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After Again Age Bathe Beat Big Book Call Catch Close Cloth Come Complete Cough Cry Do Drink Don’t want Eat Stand Start Stitch Stop Swallow

Enough Fall Fast Film Get up Give Go Good It is Keep Lie down Lift Listen Make Marriage Matchbox Much Name Needle Take Tell Turn Wait Walk

New No Often Open Pen Possible Push Put Read Road Run See Show Sit Sleep Small Smile Speak Spit Want Work Write Yes


NUMBERS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 200 300 400 TIME Second Minute Hour Day Year Morning Evening Night Tomorrow Yesterday Today Day before yesterday Day after tomorrow 500 600 700 800 900 1000 Lakh Crore 1/4 1 1/4 1/2 2 1/2 3/4 1 3/4 2 3/4 4 3/4



Month DIRECTIONS Side Right Left

Date PLACES Place Home Village ANIMALS Bullock Cat Cow

{ÉCEò¨É ´É±ÉnÖ <b nÖ

>ð®ú ´ÉÒbÖ OÉɨɨÉÂ

¨ÉÉbÖ , EòɱÉè {ÉÚxÉè ¨ÉÉbÖ , {ɺÉÖ


Up Down Front Back Middle In Out District City Town Country Mountain Upstairs Shop DAYS OF THE WEEK Dog Fly Mosquito Pig Rat Scorpion Snake Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday RELATIONS Relative Mother Father Grand mother Grand father Husband Wife Uncle Aunt (Father) Aunty (Mother) Elder brother Younger brother EDIBLES Bitterguard Brinjal Buttermilk Chicken Chilly and spices Curd Greens Guava Ladies finger Milk Mutton Orange Sweet lime Tamarind Tomato Veg. / Non-Veg. Vegetable Water Elder sister Younger sister Boy (Son) Girl (Daughter) Child Fish Food Fruit Rice Salt Sugar Wheat [3] .

COLOURS Black Blue Brown Green Grey Red PARTS OF THE BODY Abdomen Back Body Bone Chest Ear Eye Face Finger Hair Hand Head Heart Joint Knee Leg Mouth Muscle INTERROGATION What When Now Then Where Here There Who Why Which This That PRONOUNS I You He She They His Her We Your Him This / That Me By you By him With you With him To me To you How How many How much This way That way Is it true? Nail Neck Nerve Nose Skin Throat Tongue Tooth Waist White Yellow [4] .

Lie down. Stand there. Bend down / Bear down Bend your legs. Don’t move your hand.INSTRUCTIONS After test. Look down / up Look here. [5] . Separate your legs Show. Say ‘ah’. Sit up. Open your mouth. Blood donation. Squat. Remove your shirt. Look straight. Look at the light. Cough. Get up. Lift your hand. Ask Sister. Can you feel? Close your eyes. Breathe normally. Show your teeth. Eat thrice. Do like this. Breathe in and out. Stand. Hold below thighs. get the report.

Stop breathing. Walk. Swallow. We have to do your blood test. What’s the time? [6] . Straighten legs. Turn to your side. Stretch your tongue.

CHAPTER . What is your name? What is your age? What is your address? What work do you do? Ans: Labour How much do you earn per day? What is your religion? What is your caste? Are you married? HISTORY OF PRESENTING COMPLAINTS What is the difficulty? Tell in an order? How long is this difficulty? Were you perfectly well before that? How did the trouble start? What happened next? How do you feel now? Have you shown to Doctor? Have you taken medicine? Is that all? TREATMENT HISTORY [7] . Be seated.II : HISTORY TAKING GENERAL INTRODUCTION (For all cases) Welcome.

DM.PAST HISTORY Diabetes Mellitus? Hypertension? Tuberculosis? Treatment? Leprosy? Operations? Blood transfusion? Allergy? PERSONAL HISTORY How is the sleep? How is your appetite? How is your micturition? How is your bowels? Addictions: Alcohol? Tobacco? Betel? Smoking? FAMILY HISTORY Anybody at home has TB. etc.? Anybody at home has similar problems? In the neighbourhood? Mother/Father healthy? [8] . HT.

SYMPTOMATOLOGY (Common to all cases) PAIN ( Site Severity Type: Throbbing Pricking Dull ache Colicky Shooting Timing Aggravating factors Associated factors (Fever) Relieving factors Radiation (Spread) Referred pain FEVER ( Get fever? Low grade / High grade Timing How many times? ) ) ABDOMEN ( Nausea Vomiting Projectile ) [9] .

tarry stools Large.Food particles Bilious First time Dysphagia Passing flatus Flatulence Belching Heartburn Diarrhoea Dysentery Cholera Worms in the stools Straining at stools (Constipation) Mucus in stools Black. offensive stools Pale stools Fullness after food Abdominal pain Abdominal lump Hematemesis Malaena/Bleeding per rectum Jaundice Tiredness RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Cough Cold Cough with expectoration Hemoptysis Breathlessness [ 10 ] (Air) .

breathlessness. nausea.Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea (During sleep) At rest After slight work Orthopnoea Chest pain Wheeze Evening rise of temperature Weight loss Hemoptysis Cough with expectoration Foreign body aspiration Nasal discharge Allergy to dust In childhood - Measles Whooping cough CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Cough with expectoration. chest pain. vomit Sore throat Joint pains Involuntary movements (Choria) Petechial hemorrhage Refer ‘CNS’ Refer ‘Abdomen’ Refer ‘Respiratory System’ [ 11 ] . hemoptysis Palpitations Syncopal attacks Pedal edema Puffiness of face Distention of abdomen.

