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APRIL 2012

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08 ON THE LOOKOUT The latest happenings on the paradise island. GADGETS We have the reports on the latest cool technology. FITNESS & HEALTH Personal Trainer—Commit to Get Fit! Part 1 FASHION Niconico 20 22 MEET ‘N GREET Fahrani Empel COVER STORY Board, Stupid! CARE TO SHARE Bali Street Dogs Foundation 28 32 34 40 RESTAURANT Bubba Gump Shrimp Co BALI BEACH LIFE TRAVELOGUE Goa Gajah DIRECTORY

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APRIL 2012

Kuala Lumpur Phone: (+60) 0321 632 368 TRATTORIA JAKARTA The East Building Lobby Ground Floor #1-10 trattoriaasia THE ONLY ORIGINAL TRADEMARK CUCINA ITALI A NA TRATTORIA Jl. Tibubeneng Kuta Utara. Lesmana Oberoi Seminyak Kuta-Bali Phone: (0361) 737 082 TRATTORIA MEDAN Jl. 1. Uskup Agung No. Singapore Phone: (+65) 6834 4833 Fax: (+65) 6384 4822 TRATTORIA CANGGU PLAZA Jl. Kuala Lumpur Phone: (+60) 0321 632 368 Fax: (+60) 0321 630 369 TRATTORIA KUALA LUMPUR Il Porcellino Jl.2 No. 17. Lesmana Oberoi Seminyak Kuta-Bali Phone: (0361) 746 0253 TRATTORIA MALAYSIA Trattoria Ground Floor East Wing Rohas Perkasa 8 Jalan Perak. 3.16/ 17/ 18 230 Orchard Road. Medan Phone: (061) 451 5166 TRATTORIA PIZZA Jl. Taman Wisata. Badung TRATTORIA GILI TRAWANGAN Gili Trawangan. Labuan Sait Padang-Padang Phone: (0361) 822 7741 APRIL 2012 5 .com www. Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav.trattoriaasia. P Ramlee. SE Phone: (+62) 81 907 982 995 TRATTORIA ULUWATU Jakarta 12950 Phone: (021) 5793 8574 Fax: (021) 5793 8594 TRATTORIA SINGAPORE 313 Somerset #01.

have a look at our Fashion content. a true warrior that has dedicated her time in preserving the rain forrest and saving the orangutan in Borneo. In this month’s edition we had the pleasure of meeting Fa’Empel. Welcome to the April edition of Bali Down Under. The weather has played a big part the past few weeks with the highlight of having a tornado which has put Bali into a blackout for hours. If you have other Facebook page (Facebook email: media@balidownunder. you can address them to info@balidownunder. You can read her interesting story in our Meet ‘N Greet content. Cheers. OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN “BALI DOWN UNDER” ARE THE WRITER’S AND NOT NECESSARILY ENDORSED BY BALI DOWN UNDER. The weather has calmed down now and it’s all back to normal again in which we can enjoy the good old Bali. Bali-Indonesia Phone: 087 861 859 304 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kuta Contributors Julhenry.balidownunder. BALI DOWN UNDER ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE IN ANY WAY FOR THE CONTENTS (ADVERTISING INCLUDED).com) Editor Frederick (editor@balidownunder. Bali Down Under Team Director Mulyani (media@balidownunder. As always. feedbacks. sexy choices for you to look hot and steamy on the beach or next to the pool. 6 APRIL 2012 . niconico gives you a lot of’S LETTER DEAR READERS. you can send your comments. And if you were looking for new swim wear. suggestions or just post a shout-out by visiting our website (www. and Twitter (@BaliDownUnder).com) Photographer Yohanna Sales Kadek R (sales@balidownunder. WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM BALI DOWN UNDER. Sam PT Bawa Media Jalan Majapahit No. NO PART OF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY ELECTRONIC OR MECHANICAL Webmaster Angga (info@balidownunder.

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Gianyar. a resident of Kerobokan.” Bali Legislative Council member I Made Arjaya. Comr. Officers from the police’s Densus 88 counterterrorism unit stormed the room and shot the suspects dead. in a budget hotel. and Padangbai Port. The Provincial Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) reported that 22 Hindu temples. claiming the lives of two men and inflicting damage amounting to Rp 2 billion (US$220. an open pavilion in the yard of the village’s Air Jeruk Temple. The death toll from a series of natural disasters to have plagued Bali since early last week has now risen to 11. Bad weather also forced the harbor authority to suspend ferry services at Gilimanuk Port. and I Made Sumarna. STORM KILLS TWO. due to the high waves and strong currents. where the traditional musical ensemble gamelan is usually performed.000). Arjaya said that three suspected terrorists had rented a room in the budget hotel. Bali Police spokesman Sr.” he said. A police source at the scene confirmed members of the group were believed to have been raising funds for terrorism via armed robberies. Laksmi. said. and dozens of houses were damaged.” said Intan Paramita Apsari. and some intelligence reports suggested that the group intended to plan robberies in order to generate money for future terrorist activities. Police have yet to issue an official statement on the nature of the raids and details on the casualties. The BMKG official in charge of data and information. The strong winds were followed by torrential rain and high tides that damaged an embankment at Canggu Beach. told The Jakarta Post. Police had confiscated firearms.ON THE LOOKOUT FIVE SUSPECTED TERRORISTS ‘ KILLED’ IN BALI THE JAKARTAPOST—Five suspected terrorists were reportedly killed during police raids at two different sites late Sunday. North Kuta. We have tailed them for months before we made the raids. Earlier. two food stalls. 57. he said. The Meteorology. said that Saturday night’s disasters were triggered by the formation of extremely large cumulonimbus cloud above the island. Hariadi denied that there were six alleged terrorists who entered the island last month.” the field operative. Bale Gong.m. Sanur. describing them instead as professional robbers plotting to commit a heist. The area is known as one of the most famous red-light districts in Bali. “Three were killed here and another two in Soputan. CAUSES RP 2B DAMAGE THE JAKARTAPOST—A powerful windstorm pounded the resort island for two hours late on Saturday night. The casualties were identified as I Wayan Nada.2 kilometers per hour destroyed trees. which connects the island with Lombok. billboards and roofs throughout southern Bali. 60. I Nyoman Gde Wiryajaya. Danau Poso 99X. “They rented a room in this area probably because it is very easy to blend in here. The police source refused to reveal further information as it could disrupt police investigations. The wind was so powerful it blew away all the paintings on my house’s outer wall. who wished to remain anonymous. Little did they know that the police had tailed them for several days. “The five people are part of the group that masterminded the 2010 CIMB Niaga bank robbery in Medan [North Sumatra]. He said the suspects had been carrying firearms at the time of the raids. “The windstorm damaged the roof of my house and the ensuing rain destroyed my book collection. on Jl. The men had taken shelter from the worsening weather at 8 APRIL 2012 .m. where people can easily obtain a cheap room from staff at budget hotels who rarely ask for valid identification from their guests. The first raid took place at around 10:15 p. Soputan is a street in a densely-populated area in west Denpasar. Climatology and Geophysics Agency’s (BMKG) Bali office reported that the powerful storm started pounding the island at around 11 p. Hariadi insisted that tighter security checks were aimed at reducing crime rates. both residents of Sukawati village. Hariadi denied that the suspects were terrorists. two senior high schools (SMA 1 Kuta Utara and SMA 2 Mengwi). adding that local leaders had been notified by police to increase their alertness prior to the raid. winds of 88. Neighbors said that they heard a burst of gunfire at around that time. which connects Bali to Java. At its peak. who lives 30 meters away from the site of the first raid. two hotels and villas.

