The attendance monitoring system provides registration and complete processing of the employees’ attendance, and can be interlinked

to other information systems. It is intended for all organization types, ranging from state administration bodies to banks to industrial companies. Data is stored in an SQL server database (MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i, Sybase SQL Anywhere), allowing distributed data processing within a computer network. Users can also utilize a thin client – the intranet application eKriváň, for attendance data processing (employees can use the application for attendance data viewing). The solution involves bi-directional interface to personnel and wage system.

Identification is carried out by means of attendance readers with a display and keypad (to enter flags such as business matter, medical appointment, holiday etc.), which are able to identify a person based on the identification element. A person is identified in the control software by being assigned a means of identification, which can be and ID card or biometric characteristic.

The software can be supplemented with a monitoring program, providing real-time on-line information on employee presence status.

The attendance system allows: monitoring of the employees’ presence at any moment individual configuration of work calendar for each employee calculation of actual hours of work and recording of overtime hours calculation of monthly total hours worked automatic calculations for late arrivals (due to business matters, medical appointments) or earlier leaves from work (working time interruption), assessment of half-day holiday leaves. recording, calculation and classification of working time interruptions (basic and additional interruptions) counting of interruptions (effect of an interruption on the working time) can be configured in the system easily monitoring of observance of breaks at work bulk data inputs (executive staff) into attendance sheets concerning presence in / absence from work automatic generation of reports in case of long-time absence from work (illness, looking after sick family members, vacation etc.)

Attendance is the responsibility of the facility management and ultimately the administrators Attendance behaviour can be and is linked directly to the culture of the worksite. The Attendance Management Team should be given the ability to develop complex case management . and level of stress inherent in the job responsibility. Sunday and public holiday shifts. The effort on the part of Human Resource Management and the policy level senior managers is required in the effective development of an Attendance Management Programme that to curb the physical absence of employees at work. and automatic transfer of such balance for next months output printout generation either as printer or xls output (attendance sheets) employee list. weather. at a time when it is planned by the management that they should be in attendance. Front line management should be held accountable for attendance management performance. Although rates of absenteeism will vary respective of company size.option to mark employees whose attendance sheets are not processed according to the data registered on readers registration and classification of actual hours of work by shifts (multiple-shift operation) calculation of premiums for work in afternoon. company location. list of premiums and absences from work detailed auditing of each processor’s work Absenteeism is the manifestation of a decision by employees not to present themselves at their place of work. hours and percentage. this article suggest following efforts that to be initiated at the administrative level to manage the attendance at work. Employee absenteeism is a global problem facing all companies. Major reasons behind this effort are. Strong trade union as an alternative supporting system to support the employees. industry type. calculation of balance (compensatory time off and missing hours) related to the specific day. An attendance management team should be formed under Human Resource Division to curb the employee's absenteeism. The system generates compensations for public holidays out of work as well as premiums for risk work. night. and increased overhead costs. reduced employee morale. The frequency of leave taking behaviour is high in the present organizational climate. High socio culture integration behaviour of the employees outside the organization Since attendance is the responsibility of the administration. the impact of this costly issue effects virtually all businesses. A management structure should be engineered to identify and execute objectives relating to absence prevention. disability management and attendance control. It allows manual input of premiums in euros. The result of absenteeism is reduced employee productivity. Saturday.

Involvement of employee is possible only when they feel enlightened by getting greater acceptance and grater importance at work. Make each employee aware that they are a valued member of the "team". Regularly scheduled department meetings are an excellent way to understand employee grievances and communicate organizational goals. The opportunity to interact with each other helps the employer to get aware of the perception and attitude of employees in the many conflicting situations that lead to physical absence in the work schedule.strategies and aggressively intervene where appropriate. Greater the acceptance of their ideas and suggestion greater the members feeling of need for presence at work. that they play an important role in organization and that their attendance is critical. Employees in the organisation are having high expectation in the growth and development within their professional field. Employee Development is one of the areas that managers in the organisation have to keenly look into. effective participation and representation in the decision-making should be encouraged. Greater the acceptance and involvement opportunity to the trade union leaders feel at work grater the participation they shows toward attendance management effort. Develop ways for each and every employee to feel free to contribute ideas and suggestions even though these may be outside the scope of their job responsibilities. Employees are encouraged to voice their concerns so their perceptions of the work place are clear and can be dealt with. To link their participation with overall outcomes and develop ownership. Where. This effort enhance the feeling of informal organisation and develop enhance the attendance of employees at work. Hold regular meetings. without prying show an interest in their personal lives. A feeling of informal relationship with coworkers help to understand the problems of them and make possible effective involvement in the problem solving process. Know the employees who are working for the organisation. Managers should make use of relationship as strategy to develop group cohesiveness between employees at work. The importance of attendance management should be better shared with the union representatives in the long-term existence of the organisation. Continually provide employees with information regarding the company's performances to budget. Open communication and information sharing between management and supervisors to be entertained to develop better trust and confidence. keep your staff informed and involved. Employee development programmes under organisational level training and development programmes to be extended to enhance their skill and contribution at work. Transparency in the interaction and interrelation bring better involvement and commitment on the part of employee at work. Develop a comprehensive and collaborative continuous improvement program throughout the department. Department get-together or scheduled meetings are better way to interact with employees and employers. The staff development meetings are important in moulding company ideals with employee needs. Attendance management team should develop and maintain an attendance management policy in each work site. . industries have trade union organisations.

