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DEMARCATION by Peter Burton

Control in Copland To all those fighting injustice in America against the odds. A Plague of Blue Locusts Extreme Windy Weathermen irritates THE MAN Slowdowns, Industrial sabotage Wildcats Fragging ATTICA!! ATTICA!! ATTICA!! Frenzied brutal lock up Reaganite binge restoring THE MAN Southern warm Weather gulags Electronic torture fades memories of Caryl Chessman, Elridge Cleaver Black Panther Anti-rape militias, Men against Sexism Campaigns George Jackson Brigade fade out Class war political booty Man giving a little to keep a lot dissipates as cops , guards , enforce a new terrorisation of the poor philosophy Pentagon Whiz-bang high-tech tentacles reach out in state of the Art real-time GothamPolicing the Narcotics Trojan horse. Federal largesse facilitates paramilitary pile-ons, Warrant Fugitive Sweeps, POP Team extra-mural Televised Nixon -Goldwater kiddie sweeps THE LEXICON OF FEAR; ODELE NARCO Praetorian Guard acts on Calgang Database centrally referenced gang- labelled information Crime=Urban Urban=Black SWAT Team fishing expeditions adorn combat boots, green camouflaged battle dress uniforms, body armour, hooded masks, goggles staging dramatic Commando raids on poor communities Shock lock Shotguns Flash bang grenades Double shot buckshot introduce Dead Buck paraded victims Its a counter-cultural fingers in the decline dyke Good ol boys network offensive

Preventative detention, special grand juries ,no knock warrants cement unfolding acute contradictions, victimised racialised class other, demonised crime baiting, racially coded language protecting a besieged middle class from predatory immigrant workers as Watergate becomes distant. Squeegee wars Operation Losing Proposition D-Day instructions Times Square reconquest Heritage industry gentrification cultural accumulation Old cop forbearance, discretion, fairness skills dissolve in a bathtub cocktail of military /technophile army surplus hardware upwardly mobile elite unit status rewards Amadio Diallo 41 shots street crimes unit Jim Crow stench Its a wrecked downsized homelessness of the brave, a spectacle of ritualised terrors ,bifurcated social control for an expanding surplus population State of the art computerised surveillance systems pump blood in an electronic dragnet where deviants internalize the police gaze at the panoptican of virtual outlaws. Wu Tang Chan Ernest Sagon aka The Rabbit Kaleidoscopic Cop LAPD Visions of chaos Military training Nam counter insurgency lessons learned as the Rich riot in a cold bath Volcker /Reagan scorched earth industrial apocalypse Periphalising the Urban social wreckagethe sand in the machinecontrolling the industrial social dynamite. Victim blaming ethos blast off Drug bust bonanzas Narcotics teams used as WW 2 U-Boats Military technology buying sprees Gun nut panegyric magazine porn Paramilitary police/ beat cop osmosis Get your Kicks on Route 95 unless youre black !! Election season anti-crack rhetoric roads to power Urban American alpha cops pushing zero tolerance Quality of life pre-emptive take back strikes on the underground Secured playground urban bedroom salaried professional post -punk scenes In the Theme park Urban centre

Cache cops sweeping up stats at early morning computer aided wall -map paramilitary Comstat meetings mending broken windows. Giuliani, Bratton hot seats send angry waves of blue out to get results Schools act as pre-prison vetting centres Socialising the police gaze in a post-Fordist Copland Profit hungry real estate developers subterfuge to flicker out strip joint porno land lights- Periphalising the homeless, the Negros, the poor Police brass Gotham pilgrimage zero tolerance apostles proselytise a post-modern Jim Crow New burghers occupy hyper -anesthetised play zones ; convention centre Theme park replacements for a post-industrial workforce Urban professional pleasure seeking vehiclesCorporate American massification of bohemian aesthetics Private security/Urban malls signal a centre /periphery Racial/class matrix, Private security policing interior spaces interior cop control undesirables get displaced in a vain city by the Bay Its an urban control retake boys ! Move on teams Shopping cart nomads Aged inebriates Thrown away youth Criminalised poor Periphelisation Gentrification real estate speculator eviction Copper destroyed housing block pre-emptive squatter preventative retakes TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK !! Naked class war on the lower East Side Crime concentration in urban wastelands at the end of the train line Pole Perched Forests of McDonalds, Best Western, Model 6 signs light up paramilitary police operations in dying rail yards as elite navy seal armed soldier cops fan out under choppers beating the air in the badlands of Frontier Fresno ITS A WAR!! Pounding CHP chopper rotas accompany incessant Alsatian dog barking, bull horn instructions to infrared detected house occupants instantly displayed on Crown Victoria 11 inch mobile screens Come out with your hands on your heads and lay on the ground!!! Lay down your weapons!!!

Probation weekend warriors exit into a beam of Chopper Klieg lights as all white SWAT teams roll out in a law and order bonanzaArmoured vehicles, submachine guns, automatic rifles, attack dogs police unemployment , nihilism, guns, rage, crack cocaine coalescing in a lethal cocktail of gang propelled auto-extinction Scorched earth campaigns, rolling billboard SWAT bus wolf packsthe past lurching forward to collide against a high- tech future as VCSU fleets of crown victorias race towards Code 3 officer down instructions semiotic physical police dog corner presenceRobocops the new slave-catcher militias . Operation Goldstar Crime baiting racially coded demonology incites middle class scapegoating, inbuilt ritualised displays of terror spectacles, gang labelled sentencing enhancements, false equivalence racist anti-poor victim blaming demonology Chosts on the Fence White border patrols prowl the barrios stopping searching, asking, suspecting over -killing the migrant poor INS Jailhouse substitution roll outs criminalise the immigrant poor as poverty proves inadequate ; compliant undocumented immigrant workers the preferred drug of choice for American Capitalist corporate bosses Black Hawk Chopper lights move forward, backwards swiftly searching for ghost like aliens on the border fence, radios crackle, headlights pinpoint a short one winner chase robocop night vision goggle cops, Infrared TV cameras Handcuffs, humiliation, bull whips, sweat boxes , electronic torture Mobile Klieg stadium lights clunk on to light up political theatre for the riches enforcers Cui Bono ? Politicians easy scapegoats Bosses-cheap docile labour The MAN a bulwark against Viva Zapata! Pastures of Poverty, Public highway black guy humiliations, INS Sprawling detention archipelago hellholes ,Californian fields, Iowan abattoirs, Big Apple seduction of illegals in a modern day great escape North Bosses self-report cementing immigrant deportation fear MASS ARRESTS NUMBERED FOREARMS CATTLE CARS