Hematuria Hemiplegia Cyanotic spells Squatting episodes Hoarseness of voice Refer ‘Renal’ Refer ‘CNS’ CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM MOTOR Able to lift above head Able to use the arm for eating Able to use arm for toilet purposes Writing possible Climbing stairs Squatting Running Walking Standing without support Involuntary movements SENSORY Tingling numbness Feeling hot and cold Feel the ground while walking on the ground BLADDER Feeling sensation of bladder fullness Initiation as soon as desired Control once desire has occurred Complete evacuation. CRANIAL NERVES [ 12 ] .

Refer ‘ENT’ Refer ‘Ophthalmology’ HIGHER FUNCTIONS Headache. Urine passes without warning. Blood in urine. Increased frequency. vertigo. nasal twang. At end. Throughout. Timitus. Not urinating. Incontinence of urine/stools. Dribbling of saliva from angle of mouth.Sensation of smell. Straining retards stream. Tongue bite. SURGICAL LUMP ( Duration Mode of onset Trauma Was it small in size first? Did it grow in size to present size? Did it get ulcerated? Refer ‘History’ ) (every now and then) [ 13 ] . Vomiting. Convulsion / Epilepsy Aura before convulsions. At beginning. Straining improves stream. RENAL SYSTEM Back swelling relieved by passing urine. deafness. Dribbling. Vision. Unconsciousness. Diplopia. hoarse voice.

. STD) (woman) (near) (contact) CARCINOMA TONGUE. LIP Sepsis of mouth Teeth fell off Tooth broken Saliva THYROID SWELLING Palpitation / Dyspnoea / Dysphagia CVS / RS / ABD.Any other lumps anywhere? Does the swelling reduce in size? Loss of weight? ULCER Discharge . Chest / abdominal pain. Do you continue to walk? Pain relieved by hanging leg below bed.Serum (watery) Pus Bloody Mucoid Abscess / boil Present since birth PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE Are you able to walk? Cramp. Failure in erection. CHEEK. Transient ischaemic attacks. (wife . Hemiplegia.with . Pain disappears on stopping. pain. After walking certain distance. [ 14 ] Refer CVS / ABDOMEN (Paralysis) ( ).union) History of contact (Syphilis..

Persistent cough Previous operation Operation under GA Operation under LA PENIS CASE Tightness of foreskin over glans Swelling of glans on micturition Pain during micturition. ORTHOPAEDICS FRACTURE ( Can you walk? Powder cast Difficulty in movement ) { Refer ‘Resp.’ Refer ‘O & G’ HERNIA (Refer ‘Lump’) Disappears on lying down.Hoarseness of voice Tolerance to cold Tolerance to heat Excessive sweating BREAST CARCINOMA Pain in the breast before menses Hip pain Nipple discharge Greenish How much Jaundice Bone pain Spinal pain Lungs Menstrual history Refer ‘Resp.’ Refer ‘Pers.Hist.’ [ 15 ] . Sys. Sys.

flame .. (At birth .shown and given) At what month? Antenatal history Bottle feed Cow’s milk Mother’s milk Colostrum given or not? Weaning Milestones ..C.Fall of load/ weight on body Fall from height While falling...when did he first .injection . tried to catch an object Fracture or broken bone Sinus Discharge of bony spicules Force of injury Whether limb was bent at time of fall Whether able to get up after injury? Limp PAEDIATRICS Thirst Immunisation Oral polio vaccine B. Sit up Smile Walk Talk Consanguineous marriage How are you related? Refer ‘O & G’ [ 16 ] .G.

micturition Bleeding per vaginum Symptoms of PIH Refer earlier.’ Refer earlier.Dog bite Measles Chicken pox How big rash Containing PREGNANCY Periods / Menses Gravida Live children Last menstrual period During pregnancy (1st trimester) Any drug intake Any irradiation (current. When did movements start? Can you feel movements? TT given? Labour pain started Leaking P/V Was baby born at term Abortions? Spontaneous Induced Spontaneous vaginal delivery Caesarean section Forceps / vacuum (instrumental) Whether child was born dead or macerated [ 17 ] . bowels. Refer ‘Gynaec. X-ray) Any distress Vomiting. photo.

MENSTRUAL HISTORY Age at Menarche Regular cycles No. of pads used Flow Whether passing clots Dysmenorrhea Does it put off her work Inter-menstrual discharge LMP Menopause Age at 1 st child No. of years married COMPLAINTS (GYNAEC.) White discharge per vaginum Mass descending P/V Mass abdomen / Pain abdomen Refer ‘Abdomen’ [ 18 ] .Duration of labour pain Weight of baby Birth anoxia Breech / Head came first Congenital anomalies Family history of multiple pregnancy Manual removal of baby Contracted pelvis Post-partum bleeding Contraception Oral contraceptive pills IUCD Tubectomy Any other method (condoms. of days No. etc) GYNAECOLOGY .

Post-coital bleeding Bleeding per vaginum Continuous flow of urine OPHTHALMOLOGY Can you see? Tears Is vision reduced? Sudden Progressive Coloured haloes Diplopia Polyopia (shadows) Photophobia Watering Redness Black spots Itching Not opening Injury Lens Since birth Visual defect Near Distant E. Ear Nose Throat Can you hear? [ 19 ] .T.N.

Right ear Left ear Which ear? Tinnitus Earache Discharge Foul smelling Vertigo Nasal obstruction Bleeding Nasal intonation Mouth breathing Sore throat Recurrent Difficulty in swallowing Cold Hoarseness of voice (hoarseness) [ 20 ] .

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