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until someone figures out that there is no ammo at all with this. A high tech bracelet that displays your exercise statistics in LED lights and with the companion app and the Nike+ website your fitness goals are destined to become a reality. no? After all. Inside. Unlike in the Mario video games. you will be rewarded with a 1-Up noise. This is where you will need to practice your best rendition of “Target acquired” if you were to send folks scurrying around in fear.COM NIKE+ FUELBAND—BECAUSE LIFES A GAME Well it looks like Nike is at the ready to save us from ourselves with their new FuelBand. go to the website for more info or to sign up to be notified that they are back in stock. this labor of love is custom made right from the get go. you will find energy-efficient LEDs running the show. The FuelBand certainly looks more comfortable than some of those larger ”wrist fitness” devices and much more user friendly and accessible than other bands simply because it has a display and the ability to sync wirelessly. In the meantime.99 Portal 2 Life-Size Inflatable Sentry Turret. Each eighth time you toggle the light. it works only once (or never). After all. The Nike FuelBand even looks cool.COOLEST-GADGETS. while the lamp itself is light enough to be suspended from an integrated 11-foot power cord. calories burned and keep tabs on your NikeFuel. but it is currently sold out at Nike. less barbecue and more exercise for me. steps taken. and there is also a custom acrylic stand sold separately if you prefer to place it by your bed. would be able to huff and puff your way through this inflatable Sentry Turret in a jiffy. You can position it just about anywhere that you want it to protect. INTERACTIVE 8-BIT QUESTION BLOCK LAMP Those of you who are absolutely in love with what Nintendo has delivered via the Mario Bros. 10 APRIL 2012 . The Fuelband should be aavailable for around 149 bucks. everyday can be a new challenge. Your FuelBand starts the day red and turns from red to yellow to green as you hit your daily fitness goals.GADGETS SOURCE: WWW. PORTAL 2 LIFE-SIZE INFLATABLE SENTRY TURRET Aperture Labs has something special lined up for all of you Portal 2 fans – we are talking about a $24. universe will definitely fall in love with this $ However. although a slow motion punching action that ends with a light touch will suffice in turning the lamp on or off. It will work just about anywhere thanks to it being 100v-240v compatible. you being a person full of hot air. Taking up to 2 weeks to process an order simply because it needs to be built from scratch. track your time. and is made out of laser-cut plexiglass. you need not punch this lamp. although its main function will probably be as effective as that of a scarecrow — meaning.99 fixture in your home – coming in the form of the Interactive 8-bit Question Block Lamp. the Nike+ FuelBand comes in three sizes and can easily be adjusted for whether you’re wearing it on your right or left wrist. it would make sense that such Sentry Turrets take on a more portable and convenient method of transportation— as they can be deflated when not in use. measuring 6″ x 6″ x 6″. where it can be inflated up to 40 of protective goodness. Compete with others or against yourself. with austerity measures being introduced across different governments and corporations worldwide. but standard “punches” will play back a classic coin noise. How active do you wish you were? Let your Nike+ FuelBand know and it will monitor your progress.

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and this ‘desire’ will help drive you and keep you coming back for more. we will explore the key things that you can expect your Personal Trainer to bring to this new relationship. twice or even three times a | w.FITNESS & HEALTH Personal Trainer — Commit to Get Fit! Part 1 PERSONAL TRAINER COMMIT TO GET FIT! PART 1 “I can’t afford to have a personal trainer. Commit to the investment. PT’s will often give you a discount to buy a pack of sessions. You now want to see a return on that investment. Parting with your cash is one step to commitment. See if you connect. Ask questions. Commit to the appointment. then you could always choose not to. Paying less does not necessarily mean a great deal. your mood is boosted naturally. In Personal Trainer — Part 2. The difference between this and all the wasted dollars spent on un-used gym memberships starts at the point below…. Obesity rates are soaring. +62 361 847 60 39 3V Fitness Canggu Jl. Same program. Commit to the workout. but also the value added take home benefits including the ‘exercise afterburn’* and the ‘feel-good endorphins’^ that will naturally happen in your body long after the workout has ended. Once. right?” Wrong! You can’t afford NOT to have a personal trainer. A personal trainer brings lots of tools to start. and when they are released through exercise. Check their credentials on paper — but really. * Afterburn — EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption). During this period extra calories are expended and this period can last for up to 8–48 hours! ^ Feel good endorphins – Endorphins are the bodys natural feel-good chemicals. Remember the old saying – you pay for what you get. endure and complete the climb. different day. Type 2 diabetes is commonplace. Chat. Commit then select. Learn about exercise. How do they interact? Is there good communication? Confidence? Does the session look like something you would Bring this coupon and you will get a FREE trial at 3V Fitness Kerobokan or Canggu and a chance of winning a FREE membership. Watch them train others first. Raya Padanan 6 (Continuation of Jalan Pantai Berawa) Canggu p. People around the world are becoming more and more inactive through sedentary work and lifestyles. it’s in person where it counts. People are more apt to keep their appointments when they have paid for them in advance. Do it! This isn’t a short term thing. Turn up ready and psyched to 3V Fitness Kerobokan Mertasari 31-X. this will motivate and drive you to the 12 APRIL 2012 . fitness@3vfitness. it can become a snowball effect as we agree with ourselves to get back into exercise later. +62 361 847 60 28 f. the first step is committment. Kerobokan p. These chemicals work together to make you ‘feel good’. The benefit will not only be the time effective workout sqeezed into a busy day. unchecked. there is also a relationship to be made between low motivation and inspiration and a lowering of individuals ‘challenge’ thresholds. Think long term gain. So. later never comes. Exercise also releases adrenaline. Endorphins are referred to as the bodys natural pain-killer. Or. Your PT will record. long term change. +62 361 789 8967 +62 361 789 8968 e. www. are organic icing on the cake. they must fit you. Even better. For many. like to be doing? Most PT’s will offer a free trial session — take them for a test drive. We see the pounds creep onto the scales at first and then. Pick your PT wisely. or do next? Perhaps it’s a bit boring. Budget is important but beware false ecomomies.3vfitness. The gym could be across the road but if you don’t have to go. Maximise your precious time. Get the most that you can from your PT within that hour. depending on your goals and how fast you want to achieve them. I hope you’re not surprised. that the body is utilising to return itself to its preexercise state. Learn about your body. the molehill has turned into a mountain. This is the kickstart you need to a better and healthier you. Not any more. the oxygen consumption. And by the time the others agree with themselves it’s now time. As quickly as these numbers soar. train hard. above resting level. evaluate and manage your challenges. Because you have a locked in appointment. the sheer act of paying someone for a service will probably be all the motivation you need to consistently show up. serotonin and dopamine. How many times have you gone to the gym and wasted time by being unsure what to do.