Evil the incremental process Life in The BIG HOUSE CORCORAN- Let the guns rule the Yard Politician concocted anti-crime nostrums Prison abattoirs bring on brutal forced lockups DEATH ROW Landlocked slave ship prisons terrorise the poor, while warehousing social dynamite Prison number increase divide and rule correlations semi-autonomous mutually reinforcing bureaucratic empire layers unravel in a replicated sexist male purgatory Sex slave female substitutes diffuse political trouble in rape factories, lecherous predators dole out essentials in ladies lockdowns as perks Vertically commanded gang structures promulgate fear- self oppressive systems of racialised ethnic gangs aiding The Man No Spartacus possible here !! The Man organises gladiatorial fights organic decentralised self-fuelling social control within and without these walls Preston Tate Golden state integrated Yard Policy Gladiatorial fights as sadistic diversionpolitical demagogic fuelled middle class fantasy land prison as Right wing country clubs conjugal unit middle class rage A PIRA wrecking ball gets thrown Suit filing legalistic attrition wars get waged against bureaucratic secretive adversaries THE MAN AS BEHEMOTH ! Prison Law library shutdowns TV psychic meat grinder tentacles squash Higher education programmesredundant pumping iron weight rooms ! Adrian Lomax Booty Bandits, Trusty shooters Newly made punks choosing a Daddy Punk Queen straight world submissive roles Rape as power controller ,Sexual terror as prison Management, Sex chattel guard connivance Correction Officer shit lists AIDS Rape Russian roulette wheel terror weapon Welcome to Shirley . Toughen up , punk just deserts

DENY ! DENY! DENY ! Eddie Dillard Sex human body coin of the realm reproduction of outside in an all male purgatory Paired Traded Pimped Sold PUNKS Youll get the Blondest new fish in the new shipment Prison aggression diverted Spartacus destroyed Informers garnered Herman Hoots Wallace Washington DC City Jail for Women sex carnival ritual abuse put out for the guards or else Segregated racial Balkans in a box Gang members putting in the racial work whatever their belief system Its Segregated boys- right down to the weights !! White Fence, Maravilla, Bulldogs 18th Street, F-Troop Santa Ana Gang rhetoric, gang iconography Vertically organised gang structures Mexican Mafia soldier bust retaliations a thousand home boys in Elysian Parkpost RODNEY KING Soldado truce GGF Afro American life gang of choice 68- Bluebird San Quentin AB Evolution racial war fades out To BUSINESS AB assassination hits for EME shot callersLas Nuestra FAMILIA Arizona AB sell-out label for AB criminal pragmatists Racial no-fly zone yard domination Corcoran social control arranged fights

Fuelling the boredom fear, anger, despairraw material ingredients in the dungeon race war, hate factory discharge on to streets local law-abiders running into the arms of The MAN Security Housing unit Snitch factory Loony bin meat grinder Cell extractions, high tech SUV hell George Jackson Blood in my Eye Steven Castillo Debrief or die snitch murders bureaucratic economic interest bountiful race war nexus on wedge- shaped yards of Corcoran SHU bring Manna from Sacramento Its a super max Pelican Bay lockup a catwalk model of sensory deprivation and isolation for the world eyes of the colonial master Small town, big prison carcarel arcadias incremental gulag state lockdown economy South bay trailer pack prison cannon fodder Prison guard Union, Politician carve up Wackenhut transnational private prison EMPIRE, gulag economy non -replacement for military Industrial complex Private jailers as cheats, liars . The well-connected good ol boys network corrections corps robust lobbying operations Juice laden dens of far-right political muckety mucks issue orders from high- tech yachts ,castle like mansions in the Sunshine state Private prison tentacles projects feeding at the Behemoth margins for the Connected Ones, Chaotic gladiatorial pits of training in Youngstown, Power tripping screw rampages A Self amplifying culture of control A Treacherous gangland of correctional bureaucratic avoidance by Big Business CCPOA political astro -turf Big House Third World withinPrivate Prison labour sideshow Bad lazy evil racially otherised convicts bust ass under the gunfight gaze of good ol boy guardsa conservative dreamland private prison revenge fantasy for the rich Private Prison labour-Ideological cult of work as Panacea

UNICOR Invented scapegoats Black Latino criminals Immigrant Labour The welfare Cheat Crack heads Super-predators Re-Disciplining labour in a surplus value distribution Zero sum game policing the surplus population 1950s Hollywood Reaganite smokem out ideologically driven world views 9/11 politician /cop imagined battlefields Pit the Employed against the Unemployed Immigrant/Indigenous, White against Black, Women /Men Gay against Straight Christian/Muslim via endless wars on terror ,drugs crime, immigrants ,the poor as profits flow up and The MAN keeps control. Political Activism is the only Road out!!

Auschwitz As yet unseen beautiful green countryside surrounds the razor wired camp that is entered once only from cities all over Europe Sealed Boxcars are flung open in the dark as human cattle spill out terrified into driving searchlight lit rain Freezing cold breaths emit hateful strange words Raus Schnell as black alsatian dogs straining on leashes bark repeatedly while biting on limbs I am rifle-butted in the arm into a left queue as the surviving old, infirm and children get herded rightwards roughly brutally murderously They are never see again We are ordered to stop outside a hut and terrorised into showers crying howling, shaking , avoiding eyes and blows as a man gets beaten for walking too slowly Cold pressure-less showers come on amidst howls ,crying ,wimpering, shouts Green ,pink, yellow and red triangled rags get tossed at us before we are clean as we are shunted towards a wooden hut and ordered inside where we momentarily stopHuman skeletons ashen and gaunt stare at us from blank emotionless faces three abreast on each filthy mattress Urine, shit, vomit, death and fear odours mix with cold breaths, coughs, groansa skin covered skeleton rocks violently back and forth in the corner I must sleep is sleep possible here ? Do I dare sleep here ? Dozing dreaming Despair/hope Despair/hope Despair/hope the dream words mimicking the sound of the new train arriving on tracks into the camp


A man gets denounced in the night in exchange for a promise of food Whispered rumours Whispered deals Coughs Groans Vomiting Rustling Dysentery People pretending to sleep Truck engines start up close by and move off their engine noises getting fainter and fainter 3.30 am lights go on in the dark Raus ! Raus ! Raus ! The skeletons fumble stagger outside into a searchlight beam of light directing us to a square for roll call A man is taken aside and beaten in full view as numbers are called out and names get ticked off by sadistic number-obsessed black -uniformed guards We are ordered to begin trudging towards the well sign-posted quarry as Beethovens Sonata surreally crackles out from camp speakers The icy snow gradually turns to mud as 60lb bags of bones work in the dark lifting rocks with bear hands I must eat, I must eat A man working next to me whispersYou are a political, like me They hate us , but not as much as the JewsIts possible for us to survive here but you must learn the ways of the camp fast Never argue with them , never look them in the eye Eat everything no matter how disgusting it is Each spoonful is another day alive. Just pray you dont pass blood- that means death When do we eat? After work .


