Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV

Dr. Reinhold Voll and his German medical colleagues charted a comprehensive meridian system based on empirical acu-points that showed abnormal readings in response to known medical pathologies. EAV research provided much valuable understanding of the therapeutic effects of microcurrents on the human body. Voll described the specific therapeutic characteristics of microcurrent therapy as follows : spasmolysis and tonification of the smooth muscles of the arterial and venous blood vessels, the large lymph vessels, and the hollow organs such as the stomach, intestines, gall bladder and urinary bladder. (These effects are necessary to relieve stasis and constrictions.) tonification of elastic fibers, as is required in problems of lung capacity such as emphysema and some cases of asthma reduction of inflammatory processes by reducing exudative processes and accelerating 2 cicatrisation reduction of incipient degenerative processes by promoting normal fluid transfer in and between the cells, as well as normal functioning of connective tissues and fascia (He stated that the early stages of scleroses, fibroses, cirrhoses, indurations and malignancies could be corrected with low frequency currents, yet advanced conditions would require drug or surgical treatment.) restoration of polarization in the nerves (Energy is required to maintain ionic equilibrium between the cell interior and interstitial fluids, and deficiency conditions can fail to make enough energy available for this vital balance. Lack of equilibrium can lead to chronic pain, stiffness and disability. Microcurrents can add the energy that may be lacking.) stimulus of ATP in injured muscles (When cellular ATP production is inadequate, chronic muscle tension and contraction is the result. Microcurrent therapies can significantly increase ATP levels in the cells. ) For a list of research abstracts on the therapeutic effects of microcurrent, see http://www.eastwestmed.com/research.php a

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