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Gospel of Mark
(Part 1)
For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45)

The first eight chapters in tweets as taught by Pastor Mike on Twitter

Cover picture in public domain: PD-US

Gospel of Mark Chapter 1-8

Gospel of Mark
(Part 1)

by Pastor Mike (@aheartforgod)

(Christ in the storm on the Lake of Galilee cover picture in the public domain: click here. PD-US)

Gospel of Mark Chapter 1-8

Ministry Beginnings......................................... 3 Healings............................................................ 7 Sabbath Questions, Chosen Ones, Parables.... 11 Miracles.............................................................15 Ministry Lessons............................................... 18 Conflict with Tradition.................................... 22 Confession of Faith..........................................26 Visit Pastor Mike's blog: Subscribe by email to Pastor Mike's blog posts: click here

Tweets for Ministry Beginnings #mkbiblechat (3/9/12)

A Heart For God Ministries The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Mark 1:1 #Jesus #mkbiblechat #Tworship #bowdownbeforeHim ! \o/

INTRODUCTION Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

Direct link to todays notes: Ministry Beginnings (Mark 1:1-28) -> #mkbiblechat

Let me set the stage.Since Mark wasnt there,Peter is the eyewitness of the events.Only an eyewitness could know these things #mkbiblechat Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat Commit 2 memory: 4 the Son of Man did not come 2 b served, but 2 serve, & 2 give His life a ransom 4 many. Mark 10:45 #mkbiblechat Outline of Mark -> 1st 8 chapters~ 4 the Son of Man did not come 2 b served, but 2 serve. Mark 10:45a #mkbiblechat Outline of Mark -> 2nd 8 chapters~& 2 give His life a ransom 4 many. Mark 10:45b #mkbiblechat (I like that outline. I can remember that) :) Miracles/healings in Mark vs Matthew&Luke. Latter record 20 miracles. Mark (at 1/2 their size) has 28 -> 24 in 1st 8 chapters! #mkbiblechat And so the main point of this whole study & call 2 action 4 us throughout is: service/servanthood/serving :) #mkbiblechat Do u have an easy time at serving or hard? #mkbiblechat Prayer: Jesus, make me a servant just like You \o/ #mkbiblechat

JOHN THE BAPTIST (v. 1-8) Were especially focusing on Mark 1:1-28 today, what I call: Ministry Beginnings (Next week -> Mark 1:29-45, 2:1-22: Healings) #mkbiblechat I hope that you could have your Bible open? -> Mark 1:1-28 :) Or use :) #mkbiblechat Mark starts w/a burst. The 4runner,John,appears! v.1-8 World will never b the same. (Ought 2 happen when we show up somewhere) #mkbiblechat The righteous r bold as a lion. (Prov 28:1b) Hows ur boldness? What r u afraid of? Devils greatest work is 2 keep us quiet #mkbiblechat For God has not given us a spirit of timidity (cowardice,fear), but of power&love&discipline.2Tim1:7 #mkbiblechat

CHRISTS BAPTISM (v. 9-11) On 2 Christs baptism. v.9-11 John does not know Jesus is the Christ until the dove moment. He did know Him prior as cousin #mkbiblechat Speaks of r inability 2 grasp God without His revealing Himself to us. We love, because He 1st loved us. 1John4:19 #mkbiblechat Do u remember when u 1st met Jesus 4 real beyond just knowing about Him or going 2 church? Can u share? :) #mkbiblechat

THE TEMPTATION (v. 12-13) Matthew & Luke get all the press 4 their Temptation sequences, but Mark has one, too! v.12-13 #mkbiblechat And immediately the Spirit impelled Him 2 go out into the wilderness. And He wasbeing tempted by Satan (v.12-13a) #mkbiblechat Impelled (v.12;NAS) let me explain it in a question -> Have u ever felt like God was moving u 2 do something? Thats impelled #mkbiblechat Think about it: Overcoming temptation is a prerequisite 2 service. Some r in ministry, but still bound 2 sin. Any thoughts? #mkbiblechat

JESUS PREACHES (v. 14-15) In v.14-15 we have Jesus message. Let me ask u a few questions about it. Ok? :) #mkbiblechat Is Jesus message: Just b really nice & dont hurt anybody? or Do enough good things 2 outweigh the bad? #mkbiblechat Is Jesus message: All religions lead 2 God/heaven? or Just b really sincere? #mkbiblechat Of course, Jesus message is: 1. Repent & 2. believe 3. in the gospel. (v.15;NAS) Thatll preach! :) #mkbiblechat Repent (Amplified) -> have a change of mind which issues in regret 4 past sins&in a change of conduct for the better #mkbiblechat Believe (Amplified) -> trust in, rely on & adhere to. Pastor Mikes paraphrase: Stick 2 God like glue :) #mkbiblechat What do u think of the following? -> In r day&in some churches the Gospel message is altered/changed/watered down/candy-coated #mkbiblechat