Be servile and try and make yourself useful to them in some way or you will be selected Resistance is pointless here. We trudge back in the snow barely able to walk bloodied bleeding broken with nothing to look forward to observed closely by hate -fuelled monsters A shot rings out and a woman some way ahead of me slumps to the ground but no one helps her I look at my new advisor who quickly shakes his head at me save yourself written all over his white face helping means death here A man is shot in the leg from the same watchtower and falls clutching at his wound he pulls himself along trying to reach the cover of a wooden hut another shot rings out missing him by a couple of feet Hes going to make it Hes going to make it A few more yards- keep going, keep bloody going Another shot whizzes through the airhis head bursts open and blood pours out on to pinkening snow He is luckythe injured become the subject of jests and ridicule here. He would have been ritually humiliated and then selected by the Nazis because he could no longer work Now, at least, hes out of it. What ,-what are those huts for ? The first is a brothel for the Kapos The better looking women are taken there for their pleasure but it does not save them


The one that looks like a hospitalthats where these brutes experiment on us. The big corporations pay the camps for experiments, chemical tests needless amputations There are rumours that they try to make soap from the dead bodies, paper from skin, fertilisers from bones IG Farben and the other corporations are interested in the slave labour and products We must try and escape Escape means death we are too weakIt is wilderness for miles But were almost certain to die anyway, and every day we get weaker and less able to resist The politicals meet at the Latrines after lights out but count me out You should try and stay alive I must go now. I leave to meet the other politicals at Midnight feigning dysentry but get met there instead by a Kapo, some SS and my new found friend Perhaps promised a crust of bread or a bowl of soup for betraying me It matters not A group of duped politicals gets taken Past pits of dead bodies Past torture cages Past hospital facades To wooden huts that look Just like all other huts except for the human scratched walls and the sounds and smells of Gas canisters And panic And praying And urine And shitting And fighting And screaming And trampling And bones breaking And scratching


And crying And whaling And eyes watching And fatigue And memories And..losing consciousness And soon please-No more pain.


41 shots Sounds and feelings of uninhibited hard travellin' alienated marginalised youth livin fast goin nowhere cars and girls give way to thoughts of neglect of girlfriends feelings working class people making ends meet amidst sex lust love death in emotionally centred lyrics crossing Americas' racial borders never reachin' golden mixed -race end identity multifaceted divided self alternating expected and darker activities without guilt ambivalence self- doubt the artist as magician conjuring and struggling against the horror of a wasted life deconstructing societys' masks while politicians whistle without listening Johnny 99 desolation dispossession lonesome outlaws in acoustic blues solo sets evolves into commercial Kovic representation and howls of despair for Americas' vanquished soul


Poems about Poets A Portrait Myth as collective unconscious a representer of mass culture a parody of English realist novel using stylized language demonic vernacular urban carnivalesque tolerant experimental prose transcendence from mundane reality through rebellious poetic words scorning nationalism scorning state and church through celebration of the body Peter Burton November 2006 "Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly " LH Harlem Renaissance Man Passionate clear humane Harlem renaissance product subtle and ironic humorous and prolific perceptive representer of black musics' emotions through immersion in African-American culture crying loud against racist Southern " Justice" with words as weapons Scottsboro boys hypocritical philanthropists Jim Crow YMCAS "Coloureds not admitted" signs no part in 4th of July speeches The "Weary Blues" of black mens' souls "laughin' to keep from cryin' " "The human soul entire, squeezed like a lemon or a lime drop by drop, into atomic words" LH


Imagine Autonomous imaginative finely tuned visions intensely lyrical intensely profound confronting power with divided self skeptical idealist urbane conversationalist emotionally literate elevated prophet agnostic ironic celebratory skeptic Jupiter as Urizen all reality a phantasmagoria Imagination our eternal redemption

Swansea Bohemian Thirties Bohemian Celtic Bard dedicated representer of human emotions autodidactic original Swansea stylist brought up within national oral tradition surrounded by raging London Blitz fires craving for mythical golden age past with conflicting archetypal images the old and the innocent the " Loud Hill of Wales"

' Mind forg'd Manacles ' Orc the enemy of Urizen and Albions' Angel fire consuming the tyrants' palaces Orc rejoices at their shrieks and groans despiser of all despotic oppressors false hearted Enitarmon undeclared Rintrach jealous oppressors and cruel deceivers ruling by fear and unjust laws selfish envious brutal authority still nothing prevents their howls of despair in these visions of the 'cloudy heavens of Albion'


The Charge of the Blue Locusts Half a mass picket, half a mass picket Half a mass picket onward All in the Battle of Orgreave Rode the mounted police Charge for the scabs ! he said Into the valley of beatings Rode the striking pickets Forward the defiant miners Was there a striker dismayed Not tho the miner knew TUC tops has blundered Theirs not to defy Theirs not to hear the cries Theirs but to fight and try Into the valley of beatings Ran the striking pickets Mounted police to the right of them Riot cops to the left of them Ranks of blue locusts in front of them Marched and thundered Charged at with baton and shield Boldly they dodge then yield Into the jaws of authority Into the ranks of blue locusts Ran the striking pickets Flashd all their truncheons bare Flashd as they swung through air Thumping on their shields there Charging a miners army while Most of the country wondered Plunged into the cavalry-smoke Right thro the line they broke Miner and striker Reeld from the truncheon blows Shattered and sundered Mounted police to the right of them Riot cops to the left of them Ranks of blue locusts behind them Marched and Thundered Charged at with baton and shield They that had fought so well Facing a bloody coppers hell All that was left of them Left of the battered magnificent miners


The Cockle-pickers and the Gang-Masters The moon was shining on the sea Shining on that fateful night But there was nothing odd about this at all As workers worked through the night The sun had long set in the sky Just like every day before As cockle-pickers made their way Unto that killing shore The Cockle-pickers and Supervisors were walking close at hand The former wept like anything to see such quantities of sand O Cockles come and walk with us The workers did beseech Come walk with us in quantity Along this silhouetted beach But no cockles followed them that night Without backbreaking toil and sweat Persuaded back in China to A lifetime of regret It seems a chance the gang-master thought To play them such a risk After weve brought them out so far And made them work so brisk O workers said the gang-masters Youve had a pleasant run Shall we be going home again But answer came there none But this silence was not odd at all, Cos theyd drowned almost everyone


