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A Monthly Newsletter
Pastor, Lennie Maxwell
Cell Number: 785-955-0322

2013 M Street, Belleville KS
Church Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Closed Friday 9:30 am

MAY 2012 issue, Page 1
Worship Service & JAM
Sundays at 10:45 am

Adult Sunday School Ages 2 years thru 6th Grade Sunday School
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I have one brother-in-law whose standard farewell is, “Come again when you can’t stay so long.” Another constantly will quip as I leave, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” Both of these expressions are a kind of humorous anesthetic - to help reduce the pain of saying goodbye. Saying goodbye is never easy so we soften it as much as possible with substitutes like “see ya later”, “take care”, or “adios” (as if saying it in a different language is less direct). As you have probably already heard, it is time for me to start saying goodbye. On July 1, I will no longer be your pastor, but the friendship we have forged will last a lifetime. What this means is that I cannot do funerals, weddings, hospital visits or other forms of pastoral duties after July 1 (so please don’t ask me, because I’ll have to say no). But, do feel free to continue our friendship. I am appointed to First United Methodist Church, Great Bend Kansas. So stop in and visit if you’re in Great Bend, or send a note (my address will be 2620 Forest Ave., 67530, and I will continue to use the same personal e-mail and cell phone). One of the reasons why I am an avid supporter of the United Methodist Church is because of the itinerant appointment system for pastor and parish. This means that the bishop and the cabinet discern the appointments that are best matches of parish ministry and spiritual gifts. The local pastor and the church Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC or PPRC) share in this process once a year by letting the conference know how the current appointment is going. As I entered into the process this last fall, I began to feel God’s nudging and a still small voice that told me my work here was done. I have a very clear understanding of God’s call in my ministry as an agent of change, ushering in new ways of proclaiming the old Gospel to new people. The Bishop knows this as well and moved quickly to appoint me where my God-given and Spirit-empowered gifts will be best utilized. As I look back on the five years in Belleville, I am amazed, as usual, at the work God has accomplished. And I thank God for the partnership we have created here as missionaries in this part of Kansas. I shared this with the SPRC and they reluctantly understood that the next leg of the journey here would be long, thoughtful and meticulous and require a compassionate team effort. To use an Exodus analogy one might say the parting of the seas is accomplished, the church has reached the safety of the other shore; now the journey through the desert of God’s care and guidance has begun. And again, I applaud the appointment system because God has provided just the Pastoral leader for this journey in Emily Meckley. It is with great faith that I hand the baton to Pastor Emily knowing that you will embrace her with the same love you showed me, and her God-given and Spirit-empowered gifts are just what will be necessary as you continue to grow as the incarnate Body-of-Christ – a Light unto the world. Let us use the time between now and July 1 to say our goodbyes. We can soften it with humor or alternates, or we can just say thank you. I thank you for being disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, and I thank God for the time I was given with you. Pastor Lennie

The SPRC committee is beginning to plan for our transition of pastors. We are asking that you help us by praying for Pastor Lennie and Carolyn as they finish their ministry here at FUMC and for God’s leading as they begin anew at their church in Great Bend. We would also ask that you pray for Pastor Emily Meckley as she finishes her time in Hunter and as she prepares for ministry in our church. As a welcoming church, the committee will be asking groups (i.e. We Care, Leadership Team) to send personal greetings each week to Pastor Emily and her family. They will soon receive a letter indicating a week that their group/team is responsible for writing to Pastor Emily. However, many of you may not be a part of a group or team or miss hearing about this opportunity to welcome the Meckleys, so we are inviting you to participate by sending your own personal welcome and encouragement to Pastor Emily and her family. Her address is: Pastor Emily Meckley, P.O. Box 156, Hunter, KS 67452 The committee is also in the process of finalizing plans for a farewell party for the Maxwells as well as a welcoming party for the Meckleys. Please watch for dates and details in the next newsletter! Thank you for helping us in preparing and praying for our church at this time of transition. SPRC Committee, Susan Childs, Chair; Lanie Engle, Rex Bird, Emma Berggren, Phyllis Sherwood, Kelli Childs, Kurt Childs

Pastor Emily Meckley

with our Zimbabwe brothers and sisters. Zimbabwean delegates will be traveling to Kansas in May, following the United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Florida. While in Kansas, the delegates will visit the districts in the Kansas West Conference leading up to attending the Annual Conference May 23-25, in Hutchinson. Three members of FUMC, Carolyn Maxwell, Janet Heyka and Jerry Richecky, visited churches in the Mutare, Zimbabwe area last August. While they were there they worked at the Zimunya Training Skills Center, and attended the dedication of the center. Several churches in the Salina District, including FUMC of Belleville, have established Chabadza partnerships with churches in the Zimbabwe East Conference. The First United Methodist Church in Belleville will host the delegates May 5-8. They will be staying at Pastor Lennie's' home. During that time, they will visit area churches, tour local businesses and agricultural establishments. They will also experience some of the local history and culture.