FIRST DISCIPLES (v. 16-20) In v.16-20 we have the call of the 1st disciples. Its interesting the emphasis on James&John leaving their father in v. 20 #mkbiblechat Jesus called them;&they left their father Zebedee in the boat w/the hired servants,&went away 2 follow Him.Mk1:20 #mkbiblechat Main point -> We must do what Jesus says above r familys wishes~even if they wont understand~even if it invites their disdain #mkbiblechat

AMAZING AUTHORITY (v. 21-28) In v.21-28 we find Jesus acting w/amazing authority! (exousia) #mkbiblechat This is Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant on the basketball court with kindergarteners :) #mkbiblechat Two points -> 1. On authority & 2. On being amazed #mkbiblechat

We want Jesus authority, but we wont walk His way of humiliation (Philippians 2:5-11) Choose the lowest spot #mkbiblechat R u amazed w/Jesus? #mkbiblechat If we r any less amazed than these in the Scripture then we r living in a dull state&need a reawakening of heart #mkbiblechat Revive us again, O Lord! \o/ #mkbiblechat

Tweets for Healings #mkbiblechat (3/16/12)

A Heart For God Ministries

By His scourging we are healed.Isa53:5d By His wounds u were healed.1Pet2:24c Pray 4 1 another so that u may b healed.Ja5:16b #mkbiblechat

INTRODUCTION Topics on tap -> Healings (of course), Jesus prayer life, Matthews call, Fasting & 2 Parables (Unshrunk Cloth, New Wineskins) #mkbiblechat Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

Direct link to todays notes: Healings (Mark 1:29-45; 2:1-22) -> #mkbiblechat

From last week -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat Since were talking about healings->Matthew&Luke record 20. Mark (at 1/2 their size) has 28! > 24 in 1st 8 chapters! Cooool :) #mkbiblechat It's Mark 1:29-45; 2:1-22 today, what I call: Healings. I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use #mkbiblechat Next week -> Mark 2:23-28; 3:1-35; 4:1-34: Sabbath Questions, Chosen Ones, Parables. Read ahead if u can. Ok? :) #mkbiblechat

HEALING OF MOTHER-IN-LAWS FEVER (1:29-31) Be4 we get 2 the healing of Peters mother-in-law,a question -> R the types of healings seen in Jesus ministry available 2day? #mkbiblechat 2 points->1.Catholic issue of Peter as 1st Pope&that priests after his example must b celibate:not Scriptural.He was married #mkbiblechat 2. Notice Mark 1:31 -> And Jesus came to Peters mother-in-law, raised her upthe fever left& she waited on them (served!) #mkbiblechat

The natural response to a touch from Christ is service to His cause (waited on them in Mark 1:31d is served) #mkbiblechat Thank u 4 ur service 2 r glorious Lord since He touched u,my dear brothers&sisters. He(Jesus) would want u 2 know that today :) #mkbiblechat

MANY HEALINGS (1:32-34) A cursory look at v.32-34, but dont miss the dynamic. "Whole city is captured by this Jesus&His power. We need 2 b captured 2 #mkbiblechat The healings r Christs credentials. No one else prior to Him & no one else after Him has been able to produce such wonders. (John 5:24a) #mkbiblechat

JESUS PRAYER LIFE (1:35) It was late night ministry in v.32ff (&when evening had come).Still Jesus was up early praying in v.35 (&early in the morning) #mkbiblechat Is prayer as important 2 u as it was 2 Jesus? When do u pray? I pray while Im jogging :) #mkbiblechat It doesnt matter where or when u pray, it matters that u pray #mkbiblechat The secret 2 ministry success (or any career or venture) is the quiet place / prayer closet #mkbiblechat Prayer is speaking,listening,waiting.Its not meant 2 b rote,its meant 2 b relational.(Can b hard 4 men.Y do u think that is?) #mkbiblechat

MORE HEALINGS (1:36-39) Real quick with v. 36-39 (but powerful point) #mkbiblechat Just imagine this Guy showing up in ur city&church(v.39)w/how God is using Him.Were not always ready 4 a new preacher w/power #mkbiblechat

HEALING OF THE LEPER (1:40-45) 2 specific healings coming fast now (leper & paralytic). The healing of the leper 1st in v. 4045 #mkbiblechat

Compassion in v. 41a (splagechnizomai; Strongs 4697): 2 have the bowels yearn; feel sympathy, 2 pity #mkbiblechat The significance of Christs touch in v. 41? Lepers are untouchables. Point->We need 2 b people who reach out & touch the untouchables #mkbiblechat

HEALING OF THE LEPER (2:1-12) The healing of the paralytic now in c. 2:1-12. R u still w/me? (somebody shout) ;) #mkbiblechat Jesus oddly starts out: My son, your sins are forgiven. (v. 5) Healing always starts at the spiritual level #mkbiblechat Beyond that, there is a spiritual significance 2 each healing (Scroggie). Please read my notes 4 more on this -> #mkbiblechat Now to a question: Does God always heal? #mkbiblechat