The Confidant Man Not pantomime but Charades a wild goose chase for unassailable reliable testimony infallible evidence But there are no guarantees in this world only people choosing their parts before reciting their lines All evidence Potentially suspect trust, honesty, fidelity unprovable intangible qualities certainty leading to dogma an essentially honest person wronged or a diabolically plausible abuser of trust ? a necessary preservation of a stable core identity or vain confidence trickster ? Poems about America Not so long ago Exhausted farms abandoned to the banks and the birds A Mass army of immigrants sharecroppers, farmers and unemployed moving west Travelling through the highways and the Idaho hills Highways 30 and 66 Old Spark, El Paso and every westward trail They came in old beat up dodges La Salles and Model T Fords With every possession that they owned strapped to the running boards But the banks had got to California and Oregons valleys first And the farmers had to compete in line fearing the very worst For the first time in their lives the lines of farmers talked and talked


of unions and real dignity and the need to fight and organise

To Two martyrs It was the year 1920 and the need for examples was in the air Sacco and Vanzetti became the heroic murdered pair of labour organisers in Massachusetts charged with murders they didnt commit the prosecutor then the judge to this they did admit Opposition to war and labour organising was the real charge over there And two innocent men in 1927 went to the electric chair

I dont hear America Those of mechanics , each one ground down by Downsizing and fear of the same The carpenter silent as he signs on for welfare The mason silent as he searches for work The boatmen silent when there is no boatbuilding The hatter silent, hats not in fashion The woodcutters silence as this is mainly done In the rain forest now, the ploughmans going Nowhere anytime soon The silence of the mother, ground down by Drudgery and insecurity Each introspective and worried about the future Silence with closed mouths and post 9/11 thoughts.


What a waste ! White working class prisoners exit through the revolving door vowing never to come back but Ive heard that one before Back to the run-down schemes to face the same stark choices with a criminal record round their necks and very few representative voices Its 30,000 a year to keep a human being banged up but no boss would ever pay that no matter how hard they worked Its a system of contradictions and conflict is built in Its a crime and terrible waste but most of all a SIN !

Sacre BLUE !! Mr Orange saw red and was determined to show that he was not yellow and remain in the black and the whole country was tickled pink

Rosy? Flat Bloody chance Nae wonar am feelin depressed Nae wonar am feelin down Surrounded by youse knaves and fools Liars, cheats and clowns!!

Tigger aint such a wonderful thing Tigger Tigger you cant fight Doesnt matter whose wrong , whose right Cos youve got privileges and perks too And youd jump from a high rise If a goose said boo! ( Unison had one day strike over pensions and called the rest off)


Change of Direction Im glad its been regenerated but with Tesco and Wimpey houses ? Glad theyve ended the long decay but with Tesco and Barret houses ? Dont want to complain about the change but Tesco and Wimpey houses ? Perhaps some day it wont end this way ? With Tesco and some houses. Teaching by Numbers We have a rising 4 rating as an educational school No one leaves here for sure feeling like a fool Cos we get bums on seats by any means necessary We even have a shanghai force in case the numbers are lessen So if you think that you are in a position to enrol Please come to us , not to them, We may even send the Rolls

Learn the Lessons Industrialised mass murder of Six million Jews by faceless bureaucrats following orders conforming from fear to the diktacs from hellish superiors scientific experiments on human cargo by conscienceless beasts of depravity no parallels from the past History as progress ? only if we learn (During Holocaust memorials)


Gods to Blame Gods to blame He told me to invade And anyway, Iraqs free now If not, then Gods to blame

Chain of Command Speak angrily to your subordinate and bully him when it pleases Subordinates need to know whose boss until hell bloody freezes !

Racist Zapper light Some bars ought to have a fly-zapping circular light That is big enough and strong enough to attract the racist right ! Underdeveloped ? I arrived at the gates of hell to witness the doomed battle against the drug barons of Medellin, body counts multiplying amidst the inferno of rival barons, guerrillas, hired assassins and marauding teenage gangs , crime 10 crimestoppers 0 greed and power twin kings but only a vision of raw, blood and guts capitalism in reality !


Freedom ! Possible return to the Victorian nightmare of extreme wage-slavery Scapegoated powerless immigrants eaten up by Late British Capitalism swallowed down whole by corruption and greed destroyer of dreams creator of bitterness and crimes We all need Socialism ! ALL!!

The History Man ? I once went for an interview as a young man lacking guile The two man interview panel kept me waiting quite a while They then asked me why I wanted to teach History so very much I replied that historys lessons were what kept humanity in touch With where weve been and where were going and how to get us there They looked at each other then back at me like Id come to them as part of some mad dare !

Some Men Manipulate , play the game ome across as a nice guy Bed them, dont wed them and then you say goodbye.


Zimmermann Rimbaud, Verlaine, Thomas and Shelley Ferlingheeti, Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsburg Williams, Presley, Guthrie and Johnson Brando and Peck , Dean and the Bible Just some of the things that influenced you

Ali Courageous , charismatic, principled and straight as day Aint no Vietcong called me nigger you said And showed your countrymen the way

The House that Jack built ( or chief puddin) O How ad like to slap yer face Great puddin o the Scottish race Ye stand up there Dodgin beams And spoutin forth so much Tosh and reams of lies and spittle A great first Minister in Jack McConnell? Wed be better aff wi Daniel O Donnell

The man with the iron mask (1) Affable, intelligent popular as well But underneath that mask you wear youre as sectarian as hell !


Swansea Bohemian Thirties Bohemian Celtic Bard dedicated representer of human emotions autodidactic original Swansea stylist brought up within national oral tradition surrounded by raging London Blitz fires craving for mythical golden age past with conflicting archetypal images the old and the innocent the " Loud Hill of Wales"

Mexmode Markups and Mistresses Profits and Yachts Bonuses and Bentleys Outsourcing and Sweatshops Contracts and Goons Speedup and Exhaustion maggots and beatings self-respect and dignity fighting-back and organising flics and false judges sackings and threats of closure and re-location demands and strikes exposure and embarressment Solidariy and Justice and Victory for the workers!


Harlem Renaissance Man Passionate clear humane Harlem renaissance product subtle and ironic humorous and prolific perceptive representer of black musics' emotions through immersion in African-American culture crying loud against racist Southern " Justice"with words as weapons Scottsboro boys hypocritical philanthropists Jim Crow YMCAS" "Coloureds not admitted" signs no part in the 4th of July speeches The "Weary Blues" of black mens' souls "laughin' to keep from cryin' " "The human soul entire, sqeezed like a lemon or a lime drop by drop, into atomic words" LH The Kate Adams Massive red paddles beat the water great billious smokestacks fill the sky nightime furnaces throw flames across silhoutted dark waters as a calliope whistle interrupts the chattering of fancy dressers, cotton millionares,dapper ladies, tricksters ,circus characters drifting in a semi-wilderness down the Mississippi inspiring Delta bluesmen to write songs as the white money factory floats on by. The Mask of Blair I met bloodshed dressed up as prayer he had a smile like Tony Blair Very happy he looked , yet false lies and intrigue and not much else Next came ambition and he had on a penguin CBI conference cresanthomom Cuts and Bank of England independence and for former reformist sins repentance Clothed with a sergeant like bullys' creed next came ex-steel town no hoper John Reid We pleaded and begged him to " Save the Craig" ! and got a war and refugee dawn raids And many more new Tories played in yet another masquerade Spinners , Fat Cats, Lords and Peers all living off workers very worst fears


