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“Consumer Buying Behaviour and their Post Purchase Behaviour to Light Commercial Vehicle segment with reference to Mahindra & Mahindra”


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M.B.A. III Sem
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Session- 2010-2012


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I, ANUPRAVESH, student of MBA III semester, Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology,Jhansi, hereby solemnly declare that the project report titled “Consumer buying behavior and their post purchase behavior in the Light Commercial Vehicle segment with special reference to Mahindra & Mahindra” is the out come of my own research and prepared by me & under the guidance of Mr. Shashank Gurudev (Faculty, Management) and the same has not been submitted to any other university or institute for the award of any degree or diploma.

ANUPRAVESH MBA-III SEM Roll No. 1004370005

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We would like to avail the opportunity to express our gratitude towards Mr. Pankaj Malik (Sales Manager) and Mr. Arun Kaushik (Team leader) for providing data about the Light Commercial Vehicle with reference to Mahindra &Mahindra. My sincere appreciation and thanks to Dr. Suman Yadav (H.O.D., BIET) and whose guidance and encouragement has made it possible to Complete this work. I am especially thankful to my faculty of marketing Mr. Shashank Gurudev who always encouraged and inspired to improve the work at various stages. Last but not the least; we express profound gratitude towards all the people who have directly or indirectly contributed towards completion of the project work.

I hereby declare that this is my original piece of work.


I took the initiative to analyze. Diversity of focus Diversity of method Diversity of consumer Diversity of view points . a real life experience. Hence the part of challenge in preparing this report was a fact that the field of ―Consumer Behavior‖ regarding after purchase is dynamic and its research in prolific. This report is committed to the spirit of diversity.Page |4 PREFACE Under the industrial training I was required to prepare a project on ―Consumer Buying Behaviour and their Post Purchase Behaviour to Light Commercial Vehicle segment with reference to Mahindra & Mahindra. Keeping this in mind and confidence in hard.” It was the test of transforming theory into a practical i.e.

a car dealership‘s present day efforts must be directed not merely at satisfying customers. Most researchers assume that the better commercial vehicle performs the more satisfied to owner would be. The spectram of customer satisfaction efforts today was unheard of a mere five years ago.Page |5 To make the result as accurate and comprehensive as . product quality. like the sales process.These incentives rise to a crescendo during festive seasons with overseas trips . but at virtually delighting customer – to ensure both repeat business as well as . where there is a direct link between performance and satisfaction. Rate acceleration is an example of the first type of performance. while ranking the contenders. the study covered various aspects of the ownership experience. in order to maintain sales levels . Satisfaction also depends on which part of the vehicle performing well. product performance and design. A range of attractive offers awaits him . cost of ownership and brand image. The Customer is now Truly King Starved of choice for so long.along with a customer ‗s new car .television sets and the like on offer . How even that is not always the case. the Indian car buyer now has plenty . The customer now wants immediate attention. quick service and value for money products . after sales service. as both manufacturers and dealers offer prise competitiveness though special schemes and incentives . Thus .

The car salesman‘s new role must be that of a relationship manager. the person he deals with is .dealership must then have broad vision and look at these people as business partners rather than as staff. exchange deals and servicing requirements – in order to be a one point contact between dealership and customer . He must be educated on all parameters of the dealership – product information . . “customer service means getting to the cause of customer problems rather than symptoms”.Page |6 recommendations . these must be bolstered through regular training programmes. Once the right people are found and the right mindset is achieved. In fact. loan requirements . the biggest challenge facing auto dealership in the new millennium is recruiting. developing and retaining people with the right attitude . since to the latter . Herein lies in whole new area of investment for a car dealership – customer relationship management on an ongoing basis – to retain customers. in essence . The focus must be the fact that the customer is the sole reason for the very existence of the dealership. training . the entire dealership . to win new customers. to envision what customers will want tomorrow and give it to them today.

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Consumer post purchase behavior. . Understanding from customer‘s satisfaction Major problems faced by customers.Page |8 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (A Brief overview of the study) The study was carried out at Meerut. To suggest the most suitable media for educating the consumer about the new product. The projections were made on the basis of a set of assumption and policy statement as practiced by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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Analysis Of Findings 8. Objective of the study 3. Research Methodology 8.P a g e | 10 CONTENTS 1. Research objective 7. Introduction a. About topic : Page 21-42 b.Annexures     Questionaire: Page 114-116 Addresses of contacted persons: Page 117-118 Company Literature : Page 119-121 Product Literature: Page 122-123 Page :: 67-77 Page :: 78-82 Page ::83-85 Page :: 86-86 Page ::87-88 Page :: 89-100 Page ::101-102 Page::103-104 Page ::105-107 Page ::108-109 Page ::110-123 Page ::6-7 Page :: 12-13 Page ::54-64 . Company profile : Page 43-64 4. Findings 9.Bibliography 12. Mahindra exclusive product 5. Executive Summary 2. Limitations 10. Conclusions 9.Recommendations 11. SWOT Analysis 6.

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Level of customer satisfaction Page-100 Page-34 Page-24 .Behaviour of management and staff Page-99 11. Various motivating factors in making purchase decision Page-91 3. Chance of buying Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle Page-92 4. Who customer rate Mahindra offering Page-94 6. What customer see at the time of purchasing vehicle Page-98 10. Major problems faced by Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle Page-96 8. Stage model of the consumer buying model ANALYSIS OF FINDINGS 1. Brand awareness among the consumer based on 1st response Page-90 2. Quality provide by service centre Page-95 7. Price charged by the service of servicing and spare parts Page-97 9.P a g e | 12 LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES INTRODUCTION 1. Trend of Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle Page-93 5. Basis for segmentation of vehicle 2.

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P a g e | 14 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY To study the position of commercial vehicle in Meerut Consumers to forecast the consumer‘s requirement and study consumer‘s preference by collecting the data through questionnaire.  The core area of consumer‘s preference  The consumer‘s post purchase behavior. In Brief this project focuses on the objectives that:  Status of the commercial vehicle in the city of Meerut.  The level of customer satisfaction.  It also focuses on the requirements of consumer‘s for the commercial vehicle.  The major problems faced by consumers. .

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P a g e | 16 THE STUDY OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR The study of consumer Behaviour is the study of how individuals made decisions to spend their available resources (time. using evaluating. why they buy it. Consumer behaviour research goes for beyond these facets of consumer bahaviour and encompasses all of the behaviours that consumers display in searching for. state. purchasing. how often they buy it. and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. The personal consumer buys goods and services for his or her own use. where they buy it. effort) on consumption related items. and how often they use it. when they buy it. money. consumer researchers also are interested in how individuals dispose of their once new purchase. The second category of consumer – the organizational consumer – includes profit and not – for – profit businesses. It includes the study of what they buy. and . What features do they look for ? What benefits do they seek ? How likely are they to replace their old models when new models with added features become available. government agencies (local. In addition to studying consumer uses and post purchase evaluations of the products they buy. The term consumer is often used to describe two different kinds of consuming entities. the personal consumer and the organizational consumer. who are referred to as end users or ultimate consumers. The goods are bought for final use by individuals.

prison). The person who makes a product purchase is not always the user. . the reasons why people study consumer behaviour are also diverse. Buyers are not always the users. nor do they necessarily make the product selection decisions themselves. of every age and background. consumers. all of which must buy products. they must identify the person who is most likely to influence the decision – who may be neither the buyer not the user. of the product they buy. Marketers must decide at whom to direct their promotional efforts. schools. of the product in question. wiser.P a g e | 17 national). we benefit from insights into our own consumption – related decisions what we buy. as marketers. how we buy. the buyer or the user. For some products. The field of consumer behaviour holds great interest for us as consumers. why we buy. The study of consumer behaviour enables us to become better. and the promotional influences that persuade us to buy. or the only users. and as students of human behaviour. or both. Nor is the purchaser necessarily the person who makes the product decision.g. and institutions (e. and services in order to run their organizations. hospitals. or the only user. for it involves every individual. user. in the role of either buyer. As consumers. that is. End – use consumption is perhaps the most pervasive of all types of consumer behaviour. Why We Study Consumer Behaviour Just as consumers and marketers are diverse. equipment.