CALL OF LEVI / MATTHEW (2:13-17) Call of Matthew. A healing passage, too! (2:17) Point: We dont always like more/new people joining the flock. Thoughts? :) #mkbiblechat Also -> Matthew left everything behind. Lk5:28 What r u holding on 2 that u must let go of or ur not really following Jesus? #mkbiblechat

MINISTRY TIME Really quickly, I want 2 take a moment 2 pray Christs healing over each of u. Who has a need? :) #mkbiblechat By His scourging we are healed.Isa53:5d By His wounds u were healed.1Pet2:24c Pray 4 1 another so that u may b healed.Ja5:16b #mkbiblechat Jesus, u know each persons need. I pray even now 4 ur healing power 2 flow thru #mkbiblechat as it did 2,000 yrs ago. Touch & heal, O Lord!

QUESTIONS ON FASTING (2:18-20) Moving on now 2: Questions on fasting. (2:18-20) Dont measure other peoples spirituality by whether or not they live up 2 yours. #mkbiblechat

Jesus speaks of the violence of His death in v. 20 for the 1st time. Its amazing when u realize He knew what was coming #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE UNSHRUNK CLOTH (2:21) Unshrunk Cloth (2:21): We like status quo (many of us do). Jesus is not into status quo :) #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE NEW WINESKINS (2:22) New Wineskins (2:22): If we dont want 2 miss God we need 2 b open 2 new ways of doing things & new people invading r space #mkbiblechat Heal us, Lord, Jesus! \o/ #mkbiblechat

Tweets for Sabbath Questions, Chosen Ones, Parables #mkbiblechat (3/23/12)

A Heart For God Ministries INTRODUCTION Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

Direct link to todays notes: Sabbath Questions, Chosen 1s, Parables (Mark 2:23-28; 3:1-35; 4:134) -> #mkbiblechat

Remember -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat It's Mark 2:23-28; 3:1-35; 4:1-34 today I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use :) #mkbiblechat

PICKING GRAIN ON THE SABBATH (2:23-28) The disciples picking grain on the Sabbath upsets the religious leaders. Mk 2:23-28 Do u ever think its ok 2 break the rules? #mkbiblechat It was ok 4 the disciples 2 pick grain. (Jesus allowed it!) The Sabbath is meant 2 b a benefit 4 man, not a burden (2:27) #mkbiblechat B careful that ur relationship w/God doesnt degenerate 2 a list of rules(that u impose on others). It happens even via Twitter #mkbiblechat

HEALING ON THE SABBATH (3:1-6) Jesus heals the man w/the withered hand & gets angry w/those in church who have hard hearts.Mark3:1-6 What is a hard heart? #mkbiblechat Me: A hard heart is one that has no room for compassion/God. My wife: What upsets/grieves Jesus ought to upset/grieve us #mkbiblechat A lot of times were upset/grieved over the wrong thing (&/or at the wrong one~focus should be on ourselves) #mkbiblechat

Finally, do u c God as upset with/mad at u? He isnt since uv received Jesus. Some of u really need 2 let that sink in :) #mkbiblechat Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace w/God thru our Lord Jesus Christ Rom5:1 (You are Gods friend!) #mkbiblechat

MORE HEALINGS (3:7-12) The Messiahs credentials. Mark 3:7-12 (Isaiah 61:1-2a; Luke 4:18-19) This is Gods Son! It is!! :) #Jesus #mkbiblechat

CHOSEN ONES (3:13-19) Jesus chooses 12 guys. Mark 3:13-19 They arent anything great. How might that be an encouragement to us? #mkbiblechat Jesus spent all night w/His Father on this 1.Lk6:12 Invest significant time praying when ur making history-altering decisions #mkbiblechat

RECEPTION AT HOME (3:20-21) Jesus family thinks Hes a lunatic. Mk3:20-21 Isnt that crazy?(pun intended) Has any1 thought u were a nut 4 ur beliefs? #mkbiblechat My mom said,I will never come 2 hear u preach unless u become a priest.It is hard 4 us 2 reach r families.Y do u think that is? #mkbiblechat

THE UNPARDONABLE SIN (3:22-30) Just one question on the unpardonable sin/blasphemy against the Holy Spirit(3:22-30) What is the sin that can not b forgiven? 1 word #mkbiblechat You&I can be 4given of every sin:adultery,fornication,lying,stealing,hating,etc.The 1 thing we can not b 4given 4 is-> Unbelief #mkbiblechat

WHO ARE MY MOTHER AND BROTHERS? (3:31-35) Just 1 thought on Who are my mother & brothers? Mk3:31-35 Relationships in the kingdom of God transcend earthly relationships #mkbiblechat