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com) Models: Art Direction by Julhenry & Yoni Make-Up & Hair do by Julhenry for PAC ( Location: Blue Karma Hotel (www. Vika.balibluekarma. Elise & Simen for So Wanted Ben for Bali Starz Ngurah for Kameleon Agency Swimwear: niconico mare ( Lighting Equipment supported by Matadewa66 (www.casteyewear.niconico Tropical Heat Photography by Fabio Lorenzo ( Sunglasses: Cast Eyewear ( 14 APRIL 2012 .

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gracing Milan. after an 18-month break. cooler than an Esky who’s found her mark helping to save the rainforests… by Katie Truman M 20 ost Indonesians know who Fahrani Empel is. “As you get older.” An actress of TV and Indonesian films (winning ‘Most Favourite Actress and Couple. displaying tasteful tattoos and platinum blonde hair setting off dusky skin.’ Indonesian Film Festival. But there’s more than meets the eye to Ms Empel and since we last met three years ago. At 28. it’s not that important. finds she’s got all she can from modeling (although she still does occasion fashion shoots for friends). Exotically beautiful Fa’ (for short) bounds in for our meeting. award-winning actress. a monstrously large white Argentine Mastiff! Unsurprisingly.up to follow other pursuits. 179cm tall and lean. her ninth film.’ Indonesian Movie Awards and ‘Best Actress. you can’t exactly miss her.MEET ‘N GREET Fahrani Empel FROM CATWALK TO WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Indonesian supermodel and celebrity Fahrani Empel is not just a pretty face — she’s multi-talented. I don’t want to be stuck in modeling forever. Even her dog is exotic. besides I’m now freed. For those not familiar. APRIL 2012 . Paris and New York Fashion Weeks as an Indonesian supermodel. but like the more intelligent ones. Fa’ could still be an international model. she’s acquired more impressive strings to her bow. this Jakarta gal has been a model since 14. in 2008).

Although she’s proud of this UFO-themed film. unisex. priced from US$200300. check website www. she’s holding out for quality scripts leading to an international acting career. “The rainforest urgently requires serious money donations. A chance reading of an article in Australia. Bondi. Maybe it’s in the blood – her father is from Borneo’s Kalimantan — but Borneo is now her big passion: “I’ve found my spiritual answer with Project Borneo. unfortunately.’ is due for release. It’s my country. led Fa’ to get involved in ‘Project Borneo. continuing this pioneering project — which includes developing a sustainable model eco-village and rescuing displaced orang-utans: “This is a long-term project. these international ecowarriors spent around 20 days in the heart of Indonesia’s Borneo rainforests. “Indonesia’s forests are the world’s lungs. Fa’ emerged as one of the 15 selected finalists: last September. yet its deforestation is the worst.” She designs new collections — fresh. Bali.’ — helping save the Indonesian rainforest and educate people globally on this urgent cause. Borneo and Berlin!” However.” Look-out for Australian-produced feature documentary. She still plans to spend several months a year in Bali (“Bali will always be home”) but continue spending summers in Australia (“Great creative energy. working with local Dayak communities and activists and followed on-line by like-minded students and supporters worldwide. the designing bug inevitably blossomed and last year. with forests cut down at the speed of 300 football fields per hour” Fa’ laments.Fahrani Empel MEET ‘N GREET ‘Ennui. Berlin.’ with limited edition sunglasses. documents these eco-warriors’ 100 days in the rainforest revealing their challenging. so if I can create awareness and educate all those young kids. helping others. New York. but other far-flung places lure personally and professionally. he apparently was looking for me. most ambitious documentary project ever created. neatly fitting-in with her modeling-acting background and tricks learnt in front of the camera.’ released worldwide 2013. she admits. Asia-Pacific’s APRIL 2012 21 . not thinking just of myself!” enthuses this beautiful inside-out eco-warrior. Fa’ returns to Borneo in April for two more months.” A portion of proceeds from her ‘CAST Heart Borneo Collection. “The fashion and movie industry is great for networking. I was away at the time!” With years of fashion experience. part of pioneering ‘DeforestACTION’ project.” admits Fa’. Javanese Fa’ has lived in Bali for seven years. lots of stuff going on”) time in New York and make artistically vibrant Berlin her new base: “I like the five B’s: Brooklyn. kids are our future. ‘100 Days in the Jungle: Project Borneo 3D. Fa’ successfully launched her designer CAST sunglasses. will go towards Project Borneo. “The earlier films were better!” and while offered various film parts.’ applying via an on-line video to become an ‘Action Agent. CAST now retails in selected stores worldwide including Hong Kong. it may make a difference. followed by subsequent follow-up trips. Tokyo. trying to stop the relentless deforestation. Australia and Bali.deforestaction. For further information. “When Director Oliver Stone was shooting in Indonesia. Milan. it’s Borneo which seems to have given her renewed direction. gruelling and rewarding work through DeforestACTION. Fa’ is also a stylist and produces music videos for friends. “I love designing sunglasses and it’s not too time-consuming. original and fashionable — every six months. so hopefully I can create awareness through my contacts. From 150 applicants.

During the peak. including Nusa Dua. Kuta’s famed beach and (allegedly) Californian Bob Koke. dry season (April-October) trade winds favour surfing Bali’s western coast. But it’s waves off the Bukit Peninsula (southern Bali). producing perfect right-handers. Stupid! BOARD. are found at legendary Uluwatu. Serangan and Sanur – the latter. especially Australians. when more breaks. plus Kuta and Canggu. wax your board and brush-up on your surfing skills and surfie jargon… S urf ’s up. STUPID! by Katie Truman Bali now hits its peak surfing season. you’ll know Bali is one of the world’s top surfing destinations. so it must be the start of the glorious dry season and when Bali’s surfing season really gets into full swing. Suluban. This island’s volcanic reef-fringed coastline produces the perfect surfing playground for veterans. guaranteed to get any seriously experienced surfer in a tizzy. Further up the South-west coast. safe learning environment. lagoons and varying conditions creating some of the world’s best waves. started to trickle into Bali from the 1960s. with long sandy beaches and shallow waters. Bali’s most challenging. Kuta is where it all started and perhaps Bali’s most recognized surfing beach. You can almost trip over the succession of local and international-backed surf schools. resulting in long hollow waves at high tide.hand and right-hand breaks on either side Breaking on shallow reefs. Balangan. Indonesia’s tropical climate means the water is always warm enough and although there are two seasons. biggest waves. Bali is also the ideal place to learn to surf. surfers can also head out to Kuta’s outer reefs on hired fishing boats. Canggu is another longrunning Mecca for the international surfing community. with reef breaks. that Australian surfers were the first to discover Bali’s awesome waves in the 1960s-1970s. with its ‘lovely long tubes’ drawing the world’s top surfers. However surfers. experienced and beginners. dude! It’s April. you can still surf all-year round by simply switching coasts – unlike other islands. high time to don your boardies. consistent tubes. who opened the Bali Hotel on Kuta Beach and brought with him his Hawaiian long board. including an usually high number of textbook. which are regarded as some of the world’s finest. Bingin/ Impossible and Dreamland (home of some of Bali’s most dazzling white beaches. The rest is history. plus plenty of people and life-guards on hand. never too far to travel.COVER STORY Board. with Kuta and neighbouring Legian (Padma and Double-Six) beaches for the ultimate beginner’s wave — best in dry season. board rental and impromptu lessons by the 22 APRIL 2012 . Contrary to popular folklore. During the wet season (November-March) tides and winds make the eastern coast a prime surf spot. these beauts were already being surfed by both foreign and Balinese surfers as early as the 1930s! Pivotal to this. These provide a fun. including western Bukit breaks at their finest. Experienced surfers should also check-out breaks at Nusa Dua and Nusa Lembongan.) It was those intrepid international surfers of the ‘70’s who first put this area on the surfing map. Unless you’re seriously unobservant. although surfing didn’t immediately catch on. off western Bukit — with surfing hotspots Padang Padang. such as the Bukit Peninsula – arguably Bali’s most spectacular – were discovered. with a selection of left.

