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Hello, my name is Sarah Mitchell and I'm here today because I wanted to congratulate everyone on what a great country we've created. Yes, we had our problems, but we got through them, right. Oh and those problems were always the other sides fault. No compromise's either because compromising was like surrendering, and surrendering was like giving up and giving up was like victory for the other side. So we had a civil war and thank the lord we did because it fixed everything. We were a little roughed up after that war, but reconstruction came and set everything straight didn't it. It put everything back exactly the way it was before, if not worse. The beginning goal of this nation was to ensure the rights of all people. Democracy, freedom, and individualism were the basis of those rights and there development together over the past centuries shows that all three working in unison, with the same level of power is ideal, but when one becomes more prominent than the other people's rights are taken away. The development of democracy, freedom, and individualism began long ago, when the first settlers started Jamestown. You see freedom here because these settlers were allowed to go seek their own lives in the new Americas. Mind you these settlers were men not women. You also see individualism because these men chose to grow tobacco over corn, showing that they are greedy and want to be rich individuals. However there is no democracy. Each man is trying to do better than the other, instead of them all working together to help each other. This ultimately leads to their down fall. Because they are trying to get ahead of the other guy they fail to see that without each other they will starve. If only they had worked together to create a balance between their individual wants, their freedom to pursue those wants and the democracy they needed to keep it all together, Jamestown would not have fallen as it did. The next item that struck my eye was a book called The Scarlet Letter. My mother gave it to me when I was a young girl. It is another perfect example of how when democracy, freedom, and

Mariah Cook

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individualism do not hold comparable levels of power within a society, people of that society will loose there rights. The democracy in the society is a small group of men from the town. The people of the town do not choose the people who are in charge, and therefore have no say in democracy. Also, it's not so much democracy as it is theocracy. These people( the puritans) follow the church and all that it says to do. Which is why there is no room for individualism or freedom to choose ones life. when Hester Pryne and Dimmsdale have a child Hester is outcast from society and forced to wear the scarlet letter A. This makes her stand out as an individual. A message to the rest of the town that individualism is not a good thing, and that people do not have freedom to do what they want. Oh and I want you to notice that the woman took the blame, not the man. So as you see, because there was not comparable levels of power between democracy, freedom, and individualism the people of the town had none. Hester lost the little rights she had and Pearl grew up without rights, even though she did nothing. Next was the cult of domesticity, that was the worst. They expected women to stay home all day with the kids, do the house chores and never step foot outside unless they were being shown off by their husbands. Oh and in order to look good for their husbands they needed more money than their husbands brought home. So they went to work in factories. Then those women who were working hard to help support their families, take care of the house, and look good for their husbands were ridiculed against. Women were also not allowed to be apart of politics(democracy), it was considered too dangerous. They obviously were allowed no since of individualism without criticism and they really had no freedoms. There was no balance between democracy, freedom, and individualism within the cult of domesticity. Which is what led women like myself to speak up. There was a short story that I read called “Dr. Heidegger's experiment.” The woman in the story is looked down upon for the bad things she had done in her past, when she's old. However when she becomes young again, the three men there forget her past and only notice her beauty. This story helps illustrate how much women were looked at for their beauty and not for what they could truly

Mariah Cook accomplish. Which is why they had to look good for their husbands in public.

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So, like I said we have had our problems and I am sure we will have our fair share in the future, but for now we need to focus on the fact that our original problems are not gone. The civil war was a good effort towards what needs to happen however the reconstruction process, led us right back to where we were. We were not united and we were not able to come up with a compromise so we let things go back to the way they were before the war. Truthfully things now are worse than they were before the war. We need to come up with a way to give democracy, freedom, and individualism all the same amount of leverage among all of the people of the United States of America because if we don't we are going to be divided forever. Thank you.

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