If any1 comes 2 Me,&does not HATE his own father & mother & wife & children & brothers & sisters #mkbiblechat Yes,&even HATE his own life,he cannot b My disciple. Lk14:26 Hate is an exaggeration 2 make a point:God must be 1st above all #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE SOWER AND SOILS (4:1-20) It's the Parable of the Sower & Soils 2 start.(Mk4:1-20) Very familiar teaching -> 4 soils equal 4 ways people respond 2 Gospel #mkbiblechat We must do all that we can do to make sure our hearts are of the good soil type. (v.8,20) How do u keep ur soil good? :) #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE LAMP AND STANDARD OF MEASUREMENT (4:21-25) On to the Parable of the Lamp/Standard of Measurement.(Mk4:21-25) But I thought we shouldn't wear r religion "on r sleeve"? #mkbiblechat Standard of Measurement: Gods truth has been made available. As we receive it thru its application in r lives,we receive more #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE SEED (4:26-29) On to the Parable of the Seed (no mustard).(Mk4:26-29) Only found in this 1 Gospel, btw, what do u think it teaches? #mkbiblechat Lesson of the Parable of the Seed -> We mature over a course of time, slowly but surely, as a plant grows #mkbiblechat Lesson of the Parable of the Seed (cont) -> We r not now what we will b in the future (in knowledge,character,love of/4 others) #mkbiblechat Have u ever tried (wanted) 2 speed up God (His growth process)? #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE MUSTARD SEED (4:30-32) On to the Parable of the Mustard Seed. (Mk 4:30-32) What do u think this Parable teaches? Who do the birds stand for? v.32c #mkbiblechat Lesson of the Parable of the Mustard Seed -> Expansion of kingdom of God starts small,but increases/will increase 2 fill all #mkbiblechat

The birds? v.32c Even wickedness/evil will rear its ugly head among the righteous #mkbiblechat #aheartforgod

PARABLES AS CHRISTS PRIMARY TEACHING TOOL (4:33-34) Btw, why does Jesus use Parables as His primary teaching tool? Thoughts? #mkbiblechat #aheartforgod Why does Jesus use Parables as His primary teaching tool? -> To thin the ranks~turn away false followers/draw in true followers #mkbiblechat

Tweets for Miracles #mkbiblechat (3/30/12)

A Heart For God Ministries

INTRODUCTION Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

Direct link to todays notes: Miracles (Mark 4:35-41; 5:1-43) -> #mkbiblechat

Remember -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat It's Mark 4:35-41; 5:1-43 today. I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use :) #mkbiblechat 4 miracles today -> Calming the Sea, Delivering the Demon-Possessed Man, Healing the Bleeding Woman, Raising Jairus Daughter #mkbiblechat 4 miracles today -> Show Christs power over nature, devils, nagging issues of life, death <-All 4 miracles r impossible 4 man #mkbiblechat

CALMING THE SEA (4:35-41) Miracle 1 (v. 35-41) Out the disciples go across 2 the other side of the Sea of Galilee where angry tempests were known 2 arise #mkbiblechat Could it b that ur enduring an angry tempest even now in ur own life? :) #mkbiblechat What a contrasting scene! Frazzled, know how 2 handle the highs seas fisherman VS sleeping, peaceful Jesus #mkbiblechat When Jesus rebukes the storm (in v. 39) He speaks 2 it as a puppy, saying hush. (Prof in college) #mkbiblechat Its not a big deal 4 Christ 2 calm the storm.Its quite another thing when it comes 2 r hearts. Q: Do u tend towards calmness? #mkbiblechat Jesus asks, Y r u so timid? (v. 40) R Lord is amazed at disciples response 2 the storm. After all, God was w/them in the boat #mkbiblechat

R fear in the midst of a storm reveals a lack of understanding as 2 who God is, that He can&should b trusted. Who needs peace? #mkbiblechat Jesus, You alone know r needs & station in life. I pray now 4 peace in the midst of the storm 4 my brothers&sisters here today #mkbiblechat

DELIVERING THE DEMON-POSSESSED MAN (5:1-20) Miracle 2 (5:1-20) Immediately as they get out of the boat, they r met by a man from the tombs w/an unclean spirit #mkbiblechat Have you ever encountered a person under the influence of Satan (oppressed, possessed, other)? #mkbiblechat Y does Christ ask 4 the mans / demons name? (Mark 5:9) #mkbiblechat Christ asks 4 the mans / demons name not 4 His own info, but 4 ours. He wants us 2 know how many spirits r in this guy #mkbiblechat This Legion episode is an illustration of how the greatest thing Satan can throw at us is no match 4 Christ! 1 John 4:4 #mkbiblechat In Matthews Gospel (8:32), Jesus speaks 1 word, Go, & the demons flee. Sometimes people dont obey Jesus, but demons always do #mkbiblechat Demons sent into 2,000 pigs (3 demons per). Hundreds of tons of raw,animal muscle subject 2 Satan r subject 2 1 word from Jesus #mkbiblechat Do you understand just how powerful this friend you have in Jesus really is? No weapon formed against you shall prosper :) #mkbiblechat

