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National Police Cadet Corps Campcraft – Flagstaff (Notes)

Rank & Name: _________________________________

Level: Sec _____

Date: __________

Logistics: Item Long Spars Manila Hemp (shorter) Manila Hemp (longer) Pegs Long Nylon Rope Pulley Twine Bootlace Mallet Flag (with strings at each end) Manpower: 3  cadets Procedure: Quantity 2 2 Purpose Flag pole Bind spars together Campcraft Competition Standard Length = 3 metres Length = 3.5 metres Diameter = 1 2 inch (1.27 cm) Length = 5.5 metres Diameter = 1 2 inch (1.27 cm) Provided Length = 10 metres Not provided Grade = 4 Self provide Provided Self provide

3 3 1 1 Reasonable 1 1 1

Secure flagpole to pegs Keep flagpole upright Flag line Raise and lower flag Secure pulley to flagpole Replace pulley Hammer in pegs

1. Place the two long spars together side by side such that the overlap between them is 1 4 to
1 3 of the final length.



to L


2. Bind them together using Round Lashings with the two shorter Manila hemp at two points, one at each
end of the overlapped portion ( 5 centimetres from the end of the overlapped portion).

5 cm

Prepared by: Toh Wee Teck

5 cm

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3. Tie one end of the three longer Manila hemps (guylines) to the flagpole at the midway of the overlapped portion using Clove Hitch such that the Clove Hitches are 120 from the next Clove Hitch.



4. Insert a piece of twine through the loop in the pulley and secure it in the middle of twine using Clove Hitch. (Alternatively, tie a Man-Harness Knot in the middle of the bootlace.) 5. Tie the twine with the pulley / bootlace with the Man-Harness Knot to the top of the flagpole using Common Whipping.

6. Run the long nylon rope (flag line) through the pulley / Man-Harness Knot to its middle. 7. Erect the flagpole while the pegs are each positioned at a distance (equal to half the length of the flagpole) away from the flagpole such that they are 120 away from the next peg.

Side view

Top view



120 120

8. Hammer in the three pegs such that half of it is underground and 45 from the ground level. 2


Prepared by: Toh Wee Teck

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9. Adjust the flagpole till it is upright from all directions. 10. Secure each guyline to each peg using Tent-Guy Loop and a few half hitches. 11. Tie each string at the ends of the flag to each end of the flag line using a sheet bend such that the flag is upright and on the outer section of the flag line. 12. Raise the flag to the top of the flagpole. (The other cadets must stand at attention.) 13. Secure the bottom of the flag line to the pole using Clove Hitch.

Remarks:       Steps 2 and 3 can be done concurrently with steps 4 and 5. Tie stopper knots, add a half hitch or two half hitches to each of the three Clove Hitches (step 3) or replace them with Timber Hitches for extra security. If the spars are of different diameter, place the thicker spar below for better stability. Tie the pulley or Man-Harness Knot on the top spar (step 5) on the opposite side of the bottom spar so that it is easier to raise and lower the flag. Can tie a bowline with a small loop on each end of the flag line (step 11), especially when the flag has a ring at each end instead of strings. If a mallet is not provided, a peg can be used instead (step 8).

Prepared by: Toh Wee Teck

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