If marketers understand consumer behaviour. The initial thrust of consumer research was from a managerial perspective : marketing managers wanted to know the specific causes of consumer behaviour. and are able to shape their marketing strategies accordingly. many early theories concerning consumer behaviour were based on economic theory on the notion that individuals act rationally to maximize their benefits (satisfactions) in the purchase of goods and services. This approach has come to be known as positivism. with gaining insights into why individuals act in certain consumption – related ways and with learning what inernal and external influences – related human bahaviour has led to a diversity of theoretical approaches to its study. Without doubt. Consumer behaviour was a relatively new field of study in the mid-to-late 1960s. marketers who understand consumer behaviour have great competitive advantage in the marketplace.P a g e | 18 As markers and future marketers. so that we can make better strategic marketing decisions. it is important for us to recognize why and how individuals make their consumption decisions. Interpretivists have . they are able to predict how consumers are likely to react to various informational and environmental cues. we are concerned with understanding consumer behaviour. and consumer researchers primarily concerned with predicting consumer behaviour are known as positivists. The study of consumer behaviour form the point of view of understanding consumption behaviour and the meaning behind such behaviour is called interpretivism (sometimes referred to as postmodernism). As students of human behaviour.

of play. tends to be qualitative and based on small samples. even of the sensory pleasures that certain products and services provide. on the other hand. The early consumer researchers. emotions. and to conduct research studies that can be generalized to larger populations. the role of fantasy. The Role of Consumer Research : Consumer research is the methodology used to study consumer behaviour. Because of its focus on the consumption experience. to seek causes for behaviour. the interpretive approach is also known as experimentalism. Broadly speaking positivists and to be objective and empirical. were largely positivist in their approach. in research methodology between the positivist approach and the interpretive approach. Given the fact that there are two major theoretical perspectives concerning the study of consumer behaviour it is not surprising to find that there is a divergence in theoretical assumptions and to some extent. and types of situations on consumer behaviour. The research done by interpretivists. with their strategic management perspective.P a g e | 19 expanded the boundaries of study to include many subjective aspects of consumer behaviour. such as the efforts of modes. of rituals. meanings. Many interpretivists consider each purchase experience unique because of the diverse set of variables at play at that one particular moment in time. . Although they tend to view each consumption situation as unique and nonreplicable. interpretivists seek to find common pattern of operative values. and behaviour across consumption situations.

prices. channels. use. messages. personal and psychological factors. product features. Not understanding your customers motivations. buy. or experiences to satisfy their needs and desires. They may not be in touch with their deeper motivations. The field of consumer behaviour studies how individuals. Understanding consumer behaviour and knowing customers is never simple. . ideas. Studying customers provides clues for developing new products. social. services. and other marketing mix elements. and organizations select. needs. Influencing buyer behaviour : A consumer's buying behaviour is influenced by cultural. Customers may say one thing but do another. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants.P a g e | 20 Ethics in Marketing : The primary purpose for studying consumer behaviour as part of a marketing curriculum is to understand why and how consumers make their purchase decisions. groups. and preferences can hurt. and dispose of goods.

interests. racial groups. recreational preferences and many other. and behaviours through his or her family and other key institutions. and value orientation – rather than by single variable. wealth. it takes the form of social classes. and social class are particularly important in buying behaviour. Social classes have several chrematics. and behaviour. income. More frequently. and geographic regions. occupation. Each culture consists of smaller subcultures that provide more specific identification and socialization for their members. Subcultures include nationalities. Third. education. preferences. Social classes differ in dress. those within each class tend to behave more alike than persons from two different social classes. The extent of this mobility varies according to how rigid the social stratification is in a given society. Second. Culture is the fundamental determinate of a person's wants and behaviour. religions. relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society. speech patterns. Virtually all human societies exhibit social stratification. persons are perceived as occupying inferior or superior positions according to social class.P a g e | 21 Cultural factors : Culture. perceptions. . individuals can move up or down the social — class ladder during their lifetimes.for example. social class is indicated by a cluster of variables . The growing child acquires a set of values. which are hierarchically ordered and whose members share similar values. First. Fourth. subculture. Stratification sometimes takes the form of a caste system where the members of different castes are reared for certain roles and cannot change their caste membership.

professional. family. Some membership groups are primary groups. A person's reference groups consist of all the groups that have a direct (face-to. such as family. and automobiles. The family is the most important consumer . such as religious. and social roles and statuses. and family members constitute the most influential primary reference group. The family has been researched extensively. with whom the person interacts fairly continuously and informally. home furnishings. Groups having a direct influence on a person are called membership groups. Reference groups expose an individual to new behaviours and lifestyles and incluence attitudes and self-concept they create pressures for conformity that may affect actual product and brand choices.buying organization kin society. and co-workers. and trade – union groups. including clothing.face) or indirect on the person's attitudes or behaviour. People are significantly influenced by their reference groups in at least three ways. which tend to more formal and require less continuous interaction. neighours. The family or orientation consists of parents and . Social Factors : In addition to cultural factors. a consumer's behaviour is influenced by such social factors as reference groups. Reference groups appear to strongly influence both product and brand choice only in the case of automobiles and colour television. People also belong to secondary groups.P a g e | 22 Social classes show distinct product and brand preferences in many areas. friends. We can distinguish between two families in the buyer's life. leisure activities.

People choose products that communicate . People buy different goods and services over a lifetime. savings and interest rates. and time pattern). Marketers must be aware of the status – symbol potential of products and brands. debts. borrowing power. A more direct influence on everyday buying behaviour is the family of procreation namely. organizations. Each role carries a status. stability. clubs.P a g e | 23 siblings. Company presidents often drive Mercedes. Product choice is greatly affected by economic circumstances : spend able income (level. A Supreme Court justice has more status than a sales manager. wear expensive suits. marketers can take steps to redesign. nine stages of the family life cycle are listed in along with the financial situation and typical product interests of each group. A person participates in many groups – family. self-worth. politics. Consumption is shaped by the family life cycle. and economics and a sense of personal ambition. . A role consists of the activities a person is expected to perform. reposition and re-price their products so they to offer value to target customers. and attitudes toward spending and saving. and drink Chivas Regal Scotch. and love. one's spouse and children. The person's position in each group can be defined in terms of role and status.their role and status in society. savings and assets (including the percentage that is liquid). and a sales manager has more status than an office clerk. From parents a person acquires an orientation toward religion. Marketers of income . If economic indicators point to a recession.sensitive goods continuously monitor trends in personal income. Occupation also influences consumption patterns.

autonomy. perception. The idea is that brands also have personalities and that consumers are likely to choose brands whose personalities match their own. we mean a set of distinguishing human psychological traits lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to environmental stimuli. .P a g e | 24 People from the same subculture. Personality can be a useful variable in analyzing consumer brand choice. The segmentation system is based on responses to a questionnaire featuring 4 demographic and 35 attitudinal questions. and opinions. and occupation may lead quite different lifestyles. A lifestyle is a person's pattern of living in the world as expressed in activities. social class. and beliefs and attitudes. adults into eight primary groups based on psychological attributes and key demographics. dominance. By personality. and adaptability. Personally is often described in terms of such traits as self-confidence. sociability. A person's buying choices are influenced by four major psychological factors – motivation. We define brand personality as the specific mix of human traits that may be attributed to a particular brand. interests. learning. VALS classifies all U. Lifestyle portrays the "whole person" interacting with his or her environment. deference. Each person has personally characteristics that influence his or her buying behaviour.S. defensiveness.

P a g e | 25 Thus in conclusion I can say that consumer behaviour deals with following questions? What they buy ? Why they buy it ? When they buy it ? Where they buy it ? How often they buy it ? How often they use it ? What features do they look for ? What benefit do they seek ? .

P a g e | 26 Stage Model of the Consumer Buying Process Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation of alternatives Purchase Decision Postpurchase Behaviour .

The 1990's have been truly momentous yeas for the Indian Automobile industry. based on import substitution. The first passenger car in the India was made in early 1940's and India has one of the oldest Automobile Industries in Asia. During the first of the 1990's the Indian Automobile Industry experienced fairly rapid rates of growth." many multinational OEMs have invested in auto manufacturing facilities in India. It has deep forward and backward linkages with the rest of the economy. Whereas this deceleration may be related to . as well as in India. By the beginning of the second half. Moreover attract by "India's burgeoning middle class.72 billion and accounting for nearly 8%. The auto sector has received the maximum share. Moreover it is the leader in the product and process technologies. however. there were clear signs of deceleration in growth. influenced by global forces of change comprising environmental imperatives. of the total FDI flow into India. and hence a strong multiplier effects. customer preference and competitive pressures. for two wheeler and light commercial vehicles from 1940 to1990 and for passenger cars between 1940 and till the mid 1980's after the liberalisation of the Indian economy in 1991 the investment climate in India has improved.P a g e | 27 The Indian Automobile Industry Growth Driver of the Economy Globally. the Automobile Industry is one of the largest industries. Rs. The Automotive Policy was inward looking Policy.47. safety requirements.

overcapacity and fierce competition. customer preference and technology improvements. The Indian Automobile industry has been characterised by a high degree of concentration and a dismal performance of exports with focus mainly on the domestic market. not only have a large number of firms. While there is no doubt about the long-term potential of the Indian market.1990's. However. high taxes. Several significant projects are coming on stream and crowding almost all segments. Demand has failed to fulfill expectation of the major OEMs who started making investment in India in the mid. the industry is plagued by uncertain policy environment. its prospects remain clouded by domestic factors. Despite the Indian economy's relative resilience amidst the global financial turmoil. Both domestic and multinationals entered the market but the industry has started focusing on exports with thrust on quality. there have been some doubts expressed about the ability of the Auto Industry to grow at the same pace as in the mid-1990's. The commercial vehicle market should finally emerge out of three-year recession and the passenger car demand will get a boost from the launch of new small car models and intense competition. in the absence of the right kind of policy framework.P a g e | 28 overall economic slowdown characterising this period. In response to the liberalisation and growing global challenges. we expect recovery in 1999-2000. .

