallstone finish passing. That was a painful three hours… <b>Lawler:</b> …Errr…. Dazza’s fighting back again! Dammit! <i>With his arms revving back up again, Dazza pushes, pushes, pushes… back up to his feet! His arms are going wild! What’s Fox gonna do when Dazza’s arms run wild on h----

eh, never mind. Dazza pulls his arms forward… and force their way back, elbowing Fox in the gut! If Fox was the speaking type, she’d probably have said “Ooof!” On the other hand, if she was like most people, she also would’ve let go… BUT SHE DIDN’T!!!! Fox holds onto the headlock. Sucks to be Dazza. BURN</i> <b>Lawler:</b> I concur. <i>Word. Dazza tries again, firing the elbow… and again, to no avail. Fox keeps holding on. And she KEEPS holding on, even when he starts going rapid-fire with his elbow. It’s like “Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh!” I mean, that’s what the elbows are like. Like, he does it that fast. Know what I mean? Chyeah.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Dazza’s out of luck, it seems. He just can’t seem to get out of this headlock. <b>Lawler:</b> BURN x2 <i>Dazza’s arms start flailing again, and he starts scraping at her in any way he can. His hands go all over her arms and stuff… Kind of like an inverted rape, or something. Eventually, his hand darts up, and tugs at the sash covering Fox’s eyes! YIKES CHARACTER PLOT POINT SPOILERS THIS IS NO GOOD NO GOOD AT ALL--</i> <b>Lawler:</b> That’s cheating! He’s trying to pull off her sash! <B>J.R.:</B> Better than pulling off her puppies.. <b>Lawler:</b> What the..? We definitely switched roles on that last exchange, J.R. <B>J.R.:</B> So the pattern seems. <i>Fox, sensing the end of her world closing in around her, pulls back, lets go, and grabs her sash. Her identity is safe! But she’s not! Right as she re-adjusts the sash, Dazza toe kicks Fox in the gut! Dazza lifts his opponent up over his shoulders, like he’s going to do an Alabama
slam.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> What--! No way!! <i>Dazza shouts to the crowd. Use your imagination on this one, because it’s probably something stupid anyway. Something along the lines of, “I’M A-BEAT YO’ ASS!” or “MY SCROTUM ITCHES!” He lowers Fox further over his shoulders. Dazza keeps on lowering her until her face is near his ass, and her knees over his shoulders. How strangely erotic… Dazza crashes down onto his ass, and Fox’s head crashes down onto the mat!</i>

<B>J.R.:</B> Diabolical driver!! Dazza just nailed the Diabolical Driver out of nowhere!!! <i>Dazza hooks the leg! The crowd is going nuts!</i>

<b>J.R:</b> THIS COULD BE IT!! MAH GAWD!!@~!!ELEVENTY <b>Ref: …1! …..2! …..Thr---</b> <i>FOX KICKS OUT!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> *Phew!* That was a close one! <B>J.R.:</B> Dammit! He almost had her! <b>Lawler:</b> Well, J.R., I can handle the technical aspects of what went wrong here. After all, I AM a former wrestler… <B>J.R.:</B> I thought you were denying that? <b>Lawler:</b> Shut it. Obviously, it’s far too early in the match for Dazza to even think about finishing it just like that. <B>J.R.:</B> Well, that may be true, but he’s definitely done a good bit of damage to Red Fox with that one singular move! <b>Lawler:</b> “Single,” J.R., “One single move.” Learn to speak English. <B>J.R.:</B> Learn to…uh….. drink……. Milk. <b>Lawler:</b> …………. <B>J.R.:</B> …Just watch the match. <i>Dazza, ever the optimist, catches his breath for a second. Grabbing Fox by the hair, Dazza gets into position and whips her into the ropes. Upon the return, instead of Dazza hitting a sweet move(!), Fox slides underneath Dazza's legs! Evasive maneuvers to the max! Before Dazza can turn around, Fox locks Dazza from behind into a Reverse DDT position! Fox pulls Dazza’s head down into her “modified backbreaker,” (Cole, 397) but as soon as she starts pulling on his head, he easily slides his head down out of the position and escapes from the move. A cocky grin can be seen on his face.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Such style! Such grace! <b>Lawler:</b> Such indigestion!