HEALING THE BLEEDING WOMAN (5:25-34) Miracle 3 (5:25-34) A woman w/a physical bleeding/open wound (nagging issue) approaches Jesus. Shes lived in isolation (Lev15) #mkbiblechat Shes heard of Christ. She hasn't been able 2 touch any1 4 a long,long time. The law forbids it. Understand her pain. Feel #mkbiblechat Have u ever carried (r u now?) an unbearable weight of hurt? (rhetorical question) God wants 2 touch u as u touch Him even now #mkbiblechat Somebodys getting healed today right during this study.B healed in Jesus holy name,friend,as u reach out 2 Him.1Pet2:24c :) #mkbiblechat

After the woman touches our Lords garments, it reads: And immediately the flow of her blood was dried up. (Mk 5:29) Wow #mkbiblechat Jesus asks, Who touched My garments? (Mk 5:30) How could Christ not know who touched Him? #mkbiblechat Of course,Jesus knew who touched Him.He didnt ask 4 His sake,but the womans.He wanted the community to know&end her isolation #mkbiblechat The womans faith makes her well. (Mk 5:34) Dont miss the reference 2 Daughter. She is our sister! We will meet her 1 day :) #mkbiblechat

RAISING JAIRUS DAUGHTER (5:21-24; 35-43) Miracle 4 (5:21-24;35-43) A story about an interruption.Jesus is on His way 2 help Jairus daughter&the bleeding woman appears #mkbiblechat Then the news comes that Jairus daughter has died.(Mk5:35)If Christ would have gotten there sooner,it might not have happened? #mkbiblechat We have r own timetable how God needs 2 work & what He needs 2 do & when? Some of us do #mkbiblechat The fact is God is always on time/never late.R u still at peace when Jesus doesnt operate according 2 ur dictates/preferences? #mkbiblechat Jairus daughter is raised from the dead(v.42) Last points: 1.In v. 36(listen 2 me)a word from Jesus is enough vs circumstances #mkbiblechat Finally, 2. In v. 40a, there is no room for unbelief if we would have the Lord undertake on our behalf. James 1:6-7 #mkbiblechat

Tweets for Ministry Lessons #mkbiblechat (4/6/12)

A Heart For God Ministries

INTRODUCTION Welcome 2 r Gospel of Mark study today. So glad 2 have each of u :) #mkbiblechat Lord Jesus, guide us now in the study of Your word. In Your precious name we pray. Amen #mkbiblechat Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

Direct link to todays notes: Ministry Lessons (Mark 6:1-56) -> #mkbiblechat

Remember -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat It's Mark 6:1-56 today. I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use :) #mkbiblechat 6 ministry episodes today -> 1.Ministry at Home, 2.Ministry of the Twelve,3.Johns Last Days of Ministry #mkbiblechat 6 ministry episodes today -> 4.Feeding of the Five Thousand, 5.Harassed at Sea, 6.Healings at Gennesaret #mkbiblechat

MINISTRY AT HOME (6:1-6) 1st episode:Jesus ministry at home.(6:1-6) Hometown response:But He cant b Messiah.U c we knew Him when he was growing up #mkbiblechat People who know the real you will be the hardest to reach with the Gospel. Q1: Have you found it to be true? :) #mkbiblechat My mom said 2 me, I will not come hear u preach unless u become a priest. Since then,she received Christ after a sermon of mine #mkbiblechat Btw, Mark 6 starts w/Jesus being RESTRICTED from doing miracles due 2 unbelief. It ends w/Him being RELEASED due 2 faith :) #mkbiblechat

MINISTRY OF THE TWELVE (6:7-13; 30-32) 2nd episode:Ministry of the 12.(6:7-13;30-32) Jesus instructs disciples on how 2 approach this particular outreach #mkbiblechat Q2: Have you ever launched a ministry or set out to serve WITHOUT seeking Gods direction? #mkbiblechat How often have I figured out the outreach approach and then asked God to bless it? The point: Consult God on outreach plans :) #mkbiblechat In Mark 6:30-32, there is a debriefing after disciples ministry. Its important 2 evaluate ministry after the fact. (v. 30) #mkbiblechat Its also important 2 take time 2 rest/re-energize. (v. 31-32) Ministers can tend 2 burn the candle on both ends?! #mkbiblechat Q3: Have you ever gone through a time of burn out because of ministry? How did u deal with it? How did u recover? #mkbiblechat