The Man in the Iron Mask prevaricate and overstate equivocate and exaggerate fabricate and ostentate wear a mask and be a fake double life and double dealing big black lies will leave them realing perjury and huge betrayel hope i don't end up in gaol spinning, weaving ,circumvention falsehood, bad faith, self-deception disingenous and perfidious deceiptfulness and meritricious be dishonest , break the faith ham it up and simulate misrepresent and misreport belt it out until I'm hoarse perfidy and mendacity cant and real duplicity trickery and facade could it be that I'm going mad ? dress it up and put it on never admit that i am wrong evasion ,cant and gritting teeth conceal the truth and make believe economize and trump it up hope i don't run out of luck fraudulence and quackery cunning, guile , hypocrisy juggle ,conjure, hocus-pocus hope their eyes are out of focus elusive , delusive and collusive engage in lots of dodgy ruses fiddle, diddle, swizzle sell my lifes become a bloody hell coin it ,forge it, tongue and cheek it weave and hatch and hope i sneak it invent, concoct ,fake and cheat see and saw and cold and heat duck and dive and dodge and deal I wonder how her bum would feel ? maybe i can just brass neck it even if it means i wreck it oh what a tangled web they weave when leaders start to bloody deceive !


To Joe The only band that mattered that group they changed my life Rebellious , uncorruptible, intelligent a real passion and zest for life Led by a rock and roll ball of energy with Topper on the drums Iconic, extroverted, crazy heavy soulful , punk reggae young guns.

Maggie The papers say you are senile that you can remember long ago but not 10 minutes before. This means youll remember when there were miners and printers dockers and car workers who made useful things Strikes and riots and class ridden taxes, Spivs and greed and too much crime to explain Maybe youll remember the creation of homeless and agency working for private profiteers Somehow I find it so hard to feel pity YOU changed all our lives in such a terrible way.

Paradox Land A wine Bar in Frisco opens out to the street on a hot summers night white wine in iced buckets and plates full of oysters well-heeled people eating from super-sized plates One can hear the clink of glasses and chatter and admire the beautiful clothes as neat waiters eager to please rush around asking if everythings just right While on the pavement right in front of them lies a black man face down invisible or so it seems.


Vorkuta You organised great hunger strikes in Stalins hellish slave labour prisons and improved the rations for everyone including the non-political prisoners Until Stalinist guards one day following Kobas murderous orders frogged marched you out of there to the nearby waiting forest where you were made to dig your graves before being shot and burned but time is on your side my friends and history is far from done !

Spartacus You forged a slave army by the force of your personality you subverted the Romans view of dumb ignorant slaves You defeated ten of their best trained armies using weapons forged with metallic booty Your martyrdom set the example for others who came after, the class fighters who brought Rome to its knees Today those in power fear the modern day slave the worker who toils a latent power hid Learning from history they try to avoid martyrs but at the dusk of the system their fate is the same !


To the martyrs of 1820,Swinging Sixties, Maclean Riots for food, Child labour Soaring prices Workers trying to live on a shilling a week Open and secret meetings Reform pamphlets United Scotsmen and Glasgow green drills Hardie and Baird led the fight for reform with a march organised on the great Carron Ironworks But soldiers from Stirling cut off the reformers and a great bloody battle then did ensue In the square off Broad street under the walls of the Castle Hardie and Baird paid with their lives Hung drawn and quartered by the authorities on evidence submitted by government spies but not before defiantly demanding their countrymens rights. Thrown in a shallow grave near Stirling lying there for a long twenty seven years disinterred by Glasgow radicals after they found you then buried in Sighthill with the respect you deserved


Swinging sixties? Greensborough Segregation SNCC creation Huac Demonstration Pacifist orchestration Bay of Pigs invasion Desegregation Voter Registration Washington demonstration SDS statement Cuban Missile derailment Birmingham protestations Washington demonstration Mississippi Murders Harlem ghetto rebellions North Vietnam bombardments SDS projects Berkeley free speech movement Johnson bombing Vietnam Malcolm X murdered University Teach-ins Montgomery bloody battle Washington anti-war prattle Oakland protest troop trains Wattss rebellion contained Draft card burnings Anti-war self-immolisation Anti-draft sit-ins Black power expulsions Black panther party Mass draft card burnings Be-ins and hippies Detroit and Newark Oakland repression Pentagon storming Womens liberation billed Orange black students killed Bobby Hutton killed Martin Luther killed Democratic convention riot Precision stockade rebellion SF college strikes 16 Black Panthers killed Destruction of peoples park Hundreds beaten after dark SD splitsNew York imperial buildings hit A million protest in Washington and Frisco


Maclean Tales of the clearances and your mothers oppression Calvinism, Huxley and Spencer created the fire in the belly of the young John Maclean Marxist Education a lifelong obsession Understand the need for radical change Neilsten thread mills Singers Strike Solidarity Anti- war agitation makes you a a household name I have been listed in the Socialist army for 25 years God damn all other armies pointing at Sheriff Lee They sent you to prison for the first of five times Three years penal servitude followed your sentence cut short by public outrage on trial again in 1918 asked if you objected to any juryman you replied I object to the whole of them Made Bolshevik consulate with tens of thousands at Buchanan street station to greet you the workers replacing the horses waiting to pull the carriage along Tens of thousands lined the Shaws in 23 grown men weeping for a Socialist martyr Therell never be another like Dominie John Maclean! Know thyself Self as Mask so intertwined self-quarreling to reality except for those whose pleasure lies in Lathe's wharf Self as is Self as it longs to be representation of lifes' tragedy a perpetual phantasmagoria a traditonal form in style shakespearean tradgedy as zenith mixing faith and skepticism with antinomies of the feminine.


Poem for Vietnamese Military technology against human beings Independence the continuity thread Domino theory guarantees conflict South- East Asia a resource paradise Phu Quoc Qui Mhon engineered Tomkin affair A bomb gets dropped for every civilian My Lai 4 My Lais' everywhere as stressed up GI'S succumb to racially stereotypical sub-human propaganda images Marines hit the ground firing from swirling helicopter gunships russian roulette, bamboo prisons , underground tunnels sex death drugs hard liquor "Yet one more turn of the screw" " LBJ LBJ How many kids did you kill today? " Ain't no Vietcong ever called me Nigger" " We won't go, we won't go" ! " Have your draft card back" ! " Sometimes to be silent is to lie" Underground newspapers Student General strikes Army refuseniks " I ain't gonna kill, its against my will " Black armbands, fragging, Vietnam Vets against the war winter soldier investigations , concerned officers pilot refuseniks, Kovic anger spirals as war profiteer frontman Johnson gets nervous and Vietnam is lost in the Mississippi Valley


Death of a human Ordinary men as heroes ground down by raw Capitalism an American nightmare represented by naturalistic form and realistic time money the measure of all things materialism debt alienation solitary death the sold American " dream "

Down the Rabbit Hole Punctillious waistcoated White Rabbit followed down the rabbit hole by a portion consuming practitioner of logic attempting continually to reason with unreason a typographical mouse tail a hookah-smoking caterpillar a Duchess nursing pig a tea-drinking mad-hatter a cheshire grinning cat a march-hare squeezing a dormouse into a teapot a flamingo-mallet croquet playing murderous queen and a dolorous Mock turtle I'm on the Far Left- Alice had it easy !


