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Designed By: Umair Ahmed

Basic structure of Website Environment

Client /Browser JavaScript Ajax,Jquery HTML


Web Server PHP Database Server MY SQL


HTML Basic
HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML Styles Links Images Tables Lists Forms Frames Iframes Colors Colornames Colorvalues Quick List HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML Meta Scripts Entities URLs URL Encode

HTML Media
HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML Media Audio Object Video YouTube Media Tags

HTML Advanced
HTML HTML HTML HTML Layout Doctypes CSS Head

XHTML Intro XHTML Syntax XHTML Doctype

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2. CSS
CSS HOME CSS Introduction CSS Syntax CSS Id & Class CSS How To CSS Margin CSS Padding

CSS Advanced
CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS CSS Grouping/Nesting Dimension Display Positioning Floating Align Pseudo-class Pseudo-element Navigation Bar Image Gallery Image Opacity Image Sprites Media Types Attribute Selectors Summary

CSS Styling
Styling Styling Styling Styling Styling Styling Backgrounds Text Fonts Links Lists Tables

CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model CSS Border CSS Outline

a. Introduction b. Fundamentals i. Variables ii. If Statements and Operators iii. Loops iv. Array v. Functions c. JavaScript Objects d. Advance JavaScript i. Interaction with forms ii. Validation on forms iii. Advance tricks

How to Use in Dynamic Website

Designed By: Umair Ahmed

How to Use in Dynamic Website

6. PHP
PHP HOME PHP Intro PHP Install PHP Syntax PHP Variables PHP String PHP Operators PHP If...Else PHP Switch PHP Arrays PHP While Loops PHP For Loops PHP Functions PHP Forms PHP $_GET PHP $_POST PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP Sessions E-mail Secure E-mail Error Exception Filter

PHP Database
MySQL Introduction MySQL Connect MySQL Create MySQL Insert MySQL Select MySQL Where MySQL Order By MySQL Update MySQL Delete PHP ODBC

PHP Advanced
PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP Date Include File File Upload Cookies

Designed By: Umair Ahmed

SQL HOME SQL Intro SQL Syntax SQL Select SQL Distinct SQL Where SQL Insert SQL Update SQL Delete SQL Constraints SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL Drop Alter Increment Views Dates Nulls isnull() Data Types

SQL Advanced
SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL Top Like Inner Join Left Join Right Join Full Join Union Select Into Create DB Create Table

SQL Functions
SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL SQL Functions avg() count() first() last() max() min() sum() Group By Having

Project Steps (Dynamic Website)

Designing (PSD) PSD to CSS/XHTML Database Designing (My Sql) Code PHP in CSS Site Connect Site with Database Using AJAX , JAVASCRIPT & JUERY As per project Requirement

Designed By: Umair Ahmed

Job Feasibility
Designer PSD To CSS Developer Php Developer

Joomla , Word Press , Drupal Understanding also enhanced after doing this course & will able to mapped dynamic sites through these Content Management System

Designed By: Umair Ahmed

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Designed By: Umair Ahmed