“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

” Oscar Wilde “Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? Is it because we're not the person involved?” Mark Twain “Understanding is a three-edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.” Captain John Sheridan, BABYLON 5 “I don't want to cause a lot of injuries unnecessarily. All those who don't like visiting the doctor should retreat now.” Himura Kenshin “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein “I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them.” Pablo Picasso “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting.” E.E. Cummings “No. A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use to speak of it, this is its true nature. What Miss Kaoru says are the words of one who has never dirtied her hands. An idealistic joke. But, I like Miss Kaoru’s idealism better than its true nature. If one can ask so much, I want the world to accept this joke as its true nature.” Himura Kenshin “I forgot to say one thing. Hitokiri Battousai’s style of fighting is not that of the Kamiya Kasshin School. It’s an old style of kenjutsu which arose in the Sengoku era, designed to face several opponents at once. Its name is Hiten Mitsurugi. And without the reverse blade, it is slaughter with deadly swiftness.” Himura Kenshin “The sword is a lethal weapon; the sword skill is the skill of killing, no matter how beautiful the words you use to call it, killing is still the fact.” Himura Kenshin “Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu...it’s been some time since I taught it to anyone, especially since my stupid pupil left me. But since you’re asking, I’ll tell you some stuff about it. Keep in mind, it was originally founded to protect the people from national fear and tyranny. Only a swordsman who has no loyalties can use this form. Which is one major reason why I’m mad at my stupid pupil. He joined the Ishin Shishi hoping he could create a new, peaceful era. But now, he tries to follow a silly dream of not killing. He’s a seriously dense guy, you gotta admit.”

Thus. a child will become timid if he is scolded severely. Furthermore. it remains a lifetime scar. a man can divide his mind into three parts: he should throw out those thoughts that are evil. You can in this manner defend yourself in time of war. It’s like the black ship on the shore!” Hiko Seiyuro “Learning is to a man as the leaves and branches are to a tree. take up those ideas that are good. and.Hiko Seiyuro “Listen! Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is the most powerful style. and it can be said that he should not be without it. it can be overcome by 100 spears each worth 100 pieces. Therefore. that ‘amateuristic martial arts are a source of serious wounds. though he lacks the knowledge of a single Chinese character. with commercial popularization and profiteering on the part of both those who teach the science and those who study it. regardless of his rank or class. or to have them not go into dark places. . From the time of infancy one should encourage bravery and avoid trivially frightening or teasing the child. but is rather something that we study to integrate with our own way of life.” Asakura Toshikage "Bello vel Pace Paratus" Prepared in War or in Peace.” Yamamoto Tsunetomo “Do not excessively covet swords and daggers made by famous masters. It is a mistake for parents to thoughtlessly make their children dread lightening. use the 10.’” Miyamoto Musashi “There is a way of bringing up the child of a samurai. If a person is affected by cowardice as a child. As for those who are learned in other matters. at the end of that time he will be much the better.000 pieces to procure 100 spears. will in a month know 30 precepts. Even if you can own a sword or dagger worth 10. if in a year he learns 300 precepts. first acquaints himself with a man of military feats and achievements in loyalty. in listening to just one of his dictums each day. as someone said. One who is born into the house of a warrior.” Takeda Shingen “The field of martial arts is particularly rife with flamboyant swordsmanship. however. and become intimate with his own wisdom… I would honor and call wise the man who penetrates this principle. and that’s why any side you’re on will win. and arm 100 men with them. or to tell them frightening things in order to stop them from crying. I would avoid them regardless of how deep their knowledge might be. Needless to say.000 pieces. That is how shallow and untalented this monk is. The result of this must be. Learning is not only reading books. Arcturus Mengsk’s speech for his inauguration as the 1st Emperor of the Terran Dominion.

lucha por la paz.” De una película de samurai que no me acuerdo el nombre ”No luches por conocer al enemigo.” ”Guess you wouldn't be a Confederate if you weren't a complete pain in the ass. already many of the dissident factions have joined us.a memory. Unprecedented and unimaginable though they may be.. We have seen our homes and villages destroyed by the calculated blows of the Protoss We have seen first hand our friends and loved ones consumed by the nightmarish Zerg. to set aside our long-standing feuds and unite. Let no human deny the perils of our time. y todos aquellos que pasen por encima de la ley serán castigados por mi. for we shall win through. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole capitulating only to a single throne. threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished It is time for us as nations and as individuals. With our enemies left unchecked. who will you turn to for protection? The devastation wrought by the alien invaders is self-evident. While we battle one another. mantente frió y calculador en todo momento. no matter the cost. la venganza no es un móvil valido..whatever semblance of unity and protection it once provided is a phantom. let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning. esto no es una venganza.” El Monje ”Si quieres paz prepárate para la guerra. The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us. and we must seek refuge on higher ground. lucha por conocerte a ti mismo.” Un dicho que les hacen memorizar en latín a los marines americanos y que también menciona The Punisher en varias ocasiones . concéntrate solo en el enemigo o perderás el combate. divided by the petty strife of our common history. yo soy The Punisher. lest we be swept away by the flood.In unity lies strength. And let no man consort with alien powers.” The Punisher ”Que la venganza no te ciegue.. no luches por la guerra. The Confederacy is no more .” Jim Raynor “La justicia a veces es ineficaz y para hacer el bien hay que pasar por encima de esta. the tide of greater conflict is turning against us.”Fellow Terrans. to rally to a new banner . my fellow Terrans. And from that throne I shall watch over you. The time has come. esto es un castigo. I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. From this day forward let no human make war upon any other human. and to all the enemies of humanity seek not to bar our way. these are the signs of our time. solo una respuesta emocional..

cannot be considered a gentleman. all of his defences come down. However. and once you become his friend.” Confucius “For the ordinary person life and death are the most important in the life.” Proverbio chino “To promote the sense of morality one must treat others with faithfulness and sincerity based on righteousness.” To All Samurai Kato Kazuenokami Kiyomasa “Lo que se oye se olvida. for the virtuous person to and live and die for righteousness is far more important than life and death themselves. Lo que se hace se aprende. first you must become his friend.“To come to know your enemy. Prudence without courtesy can be rather cowardish. Lo que se ve se recuerda.” Confucius “No matter how small it is you should not do what you realize is wrong. and whoever lacks sincerity in his words.” Yu Bee . and to eliminate completely vicious thinking. Frankness without courtesy can be rather ruthless.” Tokugawa Ieyasu “Natsu gusa ya Tsuwamono domo ga yume no ato Summer grass: Of stalwart warrior's splendid dreams. Thus it is essential to engrave This business of the warrior into one's mind well. Respectfulness without courtesy can make the recipient rather uncomfortable. On the other hand you must do what is right no matter how small it may seem. Courageousness without courtesy can be rather violent. it will be difficult for him to die a brave and manly death. Then you can choose the most fitting method for his demise.” Mencius “Propriety must be practiced for the proper development of personality. the aftermath” Matsuo Basho “If a man does not investigate into the matter of Bushido daily.

no. Kappa mo kawa nagare .” Mark Twain . and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot. he does the thing he ought not to do. he doesn't do the thing he ought to do.Even a kappa can get carried away by the river. the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before.“The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you. The best swordsman in the world doesn't need to fear the second best swordsman in the world. to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters. “There are some things that can beat smartness and foresight? Awkwardness and stupidity can. to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears.” Ghengis Khan I no naka no kawazu taikai wo shirazu .A frog in a well doesn’t know the ocean. and so the expert isn't prepared for him.

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