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If you think it’s just a guy thing. where you can watch the magic with chilled beer in hand. with Kuta and neighbouring Legian (Padma and Double-Six) beaches for the ultimate beginner’s wave — best in dry season. 24 APRIL 2012 . a global on-going search for the most talented under-16 surfers (Grommets) across South-east Asia. Oakley ASP Men’s and Women’s World Junior Tour (October 6-17) and 2012 Rip Curl South-east Asia GromSearch series.21). annual opening event for Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour. however. but future events include Quiksilver’s Pro Uluwatu (August 13-19). Bali hosts several surfing competitions throughout the year. Surf Goddess Retreat. at Canggu Beach (April 1. during the annual RipCurl Surf and Music Festival (October 20.14). Stupid! “Bali is also the ideal place to learn to surf. GromSearch Round #3 will be held at Padma Beach (June 10th) followed by GromSearch South-east Asian Finals at Kuta.” beach boys. spa and yoga sessions plus gourmet food! If this all sounds too exhausting.COVER STORY Board. now regarded as one of the world’s premier female surf camps: weeklong surf lessons come supplemented with luxurious villa base. opened 2003 in Seminyak. Bali’s first Surf and Yoga Retreat. You’ve just missed Oakley Pro 2012.

reservation@tulipbali. Petitenget No.Authentic Turkish Cuisine 97% Recommended by Jl. Badung 80361-Bali Reservation: T. 69. (0361) 785 8585 | Open lunch and dinner APRIL 2012 25 .

In some parts. Most are in bad health and condition: malnourished. you’ll remember the downside of paradise: hounded (literally) by packs of threatening dogs and running for dear life! Since then. Bali’s canine situation seems to have improved. Although they look like strays many are considered ‘community dogs. as part of a long-term solution. unwanted puppies are abandoned in public areas. you were visiting Bali years ago. Dogs are important in Balinese culture. Dr.000. especially touristed areas. with less (scary) dogs around: statistics back this up. Founded in Denpasar in 1998 by veterinarians and other professionals. the first Indonesian foundation to take care of Bali’s street dogs and one of only a few fully legal non-profit entities working with strays. BSDF’s small office and veterinary clinic is based in Kerobokan.’ but roam the streets looking for food. Annie Ayu Gusti. viruses. some even wearing collars. suffering from infected wounds. Now chiefly overseen by one of the original founders. parasites. veterinarian.CARE TO SHARE Bali Street Dogs Foundation Bali Street Dogs Foundation PAWS FOR THOUGHT by Mary Tudor If like me. Additionally. dogs generally appear healthier. BSDF’s vision is to improve animal welfare in Bali and Indonesia. with the island’s dog population down from one million to approximately 300. skin diseases. their mission is population management and promoting and raising awareness about animal welfare 26 APRIL 2012 . reflected in the island’s high dog population. but progress so far is largely thanks to the efforts of organizations like Yudisthira Swarga Foundation. Yudisthira Swarga /Bali Street Dogs Foundation (BSDF) is a non-profit animal welfare organization. Of course. and distemper – even dislocated joints. widespread problems still exist.

” how to look after dogs better. And so too would many dogs and cats. Dr. schools. as well as love…. vaccinating community and stray dogs. cats and monkeys and ensuring humane methods of animal handling and eradication are used. “The emergency line still operates. Rabies is now under control. For Dr. people now know how to handle the situation and call APRIL 2012 27 . universities and government. 33A Padang Sambian. their mission is population management and promoting and raising awareness about animal welfare through education and campaigns in local communities. factory farming and slaughterhouses. please contact: Yudisthira Swarga Bali Street Dogs Foundation. Annie. Annie. BSDF has also been involved in Farm Animal Welfare. When rabies broke out across the island in 2008. To find out more or help. previously BSDF has worked with animal organizations such as IFAW and WSPA and up until five years ago was funded by WSPA and Sydney’s Bali Street Dogs Fund. a lovely. income from T-shirts and their veterinary clinic – mainly used by locals with limited budgets. especially children. the Indonesian government pursued a culling policy. Besides the government and BAWA. less rabies cases and locals know “BSDF’s vision is to improve animal welfare in Bali and Indonesia. but BSDF still commits to working with the government to stamp out this fatal disease. BDSF also responds to community requests to deal with animals that may be rabies suspect. After helping others. but not used so much now as the rabies situation is declining. “With education. Now BSDF must rely on private donations. with ‘Healing not killing’ mantra. schools. plus carrying out sterilization and vaccinations programmes. universities and government. within these areas educating school children and communities about how to love and care for animals.” states Dr. Annie has seen Bali’s dog situation greatly improve over the years: “There are less stray. “ To a lesser extent. wild dogs. BSDF is obviously a huge personal cause. dogs are mainly regarded as ‘security’ and left outside but now slowly some locals are bringing them into the home and treating them more humanely. taking away the animal for observation and quarantine – an emergency telephone number is provided. trying to stop inhuman animal treatment in markets. due to dwindling funds. cope with sick animals. Since 2009.“ In Bali.yudisthiraswarga. Jalan Gunung Salak Utara no. BSDF needs help itself. BDSF also handles stray cats. as part of a long-term solution. BSDF however never supported this solution. BSDF joined forces with the government for projects in Sanur and Canggu. big-hearted lady who takes stray dogs and cats into her own home. ironically. Recently. but projects have had to be reduced and it’s a struggle to keep going: “I’ll go crazy if we have to shut down!” she says. Denpasar tel: 0361 7424048 / 8078625 info@yudisthiraswarga. Their Mobile Clinic Programme provides triage-method medical treatment and vaccinations.Bali Street Dogs Foundation CARE TO SHARE through education and campaigns in local communities. Annie www. sterilization de-worming. “This is the most effective way. medications and humane stray dog catching methods. give dogs love!” Dr.

