Anthony Boanada-Fuchs French and Austrian National 16.06.1980 anthony.boanda.fuchs@graduateinstitute.


Graduate Institute - Pavillion B 132, Rue de Lausanne 1202 Geneva, Switzerland Tel : +41 7 8771 6761

Present Situation PhD Candidate at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva) University Studies • M.Sc. Degree in Architecture Theory, Technical University of Delft, 2009. Thesis: “Formal Responses towards Informality: How local institutions of powers have struggled to answer to informal growth - a historic and cross-cultural overview.” • M.Sc. Degree in Urban Studies, Technical University of Delft, 2006. Thesis: “E-merging Centralities: The power of locality in the manifestation of shopping typologies in the city of Berlin: towards consideration for a metropolitan strategy.” • Second Degree in Architecture (Diplôme de Deuxième Cycle), Ecole d’Architecture de Strasbourg (EAS), 2004. • First Degree in Architecture (Erster Studienabschluss), Technische Universität (TU) Innsbruck, 2002. • Four years of History, one year of Philosophy studies Languages • German: • English: • French: • Portuguese: • Dutch: Mother tongue Fluent Fluent Moderate Basic

Experience (selection) 2011 – 2012 2010 – 2011 Teaching Assistant for the Course on Public Policy and Governance Assistant for the Executive Master course on Governance (IMAS) Teaching Assistant for the Courses on Urban Ecology and Citizenship and Social Development in the City Assistant for the Executive Master course on Governance (IMAS) 2008 – 2009 2007 – 2009 2007 – 2008 Editor assistant at the Journal of Planning Practice and Research (PPR) Assistant Professor at the Spatial Planning Department of the TU Delft Researcher at the Spatial Planning Department (RP&S) of the TU Delft Researcher at the funded project Sustainable Urban Areas (SUA) Urban form and shopping


paper presented at the: 4th International Seminar on Urbanism and Urbanization. 2007. Fuchs. Geneva January 2010 – 2 . (2009): « Learning from the Past? The struggle of formal institutions of powers to respond to informal processes ».. (2007): « European Urbanism .).. 24 .Delft. Delft. S. Read. paper presented at the: 4th International Seminar on Urbanism and Urbanization. A. A. Delft. Fuchs.A. Fuchs. 4th-7th June. Chicago.. 24 . (2008): « From the Creative to the Vital City and Region ».26th September. The Netherlands Founder and Member of the Urban Detectives. MSc graduation coordinator assistant at the department of urban studies (Stedebouw) at the TU Delft Laboratory coordination assistant at the Laboratory Urban Transformation.G. The Netherlands. A platform for research and education.A. 7-11th July 2008. H. 2007. Harteveld.. paper presented at the: The Urban Project. Coordination assistant at the research studio Spacelab at the TU Delft Research student assistant at Spacemate.. IFOU. Van Nes. Conference Contributions Fuchs. Hoekstra. 2008. A. in : Dictionnaire de l'Inde contemporain.26th September. Delft. paper presented at the: ACSP-AESOP Joint Congress. A. Book contribution Fuchs A. M.. M. edited by Frédéric Landy. (2007): « A forgotten chapter in European Urbanism ». Milbert I. A. 2009. Armand Colin. Delft Graphical assistance to the Gateway Model United Nations. Delft. Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South (N-Aerus) October 2007 – December 2009 – Publications Edited Book Bruyns. paper presented at the: Sasbe Conference 15th19th June. G.D. TU Delft 2004 – 2005 Current and Past Memberships 2011 2010 July 2009 – – – current current current current June 2010 April 2010 The Euro-India Centre Young Academics . Paris. (2010) : “Logement”. The Netherlands. (2007): Proceedings of the 4th International Seminar on Urbanism and Urbanization.. Fuchs. The Netherlands Fuchs.from fiction to reality? Beyond shrinking city debates ». A. (Eds. Meyer. (2008): « New approaches to urban form and processes: Retail distribution as indicator ».2006 – 2007 2006 – 2007 2005 – 2007 Member of the executive committee of the international conference ISUU in charge of coordination and basic communication.J.Aesop EADI European Association of Development. A.

Other Achievements 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 March April April April July April November March 2006 2 month field research in Ahmedabad 2 month field research in Ahmedabad 2 weeks Workshop: CSI in Lagos 2 weeks Workshop: CSI in São Paulo 4 weeks Field Trip to South Africa 2 weeks Workshop: CSI in New York 3 Weeks Field Trip to Cape Town 3 weeks Workshop Urban Body in Mumbai Several Fieldtrips to Berlin 3 .

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