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This entails proper understanding of the factors that not only ensures recruitment of skilful people but also their retention. This is the traditional definition of HRM which leads some experts to define it as a modern version of the Personnel Management function that was used earlier. Without people organization cannot exist. motivated employees facilitate higher customer satisfaction and. In order to achieve this objective companies undertake surveys. The steady growth and prospects of any company are to a great extent subject to the people working there.INTRODUCTION HRM is that it is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. money. pay and perks setting and management. Organization s that invests in measuring employee opinions and attitudes. . can develop such a workforce. Obviously. by incorporating employee satisfaction surveys into their existing hr processes. Human resource management is a branch management that helps managers to recruit. performance management. Recourses like men. in turn. The survival and sustenance of the company in the market calls for adequate attention to different aspects concerning the employees. Employees are the backbone of the company as they contribute maximum to the organization. Research shows that satisfied. change management and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities. This covers the fields of staffing (hiring people). material and machine are collected and united into a team towards the attainment of a common objective and HRM forms the major component of an organization. select. train and develop members for an organization. retention of people. HRM is concerned with the people in an organization. positively influence organizational performance.

4. To analyze whether the employees are satisfied with the financial benefits bonded by the company.NEED OF THE STUDY A Satisfied employee alone can produce better results. To determine the opinion of employees towards the various welfare and safety measures . The steady growth and prospects of any company are to a great extent subject to the people working there. Therefore an attempt has been made to study the level of satisfaction at kurl-on. 2. In order to achieve this objective employee motivation and last not the least employee climate condition pevaling in the market. so a survey must be conducted by the management to determine the level of satisfaction among employees. To study the level of satisfaction with work environment. work environment etc. This entails proper understanding of the factors that not only ensures recruitment of skilful people but also their retention. which give an indication of employees and their opinion about the incentives and allowance. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Primary objective: To study the level of satisfaction of employees at Kurl-on. Hence it is essential to study the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction among the employees. The survival and sustenance of the company in the market calls for adequate attention to different aspects concerning the employees. To know the satisfaction level of employees with non-monetary benefits. Secondary objective: 1. welfare and safety measures. 3.

2. 1. It constitutes the blue print for the collection. financial incentives. It is the conceptual structure within which it is conducted. The accuracy of collected data is of great significance for drawing correct and valid conclusions from the investigations. The research design used to analyze the data in the study was “DESCRIPTIVE DATA DESIGN” . RESEARCH DESIGN: A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a matter that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. It also tries to identify the problems of the workers and aims at suggesting measures for improving employee satisfaction. measurement and analysis of data. training.Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particular individual or a group .in this study. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research means a search for knowledge. DATA COLLECTION: Data collection is more of an art than science. For the purpose of the study data has been collected from the respondents through a structured questionnaire. it is first hand information. the information provided by the respondents has been analyzed to study the study the level of employee satisfaction at kurlon. analyzing and interpreting data for actionable decision making. It aims at studying the level of satisfaction of the workers in relation to their work environment.SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study is an attempt to find the satisfaction level of employees at kurl-on limited. It is defined as the objective and formal process of system obtaining. Primary data – primary data are those which are called a fresh and for the first time and therefore. . safety and welfare measures.

This sampling method involves purposive or deliberate selection of particular units of the universe for constituting a sample. SAMPLING PLAN: SAMPLE UNIVERSE: The sample universe of the study was the employees of kurl on limited.e.Secondary data . The researcher uses his or her judgment to select population members who are good prospects for accurate information. in which case they are called as sampling units. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: Research study adopted in the study is “questionnaire” which was helpful in deriving the response of the respondents. websites and books. SAMPLE METHOD: in the sample method convenient sampling method was adopted. . which represent universe. 3. Hence it should be carefully structured. A list containing all sampling units is known as sampling frame. A questionnaire consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite order or on a form. From which to obtain information. The sample frame of the study was the employees of kurl on limited. In other word the researcher select the easiest population members. they refer to data which has already been collected for the first time from companies record. 4.secondary data means data which are already available i. SAMPLE UNIT: The elementary unit or the group or cluster of sample frame may form the basis of sampling process. Sample frame: the group of units which forms the basis of sampling process is known as sampling units. Quite often questionnaire is considered as the heart of a survey operation.

Each employee selected for the survey and to whom the questionnaire was distributed forms the sample unit. The statistical tools used for the analysis of data are: SIMPLE PERCENTAGE METHOD: This method shoes the entire population in terms of percentage. The sample size of 100 workers has been taken. SAMPLE SIZE: Size of the sample refers to the number of sampling units selected from the universe for investigation. . It reveals the number of belonging in a particular category or the number of people preferring a particular thing etc…in terms of percentage. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY □ This study is limited only to the employees of kurl-on limited. Statistical tools used for the analysis of the data: Data collected by the issue of questionnaire has been analyzed using following statistical tools. The formula used to compute percentage analysis is: Percentage of the respondents = No of respondents*100 Total respondents Here percentage method is used to find the employees level of satisfaction.

7. Study reveals that majority of respondents feel that their job is challenging. However. place it in the market and sell it. Temporary workers.depth study was not possible. Thus. contractors and trainees were excluded from the study. 9. Study reveals that majority of respondents are satisfied with the work environment. Study reveals that majority of the respondents feels that company thinks for long term welfare of the employees. Majority of respondent prefer commission in the form of incentives in kurl-on. Employees play a very important role in selling the product. but all mentioned depends upon the ability of the company to bring out a good product. The analysis reveals that employees are satisfied with the organization on an overall basis. improving supervision and pay package. Only few respondents are satisfied with their pay package and are not allowed to take part in decision making. .□ □ □ Due to time constraint in. Study reveals that majority of respondents belong to the age group of 20-40 years. Summary:In today’s competitive world of business. Employees were hesitant in providing their opinion for few questions. it is necessary for the company to look into facts like involvement of employees in decision making. Majority of the respondents possess work experience of less than 5 years 2. it is very difficult to introduce the product. 8. Majority of the respondents are satisfied with the timings of the shifts of the company. 6. the study would be useful for the organization in framing its HR policies in future. Some of the employees were less informative about their preference. FINDINGS: 1. It is observed that supervision at kurl-on is strict 5. 3. 4. place it. position it and sell it.


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