movie memorabilia and license plates adorning the walls screaming famous Gump quotes were scattered around at the restaurant. The sign that says “Run. Bubba Gump is known for their shrimp. it has everything but Tom Hanks in leg braces. but if you need something (a drink refill. but very lively and we must admit to not being able to look around very much because it was so packed. to get your waiter/waitresses attention there are license plate-size signs on the tables. fried shrimp. Stop”. 28 APRIL 2012 . an international chain restaurant based on the 1994 movie. Speaking of shrimp. Well. The restaurant was clean. Forrest. though the restaurant is not loosely based on the movie.RESTAURANT Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. creating fun and casual atmosphere. you’ll probably enjoy the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. Run” is meant to alert the staff that you don’t need anything. Anyway. Signs. We personally think that all restaurants should adopt this idea because sometimes it’s pretty hard to get the attention of any staffer in some restaurants. fries and. dipping sauce was certainly a genius creation. Forrest. When this sign is showing someone will stop and see what you need. our mind was blown further away when the Shrimper’s Heaven arrived on our table. WANT SHRIMP? I f you like themed restaurants. The sautéed shrimp in a spicy Cajun butter sauce and served with garlic bread for dipping really could stop any serious conversation. Our appetizer. reading “Run Forest Run” or “Stop Forest Stop”. the Cajun Shrimp (IDR 85. our showed us their system for requesting something. The combination of hush pups. The menu was laid out well and detailed. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. grilled shrimp skewer. Forrest Gump. all over the world. or anything at all) you flip the sign to the one that says “Stop. In fact.000) was splendid. The atmosphere is fast paced and always “on the run”. in Kuta. When we were finally seated. dynamite shrimp. on the menu you’ll find great options of shrimp including fresh fish and much more! We recently had the pleasure to dine at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. of course. the only Bubba Gump restaurant in Indonesia. Bubba Gump has the ultimate seafood you have always wanted.

APRIL 2012 29 .

Forrest. And. but if you need something (a drink refill. the Chocolate Chip Cookie 30 APRIL 2012 . Bali Jl. Kartika Plaza. peanuts and whipped cream was a superb way to end your feast. Run” is meant to alert the staff that you don’t need anything. The warm. Forrest. The dessert we had. chanting and dancing the Kecak dance every time you order the Pomegrande Margarita or any other item from the list. For those non-seafood lovers. you must ask your hotel staff or anybody for that matter about this restaurant. Bubba Gump has what they call with Dixie Style Baby Back Ribs (slow roasted pork ribs with French fries). Kuta Phone: +62 361 754 028 www. be prepared to have the restaurant’s staff members swarming you.bubbagump. Forrest Size (Large) and Lil’ Forrest Size (Small). We really recommend this restaurant for some great shrimp or other seafood and for the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds you. If you were a fan of the Forrest Gump movie you’ll enjoy the restaurant even more! If this is your first time to Bali.RESTAURANT Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. or anything at all) you flip the sign to the one that says “Stop. chocolate. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream. Stop”. caramel. worked just great. you can have your ribs topped with a shrimp combo. Also a must-try at Bubba Gump is the Hand Shaken Cocktails — this is literally a heart attack material. That said. as the restaurant’s name says it. The sign that says “Run.

Camplung Tanduk (ex. Seminyak-Bali The best shows and performaces you have ever seen... We have many performances from our fabulous Drag Queens and Gogo can find it only at Bali Joe! Indulge in our irresistible cocktails or just chill with friends.. Our dedicated staff are on hand to make your stay a memorable one. Mojito! It is the best in town! 0361 847 5771 / 081 999 100 445 (SMS) /balijoebar @balijoebar APRIL 2012 31 .com Jl. Don’t miss our famous cocktail.balijoebar.. Dhyana Pura) Arcade 8.www. .


APRIL 2012 33 .

Some claim that the name comes from the world ‘Lwa Gajah’ recorded in ancient Javanese writings saying the cave was the home of an important Buddhist priest. The countryside here is very beautiful and the cave itself is a very important archaeological site. part of the statue being an elephant’s trunk. Another opinion suggests that the name originates from the statue of Gannesha which is located in the western corner of the cave. These remains are thought to be of the same era as the grand Borobudur temple in central Java. in a small pavilion is a statue of Hariti surrounded by children. just East of the crossroads in Teges village. These remains appear to be of the same style as the statues found in Borobudur temple. The history of Goa Gajah can be seen from the ancient remains at the site. there are several Buddhist remains such as the statues of Buddha and Harito. as it holds the remains of an ancient Buddhist monument. which originates in the eighth century. It is approximately twenty-six kilometres from Denpasar and is easy to find as it is by the side of the main road. Also in the cave can be found the written words ‘kumon’ and ‘sahy’ which typifies the square shaped writing of the Kediri from East Java. the former name of the river near the cave.  Goa Gajah Temple is one of Bali’s favorite places to visit by tourists. The origins of the name Goa Gajah are uncertain. Bedaulu Village in the area of Blahbatuh. Originally the name of Goa Gajah is derived from Lwa Gajah. one tale relates that it was created by the mighty fingernails of the legendary giant Kebo Iwa. Gianyar. So the Elephant Cave appears to have been the centre of religious worship of the God Shiva. the recent name being Petanu River. Also the site holds relics of the God Shiva. To the left of the cave entrance. In the courtyard in the front of the cave are two square bathing pools with water gushing into them from waterspouts held by six female figures. 34 APRIL 2012 . Besides Shivaist relics found inside the cave. The origin of the cave are uncertain.TRAVELOGUE Goa Gajah GOA GAJAH The Elephant Cave — Goa Gajah — is situated on a steep bank to the side of the main road in the Banjar of Goa.

Agung Menanga Rendang Selat Sidemen Tamanbali Klungkung Padang Bai Goa Lawah Kusamba Ubung Denpasar Renon Pedungan Sakenan Serangan Penida Sanur Jungut Batu Toya Pakeh Sampalan Gianyar Blahbatuh Batuan Sukawati Lebih Celuk Batubulan Lebih Asahduren Pekutatan Tirta Empul Pujung Tampaksiring Tegalalang Bangli Payangan Benoa Kedonganan Jimbaran Nusa Dua Mumbul Pecatu Ungasan Uluwatu Menjangan Island Lovina Pemute ran Pulaki B B a ny u w Anturan Beratan a ny u p o edang Gilimanuk Labu h Kalibukbuk han Lala ng Sumbe Kaliasem rklamp Celukanbawang Seririt ok Cekik Gerokgak Banjarasem Mt. Musi Mayong Mt. Prapat Agung Tuwed West Bali National Park Rubaya Tulamben Culik Negara Pengambengan Yeh Kuning Perancak Mendoyo Tegalcantel Amed Bunutan Lempuyang Amlapura Ujung Tenganan Candi Dasa Seraya 35 . Sangiang Mt.BALI APRIL 2012 Kubutambahan Yeh Sanih Ponjok Batu Bondalem Tedjakula Dausa Penulisan Kintamani Peludu Batur Les Sambirenteng Tembok Tianyar Lake Batur Pengotan Besakih Sangsit Singaraja Dalem Ulun Danu Batur Subuk Ulun Danu Bratan Lake Tamblingan Lake Bratan Pupuan Batukaru Batukaru Wongayagede Buruan Wanasari Antosari Bajra Beraban Tanah Lot Mengwi Tabanan Pejeng Ubud Bedulu Taman Ayun Sempidi Kerobokan Canggu Seminyak Legian Kuta Mt. Mesehe Pangkung Lake Buyan Melaya Mt. Merbuk Mt.

