The role of religion in shaping civilization

From the beginning of human race or Homo sapiens, they were run by curiosity. Human were started to live together but didn’t know what was right or wrong, used to do things whatever wanted like killing each other, mass adultery with inter and intra species, eating whatever wanted. So there were many questions, curious Homo sapiens all over the world didn’t know the answers. After 10,000 BC by the invention of agriculture human race started to live together and social structure started to form but there was the need of some rules and regulation and some form belief system which will be abide by all people. That’s where religion becomes the principles and the only carrier of righteousness a total system of living system socially. And when human started to migrate all over the world and started to invent and discover many thing like wheel, foods, clothes and most importantly city and states and ultimately formed many civilizations. So with the religion human become civilized and it is true that every civilization of ancient and Middle Ages was more or less dependent on religion. We can see it in every civilization religion played an important role, from the valley of Indus to the rain forest of Maya also in Egypt, Rome, Greece and most importantly in Middle East. After the early migration from the Africa, human stepped in the fertile land of India where life was very easy to live. So human started to live there and increased generation. In that ancient India human started to worship many natural resources and other things like water, fire, sun etc. which is today’s Hinduism. So worshiping many god and goddess was common in all Indian civilization. We can trace that in Beda, Upanishad and in many other prominent literatures of India. There were many cast system in Ganges Civilization period which shaped the city, political system, social system of that time. Many prominent religions were created in India like Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikh and changed its pattern time to time. Architecture, Literature, Political system everything was related to religion. Sanskrit the mother language of many other languages in whole sub-continent mainly was the language of Brahmin priest and written form which was mainly used for various Mantras and Shloks for religious purposes only. The Taj Mahal a Masque like architectural master piece of middle age also piece of Islamic architectural pattern. Not only architecture in the time Mughal empire India the

Mayan astrology was practiced in a religious way to please Gods or else. astronomy. The temple of Sun in Chichen Itza. Mayan political system was built with the mixture of religious system. Christianity. The same was in the civilization of Maya Modern Guatemala. Almost in every aspect of society of Maya was bound with religion like politics. Because illiterates peoples in the heart of forest was highly obliged with religion. Hindu etc. Social system was bounded with many rituals and practices. Mayan people started their civilization 5. Religion played a prominent role in shaping the Maya civilization. But the most important thing about this peoples of rain forest that religious belief and its implication in the society. established languages. Belize. marital system were based on religion.000 years ago and from 200 to 900 AD was their classical age. So the Maya civilization was totally run on religious belief. Today people’s identity is defined by the religion and world can be divided in parts by religion like Islam. people used to live happily with each other that are how civilization grew and fall because of religion. Rulers used religion to dominant. Belize was built aligned with the sun to please the sun god and every structure of Maya was related to Gods and goddesses or nature. math.whole India was run under the rule of Mughal which was ultimately an Islamic constitution in whole India. foods and architecture and many other things. So it was very easy for ruling class to control the mass people easily. The role of religion in shaping civilization was very important. In fact many kings of various states of Maya were priest king and it does indicate king ruled his people with religion. and it was not only in Maya only in every civilization marital system was based on religion even today also. social life. medicine and most important was their knowledge of astrology and astronomy. . built many architectural monument also in the field of knowledge they invented numerical system. and El Salvador. and most of that were to dominant the people easily. Buddhism. So India is a major example of civilizations and religions and their relation in shaping each other. In this high period Mayan people built many cities. Mexico.

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