The renowned consultants. 800 crores.4. T. which accounts for about 4. Multi. .37. Kearney‘s global experience shows that the Indian auto industry is at the threshold of the take -off stage from where it can become a growth driver of the GDP by rapidly increasing it's growth multiplier on the economy. To give an idea. the collective turnover of the auto sector in 1966-97 was the order of Rs. A. The collective turnover of the automobile and auto component industry during the last five years gives a measure of the phenomenal growth achieved by the auto sector and it's importance in the national economy.P a g e | 29 The Indian Automobile industry is large with and estimated sales turnover of Rs.utility Vehicle Segment The multi-utility Segment has traditionally been viewed as an intermediate Segment between passenger cars and commercial vehicles . The industry feels that fiscal and other forms of incentives along with a time – bound scrappage programme would provide tremendous boost to segment . The recent entry of global majors may lead to overcapacity and stiffer competition.5% of the GDP.The industry also feels that it is important to focus on export to enveloping countries. 700 crores.

and Technology upgradadion without modernisation of Indian transportation industry can not be achieved . unwillingness and inability (due to high cost of financing ) of users to purchase better products are some of the factors affecting this segment . Poor road infrastructure . there is a need to selectively mandate improved technology standards and simultaneously promoting scrappage. this sector poses tremendous potential. . With the right structure and policies. negligible scrappage leads to high cyclicity.P a g e | 30 Commercial Vehicle segment The Commercial Vehicle segment is large in terms of volume but has relatively lower value. All these factors have been partially responsible for the technology gap in safety emission with international standards .

6% in car sales from FY81-FY90. a GoI JV with Suzuki of Japan. The Indian passenger car industry as we see today is relatively recent in origins. The design came from Morris Motors and the present petrol power plant and drive train are Isuzu throwaways. The diesel version has a BMC engine. but do you call a tree your own if its roots are in someone‘s courtyard. there's very little Indian-ness about the car. has at least 85% of its components 'Made in India'. the name isn't Indian and that's only the tip of the iceberg. which till a few months back was adorning showrooms throughout the country. by an Indian company. the Premier Padmini. Of course everything is made in India now. . The entry of Maruti Udyog Ltd. the Triassic-era Ambassador has little Indian-ness in it. except maybe the name Padmini. But again. in 1983 with a so-called "peoples" car and a more favorable policy framework resulted in a growth rate of 18. The official mascot of the Indian political system. To start with. The other pre-Cambrian relic. Its in the market since my grandpa learnt driving and at the time of its going to grave. the Padmini was a completely made in India product.P a g e | 31 Indian Automobile Industry An Indian car as one which has been conceived and designed in India. Except the ubiquitous Ambassador and the Premier Padmini there was not much moving around with an Indian tag.

Ford did take the pains to design an India specific car.P a g e | 32 After witnessing a downturn from FY90 to FY93. However. but I always wonder why Fiat doesn't launch it in their motherland. Since then. with the revival in the economy. the Lancer is a borrowed from abroad product. The present day stunner from HM is the Lancer. FY2000 turned out to be a significant year for the industry in which it recorded volume sales of 638. Thus. It being a good car and all. the economy slumped into recession and this affected the growth of the automobile industry as a whole. The Uno came to India after the Mafiosi had their fill with it.6%. the CAGR for the period FY96 . The saving grace is only that this Lancer is a contemporary model and not some. Brazil. the Ikon. car sales bounced back to register 17% growth rate till FY97. First thing. What's this 'special' car for India. The Siena is a very contemporary model. but the products are all borrowed from Italy. Africa.951 units in the previous year.FY2000 stands at 16. Latin America inc. As with HM products from the past. As a result car sales remained almost stagnant in the period between FY97 and FY99. the . The erstwhile Premier Auto Ltd. No I don't think so. Ind is an acronym for India or Indian.815 units as against 409. no longer exists. The nearest thing to it in the present is Ind Auto Ltd. So does the quest for an Indian car end with the Ikon.

P a g e | 33

company is American. Secondly, the Ikon's platform is that of the Fiesta, nothing else. So the only thing Indian about the car is the 'Josh' advertising gimmick. Starting with the official one, i.e. Maruti, the company, since its inception has changed the automobile scene in India completely. It's has been the number one manufacturer, churning out close to 300,000 cars last year. At last count it held a 64% market share in the passenger car market with four out of every five cars . on Indian roads being Marutis. Every year it rakes in multi-billion rupee profits, and, yet the company is nothing more than Suzuki India Ltd. Telco is a completely Indian carmaker with no major foreign collaborations. Their Indica was much touted as 'The Indian car', but it was styled by I.D.E.A of Italy. The engine technology had inputs from 'Moteur Modern' of France. In effect it was the case of an Italian body being wrapped around Indian mechanicals. Frankly I would have preferred an Indian body wrapping an Indian platform. India is also the largest manufacturer of agricultural tractors, motor scooters and the world's fifth largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Each of these sectors experienced rapid growth during the last three years Demand in these sectors is driven by industrial, individual and agricultural consumers respectively. The increases have resulted from improved overall economic trends in India including large doses of foreign investment a more liberalized economy and higher productivity.

P a g e | 34

The fortune of the Auto component industry is inextricably linked with that of the automobile industry which in turn is influenced by the general economic trends of the country the country's economic growth is projected to grow at more than six percent per annum in the coming years. The estimated growth will automatically emphasize the need for better transport infrastructure facilities. This means demand for automobiles and hence for auto components, is bound to grow accordingly. Therefore, good growth prospects are assured for the automobile industry. World-wide, cars are segmented on the basis of their size. However, in India, price is the main factor determining the choice of car. Hence, cars are segmented on the basis of price into three segments :

P a g e | 35

Price Range Segment (Rs. „000) M-800, Omni, Price, Fuel Economy < 250 Uno, Efficiency Ambassador Zen, Uno, 118NE,Ambassador Price, 1800 ISZ, Medium 250-500 Contessa, Diesel Performance, Main Models

Approximate Features of Market the segment Share of the Segment



Indica, Santro, Option Matiz Lancer, Esteem, Status Value, 500 & Premium above City, Opel Features. Astra, Ikon Sources : various sources Cielo, Accent, Performance, 10.1%

144 in Malaysia. . 204 in Poland and 90 in Brazil.7 cars per thousand people as against 24 in Thailand. increased urbanisation.P a g e | 36 Absence of adequate mass transportation system and rising income levels have resulted in personal vehicles becoming an important mode of transportation in the urban and semi-urban areas. introduction of new models and availability of cost effective finance are the key demand drivers in the industry. Cars currently constitute approximately 12% of the total stock of personal vehicles in India. The premium segment cars are mainly targeted at corporates or businessmen and are usually bought on consumer finance. By international standards however. Rising household income. the Indian car volumes remain small at just over 1% of the world market with penetration rates of approximately 3.

While there exist many opportunities for growth in business. etc. This trend is expected to continue with more global OEMs sourcing vehicles from their Indian plants. Anti-lock Braking Systems. which act as an impediment. augur well for the Company and the automotive sector as a whole. there are also quite a few factors. but also result in greater comfort and better drivability. It is now fairly certain that Bharat Stage II norms (equivalent of Euro II norms) will be implemented countrywide starting 2005. These technologies not only offer increased safety for drivers and passengers. Also. It is important that this plan is implemented in time in the interest of . safety devices such as Air Bags. In my last year‘s speech I mentioned about the need for a well thought out and clearly defined policy on emission norms.P a g e | 37 Opportunities for the Automobile Industry Global automobile companies are setting up manufacturing facilities in India. many Indian automobile manufacturers have announced their plans to increase the export of vehicles from India. the introduction of newer technologies such as Electronic Diesel Control Systems to reduce emission levels. Additionally. The year 2002-03 has already seen a significant 65% increase in export volumes during the period April to March.