JOHNS (THE BAPTIST) LAST DAYS OF MINISTRY (6:14-29) 3rd episode:Johns last days of ministry.(6:14-29) Story of John the Baptist losing his head is really a story about a grudge #mkbiblechat Mark6:19-20a And Herodias had a GRUDGE against [John] & wanted 2 put him 2 death & could not do so; 4 Herod was afraid of John #mkbiblechat Listen. Some people develop grudges against the ministers in their lives (like Herodias). How dare that preacher say that! #mkbiblechat Some people would have the voice of God silenced (like Herodias) & will do it via false accusation&undermining of the pastor #mkbiblechat Q4: Have u ever known another Christian who held a grudge? What was the end result/outcome if u can share? #mkbiblechat The awakening & pointing out of sin in r lives (by ministers) needs 2 be welcomed w/open arms,longed 4,sought out,rejoiced over #mkbiblechat


4th episode:Five thousand fed.(6:33-44) Only miracle found in all 4 Gospels. It is the climax miracle of all Christs miracles #mkbiblechat Jesus says: U give them something 2 eat! (v.37a) The church is called 2 meet physical needs along w/spiritual. (Not the State!) #mkbiblechat Jesus says: How many loaves do u have? Go look! They find a lads lunch - 5 loaves & 2 fish. (Jn6:9) #mkbiblechat Q5: How do they find it (the lunch) / him (the lad) in such a large crowd? I think the young boy finds them! :) #mkbiblechat U c in the morning, like his mom had taught, the young boy asked her 2 pack extra so he could share w/his needy school friends #mkbiblechat And now he (the boy) goes when he hears theres a need since hes inclined in that manner #mkbiblechat Jesus has already given the disciples all they need 2 feed that crowd in the person of a youngboy willing 2 give his lunch away #mkbiblechat God never asks us 2 do something w/o 1st providing 4 us everything we need 2 do it #mkbiblechat

HARASSED AT SEA (6:45-52) 5th episode:Harassed at sea.(6:45-52) Btw, this is the same story as Peter walking on water in Mt14:28-31. It is! :) #mkbiblechat The point:A time of harassment often follows after ministry success (5000 fed). Elijah ran from Jezebel after Carmel :) #mkbiblechat Preachers r notorious 4 not letting on that they have let downs.But Ive seen from behind the scenes.Theyre just like us/u :) #mkbiblechat Disciples r not learning their lesson on who Jesus is.(v.51-52) Hes Gods Son. Hes God w/us. He is trustworthy&faithful #mkbiblechat Q6: Have u learned ur lesson on who Jesus is? Even ministers have lessons to learn. (I know that from behind the scenes, 2) :) #mkbiblechat


Final (6th) episode 4 today:Healings at Gennesaret.(6:53-56) Located on the west shore of the Lake of Galilee #mkbiblechat LakeofGalilee sometimes called LakeofGennesaret. (Lk5:1) Its where Peter gets saved. Remember, Peter dictates Marks Gospel :) #mkbiblechat Many physical healings at Gennesaret. (v. 56) Physical healings represent what Jesus can do spiritually #mkbiblechat Healings r meant 4 us even today. Jesus still heals both body & soul :) #mkbiblechat

10 MINISTRY LESSONS (summary from today): 1. Its not always a bed of roses. (Main point) 2. Unbelief restricts Christs work. Faith releases it. (Ministry at Home) 3. Consult God on outreach plans. (Ministry of the Twelve) 4. Evaluate ministry after the fact. (Ministry of the Twelve) 5. Take time to rest/re-energize. (Ministry of the Twelve) 6. Someone just might develop a grudge against you. (Johns Last Days of Ministry) 7. A little with God is a whole lot. (Feeding of the Five Thousand) 8. Ministry let downs happen. (Harassed at Sea) 9. Even ministers have lessons to learn. (Harassed at Sea) 10. Jesus still heals both body and soul. (Healings at Gennesarat)

Tweets for Conflict with Tradition #mkbiblechat (4/13/12)

A Heart For God Ministries

INTRODUCTION Welcome 2 r Gospel of Mark study today. So glad 2 have each of u :) #mkbiblechat Lord Jesus, guide us now in the study of Your word. In Your precious name we pray. Amen #mkbiblechat Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

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Remember -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat It's Mark 7:1-37 today. I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use :) #mkbiblechat 4 ministry episodes today -> 1. Hypocrisy of the Pharisees (7:1-13), 2. Parable of the Heart of Man (7:14-23) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark 4 ministry episodes today -> 3. Woman w/a Demon-Possessed Daughter (7:24-30), 4. Healing of the Deaf Mute (7:31-37) #mkbiblechat

HYPOCRISY OF THE PHARISEES (7:1-13) 1st episode:Hypocrisy of the Pharisees.(7:1-13) Pharisees & scribes r groups 1st instituted 4 good reason during the exile #mkbiblechat Pharisees arose 2 make sure Israelites never turned from God again. Duty of scribes was 2 immerse themselves in the Scriptures #mkbiblechat These (Pharisees&scribes) come 2 Jesus (Mk7:1-2) 4 a noble purpose which has become twisted by "tradition" #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Traditions usually have a good purpose.The problem arises when they r elevated above God's commands.It's what's happening here #mkbiblechat