They will be guest speakers at FUMC in Belleville May 6, at our 6:30 pm "Outside The Box" worship service, where they will be presenting us with our Sister Church in Zimbabwe. There will be a meal at 5:30 pm, preceding the service. Please bring a side dish or dessert. The youth will grill burgers for us. The public is invited to attend the meal and service. A Free-will offering will be accepted.
Submitted by Carolyn Maxwell, Mission Team Leader

"Chabadza", a Shona word which roughly translates to people in relationship working alongside each other for mutual benefit. Chabadza is given only to people whom you know, and it is given because when one person succeeds, both people succeed. The important part of Chabadza is that while working together, all benefit from the relationship.
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4/29/2012 – EVERYONE Serve Sunday – Love what you DO! 1 John 3:16–24 (Kelli Childs will give the message.)

5/6/2012 – UMW Sunday

5/13/2012 – I Love You! Acts 10:44–48, John 15:9–17 (Mother’s Day) 5/20/2012 – Ready, Set, GO! Acts 1:15–17, 21–26 5/27/2012 – Day of Pentecost – From Whom Does Our Help Come? Acts 2:1–21, Romans 8:22–27, John 15:26–27

The Parsonage is in need of several repairs and long overdue improvements. This is a list of the Parsonage Team’s suggestions including a few repairs needed from the last two annual Parsonage inspections. Parsonage: 1. Replace trees. 2. Replace sidewalks utilizing the “City Sidewalk Program”. 3. Paint outside trim. 4. Replace rotted & damaged boards, waterproof & stain back yard fence. 5. Replace North living/dining room windows. 6. Fix ceiling stains and cracks. 7. Repaint the interior of the garage. 8. Replace carpet or refinish floors. 9. Kitchen carpet replace with kitchen remodeling. 10. Kitchen remodel including new cabinets.

A list of the Trustee’s Project, Repairs and Improvements is listed to the right. The Trustees are working on several projects not on the list and are setting goals to accomplish the remaining. In months ahead, be watching for updates on the church projects and accomplishments.

Church Building & Grounds: 1. Kiosk rebuild, including refurbishing the Cross and Flame. 2. Mark and paint the handicap parking stalls, visitor stalls and North parking lot areas. 3. Replace the curb and walk on the Southwest parking area. 4. Update & repair the outside electrical outlets. 5. Interior Lighting and Electrical repairs (many areas). 6. Audio / Video room / wall construction. 7. Clean & clear the Northeast basement storage area and install new shelving/storage. Submitted by Jay Kallman, Trustees Chair
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May 27, 2011
On this special Sunday, our congregation will dedicate the memorials we have received this year. The names of those honored and the gifts given in their memory will be listed in the bulletin.

The festivities will begin on May 20 in Fellowship Hall with a Senior Breakfast Reception at 9:30 am Everyone is invited to come celebrate with our Seniors and


bring a Potluck breakfast dish
to share. The Junior mothers will be our Hostesses. The Seniors will be recognized during the Worship Service at 10:45 a.m.
Once again, our church will be given the opportunity to make a special offering honoring Memorial Sunday. Church friends and members are invited to give a donation in memory of a loved one. Names of remembered person(s) will be posted by a wreath, which will be displayed in the Foyer on Memorial Sunday, May 27th. Donations will go to fund our

church. The
Team: Allen


Lilies given in memory at easter time... Melvin Keller vern & ellen fisher 




Mission & Ministry
(apportionment) giving. Please have the name(s) of those memorialized and your contribution to the church office by noon on Wednesday, May 23 so names can be printed for posting by the Memorial Wreath.

Our Seniors include:

Seth Hiatt Jaclyn Sheets Justin Sporing

! ! !