Official warnings as verbal and write to be provided to the absented employees. Industrial counselling is an effective area to intervene in to many of the socio-emotional problems of the employees. The employer should be informed of any changes in the employee's health status. adequate negative reinforcement measures to be take into account. Discusses with all employees' problems of unjustifiable time off. which in turn affect attendance of employees at work. Under corporate social responsibility programme some of the social development programmes can be incorporated so that poverty. Marital stress. Such cases to be legally dealt with and doctors to be well campaigned against such malpractices. Under Leave management Programme. child development. bonus for the unused leave should be provided. Specific leave arrangement to be made in those seasons to control the absence at work. Greater attention by supervisors and more accountability of operations management and other management is to be entertained to curb sick leave.. May-June is the season for school admission marriage etc. organisational stress.. It gives better peace of mind to the employees and it helps them to concentrate better at work. Strategic decision as "No Leave" to be taken when organisation has to meet the deadlines of the customers and there is acute competition of the product. Indians are enjoying so many holidays. Different religious groups festivals and rituals to be accommodated with alternative staff arrangement. Since such efforts are deliberate on the part of employees. like basic needs of the employees can be better met with. Attempts to discourage spurious sick leave being taken. family development. The counselling intervention can better alleviate the problems of the employees and there by improve attendance of employees at work. Quarterly and annually incentive scheme to be developed to reward those who don't have an absent day. Be aware of problems that may effect employee attendance or performance. personal stress. Employees should be called if they are not keeping contact with the employer. marital counselling etc. by paying lump some amount of money. Doctors are giving medical certificates and fitness certificates to employees. Promotion and advancement opportunity for those who not avail of leaves to be encouraged.Employees in the organisation may be coming from rural areas and having poor socio-economic condition. An effort understand their day to day living itself is a positive attitude on the part of management. Formally meet with the employee and explain that income protection is to be used only when an employee is legitimately ill. Effective Leave management Programme to be developed that to support the attendance management programme. family stress. job stress. Advise the employee that his/her attendance record must improve and be maintained at an improved . Employees should be encouraged to give as much notice as possible for anticipated absences. Absent employees should be requested to keep contact with their employer. housing. The purpose is to show concern and desire for the employee to regain a healthy status and return to work. Started a home safety campaign to be extended to children and family members of employees that to avoid the injuries at home. career stress etc. are some of the areas in which the human resource managers in the organisation can effectively intervene into through counselling and support.

Objectives should include a program building component as well as focusing on the bottom line. are the major objective behind attendance management programme. Melanie E. Patricia Callan. The community initiatives and septic schemes are the major intervention in the area of attendance management. Rannia M. Tie the successful completion of work objective to the salary review process. 1999. Adequate authority to be provided to the Attendance Management Team to take action and for effective interventions since their effort is to support the productivity and quantity and quality of production. Jerry Noyce (2003) 'Help employees manage stress to prevent absenteeism. Interview the employee again. Show him/her the statistics and point out that there has been no noticeable (or sufficient) improvement. Quitting Intentions and Absenteeism. The attendances management team should closely monitor each department tries to get the statistics of the attendance of each work site or department and find out those who require encouragement in their effort and those who require warning. Listen to the employee to see if there is a valid reason and offer any assistance you can. References Indiana Roster Network survey report Absenteeism: A Costly Problem Best Solved by Workers Themselves) Copyright Roster Network. Greater the support members feel at their personal and professional realm greater their readiness to do the work. Adequate counselling to be provided in each attempt. Inc. Absenteeism from work cost business 112 Million in 2002) Copyright © 2003 Small Firms Association. Small Firms Association. Assistant Director.level or further disciplinary action will result. Creation (2002) Work-Related Stress. Ward. Conclusion The above-mentioned efforts are some of the corrective/progressive suggestions that help the HR managers to curb the absenteeism at work. errors' Business Journal Online Document Week of August 25. Leontaridi. Where there is no improvement a written warning should be issued. 2003. International Social Surveys Program (ISSP) (2002) " Industrial Society says flexible working reduces absenteeism" Copyright © 2003 Ananova Ltd. Develop trust and confidence on the part of employees at work and support them in their socio-emotional affairs. . May 2002 (University of Stirling and CELMR Online Document). 2000. If no satisfactory explanation is given.. 2001. advise the employee that he/she will be given a written warning.

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