Heroic witches Heroic witches inducing ambition to expose the hierarchical class society based on oppression and war witches ethereal outsiders from the social order subvert through language and subversive subconcious trying to change his identity exposing male will to power represented as evil by society with lady as egoistic bourgeois in opposition to collective identity tradition and loyalty struggle with desire and tear them both apart

Desire O Whistle an' I'll come to you , my girl O Whistle an' I'll come to you , my girl Tho' partner and parents an a' would go mad O whistle an' I'll come to ye, my girl. ( Rabbie helped wi this) The Confidant Man Not pantomime but Charades a wild goose chase for unassailable reliable testimony infallible evidence But there are no guarantees in this world only people choosing their parts before reciting their lines All evidence potentially suspect trust, honesty, fidelity unprovable intangible qualities certainty leading to dogma an essentially honest person wronged or a diabolically plausible abuser of trust a necessary preservation of a stable core identity or vain confidence trickster .


Shark Attack How dothe the big long shark improve his shining teeth by selling you what you dont need more skillfully than any thief How cheerfully he seems to grin how deftly he then sucks you in He milks your kindness and its far from funny then he quickly departs once hes got your money

Photography as Art An all-encompassing way of seeing defying limitations of technique and technology an infallible means of creation old controversies with painting dying as skilled photographers represent everything and anything well art as cultural document photography legitimised as art beyond recording and informing facilitating profound examination of world and the self.

The Betrayal Twas down in Barcelona no so long ago when an anti-fascist popular front came steppin' through the floor This countrys' awful tragedy i' ve learned so terribly well the colour of its flag was black it became a fascist hell The NKVD they dragged them there into Kobas' torture cells Trotskyists, Militants, Anarchists murdered with a brutality to terrible to tell Stalins' henchmen then sealed their fate there was to be no Spanish Revolution here misleadership betrayal and treachery mixed in with a dictatorship of fear The Left it must unite now against these crimes unite with no more delay next time a Workers State will be formed and a Party will show the way


The Paranoid Man paranoid jealousy overreading all signs obsessively hunting for hidden knowledge to control events endlessly frustrated in absence of any real mystery jealousy perpetually bending the ' evidence 'for its own ends

Malcolm X Born Malcolm Little in Omaha in 1925 you were forced to flee white supremicists twice before the age of five Your fearless father was murdered and your mother then went insane eight children then got fostered out but no one got the blame You wanted to be a lawyer and you graduated the top of your class but your racist ignorant teacher was much worse than a pain in the ass So you drifted into crime in Harlems tough mean neighbourhoods unning numbers ,narcotics,prostitution the main leader of the hoods You got ten years with your buddy Malcolm Shorty Jarvis serving seven in reality on a host of burglary charges While doin time for all these crimes you had a religious conversion accepting Elijahs Muhammeds' teaching and the Nation of Islams version Of analysis and enpowerment of Afro-American blacks while the long feared Black Messiah then crisscrossed the States buiding the NOI Brilliant oratorical skills and many wise insights then brought the activities of the State and their agenda of a shortened life Then the test of faith arrives elijah is no living prophet affairs and children everwhere and warm comfort from good profit


You broke with the Nation Of Islam and founded the Muslim Mosque returning from Mecca in 64 preaching unity to beat the boss But this new message of unity made you a bigger threat than ever the NOI then moved against you and the State was boxing clever Slaughtered in the Audobon ballroom in the year 1965 a second man is caught by the crowd but he was never ever tried Laid to rest in Fernhill cemetry a martyred Black Messiah the powerful just could not let you live and feared your love and fire

Dignity is Everywhere ! Shabby ,run down, crowded ghettoes poverty lurking from tenement ends paint-peeled windows bare-bulb shadows decorate the cold drab struggle anger bitterness envy resentment fuel the drug ridden alcohol buildings Yet people live there just as in all Ghettos with honesty and self-respect.


Poem to Woody Out of vibrant Okemah you bounded precocious and unconventional profoundly touched by Claras' death a keen observer of Oklahoma surrounds You went through the decline of your influential mother hastened by financial ruin creating a permanent rambler a projector of wry humour Pampa, Corn Cob trio and Mary Jannings then followed all lost to the Great Dust storm poor refugee ' Okies' moving west Freight train hoboing, hitch-hiking ,walking to meet with Californians' parochialism feelings expressed in ballads and radio broadcasts as self-promoted lifelong " outsider" The rambler inside takes you to "The Big Apple" the left branding and embracing you for your "authenticity" Leadbelly, Houston , Ives ,Seeger Will Geer, Sonny Terry , Brownie McGhee singing songs of Protest songs of Freedom and for what you believed in Lomax ,Moses Asch,Folkways performances with the Almanac Singers,The legendary Weavers establishing against the stream folk music as commercially viable Proud, Noble, Gifted, Woody


After the Flood ? Federal Budget cuts and the Louisiana National Guard deployed to Baghdad in the face of warnings of Hurricane Katrina wreak havoc on a magical city a mystical city of REAL cultureblues and jazz funerals parades and sexuality graveyards and voodoo A city of kindness and hospitality of social networks and support a city of racism and corruption of Jerald Thomas and protests a city of black filled hellholes infamous Angola State Pen and Orleans Parish Prison The rich flee from Katrina and the poor in their 4 by 4s and SUVS while the poor nowhere to go and no way of getting there suffer demonisation for committing the crime of surviving The media deflecting attention from (ir)responsible corrupt city fathers with Images of blacks as loot ers , marauders criminals conveniently forgetting to report the complete absence of contingency planning Public workers again act as heroes with Police as exception lying through fear about the location of life-saving buses dispersal of groups and protection of abandoned property their thinly disguised goal While greedy Halliburton voyeuristically looks on planning a long desired white-washed French quartered corporate restructured Disneyland amid visions of super-gated rich compound enclosures to protect the rich from an angrier poor Cultural genocide racial cleansing corporate plans vie with grassroots organisations resistance to Disney-fication getting organised