! ! !

phyllis havel eileen matousek Given

Those promoting from the 8th grade include:

The Holy Roller
The bus runs each Sunday before Sunday School, and if needed before church, and then after church. You may request a ride by calling the bus number (955-0706) or the church.

gift of lily Given

Lanessa Aurand Kale Johnson Infant Baptism, Sunday, May 20 10:45 am Worship Service
Parents: Ross & Jill Wurdeman Sisters: Libby, Abby, Lauren

Thank you so much for letting us use your church bus! We all had a great time Also to my Ruth Circle sisters, I want on our two events.

I truly enjoyed all the lovely cards I received for my birthday.

to thank them for the very special card and birthday greeting they sent. Sincerely, Management, Staff & Patrons of the Golden You each made my day very special. Huetta Derowitsch Belle Haven.
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Handbells Perform
The handbell quartet, has been practicing spring will be playing numbers at Country Senior Living on May 6:30 pm. Community members are invited to attend. Quartet members are: Stacia Piroutek, Tandy Rundus, Stephanie Schintler, and Kim VanNortwick. Jewelda Scofield is director/pianist. which this their Place 1 at

Commodity Distribution
There will be a Commodities Distribution in Belleville on Wednesday, May 9 at 6:30 am at the 4-H building. Items to be distributed are: rotini pasta, corn, dried plums, cereal, apricot halves, canned chicken, cranberry-apple juice. Please notify Pastor Lennie if you are available to help. You are NEEDED!


Thursday, May 3 from 6:30 to 8:00 am at the Golden Bell Haven. Breakfast provided. Please join the Ministerial Association for the full two hours or as few as 15 min. as we ask for God’s precious blessing. Come, eat and join your neighbors in praying for our nation. No formal program.

Republic County Prayer Breakfast “I s’Cream’ for

Sponsored by the Republic County Ministerial Association

Join as a church family to meet and welcome our Zimbabwe brothers and sisters at a meal on May 6 at 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall. The youth will grill hamburgers for us; please bring a side dish or dessert to share. A freewill offering will be accepted to help with the delegates’ travel expenses. Stay for Outside the Box Worship at 6:30 pm to hear a message by our friends in faith.

This Republic County recognition of those who have fought or are fighting cancer will be held June 2 at the city park. This year, hamburgers, beans and chips have been added to the home-made ice cream and cookie menu. The hamburgers are a donation from H&T Ranch. Serving will begin at 5:00 pm and all will enjoy the entertainment at the bandshell following. Joan Grover reports that volunteers are still needed to make some ice cream or cookies. Please contact her at 527-5379 or 527-1091 if you are able to help. A freewill offering will be taken with proceeds to the American Cancer Society. All of us have a connection with this terrible disease. Help us as we recognize the fight our loved ones are fighting or have fought.

July 9 thru 13, come discover the best destination of the summer . . . . . SonRise National Park! Enter the land of invigorating power and beauty where there is nothing between you and God’s big sky. Students will discover the true treasure described in Philippians 4:19, “My God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Our VIM team will be serving in Gallup, NM, August 5-11. Team members include: Mikel & Gary Hadachek, Tom and Molly Williams, Annette Bredthauer and Kristen Swiercinsky, Kelby & Kale Johnson Johnson. The team will be celebrating and serving the vibrant Navajo people, helping with home repairs and reaching out to the community through ministry and Vacation Bible School. Please be a part of the team with your prayers, financial support or donations of blankets, kid’s clothing, coats and diapers. Call 527-0229 for more info.
Submitted by Janet Heyka, VIM Coordinator