Q1: Can u name any "traditions" (in ur church or that u'v heard of) that people follow / adhere to? #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Some traditions: 1.King James Bible version only; 2.What a person wears 2 church. Even Christians can fall prey 2 "traditions" #mkbiblechat Jesus calls the Pharisees "hypocrites." (Mk7:6-9) A hypocrite is an actor. He's some1 who offers a false persona #mkbiblechat Q2: (rhetorical) Are you for real? Are you? #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Last thought on Corban:Pharisees had come up w/a "sleight of hand" 2 keep money 4 themselves&punish their parents (Mk7:10-13) #mkbiblechat

PARABLE OF THE HEART OF MAN (7:14-23) 2nd episode:Parable of the heart of man.(7:14-23) Another "tradition" is dealt with. The Jewish kosher system is eliminated #mkbiblechat Outside of man/woman not the issue.(Mk7:15) This is the hard stuff in this passage -> Mark 7:20-23. We like 2 do the easy stuff #mkbiblechat The easy stuff r "traditions" we come up with. I do this, that & the other & I'm okay ~ while we harbor wickedness inside #mkbiblechat Q3: So how do we overcome this stuff?: Evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting&wickedness #mkbiblechat Q3 (cont): So how do we overcome this stuff?: Deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride&foolishness #mkbiblechat We overcome by: 1.Recognizing we r susceptible (1Jn1:8); 2.Confessing r sin (1Jn1:9); 3.Being accountable 2 some1 (James5:16) #mkbiblechat

WOMAN WITH A DEMON-POSSESSED DAUGHTER (7:24-30) 3rd episode:Woman w/a demon-possessed daughter.(7:24-30) Still another tradition is dealt with as woman is a non-Jew (v.26) #mkbiblechat Gods high purpose in this story is 2 teach the disciples who r unaccepting of other races that He is God of all people.Rev7:9 #mkbiblechat Q4: (A hard one 2 discuss) Have u ever struggled w/racism or known some1 who has? How is it

(racism) overcome? #mkbiblechat Antidote 2 racism: The Lord isnot wishing 4 any (person, nationality) 2 perish but 4 all 2 come 2 repentance. 2Pet3:9b #mkbiblechat Back 2 the woman w/a demon-possessed daughter.(Mk7:24-30) She is what I call the pit bull model of intercessory prayer(v.26b) #mkbiblechat Pit bulls will bite&literally never let go. They must b killed. No, this gal doesnt bite Jesus, but shes ferocious, tenacious #mkbiblechat And she kept asking~kept asking~kept asking Him (Jesus) 2 cast the demon out of her daughter. (Mark 7:26b) #mkbiblechat Intercession requires(this woman is the example): 1.keen supernatural discernment; 2.recognition of no real help apart from God #mkbiblechat Intercession requires(this woman is the example):3.pursuit of Christ regardless of obstacles (in this case,racism of disciples) #mkbiblechat Q5: Can u tell of a time where u prayed like a pit bull & then God answered u? My mom was dying & I sought God like never before. I asked 4 Him 2 give her 10 more yrs of life. Its going on 22 now :) #mkbiblechat

HEALING OF THE DEAF MUTE (7:31-37) 4th episode:Healing of the deaf mute.(7:31-37) Especially meaningful 2 my wife & I. R son is mildly autistic & deaf in left ear #mkbiblechat The healing of the deaf mute is found only in Marks Gospel (though Matthew 15:29-31 suggested as parallel acct) #mkbiblechat It is by unusual means that Jesus heals the deaf mute. (Mk7:33-34) He puts His fingers into the mans ears, spits #mkbiblechat Then Jesus touches the mans tongue w/His saliva, looks up 2 heaven, deeply sighs & says 2 the man, B opened! #mkbiblechat Q6: Have you ever known anyone who was healed by unusual means? #mkbiblechat 1 of the points-> Deaf mute represents all of us who could not HEAR the Lords voice or SPEAK His praise prior 2 Christs touch #mkbiblechat Add Ephphatha! 2 ur prayers. So many w/closed ears 2 Gospel & impeded tongues 2 speaking

Gods praise #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark They were utterly astonished,saying,He(Jesus) has done all things well;He makes even the deaf 2 hear,&the dumb 2 speak. Mk7:37 #mkbiblechat

Tweets for Confession of Faith #mkbiblechat (4/20/12)

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INTRODUCTION Welcome 2 r Gospel of Mark study today. So glad 2 have each of u :) #mkbiblechat Lord Jesus, guide us now in the study of Your word. In Your precious name we pray. Amen #mkbiblechat Btw, heres the link 2 all Lesson intro notes & study schedule -> Will b continually updating :) #mkbiblechat

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Remember -> Mark is the servant story of our Lord. It presents Jesus as a SERVANT serving others & meeting their needs #mkbiblechat It's Mark 8:1-38 today. I hope u can have your Bible open. Or use :) #mkbiblechat 4 ministry episodes today -> 1. Feeding of the Four Thousand (8:1-9), 2. Pharisees Seek for a Sight (8:10-21) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark 4 ministry episodes today -> 3. Healing of the Blind Man (8:22-26), 4. Peters Great Confession (8:27-38) #mkbiblechat