<i>Unfortunately for Dazza, the position he lands in has him open to the move again. So, guess what happens! Fox locks his head again! Going for the backbreaker, Dazza again pulls his head out with ease! Fox locks again! Dazza escapes again! That’s three times! WTF!?</i> <b>Lawler:</b> I agree with the narrator! He just escaped from the same move three times a row!! <B>J.R.:</B> Effortlessly, King. That’s the key – effortlessly! <i>Dazza’s real hyped up now. Filled with excitement, he starts bobbing his head like the pompous jackass he is (Not that I’m biased, of course… I mean, he’s just trying to play up to the fans, right? That’s cool). Fox is pissed. This seems to be a cycle for these two. She always gets pissed at Dazza for doing his thing. I suppose it makes sense. They do have rather conflicting personalities…</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Whoa! Red Fox is wailing away on Dazza! <i>While I was rambling in the last paragraph, Fox started going nuts on Dazza with rights, lefts, and kicks! A physical rumble goes down on the poor guy! There’s no way he’s getting out of this one. She’s just going ape! APE, I SAY!</i> <b>Punch punch punch punch kick kick punch punch punch punch punch punch kick kick kick kick punch punch punch punch punch!</b> <i>Dazza keeps getting shoved all around the ring. He’s just getting nailed smack-dab with every single shot. That blows, man. I mean, that REALLY blows.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> This could go on for a while. <B>J.R.:</B> …It HAS been going on for a while, King. Pay attention. <b>Lawler:</b> ..Wha..? What now? <B>J.R.:</B> I want a new partner. <i>In the midst of the massacre, Fox goes for right-footed toe kick to Dazza’s gut – but Dazza intercepts the boot! This could be the turn-around he needs!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Aww snap! <i>Powering up (I know, I know, but I had to say it..), Dazza pushes Fox’s foot away, spinning her around 360 degrees… and on the return, Dazza hops up and grabs her head!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> No! Not the DKO!

<i>Dazza tries slamming her face down to the mat, but while he’s still in midair, Fox easily pushes Dazza out towards the ropes in front of them. Revers’d! Dazza bounces off the ropes, and when he comes back to Fox, he uses his momentum to hop up, turn around, and grab the head.. again going for the DKO… and again getting pushed towards the ropes!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> ..Wait a minute… we’ve been here before… <i>Bouncing off the ropes, Dazza jumps and goes for a third DKO – and, yeah, gets pushed away.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Red Fox so TOTALLY just ripped a page out of Dazza’s playbook right there. <b>Lawler:</b> Yeah, for real? <B>J.R.:</B> I tell ya. This is fun. <i>Enraged, Dazza doesn’t bother running back. He’s just pissed now. You know how J.R. and Lawler seem to have been mixed up today? Well, the same thing just happened to our two in-ring competitors. Fox leans back and giggles to herself. We can assume that she’s having fun now – at least as much fun as someone like her can have… Dazza, annoyed as hell, charges at Fox with full force – and gets immediately slammed into the mat with a drop toe hold from the Foxy one (I made up that nickname. Let it stick, it’s good)!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Dazza’s anger clearly got the best of him in that little run! <b>Lawler:</b> Emphasis on “little run!” <B>J.R.:</B> I don’t get it. <i>With Dazza face-first on the mat, Fox drops an elbow to his upper back.</i> <b>Dazza:</b> Ow. <i>Fox hops up, aaaaaaaand drops another elbow – coincidentally, in the same place! Taking advantage of the situation, Fox runs away towards the ropes (to gain momentum, most likely). She charges back, presumably for some kind of running elbow drop, or whatever you kids call it these days… and with the agility of a Puma on acid, Dazza hops to his feet and nails the running Fox with a high flipping dropkick – straight to the chest! BAM! Fox is the one in pain now, and the ball is in Dazza’s court.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> What--! Dazza came out of nowhere with that! He must be cheating.

<B>J.R.:</B> Looks like you’re starting to act like your old self again, Jerry. <b>Lawler:</b> You too, J.R. <B>J.R.:</B> What! I’m a-kill you! <b>Lawler:</b> …Or… not…. <i>Dazza is happy about his reversal. Whoopee, you nailed a dropkick, kid. Have a popsicle, why don’t you! Oh wait, no, instead you’re just going to dance, right? Right.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Dazza’s dancing! <i>I knew it.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> What move is that? Is that the Roger Rabbit? The Cabbage Patch? <B>J.R.:</B> Actually, I believe that’s what they call the “Locomotive.” <b>Lawler:</b> Ahhh, yes, of course! How silly of me to not recognize such a popularized maneuverizationism. <B>J.R.:</B> “Maneuverizationism?” <b>Lawler:</b> Yeah. <B>J.R.:</B> That’s my word. <b>Lawler:</b> I thought your word was “Reconfigurated.” <B>J.R.:</B> …That too. <i>So yeah, Dazza dances, and the crowd cheers. Then, realizing his opening of a downed opponent, he decides to lock in a submission! Hurrah! Dazza locks in the Spaghetti Junction (bridging Full Nelson), and it lasts for a while. Here’s the breakdown:
Dazza starts the move by putting Red Fox in a normal full nelson. He falls forwards, driving his opponent’s face down, still with the full nelson locked in. He holds her like this for a few seconds, until he decides to slowly pull his feet off the ground.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Wait a minute! I recognize this submission hold…. This is his Spaghetti Junction that he’s trying to lock into place! <i>Dazza raises Fox a total 90°, so that he is basically standing on his head with the full nelson still locked in. He then puts his legs down, the opposite to where they came from; so that he is in a bridging position, putting a lot of pressure on Fox's shoulders. Lo and behold, the submission is applied. Let’s see