Patrick Mozzarella NGURAH RAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . Tunes Bacio Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Restaurant/ Café Police Station Pharmacy Ja la n Ba k u ri ng Sa Warung Murah Ryoshi Insenso The Haven BMC Del Mango Jaya Pub Jalan Nakula Bl ba am ova a n ng Su p Jo g er e rn Jalan Arjuna (Double Six) Onyx Café Marzano Hospital/ Clinic Restaurant/ Café Police Station Pharmacy Dojo Aora Goodies Tékor Bali Deja Vu Warung Asia Villa Pisang Mas Briella Spa APRIL 2012 Kimia Farma Plaza Bali Jalan Raya Tuban Slingshot Jalan Legi Ryoshi Bubba Gump Discovery Mall Waterbom Yuts Place O-Ce-N Outrigger Zanzibar Villa Naga Maya Jalan Kartika Plaza an Kaja Musro Canang Bali Pepito Kin Khao TUBAN As ton il Cielo Lanai Rip Curl Waroeng Tropical Ma Joly Jalan Pad m a Blue Ocean LEGIAN Polsek Kuta Ristorante Italia Seaside The Courtyard i Ked ir Ja la n Ayu Nadi Bugils Bali Poco Loco Jala n Wa na Segara Kimia Farma The Patra Harris Wrg. KUTA & LEGIAN Ja l a n B at u B e l i g Fabulous Bali Wedding SEMINYAK Ja la n Sr Ru s tic a Kerobokan Jail Tulip/ Kibarer Lio Collection J a l a n T a n g k u b a n P e r a hu Swish Bar & Restaurant ya ij a Jalan Mertanadi t i t en ge Red Square Hu’u Jala nP Jocelyne Hotel & Spa n J a l a n Pat i h J e l a Sail Sensation Jalan Mertasari Papa’s ti k e Sarong Waroeng Bonita Nilu Kim hD okan KEROBOKAN Mahaghony Sunset Point L'Assiette Pourquois Pas Jalan Raya Kerob i Pi Bali Agung Villa Sofitel Anantara Maxi Hotel Mall Bali Galeria Gelael Sk y Rosso Vivo McDonalds KUTA Surya Candra Espresso Sorriso Warung JP’s Bahiana Delicious Onion Kinky Salon P u ra) ana Club Cosmo Dhy Zula uk ( and Santa Fe T Pokito ng Mixwell p lu am Facebar Bali Joe Benny’s Bistro la Ja Grandmas Hotels Jalan Drup adi Gar Ap a d en c he B ou nt y Pa d dy’s Gado-Gado The Breezes Annora Villa Companies Lounge/ Bar n C 36 Silver Instinct i t ia F jela ntik Jalan Melasti w Bali Mode Ketumbar Kok Suk Meti o n u a Su s t Su k a ites Young Generation Spa Dive in Bali Kama Sutra Mama’s Ma In Lo C151 Ku De Ta The Oberoi Nautilius Diving La Sal Art Café Villa Kresna Villa Karissa Ranadi Villa Innuendo Buzz Café Magg LEGIAN Jalan Benesari Inner Glow Roma Amor Jalan Mataram Ramen 38 Pourquois Pas Insenso iMADE Jalan a rm Biku a Re d Living Room Ca r Ru m E x o S a s a p e t The Samaya Tra o u r tiq t U Little Bavarian Kai Café Khaim ltim toria s Mano z Jalan Kayu Jati Z Bali C Chan an K2 Bali a o app lini d i az c Four@Drupadi an a ) Seminyak Ja l a n K ay u Aya (Lak sm La Luciola Square Re l i gio Uma Sapna n N D iv Drif Sea GBlack ir van ine W Wallace Pearls o nd ter y p s St a a Kendra Gallery r erla y nd Paul’s Place Café Moka Suns Jalan Raya Kuta Jalan Basangkas Jalan Pan Jalan Su nset et Istana Rama Harris Jalan Legian Sunset Fitness a Jalan Majapahit tai Kuta Hammock Kembali Villa MB Ei k o n ar G o Dijon C Le Jardin BIM SO S The Elysian Pegasus Cool Spirit Bali Deli Jalan Kunti Mannekepis Cabe Rawit Queens Tandoor Warung Italia Made’s Warung Warung Ocha Chat Café Jalan Poppies 2 Engine Room Vi A Ja l a n Pl aw a Dekuta BKR ARC Shopping Hotel/ Villa Secret Garden Mini Restaurant TJ’s Ja l a n P o p pi e s 1 Hard Rock Hotel Hard Rock Café Starbucks Jalan Pantai Kuta Ja la n Na ga Sa r i Bintang Pantarei Companies Lounge/ Bar Shopping Hotel/ Villa In Touch Sip Hospital/ Clinic Matahari Kuta Square KFC Ja Mc Donalds lan The Bungy Co.TUBAN.

watu Companies Jazz Café Jalan D ewi Sita Jalan Pantai Sari Lounge/ Bar Shopping Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Hotel/ Villa Hospital/ Clinic Batan Waru Wallace Pearls Restaurant/ Café Police Station Pharmacy Bali Dance Festival Sai Sai Bar Padangtegal Jalan Gending Kedis UBUD Jala nW ana ra W Bumbu Bali Kayma Spa Hano man Jimbaran Seafood Restaurants Tepi Sawah ana / Mo Di Mare Bloem’s The Waroeng Nirmala McDonalds nkey Fore st Ro ad Bebek Bengil Jalan Cok Gde Rai Ja la n Bu k it Perm ai JIMBARAN Companies Lounge/ Bar Shopping Hotel/ Villa Hospital/ Clinic Restaurant/ Café Police Station Pharmacy Jendela Bali Garuda Wishnu Kencana (GWK) 37 Klapa .JIMBARAN Campuhan Pourquois Pas Jalan Su UBUD Taman Kutuh Jalan Raya Campuhan Mozaic weta Ja la n Pa ngracikan Jalan Ra y a Ub u d APRIL 2012 Fish Market Jalan Ulu Murni’s Warung Casta Pasta Jalan Cok Pu tra S.