continues to be a worrying factor as it directly affects our market share. Large quantities of spurious and fake products have been seized and legal action has been taken against those indulging in such activities. The spurious and reconditioned goods market. The Company believes that continued focus and concerted action against spurious activities would improve safety and fuel efficiency of the vehicles and at the same time help in expanding our market share in the Aftermarket. . Bosch and many other companies have proved this worldwide. The Company is also continuously educating the users about the benefits of using genuine spares in place of spurious and reconditioned spares. which I also dealt with in detail in my speech last year. There is no need for the authorities to specify the type of technical solution required for this purpose as long as the end objectives are met.P a g e | 38 a cleaner environment. Technology is available to meet the advanced emission norms using gasoline and diesel fuel. The lack of any significant change in the labor law reforms also continues to be a matter of concern. It is essential that legal reforms be put in place at the earliest to provide more flexibility in manufacturing operations and enable the industry to quickly adjust the work force in line with fluctuating market conditions. The Company on its part has intensified the anti-spurious operations by conducting several raids across the country with the help of local regulatory authorities.

the Indian Automobile Industry faces some tremendous opportunities and also great challenges. . The market has turned into a buyers market where the customer is being wooed by the manufacturers and the dealers with a range of freebies unheard of before in India. to suit every requirement and budget. Financing has become so easy that an automobile is within every aspirant's reach. The growth in automobile sales has been impressive for the past ten years since liberalization began. However.P a g e | 39 Challenges for the Indian automobile industry As we move into the new millennium. Even the dominant player Maruti has seen its market share decline rapidly due to its models being old and jaded and is in addition facing labour problems in its plant. Competition has meant that manufacturers' margins have been squeezed severely and they are all under pressure to cut costs to be profitable and competitive. Some of the older manufacturers like Premier Automobiles (manufacturers of Premier cars). Automobile products of India (manufacturers of Lambretta scooters) and Ideal Jawa (manufacturers of Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles) have closed shop. with liberalization. the Indian customer has been presented with a wide range of choices in automobiles. Hindustan Motors (manufacturers of Ambassador and Contessa cars) is in trouble due to the declining sales of its car‘s. as most customers prefer the newer models available in the market.

It is clear from the picture painted above that the industry will have to increase volumes in each segment to achieve lower cost of manufacture. under the WTO agreement. Telco. India will have to permit import of fully built automobiles. Hindustan Motors is said to be considering this option. further segmenting the market into niches. which hitherto was not permitted. but this will mean the companies will have to invest more in Research and Development of new models with better features. The second opportunity is to become contract manufacturers for overseas companies. Ford and Daimler Chrysler will almost certainly import vehicles from their large portfolio of models and makes. Maruti is already exporting vehicles. A number of Japanese and Korean companies have been following this strategy very successfully. Daimler Chrysler and more recently Daewoo.P a g e | 40 To add to the problems. The challenge before the industry is to figure out the strategy for survival and growth. as are Mahindra. which can offer lower fuel consumption. One way to achieve this will be to go for exports in a big way. The overseas markets will have to be exploited more aggressively. come April 2001. The foreign manufacturers such as GM. Recent . The third opportunity is to overcome the vulnerability of the automobile market to oil prices by designing vehicles. although how competitive they are in terms of price remains to be seen.

With growing awareness among the public about pollution and the effective campaigns carried out by the NGO's. Even a small percentage reduction in the consumption of petroleum per vehicle can make a big difference to the balance of payments. The industry will need take initiatives . which is a mixture of Petrol and Alcohol. It was surprising to see how the industry kept stalling the introduction of pollution norms for vehicles on the pretext that they needed more time to get the technology. this is a very logical step that should have been taken many years ago. The inadequacy of road infrastructure in India is well known.P a g e | 41 reports suggest the government is exploring the possibility of introducing Gasohol. The industry must focus its R&D efforts in line with the global trends. Even Maruti despite its foreign affiliation was caught off guard when the Supreme Court finally ruled that all new vehicles should strictly adhere to the Euro II norms. Gasohol has been very successful in Brazil. this will become a major bottleneck. which is to build vehicles that are considerably more fuel efficient and less polluting. As more vehicles come on the road. Since Alcohol is a by-product of the Sugar industry (of which India has the worlds largest). this will increasingly become an important selling feature. This is compounded by the fact that traffic management is very poor or non-existent and the drivers are mostly ill trained and in disciplined.

. They will also need to assist government agencies in better road design and in building of multilevel parking lots. In terms of the world averages. India's vehicle density is very low and if we have to achieve those density levels.P a g e | 42 firstly to train all drivers in safe driving and proper road discipline and manners. Training of police personnel in better traffic management and advising them on better equipping themselves to deal with various problems will also have to be done. However in the industry's interest care must be taken to see that we also achieve the safety and convenience levels of using automobiles. the industry can look forward to a bright future.

P a g e | 43 .

Pick ups and the three wheelers play a pivotal role in the goods transportation segment and are becoming extremely popular in both the captive user and the fleet operator segments. Much later came the CL-500 with a direct injection diesel engine developed with Austrian technology. . Mahindra entered the utility vehicle market in India by introducing the Jeep. two years before independence and has grown to be one of the largest and respected business houses in India.a more sophisticated vehicle adept on both urban and rural tracks. The company was founded in 1945. Savari and LCV's also cater to the transportation needs of people in both the urban and rural areas. condition from Willys Overland Export Corporation in 1947. MaXX. Today Mahindra and Mahindra has more than 11 lack vehicle running successfully on all Indian roads and cater to various applications and satisfy needs of various types of customers.P a g e | 44 COMPANY PROFILE Mahindra and Mahindra.K. The stylish Scorpio and the Bolero are image and status symbols of personal transportation in the cities. The first batch of seventy five vehicles were imported in C. This was followed by the CL 340 . The hard tops such as the Marshal. The soft tops comprising of CL 500 and the Commander 650 contribute to the backbone on Indian rural transport system. The LCV's.D. a market leader in utility vehicles segment has virtually entered the roads and hearts of millions of Indian.

The toolkit also explains the various feature led emotional and the rational benefits which . There are tremendous effort to gain market shares in the contract commercial segment. The entire new product development activity is aimed consolidate Mahindra's leadership in the utility market segment.P a g e | 45 Mahindra and Mahindra are the undisputed market leaders in Rural and semi urban transportation and also enjoy similar status when it comes to the pick-up segment. The tool kit explains the various features of the products. the LCV segment and the three wheeler auto segment. It is more important that these advantages are properly communicated on the ground level to the customers. It is also imperative that each and every salesperson understands the needs and requirements of every customer and satisfy the customer by recommending the right product for the right application. At the juncture when there is a fierce competition in all the different market segments there is a need to combat this competition by introducing newer and better products which provide more value than the competitive models. the potential application and the customer who are to be targeted. It is a must of all of us who are engaged in the sales of Mahindra and Mahindra utility products to understand the product portfolio and also the various advantages and strength of our products Vis-a-Vis the competitive products. The objective of the tool kit is to provide complete information the various products in terms of not only the specifications but also the advantages and the main selling points of our products as compared to the competition. There is a comparative analysis which highlight the various advantages of our product against the different competitive products.

the three wheeler Champion range and lastly the LCV range. We are confident that this toolkit will provide you with all the necessary ammunition to fight and keep winning the battle against the competition. . Scorpio is not just a car. Diesel. The Scorpio comes in two version. The toolkit also included the sales stories of every product which should be the final weapon to convince the customer to buy our product. The toolkit also contains the leaflets for all models thus making it the complete tool for all salespersons in the field. The hard top range is followed by the soft tops range. 16 valves and 32-bit microprocessor. comparative analysis and to include any information which is useful for sales. with MPFI. Good morning/afternoon/evening. The toolkit has various chapters starting with the hard top range which is led by the Scropio. it's much more. The toolkit has been designed specifically with a provision for continuous updating and incorporation of new leaflets. Thank you for visiting the Mahindra Showroom and showing interest in the Scorpio.P a g e | 46 need to be effectively communicated to the customers. and for the die-hard petrol customers we have the Scorpio Rev 116 with the Renault Petrol state of the art 116 bhp engine. It is car plus. the pick-up range.

It is not just power that the Scropio is all about. Safety.P a g e | 47 Let me show you how the Scorpio is car plus. the A/C. Its Independent front suspension and easy to handle steering ensures that you ride is gentle. Also we have features like seat belts on all rows of seats and extra thick sheet metal for the vehicle. it is also about the extra comfort. that is what we aim at. The Scorpio is concerned about your loved ones. anti locking LSPV brakes. extra safety. moulded carpets and door trim. side intrusion beams. smooth and comfortable. moulded interior package with moulded roof lining (unlike most other vehicles in this category). We also have a state of the art Kenwood audio system. Just for that. we have features like crumple zones. It is the most powerful vehicle in its category. Scorpio stands for luxury. We have moulded interiors. . which even cools the rear of the car and the Lear designed seats which made you feel that you are sitting in the lap of luxury. in the form of injection moulded instrument panel. The Scorpio has power that will excite you. child locks and yes even fire resistant upholstery. Its powerful engine transports you from 0-60 km/h in 9 seconds in the Petrol.

