<i><b>DL Television Championship Singles Match</b></i> The new Sunday Night HeAt comes back from the

commercial break! Hurray! I don’t think any other narrative explanations are needed right now. <b>King:</b> Well, J.R., I’ve gotta tell you – this show has been rocking tonight! Thank goodness Warrior King came back and set things straight! <B>J.R.:</B> And set things straight, he has. This has been some night, and we’re nowhere near being done yet. To reiterate, though, this has been a re-invigorating rush of adrenaline to the GSBDL. Go ahead and quote me on that, King, because it’s true.
The lights dim as “Blood and Thunder” – Mastodon starts to play. The crowd starts with a light boo, which grows even louder when A.J. steps out of the backstage area. He looks at them like something is wrong. More specifically, he stares at them with his left eye, where he has a strange white eye. <b>“ I think that someone is trying to kill me Infecting my blood and destroying my mind No man of the flesh could ever stop me The fight for this fish is a fight to the death White whale - holy grail”</b> A.J. starts down the ramp, only to stop to more boo’s. He slightly gives the crowd the finger, but only to be censored out on TV’s across the world. So instead he gives them the rock on sign, only to be booed again. <I>Lillian</I>: From Ontario, Canada….weighing in at 180 pounds…A.J. Blade! <b>“ What remorseless emperor commands me I no longer govern my soul I am completely immersed in darkness As I turn my body away from the sun”</b> Blade enters the ring as slow as he possibly can. Analysing the arena inside out for some strange reason. He runs up to one of the turnbuckles and climbs on top of it, staring out the crowd as he does. The music then fades away and A.J. gets ready to face his opponent. <B>J.R.:</B> And this, ladies and gentlemen, looks like it should be a good match. This youngster, A.J. Blade, is quite the aggressive athlete! Wouldn’t you say, King? <b>King:</b> Oh, you bet! I love this guy! He shows no mercy and always uses it to his advantage. El Nino can’t do anything to keep himself from getting beaten tonight. <I>The lights in the DL arena dim to an almost pitch black state as Eminem's voice is heard over the P.A system, talking rather than rapping. </I> <B>J.R.:</B> And speaking of El Nino, here comes the reigning TV Champion now! <b>Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted-In One moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?</b> *After he's finished talking, the beat of the song kick in and a curtain of fireworks rains down over the

entranceway. Fans all rise to their feet and cheer for the arrival of El Nino. A few "Nino! Nino!" chants break out as the fans await his appearance. "Lose Yourself" by Eminem continues to play over the P.A.* <b>His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud He opens his mouth, but the words won't come out He's chokin, how everybody's jokin now The clock's run out, time's up over, bloah! Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked He's so mad, but he won't give up that</b> *El Nino walks through the fireworks slowly, holding his arms above his head in an "X" as a lot of the crowd do the same. He stands on the stage for a few seconds, still posing as the strobe lighting kicks in with blue flashing lights.* <b>Is he? No He won't have it, he knows his whole back city's ropes It don't matter, he's dope He knows that, but he's broke He's so stacked that he knows When he goes back to his mobile home, that's when it's Back to the lab again yo This whole rap @#%$ He better go capture this moment and hope it don't pass him</b> *Nino walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans a exchanging a couple of words with a few of them as Howard Finkel introduces him.* <b><b>Lillian:</b> </b>Making his way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and ninety pounds, from San Diego, California...Eeeeel Ninnnooooooo! *The crowd pop at the mention of Nino's name, as "Lose Yourself" kicks into a full swing of the chorus.* <b>You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo</b> <I>Nino slides into the ring and walks over to one of the corners, proceeding to climb upto the 2nd turnbuckle. He then gives another "X" taunt as the cameras start flashing like crazy all over the arena. He then jumps off the turnbuckle and the music starts dimming down to a stop and the lights return to their normal state...</I> <B>J.R.:</B> So, now the question is, will Nino be able to successfully defend his title? <b>King:</b> Not a chance. No chance in hell, as Vince likes to say! <i>Ding ding ding!</i> Blade wastes no time and charges at Nino. Going for some kind of lazy tackle thing, Blade dives, but Nino rolls out of the way. Blade looks up and chases after Nino. They run around the ring in circles for a couple moments.