38 APRIL 2012 . Bathing using shampoo. THANK YOU Baik.000. no nude bathing is allowed. Color of the IDR 100. allow your etiquette and good sense to prevail! Do enjoy your visits to the temples. The older golden metallic versions are also still floating around. • Nearly every temple (or other site of interest to tourists) will charge an entrance fee or ask for donation from foreigners—any non-Balinese (including the non-Balinese Indonesians) are a foreigner. 200. • Double-check before you leave money changer to ensure you get the correct amount. 20. • At the Holy Spring Water Temple (Pura Tirta Empul).000 because they look similar. Many of the larger. 2000 and finally 1.000 note is purple with the picture of traditional house architecture on the backside. Don’t put yourself higher than them by climbing up a wall to take photographs. A chronic shortage of small change—it’s not unusual to get a few pieces of candy back instead of coins—has been to some extent alleviated by new plasticky aluminum coins.WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN VISITING BALI Say What? HOW ARE YOU Apa kabar? FINE. particularly at festival.000. 100. • Make sure you come to the authorized money changer with exact rates as offered.000. GOOD AFTERNOON (> 3 PM) Selamat Sore GOOD EVENING Selamat Malam SEE YOU LATER Sampai Nanti EXCUSE ME / SORRY Permisi / Maaf YES / NO Ya / Tidak LEFT / RIGHT Kiri / Kanan I AM HUNGRY / I AM THIRSTY Saya Lapar / Saya Haus WHERE IS THE HOTEL? Di mana hotel? Temple Tips The rules at major temples are usually written in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.000 or less. 10. available in denominations of 500. They’re the most important people and should. • Priests should be shown some respect.000 note with the one of IDR 10. You’ll soon regain the cost if you visit a few temples and it’s a nice thing to have when visiting temple where sashes are not available for rent. When in doubt.000. Next in the series are 50. The Central Bank has also recently released a new silvery coin of 1. anytime. You can also buy one for IDR 50.000. • ATM may help you much to control your cash flow. the bank note is paper money and coins. The largest banknote is 100. yet you will be fine with these words and short phrases. therefore. The dominant color of the IDR 10.000 note is dominated by red pink with the picture of the Indonesia Parliament Building on the backside.000. The Balinese speaks Bali language with each other. Terima Kasih GOOD MORNING Selamat Pagi GOOD AFTERNOON (< 3 PM) Selamat Siang Bahasa Indonesia is the main language of Indonesia. IMPORTANT! • To avoid a mistake when you do transaction. • You should always wear a temple scarf—a sash tied loosely around your waist. do not confuse IDR 100. 5. 50 and 25. more tourist temples rent them out. soap and toothpaste are not permitted. The Currency The Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is more or less similar to other countries’ currencies. be on the highest plane. • Except on rare occasions anyone can enter. • Menstruating women are not allowed to enter a temple.000.

this part will be quite obvious: push the button.000 per piece (non-original) • Beach massage: IDR 50. BE HAPPY You need to smile throughout the bargaining process. they'll know they've got the upper hand. telling you they'll give you a better price or deal. whatever. bring a bag with you too. Otherwise. as you’ll see in later steps. but they keep saying it's too expensive. But. APRIL 2012 39 . as long as everything lands in the hole. • Fake sunglasses (Rayban. mother/father/friend. Getting angry rarely gets you the price you want. pull the string. RINSE OR WIPE If you have your own toilet paper. of course). most squat toilets will get clogged. let me ask my husband/wife/ Bargaining is the rule here in Bali—at least at the many markets and back-street stalls. If there’s a bucket of water nearby.500–IDR 12. Appear interested. or walk away from one with a mess on the floor and on your clothes. It might not be necessary. (This is why in Bali. Frankly. Sure. Even if you don’t bring toilet paper.000 Squat Toilet It’s very likely for you to encounter a squat toilet (otherwise known as a squatty potty) in Bali.000–30. the salesperson will call you. the moment the seller sees that wistful look in your eyes. a lot of people—not necessarily Balinese—find squatting to be the most natural way to have a go.000 • DVD: IDR 10. use your right hand to pour it on yourself and use your left hand to cleanse. Then rinse off your left hand. as if you're willing to buy the product if the price is right. The repeat visitors know the knack of enjoying Bali cheaply. In fact.000 per hour • Marlboro: IDR 11. look distressed and say "Oh. it doesn’t really matter. if this is your first time to Bali and you think that your money has been fully spent and prices turn out not to be as cheap. or else you could easily spend a whole hour of shopping time just saving a measly four dollars! SET YOUR STANDARDS Determine what price you consider to be a great deal. a good deal. DO YOUR BUSINESS If you’re defecating.000 (better get it from Circle K) • Nasi Lawar (traditional Balinese food): IDR 6. here’s some general illustrations about how much to spend on an item (you need to bargain. BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER Squat toilets are common in Bali. and you'll probably never meet them again. But are you really willing to pay top dollar just so you can preserve the esteem of total strangers? You're only meeting them this once. There should be a bucket nearby full of water. moistening the surface of the toilet will make it easier to clean off when you’re done. and don’t throw it in the toilet when you’re done." If you have a cell phone. if this is one luxury you’re unwilling to do without. POUR A LITTLE BIT OF WATER IN THE TOILET Squat toilet doesn’t normally have flushing mechanism. Don't waste fifteen minutes of bargaining over one dollar. Oakley): IDR 25. bring something to dry off with. in fact. PRETEND TO CONSULT WITH A RELUCTANT PARTNER When the seller makes an offer that is almost what you want. a mediocre deal. the better.WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHEN VISITING BALI How Much? STOP CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU Many people hesitate to bargain because they don't want to seem cheap or argumentative. Your goal is to bargain your way to a good deal—the closer to your "great deal" price. PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY Don’t say how much you want to pay for an item unless it’s near the end of the process.000–10. you'll start with your "great deal" price and the seller will probably offer the "mediocre deal". FLUSH If there’s a flushing mechanism. pull it out and call your partner in crime. Don’t be so shocked about. Yet it can be an intimidating (and messy) task if you’ve never done it before.000–30. Well. The seller is much more likely to continue bargaining with a happy smiling face. but free toilet paper isn’t. You’ll want to put the used toilet paper in a bag until you can find a trash can. SHOW HESITATION ABOUT BUYING THE PRODUCT Even if it's the perfect item. pour water into the toilet until any remnants of your business are gone. BE PREPARED TO WALK AWAY Bargaining is all about knowing how long to stick it out to be satisfied and when you need to walk away to look somewhere else for a better price. However. or even fake the call if you have to. okay. it should be relatively straightforward. The direction in which you face will depend on the kind of squat toilet you’re using. but not nearly as uncomfortable as it’d be to ask someone how to use a squat toilet. I've been dying to get one of these for months now. The tips here are Bali-specific but may help you at any place in the world where bargaining is practiced. Dry off with toilet paper or fabric. some research suggests that going to the bathroom in the squatting position is better for your health in a variety of ways. the explicitness of these instructions might make you a little uncomfortable. When the seller tells you the price. and no deal. PULL DOWN YOUR PANTS OR LIFT UP YOUR SKIRT Be careful not to let your clothes touch the floor or get in the way. and squat toilets aren’t designed for anything but bodily excretions. use it.000 (depending on venue) • Beach sarong: IDR 30. people don’t shake hands or eat with their left hands). Don't be afraid to walk away from the shop. When you begin to negotiate.000 • Small Bintang beer: IDR 15. Often. say "Hm… I don't know…". Bargaining is an art and if you are unfamiliar with it we'd like to offer you some advice. but you can certainly live without it as well. There might not be a trash can for used toilet paper. Always try and drop the seller's offering price as much as possible before opening your mouth with a price.

