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Your final grade for this unit will be based on the following components:
Task Task 1 Quiz on Readings 14 Weight 15% Due Date Week 4 tutorial (internal students) or On-campus Day 1 (external students) Friday May 4 Linked Unit Outcomes 1 Graduate Teaching Standards Linked Graduate Capabilities 1, 5


Assignment 2 45% Assessment of mathematics learning Assignment 3 Pass/Fail (External students only; see Part B of this guide) Examination 40%

2, 3, 4

Friday June 15

1.5 2.1 2.2 2.1

1, 2, 3, 5

1, 5

Examination period

1.2 2.1

1, 2, 5

General instructions for completing Assignments: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Use a word processor. Use headings to separate clearly the various sections of the assignment. Make sure you cover all the sections which are defined in the assignment description. Please avoid fancy fonts and graphics which decorate the assignment but add nothing to its content. Complete the corresponding cover sheet (attached at the end of this Unit Guide), sign it, attach it to the front of your report, and submit your assignment as instructed below. Please do not place the assignment in plastic sleeves. Make sure you keep a copy of your assignment in case of loss.

Extension requests: Late submissions will be assessed as follows: Late with evidence of sickness or misadventure: normal marking after submission. Late with prior approval: normal marking if revised deadline is met. Late without prior approval or after revised deadline: a penalty of 1% of the total unit grade per day overdue.

Extensions to assignment submission dates will only be granted in the case of documented unavoidable disruption. A request for extension must be submitted to Michael Cavanagh on a form obtainable from the Department of Education Office (C3A 828). This should preferably be submitted well before the due date. A penalty of 1% of the total grade for the unit per day late will be applied for unapproved late submissions. No resubmission of assignments is allowed. The submission of assignments is your responsibility. You are strongly advised to make a back-up copy of each part of the journal. Claims in respect of a lost journal can only be entertained if you are able to produce a copy. All components will be graded on the basis of the criteria set out below. In all other matters, the provisions of the Macquarie University Assessment Policy hold. A copy of this document is available from

Task 1: Quiz on Readings 1 to 4 (15%) A 20-minute written quiz covering the content of Readings 1 to 4 (R01-R04) will be given during Tutorial 4 (T04) [internal students] or On-Campus Day 1 (OCD1) [external students]. The quiz is a closed-book test. Assignment 2: Assessment of mathematics learning (45%) Part A: Report of student numeracy interview (Please refer to pages S09 in your EDUC258 Student Manual for instructions on completing the interview) (i) Describe briefly the child interviewed and the setting for the interview. Attach a copy of the Consent Form and your completed interview notes. (50 words max) Warning: This task may not be assessed if the Consent Form and interview notes are not included. (ii) Describe your childs interview responses in terms of the mathematical concepts and processes they demonstrate understanding of or with which they appear to have difficulty. Justify each description statement by referring to specific responses made by your child. (750 words max) Please do not place the Consent Form in an envelope. Simply staple it together with the other pages of your assignment. Part B: Critical reflection of a reading You will need to read the following article (available after pages S09 in your Student Manual): Molina, M., & Ambrose, R. C. (2006). Fostering relational thinking while negotiating the meaning of the equals sign. Teaching Children Mathematics, 13, 111-117. (i) (ii) Summarise the key ideas in the reading (400 words max) Relate the key ideas you have summarised to your analysis of the childs responses in the numeracy interview from Part A (ii). (400 words max) Submission of Assignment 2 You will need to submit Assignment 2 as follows:

Deposit the complete hard-copy of your assignment (including signed cover sheet, Consent Form and your interview notes) in the Faculty Student Office on the ground floor of Building C3A by 5pm on the Friday of Week 9. External students should submit the complete hard-copy of Assignment 2 via the Centre for Open Education. The hard-copy will be marked and returned to you. Submit electronic copy of your interview report (NOT including the signed cover sheet, permission letter and interview schedule) via the Turnitin feature on the unit iLearn website. Visit and read the section To submit an assignment for a student for instructions on how to do this.

Assignment Criteria for Assignment 2 Assignment 2 will be assessed against the following criteria: Part A: Clear description of the childs age, grade, mathematical ability, and the setting for the interview Copy of Consent Form and your interview notes (hand-written is acceptable) enclosed Specific evidence from the childs interview responses to justify your claims about their understanding Clearly written work in an appropriate academic style Summary of the designated reading by Molina & Ambrose Explicit links made from the reading to the childs interview responses Clearly written work in an appropriate academic style

Part B:

Assignment 3 (external students only)

For details of Assignment 3, please refer to Section 3 in Part B of this unit guide.

Final Examination (40%)

The purpose of the final examination is to ensure that all students can demonstrate mastery of the content of the unit. This is important because the concepts covered in EDUC258 lay a foundation for subsequent TEP mathematics study. The final examination is a two-hour paper covering topics selected from the entire content of this unit. You will be expected to bring your Student Manual with you into the examination room, together with any notes affixed to it. More information about the form of the paper will be announced in lectorial L13B. The University Examination period in First Half Year 2012 is from June 12 to 29. You are expected to present yourself for examination at the time and place designated in the University Examination Timetable. The timetable will be available in Draft form approximately eight weeks before the commencement of the examinations and in Final form approximately four weeks before the commencement of the examinations. See The only exception to not sitting an examination at the designated time is because of documented illness or unavoidable disruption. In these circumstances you may wish to consider applying for Special Consideration. Information about unavoidable disruption and special consideration processes is available at If a Supplementary Examination is granted as a result of the Special Consideration process the examination will be scheduled after the conclusion of the official examination period. You are advised that it is Macquarie University policy not to set early examinations for individuals or groups of students. All students are expected to ensure that they are available until the end of the teaching semester, that is, the final day of the official examination period.