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Remember our Purpose: The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church. May 6th is UMW Sunday and the women of our church will be conducting and participating in the morning worship service. Be sure and try to attend: men, women and youth. We pray we will have something for each of you to carry in your hearts and out into the world from this service. That evening, we'll also have the wonderful opportunity to host and worship with a group from Zimbabwe as we eat together and learn from each other. Please plan to also attend this. What a glorious day is ahead for us. Thank you, Lord! We, UMW Executive Committee, have also been meeting and trying to plan some wonderful things for our year 2013. More emphasis will be placed on our circle gatherings next year and ways our At Large group can contribute and also be served by the rest of us. I hope we can all be receptive to changes, and vow to work even harder to serve our community and the world through UMW. As stated before, our conferences are stressing that we need to organize our local UMW's to fit the changing times of our own communities and church families. We have had much discussion and prayer about this and pray we are moving in the correct direction and that each member will choose to back the organization's plans, work and studies wholly. I hope you gained from reading the information on the foyer bulletin board during April. I also asked you to be in prayer for the mission situations we will find as we serve in the Republic County Free Fair Food Stand in July. May our hearts be receptive to God's call to serve and spread His love through this activity and through the things this activity will allow us to do in the future. As of now, we have plans for Crystal Young to travel on the METour, Emma Berggren and Janis Houdek to attend the Faithfully Fit Forever Workshop, and some of our youth to attend camp this summer. Please be in prayer for all of these things. Please include in your prayers the VIM mission trip to Gallup, New Mexico also. I'm asking for an even greater effort to visit, send cards, or call the members who are in nursing homes or a senior living home. We can gain much support from their love and they from that of ours. Ruth circle does a great job in this regard. Thank you girls. June is when Kaye Ray and the Naomi circle provides for a LTC birthday party including the playing of Bingo with prizes. Mothers' Day is in May and Fathers' Day is in June. For each of these celebration dates we send UMW Gifts to Missions.

May 2 at 6:30 pm Harmony UMC, Mankato Program: Donna Diamond
(Let Janis know if you are interested in going.)


Thursday, May 3 1:30 pm Hostesses and Program: Naomi Circle May 6 Message: Joan Grover
SUSANNAH Tuesday, May 1 3:30 pm At her home Hostess: Helen Fielder Program: Shirley Goodwin RUTH Saturday, May 5 10:00 am Coffee Hostess: Kim VanNortwick Overflow at the church!



From our Prayer Calendar for May, I am choosing a Deaconess whose birthday was March 11. It is still not too late to communicate with her and wish her NAOMI a blessed rest of the year. Pat Hoerth, 6201 CR 90, Red Rock, OK 74651, Wednesday, May 23 She is the spiritual director/retreat leader, Turtle Rock 7:30 pm Farm: Center for Sustainability, Spirituality and Healing. She gave us this story Program: Emma Berggren in the May section of our Prayer Calendar book--A group of toddlers visited Hostess: Audrey Elyea Turtle Rock Farm Retreat Center. As they gathered eggs, one little girl held her Co-Hostess: Wilma Dove egg very carefully, because "there's a baby in it." We told her that because there are no roosters here, there is no baby in the egg. "Oh," she said, In May, "just food!" And she continued to hold the egg as carefully as when she Naomi Circle thought there was a baby chick inside. O God of Love, thank you for is responsible for checking this beautiful planet that is our home with you. May we care for it as kitchen supplies, you do. You have called us to be witnesses near and far. Grant us cleaning both kitchens your tenderness and strength. Help us to think globally and and sharpening pencils act locally for the sake of your love for all God's in the Sanctuary! children. In Christ's name we pray. Amen. In Christian Love, Janis Houdek, UMW President Page 6