<b>King:</b> Come on, Nino! Stop being such a coward! Nino eventually breaks the cycle and runs straight towards the ropes. He hops onto the second rope, and Blade keeps going full blast – until Nino uses the rope’s leverage to backflip over his opponent! Before Blade has time to turn around, El Nino runs and nails a dropkick to the back of Blade’s left knee. Blade falls in pain. <B>J.R.:</B> There goes Nino, using his strategy. As always, he’s scouted his opponent and knows his weaknesses; in this case, Blade’s crap knee. <b>King:</b> So he’s an academic nerd who bothers studying other wrestlers! That won’t get him far. <B>J.R.:</B> Then explain why he’s the one standing right now. <b>King:</b> I, uh… err… <B>J.R.:</B> That’s what I thought – and Nino delivers a spinning leg drop to the still-downed A.J. Blade! Nino stands back up and raises his hands above his head! The fans go wild in reaction to The X Taunt. Blade starts getting back up, and Nino notices, so he stalks his opponent. As soon as Blade gets up to his feet and faces Nino, the TV Champ runs and goes for a hurricanrana – but as Nino gets his legs onto Blade’s shoulders, Blade reverses it into a nasty powerbomb! Nino’s down. Blade shouts something unintelligible, and starts nailing Nino with some mounted punches. Some of them don’t even look like they make contact. However, we can all hear Blade go “BOOSH! BOOSH! BOOSH!” with every punch. That’s nice and dramatic, don’t you think? <b>King:</b> Ha! See? I told you. Blade’s starting to turn it around. Blade decides to be even more aggressive and non-wrestlingish (is that even a word?), and just starts choking Nino with both hands. The fans don’t like this, so they boo. I mean, duh, he’s choking the guy. Anyone can do that if their opponent’s already on the ground. And seriously, the booing keeps going, because the choking keeps going. He just won’t stop. Oh, wait. This is wrestling. I should probably explain what I mean by “keeps going”. Referee Mike <b>Chioda:</b> gives Blade a 5-count, and Blade stops the choke right before the 5. ..And then, after a second or two, he does it again. This happens a good three or four times, like so: <b>Blade:</b> GAHHHH!!!! <b>Chioda</b>: 1…2…3….4…. Blade lets go. Two seconds pass, and Blade goes for the choke. Again. And so the cycle continues. The fans don’t like it, and many people turn off the TV. Way to go, A.J., you’re ruining out fanbase. Not that you ever personally had a fanbase, but I digress. Anyway, around the 5th or 6th choke, Nino starts wriggling around a lot… and gets his knees up! Remember, Blade is an idiot and still is in a mounted position on top of Nino. So, when Nino’s knees go up, he starts pushing up against Blade’s stomach. Blade, however much pain this gives him (which, in reality, isn’t really all that much), keeps choking Nino. Due to all the knee-pushing, the two start rocking back and forth.. until Nino finally pushes Blade off over him in a monkey flip! Of course, Blade finally lets go of Nino’s neck, because… well.. he just got monkey-flipped. This should be a no-brainer. <b>King:</b> Dammit! He got out of the hold!

