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Demographics Sullivan High School (pseudonym) is in a small rural area. There is 55 teachers and 860 students in a 4 year school.

The district makes technology decisions as well as a committee of 3 teachers and 2 students. The school is considered economically disadvantaged classified by the federal school lunch program. There is 27% Hispanic and 65% considered economically disadvantaged. Administrative Filter

Policy Behaviorial:Integrated Sullivan High School (pseudonym) has the majority of the classroom (98%) equipped with projectors and the teachers have embraced using them in the classroom. Even though some still use the older overhead projectors, the behavior is mostly integrated. Resource/infrastructure:Intelligent Sullivan High School (pseudonym) has a policy in place, which has been approved by the district and superintendent and followed. Planning Behaviorial:Integrated Planning has been done on a district level and is connected to other planning efforts through the superintendent. Resource/infrastructure:Integrated There are some plans put into place that have funding set apart for it, for example a comprehensive plan of integrating iPads in place of textbooks. Budget Behaviorial:Islands Formal budget plans are put into place with a high priority of integration but the resources are simple and not long term set. Budget plans go form 1-5 year plans. Resource:Islands Specific budgets for technology is provided like computer replacement upkeep but with shortage of funding no other budgets are taken into consideration. Administrative Information

Behaviorial:Islands Many of the staff members have embraced email regularly but other administrative systems are not regularly practiced. Resource:Integrated Even though many staff members and not all use some of the administrative systems, many resources are in place in addition to email for example, Google resources, and district wide websites. Curricular Filter

Electronic Information Behaviorial:Integrated Sullivan High School (pseudonym) students and staff use information resources regularly as they use iPods in the classroom and projectors everyday. Resource:Integrated With the use of iPods the school has depth and some diversity but not every classroom has them available to them so its limited. Assessment Behaviorial:Islands Students and staff have embraced some of the programs for testing and even though its mostly integrated into the mathematic curriculum other areas are being tested and will soon be using similar programs. Resource/Integrated:Islands Some technology based learning uses assessment, for example "brain honey" "CAHN" (Math)

Curriculum Integration Behaviorial:Islands

Sullivan High School (pseudonym) is somewhat dependent on technology because of the need for projectors in lessons and other classes offered such as information systems that depend on computers daily but overall it isnt completely dependent of technology for the curriculum. Resource/Integrated: Emergent The only area that seems to have technology integrated into the curriculum is mathematics. Teacher Use Behaviorial:Emergent Besides the use of projectors, technology isnt used regularly for curriculum. Most of the teachers still use the old ways theyve used for years. Resource/Integrated: Islands Theres an imbalance of resources provided for the teachers, most of the teachers have projectors and computers in their rooms but many of them are outdated and slow. Student Use Behaviorial:Islands Students use technology often but the firewall and restrictions limit student use. Just recently YouTube was made available but still highly monitored and blocked. Resource/Integrated: Integrated Even though access is limited, most students have consistent and regular access. Technology for resource is very accessible through the school library for research for the students. Support Filter

Stake Holder Involvement Behaviorial:Islands With only a few teachers and students that are involved in the planning process with a committee of 3 teachers and 2 students for a school of 55 teachers and 860 students is very little involvement but most are aware of the planning. Resource/Integrated: Integrated

With the teachers and students (especially) involved most of the groups are represented that use technology in the school. Administrative Support Behaviorial:Intelligent The superintendent is very involved in the planning and implementation of technology in the schools. He is very pro technology especially with the proposal hes leading up for iPads for every student. Resource/Integrated: Integrated Although the superintendent is very involved overall, administration support isnt significant because most of the influence is coming from just one person. Training Behaviorial:Emergent Sullivan High School (pseudonym) has embraced technology very well except in the training. There is no real training setup besides very basic instructions. There are a few classes available but the attendance is very low. This is one area that I think is really affecting the technology integration at the school, without training its really difficult to embrace technology. Resource/Integrated:Emergent The lack of participation in training can be due to part of the resources provided. The money used to purchase technology limits the resources for training or training is neglected in the budget planning. This is one of the major problems Sullivan High School (pseudonym), with no training available; the desire to use technology decreases because the older teachers dont know how to use it and when it comes down to using their limited time to prepare a lesson or learn how to use technology to use in the lesson they are going to neglect the technology. Technical &Infrastructure Support Behaviorial:Islands Some support is setup for help but the staff usually will ask others before contacting the help desk. Resource/Integrated: Integrated There are some specialized paid employees available to help with tech support. However, they are limited because the staff doesnt use them.

Connectivity Filter

Local Area Networking Behaviorial:Intelligent Sullivan High School (pseudonym) has WAN available to all areas of the video. Resource/Integrated: Integrated High speed networking is available District Area Networking (WAN) Behaviorial:Intelligent Staff use is available for data. Resource/Integrated:Integrated District wide internet access is available in all schools Internet Access Behaviorial:Islands The staff and students use the Internet frequently but the integration is limited. Resource/Integrated: Intelligent All locations are available for Internet access at the school. Hotspots are placed in areas of the school to increase access. Communication Systems Behaviorial:Intelligent Email is an important part of communication. Weekly announcements are sent daily with bulletin items on email. Resource/Integrated:Intelligent The staff has resource to email but the students dont have full access. Innovation Filter

New Technologies Behaviorial:Integrated

Most members of the staff are excited and accepting of new technology. However, the few more seasoned teachers are less embracing. Resource/Integrated: Islands New technologies are accepted but many staff members still fall back on using older methods Comprehensive Technologies Behaviorial:Integrated Ipods have been used in the classrooms and they add more advanced techniques compared to traditional methods but Sullivan High School (pseudonym) isnt to the level of integration of readily available video conferencing, voice recognition, etc. Resource/Integrated: Islands With the lack of voice recognition technologies the school is limited to two types, projectors and video.
Final Summary I would place Sullivan High School (pseudonym) in the Technology Maturity Model as Integrated because overall it has embraced technology well and is taking many steps to increasing technology use in the school. The weak area seems to be in the training of technology. As much effort is put into technology resources, training is overlooked as a resource. This really causes a hold on the tech integration process. The opinion seems to be to throw the technology at the staff and students and let them learn it. This hasnt proven to be effective and this area is what I believe is causing the lack of technology maturity and impeding the potential to reach an intelligent level overall.