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Thursday 26 April 2012 Target: Paragraphing For Sale

Ellen Powell

It was May the 3rd and Marlene stood on the cliff edge. The early spring wind rushed through her hair. The cliff was the best place to go and watch the sun sink into the turquoise sea. The ruby red sky glistened on the sea surface. The waves crashed bellow, and the smell of sea salt drifted into her nose. She turned and walked slowly back to her car. Sea spray had clouded the windscreen. She turned on the engine and flicked on the windscreen wipers. The photo of her family swinging from the rear-view mirror reminded her of her last family holiday. The sun was shining and the radio was blasting out as the whole family sang along. They cruised at 70 miles per hour down the motorway. Jack was sat in the seat next to her wearing his Disney hat. She knew that this was the last time she would be able to come on this holiday. She was glad to leave her traumatic school life behind her, and become the independent young woman she dreamt of. Are we there yet? Jack asked. His never-ending enthusiasm warmed Marlene and made her smile. No not yet Jack! Her dad chuckled at his impatience. How about now? Jack grinned. He knew how to get on somebody's nerves. Her dad smiled but didnt reply. Marlene wound down the window and let the warm breeze cool her face. She was brought back to the present by the familiar happy ring tone of her phone, as it wobbled on the seat. Her fathers display picture made her smile. Hello Dad! She exclaimed. Hi how are you? He asked. Im well thank you and yourself? She replied Im good. I just wanted to let you know that your old friend Jeremy has moved in next door to you! He told her. She felt the blood drain form her face and the same dizziness whenever she heard that name. This was the boy who had caused her so much grief, pain and embarrassment everyday of her life for five years. Hey freak! Jeremy shouted. All of his companions jeered. She felt her cheeks burning. Whats wrong cat got your tongue? He taunted her this way everyday. She looked over, she wished she could wipe that smirk off his face. She stared into her lunch. As she sat on the blue bench alone she wished to be anybody but herself. Marlene, Marlene are you there? Her father enquired. The tears brimmed in her eyes and her vision went blurry. Yes dad Im still here. She replied shakily.

ok well I just thought Id let you know! He sighed. Ok thanks dad! She tried to hide the hurt in her voice. Are you sure youre ok? Yes dad Im sure. Anyway I should go now. Bye dad. She held the phone to her ear until she heard the receiver click at the other end. She locked her phone and put it down on the dashboard. She buried her head in her hands and sat there in silence. She relaxed and started the car engine again. But she couldnt help realising that she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. When she pulled West Avenue drive she saw next doors For Sale sign being taken down. This was really happening. The torment was going to start again, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her head throbbed as she got out of her car and hurried to the front door. Once inside she locked the door and felt herself losing control. She braced herself against the wall and took deep breaths. When she felt her head clear she went into the kitchen and the bright peach walls helped to calm her mood. She sat in the dark on the sofa wondering what she was going to do. She heard a bang in the kitchen. Whos there?! She called out shakily. Her heart was racing and her breath was rapidly getting quicker. Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Her cat Tinker padded into the room and she let out a sigh of relief though she was still scared and panicked. The same flashbacks came to her the way they had at the time. She groaned. She held her head in her hands and rocked back and forth. She remembered him humiliating her again. He was standing outside with his brand new red convertible car. She scurried by hoping to remain unnoticed. She glanced in his direction just in time to see his friend point across the car park at her. He grinned back. Before she knew it she was surrounded. You like my new ride? Oh the joys of being eighteen! But you wouldnt know would you? You are thirteen, right? Well you look it with your babys glasses! He sneered and the others laughed there was a big crowd all come to watch her get humiliated. Her father and mother didnt see the problem with her glasses. But they were baby blue and they made her look a lot younger than she was. But to them it was just another thing to tease her about. Tinker padded over to her and licked her hand the rage grew inside her as the memories flooded into her head. She strode into the hall and yanked the front door open. There it sat. His red convertible. She ran over to it sure enough he had left the keys in the ignition. She opened the door and hurriedly turned the key to start the engine. The engine roared and she pressed her foot on the acceleration. She was so angry that she was in a state of shock and her anger made her lose control of herself. The car pulled out into the road and by the time Jeffrey ran outside it was too late. She hurtled along the motorway the route was all too familiar. She needed someway to get vengeance for what he had put her through. She reached a rocky side road and turned off. She reached the cliff and got out of the car. Seeing the car brought back so many bad memories. It was time to let them go now. She

leaned over the seat and released the hand break. As the car flew out over the edge of the cliff, Marlene smiled, then turned and made her way home.

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