May 1 - Tyler Kasl, Lexia Aurand April 24--May 4 - General Conference Tuesday, May 1 10:00 am - Bible Study, BHC 3:30 pm - Susannah Circle 6:30 pm - Bells Perform at CPSL Wednesday, May 2 9:00 am - Bible Study, Parlor 10:30 am - Bible Study, LTC 2:00 pm - Worship on Channel 12 6:00 pm - Pentecost Worship Team 7:00 pm - Leadership Team, Overflow 7:15 pm - Praise Team 6:30 pm - UMW Spring Salad Supper, Harmony UMC, Mankato Thursday, May 3 National Day of Prayer 6:30 - 8:00 am - Ministerial Association Prayer Breakfast, Golden Bell Haven 9:30 am - Church Chat at CPSL 1:30 pm - UMW General Meeting Friday, May 4 May Friendship Day Saturday, May 5 10:00 am - Ruth Circle, Overflow Sunday, May 6 9:30 am - Sunday School 10:00 am - Children’s Sunday School 10:45 am - UMW Sunday, Message: Joan Grover 5:30 pm - Meal for Zimbabwe Delegates 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Service 7:00 pm - MATT May 7--13 - Christian Family Week Monday, May 7 Meals on Wheels 6:30 pm - 4-H, Fellowship Hall 6:30 pm - Cub Scouts, Youth Room Wednesday, May 9 Meals on Wheels 6:30 am - Commodity Distribution, 4-H Building 9:00 am - Bible Study, Parlor 2:00 pm - Worship on Channel 12 6:30 pm - Trustees, Overflow 7:15 pm - Praise Team Thursday, May 10 Meals on Wheels 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts, Fellowship Hall Friday, May 11 Meals on Wheels 8:45 am - MOPS, F. Hall & Nursery May 4 - Lori Scofield, Mike & Lela Knedlik May 5 - Don Anderson Rex & Rhonda Bird, McKinzie Frybarger May 6 - Marsha Esslinger May 7 - Chris Rice, Lillian Keilers Sunday, May 13 Festival of the Christian Home Mother’s Day 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Children’s Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Service Monday, May 14 3:00 pm - Hospice, Overflow 6:30 pm - Cub Scouts, Fellowship Hall Wednesday, May 16 9:00 am - Bible Study, Parlor 12:30 pm - Ministerial Association, Youth Room 2:00 pm - Worship on Channel 12 7:15 pm - Praise Team Thursday, May 17 Ascension of the Lord Saturday, May 19 Change the World Weekend Sunday, May 20 Senior Sunday 9:30 am - All Church Pot Luck Breakfast honoring our Seniors. (no Sunday School) 10:45 am -Worship Service, Senior recognized, Infant Baptism; Parents: Ross & Jill Wurdeman 2:00 pm - High School Graduation 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Service Wednesday, May 23 9:00 am - Bible Study, Parlor 2:00 pm - Worship on Channel 12 7:15 pm - Praise Team 7:30 pm - Naomi Circle May 23, 24, 25 - KS West Annual Conference Thursday, May 24 Aldersgate Day 6:00 pm - Girl Scouts, Fellowship Hall Sunday, May 27 Day of Pentecost Memorial Sunday 9:30 am - Adult Sunday School 10:00 am - Children’s Sunday School 10:45 am - Worship Service & JAM 6:30 pm - Outside the Box Worship May 8 - Audrey Sheets May 10 - Ursula Bachofer, Shaun Keilers May 13 - Jerry Stump May 14 - Russ & Stacia Piroutek May 16 - Pecky Stafford, Megan Lewellyn May 18 - Olive Shulda, Blake Bird May 19 - Leta Hodgins May 20 - Libby Wurdeman May 21 - Nick Walker May 22 - Betty Anderson, Tom Williams May 23 - Steve & Emily Breeden May 24 - Barry Childs May 27 - Audrey Elyea, Terry & Sherry Skinner May 28 - Allen & Marcy Johnson May 29 - Janet Heyka May 30 - Alexus Skocny, Clay Aurand May 31 - Ross Wurdeman

The 2012 Kansas West Annual Conference will be May 23-25 at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson.  The theme is "Vital Congregations:  Dynamic Worship."
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Our Mission is to prayerfully: Seek God Grow in faith Love and Serve others For the transformation of lives!

Sid and Pam Scofield, Amanda, Keilers, Jillian Couture, Stacia Piroutek, Waylon Sheetz Kevin, Kelby & Kale Johnson, John Surber, Pastor Lennie & Carolyn Maxwell

Kurt Childs, Gary Hadachek Mikel Hadachek, Rich Schintler Annette Bredthauer


Janet Heyka

May 6 - Doris Kriks May 13 - Pam Scofield May 20 - Tana Trost May 27 - Pam Scofield

May 6 - UMW Sunday: Marcy Johnson, Joan Molzahn May 13 - Francis & Marsha Esslinger May 20 - Senior Sunday - Alan & Jeanette Sheets, Tim & Cheryl Hiatt USHERS May 27 - Daryl Dove, Wilma Dove BUS DRIVER May 6 - UMW Sunday: Carolyn Rauch Carolyn Rauch, Sherry Skinner WORSHIP LEADERS Lynell Kallman, Shirley Richecky May 6 - UMW Sunday: Janis Houdek 13, 20, 27 - Barry & Susan Childs May 13 - Kerry Johnson Steve Scofield May 20 - Senior Sunday: Seth Hiatt, Jaclyn Sheets Bob Arbuthnot May 27 - TBA


Terin Rundus, Riley Woodward

Jillian Couture - Music Kelli Childs - Worship Leaders Molly Williams - Visuals

Christian Education Team
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Lanessa Aurand, Maggie Woodward