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ATM REQUIERMENTS COLTON LYNCH Systems analysis and design

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The ATM stands for automated teller machine it is a machine that bank account holders can with draw money and cash checks. The account holder pushes a number of buttons to do each of the process that they need to do. The ATM holds a certain amount of cash that is refilled each day. When the ATM is empty the machine will say so and say come back tomorrow. Most ATMs that are owned by gas stations and stores have a transition fee that can range from 1.25. The ATM is kept at prime condition in order to serve the customer. The ATM is a device that people need every day and without it people wouldnt be able to pay for bills, tickets or just have fun. But today most things are run by a debit card and most people use the card today for almost every purchase.


Preconditions and Assumptions. User of ATM has a valid bank account

The ATM will have a high speed network connection both to the owning bank and other banks for non-owning bank customers A user interface that allows customers to enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and select functions of the ATM

A user will be able to withdraw money from checking or savings type accounts and also be able to perform balance inquiries The ATM will dispense the correct amount of money The ATM will not dispense coins High-Level Description of Functionality. Customer will insert a credit card size debit card to initialize the ATM machine. Upon initializing the ATM, the customer will enter a four digit secret PIN to access their accounts. The ATM will also take a picture of the customer. 2. The ATM will check the customers account and verify if there is money available to dispense cash, if the customers account does not have the available funds the ATM will notify the customer of this and return to the main menu. 3. Upon completion of the transaction the customer will be prompted to perform another transaction, print a receipt, or exit the system. 4. Upon exit from the user interface, the ATM will return the customers debit card and return To a welcome screen.


Functional Requirements. The ATM will be able to access the customers bank account. The ATM will be able to verify available funds. A customer will have both a valid account and a debit card that has access to their accounts. A camera will be placed in the ATM and take a picture at the start of the transaction. The ATM will have an interface that is intuitive enough for the customer to use with no training. The ATM must be able to correctly dispense the correct amount of cash. The ATM will provide a receipt when requested by the customer. The ATM will be able to accurately provide the customers bank with a transaction number along with a detailed transaction history. The ATM must be tamper resistant. The ATM must be able to securely hold large amounts of cash. The bank will monitor the status of the ATM daily. The bank will arrange for the ATM to be serviced daily. The ATM will put its self out of service upon discovering any faults through diagnostics and contact the bank remotely requesting service. Data Constraints. Customers can only perform one transaction at a time per session. A limit of cash per transaction will be limited to $300. A customer can only withdraw from the max amount of cash twice per day. Personnel responsible for servicing the ATM will be required to enter a maintenance code. The camera inside of the ATM will photograph each customer once per transaction,

including maintenance personnel. A fee shall be charged per transaction if the customer does not hold an account with the

owning bank. A transaction fee is limited to $1.25. All transactions will be logged


Design and Interface Constraints. The ATM shall operate on an industry standard operating system i.e. Windows Embedded (Microsoft). The ATM will be user friendly. Transactions will be limited to cash dispensing, balance transfers, and account inquiries. ATM shall inform customer of current actions including wait time. If wait time is encountered, customer shall have the option to cancel. Customer should be able to choose native language (provided it is a major international language for which business is conducted in).

Quality Requirements.

ATM will have 98% uptime. ATM shall be sheltered from the weather. Customers should get timely response during transaction. ATM shall remain in service condition.


Project x user case ATM automatic teller machine Editor: Cornelius Robat Personal customer experience Interviewed a sales person at my wells Fargo bank