FEEDING OF THE FOUR THOUSAND (8:1-9) 1st episode:Feeding of the four thousand.(8:1-9) I feel compassion, our Lord says. (splagechnizomai; Strongs 4697; v. 41a) #mkbiblechat Compassion: to have the bowels yearn; feel sympathy, to pity. Compassion demonstrates itself in action 2 relieve suffering #mkbiblechat Question 1: Do u remember an experience in ur own life where compassion was demonstrated? Can u share? :) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark His disciples answered Him, Where will any1 b able 2 find enough 2 satisfy these men w/bread? (8:4) They r slow learners :) #mkbiblechat

I mean, Jesus has already fed 5,000. Whats 4,000 then? Question 2: R u a slow learner like the disciples? I am :) #mkbiblechat Notice now (in Mark 8:6) how Christ gives the loaves 2 the disciples & they distribute. 2 reasons why (imho) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Reason 1: Its Gods pattern 2 minister thru His people 2 the world; Reason 2: So the disciples would c miracle 1st hand! :) #mkbiblechat

PHARISEES SEEK FOR A SIGN (8:10-21) 2nd episode:Pharisees seek for a sign.(8:10-21) They want an attesting miracle ~ 1 that would demonstrate Jesus Messiah-ship #mkbiblechat Btw, to this point in #GospelofMark there have been 23 attesting miracles recorded including feeding of 4,000 #mkbiblechat The problem isnt outward evidence, its inward attitude. (rhetorical question) Hows your attitude towards God? #mkbiblechat Some people will refuse to believe no matter how many miracles they see. The flesh is that wretched (Jer 17:9) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark R attitude towards God needs 2 b: I dont need any miracles, Lord Jesus, & Ill still believe in You! \o/ #mkbiblechat In parallel passage (Mt16:1-4) we find these religious leaders had the greatest attesting miracle-> Jesus Himself! #mkbiblechat #HeIsRisen Jesus goes on 2 afford a warning: Watch out! Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees & the leaven of Herod. (Mark 8:15) #mkbiblechat Questions 3,4,5: What is leaven? Then~What is the leaven of the Pharisees?And what is the leaven of Herod? (U will b graded) :) #mkbiblechat Leaven is a substance added 2 dough 2 cause it 2 rise. It has the dynamic 2 permeate thru&thru.In Bible often represents evil #mkbiblechat Bible Dictionary defines Leaven of Pharisees as religious externalism #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark #aheartforgod Leaven of Pharisees = commitment 2 tradition above Gods commands(Mk7:1ff), hypocrisy(Mk7:6), dissatisfaction w/signs(Mk8:11ff) #mkbiblechat

Bible Dictionary defines Leaven of Herod as worldly compromise #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark #aheartforgod In Mark6 Herod demonstrates worldly compromise in his adulterous affair where ultimately he executes John the Baptist over it #mkbiblechat

HEALING OF THE BLIND MAN (8:22-26) 3rd episode:Healing of the blind man.(8:22-26) And they brought a blind man 2 Him(Jesus),&entreated Him 2 touch him(v.22) \o/ #mkbiblechat Question 6: Did Jesus 1st healing touch not work? Is that y He needed 2 touch the blind man a 2nd time?(v.23,25) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark The truth is Jesus performs 2 healings -> 1. Blindness 2. Post-blind syndrome (the inability 2 make sense of panorama #mkbiblechat For more on post-blind syndrome ull want 2 check out my Confession of Faith notes -> Fascinating :) #mkbiblechat 1 last thought -> Miracles can(&do)happen over time.This passage is not a proof text 4 it however(as it has been used by some) #mkbiblechat

PETERS GREAT CONFESSION (8:27-38) 4th episode:Peters great confession.(8:27-38) Jesus asks,But who do YOU say that I am? Peter says,Thou art the Christ. Wow #mkbiblechat Its what Jesus has been working towards:establishing faith in 12 men.This is the climax of the 1st half of the #GospelofMark #mkbiblechat Just think of the impact that will take place later thru Peter & the others. This is where it gets its start #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Question 7: Can you remember the time when you 1st confessed Jesus yourself (after the example of Peter)? Where was it? :) #mkbiblechat After Peters confession (immediately) Jesus speaks of His death 2 His disciples 4 the very 1st time (v. 31) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Peter is so dumbfounded he rebukes Christ (can you just imagine trying 2 tell the Son of God what 2 do?) #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark Think about it -> In 1 breath were making great faith statements while in another ud think we

were agents of the devil (v.33) #mkbiblechat Deny yourself, take up Your cross & follow Me (v. 34b) in Christ Follower or Christian? -> #mkbiblechat #GospelofMark