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Throughout Shakespeare play, the question that we all are confused with is whether Hamlet was mad or not. As Hamlet undergos turmoil, for his very own father was murdered, his mother betrayed his father, and his very own uncle killed his father for the very thought of sexual lust and desire for power and wealth. Hamlet did such great acting that some might mistaken him as truely insane, but I am not fooled. Hamlet has his aspiration for doing so, for he plans to sought revenge against his own uncle. Hamlet stimulating madness is all part of his plans, to seek out revenge for his father's bloody murder.

Hamlet reason for acting insane allows him to say and perform actions he otherwise would be prohibited from, while keeping people from taking his actions seriously. In the begginning of the play, he ask Horatio and Marcellus not to make any remarks as of his “antic disposition." Hamlet acting crazy allows himself to speak to the King, Queen and Ophelia. Acting insane also gives him vulnerbility to venting his anger out on Ophelia and her not faulting him for it. For Hamlet does truely loves Ophelia , but he is in a world of despair right now, and acting insane will remove all fault for what he say and do to her. “uncle-father and aunt-mother” are deceived in his madness. He is mad only some of the time and at other times is sane. That is quoted in the story and it just reveals to us that he is insane to people he wants to be and sane to the

others. For his sanity, it was quoted so that he could obtain "definitive proof of Claudius’s guilt." Later on in the story, Hamlet murder Polonius, while Polonius was spying on him and his mother. Acting insane, gave him an excuse to give to Laertes, and therefore he can ask for Laertes forgiveness. Also right before the play began, and right before the King came in, Hamlet warned Horatio that he will begin to act strangely. Hamlet’s madness redirects attention away from what he is thinking about his father’s death, and puts it on why he has gone insane. This allows only himself to know what he is truly thinking, does not require him to answer any questions as to why he might be acting strange, and allows him to continue to plan his assault on Claudius. His plan to maintain an appearance of a madman is an ingenious one, and the fact that he does a good job in his portrayal only makes him more ingenious, not more insane.

Additional proof that Hamlet must be sane is that even in his “madness” he is clever in his retorts and speech, and has a full understanding of the situations around him. He plays his madman characteristic very well , so none could see fault toward his plans. When he talks to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, not only is Hamlet clever enough to realize their true purpose for visiting, he tells them he is not really mad – in a manner that would be considered insane! “I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. Later on he even have them killed using his father's seal, this action cannot be for someone who is insane.

Hamlet thinks clearly and act rationally so that he can perpetrate to his plans of extracting revenge.

Hamlet thinking in the story were only hidden to the characters in the story, but the reader knows for he thinks and act way too cunning to be consider insane. When he saw king Claudius praying, he was thinking of attempting to murder him right there and now but , he thought rationally and came to the conclusion that if he murder Claudius while he was praying, his soul will go to heaven and he will not get his full revenge. He also reconsider about the ghost words toward him. He had to prove that the ghost was telling the truth and that not of a demon deceiving him. Therefore he devised a plan to test to see Claudius reaction to his set-up play. A insane man could not think like this, because an insane man would do irrational things and not even consider it once.

Hamlet can be consider a eccentric , determined man with a single thing on his mind. Through his venture for revenge, Hamlet feigned his madness so that he can carry out his revenge in a manner that will not be discovered by others. He commits no actions without reason, and he is far too astute and organized to be proclaimed mentally unstable. Hamlet’s portrayal of a madman is also very complex because it allows not only his points to be made, but in a believably insane way, which contrasts greatly with the expected ramblings of a truly insane person.

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