<b>Title:</b> We have innovated the art of breaking kayfabe.

<i>The Wonder Twins and their uber-manager, Shannon Moore, are sitting in front of one of those fancy backstage monitors you always see wrestlers watching while they’re backstage. I need to work on my writing skills. They’re just chillin’, though. Miko’s downing some Jones Soda (it’s a pun), Tommy’s downing some Jack Daniels, and Shannon’s downing some glycerine.</i> <b>Shannon:</b> Don’t let the days go by… <b>Miko:</b> Okay, right, at this point, you have to widen your mouth by an extra six inches. <b>Shannon (doing so):</b> …Glycerine. <b>Tommy:</b> So a cage match... Have we ever done a cage match before? <b>Miko:</b> No, but this is a great opportunity! We could win the tag titles just like last time at Anarchy! <b>Tommy:</b> That last part is so intriguing that I’ll end all discussion of the first part. We won last time at Anarchy? <b>Miko:</b> Well, last time for US, anyway. Not like, last Anarchy. That’d just be a false idea. <b>Tommy:</b> Truer words, Miko. Truer words. <b>Miko:</b> Eh? <b>Tommy:</b> Nary hath they been spake. <b>Miko:</b> That’s barely legible. You know what we should do? <b>Tommy:</b> What’s that? <b>Miko:</b> We should do the exact same thing as last time to ensure that we win. We'll go the Grand Canyon, we'll fight Godzilla.. Just like the good old days. <b>Tommy:</b> But this isn't the actual title match. It's just for the contender spot. <b>Miko:</b> Oh. Well then... Let's do it TWICE!!! Quick, you have all of our stuff archived, right? <b>Tommy:</b> Sure do. It's been transcribed and sent into my personal inbox for safekeeping.

<b>Miko:</b> Ah, the wonders of physical mail. <b>Tommy:</b> Actually, it’s my gmail account. Hey, does GameFAQs still censor that word? <b>Miko:</b> Probably, but I think it’s only in the topic titles. <b>Tommy:</b> Are you sure? <b>Miko:</b> No, but I guess we’ll find out when we post this thing. <b>Tommy:</b> I know we usually break fourth wall, but now it’s like we’re breaking fifth wall. Wrestling is rigged, AND we’re only fictional characters?! What gives?? <b>Miko:</b> There was a Will Ferrell movie about this that didn’t do too well, because apparently it wasn’t as funny as it looked. <b>Tommy:</b> Stranger Than Fiction, yeah. I remember. <b>Miko:</b> Did you see it? <b>Tommy:</b> What have I told you? Just like my sexual preference, you can’t just hand out character-altering traits like this without Luca’s consent! <b>Miko:</b> …It’s just seeing a movie. <b>Tommy:</b> Arggggghh!!! <b>Miko:</b> …O…kay… <b>Shannon:</b> We should probably get to work on this promo thing of yours. <b>Tommy:</b> True – Hey wait, when did you start speaking normal English? <b>Shannon:</b> When Luca made me kick someone and say “What’s got two thumbs and is the awesomest wrestler ever? Shannon Moore!” <b>Miko:</b> Well, gee… It sure sounds like Luca handed out a character-altering trait without mine nor the real Shannon Moore’s consent. Dare I say… POTKETTLEBLACK?!? <b>Tommy:</b> To be fair, Luca never said that you can’t change these things about me. You said it.

<b>Miko:</b> Well yeah, but it’s the courteous thing to do! I can’t believe you would be willing to change my character! <b>Tommy:</b> I didn’t! Luca did! <b>Miko:</b> What!? Luca changed my character??? <b>Tommy:</b> No! He changed Shannon Moore’s character!!! <i>Meanwhile, cut to the real Shannon Moore at his computer…</i> <b>Shannon:</b> I’m so suing those ******s. <i>Aaaaaaaand cut back!</i> <b>Miko:</b> Well, let’s get to it, shall we? Print out the script! <b>Tommy:</b> Yessir! <i>Tommy gets on his laptop, which is hooked up to the MegaCopyPrintFaxlolwhofaxesthingsthesedays 6000!</i> <b>Tommy:</b> And…. PRINT! <i>……</i> <b>Tommy:</b> …..PRINT!! <i>……….</i> <b>Miko:</b> What the hell does an ellipses from the narrator mean? <b>Tommy:</b> It means that nothing’s happening. Look, the printer won’t work. <b>Miko:</b> Oh, wow. That’s a real slice of cheese manure. <b>Shannon:</b> Mmm… cheese manure…. <b>Tommy:</b> Sorry, guys. It looks like this whole replicating an old promo thing just isn’t going to work. <b>Miko:</b> You mean…. <b>Shannon:</b> …We have to be…. <b>Patch from 101 Dalmations:</b> …ORIGINAL?!?!?!?

<i>Everyone turns and looks at Patch.</i> <b>Patch:</b> …Sorry… I’ll go now. <i>He turns to leave.</i> <b>Patch:</b> You know, I was Miko’s favorite Dalmatian when he was a kid. <b>Miko:</b> No, no, you weren’t. <b>Patch:</b> The real Miko. I know that your favorite Dalmatian was… uh…. dog.. poop. <b>Miko:</b> ….. <i>Is it okay to use emoticons in promos? Is that frowned upon? Ah, what the hell, I’ll do it anyway.</i> <b>Miko:</b> -.-;;; <i>Hmm. For something that’s potentially breaking the rules of E-Fedding, that sure wasn’t worth it.</i> <b>Tommy:</b> Hee hee. <b>Miko:</b> No, don’t laugh. The narrator isn’t funny. I think his name might be Matt Briner OHHH SNAP <b>Tommy:</b> No no, I have an idea. I’m still on the computer, by the way. Thanks for keeping the audience up to date on that, Briner. <b>Matt Briner:</b> I AM NOT THE NARRATOR, YOU PIECES OF CRAP <i>Huh? Oh, sorry. Yeah, I am not The Doc. I am… The Nurse!</i> <b>Tommy:</b> This is absurd. Miko’s got to leave for class in 10 minutes, so this really needs to get wrapped up. Here’s my idea: <i>Zoom in on the computer screen:</i> <b>CNET.COM Which newsletter(s) would you like to sign up for? (Check any)</b> <b>Miko:</b> Oh.. MAN. This is gonna be SWEET.

<b>Tommy:</b> I’m clicking all of them right now! This is gonna be GREAT! <b>Shannon:</b> You can subscribe an evil cult leader to newsletters about upcoming gardening technology! This is gonna be A PLOT TWIST! <b>Tommy:</b> To… Damien@evilmaniacswithsadtwistedchildhoods.gov <b>Miko:</b> Niiiiiiiiiiiice! In YOUR face, Damien! It’s gonna take you like an extra five minutes to check your email every time from now on! <b>Tommy:</b> This is a decent prank. And that’s a shoot! <b>Sting:</b> Hey… <b>Tommy:</b> ..On you! <b>Sting:</b> …Oh.  <i>Yeah, these emoticons really don’t work. Hey, I’m gonna put an end to this so that I can head to class.</i> <b>Tommy, Miko, and Shannon:</b> GOOOOOODBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYE!!!! <i>They take a bow.</i> <b>END PROMO</b>

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