<i>Camera focus to the front of the room!

Maxx and Miko are sitting in the Superfriends’ locker room. Man, RAW sure has been here a lot tonight. EWR would say that the fans are getting sick of us, but Adam Ryland is just one person whose own personal bias has a strong effect on how things are rated in the digital world of professional wrestling (e-feds excluded, of course – except for EWR-based e-feds. Those are fine). Anyway, the two guys are sitting there on steel chairs, kind of moping. Maybe they’re drugged. Who knows? Everyone else is gone right now, probably all fighting their matches, or evil villains, or paste, or something. Gah, just cue the damned dialogue.</i> Miko: H— Actually, wait. Not yet. Just so you know, they don’t know that it’s time to start the promo yet, so they’re still figuring out how to promo for their upcoming tag match against Simon and Severs. Miko: …Hey, Maxx. Who are we facing, again? Maxx: Simon and Severs. Miko: Oh. This’ll be an uphill battle. Maxx: Damn. Miko: Indeed. Maxx: Okay, how about this: We talk about both our last match and our upcoming match, and we take one dude from the teams each. Like, I talk about Simon and Ray Green, and you talk about Severs and Buddha, or whatever. Or I could talk about the last match and you could talk about the next one. Miko: Dude, I don’t even know what happened in our last match. Maxx chuckles. Miko: Besides, I hate promos where all we do is talk. That’s what HHH does, and he blows. I mean, he really blows. He really, REALLY blows. We need a story to our promo. Maxx: Say, where’s Luca? Miko: He’s in the main event IC contendership match. Maxx: Oh, ****. Does that mean another double champion? Miko: It is a possibility. And then, if YOU win the Undisputed title… He looks to both sides, before continuing.

Miko: ….We’d effectively own the GSB! Maxx: Superfriends… TAKE OVER!!!! Oh, and Green Lantern should find a title somewhere, too. Miko: Let’s not worry about him. Maxx: Okay…. The two sit in an awkward silence for another minute, still not realizing that the camera’s on. Suddenly, Maxx pops his head up. Maxx: How about THIS for a story? We both have matches at September to Remember, but… Miko: …But..? Maxx: …We have to show stable dominance while Luca’s in the tournament, and we’re all like “What the hell?” all at the same time! Miko: …… Maxx: ….It’s… It’s good, right? Miko: ……What’s your match at the FPV? Maxx: Undisputed title match. Miko: ..Oh. Right. Say, what title will Green Lantern win? Maxx: Are you high? I thought you said we shouldn’t worry about him. Miko: I changed my mind. Now answer the damn question. Maxx: Um. Isn’t he feuding with Bronx right now? Miko: Ah, so he’ll win the New York title. Who’s the current champion of that division? Maxx: Not the Brawler… He switched to the “Boston Brawler.” Miko: Right, right. Well, I suppose it’s irrelevant. We’ll just let Lantern fend for himself. Maxx: Stop flip-flopping! Miko: Sorry.

Maxx: It’s okay. Say, did you know that Carnage only has one exclusive title? RAW owns all their belts. Miko: The Lightweight title? Maxx: X Division, I think. Miko: We should have Hiroshiko win the Lightweight title. I think he’s tired of doing dishes. Shiko (off-stage): WHEN CAN I STOP THIS MADNESS….? Miko: JUST KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND WE’LL CALL YOU IN A FEW DAYS! Our on-screen heroes smile at each other. Miko: Dude, you know what, Maxx? What YOU need to focus on now is the FPV. You’re the Undisputed #1 contender, dammit. Maxx: Yesss! Miko: So… Go attack Trav, or something. Maxx: B— Miko: Wait! No! Conserve your energy. I’LL attack Trav FOR YOU!! Miko hops out of his chair and dashes out the door. Maxx just sits there, stunned. A giant bug slowly appears over his shoulder, rubbing his antennae together. Giant Bug: Good… Good……