The spacious Scorpio can also accommodate upto 9 people comfortably.P a g e | 48 The Scorpio is one of the best-designed vehicles around. It gives you 10-13 kmpl for the Diesel and 8-10 kmpl for the Petrol. . claddings and wrap around lamps. which says. "Nothing else will do". So the Scorpio is not just like any other car but it is a car with an attitude. An attitude. with features like ski racks. It is classy looking and modern with an aerodynamic shape and superior exterior styling. All this and the Scorpio doesn't compromise on fuel efficiency.

(d) Web technologies.P a g e | 49 OBJECTIVE OF MAHINDRA We aim to be a leading player and offer Quality and reliable software product and IT solutions to meet the client is ever changing business needs.  System consultancy  System study .  System integration  Turkey solutions offered in (a) Customer relationship management (b) Supply chain management (c) Client / server applications with distributed data management. Analysis design & development. . OUR STRENGTHS  Dealership software solutions for Automobile industry  Inventory management solutions and spare part distributors.

Mumbai. USA. He was appointed the country‘s first iron and steel controller by the government of India. inspired by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru‘s vision of building a strong. While K. the elder of the two.C. was a partner with Martin Burn. they sit out to manufacture an Indian vehicle that would be rugged. In 1945 . Mahindra. They teamed up with the Mohammed brothers and acquired a franchise for jeeps from Willy‘s USA. By then. J. After Ghulam Mohammed left fir Pakistan to become Pakistan‘s first Finance Minister.C. in1947. tough and capable of tackling the Indian terrain. was a qualified mechanical engineer from VJTI. agents to IISCO. independent India. London. a Cambridge education economist. And the men behind it all were two brothers: J. the organization that you see and perceive today has transformed into one of the giants of the automotive world. Mahindra. .C. the company was renamed Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Post independence. The Government of India requisitioned his services too.P a g e | 50 HISTORY OF MAHINDRA &MAHINDRA From small tentative beginnings in the 1940s. Mahindra & Mahindra. and he took over as the chairman of India supply Mission to Washington. they got involved Steel Trading in association with suppliers in UK.

Scorpio is slated for production in 2001. Mahindra Realty & infrastructure Developers Ltd. un 1962 Mahindra Ugine Steel was formed in a joint venture with Ugine Kuhalmann. In 1989 an Automotive Pressing Unit was acquired. In 1999.. was merged with it. preparation to meet the future head-on have been made. in 1954 got a technical and financial collaboration with Willy‘s Overland Corporation.a manufactured under the brand name ‗Mahindra‘ and within a year M&M went on to become the market leader in India. received its first order from Mitsubishi Corporation for Wagon building plates. the group was reorganized into 6 subs and Mahindra USA Inc was formed to distribute tractors in the USA. called Mahindra Intertrade Ltd. the Trading Division was spun off as a separate company. The foremost among them being Mahindra British Telecom (MTB) in 1986. and Mahindra Export Ltd. then after a period of consolidation. Was formed. in 1956 the company went Public. New forays into other lines of business saw a spurt of joint ventures and acquisitions. and the year after. a completely new indigenously designed vehicle project at Nasik. and in 1994. The company started assembling jeeps in 1949.P a g e | 51 Mahindra & Mahindra went on from strength to strength. with the launch of Project Scorpio. . in 1982 Tractors were. france. In the year 2000.

ideas. and products will travel. A logo that symbolizes the road ahead. in the form of the new Mahindra & Mahindra identity. linking the company‘s past with its future.P a g e | 52 The millennium also brought forth another change. . making it into a forward-looking organization. Its also symbolizes the road through which the company‘s thought. moving towards new horizons with innovation and dynamisms. designs.

This has been a result of the division's relentless pursuit of delivering to the customer value for money. After sales service is provided by a network of over 100 .Besides state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. reliability. reliability. After sales service is provided by a network of authorized service stations across the country. a dealer network of over 275 dealers supervised by 20 sales offices drives the divisions marketing efforts. As a result the division's products have a commanding market share in the category it operates in. durability. ruggedness. and ease-of-maintenance and operational economy for its user groups. durability.Besides state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. As a result the division's products have a commanding market share in the category it operates in. ease-ofmaintenance and operational economy for its user groups.The Mahindra brand in utility vehicles has come to signify high quality. which meet customer needs for servicing and genuine spare parts. This has been a result of the division's relentless pursuit of delivering to the customer value for money. ruggedness.P a g e | 53 The Mahindra brand in utility vehicles has come to signify high quality. the divisions marketing efforts are driven by a dealer network of over 150 dealers supervised by 18 sales offices.

Sea Mines. MDS is located in New Delhi. which meet customer needs for servicing and genuine spare parts.P a g e | 54 authorised service stations across the country. 2) Address specific segments of governments import substitution/indigenization program like Small Arms. . Profile Mahindra Defence Systems (MDS) a division of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. In a short span MDS has incorporated state-of-the-art technology into its products at a reasonable cost and has emerged as the largest private sector company for supplying bulletproof vehicles. Main objective of MDS is to: 1) Provide total solutions for entire range of light combat / armoured vehicles and their derivatives for Defence/ Security Forces. oversees the requirements of the Defence Sector. has an unbroken track record of doing business with the defence sector in India for over fifty years.

. MUVs and SUVs. products for the satisfaction of the customer. Special Projects on the anvil include state of the art training simulators for the land forces. and those under development. mobile surveillance platforms for Army and BSF and weapons and munitions for the Army and Navy respectively. Paramilitary & State Police Forces in India & many of these have been exported to other nations under the auspices of Ministries of Home and External Affairs. Indian Air Force. and state of the art. VARIANTS & ASSOCIATED AMMUNITION A major area of expertise of MDS is providing world class armouring solutions for light combat vehicles. of India has awarded MDS following industrial licenses: 1 LIGHT ARMOURED MULTI ROLE VEHICLE 2 SIMULATORS FOR WEAPONS & WEAPON SYSTEMS 3 MOBILE SURVEILLANCE PLATFORMS 4 SEA MINES 5 SMALL ARMS. These alliances will only help strengthen the technological base and provide customized. MDS has established numerous alliances with foreign partners for their products in service. These up-armored vehicles are already in service with Indian Army.P a g e | 55 Govt.

the company was renamed Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd . agents to IISCO. Mahindra. was a partner with Martin Burn. they set out to manufacture an Indian vehicle that would be rugged. Mahindra. And the men behind it all were two brothers: J. and he took over as the Chairman of India Supply Mission to Washington. Mumbai. the elder of the two. While K. USA.C. Post independence. J.P a g e | 56 M & M . He was appointed the country's first Iron and Steel Controller by the Government of India. independent India. London. In 1945.C. Mahindra and K.C. the organization that you see and perceive today has transformed into one of the giants of the automotive world. inspired by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's vision of building a strong. they got involved Steel Trading in association with suppliers in UK. was a qualified mechanical engineer from VJTI. Mahindra. a Cambridge educated economist. By then. The Government of India requisitioned his services too. in 1947. USA.our Legacy MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LIMITED From small tentative beginnings in the 1940s. They teamed up with the Mohammed brothers and acquired a franchise for Jeeps from Willy's.C. tough and capable of tackling the Indian terrain.

in 1962 Mahindra Ugine Steel was formed in a joint venture with Ugine Kuhlmann. in 1982 tractors were manufactured under the brand name 'Mahindra' and within a year M&M went on to become the market leader in India. in 1978. the group was reorganized into 6 SBUs and Mahindra USA Inc. received its first order from Mitsubishi Corporation for wagon building plates. called Mahindra Intertrade Ltd. France. and in 1994. in 1954 got into a technical and financial collaboration with Willy's Overland Corporation. The company started assembling Jeeps in 1949. the International Tractor Company of India was merged with M&M. preparations to meet the future head-on have been made..P a g e | 57 after Ghulam Mohammed left for Pakistan to become Pakistan's first Finance Minister. In 1989 an Automotive Pressing Unit was acquired. was formed to distribute tractors in the USA. Mahindra & Mahindra went on from strength to strength. New forays into other lines of business saw a spurt of joint ventures and acquisitions. In 1999. in 1956 the company went public. was formed. In the year 2000. Mahindra Realty & Infrastructure Developers Ltd. and the year after. was merged with it. The foremost among them being Mahindra British Telecom (MBT) in 1986. and Mahindra Export Ltd. with the . then after a period of consolidation. the Trading Division was spun off as a separate company.