Fox get her way out of this one.</i>

<b>Lawler:</b> Come on, Fox..! This little punk can’t get you with this! <i>Fox is in a lot of pain. How the hell is she supposed to get out of a hold like this?? She’s struggling, and the camera zooms in on a shot of her gritting teeth; sweat rolls down her face as though she was a man (! Sexual taboo!).</i> <B>J.R.:</B> This could be it! That young lady might not be able to take this much longer…! <i>Fox is really hurting now. Finally, Fox starts moving her upper body upwards. By doing so, Dazza is forced to bring his feet back. The bridge position breaks, and Dazza slowly flips back… As Dazza’s legs are halfway over Fox’s shoulders, she pushes her legs upward – and in one fell swoop, one powerful motion, Fox is on her feet, with Dazza sitting on her shoulders!!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> This could be bad!!! <i>Fox stumbles back and forth for a couple brief moments, until finally she starts leaning backwards… As if watching slow motion, the crowd is in a hushed silence as Fox brings Dazza down through the air... and slams him head-first into the mat with an electric chair drop!!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> MAH GAWD! That was one hell of a reversal!! <b>Lawler:</b> That’s my Fox for you! <i>Both competitors are down and out. Fox is winded, and Dazza could be dead; who knows. As the two lie on the mat, lifeless – although Dazza might be twitching a little – the ref starts the 10-count.</i> <b>Ref: …1! …2! …..3! ……..4! ………..5! ………….6!</b> <B>J.R.:</B> Wow. During that entire 6-count, neither of us said anything. <b>Lawler:</b> Yeah. Weird, huh?

<b>Ref: ………7!</b> <B>J.R.:</B> Say, what did you think of my wife’s turkey the other night? <b>Lawler:</b> Eh… It was pretty good… but the pie was the best. <b>Ref:</b> ………………8! <B>J.R.:</B> Ah, yeah. She always has good pie. <b>Lawler:</b> Indeed, she does! Say, how old is she, anyway? <b>Ref:</b> ………………….9! <b>J.R.:</b> F—Time’s almost up! …..Aaaand they’re both on their knees! Mah gawd, that was a close call. This could’ve been a draw right there! <b>Lawler:</b> I’ll ask again later. <i>As both Dazza and Red Fox regain their composure, they target each other, and just for a straight-out brawl. Each one nailing left hands, right hands, headbutts, the whole nine yards! I hate describing these exchanges that don’t involve any real wrestling – yet they happen all the time… Bleh. Dazza starts getting the upper hand. He nails five right jabs in a row, and then whips Fox into the ropes! Fox comes back.. and gets nailed with an elbow to the head. Fox falls down. I mean, wouldn’t you fall down if someone elbowed you in the head – at least if you ran directly into the elbow? I know I would. I don’t know about y’all, but… uh… hehe….</i> <b>Lawler:</b> What in the blue hell is the narrator talking about now? <B>J.R.:</B> **** if I know. <b>Lawler:</b> J.R….. <i>Dazza picks Fox up and attempts to Irish whip her again, but Fox reverses by spinning and whipping Dazza off the ropes instead! Dazza bounces off, gets sent flying back to Fox, and on the return… Fox clamps her arms around Dazza’s upper body, lifts him above her head… and nails a big belly to belly suplex! The mat shook with that one. Dazza’s gonna need a minute to get up from that one. Fox looks towards the corner, and runs towards… the corner.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Fox might go for a big aerial move here! <b>Lawler:</b> Obviously… Take your pills. <B>J.R.:</B> I already took my hourly ten.

