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l,,~~dtlcti(ln Th~ M yS(~Tl' of rbi. Ratio, Means & Proportion Phli[O" D:,,,;cb! Line I'hu on th(: I'bm: The r-~oonK,ci Sequ ence Phyllotaxis
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My Cup Rlmn~th Over
A Sacred lhldi.don

Phu in P'_i!l~ing Mdody &. Harmony All Th:tt Gli~t~r~ Tb .. Gf)kl!eT, Ch.l~i(;·~


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&: Consciousness

PM in ~he; Sky
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], Phi .Eq uarions


n: Fibonacci


ApPt'!ldi~ IJI: Tht~ I n.teJinitO!' Dy.ld! hrp<;;ndi:1( IV; Designer's
Appc"ndlx V: Golden Appemj~{(~ VI; Mo~ Roocungleo Ph~,!;lC~ Lucas Magie, ~Ild VH: I>hyllo~u:is AJlgl,,,,,

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the divine syn1phony of life
arure exhibit an array f beauriful and wondrous form, Plant, trees, insects, fish dogs, cats, horses and peacocks all display a poeri interplay b tween symmetry and asymmetry, Golden relation are often displayed through golden rectangles (see beetles ami fish opposite, qlter Doczi), and their subsequent sectioning into component squares and smaller golden rectangle .. This perpetuates the ratios of the original \ hole into it elf- irnilar part, refl cring the <1'>:1:1/<1> proportional symmetry chat we call the divine proportion. A chwaller de Lubicz stated in The Temple if Mall, "The impulse of movement and aJI form i gi en by <1'>," The prevalence of natural pentagonal forms may re ult from the ymphony of gold n relarioi hip in the p ntagon and pentagram (below and center row cpposite.fron! CCllmmt). Many marine animals, like tarfi h, e hibir s-fold form. ometimes, a in a pas ion flov er, the form i decagonal, one pentagon uperimpo ed upon another, Even the building block for life, ammonia ( H3) methane ( 'H4). and water (Hz ) all have internal bond angle. which approximate the internal 10 angle of a pentagon.



in the image of the dimne
For over .20 years IHy students have been subjected to in-class . measurements where their height relative to the location of 'their navel 'i,.VOI.S determined, The pur pese was to see whether the navel acttl[~]ly dividesthe body in the golden section, as same suggest the ancient Caf~,t)n(!f Polydftus purported, Over the years there have been a few who have exhibited what appears ro be a perfect golden cut, however, in performing the calculations, the majority fix very closely into whole number Fibonacci approximations, particulaely, the S:3 range,.Jud occasionally 8:), The golden ratiomanifests throughout the human body. The throe bones of each of your fingers <Ire:in golden relationship, <!11;d the wrist divides the hand. and fQreann at the golden section, Fibonacci numbers appear ill your teeth, which SI,I1::n II3 in each to quarter of your mouth OWl' a lifenme, divided into achildhood 5 and <Inadult 8. Thejourney from child toadult abo containsanother surprise: a baby's navel (representing its pa!\~)is at itsmidpoint, and irs genitals occur Ott the golden PQ~.m,bur when fully gr()Wl1 these reverse, .•1S an adult's midpourt is at the genii"ab (the fmJ;u:e)wim the navel approximating the golden section (opposire hm;ef lif/). In Da Vinci's drawing of a head ((~f'p(ljir,~ rf~lJ't) a golden wp rectangleframes the face, and positionsthe eyes, nose and mouth, Below we see Durer's drawings of lessthan golden faces,



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through the looking glass
Nature pulseswith cycles and rhythms of increase and decrease. Heraclitus, a Presocratic intluence on Plato, noted: "The way up and the-way down are one and the same." Observe the waxing and W;111Li~lIg ofthemoon, the circle of the year, the interplay of day and night, the breath of the tides. the &ys:wlearld diastole of the beat (;If the heart, and the expansion and contraction of the lungs. The explosive growth of a star is often followed by implosion, and the negative entropy in the ordered organization oflife IS balanced by the positive entropy of disorder a.tld death. ln chaos theory, the golden section governs the chaos border, where order passes into and emerges Out of disorder (see appendix V), Demandingsimpliciry and econornynature appears to require an accretion and diminution process [hat is simultaneously additive and rnultiplicative, subtractive and divi~i()n<aL This demand is. satisfied petfecdy only by the golden section powers" and in practice by Fibonacci and Lucasapproximarions. In the taMe (oppmite top). notice how Vole can move upward in growth by both addition and mnlriplicaticn, and move down, diminishing, lby subtraction and division, The fulcmm IS Unity acting as the geometricmean in golden relationshipto both the increase of the deficient Lesser and decrease of excessive Greater. Think of an oak. tree, It shoots up as fast as it can from an acorn, only to slow, mature and fractalizc its space coward a limit, becoming a new relative unity, what Aristode called an entelechy, the form it grow'S unto. Like Alice in Wonderbnd, nature simultaneously grows and diminishes to relative limits,






an extended family of wonderful curve
In nature gnomonic growth 0 curs through imple a zcretion. It produce the beautiful logarithmic spiral growth we ee in moUu. ks, which constantly add new material (It the open end of their .hells. Importantly, the shell grmvs in . ize, increasing in length and width, v ithout varying it proportion. This accretive pro ess, al 0 used by rystals, 1. the, impl t law [ growrh. The gold n piral d rived from fibonacci numbers (al shown 011 the COL er), and from the arm f a pent gram (he/ow) i. a 111 mber of the family of logarithmic pirals. These also go b the name of rov th pirals, quiangular pirals, nd ornetim spira IIlirabilis, "wonderful piral," When a piral i. logarithmic the curve appears the same ac e\er)" . cale and an' line drawn from the center meers an part of the spiral at exactly the same angle for that spiral. Zoom in on a logarithmic spiral and you will discover nother piral waiting or you. They are to be ontrasted \ irh Archimede 11 spirals, \ hich have equal- paced coil like a coiled nake or hose. ature use. numerous different logarithmic J irals in leaf and hell shape. cacti and seed-head phylloraxis whirlpool and galaxies. Many can be approximated using a family of golden spirals derived from equal divisions of a circle (s(,C'opposite after Coates ,- Colman) .









great and golden Can there reall be

ret known Wh



Da Vinci,

Kepler. Plato and the ancient magicians? reveal it?

were they forbidden and life itself



In chi unravel

small but compact volume, di ine proportion super: leuth Dr Olsen
perhaps the greatest rn stery of all rime, a code that ems

life, the universe and ever thing. a pattern we instinctively recognize as beautiful and which narure her 1£ uses at every scale.

ISBN 0802716397





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