Scorpio is slated for production in 2001. in the form of the new Mahindra & Mahindra identity. moving towards new horizons with innovation and dynamism.P a g e | 58 launch of Project Scorpio. The millennium also brought forth another change. making it into a forward-looking organization. Employee Development  The company's long-term success depends on developing. It also symbolizes the road through which the company's thoughts. linking the company's past with its future. motivating and maintaining a work force possessing the skills required for supporting key processes such as human resources    Team Work Personal Effectiveness Change Leadership The Competency Framework and its application is in a stage of evolution and Human Resources Function would be finalizing its application in a more definite manner in due course. a completely new. indigenously designed vehicle project at Nasik. A logo that symbolizes the road ahead. designs and products will travel. ideas. .

or towards a degree program. They will provides guidance regarding selection criteria such as cost. external.P a g e | 59 Procedure  All employees are required to receive training identified as general training and any required Job Specific Training to enhance their performance.  The Corporate Training Department will develop the training strategy for the organization and will develop appropriate sectoral training resources. Program Consultation: Prior to approval of any training and development course-work. to assure that skills and performance meet production and quality standards. whether internal.  Training records must be maintained for all employees.  Managers and Supervisors with the assistance from the Corporate Training Department must determine what training is required for successful performance and ensure smooth implementation. . quality and match between the development need or plan and the course content. the Sectoral HR training co-ordinators must be consulted.  Production Personnel must be retrained and/or re-certified on a scheduled basis.

b) The Departmental Head. and is useful to the company. . at the time of admission. e) The officer seeking financial assistance is required to have at least two year's service with the company to his credit. assistance for self-development will be governed by the loan policy. It is therefore important to note that: a) The course for which financial assistance is sought must be such that it would help the officer in his day-to-day work. while recommending financial assistance will be expected to specify the manner in which the course will help the officer in his work. c) Assistance for correspondence or postal courses leading to a University Degree will be given. d) Assistance may be given at the discretion of the Management if it is relevant to the officer's current or future job role.P a g e | 60 Assistance for Self-Development With an objective to help officers undertake further study and improve their performance.

h) Financial assistance would be subject to the officer clearing the examination in the first attempt. . information pertaining to the duration of the course. and copy send to the Corporate HRD. tuition fees.P a g e | 61 f) Before seeking admission in colleges or other such institutions. refer the self-education loan policy. is required to be communicated to the Corporate HRD. the officer is expected to invariably obtain the permission of his Departmental Head. g) For applications for financial assistance. etc. payable. g) For financial assistance. in writing.

culture and ethics of an organisation. In the recent past. . the result of intense deliberations of eminent commissions. governance has to be an integral part of the beliefs. This Code seeks to serve as a reminder of the underlying principles governing the conduct of our businesses. an interplay between individual aspirations and corporate goals. values. corporate India has been flooded with several prescriptive principles of governance. which is what good governance is all about. The Company has recently formally enunciated its own governance practices by way of a Code of Corporate Governance. Our shareholders are aware that Mahindra companies have been associated with good governance even before corporates were faced with legislation and a set of regulations. ultimately leading to the cornerstones of transparency and might only turn into a farce. For this to be achieved. Ironically. the corporate failures in developed countries regulated by highly disciplined capital markets have only brought home the stark reality that good governance can never acquire a lustre of its own if it is mandated by legislation .P a g e | 62 Corporate Governance The goal of any system of governance would be to achieve the best performance within the overall content of the prevalent economic environment so as to secure the maximum benefit for all the stakeholders.

the hospitality industry and other core segments hat makes up our ethos.P a g e | 63 They are a reiteration of the fundamental precept that good Corporate Governance must and will always remain an integral part of the fabric tThe 1990s saw India embrace liberalisation and globalisation. gave free reign to domestic entrepreneurial talent. and accelerated the country's GDP growth to unprecedented levels. The Mahindra Group is playing its part in driving the nation's infrastructure development. and infrastructure development was the key to spurring domestic and foreign direct investments. engineering consultancy. project consultancy and design. This generated employment. with a host of companies operating in real estate. .

The resultant Company being Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd imbibes the very same qualities of its parent companies. (MRIDL) was incorporated in August 1994 to give shape to the diversification plans of the Mahindra Group into real estate and infrastructure business. with focus on its core business activities of projects management services.P a g e | 64 The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.. . The Property Division of The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd. To synergise towards becoming the largest corporate developers in the country GESCO Corporation Limited and MRIDL combined their operations from December 01. The professional expertise and teamwork of the organisation joining together will go a long way in achieving the shared vision... Navi Mumbai.. business centers and development of residential and commercial complexes Mahindra Realty & Infrastructure Developers Ltd. Pune and Bangalore. diversified into real estate activities with the formulation of its property division in 1992 and over a period of time spread its operations in Mumbai. Gurgaon. subsequently demerged from the parent Company in February 2000 to become an independent entity as GESCO Corporation Ltd.

P a g e | 65

The Company has a joint venture with Semb Corp of Singapore, who is leading international Constructions Company dealing with infrastructure and project management in the Far East. The Company also has a joint venture with Knight Frank of UK, who are international property consultants and property management providers.

P a g e | 66



Mr. Keshub Mahindra Chairman Mr. Anand G. Mahindra Vice Chairman and Managing Director Deepak Shantilal Parekh Director

2. 3.


Nadir Burjorji Godrej Director


M. M. Murugappan Director


Bharat Narotam Doshi Executive Director & Group Chief Financial Officer (Group CFO)


Arun Kumar Nanda Executive Director & Secretary Narayanan Vaghul Director



Dr. Ashok Sekhar Ganguly Director


R. K. Kulkarni Director


Anupam Pradip Puri Director


Thomas Mathew T. Nominee of LIC

25 sq. mt.  5. of loading area  Smallest TCD  More mileage  Easy to operate  Easy to load and unload  Low maintenance cost . It‘s an ideal city delivery vehicle that assures more loading area. more mileage and more profits. then Mahindra DI 3200 is just the right truck for you.P a g e | 68 PRODUCTS PROFILE Mahindra DI 3200 If a big LCV proves to be uneconomical and a small one can‘t handle your payload.

It‘s your chance to ride high on success.  Low price  4 years unlimited warranty  Better mileage  Easy maneuverability  Small turning radius  Attractive cabin . Load it with whatever and go wherever. Profit with its better loading capacity and greater pulling power.P a g e | 69 Mahindra Loadking Pride Discover a truck designed to give you more. With great Pride.

It‘s a vehicle that helps you to cut down your operating costs drastically. A truck low on maintenance and high on business.  Longest in its class  More loading area  Lowest turning circle radius of 6.P a g e | 70 Mahindra Loadking Long Wheel Base Don‘t buy a long heavy load vehicle to deliver voluminous goods. Get the Loadking Long Wheel Base instead.48m  6 wide tyres to provide greater stability at high speed  Faster turnaround time  Superior mileage .

CRDe engine fitted beneath its hood. It‘s got the cutting-edge. Along with more revenues!  Wider cargo box  Heavy duty rear axle  High torque  Extra payload  Bharat Stage III certification .P a g e | 71 Mahindra Loadking CRDe It‘s a truck that comes with an amazing feature. Generates More Power. More Pickup and More Mileage. More Speed.

The biggest advantage is its small size.P a g e | 72 Mahindra Loadking LCV Tipper The all new Loadking LCV Tipper makes anything possible.  Smallest turning circle diameter  Faster turnaround  Better maneuverability  Attractive price  Superior mileage  Heavy duty rear axle  Stranger chassis frame . Be it a lane or a steep ascend. From reaching its destination. From getting more business. nothing can stop a Loadking. From dumping sand and cement to delivering stone chips and boulders.

let your passengers travel in the lap of luxury. And its low maintenance. more mileage and a powerful engine keeps your pocket full.) Comfort. style and economy in a new range The Mahindra Tourister i range is an improved version of the existing Tourister range. always. So now.P a g e | 73 MAHINDRA TOURISTER I REGULAR BUS (Avaliable 16. It‘s got plush cushion seats and more space for extra comfort. The ‗i‘ signifies the 32 improvements which have been incorporated in the existing bus to further enhance safety. 32 & 40 seating capacity. . 25. Its huge windows make every journey a pleasant memory. comfort and aesthetics.

P a g e | 74 Superior Comfort for unmatched convenience  Bright airy interiors  Greater leg room  Bottle holder for driver  Economical for bigger savings  Superior mileage  Low operating costs  Greater Safety for a worry free drive  Emergency exit  JK door lock  Three piece window  Contemporary Styling for better looks  Attractive front façade  Modern front Grille .

parents. 25. kids and bus owners across India. but without any compromise on comfort and efficiency. And it is this faith that has made Tourister the No. the brand Tourister has consistently delivered incredible value to its customers.1 school bus range in India The Mahindra Tourister school bus enjoys the faith of hundreds of schools.P a g e | 75 MAHINDRA TOURISTER I SCHOOL BUS (Available in 16. 32 & 40 seating capacity) The No. . Coming from the Mahindra stable. 1 school bus. in its segment. each school bus is engineered to deliver on its promise of total safety. Over the years.