<i>Red Fox hops onto the top rope of the turnbuckle and raises her hands to the sky.</i> <b>Lawler:</b> Is she going to go for a leg drop here? <B>J.R.:</B> It looks like it – but she’s going to have to scratch that, because Dazza’s getting to his feet! <i>Fox stays on the top rope and crouches down, looking as though she’ll be going for a mid-air spear. She stalks Dazza, waiting for him to look in her direction… but as Dazza stumbles up, he doesn’t turn around to see her; instead, he just runs towards the ropes adjacent to her turnbuckle!</i> <b>CRASH!</b> <i>Fox loses her balance and falls halfway off the turnbuckle!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Dazza nicely scouted that one out! <b>Lawler:</b> Stop ending your sentences with prepositions. <B>J.R.:</B> You first. And I believe it’s propositions, not prepositions. <b>Lawler:</b> No, it’s definitely prepositions. A proposition is like a proposal, i.e. the Declaration of Independence. <B>J.R.:</B> The DoI was not a proposal! It was a declaration! They weren’t asking Britain for independence, they weren’t suggesting it, they were demanding it!! <b>Lawler:</b> First of all, don’t EVER call it the “DoI” again! It’s not like you’re buddy-buddy with it, not like I am! <B>J.R.:</B> Shut up! You don’t know him either! <b>Lawler:</b> Do too! <B>J.R.:</B> Do not! <b>Lawler:</b> Do too! <B>J.R.:</B> Do not! <i>QUIET, BOTH OF YOU!!! FOCUS ON THE FREAKING MATCH!!!</i> <b>Lawler:</b> Yes, sir.

<B>J.R.:</B> Sorry, sir. <i>With Fox dazed and sitting on the corner, Dazza heads in her direction. Tucking Fox’s
head under his right arm, Dazza falls backwards, spiking his opponent's head into the ground! Dazza DDT!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Ouch! Looks like Dazza’s going to take this win after all!

<i>Fox, in pain and still on the mat, slowly rolls over to the opposite corner. Dazza stays in the same corner and stalks her, waiting for her next move. Noticing that Fox is about to get back up to her feet, Dazza crouches down into a ready position.</i> <b>Dazza:</b> THIS IS HOW YOU SPEAR SOMEONE! YOU ACTUALLY MAKE CONTACT! <b>Lawler:</b> What..? He didn’t spear her… <B>J.R.:</B> He’s about to! Watch! <i>As soon as Fox gets up, Dazza speeds towards Fox to nail her with her own finisher, the Fox Trot. He’s a foot away from making contact --- but Fox rolls out of the way at the last second! Not only that, but the ref is right behind where Fox was standing, and Dazza is forced to abruptly stop in order to not hit the ref! While Dazza tries to collect his bearings, Fox rolls Dazza up from behind into a school boy! </i> <b>Lawler:</b> Yes! She’s got him! <i>The ref quickly flops down onto the ground and starts the count!</i> <b>Ref: 1!</b> <i>With the ref looking down, Fox pulls back on Dazza’s tights – and also grabs the nearby ropes!</i> <B>J.R.:</B> No! Fox has an unfair advantage! That’s giving her too much leverage! <b>Ref: 2! 3!</b> <i>The ref signals for the bell!</i> <b><i>Ding ding ding!</i></b> <i>Fox quickly rolls out of the ring, both laughing and trying to catch some air. The crowd boos her, and some little kid right next to her gives her a nasty Batista thumbsdown.</i>

<B>J.R.:</B> DAMMIT! That was unfair! She had him by the tights, and she was grabbing the ropes!! <i>Dazza looks up, still on his knees, with a look of both confusion and ferocity.</i> <b>Finkel:</b> Your winner, and still DL TV Champion… Reeeeeeed Fox! <b>Lawler:</b> Haha! I told you she’d take it, J.R.! Shows how much you know! <B>J.R.:</B> This is not right! Dazza didn’t get a fair chance at winning that title! The belt should be around his waist right now, not hers! <b>Lawler:</b> Shut up, J.R. Red won fair and square, and you know it. <B>J.R.:</B> But she didn’t, and that’s why I’m angered at this—this atrocity!! That awful Jezebel! <b>Lawler:</b> You don’t even know where the term “Jezebel” comes from, so keep quiet. <i>The ref slides out of the ring and meets up with Red Fox. Handing her the TV title belt in one hand, and holding up her other hand, the idiot ref helps her gloat about her unfair victory. Fox keeps laughing, and Dazza gets to his feet. He hops his right foot up onto the bottom rope and starts yelling inaudible gibberish to her, with an unparalleled intensity in his eyes.</i> <B>J.R.:</B> Well, in any case, I’ve got a feeling it’s not over between these two – but only time will tell! <b>Lawler:</b> We’ll be right back after this! <b><i>FADE TO COMMERCIAL</i></b>