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Electric and hybrid vehicles popular publications

View popular publications on Electric and hybrid vehicles The popular publications on Electric and hybrid vehicles are available to download and view from a number of sources.

Online publications from the IET Virtual Library. Knovel full text e-books:
Title: Electric Vehicle Technology Explained Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Copyright / Pub. Date: 2003 ISBN: 978-0-470-85163-0 Electronic ISBN: 978-1-60119-584-5 Author/Editor: By: Larminie, James; Lowry, John Title: Handbook of Batteries (3rd Edition) Publisher: McGraw-Hill Copyright / Pub. Date: 2002 ISBN: 978-0-07-135978-8 Electronic ISBN: 978-1-59124-408-0 No. Author/Editor: Edited by: Linden, D.; Reddy, T.B. Title: Battery Operated Devices and Systems - From Portable Electronics to Industrial Products Publisher: Elsevier Copyright / Pub. Date: 2009 ISBN: 978-0-444-53214-5 Electronic ISBN: 978-0-0809-3254-5 Author/Editor: By: Pistoia, G. Title: Automotive Engineering Fundamentals Publisher: Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. Copyright / Pub. Date: 2004 ISBN: 978-0-7680-0987-3 Electronic ISBN: 978-0-7680-3356-4 Author/Editor: By: Stone, Richard; Ball, Jeffrey K Title: Industrial Applications of Batteries - From Cars to Aerospace and Energy Storage Publisher: Elsevier Copyright / Pub. Date: 2007 ISBN: 978-0-444-52160-6 Electronic ISBN: 978-0-08-047127-3 Author/Editor: Edited by: Broussely, M.; Pistoia, G.

Engineering and IT Reference Library

Understanding Automotive Electronics Sixth Edition by William B. Ribbens and Norman P. Mansour Newnes 2003 ISBN:9780750675994 Clean Energy by Ronald M. Dell and David A. J. Rand (eds) The Royal Society of Chemistry 2004 (360 pages) ISBN:9780854045464

A Stuttering Start for Electric Cars U.S. News & World Report; April 2010 Are hub motors ready for electric cars? Machine Design; 8/12/2010 Roadmap to the electric car economy Futurist; Machr/April 2010 Anticipating the electric car Shopping Centers Today; June 2010 China charges into electric cars Fortune International (Europe); 11/1/2010 Electric cars jostle for position on the power grid New Scientist; 3/13/2010 Electric juggernauts

New Scientist; 8/15/2009 Electrifying cars: How three industries will evolve McKinsey Quarterly; 2009 Radical innovation in a small firm: a hybrid electric vehicle development project at Volvo Cars R&D Management; September 2010 Roadmap to the electric car economy Futurist, March/April 2010, Techno-economic comparison of series hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and regular cars Journal of Power Sources; October 2010

From IET Library (print) mostly available for loan

The following publications are only available as a hard copy from the IET Library, IET: London, Savoy Place. Title: Electric and hybrid vehicles: design fundamentals Author: Husain I Edition: 2nd edition Imprint: Boca Raton, FL : CRC, 2011 Title: Alternative fuels for transportation Author: Ramadhas A Imprint: Boca Raton, FL : CRC, 2011 Title: Electric and hybrid-electric vehicles: braking systems and NVH considerations Author: Jurgen R K Imprint: Warrendale, PA : SAE International, 2011 Title: Reinventing the automobile: personal urban mobility for the 21st century Author: Mitchell W J Imprint: London : MIT Press, 2010 Title: Modern electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles: fundamentals, theory, and design Author: Ehsani M Edition: 2nd edition Imprint: Boca Raton, FL : CRC, 2010 Title: Hybrid and eco-friendly vehicles, 8-9 December 2008, HEVC'08, IET Conf 546 Company: Institution of Engineering and Technology Imprint: Stevenage : IET, 2008 Title: Advances in electric vehicle technology, SP-1417. Company: Society of Automotive Engineers Imprint: America : SAE, 1999 Title: Electrical machine design for all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, colloquium, London, 28 October 1999 Company: Institution of Electrical Engineers, IEE , COLLOQ DIG 1999/196 Imprint: London : IEE, 1999 Title: Batteries for automotive use Author: REASBECK P Imprint: Taunton : Research Studies Press, 1997 Title: Machines for automotive applications, colloquium, London, 4 November 1996 Company: Institution of Electrical Engineers, IEE COLLOQ DIG 1996/166 Imprint: London : IEE, 1996 Title: Automotive electronic standards: are they?, colloquium, London, 30 November 1999 Company: Institution of Electrical Engineers, IEE COLLOQ DIG 1999/206 Imprint: London : IEE, 1999 Title: The electric car: development and future of battery, hybrid and fuel-cell cars Author: WESTBROOK M H Imprint: London : IEE and Society of Automotive Engineers, 2001 Title: Vehicular electric power systems: land, sea, air, and space vehicles Author: EMADI A Imprint: New York : Marcel Dekker, 2004 Title: Propulsion systems for hybrid vehicles Author: MILLER J M Imprint: London : IET, 2004 Title: Automobile electrical and electronic systems Author: DENTON T Imprint: London : Edward Arnold, 1995 Title: The future of the electric vehicle: a viable market? Author: HARROP G Company: FINANCIAL TIMES Imprint: London : FT, 1995

Title: Electric vehicle battery systems Author: DHAMEJA S Imprint: Oxford : Newnes, 2002 Title: Modern electric vehicle technology Author: CHAN C C Imprint: Oxford : OUP, 2001 Title: Electric bicycles: a guide to design and use Author: MORCHIN W C Imprint: Hoboken, NJ. : Wiley for IEEE, 2006 Title: New developments in electric vehicles for disabled persons, colloquium, London, 17 March 1995 Company: Institution of Electrical Engineers, IEE COLLOQ DIG 1995/055 Imprint: London : IEE, 1995

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