by diaspora activists networking to fight for their community vision of a newer New Orleans Meanwhile a Biloxi man finally lets go of his wifes hand as she tells him to look after the children and grandchildren Birth of a Union Myth and fantasy intertwined with storytelling of customs and feelings ambiguously dissenting and conforming simultaneously glorifying but burying dead romantic past grafting Britishness on paradoxically in opposition to challenging cultural nationalism through realist fiction novel creating shared myths and moral values forging a nation of strangers with mediocre characters romantic realism representing abstraction of nature and culture church and state recent memories of Highland clan extinction and lowland capitalist development as future Dotheboys Grotesques and moral ogres Amiable idiots and perverts Sadistic dwarfs and drunks Freaks and eccentrics Servile servants Interconnected isolation of the city Criminal underworlds vie with middle-class respectability Anarchic excitement with bourgeois safety Pathological death obsessed macabre extremes Identities fixed and imprisoned


hypocritical Oppression of children exposed as victims false patriarchy beaming paternalism Carnivalesque anarchic emotionally spendthrift families of protection and microcosms of greed and violence exposure of society as oppressive and unreal Baptism required for true identity to shine Bread and circuses fairy-tale paternalist charity mongering amidst the Frankenstein Social Order Far from the Towns perception Perception of idyllic rural settings as picturesque stable tranquil and secure belies the real affair of poverty, unemployment competition and exodus sexual competition snobbery vanity all escape the day trippers gaze upon idyllic nature transforming work objectified desire flesh and spirit in conflict oppressing ostracising social conventions unintended consequences of conscious social choices no appeasing happy ending here. Prejudice from pride Actions not intentions or feelings form the ethical life dependent on truth In a world of deceit sympathies with empathetic characters condemning selfishness with satire Ambiguities


Rebellion Against Aristocracy Love within acceptable class parameters A balance between behavioural pressure and rampant individualism combining instinct with education Idle harming rich Imploding rural gentry forgetting their manners conserving realism The Decisive Moment Silhoutted decisive moment combines with incisive composition instinctive and intelligent geographical triangular forms Representations of expressions of freedom while striving for visual perfection his gaze to him was everything his gaze was who he was.

To be or ? Paranoid Jealousy Over-reading all the signs An obsessive hunter of hidden knowledge Tryin to control events Endlessly frustrated In absence of any real mystery Jealousy perpetually bending evidence For its own ends

Did ye get Healed A Shaman heightening our senses using Incantation and rhythm searching for spiritual epiphany total passion in his voice A mystical misfit nave and majestic alternatively beautiful and venomous Caledonian soul and Yeats as mentor conjuring an Eden misty and wet with rain


King of the Delta Blues You would play to a single female In the audience using the most complex original strings Picked out for her beauty and the hope of a later fling Your lyrics could not fail to impress and your face was pretty too Youre the legendary Robert Johnson the King of the Delta Blues.

Brando They voted you the actors actor by about a million miles With your mean moody magnificence and occasional transforming smile You were honest, radical , principled and exceptionally bright Both your performances and lifethey radiated light !

Goodnight Irene Released with a pardon so the legend goes After singing to the Governor in the most powerful ,moving tones Fighting, bragging, whoring, brawling turning hard men into jelly But nobody could sing the blues quite like Huddie Leadbelly


Plain English ? Does that Add Value ? Flexible learning Lifelong learning Widening access Social inclusion Quality assurance Adding value Validation Verification Accreditation and best practice programme reviews enhancing frameworks personnel development strategic opportunities and teambuilding cross-school networking equal opportunities and diversity hierarchies power maddies cowed workforces double standards big fat salaries two tier workforces temporary contracts student fodder running businesses gravy training teacher blaming finger waving motivation waning curriculum varying better know the lingo if you want to be professional (IM A TEACHER ! GET ME OUT OF HERE !) Shark Attack How doth the big long shark Improve his shining teeth By selling you what you dont need More skill-fully than any thief How subtly he gets under your skin How cheerfully he seems to grin He milks your kindness and its far from funny Then he swiftly departs once hes got your money


Play safe Stay comfortable with your misery Play safe, dont take a risk Hide your vulnerability Play safe, dont take a risk Pursuing happiness is for others Play safe, dont take a risk Theres too much pain If it doesnt work out Play safe, dont take a risk Never near a farm There are far too many people around Carrying Farmfood Plastic bags They always seem to be headin hame And have a tendency to smoke fags Their inner contents look mysterious It just doesnt look like food But then knowing Farmfoods as I do There is no way it would Scottish News story . Pi Pick up a Penguin ? The researchers were on the news the other day Telling us that male penguins like to play away. What a relief it is , you have to say That men dont think and act this way. Cover it up in cover it up land Cover it up, cover it up How is it going to look? Cover it up, cover it up How are we going to pay? Cover it up, cover it up What does this say about us? Cover it up cover it up Maybe itll all go away ?


Out of shape blues Well ma baby done left me says a was hastlin her to get fit Well ma baby done left me says a was hastlin her to get fit Says to me at seventeen stone you are a hypocrite Yes you are a hypocrite Well I said to ma baby Why dont we form a pack ? Well I said to ma baby Why dont we form a pack ? Ill get in shape if you do too Now what do you think of that? Yes just what do you think about that? Well ma baby done left me seems packs are just not hip well ma baby done left me seems packs are just not hip Wonder what ma babys doin now and what she thinks about it Yes just what she thinks about it Sexy Lady The sexiest woman I ever did see Was ten years , at least, older than me The sexiest body with its all over tan and beautiful clothes to turn any man you were off limits, married, unfree But oh what lust I had for thee

Vulnerability Conceal your feelings fight your feelings never open up Suppress your feelings deny your feelings It will only lead to hurt But pain and loss are complex things suppression rarely works Please tell me beautiful lady did ignoring your heart work ?


