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The Caf mirror is a little busy, vibrant fast food shop situated in Uttara.

A small, intimate fast food shop with very pleasant dcor and regularly featuring artwork from emerging artists, it offers an extensive range from coffee and cakes to different types of fast food items. VISION Adopt todays trends in the taste and use modernized facilities in the services. MISSION The challenge is always trying to keep the caf fresh and different, especially in this day and age where people got so many different ways, techniques, and outlets to advertise and market a business. If no fresh idea, then business isnt going to get noticed. Sales forecasting is an important tool used by many businesses to fulfill several objectives. The primary purpose of sales forecasting is to establish sales performance goals for Caf Mirror. Using all available information is critical to establishing goals for our entire sales team, in addition to preparing and preventing slower sales periods. Predicting slower sales periods offers time to brainstorm and create plans to offset declining sales. So for determining our future goals we need to know the sales forecast for near future. This analysis will help to plan more efficiently and to properly coach our sales team to prevent future sales decreases RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The purpose of the project report is to analyze sales forecasting.We will collect data from primary sources and from secondary sources. After gathering the data we will take required data under consideration. Then we will go for analysis those data and forecast the sales volume for the next period, by using different forecasting technique. For primary data, we proceeded with simple survey questioneer and interviewing

employer and employees and random selected customers . The secondary data was

gathered with the help of brochures and their sales register. For secondary sources no field work was employed. Primary sources of data include: Sales data
Customer survey

Employee survey Personal interviews Secondary sources include: Competitors Information

Previous sales records

We will do some statistical analysis based on the result that we have got from our questionnaire survey, by using the statistical software S.P.S.S. To do the statistical analysis, we have selected some independent and dependent variables. Our consumer survey questionnaire will include DEPENDENT VARIABLE REVENUE and some independent variable on which the sales volume depends on, such as quality of food, quality of services, environment, consumption pattern of the customer etc. we will show how independent factors are related to dependent factors. Dependent Variables Sales revenue Independent Variables Quality of foods Quality of services Price of products Location of the restaurant Technology and production process

Consumption pattern Level of income Environment of the restaurant To show the relation between independent variables (Quality of services, Location of the restaurant, Technology and production process, Consumption pattern, Level of income, and Environment of the restaurant) and Dependent variable Sales revenue statistical analysis will be done. The analysis include Reliability test Correlation Regression ANOVA

We will also collect sales data for the last 24 months. We will forecast sales for the next period by using different forecasting techniques and with the help spread sheet. Forcasting technique include A. Simple moving average B. Weighted moving average C. Exponential smoothing The above techniques are used in forecasting method based on time series data. Other methods which will also be used are : A. Forecasting based on Judgment and opinion B. Associative forecasting technique

SWOT ANALYSIS of CAF MIRROR STRENGTH: variety of products Reasonable price

Targeted all category of society Healthy conscious food


Brand name not capitalized on Small Fast food shop in regard to heavyweights Limited menu

OPPORTUNITIES Home delivery Promotion Provide office lunch


Huge competition in the market Health Concerns- obesity caused by the fats in fast foods