Pantai. 112-B Phone: 0361 734 766 Gay Bali Tours Jl Griya Anyar No. Banjar Pande Mas Phone: 0361 761 869 www. Kunti No.hardrock. net Hard Rock Cafe Bali Phone: 0361 755 661 Il Cielo Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera No. Double Six. 35 Phone: 0361 732 107 Jl. Petitenget No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 738 026 Contender Gym Jl. 31-X Phone: 0361 847 6028 Anantara Resort & Spa Jl. Blambangan. 117-X Phone: 0361 738 686 Bali Joe Jl.DIRECTORY DIRECTORY HARD ROCK HOTEL BALI Jl. 8 Phone: 0361 847 5771 BNG Villas Jl. 76-A Phone: 0361 722 483/788 6627 Gending Kedis Resort Jl. Raya Petitenget No. Kuta Phone: 0361 738 020 Bali Baby Hire Phone: 0898 0706 460 E-mail: balibabyhire@yahoo. Legian Phone: 0361 272 9737 Fabulous Bali Wedding Jl. 99. Dhyana Pura No. Kuta Phone: 0361 762 027 40 APRIL 2012 . Bali Phone: 0361 300 6789 Hard Rock Hotel Bali Jl. Dhyana Pura No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 8744 438 Casa Gourmet Seminyak Square E-1 Jl. Abimanyu. Kartika Plaza Phone: 0361 761 414 Cool Spirit Jl. Seminyak Phone: 0361 733 870 Grandmas Hotels Pertokoan Suca Suci No. Raya Seminyak No. Kartika Plaza No. Oberoi Phone: 0878 7800 7070 Dive in Bali Jl. Seminyak Phone: 0361 738 167 Dejong Men’s Fashion Jl. 3V Jl. Pantai. 100-Y. Seminyak Phone: 081 339 189 482 Dojo Aora Jl. 10 Phone: 0361 732 969 Jl. Kuta. Seminyak Phone: 0361 737 773 Aqua Marine Diving Jl. Kunti No.hardrock. Kunti No.hardrockhotels. Raya Seminyak No. Kerobokan Phone: 0361 847 5608 Bubba Gump Shrimp Jl.hardrockhotels. 8-Y. Umalas I No. Kartika Plaza No. Kayu Aya. 8-X Phone: 0361 754 028 Buzz Café Jl. 99. JImbaran Phone: 0361 708 906 Jl. net HARD ROCK CAFÉ BALI Phone: 0361 755 661 Bali Deli Jl. Seminyak Phone: 0361 210 548 Cafe Marzano Jl. 2-A. Dewi Saraswati 121. 172. Building Mini Market Kawan). Laksmana. Nakula (Floor #2. Banjar Pande Mas Phone: 0361 761 869 www. Mertasari No. B1 Jl.

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89. Kerobokan Phone: +62 361 4735 933 Kori Restaurant & Bar Jl.DIRECTORY Jocelyne Boutique Hotel & Spa Jl. Legian Phone: 0361 752 274/ 08123681319 Surya Candra Sasa Restaurant Jl. Pecatu Indah Resort Phone: 0361 8484 581 Kokonut Suites Jl. 5 Utara. Dhyana Pura No. Bakung Sari. Kuta Phone: +62 361 735 268 TJ’s Jl. Raya Semer Gg. Drupadi 23B. Petitenget No. Kayu Aya No. Kuta Phone: 0361 747 2687 JP’s Warung Club Jl. Kuta Phone: 0361 752 476 Mozzarella Jln. 78. 77-A. 54B.sailsensations. 150 Phone: 0361 217 2238 Sail Sensations Phone: 0361 725 864 www. Ubud Phone: 081 337 382 640 (Oberoi) Phone 2: 0361 970 356 (Ubud) Waterbom Jl. Kunti No. Merthanadi No. Kuta Phone: 0361 758 605 L’ Assiette Jl. Sahadewa No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 737 700 Pourquoi Pas Jl. Kuta Phone: 0361 751093 The Dreamland Luxury Villas & Spa Jl.wakaexperience. Legian. 24. Raya Legian No. 521. Sahadewa No. 69 Tulip Restaurant 1st Floor Phone: 0361 805 0000 Kinky Salon Jl. 83. Werkudara No. Petitenget No. Legian Phone: +62 361 755 896 Nautlius Diving Bali www. Kuta Phone: 0361 754 082 Mini Restaurant & Bar Jl. Legian No. Merthanadi No. Laksmana. Dhyana Pura No. 9. Kuta Phone: 0361 752 576 Swish Bar & Restaurant Jl. 240. 13-D Phone: 0361 214 7373 Synergy MMA Academy Phone: 0856 180 8804 info@synergymma. 23 (Seminyak) Phone: 0361 735 757 Jl. Petitenget No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 736 638 Seminyak Square Jl. Kartika Plaza. 6 Phone: 0361 731 622 Kayma Spa Jl Monkey Forest. Double Six. Raya Uluwatu Gang Kahuripan No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 736 677 MAMA’S Jl. Br. Seminyak Phone: 0361 732 106 Silver Instinct Wallace Pearls Jl. Dewi Sita. 83-A. Raya Sanggingan (Ubud) Phone: +62 361 978 978 Prana Spa Jl. 69 Phone: 0361 785 8585 Wakā Resorts & Cruises Phone: 0361 723 659 www. Poppies I No. Seminyak Phone: 0361 737 082 Tulip Restaurant Jl. Ungasan Phone: +62 381 708 199 Trattoria Jl. Kuta-Bali Phone: +62 361 761 151 Maxi Hotel and Spa Jl. Seminyak Phone: 0361 734 757 Ramen 38 Jl. La’ Walon Centre. Kuta Phone : 0361 755 676 Xplore Charters Phone 1: 0361 926 0823 Phone 2: 0361 884 0151 X-Treme Production Jl. Legian No. Tangkuban Perahu No. Laksmana No. Legian No. Legian Phone: 081 2395 1454 Zappaz Jl. 6B. 88. Poppies II. 28 (Kerobokan) Phone: 0361 733 819 Jl. Basangkasa No. Kerobokan Phone: +62 361 735 840/ +62 81 916 374 751 Little Bavaria Tékor Bali Jl. Melasti No. 2-B Phone: 0361 841 3657 Yut’z Place Jl.synergymma. Laksmana-Oberoi). Kayu Aya (ex. Seminyak Phone: 0361 732 905 Klapa New Kuta Beach. Legian Kaja. 9X. Seminyak Phone: +62 361 742 5534 42 APRIL 2012 .3. 118-X. Ubud Phone: 0361 910 0017 Kibarer Development Jl. 29. Kerobokan Phone: 081 934 343 987 Young Generation Spa Jl. Padma No. Kayu Jati No. Genggang No.

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