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MovieChapterizer User Guide

November 2007

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MovieChapterizer 2.5 User Guide

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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MovieChapterizer provides an easy way to add chapter names into various media files that can be played with QuickTime Player. A rarely-used feature of QuickTime Player is that of a movie containing what is known as a chapter track. QuickTime Player will display a popup menu to the right of the playhead slider showing the list of chapter names for the movie. Selecting a chapter from the list causes the playhead to jump to the point in the movie identified by the chapter. MovieChapterizer 2.4 runs on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and MovieChapterizer 2.5 runs on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). When you download MovieChapterizer from you get a single dmg file containing versions for both Tiger and Leopard. MovieChapterizer is an easy to use application that allows you to open a movie that can be played in QuickTime, and add chapters to it. By simply moving the playhead to a point in the movie of interest you can then add a chapter name. Do this repeatedly until you have all the chapters you want and then simply save the file. Then open the file in QuickTime Player and the chapters are immediately available to you. Instead of jumping around and scanning for the exact part of the movie youʼre interested in just select the chapter from the popup menu and go straight there. MovieChapterizer works both for various video and sound files, including QuickTime files (mov), H.264 (high definition), AVI, DV, MP3 , AIFF and WAV. All the features of MovieChapterizer can be used in the free version. A small number of chapters can be added. If you want to avoid this limit and add up to 100 chapters for a file you can simply purchase a license by visiting the product store site at:

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Key Features

Easy to use graphical interface. Split screen view, allowing viewing of the movie and added chapters list. Simple addition of chapter names by moving the playhead slider and clicking a button. Automatically launches QuickTime Player after saving the chapters to see what the new movie with chapters looks like. New in MovieChapterizer 2: chapter projects can be saved and re-edited.

System Requirements
• Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (for MovieChapterizer 2.4) • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (for MovieChapterizer 2.5)

The MovieChapterizer software is distributed as an Internet-enabled disk image. When downloaded, Safari will automatically mount the disk image displaying a folder with the following files: 1. MovieChapterizer application. 2. Release note text file. 3. User guide. 4. Data sheet.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Drag the MovieChapterizer application icon to your hard drive. The normal place to store it is the /Applications folder, but it is not required to to be installed there. Then double-click the MovieChapterizer application to start it.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Purchasing a license
After installing MovieChapterizer you will be able to perform all the operations listed in the table on page 3. Purchasing a license will allow you to save more chapter markers than the low limit of the free version. There are two ways to do this:

1. Select the “Buy MovieChapterizer...” item from the MovieChapterizer menu in the application. OR 2. Enter the following URL in your web browser:

When you click on the Buy Now button at the JS8 Media store page you will be taken to the PayPal web site where you can choose to confirm your purchase option. If you do so an email will be sent to you containing your MovieChapterizer license code. Open MovieChapterizerʼs registration panel by selecting the “Registration...” option from the MovieChapterizer menu. Enter the license code from the email into this panel and click on the OK button. You should see a message indicating that MovieChapterizer is now registered.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Checking for Updates
You can manually check for an updated version of MovieChapterizer by selecting the “Check For Software Update” option from the MovieChapterizer menu. A panel will be displayed informing you either that a new version has been found and can be downloaded by visiting the JS8 Media web site, or that you are already running the latest version of MovieChapterizer. If you would like MovieChapterizer to automatically check for a new version each time you start the application you can set the “automatically check for updates” preference. No personal information or data from your computer is sent when the software update check is made.

Removing MovieChapterizer
To remove the MovieChapterizer software from your computer simply drag the MovieChapterizer application file to the trash folder. Note: this action will not remove any license code you may have purchased.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Using MovieChapterizer

To add chapters to a movie, follow these steps: 1) Choose the "New project..." item in the File menu (or the toolbar) and type in a name for the project. 2) Choose the "Import Media..." item in the File menu (or the toolbar) and select a video or audio file. 3) Click the "+" button to add a chapter.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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4) In the sheet that is displayed enter a name for the chapter (limited to 20 characters for a chapter name). 5) Click OK to close the sheet. 6) A new chapter will be added to the table on the right. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have added all the chapters required. 7) Choose the "Save Project..." item from the File menu (or the toolbar). 8) Choose the "Export Chapters..." item from the File menu (or the toolbar). The chapter popup list should appear to the right of the playhead slider in the QuickTime window. The top entry in the popup may appear empty until you click on the popup menu if you didn't set a chapter name for the first frame in the movie. Currently MovieChapterizer can add chapters to the following types of files: QuickTime (mov), H.264 (high definition), AVI, MP3, AIFF and WAV.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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If you have the preference set to auto view chapters then once the save operation is complete QuickTime Player will be automatically started to open the chapterized movie. As seen in the picture below, a popup menu button is displayed in QuickTime Player to the right of the playhead slider.

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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Appendix A: Internet Resources
• JS8 Media web site: • MovieChapterizer web page: • MovieChapterizer store web page: • MovieChapterizer support page:

MovieChapterizer User Guide

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