After all the best just got better. Greater Safety for a worry free drive  Fire Extinguisher  Emergency exit  Specially designed tooth and chin guards  STOP sign indicator at the door  First-aid kit  Anti skid vinyl flooring  Double bar rail on windows . Given the company's commitment to customer‘s satisfaction. all school buses henceforth will be sold under the Tourister i brand. With the launch of Tourister i. This year Mahindra is proud to introduce an improved version of the existing Tourister range. The ‗i‘ signifies the 32 improvements which have been incorporated in the existing bus to further enhance safety. the Tourister range has been upgraded several times over the years to meet the ever-changing customer requirements. comfort and aesthetics.P a g e | 76 In keeping with the customer centric philosophy of the organistion. Tourister i. its bound to become India's most preferred school bus..

P a g e | 77  Superior Comfort for unmatched convenience  Bright airy interiors  Large cushioned seats  Water bottle holders  Special rack for school bags  Economical for bigger savings  Superior mileage  Powerful pickup  Low operating costs  Higher torque  Contemporary Styling for better looks  Attractive front façade  Modern front Grille  Swanky notice board .

P a g e | 78 MAHINDRA TOURISTER I CRDE BUS (Available in 25 seater capacity) It‘s a bus better than any other bus. Presenting the 25-seater Mahindra Tourister i with the revolutionary CRDe technology.V. Available in school and regular variants  Powerful pickup  Remarkably low N.H  Greater mileage  Conforms to BS III norms . It‘s the first in its category and it‘s designed to make every journey really smooth. And really quiet too.

P a g e | 79 .

. With over 17 years of experience. Wide range of commercial vehicle and jeeps and Luxuries and comforts. Tech Mahindra has proven track record in outsourcing and off shoring business in critical system.Great performance. 7. Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive division collaborated with willy overland corporation (nowpart of Daimler Chrysler group) 2. 3. Producing always – challenging products in competitive market. Extensive research and development both in house development both in house development facility and interface with other independent engineering units. Large and competitive work force.P a g e | 80 STRENGTH 1. 4. Tech Mahindra is also a joint venture between Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Indian British Telecommunication plc. Best balance vehicle while riding. 10. 9. 8. 5. Best style and durable products. 6.United Kingdom.

There are not much space between cabin (Where driver sits) and dala (where the goods are loaded). . 2. There are not regular visit of engineers to the dealer point for grievance handling.P a g e | 81 WEEKNESS 1. 3. Mechanics have no proper knowledge if Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial vehicle.

2. Opportunity in rural sector. . 4.P a g e | 82 OPPORTUNITY 1. There are attractive finance facilities provided by Mahindra finance Ltd. At a very low interest rate than others. Boast up production to fully utilize the installed capacity. 3. A great opportunity in light commercial vehicle segment where the competition is much increased.

. Stiff competition with Tata motors. 3. 2. which has a relatively high market active performance in whole Indian market. Threats from much performed commercial vehicle in India.P a g e | 83 THREATS 1. Sever competition by light motor faced from the side of Tata motors and Eicher motors.

P a g e | 84 .

To observe the level at service centre.P a g e | 85 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE To study the consumer behavior regarding Mahindra & Mahindra in Meerut. To find out the behavior of management staff of service centre. Finally ti draws results on the basis of analysis and brding and give suggestion regarding my findings. To do SWOT analysis according to my consumer interaction. To trial out the relations for visit at service centre. . To find out the major problem faced by the Mahindra consumer in their respective . To find out the time taken by the service centre in servicing the vehicle. To find out the customer satisfaction level regarding after sales service at the service centre.

P a g e | 86 .

com Mahindra & Mahindra world.P a g e | 87 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Type Universe Sample Unit Sample Size Type of Data : Descriptive Research : Meerut city : Customers : 200 : Primary Data Questionnaire Secondary Data Mahindra & Mahindra .com Tools : Personal Interview Through Survey .

P a g e | 88 .

5. The working condition inside the service centre is good. 10. Mileage was given to priority. 8. The break down service is available. The Businessman group figures out to be very much aware regarding commercial vehicle. Availability of spare part must consider being most important.P a g e | 89 STATEMENT OF FINDINGS The result that I get through analyzing and evaluating the data drawn from the schedule and expressed in the form of percentage of sample size and their results can better explain the level of customer‘s satisfaction on after sales service provided by the Mahindra. During my study what I find is described below. 3. The workers are well trained as they send to the service camp organized by Mahindra one or two times in a month from where they trained skillfully. A separate customer lodge with full facilities. 6. A separate section for servicing. Washing facility in the service center. . Style and power considered most purchasing power point today. Tata motors came out to be most familiar leaving others far behind. 11. 4. 1. 9. 2. 7.

P a g e | 90 .

of respondents = 200 Brand Name Tata Motors Mahindra & Mahindra Others No. of Customers 80 50 70 %age 40% 35% 25% 40% 35% 25% Tata Motors Mahindra & Mahindra Others .P a g e | 91 ANALYSIS OF FINDINGS 1. Brand awareness among the consumer based on 1st response No.

of Customers 80 60 20 40 %age 40% 30% 10% 20% Family Friends Relatives Yourself 20% 40% 10% 30% Family Friends Relatives Yourself By above graph it is very clear that family influences lot in purchasing of Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicles. . of respondents : 200 Factors No. Various motivating factors in making purchase decision : No.P a g e | 92 2.

P a g e | 93 3. of Respondents (%) 30% 20% 10% 10% 20% 10% 10% 30% 20% 10% 10% Definitely buy Might or might not buy Very likely w ill buy Definitely not buy 20% Probably w ill buy Can't Say . Chances of buying Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Sample size 200 Possibilities Definitely buy Very likely will buy Probably will buy Might or might not buy Definitely not buy Can't Say No.

.P a g e | 94 4. Strength Of Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Strength Performance Balance Fuel Efficiency Price Percentage of Customer 40 20 25 15 15% 40% 25% 20% Performance Balance Fuel Efficiency Price Percentage of Customers Above graph shows that 40% of customers are rating performance as Mahindra major strength.

. How customers rate Mahindra offering : Sample Size : 200 Percentage of Customer 40 30 25 5 Customer Rate Good Average Excellent Poor 5% 25% 40% 30% Good Average Excellent Poor Percentage of Customers By above graph it is very clear that Mahindra offering is liked by major portion of Meerut population.P a g e | 95 5.

Quality provided by the Service Center Quality Good Average Below Average No Response Percentage of Customer 50 30 15 5 15% 5% 50% 30% Good Average Below Average No Response According to 50% of customer quality of service provided by Service Center is Good. .P a g e | 96 6.

Major problem faced by consumer in Mahindra & Mahindra Commercial Vehicle Sample Size 200 Percentage of Customer 60 20 15 5 Major Problem Spare Parts Gear Box Average Suspension 15% 5% 20% 60% Spare Parts Gear Box Average Suspension Percentage of Customers By above graph it is clear that spare parts in engine is the major problem faced by Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle Consumer. .P a g e | 97 7.

P a g e | 98 8. . : Price charged by the service Center for servicing and spare parts Prices Very High Competitive Low No Response Percentage of Customer 25 55 10 10 10% 10% 25% Very High 55% Competitive Low No Response Percentage of Customers According to 55% of the customer prize charged by the service center is average or competitive but 25% customers say that the charges are very high.

What customer see at the time of purchase of vehicle : Percentage of Customer 40 30 10 20 Reason of Purchase Brand Features Advertisement After Sales Service 20% 40% 10% 30% Brand Features Advertisement After Sales Service Percentage of Customers The above bar chart shows that the major influences on buyr is of Brand and features.P a g e | 99 9. .

Behaviour of Management & Staff : Behaviour of Management & Staff Cooperative Indifferent Ignorant No Response Percentage of Customer 55 15 17 13 13% 17% 55% 15% Cooperative Indifferent Ignorant No Response Percentage of Customers According to 55% of customer the behaviour of management and staff of service center is cooperative but according to 17% of customer behaviour of management & staff of service center is ignorant. .P a g e | 100 10.

But percentage of dissatisfied is not ignorable. The reason behind it customers wait in service centre due to lot of work in service centre. Jain Motors. we see that major customers are satisfied with service provided by the authorized service center of Mahindra & Mahindra at Dealer Point. Level of Customer Satisfaction : Customer Satisfaction Satisfied Dis-satisfied No response Percentage of Customer 67 26 7 7% 26% 67% Satisfied Dis-satisfied No response Percentage of Customers From above graph.P a g e | 101 11. It indicates there is necessity of further improvement in after sales service. .