<B>J.R.:</B> That hold was illegal, King. All the more power to him, don’t you think? <b>King:</b> …No. <B>J.R.:</B> Well, to each their own. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that the fans go nuts when Nino finally breaks the hold. <b>Fans:</b> Yay. Nino grabs the nearest turnbuckle to support himself back up, as he’s clearly been thrown off – at least for a couple moments. Think about it, he was losing air that whole time. Use logic, it makes sense. Anyways, at the same time, Blade hops back up easily, and charges at Nino. Right as Nino turns around, Blade spears him against the corner!! Immediately following the spear, Blade goes for a shoulder thrust – and another one, and another, and another. What a nice guy. Blade then lets go for a minute, looks at the crowd, and gives the “Rock on” taunt; apparently, this taunt is self-explanatory, but I don’t know what it is. So after being booed by the fans a little more, he goes back to give one other shoulder thrust… but Nino hops up right before, flips over Blade, grabs Blade by the waist, and brings him down into a sunset flip pin! <b>1! 2!</b> Blade kicks out! <B>J.R.:</B> That was a close one! And you see, that’s the kind of heart that got El Nino the Television championship in the first place. <b>King:</b> Yeah, yeah… Whatever.. Nino and Blade both take a minute to recover and get to their feet. Blade gets up first, and grabs Nino up by the hair. Once on his feet, Nino gets irish whipped into the ropes. Upon returning, Blade runs for a foot or two and hits Nino with a not-so-pretty clothesline. Crowd: OOH!!!! That’s right, it was so nasty that the crowd sang in unison, “OOH!!!!” Blade picks up Nino by the hair again, and then locks Nino’s head in between his own legs (aka a pre-powerbomb position). <B>J.R.:</B> Oh, no.. He’s going for the… <b>King:</b> …The Nightshade! That’s right, the Nightshade. Blade locks Nino’s arms. The tension rises. Finally, A.J. jumps, flips Nino, and finishes the move with the sit-out tigerbomb position!!!! The Nightshade is complete! <B>J.R.:</B> MAH GAWD! NO!! HE DID IT!!! HE LANDED THE NIGHTSHADE!!! Blade gets up to his feet, looks to the side, and then locks his eyes on the corner. El Nino is lying lifeless face-up on the mat. With a hard look in his eyes, Blade nods and heads over to the turnbuckle. Facing the crowd, he climbs up on the inside of the ring. Again he nods, his eyes still cold. <b>King:</b> Yes! This is it! Two finishers in a row! That’s the way to win a championship belt! <B>J.R.:</B> This is awful! He doesn’t deserve the title!

<b>King:</b> Stop following the rules of good guys and bad guys, J.R.! He isn’t cheating or anything! <B>J.R.:</B> Well, yeah… but… No! He’s doing it!!! Mah gawd, no!!! With his opponent lying on the mat, Blade hops backwards off the top rope, in moonsault fashion. Putting his knees out, he attempts the Death From Above; hoping to land his knees onto Nino’s chest. However, right before impact, Nino sticks his knees up – and the two fighters collide in the knees!!!!! Dayumn, that’s gotta hurt! <B>J.R.:</B> MAH GAWD! MAH GAWD MAH GAWD MAH GAWD— <b>King:</b> Shut up, J.R.! We know that was huge!! Especially since BOTH of these wrestlers have bad left knees!!! Who’s going to get up first – that is, if either of them get up.. ever?? The fans are in shock! That HAD to have hurt! Who’s going to win? Both wrestlers are on the ground, writhing in pain. However, we all know who the fans are going to cheer for. Before you know it, an arenawide chant begins. <b>Nino! Nino! Nino! Nino!</b> Indeed, the fans are on El Nino’s side. While Blade is still in pain, Nino slowly crawls his way over to the turnbuckle. <B>J.R.:</B> Wait.. No! What’s he doing?? He can’t possibly use the top rope now! Not in his condition!! I need barbecue sauce! One step, two step… three steps! El Nino climbs up to the top rope. The crowd is going nuts! Is he really going to…?? Yes! He must be going for the Natural Disaster, as he’s turning around and facing the ring! This is it! The fans are going nuts! <b>King:</b> Come on, Blade!! Get up!!! Nino hops off the top rope, backflips 270 degrees… AND LANDS SQUARE ON TOP OF BLADE!!!!! EL NINO LANDED THE NATURAL DISASTER!!! THIS HAS TO BE IT!! Nino hooks the leg!!!! <b>Chioda:</b>: <b>1!!! 2!!! …..3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b> <B>J.R.:</B> HE’S DONE IT!!!! NINO’S DONE IT!!! HE’S DEFENDED HIS TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!! The crowd goes nuts!!!! “Lose Yourself” by Eminem blares over the loudspeakers, and Nino gets up to his feet. Mike <b>Chioda:</b> hands Nino the defended Television Championship belt, and holds his right hand up in victory. <b>Lillian:</b> Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still Television Champion.. EL NIIIIIIINO!!!! Nino, title in hand, climbs up the corner and raises his hands in the air in victory, to a much-elicited crowd response. Then, to continue the fan favoritism, he puts his hands in the X taunt position, and the crowd responds with the taunt, and even more cheering. <B>J.R.:</B> Well, King, what did I tell you? I knew El Nino would win!

<b>King:</b> Yeah, well… this show isn’t over yet! We’ll be right back after this 15-minute commercial break! <i><b>FADE TO COMMERCIAL</b></i>