The Worker Pays for All ! As I sat thinking all alone On my dozing bed Some usual thoughts Came into my sleepless active head And rising from my slumber, I my thoughts did recall I knew I saw before my eyes How workers pay for all I many riches did imagine In this strange scary dream Yachts Clubs Bentleys and Mansions Were a part of the theme What of it you might ask of me Its been this way since the Fall Is that the truth I grimly asked Why workers pay for all I thought I saw a fantasy A vision that was a fable That workers so exploited are And must pay more than they are able I thought I heard them cryin say Their wages was so small For rich men always gain I say And workers pay for all I thought I saw how rich men Did beat the workers faces And greedily did feed off them With no pity for their cases They work and work until theyre soar For money thats far too small The rich men in their clubs they roar But workers pay for all I thought I saw a spiv there Walking in his pin-stripe suit His power and wealth affected him His only love being his loot His wealth he by extortion got Ensuring others took a fall He had worked for it all not And workers pay for all I thought I saw an Ascot lady Go proudly amongst the throng Strutting like a peacock there No wisdom on her tongue The rain it makes her plumes all fall She ruffles out in pride Pride may well come before a fall


But workers pay for all I thought I met discontent there While talking to a fellow worker No time for a cup of tea he said Youd think I was a shirker Ill see what I can do , I said Ill go and talk to the Brick wall The bosses riches aye increase While workers pay for all

9/11 07 Sunny Shinny Silver Sadistic Sad Sixth Poisonville

"Human beings make their own Hell " DH

Poisonville An archetypical Western in modern urban dress brutal lyrical one-liners and hard-boiled compassion Socialism is in the air as Anarchists get scapegoated crime , political corruption , human passions, jealousy, cupidity and hypocrisy intertwine with tarnished saints and sentimental sinners as key characters betray principles to satisfy baser needs

The Cook Some say she is just a big tease put on the telly to make men shake at the knees But I say that in actual reality shes just proud and confident about her own sexuality Shes wise and intelligent progressive as well a voluptuous ,smouldering ,brown-eyed belle


Anacondas Chilean copper miners create the Guggenheim museum in a pseudo-philanthropic pre-modern age of in denial, megalomaniac, evangelical, obsessives The code words change in Fortunes pages to structural adjustment, hedge funds, leveraged buyouts as the Old Rich sneer while Mr Jones voyeuristically reads about rich lifestyles in manipulative glossy magazines and politically ambitious media monsters compete to rule the world bored accumulating unearned capital and workers souls Victory to the Chilean Miners. ! Longing I long to be a father I want to love a child and care for my child Through time and problems We grow, laugh, talk, stay silent My childs insecurity makes me feel needed responsible, frustrated , sometimes angry I try to let my child develop not too strict , not too lack I want to have a well-rounded loving child I want to be a friend to my child ! Slow Talk Will you talk a little slower ? said the comrade to the Chair Theres still half an hour to go and the next speaker , I cant bear


Benefit Agency Interviewee Are you currently unemployed ? Yes Are you looking for work ?- Yes Would you accept any reasonable offer of work ? Yes Do you have any savings ? No Wages owed ? No Bonds or shares ?- No Pension due ?- No Do you let out property or own property here or abroad ? No Any land ?-No Any other source of income not mentioned here ?- No Do you like Scotland ? Eh Yes Glasgow ? Yes Is Sean Connery the best Bond Yesh Do you like me ? Oh Yes Do you like Rangers ( Nodding while asking)? Eh Yes (fingers crossed behind my back so this disnae count) Do you like Glasgows weather ? eh NO ! Do you like violence on TV ? NO Do you mind being humiliated ? No Yes well everything does seem to be in order Mr Burton Your claim will be processed in due course. Have a nice day ! You too ! (fucker) Woodstock the 30th Anniversary Choose a $180 dollar ticket or a $60 pay per view telecast Get youre $100,000 Woodstock platinum credit card here Along with embattled fire-fighters wrecked speaker systems burnt out tents and inevitable riot police Groovy Ma


IRAQ A Classical Hollywood narrative of hope and redemption Pentagon Disneyland for free market experimentation falsely benign Fox misrepresentation The birthplace of civilisation run by Haliburton and Bechtel and their creative accounting fraudster friends Criminals as Kings , theft, gang rape, kidnapping ,honour killings all carried out in the name of Freedom The Geometry of bad water, no power, mounting waste correlates neatly with rising violence , despair and irredentist fundamentalism Stereotypical Rae burn wearing GIs with their guns and pills and pop culture seek Bad Guys in an apocalyptic Pentagon theme park as misogynist misery gangs resist the Occupodians creating chaos to win Disgruntled cynical working-class grunts and Mercenary security firms guard the boys in the bubble in the Green Zone with their post-modern colonial Gap Gear wraparound shades and Heckler and Kock MP 5 s While crazy people roam amongst trash fires and diseased feral dogs In Sadr City Vietnam Street , Death to Spies and Collaborator conclusions on walls Sedans full of men and eyes on each corner Military technology again substitutes poorly for an absence of hearts and minds In an awkwardly urban apocalyptic clash of cultures Self-confident Ivy league Green Zone post-colonialists construct fantasies in an air-conditioned oasis of beautiful palm trees and manicured lawns as carpet bagging reconstruction fraudsters drain Iraq of its life blood natural resource . Joes and Hagis Saws and MRES A Two Tier army Tag teaming, $ 15 ficky fick, digital photo trades Juicing on steroids, sleeping on valium, eating coffee granules in a floating , escapist diazepam hazed rabbit hole High noon patrols prowl the streets in a Heart of Darkness wild west called Fallujah as Apache Helicopter gunships circle and strafe in this Iraqi Alabama at the end of the river creating chaotic visual loops of orange


Parachuted incandescent flares descend on night time blockades , house raids , Bound and hooded Iraqis , a dead child mistake Panther Penis victims Cancerous depleted Uranium victims Lack of Medical supply victims Sharia Lawlessness victims Pray and spray shooting victims Pre-Medieval self-referential autonomous cells of women-hating men Parasitic voyeurs War Tourists Cynical Grunts Careerist freelancers Nut jobs Pilgrims Neo-con fantasists and In Denial Zealots Neither Political Islam nor US Imperialism cries the Left while young men rapped in Green and Black flags fire AK-47s in the air drawn to the lure of violence While 13,000 souls anguish in a ritualised nightshift humiliation inside an Iraqi Andersonville with its towers and razor wire Incessant sobbing, child shrieks and swaggering GIS NGO Groupies Useless CMOCS SUV Flames IEDS and RPGS Dawn to Dusk Curfews All paths in the neo- con bloody circus leading nowhere signifying the end of Planet America.


Novorcherkassk June 2 62 dum dum bullets ring out from non-Russian soldiers' guns and tanks on to peaceful protestors with their unstaged amended red flags of protest against rising prices and falling piece rates Where lie the dead of Novocherkassk? Workers and wives crumple at the feet of a helpless Lenin as Kalashnikovs take over from the arrogance and contempt of factory supervisors, Khrushchev and Mikoyan Martial law curfews and lists of names streets full of troops and tank patrols mass arrests and secret trials house visitations and media blackouts Where lie the dead of Novocherkassk cleaning park benches and bloodied grey buildings deporting the relatives and better food in the shops All must pretend this did not really happen But where lie the dead of Novorcherkassk ?

The Bard Sincere ,natural peasant-bard profound confessor of all human emotion Singing his way into a nations' hearts with his courage, self-worth and fierce independence an exposer of corrupt effete humbug ,cant and church ceremonial impious hands on the ark of the covenant suffering unbaptised children 'goin to the deil' tender indignant good-natured serious wise perceiver of capricious voguish public favour a persecuted prophet both feared and revered all the world loves you now you're safely dead