P a g e | 102

P a g e | 103


On evaluating and analyzing the data I draw inferences that some of the factors are satisfying the customers and some are not During the study through the interviews of the customers and discussion with the staff of after sales service center. I find that company is to provide. Better facilities to the customers. A large group of customers was satisfied with after sales provided by Mahindra & Mahindra but some customer are not satisfied. The major problem faced by Mahindra & Mahindra is that there is a lot of competition with Tata Motors.

As per the problem faced by the customer, I have notice that Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle consumers, I have noticed that Mahindra consumers are complaining a lot about spare parts and there are the shortage of skilled workers of that commercial vehicle therefore they are not satisfied.

Mahindra consumer appreciate there vehicle on performance basis and their attractive designed they have chosen.

In conclusion I am in position to say that performance of Mahindra & Mahindra is not in a very good position, therefore some steps are required to raise the sale of Mahindra & Mahindra in Meerut.

P a g e | 104

10. Illiteracy was the biggest problem with the consumers to give answers Of open –ended questions. 2. Consumers are asking a lot of irrelevant questions. No guidance in the fieldwork. Consumers are not well aware of the summer training concept and take a lot of time to explain them things properly. 3. 9. 7. Money virtually fall short of what ideal field work would cost and may requires short cost for the validity of findi . The management & staff were uncooperative. There was no response from subdealers. Auto center mechanics are not able to explain things properly. The time for training was limited so it was not possible to contact all the Consumers.P a g e | 105 LIMITATIONS 1. The consumers were not amicable in giving their views. 5. 8. 6. 4.

P a g e | 106 .

6. 1. Continuous innovation in production process and services too are recommended to get the competitive edge. which leads the consumers toward the company. Before the launch an aggressive advertising must be carried out in order to inform the customer about the new vehicle. These are follows. 4. 5. 2. 7. 3. and make them brand loyal. The company should provide the feedback forms to get the response of the vehicle owners at the service center. . The servicing speed should be enhanced so that the consumer get their vehicles as quick possible by keeping the quality of service. 8. The price of spare parts should be more competitive rather than at premium. The company should upgrade the workers of service center to work with new technology equipments and enhance the quality of service.P a g e | 107 RECOMMENDATIONS I would like to offer some suggestion if implemented would increase the satisfaction of the customer. There should be more transparency in the servicing procedure The company should offer some free check up camp.

10. Easily available spare parts at reasonable price backed by efficient sales as competition.P a g e | 108 9. . The company should operate some wariness programs regarding servicing schedule and vehicles maintenance.

P a g e | 109 .

Philip. India. marketing management. Consumerbehaviour. l.l.r. Schittman. Research methodology India.g and Meerut l.P a g e | 110 Bibliography Kothri c. Kotler. India .

P a g e | 111 .

which was administrator to the response and dealers. .P a g e | 112 ANNEXURES The appendix combined of the questionnaire.

P a g e | 113 .

Or the next time you purchase any other commercial vehicle. Name of the brand you are familiar with in the commercial vehicle segment. 2. What you see at the time of purpose of the vehicle? (a) company‘s name (c) feature (b) advertisement (d) after sales service 3.P a g e | 114 QUESTIONNAIRE 1. (a) Definitely buy (c) Probably will buy (b) very likely will buy (d) might or might not buy 5.What are the chances of your buying Mahindra & Mahindra commercial vehicle. Reasons for the arrival at service center? (a) Free service (c) Service on regular basis (b) major problem (d) any other problem . Who influenced your decision to purchase commercial vehicle? (a) Family (c) Friends (b) advertisement (d) yourself 4.

the availability of spare parts at service center is (a) After (c) Seldom (b) occasionally (d) can‘t say 10. Major problem faced by you in Mahindra & Mahindra commercial banking is (a) Gear box (c) Suspension problem (b) average (d) spare parts 7.P a g e | 115 6. The level of service provided by the service center (a) Good (c) Below average (b) Average (d)No response 8. Price charged for service and spare part – is (a) Very high (c) Low (b) competitive (d) can‘t say 9. The behavior of management and staff is: (a) Co-operative (c) Indifferent (b) ignorant (d) no-response . According to you.

P a g e | 116 11.satisfied 13. How do you rate the speed of servicing: (a) Fast (c) Slow (b) moderate (d) no-response 12. Are you satisfied with the service provided by the service center (a) Satisfied (c) No-response (b) dis.In your opinion the no‘s of service centre in the city are sufficient (a) Yes (c) Other statement (b) No .How do you find Mahindra & Mahindra offering (a) Excellent (c) Average (b) good (d) can‘t say 14.

P a g e | 117 .

Bypass Road. Ghaziabad Bagpat Road. SCHOOLS::  Gargi Public School  Heritage Academy  Delhi Public School  Kuber Public School  Dewan International Public School  Satabdi Public School Ganga Nagar. Modipuram.E.A. Meerut Hapur Bypass. Ganga Nagar.Meerut.I.Meerut. Modi Nagar . Meerut. Ghaziabad. Meerut. Meerut. Bypass Road.Meerut.T.T  B. Bagpat Chowk.I. & I.M  Vidya Knowledge Park  I.R.Meerut.H. Meerut  Adharshila Institute of Management Studies Bypass Road.P a g e | 118 ADDRESSES OF CONTACTED PERSONS Institutions & Colleges ::  M.R.M  S. Ram Manohar Lohia Institute  Shri Bankey Bihari Group of Institute  Astron College of Institute Bypass Road.I. Meerut.T  I. Bypass Road.E.T  C. Meerut.E. Modi Nagar Hapur Bypass. Meerut. Bagpat Road.T  F.R. Meerut. Bagpat Road.M  Krishna Institute of Management  Kalka Dental College  Dr. Modiouram.T  R. Partapur.M. Bagpat Road. Meerut.Meerut. Meerut.I.

P a g e | 119 .

Apollo Bunder. Max pick up.C.. 89. Bolero DI Pet. 1. Loadking DI 3200. Kandivli (East) Mumbai – 422007 Plant Address 2 : Automobile sector.I.DJ A. Nasic Plant No.D. Scorpio. Akurli Road.P a g e | 120 COMPANY PROFILE Name Business : MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LIMITED : Manufacturing of four wheelers of different Models viz. Camper. Max-IV Seater. Mahindra Champion (Three Wheeler).400001 Plant Address : Automobile Sector. Satpur ..C. Bolero. Mumbai . Loadking Pride. Tourister School and Stuff bus. M. Registered office : Gateway Building.

Loadking DI 3200.C. Junction. Manufacturing of L. Bolero XL DI. Pick up.V. 13. Camper. Zaheerabad .‟ : Automobile Sector.C. A. Nasik – 422011 Models : Scorpio. Mahindra Champion (Three wheeler).. Bolero DI Ref. Worli. Bidar. T . Loadking Super.. Tourister school and stuff bus.P a g e | 121 Nashik – 422007 Regional Office : Worli Road No. Mumbai – 400018 Range – E/Division : Jande Park Takli Road.

P a g e | 122 .

It‘s your chance to ride high on success. It‘s got the cutting-edge. then Mahindra DI 3200 is just the right truck for you.P a g e | 123 STATES OF PRODUCT Mahindra DI 3200 If a big LCV proves to be uneconomical and a small one can‘t handle your payload. Mahindra Loadking CRDe It‘s a truck that comes with an amazing feature. Load it with whatever and go wherever. Mahindra Loadking Pride Discover a truck designed to give you more. More Speed. It‘s an ideal city delivery vehicle that assures more loading area. A truck low on maintenance and high on business. Along with more revenues! . CRDe engine fitted beneath its hood. It‘s a vehicle that helps you to cut down your operating costs drastically. Get the Loadking Long Wheel Base instead. more mileage and more profits. Profit with its better loading capacity and greater pulling power. More Pickup and More Mileage. Mahindra Loadking Long Wheel Base Don‘t buy a long heavy load vehicle to deliver voluminous goods. With great Pride. Generates More Power.

in its segment. Presenting the 25-seater Mahindra Tourister i with the revolutionary CRDe technology. The ‗i‘ signifies the 32 improvements which have been incorporated in the existing bus to further enhance safety. The biggest advantage is its small size.parents. 1 school bus.P a g e | 124 Mahindra Loadking LCV Tipper The all new Loadking LCV Tipper makes anything possible. No. And it is this faith that has made Tourister the f schools. MAHINDRA TOURISTER I CRDE BUS It‘s a bus better than any other bus. From reaching its destination. From getting more business. nothing can stop a Loadking. MAHINDRA TOURISTER I REGULAR BUS The Mahindra Tourister i range is an improved version of the existing Tourister range. . From dumping sand and cement to delivering stone chips and boulders. MAHINDRA TOURISTER I SCHOOL BUS The Mahindra Tourister school bus enjoys the faith of hundreds o kids and bus owners across India. comfort and aesthetics. And really quiet too. It‘s the first in its category and it‘s designed to make every journey really smooth. Be it a lane or a steep ascend.

P a g e | 125 .

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